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Dave: Welcome to Legendary Marketer!

Hey this is Dave Sharpe unmuted now, and in full effect here. Good morning everyone, we've got a great guest this morning, we're going to be talking about how you can see how to shed the imposter syndrome, start rocking and rolling so let's get right into this, Kara, Morrison, welcome to the show. Are you hanging out in the Amazon rainforest right now?

Kara: Sort of, yeah, this is my tapestry, I got it off Amazon so I guess it is an Amazon rain forest because it came from Amazon. I wanted a cool background, you know, when I was on and I just thought you know I have a little brick thing too, so I can have like bricks in the background but I see people with really neat backgrounds and I thought, why not be somewhere I want to be.

Dave: Get that yeah you got that done for sure. I like it, I love it. It looks good. So, tell us a little bit about yourself and kind of what led you to legendary like what you did a little bit before this and and what ultimately, you know led you to this kind of crazy world, which is affiliate marketing, and then ultimately, this crazy community which is Legendary.

Kara: Sure. So, um, well I'm 41 and this last year and so my 40s has been quite an adventure, especially with the COVID and everything. And, you know, currently I'm a secretary in the guidance office of a high school here locally in our town. And I've been doing that for five years, and I fell into that because I was a server at a restaurant for many many years, and I did a few different restaurants through the years, but that was my main thing. And, I met my husband in food and beverage as well. And so, with both of us working restaurants, it was not conducive to family life. So, I said I gotta get out. I got to go be mom, you know, I mean, especially when the boys were little and I said you know I need something else. And we worked with someone who was a counselor, and she works you know summers and part time and everything, and she said hey we've got this spot opening up, so I took this position and, you know, it's been great as far as the schedule is concerned, you know, people tell you when you get involved in working at a school as a parent you get really hooked on the schedule. But the truth is that you know, working at restaurants, working in different capacities you know, I didn't finish college. As a result of a car accident that I was in and all kinds of stuff that just kind of took me sideways, and I've always believed in something bigger. My parents when I was growing up, weren't big business people or anything. My dad worked and my mom was a stay at home mom. She did Tupperware and Avon and things like that through the years, my dad tried to get into Amazon a couple different times, you know, so I was aware that there were other things out there. But, but, but never had massive success with it and so I didn't really I didn't really know what to do, you know, I just knew. There's got to be something else. Yeah, and especially when you're a parent, and, you know, thinking okay well how can I better serve my family better serve what I want to do. For us, you know, school is great for schedule but let me tell you what, as somebody who's not a Certified Employee like a teacher or a counselor, the money isn't exactly, you know, anything to talk about. And while it's a great package and everything, I thought you know yeah but I don't have any word growth. I can move from this position to that position, but I can't go up. Well, and, you know, so I've tried, you know, through the years I know I thought okay well I'm gonna jump into an MLM. And I'm still part of an MLM, but I've never had the business success of it, you know, and that's what I got to it for, You know, products and I love people. I love the events and I love the stuff. Yeah, business. Yeah, and so it comes down to mindset is what I've started to realize. The biggest thing for me has, has been, you know, the shift here. This is where it all happens, no matter what you want to do. And, you know that MLM happens to be in the health and wellness field. And the same is true for you getting healthy. The same is true for you knowing being successful in anything you want to do, the game is here. And so that's kind of where I thought, you know, this is this, you know a good conversation to have.

Yeah. So I love that so tell me where your mindset is from previous ventures, approaches that you've taken compared to your mindset now? Talk to us a little bit about what the journey has been like with you, with you, be a difference maker, and where you think that in that because I can tell you take a lot of responsibility and that's for your own, you know you're not playing the victim card you're not saying that clearly you've had some tragedy car accident, things have not worked out perfectly in your life, I think we all can say that, but but you're here, and clearly you've demonstrated some, some that you've got a good mindset, how has your mindset differed from, from where it's been in the past, compared to now.

Kara: Sure. So, you know, when you talk about that victim mindset, I was one of the people who, you know, was kind of headed down that dangerous slippery slope of the victim mindset, you know, and it would have been very easy to play that card. I mean, you know, things haven't worked out the way they quote unquote should have things have been, you know, not anything close to what I would have planned them to be. However, as I've started to get into the personal development side of it. Even just listening to books, I can't sit down all the time and just read a book but I drive places and I clean the house, and I do other things so I listen to books, and I listen to a personal development book because it's like a conversation with somebody, and not just a story being told. And so, for me, each one of those things kind of builds upon another. I can tell you that you know the personal development journey from from learning how not to be a victim from learning how to take responsibility for also going on in my life from learning how to hurt my marriage, you know, we went through some serious counseling some serious personal development I could have sat back and said, You know what, it's not me, it's all him. He needs to change, he needs to do this he needs to do that. And sure, there may have been some truth in that. But I had to look in the mirror and say, Okay, fine, but I can't control him. I can control myself. So what do I need to do differently? What is the common denominator, I haven't been successful at this. I haven't been successful at that, I'm having trouble over here, the common denominator and all that is me. And that's what it boils down to. I think that's the same and all those scenarios and if those things aren't going well, maybe it's time to look inside and decide what I need to do to start to shift on this thing.

Dave: You are talking so you are dropping some not just little, you ain't dropping no crumbs right now you're dropping some gold bars, okay. My wife says she loves you. She's listening to this conversation. She loves this right.

Kara: And I come down there and I'm gonna be one of the big people on the stage teaching other people how to do all this so that's my goal.

Dave: Okay girl okay my wife said yes boo get that.

Kara: My business plan advisor, I told him back in the day I said look, when I was in my MLM one of my big goals was to get up on that stage, but it worked out that way. So now that I'm in this and I have so much belief in this, I want to show people there is a better way.

Dave: Well, and you are dropping some massive gold bars but let me, let me offer you this total belief in you is what the difference maker is because the truth is is that a lot of, you know, we spend our whole lives believing in everything and everybody else, but never really in ourselves, and we say Kara, I've heard this for so many years, it's not even funny. I can't tell you how many 1000’s of people say that well I didn't, I didn't succeed in past ventures because I didn't have the right support, I didn't have the this I didn't have that it was a scam it was this it was that. And the truth is is that that's a scam, guys, is where literally somebody takes your money, and just steals it and disappears like that's a scam, a scam is where somebody says can you, they email you and it ends up in your spam box and they say, can you please send $10,000 Because I need, you know, there's a million dollars here I'll give it back to you and all that and they're trying to get you to send that money, and then steal it. A scam is not when you join like an MLM, and it, like you don't do anything and then you don't get any results that's not, you didn't. You just didn't do anything. Right? And then, and that's so, I say that because we've all had things that we haven't succeeded it, and it's, it's directly 99 ish percent of the time, because of our own, you know, either inability to be able to like get started or our unwillingness to do certain things or our own fears or whatever, which you're so like courageously taking in, you know, ownership of and it's very inspiring to hear you do that right now and I think I can speak for everybody here it's very refreshing, right, to be in these are the conversations that I am excited to have here every morning. And so I would invite all the guys who are listening and I'm mainly talking to everybody who's listening as you're kind of stepping forward with this courage and honesty that you're demonstrating is listened to what Kara is saying, because we're we most of the time, scam ourselves, we are the greatest scam artists of our own self, we talk ourselves out. I mean we scam ourselves out of love. We scam ourselves out of money. We scam ourselves, we scam ourselves out of friendship, we scam ourselves out of every, I mean so many things we scam ourselves out of getting a good experience at a restaurant because we walk in and titled in rude. Right, I mean just, all of those examples are instances where we're scamming ourselves, nobody's scamming us. Right. And that is such an empowering approach, and that's what I'm hearing from you care is that, yes, I'm happy to hear that you have belief in in us, but I also what it sounds like to me, is that you just simply have more belief in yourself now as well and I've had a lot of awakenings and awareness. Is that right?

Kara: Absolutely, and you're so right. You know I think people get into things and they have this picture. This is what I was always guilty of, I had this picture of what it should look like. This is what my marriage should look like. This is what my family should look like. This is what this business should look like this is what it's supposed to look like, and if it didn't look like that, I mean like, even the slightest details were off. If it was not that picture, it was wrong, and what I had to learn is, it's not going to be that picture. If, but more often than not, not ever going to be that picture, but once you start to incorporate like the belief that hey, it is the picture that it is. Now what am I going to do with it? And what am I going to do about it and how can I make this work, you know, I tell people with okay health and wellness is a great example because look what diet works. The one you stick to, period. I mean, Weight Watchers, and it works for you and you stick to it and you follow it, great. If you drink shakes, and that works for you and you stick to it. Awesome. If you exercise 95 hours a week and you're a bodybuilder and, and that works for you. Awesome, but you have to stick to it. And you have to break it. Because nothing is going to do it for you. That's kind of what I'm finding with this, you know, when I, I'll tell you a quick story. I was on a journey to continue to try to find something I knew with the internet and I knew, you know okay maybe MLM structure and all that kind of stuff, maybe that's maybe that's not the thing for me, maybe that's maybe that's just part of my learning journey, right. So, what is it out there, what else is out there, you know, so there's Amazon FBA and I spend money on courses I spend money on things, you know, can you know what, I'll just do a blog, because the blog is, I can make the blog whatever on it today, I'm gonna vlog, I could totally be a blogger, and I'd sit down and I would go. Why am I going to talk him out to talk about. So, you know, it's always different steps along the way and it's like, you know, each one of them though, taught me something. So last year, COVID, you know, all kinds of downtime at home I was not unemployed but I was at home a lot, and I decided okay I'm gonna reach out and start to search the internet again and try to find something and you know, this is the time, this is it. This is the pivotal moment, And I'm gonna change everything. And you know, this is what this is the time. And so I you know I got on all these different webinars that I signed up, all these different calls and I you know I talked to all these different people, and this one day, I'm very extremely non confrontational, like, to a fault, it pains me like physically to tears, to be in a confrontation with somebody. But again, the growth journey so crazy 90 minute webinars you know learn how to make money online. And after you go through the 90 minutes, which is just the big long 90 minute ad, you get on a phone call. I got on the phone, and this guy is basically saying to me, he had nobody had told him the nine minutes, They still haven't really told me what they do. Okay, so I'm on this 90 minute call, or I'm not and then I get on the phone call afterwards, and I'm talking to the guy and he's like, now if you want to sign up, you got to give us $35 Right now, you didn't tell me what you do, what do we do? We'll see if you're an entrepreneur and you can do this you know that you're going to be able to just jump right in and you just need to give us some money right now. And I'm like well you listen, what do we do, what are we doing. Well here's the thing, you know, once you get in you know you're gonna learn all this stuff. And I was like, but you're not telling me anything. And I can't get that kind of money out, upfront, I am not in a position where that kind of money laying around, and I can't just invest in something like that without you even telling me what it is, and I was on the phone for 45 minutes with this guy going round and round, but I was standing my ground. And I literally use it as a growth opportunity, I used it to say, You know what I'm gonna get, I'm gonna wear this guy down, because he's got to either tell me what the heck we're doing like this is ridiculous. You can't do this to people who if you can't do that right up front, Then you're probably

not the kind of person we want to work with. You haven't told me what we do. And so I got off that call and I was like This is insane. This is nuts like there is got to be something out there that is not just full of crap. There has to be. So I put everything aside for a little while, and I thought I gotta just, you know who saw. And so, I saw this ad, I'm pretty sure it was the Facebook ad. I can't remember how I clicked the thing that made it Legendary. But as I listened to the person in their little, you know, job page or whatever, and I listened to you. Okay, this guy's not just trying to sell me something. This is not just, he's actually giving me information, which was like, my experience so far. And I decided that I would just continue to listen. And I decided that okay, the 15 day business builder challenge. Look, I've wasted a lot of time on courses and webinars and all that kind of stuff I was like 15 days, okay I hate 15 days. Sure, sure. I mean, you know, it's not going to cost me any more than all this other crap is cost me, and I literally thought. But here's the thing. I have to invest myself into it, too. And so when I got in, and I started with, you know the day one, the day two, the dates right now. It was challenging, because I got on the phone with Ricardo and I had my defences up because I was like oh here's the guy, it's gonna ask me all the money. Here he is. Let's go. There is the opportunity to invest in something more. And one day when I am able to, I will invest in more, and I have because I've gotten the Omni presence at training. I've gotten, you know the 15 second leads training I've invested in the small trainings along the way because here's the thing, I understand the value of the actual education you're offering of the fact that you're teaching people real skills that are transferable, I can take these skills and I don't have to promote you. Now, I want to, because I see what you had to offer, and this is such a great starting point for people, but I'm, you know, the other part of it is, I can take these skills, and I can go work at any business and say, but marketer now. My friend just is starting a business with her mom here locally and I said to her I said, I'm learning, marketing, so I might be able to help you out because she doesn't know how to really put together a successful like business Facebook page and things like that and, hey, look at the skills I'm learning. I might be able to help you out. And I'm starting, you know, but here it is, the game is here.

Dave: Yeah.

Kara: So that's kind of my story. I wanted to share it. Well I wanted to share it because when I, when I sort of half jokingly said Hey Dave, do you interview new people, you know, when I got my first commission. And by the way that wasn't a first high ticket commission that was a first first commission. Okay. but know what it is, is believability. That's real. It happened, which means it works. If you work, it works. And I wanted to hear that from somebody that isn't, you know I haven't been doing it for 12 years, I haven't quit my nine to five, yet and I haven't, you know make $50,000 a month yet and I will. I'm going to. But the thing is, I want people to hear that all it's look, I didn't do it in my first month, you know, I had to go through a learning curve with TikTok, I have to ask my teenagers, what I'm doing. I'm still learning, all of these platforms you know I used to yell at my kids, why are you wasting your life on TikTok, would you please get off a TikTok, this is ridiculous. What the heck is decap. Now I'm one on TikTok, and the videos and they're laughing at me because I'm, you know, making a fool of myself on TikTok, but here it is. Okay. It's working. 

Dave: I mean, all this stuff that you're saying it's so powerful and important, and I just, I, what you're saying right now. How you're talking and in the experience and the value that you're sharing and delivering. I just hope that all of you guys who, who say to yourself constantly, this is just such a common question and it's a limiting belief that people have, which is, well, how can I go out there and market on the internet if I'm not a multi million dollar producer and I haven't made, or I haven't lost 1000’s of pounds or if you have to be in the health industry right i, this or I that or I don't, who would listen to me. It's like, here you are simply just sharing your transformation, about your mindset and how important it is in how, how, how it's changed your life just simply the way that you think and the way that you see the world and the way that you see yourself, how that has changed your life. It is such a powerful thing to talk about a topic to talk about anyways because guys, once you start making a bunch of money and you have a bunch of stuff and if you start talking about that stuff. If people honestly they look at you and they and they and they say, and they judge you and they're jealous, and they and they, and you come across as arrogant so this thing that you think you need or you want in order to start creating content and start marketing is not actually the thing that you actually need this mental transformation is mindset, it because it's true, it applies to relationships it applies to health. It applies to making money to start getting results, and even to break through to get started on the path, you have to have the right approach, the mindset, because shit is not going to work out right, it's not going to go as planned. We're going to start the diet and want to quit it probably stop it, throw it out the window, and if you're but then you get back on the horse, why because of this, you the relationship, you are going to get up and stormed out of the counseling session where you are going to get in a fight, it's not going to your marriage, not gonna change overnight, or your business you are going to get facebook ads account shut down, you are going to have negative comments you are, your first videos probably aren't going to get any views, and that might happen for months. All is going to be your old screaming, saying, quit you ain't shit. This is why you shouldn't start this and it will never work. He's an asshole. I'm a loser, whatever your typical story is that it's the record that always plays in your head it's gonna start popping up. And in order to be successful at anything at anything. First, this mindset has to take place this mental transformation taking ownership, taking responsibility, and, and really everything that Kara is talking about and I keep shifting over to talking to all you guys who are listening, because what she's doing and how she's talking and what she's sharing right now is a perfect example of what type of marketing and content, you guys can talk about I say every day this show is a perfect place to come and get nuggets to come and get topics to come and get things that spur your creativity, and it's a masterclass this morning on what to talk about in how to create content that's not directly related, It doesn't have anything to do with all this flash and trash bullshit that everybody thinks that you need to have in order to start becoming an authority and be somebody that people listen to people are engaged, they're fired up the comments are going off, I'm leaning in my wife screaming I love her. And it's not because you've made a million dollars or you've done, it's just because you're talking such trying to fit in, everybody not Yeah, not Yeah, it's big, but But you are talking such truth in your talking, it's so inspirational you continue to do this care, and you're, There's no way that you're not going to be a magnet for people to, to, to listen to, to be inspired by, because the more relatable you are. And I love the way that you're also telling us the kind of the the not so glamorous parts of your story in life, because we all need to hear that we I think one of the biggest pieces of marketing that we all forget is we all think that all of our content needs to be super positive and we need to impress people know, people need to know that you're real people need to know that your journey is a struggle, people need to know that you're a real person nowadays I call it the CETA see economy. Okay, pay very close attention, that's everybody. We are in the C to C economy, not the B to C, not the B to B, right those pieces all still exist but the place that we play is C to C. And what does that mean? Creator to consumer. Okay. And, as a creator, anybody can be a creator, by the way, just the second that you decide and say you are, and you start creating that type of content on your channel, or whatever, you become a creator, so there's no certificate, there's no, no permission, there's nothing you just can start doing it anytime. Right. And as a creator thing that makes influencers, real influencers real people like the people who you see in our community and the people who you see on Instagram and Tiktok who are attracting people to them and getting them to watch their videos and it's selling products and making lots of money, they're doing that by being human, as a, as a, as a, as a creator, the best way to do that is to is to share authentic stories to tell your customer story through your stories to stories that they relate to, to be relatable. Right. These stories are relatable. It's relatable so this is a real masterclass for people to, to hear what it sounds like for somebody who's, who's really brand new at this journey. And by the way, Kara, also is here, because she posted a comment, and asked for it. Right. And I said, Ooh, she seems like she can bring some great energy to the show. Let's get her on. Right, usually we reach out to people. And, and I also want to show you. By the way I screenshotted that and I sent it to Matt and I said, Let's get her on. That's how, that's how that happened, right. So already, you know, you are you. You're here because you're like, you're manifesting that through your mindset and then you're taking the actions to back that up. And we get what we what we asked for, and we also get what we settle for right so if all you guys want to sit around and say and tell us all you guys want to sit around and in settle and say you know what, well, I'll just start creating content or I'll get started whenever I have success or whenever I've gone through enough training and education that I'm really an expert but no, that's never going to happen. That's never going to happen, there's never enough training that you're going to go through, there's never, that's a mindset hurdle there. There's never a right time. What's coming up for you as I'm ranting here about this you can tell I'm passionate about this as well.

Kara: Yeah, no it's a great well here's the thing, it's so key. You know, I mean I'm realizing that, even in reaching out and saying like I told you it was half joking, half serious, I didn't know if it would get attention or not to comment on the thing where I posted you know hey I got my first submission. Hey Dave, you're the guy, you know, you run the company here just the you know, CEO who has the company, why don't I just post this thing and say hey, look, did it. I'm a real person, like, I'm just living my life doing my thing, and I'm learning from you and I'm learning from the team and I'm learning from these calls. And the best thing for me is that, look, I've got notes here, because I'm, I have to make notes so I kind of can remember things that I want to say. And, you know, I've been kind of scribbling down thoughts and things you know, the last couple weeks once I found out I was going to be on the call because limiting beliefs is such a massive thing you have to become the person you want to be, to be the person you want to be. It isn't just, I mean it is, it's as simple as a decision, right. You can wake up in the morning and you can say, I am a successful affiliate marketer, without anything without following, you can say that without having made commissions, you can say that without having done it yet, but you have to believe it. You have to believe. I am a successful person, and I will do then what successful people do I have to make those steps, okay, I used to be that person that said, Well, you know once I learned enough and once I hear enough and once I see enough of that practice enough and once all that, you know, I mean yeah, I do buy. I bought the cheap $10 wooden light off of Amazon because I knew I needed something better like this little desk right here that this is all clipped to and sitting on his desk from Walmart, and my bedroom, because it's the only place I can get to see in my house. Okay, and I set this little corner up because I said you know what I need, I need a definitive space that says, This is who I am when I'm in this corner. When I'm in this corner. I am the successful marketer I want to be. And I'm going to put out the content that the successful marketer that I want to be putting out, and then that is how it's going to happen. The, you know, one of my favorite things is they say, in order for a caterpillar to become a butterfly. It has to become a ball of goo. It has to dissolve itself. In order to regrow back into that butterfly. And so we have to go through the pain, and we have to go through the mess, and we have to go through the actual work that it takes in here and in here, to be able to say you know what, hey, I can I can let go of that I can shed that piece of me I can let go of that limiting beliefs now, and I can say, Hey, okay, yeah, that was before, you know, I am by nature generally a shy person if I enter a room full of people I don't know, I'm gonna stand in the corner and I'm gonna watch before I ever try to interact when I'm trying to come out of that shell I'm trying to work on that part of me. You know, I said that to one of my friends. I said I'm really actually a shy person and she was like, There's no way you're a shy person said yeah but I I'm not shy with you because I know you. I mean, I wasn't nervous about this call, until this morning. And then the morning, I started to feel like holy, this is actually being, and I'm pretty sure I'm talking to Dave himself, you know, but I'm like, okay, you know what. So Dave's really successful but you know who Dave is Dave's just another real guy, he's just another real person. He doesn't have anything that I don't have necessarily, because it's up here. And if I have the same things up here that you have up there, then I can have the same things out there that you have. Yeah, so it's not about the stuff, and it's not about the money, you know, success is more than just financial, I want the financial peace because the financial peace buys you freedom. That's not what it's all about. And my end goal is not just to be you know yes I want financial freedom and I want to have time freedom and I want to travel the world and I want to take my kids all over the place and all that, yes, but what I really want is I want to show other people and help other people that's always that my end goal. I want to not be the only person who has that freedom. And the only way I can do that is by putting myself out there. So when I asked you, Hey, do you ever interview people you know like this. This is an accountability call as much for me as it is for everybody else, because I knew coming into it. What I would get out of it is, look what I just did. I mean I just was on the actual call with the guy that runs the thing. And now I can put that out there and say, Look, I've made a step. And I've put it out there and it's out there now, and I can grow now more into that person because it's out there. 

Dave: Yeah, I just, I can listen to what you have to say for literally hours and I feel like every single person needs to hear what what you've been talking about today because it's literally I mean it's been such an absolute blessing that you that you made that comment and then I screenshot it I threw it to Matt I said, get this get this woman on She's. She's on fire I mean, whether you're kidding or not, I mean, just so much wisdom in what you're saying and so much truth and. And you're right, I mean, you this, this is a, like, I kind of envision us when we're starting a business, kind of like infants right and it's like buying the bigger clothes, you know, to grow into it. You know what I mean. Like if you want to be, if you want to be at a different, if you want to be at a level. When I was growing. Like if you want to get. You play with people who are more young, or just young older or better, just all around, and that was a big deal for me. That's why, that's why we use, you hear that if you're, if you're an entrepreneur and you're the smartest person in the room we can get a new room, you know, get a new group of friends get get a new, get a new circle of influence, right, and I feel like this action is such a powerful example of how to grow like you, saying, Look, I, I'm brand new, I bring me, do you ever interviewed like brand new people who, and it's like it's like, that is such a power move in terms of power growth move, because it's putting yourself out there and doing something that now is whether you like it or not, it's gonna force you to grow this moment, and also what what is cool is that when we show up to things that we think we can't do, and then we crush it like you're doing today, all the sudden we're like, damn, I crushed it I can do this shit like I'm better than I thought I was like I thought I looked at people on this show or whatever and I listened to him and I think oh I could never do that. Oh they're so great, they're so special, they're so powerful, as I look up to them and they're so much better than me and it's like that's bullshit. It's like they're not there, every single person that you see on the show and that you see in this community, including me, puts our pants on the same way, and is, is, is honestly a lot of time just bootstrapping shit, throwing big spaghetti at the wall, like, I don't know what we're going to talk about honestly we can have some absolute nut job come on this show because we don't sit there and, you know, interview you and interrogate you before we go live, I mean you could have come on and said, Dave, he is an idiot. Don't do any of this stuff right or what like we I don't know this is just, I think that's what this journey we've got to embrace that unknown and put ourselves out there, because those are huge growth opportunities. And in those moments when we're on the field actually playing, not in the tape room watching video, but when we're on the field actually playing like you're doing right now this you're on the field playing right now this is live, this is real life. You're growing this is a big ass for you. and in each one of you, my hope is each one of you today is inspired enough to do something that scares you a little bit, do something that is totally outside of your comfort zone, that putting yourself in the game on the field is where you're going to prove to yourself that you can do it, is where you're going to have your biggest growth not in the taper not watching the videos, we love you guys, through our courses, we love that you buy our education, we think you should or else we would sell. I think it's important.

Kara: Absolutely, absolutely. You know, for me, that the thing about TikTok, right, and the growth on TikTok have been painfully slow. And I, because one is I jumped right into the business account because I want the clickable link because I know people are not necessarily going to take the time to copy paste, you know, everybody wants an easy clone. There it is, if I don't see it right when I like it. I'm not gonna spend time still slower, but I also realized that in that slow growth, which gives me the time to, you know, to really grow myself into that person my first few tic tock videos were ridiculous. I didn't know what I was doing like you said throw spaghetti at a wall, listen I was throwing pots of spaghetti at the wall, and I had no idea which ones were gonna stick and I've shared a couple that kind of went viral, but I mean when I say viral I'm talking about 2000 views not 20,000 views and, but here's the cool thing, since you told me that I was going to be on the call. My following on TikTok doubled. And I didn't tell anybody until this morning that I was going to be on the call. And the thing is though, I was like, oh, I want to be on the call, that means I need to be that person. Okay, what's that person going to be, who's that person, what are they going to set, what are they going to do, what does that person, all about, and each little step like you said, doing this right here, this is a major pivotal moment for me yes I want it to help all the people that are listening. Yes, I heard that all the people that are listening are getting something out of this, but I knew that for me, it was going to be masked, because, you know, they're gonna watch now. Not all of them, but a lot of them might be watching me. Okay let's see where this girl is because she does, so I have to step into those shoes now and say hello. Okay, put on your big girl pants, let's go do this thing, because I'm putting it out there and say, and this is why I am. And if this is who I am. I have proven to people. And that's really what the thing is, you know, when people are looking at what I do and say on TikTok. First you go watch the people on TikTok, I follow almost every single person that gets on this morning show, because I can get something from what I know, what they are doing, how they are presenting themselves. What kind of subject matter, And I don't always use what everybody's doing because some of the people on here are super super successful. And they're further ahead than I am. So I have to kind of look at that and that's all you do you just say, What am I attracted to, in a person on TikTok, you know, am I attracted to messenger. My attraction there, you know, their method of putting it out there, whether it's the captions thing whether it's the silly dance with music, whatever, you know what it, what is it that attracts me to that person. And then just try to emulate that. You know and say okay, they're just another person like me. So all I have to do is do that. And I'm just talking to my phone, like I don't need to see I don't know how many people are on this call right now, I'm just talking to Dave, and ultimately, that's to my phone screen in the corner of my bedroom, which is not intimidating. So this isn't like yes I want to be on that stage and I didn't want to be in front of hundreds of people. I do want to grow into that person. This is to get there.

Dave: Yeah. Well, this is, this has been absolutely fantastic and I'm just so thrilled that we had you on the show today, and that you know you spoke up and we invited you and you accepted in because it's been just invaluable. I mean, this is one of those kinds of episodes that I just, I want everybody to hear and I, we may figure out a way to try to do that. So, everyone. Everyone, please go follow Kara, we've got her TikTok. Up on the screen. Make sure you put the W in there Karen W Morrison and, like, keep up this amazing work, and I just can't wait to have you back in a couple of months, and continue to get an update on where you're at, then because I just have this feeling that you're going to be in a completely different place, because it's sort of like, just to leave everyone here with another analogy about the butterfly. You know one of my favorite little quote names is where the butterfly is sitting on the, on the bench with a caterpillar and the caterpillar says you've changed. Butterfly says you're supposed to. I just love that and you're, you're supposed to, you're supposed to there's nothing wrong with that, that you're supposed to change that's a good thing. And so I just can't wait to see where you're at in another few months, and thank you so much for coming on. Thank you for your time. I know you're busy as a mom, and in all the other things you have going on, so thank you for being willing to come on and share such a powerful message with us this morning. Keep up the great work, be legendary. And I'll let you have the final word to everybody listening.

Kara: Well, like he was saying, you're supposed to change. Now you're either growing or your thing, they say, right, and I guess I would much rather be growing, you know than staying put and dying. The only way around it is through it. So you've got to get through it, and you've got to get, you know, up the mountain, and the only way up the mountain is declined so just keep pushing, make the next step. Just make the next step. Yeah.

Dave: All right my friends where you can hear more from Kara. 

Kara: The journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step.

Dave: Yeah, it sure does. Yeah, no, you cut out a little bit there so sorry to interrupt but it does, and I would encourage each one of you guys to go over and connect with, with Kara on her Tik Tok and to hear more from her and to stay connected with her and to support her and allow her to support you and I know she's going live, we didn't need that or I think you are, but maybe you're not live, you should go live, because you're doing absolutely incredible storyteller. But go and connect with Kara on her TikTok and Kara once again thank you so much. Keep up the phenomenal work, be Legendary stay Legendary. And we'll talk to you soon. Okay.

Kara: All right, thanks Dave.

Dave: Yep. All right, my friends. That's it. Wow, great show. You guys have a wonderful day. We'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode, bring in more value, drop more bombs who knows what's gonna happen. No one knows. No one knows what's going to be said, what's going to be shared, I don't, that's the beautiful part about this journey, as I was talking about with Kara. Look, I don't know what tomorrow brings. But I'm willing to take that risk, because I know it's going to be another opportunity to grow deliver value, and I just hope that each one of you guys like heard that today and take that away and go do something that challenges you, that put you out of your comfort zone so you can grow too, and, and then come and share that with us and one of the Facebook groups are in a comment on a future show, share with us what you're doing, make yourself accountable, you may not be on the show yet, but there's other ways you can share your wins and share what you're doing and make yourself accountable by just commenting participating in the in the community here. And of course, building your own audience so you can then deliver value to them. All right, We'll see you back here tomorrow for Wake Up Legendary, peace.

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