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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary, and we have this morning, another marketer who is marketing in a language that is not her first language. Okay, doing something that is uncomfortable doing something that is, you know, that, that is, she's chasing her dreams, basically, she's chasing her dreams, and I respect that. Who can't respect that. I'm excited to hear her story so with that being said, let's welcome Mila, to the show, how you doing Mila.

Mila: I'm good, thank you for having me here.

Dave: You're so welcome you're currently living in Las Vegas, is that right?

Mila: Yeah. I’m in Las Vegas but I'm from Brazil.

Dave: From Brazil, and that is your, that is your, your, obviously your first language, of course, how did you learn English, when did you learn English?

Mila: I learned when I came here in 2016 So I did this, I went to school for one year. A little bit over one year so that's how I learned English. And then I met my husband here in USA. So he helped me a lot like me.

He is American and was born here?

Mila: Yeah.

Dave: Okay. Nice, nice. Well awesome so what you've done a little bit of dropshipping. You've done some Amazon right now you're doing affiliate marketing, tell us what led you to legendary and starting here in becoming a member of our community?

Mila: So, yeah, I'm gonna tell a little bit like my story with the digital marketing, how I ended up like walking on line and stuff like that. So, as I said, I'm from Brazil and I came here in 2016. So I waited with not much experience, not the language. I worked here with me. But I, even though I love Brazil and everything but I, I always wanted something for my life, like something else. And I tried to apply for many jobs here in the USA but it was, I was struggling because nobody could give me an opportunity, you know, maybe not having much experience, English wasn't the best. And so I took some courses. I'm going to try to do something on my own, and I did some forceful eye lashes, and when I took the course I was searching for some ways to advertise my service. So that's how I found out about digital marketing, and immediately I fell in love with digital marketing like I just love doing it. I love learning. I love studying. So I would spend all my free time learning and studying. So that's how I found out to drop shipping but I always need to drop shipping to my country Brazil because it's my language and I am a home traveling person. So I had a great success in drop shipping or like 2019 where I stopped all this was great. 2020 also was great but this year with some changes on the currency, and on the business itself. I I lost a lot of money, and I, I just need to do something else to like to make money because like I was working by myself, you know, and then I just need something, and then my friend introduced me to affiliate marketing but I was doing in Brazil, again, like making money in Brazil currency but they use in dollars so it's like, he wasn't. He was the, they Matthew wouldn't do like clothes, you know. So that's how I like it. If I can do these in Brazil, organically because I was using TikTok, I can do this easily. And I saw people talking about these 15 days of challenges on TikTok. And that's how I found that like okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna try. You know if I can do this in Brazil, like, I can, I can do this in English, like, I'm gonna just try it and that's how I found out and I started.

Dave: Nice, nice. So what going through the 15 Day Challenge did you mean? What, as you're going through that training, what clicked for you and what you got, what got you excited about the business model?

Mila: How you can change to like people like you know like you. It's very because even though I had some experience with marketing everything affiliate marketing was very new to me, and also English was also English was very different for me you know so I thought the program was very beginning, beginner friendly. You know as much as you can. I don't know if it's like you can grow inside the program, I just like helping often. It's a really good program and it's changing. It's changed my life because I was able to make good money, you know and learn a lot, so.

Dave: Yeah. No, that's incredible. I wanted to make sure we also had your name here spelled correctly, that's your correct TikTok handles that right the Brazilianbossbay 

Mila: I actually have two. I have bought the BrazilianBoss and I have Brazilianboss day.

Dave: Okay. Okay, gotcha. All right, all right. Okay so we are going to take off the bay there. Okay. The Bay. All right, so. So, what have you done ? What do you think that you did on TikTok. Starting out within your first month and starting out marketing and so forth, that worked so well I mean why do you think, what do you think you did that helped you to get results so fast?

Mila: I think he's sharing my story. You know how, how, t shirt or marketing can change anybody's life I never thought I would be able to have the freedom that I have to have the, you know, the time, the time the money freedom that I have and it's like the greatest opportunity like in genetics, it's so big and can change like there's so many opportunities can change our lives. So I just share. I share my story, and I also, I tried to pay attention, like, what, people who have success on these, on the same meet from the same business that I am, what are they doing, you know, I kind of think they kind of success is traceable, you know, like, so that's what I, what I do like I try to pay attention with other people, that has success what they're doing that I can do because if someone is having success and someone is making money with this so like I, I know I can like, anybody can do it, you know.

Dave: Oh yeah, it's an interesting perspective to say that you can trace success, you know, when I was a little kid that's exactly how I started to learn how to how to draw was, was I would, I would, you know, as a matter of fact, our art teachers gave us tracing paper which was sort of see through paper and we were able to trace the picture that was laying under our tracing paper. And I think that there's a when you combine and I think this is the real key to marketing in any niche, any offer on any platform, meaning TikTok, Facebook, whatever, is to take what you see and what you notice is already working. And then as you say, sprinkle your own story in your own personality. In, if I'm a copywriter and here's the thing that everybody has to understand about marketing is, if I am a copywriter, or a marketing agency, and somebody hires me to come in, write an advertisement for their gym. Then I'm going to go into that gym, and I'm going to find somebody's story, who had their life changed by that gym. And then I'm going to scour the marketplace, and I'm going to find what sort of angles and ads are working to advertise gyms, and I want to combine that formula with that person's unique story from that specific gym, and boom. Voila. I have now a successful advertisement because I've combined. What is already working, what other people are already proving that's working for that particular niche and that particular offer with a unique story from that gym, and many stories if I can if I can pull out many clients from that gym, and have them tell me, Well, what do you love about this gym, what, you know, are the people nice is the equipment, new and clean. You know, Is it some sort of an accountability program or personal training sessions you use in the gym that helps you. Right. I can combine those stories with what I see in the marketplace that's already working, and now all of a sudden, I have a magical and unique, unique angle, but it's already tracing other folks' successful formulas that I see are helping other gyms succeed. I hope everybody hears that really crystal clear because it's not difficult, you know, it's it's we hear people all the time on the show, say, well I'm succeeding because I'm telling my story, but I think you put it very clearly for us this morning that you're taking what's already working and then sprinkling your own personal story on and when you combine those two things, that's when you see success, am I. Does this resonate with you. What do you what's coming up for you as I'm, what would you add to that?

Mila: I think most people struggle with these things because they try to reinvent them. They feel, you know, and that's how I that's what I learned. Like, she's I started with digital marketing that's where I learned, I don't have to reinvent the wheel, like the hard work is already there, like you see what it's working, it's working, you know, So what do we have to do is, like, as you said like see what is work in sprinkler your personality because I'm trying to find people who is planner. How can I say English? Oh my gosh, sometimes I I don't know the words but who even will match with me you know like, they will like my personality, and like the same ways, they will like mentally thought that personality other people's like content. And so, that is, there is room for everybody there is like space, but it's just like see what's working for your personality, and that's what I'm doing, you know,

Dave: Yeah, yeah. So, how are you? How are you using the comments that you get in that are either. Nice, or even the hateful ones the main ones, how are you dealing with that now that you're putting yourself out there. How are you dealing with being sort of exposed out on the internet, and then feeling maybe somewhat vulnerable, or just how do you deal with the people who are leaving nasty comments or not so nice in the comments of your content.

Mila: That's like my personality, the way I am, I tried to be as nice as I can with everybody because you know that's the way I am, even when I get bad comments like hateful comments. I try to be nice, like, they make some comments. Oh, thank you for your comments, that's not what it is but thank you, you know, like I just tried to be nice and they can and some of that so I could be really bad, then I just block in, and I end. And I do eat it, because one thing that I also noticed, I've seen a lot of people having success and like me being able to make money to do all the change that we want. And one thing that I noticed is, they don't care what people think about them like they don't care what they think about them like what people think about them is not going to pay the bills, it's not going to change their life. So that's why, because I always was a shy person, you know, and doing these English, that's not my first language, you know, it's like totally uncomfortable for me, but that's what I, I saw, if I don't do it if I keep like thinking about what people is gonna think about me, my bills are not going to get paid, so it doesn't matter what people are gonna think about me or if I make like embarrassing videos or whatever, you know, like, it's not going to change my bank account is not going to change. I just try to be nice with the hate, like with the haters because always gonna have, right, like, and try to help out as much as I can with people who approach me who you know who send me a DM or send a message saying want help, I try to help as much as I can.

Dave: What do you what do you, what have you tried that hasn't worked, what, what have you done, what is a learning lesson that you've had, that you, you did it, you're like, Oh, that you know, that's, I'm not going to do that again, or I learned a valuable lesson from that particular challenge what was a moment or something that you've had, which was frustrating or it didn't turn out the way that you wanted it to. And what did you learn from that?

Mila: I don't know maybe like when you tried so you want, he was so anxious to, you know, to, make money to make something work and then you just do something without thinking about it without, like, for example, I got some videos on TikTok, that was, that got shut down. And I learned from that that's like, because like we can, we want to post content we want to share every like we want to spread the word and everything, but sometimes we just don't think of what to say. Kinda like them, they guide the line or something like that and I just learned to like to be can to like, share, some, some things, you know, so I just like, Okay, I'm just try to, to pay attention more like on the on the on the platform I'm using. Right, yeah.

Dave: Okay, okay. I noticed that you have to TikTok channels. Tell us why you have why you have to, and it seems like you're posting identical content on each channel is that right?

Mila: Yeah, because, one, one thing that I noticed, working, which is to start, will deliver some videos, different from each with each partner for. So if I'm like, why now, I'm, I'm thankful that I work full time with this, so I just tried to, to create another account so I have more possibilities to, you know, to deliver my content to show my content. And they, like sometimes I spent I post the same, the same video and take stock and deliver the content differently. And the one thing that I like to do, I like to test a lot. That's I think also that is one key that everybody should do is like testing, sometimes, like you're the first, sometimes some hashtags we work sometimes not so I tried to like okay I'm going to post the same fear but these, these account I'm going to post these hashtags the other content we're gonna use another hashtags. So I tried to do a lot of tests you know, like some, some videos, I'm gonna admit, I'm going to put some call to action, and another field I'm going to put another call to action. Let's see which one's going to work better.

Dave: Wow. Man, that is a big old gold nugget right there. I mean, who would have thunk, I think you're the first person that I've ever seen, at least on this show, that takes two channels and posts identical content with slight changes, small tweaks, whether, whether it be to the hashtags or the call to action. And, and, is, is basically benefiting from double the views. I mean you could, you could almost do that on multiple different you can do that on, even more than two channels, and you could you could post different videos, he would, you know you could post the video that you posted last week today and you could switch around when the actual videos are posted. Wow, that's, I don't know if anybody else had a, had a, had a, you know, a brain explosion right there. But if you did have a brain explosion, drop the emoji, where your head explodes, yeah Austin Mayo thank you for that. He dropped the, the mind blown emoji there. It's so simple.

Yeah, it's simple and like you say Instagram has the same, because by now, TikTok is like, is a big deal, right, like, it's growing and growing. So, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Also, they're trying to compete with TikTok so they are also like having the same type of videos, like, same type of platform inside the app, you know So Instagram videos, YouTube, short and also interested with the thing idea. So, I take my time to make content on TikTok. So the video is already made. So I just try. I post on Instagram as well as I post to YouTube. And I was interested, as well because the views were already made, so I just need to like posts on the other different platforms that will help to spread the word.

Dave: Wow, that's that's that's really, that's really brilliant. It's a great example that sometimes the most, like, the best things that we can do are just the simplest. The simplest, you know, it doesn't, we don't have to, we don't have to try so hard, we don't have to. We don't have to complicate things we don't have to, you know, we don't have to stress ourselves out trying to create all of this different content for all of these different niches sometimes, we can just take the content that we create and tweak it slightly and post it on a different accounts like you're doing, and double or triple the amount of views and leads and traffic that we're getting. Simply with that small tweak I think that's maybe one of the top three to five tips that I've, I've maybe ever heard on this show, so thank you for that. I mean that's, Yeah, it's really amazing I mean it's just it. You know sometimes I think people are quick to judge, you know like, Oh, look at look at Mila, she's a beautiful young lady, of course, people want to, you know watch her videos and all this but, but behind that beauty is some brain, you know, you're, you're, you're using everything that you have to your advantage. And the first thing and the most brilliant thing is the ability to be able to set up as many accounts as you want to set up, you know, I mean, it's free, you know, it's also smart because you could lose an account. Well, no problem. I got other accounts over here, no big deal.

Mila: I’ll just create a third one. 

Dave: Right. So I was looking at your I was looking at your, your Instagram page and I saw you also have some, some graphics, what, tell us, tell us, are you using the strategy that we taught in our recent, recent Instagram training, or, like, how are you how are you creating what have you learned about Instagram let's start there, we've talked a little bit about TikTok. What have you learned about Instagram and how does Instagram fit into your overall strategy?

Mila:  I just wanted to deter the cheek talk and what I'm doing is I use that account to send people to my Instagram account so I can, I can. Yeah, so I can just help to grow my Instagram account, and what I do is I create content, you know that's like, educational, some things that I, that I'm learning some tips, some like, inspirational, and I just to adjust to. I like how so I'm . I think I'm a very curious person. So I, I like to mess up with some stuff so I, I put my, my content on like this post. And I yeah I just, like I said, I watch what people my niche is doing and having success. I tweak my passion, so like, my, my, my things, you know, and I just, I just try to, to create content, then go to the leaders that are ready to take stock so I post on TikTok as well.

Dave: Well these carousel, these carousel posts like this where there's more, it's almost like a book that you're turning the page to read these carousel posts on Instagram, are really doing well for people right now. You know it's a, you know, it's a lot, it's interesting because it keeps people engaged, it keeps people scrolling through your pictures to kind of read the next page. So you're creating all these carousel, that's what they're called carousel sure there's other words for it but carousel post your post, you're creating all these in Canva. And then you're just uploading them as a post  is that, is that right?

Mila: Yeah. 

Dave: Yeah, that's right. Nice, it's really really good stuff. I think you're probably going to grow this account, really big, and, and I'm excited for you. Are you also reposting your TikTok content here in reels? 

Mila: Yeah. So you're, you're doing reels, you're posting also your TikTok videos on Pinterest is that what you said. Yeah. And then you're doing them on YouTube as well.

Dave: Yeah. And now, when, when you have this mindset that you just need to see what's already working, and you just made your changes and tinker with your personality with your story because stuff, like everything makes easier, so I was able to create, to grow my, my Pinterest, my Pinterest is having like over 300,000 impressions in less than one month. So I think that's okay and I don't even like that I never made any, any, any Pinterest posts or anything like that. I just feel like my  Pinterest has this idea. That's kind of the same thing that chick populates into Instagram, and I know like all the accounts of all these companies they are trying to fight Wheaties. TikTok, you know, likes to keep people on the platform. So I, I created that they beat us on TikTok, and then I just false and all the other, other platforms.

Dave: Yeah, this was a quote that I sent to Matt. Yesterday, or over the weekend, and it, it's basically that TikTok overtakes YouTube in one specific metric. TiKTok is the first in the US, TikTok is the first US first to overtake YouTube. Kind of confusing but overtook YouTube in August last year. As of June, 2021, and as of June 2021 its users watched over 24 hours of content per month, compared with 22 hours and 40 minutes on YouTube. According to app analytics firm App Annie so. So Tik Tok, people on TikTok, are watching, you know, An hour and 20 minutes more content per month than they're watching on YouTube, I mean, it's absolutely insane. The amount of people who are using TikTok, and, and are watching TikTok, for those of you who think, you know tic TOCs dead, it's too late, blah blah blah. You know, it's just you're lying to yourself, and you're, you're making, you're creating a story you're telling yourself a story that's not true. You know. Yeah. TikTok is still the best kept secret, and the truth is is that most people are not utilizing it, they're underutilizing they're not utilizing it, but here you come, Mila here you come. And not only are you there, but you're, you've got multiple accounts, and you're blasting your content on to multiple accounts. It's just absolutely amazing and in, so it should be no mystery to anybody who's listening to the show this morning, why you've been able to create, you know, the success that you have here and in such a short amount of time. So, so talk to us for those people who are brand new in listening, or even need to be re inspired tell us how you know finding this community and finding this business model, and what you're doing now has, has changed your life and how excited you are I mean what do you, how, how do you feel about your future and how has this has this changed everything for you?

Mila: Well, it's changed everything because before when I was just doing drop shipping I was focused on Facebook ads Facebook ads and when I started learning and studying about affiliate marketing. It just opened my eyes to the amount of possibilities and strategies that we have to, you know, to, to send out to spread our word. So I stopped, I learned a lot in like one month that I started like I was able to make way more money than I was doing when I was doing drop shipping. So it says, I think it's a great it's a great community very beginner friendly because, like I said, even though I had, I come from, you know like dropship and all these all these business model was very new to me, like, email marketing, being able to build my least, that's why it's something I never thought and that's like, something that is also helpful because, like I said, maybe Tik Tok you can shut down my, my accounts or like Instagram, whatever, but if I have my email these super communicate with my leads. So it changed completely and I am so excited for the picture because if I just keep studying and doing my best as I'm doing. I just, I can only imagine where I'm going to be from six months from now to one year from now, you know, it's very exciting, very, very exciting. And I think, I don't know it's just like, I got so excited with the program and everything. I want to show people that they can change because they can, you know, like that's a great opportunity and it's not, it's not complicated. You know, it's very beginner friendly, so that's that.

Dave: Yeah, no it's  awesome, it's you know, your passion and your excitement is contagious. You know, it's, it's like, you know, everybody's everybody's been talking about, you know how we've been spreading viruses all over the world. Well, you're spreading an excitement and passion virus all over us this morning. And, and that's not, you know, that's, that's not something that I'm upset about. I'm very happy about that. And I hope that you'll continue to do that because I think there's a lot of people. I know there's a lot of people out there right now who are looking for somebody with passion and excitement, who can show them a solution to their problem in any niche by the way, my friends, because there's, there's hundreds of millions of people there's billions of people out there who are afraid to leave their house and they want to shop from home, they want to, but they want to learn from home, they want to make money, they want to train their dog from home, they want to they want to help their kids sleep better from home, they want to work out from home, they want to get their diet and nutrition plan at home. They don't want to go to the gym, they don't want to go to the grocery store, they don't want to go to the doctor, they want to have their consultations happen at home, they want to get their medications and prescriptions prescribed to them at home, you know, it's the world that we're living in today and it's either wake up and realize that it's in realize that you have the platform, you have the skills you have the tools you have the business model with next to nothing out of pocket besides whatever education you're going to invest in to learn how to do this with next to nothing out of pocket in terms of tools in things that you don't need a truck, you don't need a bunch of tools like I remember when I wanted to start a construction business, and I had, you know, I had to buy truck and tools and all this stuff. And with this, it's basically the passion and the excitement in the in the willingness to go out there and put what you learn into action, and anybody can start to do this no matter what financial level you're at, if you have the money to invest in education, do it, if you the best investment you'll ever make is in yourself, especially right now, but whatever financial level you're at, you can do this right now and I think Mila, you are a shining example and inspiration of that coming from Brazil, only learning English back in 2016 I mean, come on, standing ovation for you, tell your husband, I said hello our best to your family as well. And I'll leave you with the final word.

Mila: Yeah, thank you David, I just, I really, I think. I think people need to just like to have if they happen they're willing to really make this work, you know, just like wherever you study like the internet is so big. There's so many opportunities just like gold. And like you said, the best investment you can ever do is invest in education and invest in yourself. I think that's what makes a difference in my life because I started, I'm not afraid to invest in myself, I spent like you back in Brazil. I spent four years in University to graduate in Business Administration, that I learned, Like, I don't even remember, you know what I learned I was. I know, university like some people may for that, right by the like, I feel like I lost four years in my life so I paid four years, and I spent four years to study, why not, I'm not gonna invest in myself to learn some high skills that's like, it's on demand right now everybody is zoning, like I don't have normal TV at home, you know, so all the consumers, people eat on internet so we have to take advantage of this, you know, and anybody can start can start on this business, anybody, whatever like this the financial situation. So, that's it, that's it is like I'm not afraid to invest in myself, investing in the patient because I know this is gonna come up trumps from how you know it's no one. When you invest in knowledge is something nobody can ever do for you. Once you learn, nobody can do this for you. So if this is your life, it is the best investment you can ever have.

Couldn't have said it any better, I mean, we are on the same page, my friend. We are on the same page so keep up the great work, be Legendary, come back and keep us posted on your, on your journey. Okay, and stay Legendary Mila okay.

Mila: Thank you so much Dave.

Dave: Bye bye. All right, my friends, wow, I mean, Lee, man oh man, I mean just when I think I can't be any more inspired, it's believable. It's just, you know, it's, I'm just continuously blown away. I mean there are some days that I just, I come on the show and I'm like, No, I'm just, let me just, I'm not going to be inspired, it's just going to be another day at the office, you know, and I come here, and I talk to somebody like Mila, and I get fired up, you know, I mean just fired up. So, you know, I hope, I hope that does it for you as well, all you who are listening and commenting. Of course, please go follow Mila. Let's continue to lift her up and support her by commenting and liking and, and just, you know, showing your support for her content and her marketing, and I hope to one day have each one of you guys on the show and gals on the show as well. And, and, as she said, and as I said, the best investment you will ever make in yourself is to invest in your knowledge and your education and your personal growth, hands down, and there's nothing there is nothing and trust me, my friends I have bought so much stuff I bought total crap. And I've bought things that are expensive, that are, you know, luxury goods and shit. And let me tell you something. There is nothing: not a single car, not a single house, not a single piece of jewelry, not a single bag, yes ladies, not a single bag. Not a single dress, no single suit, not a single pair of shoes that will ever make you feel as fulfilled as investing into your own education, learning something, in turn around and putting it to use building something for yourself. There is nothing. Nothing in this world that will make you feel as empowered and as happy as happy is invested in yourself. So do that today, here at legendary marketer or somewhere else. I don't care, just get started doing, get out the wallet. Okay, get out the wallet, get out the credit card. Okay, get out the credit card, invest in you and stop hoarding and holding on to the money that you have, like, There's no morals, there's no other money in this world. Scared, money, don't make money. Have you ever heard that one? Well, you can absolutely apply that to your own personal growth, you gotta put some skin in the game, baby. If it's $1 Hey, that's it. If it's, if you know what this is and hey just let's pass the hat and put up, you know, put a couple of bucks in it, and let's hope that something happens, no. When you invest in your education. There is a tangible return because you get knowledge, and you can apply that knowledge to build something. So I hope that today was the motivation that you need to be able to do that, and if you've already invested into yourself and you've bought some education and you've bought some courses or some knowledge. Now is the day to use it, you know some people are addicted to buying stuff and then they never even log in. But, today is the day to put it to use my friends, be Legendary. Get out of here and make it a fantastic day and we'll see you all of you back here tomorrow for another episode.