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Dave: What's going on my friends? Happy Monday, this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to wake up Legendary, and we have got another returning guest we had at least one returning guest last week, you know, this is, this is exciting for me because I often say to people at the end of the show come back and see us come back and keep us posted here, within a couple of months and let us know how you're doing. So, today we have Tyler Wise, and we're gonna get this six figure affiliate's thoughts on inventing the wheel. Tyler, welcome to the show, brother.

Tyler: Thanks for having me on  here again.

Dave: Hey, when did you remember when you were last, was it a few months ago, three, four months, something like that?

Tyler: I think honestly I just quit my nine to five job. And I think I think that was about. I was like May. So, I think it was like June, maybe, maybe even sooner than that. I don't know, but I mean it was only a couple months ago.

So, that, you know, there's, there's often people who asked, you know, do people really quit their nine to five, you know, doing this, and you were able to accomplish that give us a brief nutshell of how that happened for you when you found Legendary just give us a brief timeline of what your journeys been like just for anybody who didn't catch that first episode.

Tyler: Oh yeah, no problem. So I found out about Legendary in November and at that time I was still working my nine to five, I had been with my nine to five, almost about six months at that point. And you know I was looking for the next best thing I had already been trying to actually ask for months, If you watched the last interview, Dave. I did drop shipping nine different times, and then I was like okay I'm gonna try to switch gears and then try to do affiliate marketing, found Legendary had a couple, you know, rocky start, a couple months right and start in the beginning, and then in January I made my first 10,000 ecstatic. And then I was like, well, let's make sure that I can continually make income from this, not that it's like oh I just made this much money and it's gonna, I'm gonna fail now, you know, so I want to make sure it's consistent. And then, you know by about April May I was like you know what, it's time to leave. And honestly, I'm glad I did because those couple months after I left, I had breached all time highs for how much money I've made and so you know I think that having a nine to five was, you know, it was nice. It's a nice like, you know, I only parachute to have, but it was holding me back. But it was scary. I was definitely scared to do that, I was scared to take that leap and, you know, because actually I put my two weeks and I was having doubts. My girlfriend was like, you need to do it because I know you can succeed. If you just focus on it and give it. That's what I did and.

Dave: Congrats, man, I mean that's, that's, that's the journey that's the, that's what we all end this for. So congrats on that, how's that feeling?

Tyler: Oh, it feels great. Honestly, when I see those numbers I'm like okay that's. Wow.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, it shows what you can really accomplish when you kind of, I guess, unplug from the matrix, and take the red pill I guess instead of the blue pill. 

Tyler: Yeah I think that’s how it goes.

Dave: Yeah, I think so, because I mean we're really trying to do, do earn money a certain way, and unplug from that, I guess, that common system, and we utilize leverage utilize the internet and the ability to be able to have systems, and people working for us, even when we're not working, you know, it's, this is what's possible. It's possible. It's possible to be making money while you sleep. And that's something that is certainly hyped up, and it's, it's absolutely. That phrase is used and abused by every guru and Pinocchio marketer out there, you know, in the world but the truth is that, you know, every week, almost every day we have people here on the show, who are doing, who are either already moving in that direction. And it just goes to show that it's possible. And I think that that's really, that's all that I needed. I don't know about you, but it was all that I needed to know that it was possible, and where I was when I started, you know, I, I kind of looked around and said, Dave, what do you have diluted.

Tyler: Yeah, I mean honestly I just Yeah, that's exactly what I needed. It's like my first got that first commission was possible like I can do this, you know, and an extra day after I left my nine to five, you know I already had submitted in my brain, I'm like, I can't do this, I just have to dedicate more time I need to make sure my content is quality I need to make sure I can cover them as I keep doing what I'm already doing to succeed, it's. Once you find these systems working, there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

Dave: Alright, well let's talk about that so your, your whole strategy has in mindset has been don't reinvent the wheel. Talk to us a little bit about how I'm sure you heard that at some point and did it, stick right away and talk us through your journey of kind of understanding that success really in any industry, you don't need to reinvent the wheel I mean unless literally, you're, you're, you're going to space, right, right down into Earth, where no man has gone before. But even there you have somebody who has at least tried it before so you know, maybe some things and they don't work. So talk to us about your journey of either not reinventing the wheel right away, or going on this innovation journey of trying fancy things and then sort of finally surrendering to reinventing the wheel, what did your journey look like.

Tyler: So, I guess when I'm saying like reinvent the wheel to, like, when I was learning about the funnels, how to build these sales funnels. Hi. I was looking at all these top marketers and I in the last interview that I did with you. We talked about Tony, Tony Robbins, because we went to the same seminar. But one of my favorite quotes is that he's talking about how he felt about these successful marketers, or people in his field. They have these certain clues on why they're successful. And basically you just have to follow what's already working for people. Okay, so when I first started out, I took the 15 day challenge. You know I absorbed as much as I could and then I was like, What are these other top marketers that are promoting. No, well they're they're promoting Legendary promoting that sort of thing. So I just started studying. And then basically what I found out what worked, and I found that we didn't. And I was like well if it's already working for them. I need to just, just basically build upon what they're doing, put my own spin on it. And so in the beginning you know I was using, trying to find the perfect funnel, and no business affiliate was like you know I've made 10s of 1000s of dollars just using this funnel. So I was like okay well I guess I'll try to make a funnel, you know, similar to his you know, why not. And later on after I left my nine to five job I said okay well I'm gonna change my funding. Okay. And since we talked last, I'm prepping to this point. I haven't changed anything. Because if it was already working, all I needed to do was increase my input. So there's no reason to think the system's already working, and need to stick with it. You just need to improve upon it.

Yeah, and when you said, increase your input of content, what I also heard, and correct me if I'm wrong, content ultimately equals traffic. So I increase my input of traffic into that funnel. And if, then eventually, you know, not that humans are numbers, but my business becomes much more of a math equation than it becomes some, some, you know, some art or science or, like, you know, the big problem that I need to solve is just a math equation. And I begin to realize that Dave: I, you know, I'm getting a 50% conversion rate on my landing page, and I'm getting a, you know I'm getting, I'm getting 25% conversion rate of people that land on my bridge page we're actually clicking the button, which is my affiliate link going on to whatever I'm promoting. And so, that would mean that, you know, of those people who are clicking that button clicking my affiliate link, if I'm converting, you know 5% of those people, I can reverse engineer my success to know exactly how many leads I need to drive to that landing page per month. If I want to continue at the level that I'm at of earnings, or if I want to double or triple, and then it becomes simple, because I can create another your marketing on TikTok, and that's really where you kind of saw quite a bit of, of, of initial success and you're still there Right?

Tyler: Correct. So I mean yeah, I, I've kind of branched off. I found most of my success came from Instagram actually. 

Dave: Okay, okay. But my point was is that, you know, if I'm initially marketing on TikTok, and I'm driving 5000 hits to my landing page, every, and that doesn't mean you know, people who are watching my videos that doesn't mean that means peak hits to my landing page some way, somehow, I am getting people to click on emails, who I've just, I've initially generated them as a lead and I'm driving clicks or I'm driving fresh clicks from a sales tip top channel or something. I want to increase that from five to 10,000 unique kids to my landing page each month, by the way everybody there is a difference between total hits and unique hits, and, you know total hits might mean that the same person went back 10 or 20 times. I'm talking about unique kids, different people, unique kids. So if I want to go from 5000 to 10,000 unique kids, maybe I open up an Internet, and I take and repurpose that content onto Instagram. Maybe I, you know, do some, maybe I create another TikTok channel but the point is is that it becomes a math equation and I no longer have to sit around obsessing over my bridge page or obsessing over my bridge page, video, or obsessing, I find Pilar that the majority of people, tweak, and mess around with their funnel, when they don't have even enough traffic to do an actual test and get actual real data and feedback about whether it's working or not. Is that something that you believe in as well and how do you approach that, I mean, how to give us your experience with the fumbling and messing around and I really consider it just busy work right?

Tyler: Yeah. You know what's funny is like. I think from the beginning, I was constantly. I was constantly thinking it I was like okay well, something is my problem was traffic, and I realized that now, but looking back, I was like okay, well, maybe if I adjust how this looks, or maybe if I guess how my prepaid video is, maybe I said something here maybe that's what I was just over. So my problem was I wasn't getting enough traffic. And so, I was just primarily focusing on. TikTok. And then around December, I started posting on Instagram, I just worked sort of repurposing the content. And I started getting so much traffic. When I found out, oh, this is my funnel doesn't work, actually. But I, in the beginning though you just don't know, second guessing yourself and you're like okay, well, I was just getting to the point where I'm like every single day I was like, to go and check this maybe I need to change this and it just, I was just in my head so much and I think that was almost inhibiting my success as well because I just, something's gonna be wrong.

Dave: Yeah. And let's give an analogy so it makes sense to everybody. For 10, that you opened up a brick and mortar kind of corner store in some small town, and you, you know, kind of like a 7/11 or something or while one like a big city, you know, unfortunately there's not a whole lot of mom and pop corner stores but let's just pretend that you did you got a mom and pop corner store and you had jelly and bread, peanut butter, milk, and you wanted to grow that business. Well, let's say that you got the store all set. But nobody has a couple of customers here and there but not too many customers, maybe five a day, you know. And so instead of going out there and advertising. We're going out there and flying a friggin sign on the side of the road telling people you're open, or doing anything to get people to just simply walk through the door, you instead go and reorganize shelves all day, and sort of hide inside the business hide inside the store. Nobody really even knows that you exist, right, you're just kind of, well, maybe, maybe the thing that I need to do to grow my business is I need to put the bread over here and the milk over. Maybe that's what it is. Or maybe I need to write that that's kind of what we do as online marketers when we're fidgeting and messing around with these things on the back end, when instead we need to go and talk to people in town and say hey how much to put my name in business and let people know that I'm open up on that field. Hey, can I use science? Hey, I'm going to go out and put signs up down the highway and let people know when I'm over here, kind of like people do the drug sale right I'm going to go to. I'm going to go to a network meeting, or I'm gonna run ads on Facebook, or I'm going to fly a sign in a big, you know, in a big banana costume on the side of the road, and just do anything that I can to get attention to let people know that my businesses. That's I think the analogy, you know?

Tyler: Yeah, that's the best way to put it honestly.

Dave: Yeah, we mess around way too much with reorganizing our shelves, and I think it really all has to do with getting used to kind of seeing our voice on video and just kind of realizing that we're not the most important thing in the world. You know people are not sitting down, when they're watching a video they're not thinking. He didn't say that. I didn't like the weight being lifted on, They, they're not grading us like a paper, they're asking themselves what is in it for me. What about this person, it doesn't matter whether the person has a mental disability or physical disability when the person can barely talk with you, can't hear them speak when they speak low with their skinny big, tall small, doesn't matter. The only thing somebody is thinking of when they're watching or reading is. What the hell does this have to do with me? And what's in it for me. That's human nature. So how was that, clearly, if you're driving traffic and you're making money and you're having success, then you're giving people something that's valuable to them, explain in your own words how you figured out how to do that in your content to get people driving in going in hordes to your landing page in your funnel.

Tyler: So, basically, in the beginning, I was primarily arguing with every single affiliate marketer. And that's kind of just like saying oh well you know what we do with over $2,000 per month. Okay. And I do post sometimes on TikTok, but I've kind of moved away from that. I focus now on getting as much traffic as I possibly can. And what I have done to do that is kind of like read a series, something that people will come back to, so they can continually see my face and then eventually they're going to click on the link in my bio, and then we're going to talk about like okay, well, what's this guy how does he make money, how do we make all these videos constantly. And you want to make your audience kind of curious. You don't ever want to give them the answers, even if you give them everything, then that kind of ruins the entire sales funnel. Okay, so you want to make them curious, you want to make them feel like, what is the other end of this, what is it, what is this person promoting and hopefully you know that eventually they will buy it. But my main focus now is just creating content that is kind of entertaining or informative or valuable to them that people can use. So I mean I, one of my series that I post is that websites you need to know and interesting websites. Another one is like the Chrome extension, and I put different affiliate videos and in between nodes, you know, since the other videos coming to the traffic that may check out the affiliate video. Oh, well I want to do that, and then they would want my bio my bio.

Dave: It's amazing how, how, you know, we're always trying to come up with these, these wild unique concepts and stuff but it's, it's, I was watching this, I was doing some, just some kind of cooking in watching some famous legendary marketers and entrepreneurs, over time and even before over the weekend. And one of the things that they really do. And that works is speaking in super simple terms, and so for example it's even been proven on earnings calls with CEOs who talk and really complicated technical jargon, about that industry, those companies grow less and less people invest in the stock and less people get excited about than people who talk and CEOs and leaders and spokespeople of the company who talks in really simple terms, and not, there's no better like five minute speech. An example of this, and Steve Jobs back in the 80s I think when he introduced the ad thing was different. And what he explained to the audience was that nobody that that, you know, all of the best brands and most popular brands in the world don't talk about the details of the business, you know, Nike doesn't talk about the material and functions of shoes they celebrate world class athletes and world class athletics, and they make it really simple for people to get behind and really simple for people to understand, and how I relate that to content that does really good is that, if you can help somebody with a simple little tip, like you said, Hey, here's my top five Chrome extensions that have helped me to run a better business and make more money online, number one vote, you know, and you don't need to go into the technicalities of the of the app, you don't need to break down all of the, you know, you don't need to be an expert, you don't need to be a genius, on how that app works. You just need to explain that this app helped me to make more money and get more of my time back so I can have more time freedom, Number one, right. That would be a great example of a way to sort of pitch that particular app now. If you did a series of my top five apps, which would be a great example of what you just said I'm going to do a series and bring people back first video, I might say, here's how this thing, this particular app, helped me to make more money and get my time back. Number one, it helps me to not have to remember my passwords, and we all know that, and I'm thinking of LastPass, an app that I use. We all forget our passwords, and that alone has saved me hours and hours in a day. It's just not having to go remember passwords or reset my password, or search some stupid spreadsheet that I've made, like, which I've done three or four times over my life. Here's the new spreadsheet with all my passwords and oh by the way how absolutely ridiculously unsafe is that, like I'm just asking identity theft to be holding random spreadsheets of all my passwords on my computer, I don't even know how to work, Apple iCloud for God's sakes. So, you know, that's probably being published somewhere on the internet. Anyways, this app LastPass helps me friggin remember all my passwords, it's the best thing in the world. It's helped me make more money because it's safe, probably at least an hour of my time per day. That alone, like just telling stories being fun, just being ridiculous. That sort of stuff relates to people better than going in and trying to be all technical and make sure that you come back for my second half to tilt me. Tomorrow I'm going to be publishing that bad boy around noon Eastern time, I'll see you there oh by the way, check out the link in my bio, you'll see how I've been able to grow my business online, or whatever. Right, exactly. But anyways, does that resonate with you that sort of the simplicity message?

Tyler: Definitely I mean that's basically what I'm doing, you pretty much sum them up because like, what the audience comes back for you know you want to like build a internet relationship with them, you know, you're kind of trying to build trust. And if you're, you know, if they think that you're really, really helping them, you're building trust, and then they're going to be more inclined to go and buy whatever you're promoting or you know and help you out because you've helped them. 

Dave: Yeah, and I think it's more real. And when I say real, I don't mean like, I think I asked this to a lot of people, I say okay what do you think has been the number one contributor to your success and they're like just being real. And what, what I would say that that means to me is, is not particularly, you know, it's it's it's complicated, because, because you can be whoever you want to be on the internet. You don't you don't have to be lost and struggling, you know, and most people who are getting started are like, I'm struggling and I'm new, and I'm a newbie and, and really have this kind of mentality of like, you may feel. I'm not saying you're not new, all of you listening, I'm not saying that you're not new. I'm not saying that you're not don't feel like you're struggling, but for me, my authentic self that I want to portray, is I want to portray my most confident, I want to portray my funniest, I want to portray my most certain self. I don't want to lie and make it seem as if I never have any insecurities. But in order for me to get started creating content, I need to step into my surgeon and be confident. My most confident self, and at that point I can begin doing some self deprecating humor, which is kind of where you make fun of yourself a little bit. I find that to be very, very rapport building, because it shows that you don't take yourself too seriously. But I'm not going to beat myself up but I do want to portray confidence. I do want to communicate certainty to people because people respond and listen to certainty how Tyler overcame any sort of self-talk that nobody listened to or that, or to find your more confident voice?

Tyler: So it's interesting that a couple of years ago you know I was, I was almost afraid to be on camera and make these kinds of videos. So, you know, I just determined that I wanted to succeed, more than, like, my fear of what other people are going to think of it. Okay. And, you know, when I started making my TikToks I mean if you if I go back all the way to the beginning of my TikToks you can, I can definitely see like a shift in confidence and I think that's probably just because of my success with me at my affiliate programs and I kind of started to figure out how to become successful on these platforms, but basically I just kind of like put on a different face on the internet. Kind of like exactly what you said. You can be whoever you want to be on the internet. I wanted people to think of me as like these digital experts, even though I was learning alongside them. I wanted to be portrayed as this person who can help them and who was there to guide them. And so I just you know I was like okay well you know what I have to, if I'm going to succeed at this, I have to put my best face forward and be this person, I ended up ultimately I became that person. Yeah I do believe in that.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, I really think that that's, this is this is important and even those of you who say well I've gotten my success from being myself, if you if you if you listen to what we're saying right now and really really truly apply it, you'll be able to take things to the next level because you really can portray yourself as, and I wouldn't say it's a dramatic difference from who you are right now, but you can kind of take your confidence up a couple of notches, acting as if you are that digital expert, even though you're, you're just learning. For me, the way that I've been able to do that because, even to this day I'm not a digital expert like there's so many things are changing, but I'm a I'm a I'm a I'm a fundamentals and the principles of direct response marketing affiliate marketing, like I'm an expert in that. But all the little nuances and things that are changing every day. I'm learning right alongside everybody and I, and I tend to act as a reporter more or more than, like, a great example. I think there's a couple of different personalities that you can be or care, or, or sort of characters that you can be online. As as a, as a creator you can be the kind of leader, the All Knowing always knowing that would be like your Tony Robbins and your Gary Vaynerchuk like those guys, those guys really when you're listening to them, you just kind of think God Himself delivered stone tablets to this guy, and he just knows everything in it is on the cutting edge of everything. Then you've got like your reporter who like is more like an Oprah who built her brand from learning from other people or discovering new things, those would be marketers like a Frank Kern, for example, his, his marketing has always been interesting to me because he's, he's one of the most successful marketers on the planet always have has been and has this mysterious allure that just makes people buy in his angle all the time is, I just made a new discovery, I just tried something. I had no idea that it was actually an accident. Okay, I put a button for people to buy on the page, I didn't mean to do that. And I generated like 1000 sales but I want to show you how I get that right and you're like, like you're you look you speak because he plays himself so down as if he's an investigative journalist who just discovered something, but the way in which he communicates it is with absolute certainty. So it's almost like he plays dumb, in a sense, like, like I just discovered this like everything every campaign that he runs is a test. He's like, so I'm doing a test today, and I'd like to see how it works, see how it resonates with the audience. So I want you to go check out this video and then you get to the page and the video is like a hardcore badass video sales letter right with an awesome offer, but the way that he gets you there is like hey this is a test. And then what he does is a couple of weeks later he comes back and he says hey I just generated $50,000 from this campaign this test that I ran, I want to walk you through everything that I did, and now you're like oh, I want to see that behind the scenes right, so he then walks you through everything, kind of, as you said, but not really giving you all the details and he says, if you'd like to attend this brand new consulting course that I just put together. I'll show you more in detail plus give you all the scripts, all the emails that I used, all the ads, I'll show you the offer on the back end. And that's $997 and it's a four week class, right, so it's always, this is a test, it's always like, it's the reporter, but it's, it's, it's coming across with certainty and I think that that's what more of all of us can take a can use because we don't need to be the leaders we don't need to be inventing the wheel per se, the cutting edge, inventors of strategies, But when we try something and it works, we can share that and that's actually if I think back over a decade ago, that's how I got, I built on my results was I say hey, I just tried this new strategy and generated five new leads. And that's double what I was generating before, and I'd like to show you how I did it right. And it's so I would, I would kind of lure people in with that bait of whatever the result that I got big or small, and then I would just kind of build on that until I was like, able to communicate even bigger results. Does that resonate with you?

Tyler: Well now I want to perform some tests, if you know what I’m talkin about.

Dave: Exactly dude.

Tyler: Yeah, that's, that's, that's, that's smart, wow. Yeah, I'm gonna do some research on that now.

Dave: Yeah, well, it's a way to not sort of have to reinvent the wheel, like, if, if I was you know if I was brand new and starting on TikTok today, there. You know, there's, there's so many different ways that I could begin to create content and not have to, and not deal with an overcome, let me say my what do we call that my, you know, kind of a newbie complex. You know what I mean. And one way that I could do that is, is, is, even if I don't know anything, say, I don't know, these top five apps. But if I saw somebody else create a video like that I could be like, Hey, there's this marketer that I follow, His name's Tyler and he made this video. Thanks Tyler, he made this video that really helped me share five apps and I want to share those apps with you today. And I've actually tested all of them and downloaded them today and here's the ways that they're already, they're already working right, let's say that I, let's say that I repurpose some content, and then the after I did that series, I can say, hey I did a marketing experiment on everybody last week where I shared a series of videos and here's how it worked out to either grow or not grow by TikTok traffic. Right. And so everything that you do, everything that you do you follow up with the results of that test or that campaign. So you're always, you're, you're giving people sort of a behind the scenes look at what you're doing. And, you know, it's just, people are super intrigued by that, you know.

Tyler: Well, I'm just, I'm interested in all of that. That is kind of like wow you know maybe I just need to rethink some of my strategy. That's all great information like I can just show my followers, they're interested in, you know, then they'll go and maybe trust me even more by somebody in my bio.

Dave: Well that's one of the things that you're trying to do right is build trust. So, if you're taking people sort of behind the scenes and you're, you're showing them, hey, you know, let me, let me show you what I just did over the past week, how it worked or working for, right, you know, Yeah, in a sense, you're kind of you're kind of saying, I'm willing to take you behind the scenes of my business and sort of show you it's just a way to mix up and be that reporter, you know, and kind of, you're not, you're not. It takes the pressure off of you to have to always act like everything is a massive success, because you might also report that something didn't work and here's what I learned, you know, and I know a lot of people are thinking that you know well what if it doesn't work well they report that you know, I learned, you know, and then people are getting value because ultimately, people want to know what's in it for what is in it for me. Why would I watch this? Well, if you're willing to take the behind the scenes of your business, even if it's only for a minute at a time and show me things that are working or not working, then you know in that's of course if you're working in the make money online niche or whatever, there's ways to do this in different niches of course but. But yeah, if you're teaching marketing and you're talking about marketing all the time that people are interested in also marketing or starting a business online, then taking them behind the scenes and showing them what's working and not working, insane in sort of using more of the language of this is a test, or I wanted to bring to you some genius idea, you guys could do it from this content that I'm talking about right now. You know you can you can be the reporter, you know, and I think that's a, that's a, that's an avatar or a character that you can kind of, you can kind of step into as a content creator, rather than needing to be the leader or the All Knowing guru who always knows everything and I'm sure there's some marketers out there that a lot of you look at and say, well how did they just come up with, I mean it's just like they, it's just like they have endless content they just have endless ideas it's like they just are always on the cutting edge. And that's a tall order to live up to, you know, whereas instead of you can take more of the reporter, like Oprah, you know, if you think about Oprah built her career not off of being the All Knowing or not after not off of being the expert there's only so many shows that you can do where you're the experts, another reason, in a sense, Tyler.

I'm the reporter here on this show. 

Tyler: Right, yeah, basically yeah I mean, you know. So it's like, allowing people to be, like, come, come watch this with me find out what I found out, alongside and the new building trust alone that in building a relationship with you following that way, that's, yeah, that's a great way to do it because I mean, I'll be honest, because I try to act like I'm the whole knowing. Digital Marketer is a tall order, I mean I have to find content to create. So that's something I'll definitely try to mix up in my heart. That's great.

Dave: Well, I think, I think that's great if you, if you really can, you know, if you can. If you can own that role. And in still, you know, in not be dishonest, you know, like, you know, when when people are owning that role, and they're just telling straight up lies, you know, that, then they're more of a con man than they are a real leader, but if you can own that role, I would say that I've been half leader, half, half reporter in my career because part of, part of my, my, I'd say confidence building has gotten to a point where I do feel confident talking about things that I do and actually teaching them as strategies, right like creating my own kind of strategies like this is what I do, then there's that other part where I'm reporting. That's like yourself, and learning what you're doing, and then trying to communicate that back to the audience but answer, ask the right questions to get the information back to the audience. But yeah I think it's a great place. Anything that we can do especially when we're just getting started out to relieve a little bit of that pressure of not to know everything and needing to be the expert and the successful Guru is a, I think is a plus strategy worth at least testing. Looks like we just lost Tyler, unfortunately, I don't know why that is. So, hopefully, well, you know what we're coming up with in the end, hopefully that was valuable to you folks. And yeah, so maybe his internet went out, maybe his power went out, maybe his internet crashed.

Matt: He was on his phone, and I have had before, where the phone gets so hot on stream yard that your phone just overheats. 

Dave: Oh, he's back, we thought your phone might have overheated or something.

Tyler: And I think that may be what happened to be honest. 

Dave: Well, you know, I've done a lot of talking, and you know I hope that it's been valuable to everybody and yourself included but what would you, what would you say, Man, I'm so happy for your success you're a humble guy and you're just you're, you're, you deserve everything that you have and I'm sure that the future is going to be super bright for you and get the sunglasses, you know, just the dad joke there but anyways man I mean, you definitely have, you definitely have a bright future, you definitely get this stuff, you know what I mean and you're willing to try new things, and I can see why you're successful, it's that doesn't seem like you get super overwhelmed and panic and instead you're just, you're curious, you're optimistic, you're willing to pivot try new ideas. And, and that's kind of what it takes man that call this through, don't panic, you know, through, through that, because you said you had a couple of challenging months at the beginning, you know 100%

Tyler: I mean, I mean I spent a lot of my time in the beginning, especially the first three to five months, I was just troubleshooting constantly. I was like what is going on what you're like, one of the seats is so bad. I just kept going back to the drawing board. And then, obviously, contribute that with some of me just overthinking about my funnel or my email marketing, And where I was kind of a self sabotage. So, why wouldn't I want to? There's really no need to reinvent the wheel. Just make your own, make it your style. Find what works for you, apply it, make it, make it work, you know. But, yeah, thanks so much. I mean I wouldn't be here honestly, if it wasn't for legendary marketer, I'm being honest. I was just trying every single side hustle that I could find online. I found Legendary. I'm so glad. But yeah, it's been a journey. I can't wait to see, you know, what's next, I can't wait to get to the next milestone, you know.

Dave: Yeah, there's, well if you tried to guess what the future would bring you, you would definitely shortchange yourself. Seriously, I mean you would I mean, if you stick with this, with the power of the leverage that this, this business and this business model offers. There's no one, including myself, that is able to accurately predict in like a reasonable you will always under shoot, you will always under. Guess how much you can achieve and what will actually happen, the money that you can make the lifestyle that you can have. And, and, You know I'm not. I'm not rolling out the pictures of the Lamborghinis and the mansions, you know here like to try, it's just, it's just because it takes work, you know, it takes, sticking with it and it takes time, things I muster. It takes time. You know, it takes time. All things take time, but this takes less time than most things in my opinion like college and building a career in a typical or standard blue pill profession, you know, where you just be a good little boy or girl, get your college degree, get out there and work up the corporate ladder. I mean, in my opinion that's a blue pill. It's a blue pill route man, and it's just there's, you know exactly. You can predict that, and you will often overshoot, what you can achieve in that in that route, whereas, with entrepreneurship, this business model, digital marketing, you will you will definitely undershoot your goals so looking forward a couple of more months, come back and see us brother and keep us posted it's super valuable content, and super valuable experience for me, man.

Tyler: Yeah, I appreciate you for having me on, but I just want to say one thing to you, you said you were talking about talking about college. And, you know, the blue pill and that route. Insert what's interesting is I always post questions, Q and A's on my Instagram stories that's kind of like how I built an engagement with my following someone was like, Do you have a college degree today. And I was like I do have a college degree, but my college degree, isn't the reason I was successful, of my discipline and my desire to succeed was, in fact most people that I know with a college degree, that are not like in the medical field, for example, are working at a retail job, or like a McDonald's. You know, so it just depends on how badly you want to succeed, you know, you determine your success, not a piece of paper. 

Dave: Yeah, great advice man and I couldn't agree more. It's unfortunate, it's sad, but sometimes it's the motivation, somebody needs to take to the Red Pill quickly. Okay, this, let's see, I had a little fun. I partied a lot. I survived. I got through but it's time to unplug from this game and head down the red pill road quickly, so you did that Congrats man, and, and we'll have you back soon if you'd be willing to come back. Alright, I'm always willing, I think. Thanks buddy. See you man. All right, my friends, well, you can find Tyler on Instagram, follow him like his content, leave comments supportive, lift them up and over on tick tock at Tylerzwise.exe My friends will be back here again, as always, tomorrow for another episode. Get out of here and have a fantastic day, be Legendary my friends. See you back here tomorrow.