Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: Hey good morning. Happy Tuesday. Good to see, well, I don't see anyone here quite yet but it will be good to see you when you join. It's 7:04 where I'm from on the West Coast. I'm in Phoenix, but we've got an awesome guest today. I'm guest hosting for Dave, this morning, and we'll be the remainder of the week. So, you're stuck with me. I'm sorry. We've got an awesome guest though Jason who's returning guests, and remembering Jason on, he's going to share a bit of his story of getting started online and he's just got a really interesting one. Yeah, Well, let him tell me I don't need to tell it, Jason what's going on?

Jason: Good to see you.

Matt: So, how long ago were you the first time, because you were on with Dave. A long time ago, right.

Jason: Yes, I can't remember April. I think back to April.

Matt: Yeah, I feel like, man, maybe you've done a lot of different stuff, and if you could just for those of us who maybe didn't hear the story or maybe didn't kind of hear where you came from and how you found online marketing and stuff like that. What, what's that been like,

Jason: Well, the story is back in November. I got code. And you know I was thinking that it was not going to be some big thing and ended up becoming a COVID long hauler, so I'm still getting symptoms, Even though I got to, like, the day before Thanksgiving last year. I'm still receiving the symptoms today. Wow, like crazy heart rates My heart stopped at one point, oxygen levels dipped and crazy low numbers. So I'm still having to fight those dilemmas today which is why I started looking for Business online, something that I could sit at home and do from home and not have to go crazy. Used to be a construction worker, worked in real estate, raced cars, and did so many different things, but that part of my life right now. I had to stop because I'm physically not able to do that. So I started getting a little bit better and feeling somewhat human. I got on TikTok, as a joke. Not a joke but the kid mostly to see what it was all about because my son was like oh I'm gonna download this app I was like well I gotta see what it's about first before I'm on what you know what they got on there so everybody talks about Legendary. So I like you know what, seven bucks, I'm gonna give it a go. So that's how I got my start 15 days I was like okay cool, and then and you know it just started building from there and I was like oh man I see all these opportunities and then I came up with my now system, which is like a niche, finding a niche. Finding opportunity, and then finding a win win for me. The next person, the customer and the business win win win. And I've been running. I've been running with that ever since and you know, I have my face brand, I have a faceless brand. I have about four or five different niches, currently running. Cool.

Matt: Awesome, what's that been like? I didn't know you were doing stuff like that.

Jason: Oh yeah, it's been, it's been interesting, really cool.

Matt: What's been one of your favorites or what's been like, surprising or interesting about that.

Jason: I think when I first started the no face niche I thought that was kind of cool now I am running ads to drive traffic that I'm not doing. I'm not driving it organically. But it's all female based and you would never know that the person who runs that company is a, almost 40 year old man. You know, I found a lot of problems in women between the ages of like 25 to about 55-60, and I found this really cool little niche. Sorry ladies but you guys like to spend

money. So I find that and you know creating all these really cool. I guess hooks and kind of combined really cool things like one of the things I combined was. What perfume goes with your zodiac sign. Okay, and you know just creating curiosity. That's just one of the little things that I've put together and thrown out there but

Matt: It's cool. That's cool. You're doing all kinds of marketing. 

Jason: Yeah, I'm in our RV niche still. I got away from day trading from now because it's so stressful in the markets changing so much I was like you know what, I need to get my heart to break. Give yourself a heart attack. Yeah, that's right so I remember the last time I was on the show I lost $38,000 in the market, because I wasn't paying attention.

Matt: Yeah, right. Yeah, I remember that you were Yeah cuz you were kind of sitting behind or in front of a computer that had a bunch of like day trading charts on it I think. Yeah, funny, That's so interesting. Yeah, that's an interesting I mean, I feel like anybody who goes online or starts watching some tech talks about making money online or something always sort of looks at that at least or maybe places a couple trades or, you know, gets a free stock on weeble or something, and, and they're like, Oh, this is interesting, and then, you know, they trade an option or something lose all their money and they're like what the hell just happened. And then, you know, they either double down and try again. Or, you know, they, they just are like this is not for me, but I do get the anxiety piece, because, like, I've definitely gone down that road of trying to pick stocks and stuff and it's just like, I know nothing, and I feel like the day trading is like that times, 100, where it's like happening super fast. Everything's Super Rapid, it's so volatile.

Jason: That was an insane point in my career. I mean, I have a screenshot where I literally bought 10,000 shares of a company, and sold 10,000 shares of Company in two seconds. And then that two seconds I was able to profit I was like two or $3,000, but if I would have held onto it for four seconds I would have lost keys. That's and I mean I got in thinking I was going to be in for a little bit, I was watching the charts and then I watched the monsters change like it just changed like that was, oh my God, and just instantly got out.

Matt: Sell all.

Jason: Unfortunately, like when I was, I traded a really fast platform. And I had to use hotkeys like if I wanted but I'm just pushing a button on the keyboard and you bought. Yeah, I need to get out. I could boom, I press a button and I'm out. Chase man. So it wasn't like okay let me put in the order and No, no I'll just press the button, and it happens.

Matt: Yeah, that takes a little more skill and development than I have, that's for sure. What so. So you're now you've got multiple different niches you're rockin ‘you're doing a lot of different stuff. What do you feel like is working best or like what are you doing that you feel like is working best and that you're gonna invest more time and energy into?

Jason: Right now I'm dividing my energy into trying to keep my organic side for the make money online niche, I like that niche. I feel like I can help a lot of people. I already have helped a lot of people in fact that was when I was on my deathbed. I had that dream. You need to help a million people and that's why I was like, How the hell am I supposed to do that, just a regular dude. Am I supposed to do it? And then I just kept on going, you need to help a million people you need to help them, people and I remember waking up in a pool of sweat going, well I'm still here. Maybe that's what I'm supposed to do. But how the hell am I supposed to do that so right so having that organic reach and being able to actually talk to people on a regular basis and help people on a daily basis is awesome and I love that and I love seeing people succeed. I love the faceless brand, Because I can run an ad, press a button and then boom, traffic is running. I'm not having to create TikToks, not sitting here managing Facebook stuff. I'm not doing Instagram. It's relatively easy and I've got that niche set up also for SEO for the future. Maybe it'll be like a bonus. So, do you find your wit, I'm just, this is mostly just my curiosity with your energy levels and stuff with kind of your long COVID hall like. Do you feel less energy than before? Is it harder to do the work that you do?

Jason: My biggest struggle is sitting at a desk, my old job. I was physical, like I was the Mason, I was the farmer, I was the electrician, I was the plumber, I was the roofer, I was the window guy. I literally did every single trade. So I was always up and down ladders, I was always on the go, always moving, and that was moving 12 hours plus a day. Now to sit in a chair that is for me is the hardest part. Yeah. Energy is fun. I do have days where it's really hard, like I got a cold. About a month ago, that cold flared up my immune system to go crazy. And I went through me right back to where I was before. And that took me out for about two weeks. I really wasn't able to do a lot for two weeks. But you know, it is what it is. Oh, glad you're here man. So, what I was talking about before so I had that organic reach. I have the paid ads, and now I just found a new little niche and I found a big problem. And I found the solutions and now I'm coming up with my own little mini course to come up with a solution that nobody else has and I'm like, Okay, cool, and it's a big problem.

Matt: I wanted to just say I wanted to just say, I get a lot of questions from people who asked me what niche, should I go into what niche should I choose what products should I promote, and I love what you just said there, I thought it was like, I didn't want to skip over it. He said, I found this kind of new thing I'm going to create because there's a big problem, and that's always the first thing that I come back to somebody with is like, Well, where do you see problems. Do you see a problem you could solve just really the decision of the niche is just like identify some sort of problem or something, you know that you feel like maybe I can have a voice on or maybe I can give some, you know, interesting, a course, but you know as an affiliate marketing, you don't have to give a course but you're now at the place where you're kind of like you've done affiliate marketing, you've made some good money you've sort of got your feet wet, more than your feet wet, I mean you've been your waist. Neck Deep like you've really done quite a bit of stuff.

Jason: Yeah definitely Still, you can still create your own gig, and still be an affiliate marketer.

Matt: Totally, totally. So what's, what's the deal, how much detail do you want to give on that?

I don’t want to give any yet. 

Matt: Okay, cool. I'm cool with that. And about a month or two stuff will start coming out and hopefully I'll be ready and really drive some care, hopefully you guys are curious because it's gonna solve almost every single person that has ever been through legendary, I am going to solve a monsters problem and I don't care if you own your own business, if you're in legendary if you're an affiliate marketer if you're a drop shipper, it doesn't matter, this problem exists for everybody. And I'm going to help solve it.

Matt: That's awesome, dude. That's great, that's how a lot of, I mean, I feel like, you know, that's, that's how, that's how Dave got his start, that's how I got my start like I probably know what you're thinking already, and I probably don't know exactly, but I probably know the route your thinking. And the problem you're thinking, you know like Dave stripped out his start promoting a product that was solely focused around helping network marketers get leads, what was their number one problem. How do I get leads right? How do I stop ringing people's doorbells and asking them if they want to join my business opportunity?

Matt: Cool man, that's so cool. That's awesome. Are you, are you going to build out logistic a small course or like, just like a little digital course and sell it online or give it away for free or something.

Jason: Yeah, it's just gonna be small. 

Matt: Perfect. That's awesome. Nothing I'm not gonna go crazy, it's one thing you have to fix. Jason: Yep. One thing is not going to be some big course. I'm not trying to be some guru, I'm not any guru. I'm nobody's guru, I'm just, I'm just a normal guy finding a problem and coming up with a solution.

Matt: No wonder people, I just feel like you're. Yeah, you're just such a relatable man you're just like, you're the ex construction worker is just like did. I got a level head on my shoulder. I know who I am, you know, and I think that that's probably a reason a lot of a lot of people like in the comments and stuff are just, yeah.

Jason: I can’t see the comments. I have no idea what y'all are saying.

Matt: They're saying you're awesome. 

Jason: Thank you guys.

Matt: Are you on a phone or computer?

Jason: I'm on my computer. 

Matt: Oh, yeah you should be able to see it.

Jason: I have to pull it up on Facebook.

Matt: No, it's just on the sidebar of the stream yard, Maybe as, hey, hey.

Jason: There it is, I got it.

Matt: Cool man, that's, that's awesome. And then, you know, I think the nice part is, so I was kind of looking at like the way that you offer different products and services and stuff like even, you know, I think there's a lot of good sort of Guru marketers who create something that's best solves a problem, everyone has, which the nice part about that is that sure everybody who follows you or watches your stuff is going to want that right so there's already built in demand and desire for it. And so then you have a more, it's more likely than on the front end, you'll have a higher converting lead magnet to generate more leads, because it's going to convert better it's going to be yours. And so then people come to the very first thing, let's say they tap the link in your Instagram bio or your TikTok bio or whatever. And the first thing to hit is like, here's my, you know, you could sell it or you can give it away for free. A lot of people just give it away for free as a lead magnet to generate leads and then you can just do that whole filtering you're already doing but can do that whole filtering thing where you sort of feed them into different offers, right. And the nice part about that too is you know after you generate that lead. You can have split tests going, you know, send person one to this offer, person two to this offer person three to this person for this offer, and you can really just sit down and look and just be like, dude, this offer converts, way better than this offer to this audience and this offer, you know, is there's a million ways to go about that and then you can choose kind of your evergreen offer and order them in, in order of conversions, and then put them in your email follow up sequence in that order. So you've got your best converting stuff going to your people right away?

Jason: That's it. 

Matt: Anyways, my brain just goes down this whole rabbit with your 100% What, um, what uh, so, in terms of that development and that offer and everything. Have you ever done anything that is gonna be your first time, like really developing a course?

Jason: It is. And because of my monster shiny object syndrome. I see you here with the same syndrome. I've taken a ton of different courses, and in fact I just took another one that was designed just to put an offer together and how to put an affiliate program and an offer together, so that is what I'm currently building from that course.

Matt: That’s something everybody needs man, something everybody needs and everybody's wondering, super smart, that's awesome. What, um, yeah, they're all like, what is it, what is it, Jason, what is it, guys.

Jason: You guys want a little bit of the inside scoop, Join me on my facebook brand page jmhustle on Facebook, go find it.

Matt: Yeah, I'll just put up with these if that’s cool and they can follow you like yours. Are they, is this the right handle?

Jason: Yeah, that's the right handle on my Instagram and TikTok, I need to change. In fact, it's going to change,

Matt: So go follow him before it changes, guys.

Jason: Just like many other people might talk about it. If I need to start a completely new account, I want to start from scratch. I made lots and lots of mistakes that almost everybody else made. And at the time, I didn't know they were mistakes. And because of that my account is trash. 

Matt: Now by trash you mean, you're just not getting views anymore they're not showing your videos to the for you page?

Jason: There's that. And then they took away the Creator account and then turned it into just the business account. Now all the trending sounds I can't use anymore there's a whole, there's a whole slew of things. And that's my fault, but I didn't know. So if you're doing what we do, we fail 80% of the time, and when 20% of the time, so all you people that are struggling and going, Oh man, it's just not working, you're gonna fail, most of the time. It's trial and error, figure out what works, figure out what doesn't work when it doesn't work, try something different.

Matt: Yeah, I just, I had Nate say, My TikToks doing great again just threaten them with a lawsuit, then they left me alone. I feel like that probably won't work for most people but you could try it, you can try it. I feel like the pan, the 80% thing that you said there is so true. I wanted to just acknowledge that I feel like that's really true. A lot of times people are looking at people on a leaderboard for various affiliate offer they're looking at people, you know, they found on Tik Tok or whatever who were, you know 500,000 followers and they just like well that guy, guy that gal, they just got it figured out, they just know exactly what's going on. They're bullet proof, whatever, but the truth behind the scene is, there's just a lot of shit going on. I mean there is failure after failure after failure after, oh my gosh, why did I do that, oh my gosh, you know, somebody have 400,000 followers, they could wake up tomorrow have channels gone, everything's gone, and that happens, you know, So it's more about, it's less about the ability to just copy what somebody else is doing, although to get a good start to get going, you know, look around at the industry and look and see what's working, but you do have to develop some measure of internal fortitude and skills, because those two things combined, you know when, when that day happens, you lose your whole TikTok channel. Like, you have to be able to start it all over again, you have to be able to innovate and learn from your mistakes and say well what did I do here I messed up something right. Everybody wants to blame it on tic tock. Well, there's probably some missteps along the way, that's what I appreciate about you and I like having you on this show for that reason, I also feel like, you know what I remember from our first show you were talking about different trades and how they never take responsibility and oh it's this plumbers, it's the plumbers fault, and it's the drywallers fault oh no it's the framers, you know all of this different stuff I remember you talking about that the first time you were on and I was like, you know, because I was going through some construction during that, I was like you know what this dude, right, no one takes responsibility for their fuck ups nobody, because I watched everybody point fingers. That guy's fault. No, that guy's fault. No no no, that guy is the architect, the architect didn't put it on the drawings. Oh, the drawings are wrong. Oh, and I, I just, I appreciated that you sort of took responsibility there. And it reminded me of that first time that we met because you did the same thing there, and that's probably the difference right?

Jason: I would imagine that like, listen, we all have mistakes, we all do good things, take responsibility for the good and the bad. Take responsibility when you start blaming other people that just doesn't go with good for anybody that's never a winning solution. Just take responsibility, good, bad or indifferent and move on. Now what I can say is from my failures, like I tried to help my inner circle my people, learn from my wins, but also learn from my failures so you don't do the same thing I did. Right. And all those people that are worried about their TikTok account completely being banned and that's your business has gone. Don't put everything on, tick tock, don't make TikTok, your only business model, and I'm not saying just go to TikTok and then Instagram, you guys need to think about the big picture. You think way, expand, see Nate is out here talking about green. Big content on YouTube and it's there forever. That's a great strategy but shouldn't be his only strategy, having a blog or something that's a great strategy to but it shouldn't be your only strategy having your Facebook, having your Instagram having your TikTok having all these things, maybe having an ad account, whatever your strategy that's all fine and dandy, broaden your horizon. That way if my TikTok gets banned tomorrow. Okay. I just move on and do something else. I have so many other income streams over here that it's fine it's a blip on my radar, versus I have 400,000 followers, I just lost everything overnight. And now I have nothing. That sucks.

Matt: Yep. Absolutely. Yep, unless you're playing the business model where it's like, I'm gonna ride this for three months and get extreme super growth, and then it's gonna my channels gonna die, I'm gonna chill for a month, and then I'm gonna do it again.

Jason: Grab that low hanging fruit, but what happens if you get sick and you disappear, and you're not creating any more TikToks, what now happens TikTok, obviously they'll push your stuff for up to three months but it's not like the first three, four days, Right. You guys stop, then your business stops. Yeah that is not passive. YouTube is passive, because it's there and it's there forever and you can set it up to rank SEO you can run ads to it there's a lot of things that you can do. Blogs are the same way but blogs take a long time to rank, but they're an amazing strategy, especially if you decide to run ads, there's so many different ways that you can do this business, do not stick to one because if that one thing changes or fails or whatever you are screwed. 

Matt: Yeah, absolutely. But here's, Here's the nuance to that because I completely agree with that and I think more people need to hear that, especially people who have started to make a little money, and the nuance, I feel like to that is that people sometimes hear that Jason and then what they say to me is they say, Well, I'm launching my YouTube, my TikTok my Instagram, my blog and paid ads. This week, I'm ready to go. And I'm like, Well, hold on a second here, like, let's start with one traffic method like let's generate a lead from Tik Tok right or let's generate $100 from your TikTok. And let's see what happens. And let's see if maybe we can generate 500 bucks a month from TikTok, and then one more. Let's do YouTube, or let's do Instagram or let's start your blog right, and don't stop, what's working but make something, make the easiest low hanging fruit work first because if you can't make that work first. It might be hard to make other marketing strategies work. Right so, tick tock is what I would say the lowest hanging fruit in marketing today. So, if you can't go on and create an attention grabbing headline on TikTok that gets viewed 10,000 times or 50,000 times. If you can't create one piece of compelling content that goes viral and gets a lot of traction, it's your first sale. It's gonna be hard as hell to do that on a YouTube video or with a blog post, right, because that requires a lot more work and a lot more attention. 

Jason: And frankly a lot more time, like you said like blog, you might sit on a blog for 6-12 months, you might sit on blog for two years before you produce

in your work and for SEO, where now I've got to the point where I can create a complete blog page from scratch from nothing to a complete functioning page, I can have it done in a day. Yeah, then the next day I'm running ads to it and boom I got 15,000 new leads by running ads days I'm rocking and rolling. So you can do that strategy but no that's not a free strategy. So if you guys are looking for the free thing, I mean, yes, the low hanging fruit from TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, those things are amazing to get started. They're amazing, they kind of get your feet wet. Get yourself comfortable, you're going to be showing your face, get comfortable with it. I know there's a lot of new people here. I know when I first made my first Tiktok. It took me three hours to make a damn 45 second video, and flop and it was the worst. I was like, why did it take so long to do so bad. Oh my god. But you just gotta keep pushing everybody. Okay, what's my Facebook, my Facebook is Jay M hustle Jason miner JM Hustle. Go in there and I know a lot of people want stuff. So you were just talking about hooks, go into my guides and grab the five hooks. Yeah, you're gonna learn how to do hooks, you can learn how to do emails from my guides. You guys can learn so much from just the damn guides.

Matt: Nice. I love it, helping us out.

Jason: All those people that are saying, oh I don't know what I'm good at. I think there's like 2000 different hobbies. I have a list of like 2000 hobbies you guys can go through. If you can't find something that you're into from that list, just go back to bed because that's probably where you left.

Matt: I like it, I like it, so we kind of hit on this but I'll let you kind of close this out and have the final word but for people who are here. Alright so, you gave this advice about, hey, you're gonna have to figure out a way not to just have one thing you can't just have one tick tock channel that goes away. Number one is not passive. Number two, it goes away, guys. So for somebody who is newer, they're starting to create content, they're going to dip their toes in the water, they're going to try it out. And let's say you're at a Zoom meeting and I'm like hey, I don't. I just can't figure, I can't just have a huge block, what do you say?

Jason: If you have a huge block. I would start picking your brain, and try to figure out what works for you and what doesn't work for you. I would start trying to figure out what skills you currently have, like, whatever it is, maybe that maybe I've worked here I've done this, I've done this here my passions, here are my hobbies. And then I would kind of just start working and figuring out a strategy for you. If you're like I'm an introvert I do not want to make TikTok content, well then I'm not going to tell you to be the new TikTok guru, okay, that's not going to be for you. I'm probably going to throw you over here and teach you different side hustles that you can do to generate leads and get paid while generating leads but it's work. It's not like it's oh here, Lincoln bio right it is work, but I can show you how to do that, so you can figure out a different strategy kind of get your feet wet, and then figure out if you're on a bigger blog thing if you want to do the YouTube thing if you figure that out. If you wanted to do the organic strategy then yeah I would say jump in. Do your tick tock thing. Look at some of the absolute best of the best, and whatever it is, your niches and start recreating some of the stuff but a research before you recreate what they do because if they recreate it, if you're recreating something that had 2 million views from a year, year and a half ago, and that thing is no longer valid. Don't just recreate something that is no longer valid, do your research before you guys recreate.

Matt: Oh I like that a lot.

Jason: I've seen some of these people start recreating some of the old content where they're, you know, it's like, oh, here's a side hustle that nobody's talking about, but it's no longer valid today, so you're recreating that because that's what got hits, but then people start researching and you're going to notice real quick that your comments are, this is, this is crap, this doesn't work anymore bla bla bla bla bla. What does that now do to your reputation, okay you got some followers, what just happened to your reputation because you didn't do your due diligence, this and I'm guilty I did that when I first started I didn't know what I was doing.

Matt: That's a nugget there. Don't be saying what you're saying, do some research on it like maybe actually sign up for an accountant or at the very least, make sure the website is still alive.

Jason: Do your due diligence and if you're saying anything, that this is cool and that this works better do it first, either try it, do it whenever you find some success with it. Try it. Don't just be fake, don't be a fake guru, everybody is going to absolutely see right past you instantly if you're that fake guru, and your reputation is going to be crap. Absolute Crap. And I hate to see that happen to all these good people.

Matt: And then, and then what's the final piece to that Jason?

Jason: The final piece to that is, They end up getting what more reports of spam from the people who follow them, they get unfollowed they get all the negative checkmarks that you don't want to get on your channel, you get all the bad stuff and what is tick tock, then they come and say, Oh, seems like your followers don't really like you, something I gotta find words. And that's not you. So, what content have you created to actually help somebody? Have you created that makes you versus copying what everybody else is now doing so it's one video goes viral, and then everybody now sees like, oh look, this just went viral. Let's all do it now, everybody sees the same video.

Matt: Well, I will say people have built very large channels and made a lot of money doing it.

Jason: You absolutely can. 100%, but if that disappears, now what?

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Well I think about a few things. I think number one is, so do your research, but also make it your own right so when I used to do those kinds of videos what I would do is I would. Let's see if somebody did well with this guy Austin Becker. Maybe you've heard of him. He was big on TikTok. Oh yeah, still is, and did a video on, on, it was, how to create your own t-shirt brand without any inventory, just drop shipping. It was printed on demand. Yeah print on demand. And so, it was really kind of the same thing, ish. But, so basically, he would, he created this thing, and he had a t shirt company that was different than I have and I was like, Okay, this video really took off and I can take the same headline, I can take the same hook that he hooked people with, but I like this other service print for a little bit better. So I had used it for samples, once, but I hadn't read enough reviews. I was like, Look, this is a reputable company based in the US. Even there, they're good. So I created this video, same damn thing, but I switched it up a little bit, but he had a few little things throughout the video, I noticed that people would comment on, so I knew that that was something that got people's curiosity, so use those exact same damn things, but nobody ever came to me it was like, Oh, I've already seen this video before.

Jason: And you actually tried it, and you made sure that it was valid. 

Matt: Right, yeah, exactly.

Jason: That's fine and that's amazing. 

Matt: I don't know that you have to, I don't, I don't know I might push back just a little bit because I have seen some videos where I'm not sure you necessarily have to actually do all of it, because some of it is just legitimately like for instance there's like this, like, there's like this, you know, work for Tesla video or whatever like jaw or somebody is or literally just like that goes super viral or just like job listings, where to look for online work, you know, and it's like, well, that one you probably, I mean I guess maybe go make sure that they're still up or something. If you're gonna go that route. I think the big piece that I found where people were able to break through that whole thing like, well you're just creating videos is when they go live like Do you ever go live?

Jason: I used to. I have a problem sitting there talking to myself, and I have tried scripting it. Okay I can talk to you all day no problem like a whole group of people, no problem, sitting there talking to myself. When you just see people in and out just pop in and out and then it feels like you're telling a story are you going through and you're in the middle of a story, and then everybody that's now in the middle of the story and they don't understand what's going on. I have to start over again, but then again I get to the middle again.

Matt: Well yeah I get that, I just said, what we've done on on our Thursday blueprints webinars is we've had a lot of people that have come in like hey, just posted these videos, I, you know, I kind of did some research found was working, I got a bunch of views, I'm not converting them, and I said, Go schedule out a live that's weekly so people know on Monday night you're going live email out to your list. Hey, get on TikTok going live on Monday pm, and the sales start flowing because they were like, I'm going to give a 10 minute lesson, I'm going to, I'm going to teach you a little bit about sales funnels here, do this, do this, here's how you do this, here's how you put it together. Oh by the way, there's a link in my bio go check that out it's free training, blah blah blah. This goes way more in depth. They generate leads and start closing sales. Anyway, I just, I think that taking that approach taking the low hanging fruit, but also I wanted to juice reaffirm I thought that your idea of sort of matching what someone's already good at or their DNA a little bit to a certain strategy or a certain, you know, it can even be just as simple as starting with, like, a task on Fiverr, I think that sometimes just seeing a little bit of money flowing into a bank account is like, Hey, there's money out there, a real human put money into the internet thing, and I pulled the little lever, and that money came flowing out to me, and I know that that sounds over simplistic but I don't know for me the first time I got paid online I was like okay this isn't, at least now I know this isn't a total like BS, people are making things up like a fairy tale. There's actual real money transacting, I can get a piece of that. And I think, I think the first step, I think you're right, I think the first step to that is sort of matching who you are, to, you know, maybe an opportunity or maybe, you know, running some ads for a local business or doing a gig on Fiverr, or starting a TikTok channel or whatever, you know, I'm super introverted, but if I can go on video quickly today and probably get whatever that video is talking to you about Austin Becker, he had 200,000 views, I had 350,000 views on a channel I never ever used once doesn't exist anymore but I was just like, hey, I'm gonna try this out, see what happens. And I made sales on that channel for three months from that one video, it was just you know just sat there and got views and got views and views, and you're right after about three months it kind of goes away. But anyway, I liked that. I like that a lot. I like that advice. I think it's valid and I think it's really valuable for people who work, we have a lot of new people who listen to the show so I think it's really valuable.

Jason: So you're talking about the people going live like Chris Digi and Calvin, they do amazing with those things right. So, and I told you that it wasn't for me so I do something I do go live, but not on tech. Yeah, because I do better on a group basis, and I feel like I can actually communicate and talk to actual people and build a relationship. I go live every Tuesday on my Facebook group. I send them out a zoom call, and literally we come in there and I'll do a training, whether it's an email training, an organizational training of this training, and then I go through the room and get to know everybody. Figure out what their strengths are, play on their strengths, and then give them advice, ask them where they have succeeded and where they're failing and then help that everybody, and because I've created that group and now everybody sees each other. Everybody's talking to each other, I don't have that I could be like, oh I don't know I, I suck at that. I'm really terrible, somebody else in the room can be like, Oh, I'm really good at that, let me help you. So that's it, now community with, you know we're we're all sitting here helping each other and that you get that sense of community inside your Facebook group, right, where somebody is like I'm having this problem. I need the solution, it's the exact same, but we're doing it face to face versus a little Facebook group or whatever a little page, not page, but posts.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, I got you. I got you, man, it makes perfect sense. It fits who you are, fits what you believe into, if it's like, you know, sort of what your end goal is you want to build into people you want to pour into people like TikTok going live on tick tock is a very different ballgame, the way you're talking about, it makes person.

Jason: Yeah, I mean, that strategy 180% works. Yeah, okay. I've seen it with Sarah I see with Calvin I see it with Chris. Yeah. It doesn't work for me. And if something doesn't work for you guys in the audience. That's okay, find something else. There's other , there's way more ways than just the TikTok route. But TikTok is valid, TikTok is hot. Still, aren't you as a source of traffic, use, you really should.

Matt: Yep. Yeah, there's, yeah, even we don't want to get into but anyway do. Thank you so much guys you can go find him on Facebook you can go find him on TikTok on Instagram JMhustle and people have it coming up in the chat so just look in the chat. People are putting in the comments and do. Thanks. Good to see you, we'll bring it back.

Jason: Let's do it again.

Let's do it again, we'll do it a third time, it will be a third time right this is the second. All right. So, Jason, thanks for coming on, man. Have a good rest of your days today, Tuesday, and if you ever need anything. Hit us up.

Jason: All right. All right, cool. See ya everybody.

Matt: Alright guys, hey, give him a follow go like his stuff. Right here, jViking82 You can follow him on TikTok on Instagram you can go find him on Facebook. And he's just a good dude he's, you know, just a fair warning if you go into his community that's probably a good chance he's going to hold your feet to the fire and it's probably going to hold you accountable if you say you're going to do something he's probably going to make you do it. So, you know, if you, if accountability and you don't like somebody pushing you hard. Don't go. Following, but yeah I agree with Nate he's got a huge heart. He's a good dude. So, go, go follow him. Go give him a like, and tell him he saw him on the show, guys, we'll be back here tomorrow I'll be back here tomorrow. Same time, same place 10am Eastern. Peace out.