Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. We've got a fantastic guest this morning. Young person, a young person who almost gave up, but they asked for help instead. Elena, welcome to the show. 

Helena: Hi, thank you. 

Dave: You're very welcome. Where are you calling in from?

Helena: Denver Colorado right now. 

Dave: Okay. Nice. So tell us give us a little bit of your history and you know how you came online and then how you found Legendary? 

Helena: Yeah, so I'm currently in school right now doing my bachelor's degree in construction management. And engineering. And just throughout like, last semester, going to site visits and having people like come and speak at our classes. I realized that wow, this job is probably going to be more than 40 hours a week as a construction manager and doesn't sound fun. I want to be a mom and I want to be home with my kids and stuff. So I was on TikTok one day and saw something about affiliate marketing. And it led me to Legendary Marketer and I was like, You know what, I have nothing to lose. I live under my parents roof. I go to college, and might as well try it. And so that's how I started and I'm really glad that I did. 

Dave: Oh, what's happened since you started that makes you so glad that you started? Um, definitely probably TikToks going really well. I have like almost 29,000 followers, which I never thought I could ever get in my life. So that's super cool that I have a following and people want to hear from me and ask questions and stuff. 

Dave: You’re 21 right?

Helena: Yes. 

Dave:  So how's it feel to be both making money but also be positioning yourself in almost becoming an authority out in the world? You know, on a topic? 

Helena: No, it feels really good because I feel like the earlier you start the better, just like with anything, even any type of making money or investing the earlier you start, the better it's going to be in the long run when I actually want to have a house one day or start a family or get married. So hopefully by then it'll be established really well so that can work out and give me some extra cash flow. Yeah, I always hate to ruin people's college plans, you know. But I guess the best thing you know without going off ranting and raving and throwing college under the bus because you know, it's Hey, it is what it is, have as many backup plans as you can have as many tools in your tool belt as you can. But but but this is pretty cool, you know, compared to you know, because I come from the construction world as well and you're taking a different route I was just a grump a nobody you're going to be our aura, or at least have have been wanting to be somebody who's involved in bigger projects in management and so forth. But I'm gonna be honest with you, I don't care what part of the construction you're in. I don't care if you're in the trailer, you know, because that's what you're, you know, you're in a trailer out on a construction job before the building's been built. Right. Exactly. Or if it's being remodeled. So whether you're in the trailer or whether you're out on the field actually doing the work. There's nothing better than being home or out on your phone in building your business. And if that's something that's, you know, becomes a fallback for you. That's fantastic for me. tilework is always a fallback for me. I can always go into starting tile business because I know that skill so you know, it's good to have things to fall back on but internet marketing was also for me the homewrecker in a sense because it messed up all of my plans and gave me a better future. I just didn't know it. Yeah. Helena: That's awesome. I mean, I'm hoping that it messes up my plans. I'm gonna finish my degree, like you said, to have that backup all the time. But I mean, hopefully I can change my plans for the future and not have to apply for a job. 

Dave: What were some of the things that you think you did right? And what are some of the things that you feel like you wish you would have done different as you were getting started even as far back as going through the training, discovering us getting started going through the training, what do you wish you would have had done different in what do you think that you you're thankful that you did it that way?

Helena: Yeah, something I guess I wish I would have done different is maybe ask for help sooner on as I felt like, you know, it's kind of hard when you're all alone, and you just feel like oh, I need to figure this out for myself like all these challenges, like everyone else did it, I need to do it, but I should have just asked those questions earlier on so that I wait, kind of don't waste that headache of being like, like, what am I doing? So that's one thing I would have done differently.

Dave: And that's what we've titled this episode. I mean, we actually are to title this episode, a new entrepreneur almost gives up but reaches out for help instead, since you just brought that up. Would you mind going down a little bit deeper and telling us what that scenario was all about? And exactly what happened? 

Helena: Yeah. I think I just didn't find what worked for me because I started kind of going the Facebook ad route and paying daily for like, ads and stuff and I just wasn't getting the results that I thought you know, so I reached out to people in the Facebook group and to my business plan advisor and was like, Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? And eventually I reached out to a girl that also was in Legendary Marketer and she was kind of telling me what she did and that she was doing TikTok and it was really good and all that stuff. So that's what I was like, okay, I can like, switch it up and try something else. I'm not just stuck with, you know, this Facebook ad route, like there's so many different routes and I just need to try them out and see which one works for me. And so that's kind of what helped me and as soon as I heard that, I switched over to TikTok and ended up taking off and now it's really been working out. And the best part. 

Dave: Right, right, right. Free traffic. There's nothing better than that. So what do you feel like? Since you've gotten started marketing on TikTok, for example, what do you feel like you've done really well and what do you feel like if you were new just getting started you would tell yourself to do differently. 

Helena: I do feel as if I'm doing really well on TikTok. I wish I trusted it more in the beginning because I mean, you guys even discuss how there's that fear of showing your face and talking to the camera and just like putting yourself out there like especially for people close to you that know you. They're going to see your videos and you're like, oh my gosh, what are they going to think of me? So I wish I kind of just didn't think about that. Because I think that's why I was kind of avoiding that route when it was the best route for me. So I think I should have been a little more open. minded and tried it and not cared what people think because at the end of the day, it's you and your life. At first, when I started, I saw some people like, Oh, I found your TikTok. And I was like, oh gosh, they know me. This is weird. But as soon as you start getting a little bit of a following, you feel like you're more credible and you're like yeah, now everyone can look at me and see what I'm doing. Because I have a following or something like that. 

Dave: I guarantee you that one thing is half of the people on here's problem because I'm already seeing it. 

Helena: Yeah, I'm nervous doing the TikTok thing Sammy Vanessa has come straight out and says that's what the problems you know. Wow, that's exactly what I've been saying to myself. I wanted my family and friends to see me doing this advice you know, it's it's it's that's my problem. I don't want family and ex co-workers to see what I'm doing. You know, look, I get that. 

Dave: I mean, what did you say to yourself now I just want you to reiterate that Yeah. What did you say to yourself and now have any of the fears that you feared about the big, you know, Discovery you're getting exposed and embarrassed for you're in for God's sakes or it's not like we're we're doing you know, I mean, I don't know, what are some of the things that we might be ashamed of, if we were doing them online? I'm sure we could list a few. There's not one of them. I mean, do you know what I mean? Yeah, exactly. I could be doing it online. I wouldn't want my mother to see this is not one of them. You know what I mean? Anyways, that doesn't matter because your fears are all real in your head. They’re just in your head even if you're having a conversation. So what talk us through that beginning in how real that was? for you. So some other folks can relate to that and what you did to get over that fear? 

Helena: And if any of those fears have come true, I mean, you can even see like if you go on my TikTok my first couple videos are very quiet and I almost come across very shy because I like don't want to embarrass myself basically. And I was always holding back and kind of almost whispering when I was talking but then I got to the point where I was like, I don't care anymore. Honestly, if I make a fool out of myself, who is going to remember this in a year that Polina had this TikTok. That was awful or something, you know, who cares is what I really had to get to the point of is like, you are 21 years old, you should really stop caring what these other people think because they're not even going to be in your life. So what are you doing? 

Dave: A lot of you are much older than her? I'm sure yeah. I mean, you know, so yeah, for real life, I mean, for me, too. I asked myself that all the time. I mean, I regrettably don't get to say you're 21 I have to say, you know, you're 38 what would what would How long are we going to play games, you know? I mean, how long are we going to play games, you're 40 or 30 years old man. I mean, some of you are older. 55, 65. Like how long are you going to play games? How long are you going to live your life for somebody else? How long we live your life worried about what somebody else is going to think, what somebody else is going to say and the truth is, is that the only negative thoughts that people have about us are just when we challenge really what they're doing with their lives by you know, by us pursuing our dreams. You know, sometimes people get jealous and or mad at themselves when they see us going after things. That we want. Only that they're not going after things that they want and it makes it mad and they project that on to us. We do the same thing to other people. Good for you, that you got over that. In a sense you have to get over that no matter where you go. Imagine if you were serving burgers and fries at a fast food restaurant and there was a countertop that was out in the front sort of out in the middle of the you're going to be some there's going to be some uncomfortability there that first week. of you at that fast food restaurant serving burgers and fries at a fast food restaurant. Being out there in the open exposed in your uniform, your corner uniform, whatever happy it's not your normal clothes, you might feel exposed and embarrassed. So the question is, choose your pain. You know, do you want to continue recreating this uncomfortable fear based ritual to where you know you don't take risks? If you're going to be uncomfortable just go for it, be uncomfortable going for something big? Like for me I'd rather be uncomfortable going for $1,000 than uncomfortable going for $20. It's the same level of comfort. And that was one of the things that blew me away like about making money was I realized shit they're somebody who's no different than me. In terms of body, human beings, they're not of a different species. And they're standing in a room in a building somewhere else. And they just made you know, 20 $30 million today from investments and things that have changed and moved in the stock market and maybe from their business, and I made 1000 And what's the difference between us two, there's no real difference. The difference is the amount of risk that we took. And you know at 21 You're taking risks and it's a big lesson or muscle to develop because as you get older, the last thing you want to do is be living your life. Worrying about what everybody else thinks. Exactly. It's so hard not to do it. You know when we're in the moment and we've got that camera rolling. How was it for you to get used to being on camera? 

Helena: I guess I would just make sure that I feel good about how I look on camera you know, I'm not like oh no cover up that shit or something like that. Like if I feel good about how I look on camera that I feel okay posting it and okay with people seeing it, you know? And so is that it's, it's, you got to feel good about how you look at it. Yeah, that's what I mean, especially if you're facing the truth for yourself. 

Dave: So if you look like hell in a handbag, but the content is fire, you ain't gonna post it?

Helena: It might depend because there's some videos where I don't look the best but I'm upbeat and I'm going for it. So it just kind of depends. Like sometimes I'm like, Oh, I don't want people seeing this and sometimes I don't care. But I'll just like re-recording if anything, yeah, it works out. So you are, I just put your TikTok handle there. Elena suggests getting an error message there on the one y'all posted in in slack there. Why am I getting Elena suggest on tick tock, I'm getting oh here goes here goes here goes. Okay. Nice, nice. look so young and so many of them honestly, feel old dad, like I'm turning 22 This year like what?

Dave: Wow. You live in Colorado. Is that right? Yeah. My wife and I just got back from Colorado. We froze our asses off. 

Helena: Did you come this week or  last week? 

Dave: Last week

Helena: Oh okay. That's probably when the Blizzard was here. Yeah, it gets really really cold. Like last night, we went sledding at midnight. It was like zero degrees out. That's fun. It's fun. Dave: Yeah. We were in Denver and Boulder and there was no snow. So it was just a dry bone chill. Yeah, I've been putting on lotion probably twice a day live here. Are you not from there? Helena: Oh no, I am from here. But it's bad this year. It's way drier than usual. I'm like oh, I need to up my lotion routine. 

Dave: Alright, so what would you recommend people go through our education here and what has your experience been like with our staff here, our advisors and our community?

Helena: Yeah, I would say just really take advantage of your business plan advisor and those Facebook groups, because those are probably the most helpful because at the end of like the 15 days or if you do like the business builder challenge like I felt really confused and luckily like there's somewhere to go when I felt confused rather than just being like okay, I guess I'll check Google or YouTube you know, and see what I can find. No, I can actually go in and like to message my adviser on Facebook Messenger or make a post on Facebook and have a ton of people get back to me. So that is what I would really take advantage of because I feel like some people don't want to be a pest or don't want to ask too many questions but like I didn't care I was asking my business plan advisor every question that came to my mind. The other thing that's different about Legendary is this is not a one on one coaching program. So you're not bothering just one person. You have a whole entire community of 1000s of people who are pretty much basically on standby at least online and willing to help and they've all gone through similar, you know, education. They're all doing something similar and are familiar with what you're talking about. And I like that personally because you know, I can get so many different perspectives and if somebody is not available, I don't have to get all or I don't have to feel like I'm bothering somebody I get that. I mean that's a common thing. So if you're thinking about enrolling in our challenge, or even our business blueprints, know that in each of those programs, there's lots of people to help. And the other thing, obviously is the show people, I think, you know, it's undervalued, how much you can learn from watching people and hearing these conversations sort of behind the scenes. So what's next for you? I mean, what now that you've sort of got a foundation of confidence. You've gotten some results. What do you have your eye on next?

Helena:  I'm going to keep up with the TikTok thing. I want to keep growing my following and just get bigger and bigger and I think it worked out the best for me. So I'm going to keep up with that. I'm graduating in December. So that's awesome. And I have like a part time internship I'm doing so I'm really comfortable with where I'm at and like, the amount of things that I've taken on my plate. So I'm going to stick with what I know and what's working and if it stops working, then I'll probably try to figure out something else but as long as it's working, I'm gonna keep up with it. Dave: That's a great philosophy. If it's not broken, don't fix it, you know? And I would I would, I would urge every single person to try to find today what's working in your business and focus on that and instead of all the other things that we can get, you know, distracted by focus on the things that are working, or the thing that is working in more than if you're wondering what you should do today, find what's working and do more of that. Instead of trying to dwell on what's not working. What you feel frustrated about is not good enough. Find out what is working and do more of that. And thank you for that thought because I think it's a great massive monster tip and in a great place to leave it. So thanks for your time and come back and you know, keep us posted on your journey here in the future if you would, Helena.

Helena: Of course thank you guys for having me.

Dave: All right, take care, stay warm and up you soon Okay, sounds good. All right. Be Legendary. Also, you guys can go and follow Helena at @helenasuggests on TikTok, and Instagram. You will learn so much from sitting in on these conversations just from little things that come up. That if you listen to this for the next year, you know but if you have a hard time with commitments the next 90 days, you will know so much more than 99% of motor online entrepreneurs just from listening into the show that doesn't even include buying our programs. And then you know using the knowledge that's inside of them. If you do that you're going to be in the 100 percentile in making money. Okay, that's not a guarantee of income. But that's not going to make money from watching the show. That's what I'm trying to say, you can build a business and make money by getting trained in then using those skills in a specific way. That's what we teach you to do. But even listening to the show you're going to get more knowledgeable you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna know more than 99% of people. So make it part of your daily routine. Make it part of your daily routine to listen to the show every day. Don't not pay attention just because you're not paying for it, which is a big mistake. I think that a lot of people make it, you know, if we don't pay for something, we don't really pay attention to it. There's so many different functions in this community that you can be using to work for you that just make sure that you keep doing more of what's already working, and then continue to use all the resources inside of this community. So we can help support you every step of the way. And you can be fully prepared and equipped to succeed my friends. Let's rock this Thursday, February 3. All right, 2022. And we'll see you back here for another episode. Tomorrow on Friday. Get out of here.