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Below is the transcription for Friday's episode:

Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, Welcome to wake up legendary. I am on the road this morning, actually got my pops, as my as my chauffeur, lucky me lucky. And we have a fantastic guest so let's go ahead and bring her in. Can somebody behind the scenes bring Jennifer in. 

Dave: Hey, what's going on Good Morning. 

Jennifer: Good Morning. Thank you for having me here. 

Dave: Oh my gosh. Hold on a second.

I got calls and texts coming out about my cell phone so I'm going to try to, I'm going to try to do this thing and not screw it up. Yes, it's, it's, it's an honor to have you. Thank you so much for joining us, and, and being willing to come on and share. I looked at some of your marketing and some of your content and stuff, and it's definitely, it's definitely fun, and I'm excited to hear about your, your story. So tell us a little bit about who Jennifer is, and, and how you kind of got started in this weird and wild world of online marketing.

Jennifer: Well, Jennifer is. I actually am a very shy person. And so that's that so if y'all didn't we kind of like being weird, but it's just maybe shy, I can't help but I'll warm up here in a few minutes. But, um, I actually, I came across Legendary by chance, like I wasn't looking for anything in particular, um, so I actually was a registered dental assistant and I graduated, down in Broward County Florida which is like right in Fort Lauderdale. In 2006, became a dental assistant. I did that for many years. And I specialized in endodontics which are root canals and orthodontics which are braces, those were like my two specialties and I absolutely loved working in the dental field, it was great, it was something I've always wanted to do ever from an early age, I had some kind of fascination about people's teeth. So, you know, I started there.

Dave: How do mine look? I actually had Invisalign a couple of years ago, and it got them straightened out a little bit. 

Jennifer: Well that's good. I need to get a you know, it's funny because

I worked in dental for all these years, and I've had braces 30 times and my teeth still keep moving. So, some of it was my fault. I didn't wear my retainer. And then, you know, some of it was not so much my fault because I left the office during treatment so I took them off early and then, of course they're going to shift, you know, when you do that. So that was that, but you know I loved working in general but my issue was, It became one of those things where as much as I loved my job, I would have such bad anxiety, and this might be a little graphic for some people but literally when I would hit my alarm when I woke up in the morning, just getting ready the entire getting ready process you know putting on my uniform fixing my hair looks reasonable. I would start going into major panic attacks and anxiety, and literally like making myself sick, and then I would get in my car and I would start driving, and then I had to turn around and go home, just use the bathroom. And because my nerves were just so bad that I would get the bubble gum bubbles in my stomach and I'm like come on I'm gonna make it to work, you know, I'll have to turn around and go home. It would be like that, you know until an hour later. I mean, like for the first hour of work, I'm still struggling with that, you know, my, I always let my anxiety get the best of me sometimes and. And I was like, this isn't working out, you know, I kept doing it, but you know I, Also, I've got three children so I have two older ones, and I have a 17 year old and a 14 year old and then I started over. And now I have a five year old, and she keeps me on my toes but I knew when she was born that I wanted to stay home with her. So, you know I did. And of course, we're a military family so my husband's in the army active duty, and he, he deploys a lot and he's gone. He's not here to like, go and six months home six months, gone six months because Special Forces that's what they do.

Dave: Tell him. Tell him thank you for his service and also you all as well, which I noticed on Memorial day that, you know, the sacrifice that families make is also, I think, sometimes a thankless kind of job if you will or role but thank you guys as well.

Jennifer: Well, I appreciate that I will tell him he is actually not here. He's out, he's on deployment right now for the next month, so he's in Colorado, so he's not in here, but when he's here I will tell him that you said that. But you know, that was another reason why I got out of dental, aside from the anxiety that I was experiencing, and just being a military family and him deploying and everything and we're constantly moving or pcse, or going to new duty stations. I was like, I got to stay home, I didn't need to stay home with my daughter, you know, and take care of her and it was just becoming too much for me. So I had to come take that back and of course, I've had a really rough, adult life, I've had a lot of trauma, a lot of past things that happened with, you know, just ex failed marriages and dealing with all that mess and stuff and I was diagnosed in 2016 with PTSD, anxiety, so you know I just kind of like took a break for a while and it was really funny when I last saw when the pandemic hit and everything. Everybody was like on board with TikTok everybody's like, Oh, everyone goes to TikTok, and you'll have fun. I actually kind of shunned it like I was like, I am not getting on TikTok, that I'm not doing it. And it was really funny because like in January, February ish of this year I started thinking more about it. I'm like you know, I'm so lonely because my support system all lives in Tennessee. I'm in Maryland, you know that were stationed in Maryland. I have no family here. My husband has no family here, we don't really know anybody because we got here right when the pandemic hit everything got shut down. And so, we still don't know a lot of people, and I'm just like my support systems down there and, you know, he's gone a lot, and I'm like, finding myself very lonely and bored and then I'm just like well I need to find some kind of like, entertainment, or something, you know, so exciting that, like I just said you know I'm gonna get on TikTok and just

play around maybe like, just have fun and watch some videos or whatever and I got on and actually started enjoying it and if you look away back to like my first video I look like an idiot like trying to sing. And it's still on there, but I was just doing it to have fun and just kind of make some friends. I wasn't looking for anything. And, you know I'd be scrolling, and it was really weird because I just feel like sometimes things are just put in front of you for a reason. Like, because my intentions were when my daughter starts kindergarten this year I was going to go back to work, go try to go back to work, you know, and legendary put all my, my four year page, every time I scroll out, all I would see and I wasn't even liking it, you know, because a lot of times when you like something they're gonna keep repeating it and so anymore I liked it I was just like, scrolling I'm like what is this, what is this, you know, and it really piqued my curiosity like I've done MLMs in the past, and I will tell you I had no success with that whatsoever. I did it for like six months. And you know we could talk about that in a few minutes, but I was like what is this, you know, so I actually reached out to one of the persons on one of the people. Chris, I don't know how to say his last name Dan Marino. And I'm like Chris, is this like real? Is this legit, is this like an MLM. Is this a scheme or a scam or I actually was one of those people like I question everything. And you know he was so down to earth and it just really, he really shook my hand.

And, you know, I did kind of, you know, ponder on it for a week or so. And then I was like, well, like for $7. Who cares if I lose $7 Like, I was like I'm gonna take the course, I'm going to learn from it. See what I did wrong and MLM. You know how can I, you know, try to do something because I find myself very lonely. I wanted to be able to do something just to give myself something to do you know it's not for me, I'm about making them some money like I really don't care I'm just looking for something that gives me purpose, because I felt like that was missing like I wasn't feeling like I was becoming anybody you know I'm just living day by day is like, what is my, you know, I was really lonely and I just wanted something to do. And he liked my hand and everything I took the course and I was like wow, I know exactly what I did wrong. Now, looking back, I'm like, no wonder I didn't make anything you know with me. When I told my family because I tried a couple of different ones. Well, I told my mom and I told my sister I told my husband, I'm like hey listen, you know start this course of learning something new I'm going to start my own business. They all fascinatingly laughed at me and laughed, I'm not gonna make it, you know, you're just gonna be disappointed again and you're, you know, you're just setting your folks up for failure and you know I'm the type of person like you're going to tell me that I'm going to work harder. Like, I'm very hard headed. So, you know, somebody says I can't, I'm going to be like no, I can, and I will, and it's funny because they start seeing my success. There, look, looking at me like, What is it you're doing again like, what do you need to show me what you're doing because I'm curious, I'm like, Oh, so you're coming back and now you're telling me

that actually I'm making some, you know, making something of myself, you know, so it's really funny but they crack me up. 

Dave: I love that story. Tell us what you learned that you were doing wrong. And some of those previous MLMs and, because I think a lot of people who have tried other things before also are scratching their heads, what was I doing wrong. So can you describe a little bit about what you've learned and what you've learned from the mistakes you're making in the past.

Jennifer: Yeah, so prior to TikTok, Instagram was like, even though I have an Instagram I don't use it hardly ever but I am on there all the time, like I'm looking at other people's things and I look at a lot of influencers, you know, and I always wonder like what are they doing, like how are they being so successful, I see them all renovating their house and constantly doing fun things they're going out there vacationing like, and I'm like there's some formula that they're using, there's some type of formula that they're using, what is it you know, but I was like, well let me, let me try MLM and, you know, that the one I joined I had actually watched them for two years before Jordan joining them, but they really didn't teach you how to really promote the product, do you know like, so I was promoting to my warm market. I was doing family and friends and, you know, well guess what, family and friends don't buy from you. They don't buy you hold market area and I'm like well how am I supposed to do that I don't know anybody, you know, I didn't know how to really put that into play, you know I plug it in and know how to actually reach people that I didn't know

to pull into that property, you know, being able to sell them products. I got very frustrated with it, and then I wasn't really getting any hope, either from anybody else. So I ended up quitting after six months, I'm like, I am done, done with this I'm not

doing it anymore I shut it down. And you know I just was living day by day, just hanging around the house, you know, and a lot of people

are like, Oh, my mom's great and everything, but after so many years of that you're like, No, I've got to find something else to do, I've got to keep my mind busy, to keep occupied, because otherwise you get really lonely. You know and I felt like I felt I had no life, You know, and I struggle every day with, you know PTSD and with anxiety, and, and I'll admit, like it's hard getting on TikTok, and doing that and honestly, because I I'm 41 years old, and I didn't know the first thing about TikTok didn't know how it work I still am learning how to talk work so I don't have to do all these fancy things that everybody else does. I'm like well how did they do that and how they did and I'm sitting there trying to Google, how do you do this kind of a video, as opposed to learning TikTok and that's, you know, for me that's my biggest challenge is how to navigate TikTok like the business aspect of it I got down you know, the training I got through Legendary. I understood it, you know, it was very clear cut like for me. I had no problem with that part of it but my issue now is I'm struggling with the desktop videos, and everybody thinks that that's the easy part. For me that's the hard part, you know, I struggle, you know, navigating I'm not 20 anymore. You know, so that's all I think.

Dave: I think I think everybody can relate to it and I think that's really great that you pointed that out, which is, which is the real, the real being potatoes of marketing is not really setting up funnels and kind of all that stuff. It's not even really understanding the business model like, it's about taking action in developing your message and figuring out how to come out with creative and unique ideas. So one of the things I noticed about your content is you just make a lot of sounds, you use a lot of pointing and text, I struggled finding the video to where you were actually even talking. So talk to us a little bit about how you've been able to get the results that you have gotten so far with your particular style of marketing on TikTok right now. 

Jennifer: Yeah, I don't do a lot of talking because again I am a very shy person, I can be very outgoing.

Dave: I noticed you said you are shy, a couple of times now but I don't know. I can't tell right now. And I think you should talk more in your marketing, because you've got some amazing stories. You really are fun to listen to. 

Jennifer: You know the people always say, well, your voice, you know, everybody wants to hear your voice and everything and I'm like, I hate my voice, and I'm not I know I'm not the only one we all cringe when I hear ourselves talk or like, I don't want to hear myself talk. I think the majority of the reason why I don't talk is because my mind is constantly in a circle, like you know with PTSD and anxiety. My mind runs so fast and I actually have a little bit of short term memory loss. So, I tried to figure out what I want to say but it doesn't always come out the way that I intended it to , so for me I'm like, just don't talk, you know, put it into words. And then that way I can control what I'm saying in my words versus what I'm speaking because I will go totally off the wall, sometimes. And that's why I did what I do, but I actually got lucky. I had one but one video, early on, that went pretty viral, and had a lot of controversy and at first I was reading the comments and everything, and then the people started arguing about it.

And I'm like, I'm just gonna sit back and let them argue because this is gonna help my account, you know, you know, it'll build, and actually was able to gain a lot of followers,

followers just from that video, you know, and I had to laugh about it now, because you know I was brand new, like I've only been doing this for like two months now, and I was still kind of like I was still new, I wasn't sure what

exactly what I was doing, and I'm just like well we can just argue it out. That's why I'm moving on. I'm gonna keep doing other things, you know, but I do try to find like most viral cells, you know that it takes me a while to figure out what, what do I want to use, and how do I want to use it. But I think for me, what I'm, what really gained my traction, I think, was going live. Now I haven't gone live. Recently, I noticed that when you go live, it really, really helps because people get to know you, you know you're talking to them face to face, you know, people can read people. You know, I can read people like I can look and know what their intentions are or, you know, I can just read it and I know if I can read people they can read me so getting live help. More than anything, I think. And then I tried to create content that is unique to me, and maybe someday try something that's not been done before. That kind of stuff, you know, just just be, you yourself. That's the biggest thing, you know. 

Dave: I think the power of going live is that you take the people who have been watching you and then you convert them, because they do get a chance to get to know you better. And it's been amazing how many people have said yeah going live, has really boosted my success. So. So what's next for you, What's your next challenge, what are you, what are you working on now, what I mean you, you said that you wanted more purpose, you wanted more growth, and now you have it. And so, what are you, what are you striving for now, what's next for you. What is your next chapter of growth? Where do you look to go just, let's say for the rest of this year.

Jennifer: Well, my real. I don't struggle we don't struggle financially, so I don't really do anything like for the money. Money is nice, but my passion and why I like to do it so much is because, you know, I know that I'm not alone in struggling with depression, anxiety, or PTSD, there's a lot of people out there and I feel like there's more people and then they want to. A lot of people don't want to talk about it because there's such a stigma behind it. You know, you get a lot of negative feedback with that, but you also have the people who enjoy that because they're like oh that's me, you know, and I can't do my business. You know I can't do a business because I know I have this, Or I'm scared to show my face or, you know, I get anxiety about going live or I get anxiety, or I'm here to tell everybody, if I can do it. And I can show my face and I struggle every day there's days I don't want to get on the bed I still forced myself out of that bed and I could do it, than they can chew and that's my goal is to help other people, you know, realize that no matter what you're struggling with in life, if you are if you really want something bad enough, you can make it happen. You know, if you want to change your life. You can change your life, you know, it's all about your mindset and your perception on, you know, what you want. Like I have to shift my mind every day, you know I have to say, Jen, you are worthy. You can do this, what makes you any different from anybody else, you know, we're all, you know, we're all different, but we're all the same, you know, and my goal is to help other people who have

the same issues as me, to be able to branch out there and say look I can do this, you know, um, so I just want people to be aware of that, you know, don't let any negativity, bring you down. Don't yourself, don't you know don't say I can't do this you know because you can do this. But you know I do. I've got like nine different nine different companies that I am promoting currently. And I'm hoping to branch into some more. But you know, again, I'm still new, so I don't want to put too much overload on myself. Um, but I would like to see. I would like to you know see me grow more I eventually like to try to do a course of my own, you know, to help people or make a book or something I'm just not there yet, you know, Because I'm still working on me, you know, but I'd like to help others as well. And, you know, for me, just, just, just helping others find success and happiness is good enough for me. You know if I can change just one person's life, then that's just good that I get more rewarded by that, you know, that makes me feel like I've accomplished something. I've helped somebody get from a low place to a place where they feel good about themselves, you know, that's my goal, my, you know

Dave: I love that. And I love, I love that you share vulnerability about yourself today, and I know that I'm inspired by it. And I learned that last year. 

Jennifer: I don't know if I'm the only one, but I can't hear you. Oh,

I can.

Dave: Hopefully I can make it back here and I can close. Well, I'm so sorry. Well, listen, thank you for coming on the show, let's, let's use, you've put a perfect bow on this episode, you have a wonderful story, and you have a kind in wonderful and inspirational spirit about yourself, and I hope that you'll continue to keep up the fantastic work, and even got a job and keep us updated and I promise to be in my office next time.

Jennifer: Okay sounds good to me. So, yeah, well thank you again for having me here and I hope that you know these words of encouragement can help others you know just to see that, you know, anything's possible if you put your mind to it and you, you know, plan it out right and you just, just stay focused and positive, you can do anything that you're setting your mind to, you know, that's, that's the important thing.

Dave: I totally, I totally agree, and, and, and thank you for that, and you keep up the good work and if there's anything that I can do or we can do here at Legendary to continue to help you grow, please let me know. 

Jennifer: All right, well thank you so much, you have a good rest of the day. 

Dave: All right, well, this is from my dad and I he's, he's got his dad, glasses, he's, he's doing a good job keeping us safe. We are signing off Jennifer, thank you so much, go follow her affiliate _Jen1 TikTok. You guys have a fantastic day, be legendary by Jennifer, we'll talk to you soon. Bye.

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