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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary and this morning we have a special guest who is coming from the fitness space found legendary marketer and is going to tell us his story and what he's been up to with that being said Sean Murphy Welcome to the show buddy. 

Sean: Appreciate you, appreciate this opportunity, Dave. Very very welcome strong man. You know, I can definitely relate, you know, I have to lay off the weights because, you know, I was getting too strong so I don't know. My wife just told us how you found Legendary my friend. Sean: Yeah. So I guess the journey really started. The discovery of Legendary was last year when COVID came around and the government shut our doors down for a little bit. And that was a realization that I really just didn't have complete control of my business the way that I thought I did. Not always known about affiliate marketing but I never took it seriously and never really dove into it. Anything like that. So but I decided you know, I just wanted a new vehicle towards freedom. Not always trading my hours for dollars, that kind of thing because when you're running a gym, you don't do personal training. It's up early in the morning, trains or clients, maybe have a little afternoon break and then you're right back again in the afternoon. So you're working, you know, before and after hours, around client schedules, things like that. And so, when COVID actually happened, I was actually, you know, a blessing in disguise. The way I look at it now is engaged in the opportunity to kind of take a break from this hectic lifestyle that I've been involved with for several years. And I just got online I was like, well what's out there like I know people are making money online and people are you know, making a wave of it. And I looked at everything then also you know, Amazon FBA, drop shipping models, T shirts, like whatever. And it was during that search, I don't really know where it came from. Maybe it was TikTok. Maybe it was Instagram. I really can't remember. But I just came across affiliate marketing and I started just investigating it and once I discovered Legendary Marketer through that route. What drew me in I'll be honest with the professionalism of the program, because I've been involved with several different coaching programs, mentor ships. I've been in business for myself for 16 years. So just everything that I saw with Legendary just spoke volumes to me about the professionalism and I was like, this is legit marketing like this is everything that you know, that's within the the online space or even offline space when it comes to marketing. And I just took a chance on it from that point. 

Dave: So did we live up to our name? 

Sean: Oh, 100% 100%. And that's, that's really what I try to coach people on now. Whenever I talk about Legendary is that if you want a real business model, you have to learn marketing and behind any successful business, marketing is the lifeblood of it. And so what I like about legendary is you're not just teaching marketing, like you're not just teaching affiliate marketing, which I feel like is an entry level to you know, get in there, like newbies, get our feet wet in the business because if you don't have the skill set of marketing, we're never going to have a business because people will know about or anything like that. But on the flip side of it, you're also teaching other high income skills that people would take and just take that one skill and either launch a course from it or launch their own business or help out mom and pop shops down the road. 

Dave: Right. You can learn copywriting for example and see a mom and pop shop that doesn't really have an Instagram presence or social media presence, say hey, what if I took over your social media account? I'll do some copywriting for your posts. We'll get more traffic into your restaurant, and things of that nature. So this is just not affiliate marketing. When it comes to legendary marketers, there's high income skills. And that's what I love about it. So you've applied those skills. You're obviously doing a bit of affiliate marketing and how else are you using these sort of newly developed and still developing skills? 

Sean: Yeah, that's great. Um, yeah, so I'm definitely you know, promoting affiliate marketing primarily on my social media accounts. But I'm actually kind of on my whiteboard up here, I'm actually developing my own coaching program, which is called the all online and it has kind of the health and fitness aspect to it, but it's more about growing one's faith and really just whatever, because my own struggles in life where I dealt with a very victim oriented mindset, which led me down this downward spiral into suicide, you know, deep dark depression and trying to take my life in January of 2017. I know what people are looking for when I look it up on Google, for example. It's like one of the top search keywords out there is faith and how to restore one's faith. And so the program that I'm working on right now is called salvation strength. And so it's tying in that deep work if you will have self reflection and modern tools that go into that and then of course, like I said, striking the finish is gonna be a component of it. But I'm using a lot of things taught within Legendary Marketer to make this program running here, which will be my own coaching program, things of that nature. 

Dave: So nice. Nice. Well, I think that what you're talking about here is really a big deal because affiliate marketing, although it's an amazing standalone business model, and it's something that you really could run as a full time business for as long as you want. And there's many, many, many, many, many people that do just that. The idea here is bigger at legendary than just affiliate marketing. It's about the core four ways to sell information. And I think a lot of times we forget about that. We forget that there's, there's, there's, there's so many different ways to monetize information just to give everyone here a visual of what I'm talking about. Of what Shawn's talking about, is, when you look at the when you look at, you know how money is made online and what are the easiest and simplest business models to run. It's not the ones that you mentioned that you tried. It's not the dropshipping it's not the it's not the Amazon businesses that rely on physical products to be shipped in oftentimes be bought ahead of time and stocked up on Oh, it's not the businesses where you go to Marshalls or TJ Maxx or whatever and try to find deals where you're running around like quite frankly, a chicken with your head cut off trying to find some toy you can resell on on Amazon but you've already put the money out for these core four ways of selling information are ways that you can package information with no real commitment upfront which is really something that no business model out there really offers. You know, with every other business model even construction, I remember I needed a truck I needed the tools I needed to have presentation and quite frankly we worry about sometimes how we look on on camera, but I can remember worried about how I looked pulling up in my 1994 to 150 that I had to start with a screwdriver. You know, I would often park that truck around the corner from places that I was going in because I didn't want people to see what I was driving, you know, so it's kind of like picking your problem. You know what, what do you want to make a big deal out of and you want to make a big deal out of potentially getting on video and in and you know, or do you want to make a big deal out of what kind of vehicle you need to buy which is going to cost you five to 10, 15 $30,000 but I love Sean, how you're taking your previous knowledge and you're packaging it okay into a coaching program that you can quite frankly go from doing one on one personal training to one to many in one of my favorite hybrid bit of models to sell information is just simply selling a say for example, one day workshop on Zoom to where you sell it all month long, with say for $9.97 or $4.97 or $2.97 or whatever it is. And then one Saturday you deliver that workshop you know for three and a half hours in the morning, take a lunch break three and a half hours in the afternoon. And here you've avoided even recording any videos you've you've avoided all of that planning and then oh I want to add this you got to remake the videos now you're just you're selling all month long. And then you're delivering that content in one weekend or one day of the week. Now that's just one way that you can sell information and make people happy. But Shawn, you're going from thinking about doing the one on one model to the one on many models and that's got to be exciting for you, right?

Sean: It really is. It's very exciting. I love that you’re you know touch on that because I think a lot of people when they think about hey, I got to build this course are all the inner works that go into it. Actually just working with clients with coaching and recording everything. You're building your course at the same time. Totally. Rather than you know, spend all this time and effort like I got to make sure the course is there and you put all that time and energy into it. Well that doesn't sell what they are something that nobody actually wants, like group coaching, first, record all that stuff and then you can go you can always go back and edit that stuff and make it a little more polished and presentable to actually have a court stare. And so now you're winning in all different avenues. And so with me what I'm doing over here is I'm starting with, you know, a blog and the blog is kind of building that value ladder, if you will, where the blog is the introduction that's the free content that people can know, like and trust. Me and within the blog or affiliate links like hey, do you want this to be one develop personal development? Here's this program. Do you want to, you know, get a fitness program here's like there's affiliate, implement links, like all that stuff, right? 

Dave: Combining the business models to find it all. 

Sean: One on one coaching, if you will, right. And actually, it's going to be actually masterminds and events that are going to be held within my gym, but it's all personal for them. So that's kind of the end goal. But the first is just it's layered on all of this stuff that I'm talking about. Even though I've heard about it I've seen other coaches do it I've seen other business models do it. Nobody ever taught me the structured manner that Legendary Marketer did. So I'm literally just taking what I've learned into blueprints and applying it and I'm just my renewed energy. And my excitement for business is like I just came to realize this year. Kind of burned out and I was kind of stagnant. I was kind of just going, you know, what does God want for me next in my current business model, and I am extremely burnout but this is gonna be a new fulfillment and new purpose in my life, which I absolutely love. 

Dave: That’s fantastic Sean, I'm so happy for you. I know that feeling. I really do. I know that feeling. I think we all know that feeling. In some things like maybe your marriage gets renewed because of something that you know, you feel passionate, you've got something new you can do together. You've discovered something new or your business, right? You reinvent your business after being burned out. And I love that. You know, I love that you're integrating instead of abandoning, you know, a lot of times when entrepreneurs get burnt out or frustrated with their business and I want to buy listen this closely because this is probably one of the one of the top reasons why I see people fail is they have a business that has momentum or that they're making money in order at least if they're making progress. And let's say for example, many of you who are new here, Sean in your case, you have a fitness business that you may not want to be doing anymore, but it still is a source of income and it still is a viable business. When you still have tons of connections and relationships and there's an asset there now, what many people would do is well, I'm totally burned out on this. I'm just going to abandon it and I'm going to go over here and start something totally new. And boy, that's a just flat out stupid thing to do. People do it in this business to you. You start out and you get a little momentum. You don't know you're making progress because you're looking for the big burning bush. And I'll speak in faith or some biblical terms. You're looking for the burning bush, but you're missing because you're looking for the big burning bush. You're missing the small signs along the road of progress. And so we abandon our business to go over and start something new then we get caught in a vicious cycle of starting something new over and over again. And I love how you're integrating you're saying okay, I burned out a little bit. How can I evolve my life in my business versus just abandoning land.

Sean: 100% And in the when I talk about you know, the burnout, it was you know, just constantly putting in so much effort where you didn't really feel like you're getting any traction and really, I was in this mindset. I talked about the victim mindset. I was in this mindset that I'm showing up, I'm doing this work, I deserve this because like I deserve the outcome. I deserve whatever it was and I wanted out of it because I'm doing the work so to speak. I feel like a lot of people get trapped into that as well. Instead of looking at what I deserve because I'm doing x y, z, just put your head down, do the work. You know?

Dave: Go all in what you're passionate about and fuck the outcome like fuck the results. Don't even don't focus on that. Because when you start putting your focus over there, you're getting all bogged down with the stories that you start trading like, well, maybe I need to be doing something different. Maybe this business model isn't for me, maybe this isn't working because you're just so focused on what you want to be here that you're not realizing that you're not realizing the impact that you're making on other people's lives. At the end of the day. That's really where fulfillment and purpose comes from. I believe I failed. I feel like we're put on this earth to serve others and be a savage servant. And when you can find something that you're passionate about doing. This comes in any industry. It doesn't matter what industry you're doing, but when you can kind of put the focus on this is who this is the client I want to serve, this is who I want to help. And these are going to be the things I want to do that enable me to serve that purpose. And you don't worry about the money you don't worry about the outcome so to speak, to just focus on how I can impact an individual's life, man like everything else is just smooth sailing from there. But there's putting the head down and doing the work though. I want to point out something that I think is so important and when we say don't think about the money here's what I've learned that we need to do. We need to learn this. I believe the biggest one of the biggest skills we need to evolve is to learn how to ask for the money at the right time. Right? And what that means. What that means is, when we say don't worry about the money I think that can be for the brand new person they might think well hey, that's what I'm here for. Like what do you mean like don't worry about the money like, I'm not I didn't sign up to start a nonprofit business. But you have to learn how you have to learn the right time to ask keywords in all caps. Ask for the money. Not the key, not the right time to wait, wait, hold on here's a good one in the Christian or faith community. Pray for the money and let it come into my life if I pray it'll come to me. Right it'll I'm waiting for it to land in my if I serve enough if I pray enough, if I do enough, it's going to land in my lap and I know that my needs will get met Well hey, guess what? Reality Check. Human beings are not just going to oh my gosh, look at that nice man over there doing all that praying and all that serving and let's go over there and give him some money and pay his mortgage and pay for his car. Ah, that doesn't happen. Right? Right. If you believe that God is a part of the plan and integrated into your finances, then you know what God gave you. A mouth baby a mouth, okay? You got to learn how to use it. You got to learn how to use it right? So we need to learn when to ask for the money right after we deliver the value. Then we say if you want more of that. Let me show you how we can work together and I can help you to get more of the results you want. Boom, you ask for the sale but you gotta do it at the right time.

Sean: Oh, I believe that 100% Absolutely. I wouldn't have a business if we weren't asking for you know, you know money in return for the service right? Like I'm not I'm not running the charity like you just said by any means by that but I at the same time it is about it was just not so focused on I need this. Like it's the vs serving as the way I look at it. Like if you're on I need this over here. I need the money. I need this in order to be fulfilled in order to, you know, just stay into this business model, if you will. And you're always going to be looking for the next thing and you're always going to be spinning your wheels. 

Dave: And it's all and it's also very closely tied into that victim mindset. And we may not realize that we've developed a victim mindset, but the victim mindset is a mindset that's very needy is a mindset that's very selfish, you know, and it ‘s completely just to be clear, separate this from any trauma or anything else like that. We're talking about just taking responsibility for our life, our finances, and if we have the capability, which I believe each one of us does, if we have the capability to provide for ourselves then you know, there's your VIP door and then there's your victim in the VIP door. It was victorious. mindset and approach is one in which you are saying look I'm here to serve and my time is valuable. And I'm going to do a fantastic job topping class. I'm going to give you the best experience I can give you. Let's talk about price up front, right I want to be totally transparent. If you want the cheapest if you want to go with that just that you know you're going to get what you pay for look shopped around I'll be here right with it but I'm here to serve and hey, guess what I'll serve first you pay after or, or whatever the Win win scenario is the victim is going to say I need somebody to help me I'm not getting the support that I need. I you know these is this is a scam or these people you know we start criticizing others because we're not willing to show up and the truth is, is that nobody is going to work harder on us our business our fitness, then we're willing to work but I'll tell you what, Shawn and I bet you're this kind of coach too. I've met a lot of coaches and got a lot of coaches that will go just as hard as I will go, but ain't gonna go harder than I'm willing to go. 

Sean: You can lead a horse to water but you're saying as a coach, like there's a difference between being a coach and kind of a guru. I feel like the guru will tell you what to do. Step by step. It's just like you need to do this, you need to do what a coach will give you and ask you to write questions so you can figure it out for yourself. 

Dave: Agreed. 

Sean: And when you figure it out for yourself that empowers the individual, that's empowerment. And so like I can tell somebody hey, if you want to lose weight, you need to eat like this. Like, here's your food plan, do these exercises, blah, blah, blah. Well, what happens when they go on vacation? What happens when they struggle? What happens when the injured shoulder thinks like that? They never learned how to overcome any obstacles and so now they're less empowered. But if I give them Hey, like, what do you think about this? And I make them think about what's the right solution for them and empower them at that point, to make the decisions for themselves. When you empower people. That's when you move the needle forward. That's when you have a lifestyle change for somebody versus just just follow this system over here and everything's gonna be okay. No, it's not. That's why people fail because they try it. And they aren't, they don't figure out how to overcome outsourcing or figure out how to, you know, they just bought into a system or a coach or a Google or something like that. And then they say, Well, that didn't work. No, you didn't work. You weren't empowered. To be able to do the work. 

Dave: Yeah. And unfortunately, because we're so conditioned to have a victim mindset and that doesn't mean that look, we all have the capability to have a victim mindset. So it's not like I'm speaking over here like I'm better or I'm not totally susceptible to that because I'm also I have to really challenge myself to take responsibility and that's what leadership is all about. Leadership is not about never having a victim mindset, never having insecurities, never being scared. Leadership is not about that. Leadership is about having all of that stuff in choosing to walk through it anyways, choosing honesty, choosing self responsibility. And I think that's the real under like, you know, there's a current and water and oftentimes you don't see it, right. The way the water looks calm, but there's a current under the if you jump in, it might take you away. It's sort of like the glacier, right? You see the tip but you don't see the large part. I think that's when I talk about the mechanics and the dynamics. The mechanics are that top part of the water, that tip of the glacier that you see that you think that's the full business, that's everything, right, the kind of mechanical let's set up my funnel, like that's the business, but the part of the business that really separates those who the victims from the Vic doors, I believe is what we're talking about that undercurrent that large part of the glacier which is really taking the steps every day not to have feelings of fear it not to try to even deny that I'm scared or in feeling insecure feeling like I want to be a victim today, you know, but it's it's having those feelings in deciding to show up in deciding to keep going. 

Sean: That's what separates the successful from the unsuccessful because everybody just like I said, has to balance we all feel inadequate. We all feel the imposter syndrome. We all feel like I'm not good enough to teach somebody else these things we all feel like we all have, you know these negative thoughts, these negative thoughts like nobody ever overcomes those things truly what defines success for what makes a person successful? Despite those feelings, you show up and you do the work anyway, despite the villains despite what's going on. And when I really recognize that that's where I was when I started being able to speak my truth and telling people I don't have it all together. Like I'll be the first one to tell you don't have everything together. There's things in my life that I am not showing up more than I am still working on and I need it and I need to do better with just because I can just because the gym is just an everyday thing for me and I got that part together. There's other things in my life that you're probably doing a whole lot better than I am. So I will share with you what I'm struggling with and just to help you motivate yourself to get your assets to the gym. I just want people to know that nobody's perfect. And we're all in this game together so to speak, but when you weren't able to just again show up despite the feelings that you're having as well as be real with people and be authentic with people and not have this know it all attitude like Mr. Perfect or whatever. That's what people will connect with you, that's what people will trust you and that said know like and trust factor, right. And so Frank Kern calls it you know, it's your it's your core values like your it's your, what is the core influence? Because you're speaking you have that complete alignment, and people will line up with you because of your core enclosed. They could care less about the words you're speaking but they could see that you're real, that you're authentic and eight they had that connection with you that's what will draw them to do business with you and stick around with you and things of that nature. So there's a lot to it. 

Dave: Well, I mean, you know, I always I always I always like to hear more from somebody when they say they're going to be working and coaching people on things that are deeper than surface things, you know, like, you're going to be coaching fitness or you're going to be coaching, marketing or something that's that's one thing, but if you're going to be coaching people on an emotional level and going a bit deeper than the surface you know, it's really important have to have, you know, to have at least worked on yourself a bit. And I can tell from talking to you that you are an honest person and that's what makes a great coach, like you said, and I I think you're going to do great, Shawn, and I think that you're going to help a lot of people and I'm really excited about that. And, you know, I'm just excited about your future. If there's anything that I can do to continue me or Matt Right continue to help you evolve your program and deliver it to help as many people as possible then please let us know. I appreciate your time today. And if there's any final words that you want to leave our listeners in the many people who are going to even listen to this replay. Then please share with us. Just a final thought. 

Sean: Yeah, you know, there's so much I could say but I'll leave it at this. I will say this to just try to help anybody who might be struggling with imposter syndrome, maybe the victim mindset, maybe even like, you know, cannot make business work like a lot of people looking at online side hustles business things that nature, and they probably have this feeling of am I good enough to do this? I would say don't even focus on if you're good enough. Drop the ego and just learn from others. Surround yourself with others who have been there and done that book. We all have this perception that we are the next biggest and greatest thing sometimes. And it's like, here's the thing, like no matter what, this is not always out there, no matter what struggle you're facing. Somebody somewhere has already been there and done that. So find a book that talks about this subject that read about their story. Find the coach or mentor who's already gotten a business model. It's something that you already want something that you want for yourself, find the person who's already done it and model after them. You know, learn from them. Like you don't have to figure everything else out on your own. And I feel like we can drop that ego that I gotta figure it all out myself, then you and you're able to just help yourself to say I need help, then that's when you can just move the needle forward to be much more successful. And that's something that I had to do. That was something that I had to learn a long time ago as I don't have it all figured out. I'm not the hot shot in the room. I can, I can, I can. I can ask for help and it's okay for a man to ask for help. So that's what I'm gonna leave that I would not. 

Dave: I could not have said that better. I love what you just said. It's so true. And it's been true in my life. And thank you thank you for that and thank you for sharing such beautiful truth and that is what makes this community special. I would literally you know, it would not be even remotely close to what it is if we did not have people coming on sharing this type of value and truth like what you've done with us this morning, so please come back. If you'd be willing and keep us posted here every couple of months, I look forward to hopefully meeting you in person one day as well. 

Sean: Without a doubt, I appreciate you Dave. Like I said, for anybody who's looking for a real business model, learn from Legendary Marketer because again, it's not just about affiliate marketing, but it's so much more it's so much deeper rooted into going beyond the 15-Day Challenge. Look at the high income skills, you can apply it to everything in your life and hey, if you need any work on mindset or anything like that, hit me up. We'll go with that.

Dave: Sounds good buddy. Well, listen, we've got your TikTok up there and I'm sure you've gained plenty of fans and friends today so be well my brother. Have a great holiday and we'll talk to you soon. All right. Bless you, Dave, thank you so much. Alright, buddy. Take care. All right, my friends. Listen. Powerful, powerful, powerful information this morning. Just worth a listen. We're worth you going back and reviewing that episode. And in just really taking in the things that we just talked about. It'll be so beneficial and helpful. And it may just be that secret, that key that unlocks what you feel like you've been missing because the dynamics again that large part of the glacier that you don't see are oftentimes the piece that people when they put that together and put some attention and focus on those pieces that we talked about today the taking responsibility in different ways that we are a victim even though we may not feel like it when we go deep and we get and we get honest. And we have somebody care fronting us, right. It's not about confronting but care front, you know, in challenging us and it doesn't have to be one on one. It can be conversations like this that challenge us to take a deeper look and be more honest with ourselves. It changes everything to get out of here. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. And we are also going to be going live on Thanksgiving as well. Alright, so we are here five days a week, no matter what's going on. And my friends stay legendary. All right. Be Legendary and get out of here. Peace.