Below is the transcription of this episode:

Dave: Hey my friends what's going on? Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I've got the beanie on today as a signal of empathy and sympathy for all those around the country who are absolutely freezing there after. I'm done here in sunny Florida, and a little chilly in the house right now. So I'm going to put on the beanie and roll with it so seriously, I've been around the country just got back from Dallas. Was it Denver a couple weeks ago? It is cold. So that being said, I would like to welcome this morning, my guest on this wonderful, beautiful Monday morning, Sabrina, welcome to the show.

Sabrina: Hi, thank you for having me.

Dave: So it's cold as well. What my dad says it's cold as a well digger's ass. I guess that means a well digger is so deep in the earth that his butt is actually cold. So How cold is it where you're at and where are you calling from?

Sabrina: I'm calling from Maryland. It's around 30 degrees.

Dave: Alright, so tell us Sabrina a little bit about how you found us and how you came online in what you know. You know what you were looking for? And if you found what you're looking for in legendary and a little bit of your origin story.

Sabrina: So I'm from Argentina. I came here to work as a nanny here with my husband. So we got married. And when I was waiting for the whole green card process like we don't work I couldn't do anything so I found this bunny being sold as snake food on Craigslist. So I sit in my house and I really want to go  get him like I don't want him to be snake food and that was because I was bored at the house doing nothing. We went and got to do an hour and a half drive. So I got him and then I was like how cool would it be if I started a TikTok for him? At the moment I had only Milo and I started the TikTok in July. And by mid September, I blew up. The TikToks were crazy and I tried to get all these affiliate programs. Like do we want you to be an affiliate for us and they wanted me to send me free stuff. And I had no idea how to do that. Oh, at the moment I still couldn't work. So I saw TikTok from Camilla Maxon. So I sign up for the challenge. And I finished it. I was really into it. Even my husband will watch the classes with me. We decided to go with the blueprints. We purchased them because I wanted to learn how to manage my TikTok account. So I liked it so much that I started learning even more about TikTok and how to grow on TikTok and what hashtags to use when to post and everything. So by the time I finished the challenge I was getting married because our wedding got canceled into COVID. So we never had the party. So we got married and then we went on a honeymoon. We're also moving into our first house. So it was kind of like a hectic time. Yeah. I couldn't find a moment to get everything started. Yeah, I did and in December the end of the summer almost Christmas time I decided to start the business. Amazing. Amazing. 

Dave: So are you doing affiliate marketing on that bunny channel? 

Sabrina: Yep. 

Dave: Really?

Sabrina: Yeah, I'm doing affiliates for Hey, affiliates for like Bonnie merge, like Sure. stuff. Yeah. And then I also am an affiliate for Amazon. So yeah, all that set up in their link in the bunnie’s account.

Dave: So are you are you are you actively promoting and talking about these products on your channel in relation to this bunny who just in case you know those of you were just coming on? Sabrina Christ that a bunny was going to be sold for snake food. She went and rescued the bunny starting at TikTok this bunny had a death warrant really not a death wish they had a had a had a number on his head. I mean really had a number on his head. He was he was going down and you not only rescued him you started a TikTok channel for him, which then led you to being on TikTok and you found content from chameleon out of out of chameleon out of Las Vegas and found legendary and have learned how to take the existing TikTok in the existing marketing that you're doing and how to understand it better and to be more successful with it but also start TikTok channels and just campaigns in multiple niches because we all have to remember that TikTok is not the business. The business model in TikTok is simply where we're driving traffic from or one of the places that we're driving traffic from on the internet right now. Because a lot of people are on the app and it's easy to create content. So what are you most excited about at this point is Sabrina going all in on one of the niches that you're already in? Or continuing to expand in tests?

Sabrina: So the bunny stick is doing awesome. And it's after a fitness challenge. I just had to put everything to work in the TikTok from the bunnies. But I also wanted it since that was already grown, that had at the moment had 50,000 followers. I wanted to focus on promoting legendary and I wanted to promote it because it's really important to promote because I felt like it helped me with the bunnies. And that's not something you hear every day. It was so special that I feel like everybody can do it. If you have a passion for something and you're passionate about what you're posting, the videos you're making, the videos are gonna do good. And once you learn things it's just so easy to do it like I literally stay at home.

Dave: Yeah, I don't mean, you just made a statement that I actually want to piggyback on which is so easy to do. And while I don't usually like to say that something's easy, because things are not easy. Usually everything is hard. What came up for me when you said that was that? If I'm going to be home already, if I'm going to be on my cell phone or if I'm going to be pushed into social media already. It's not really if you think about it, everybody it's not really like you have to change that much of a habit unless you have no experience. Messing around with social media, Facebook or whatever. But I mean, folks, look, you either probably have some experience, or I'm just gonna say you're not dumb. So my point is, if you are not on social media yet, I'm just addressing those of you who are not yet you will be in the next couple of years. So just understand that so much of your connection information is going to come from social sources on the Internet in the future. It's not going to come from your local newspaper beating, let's just agree on that. Right? So it is if you're going to be doing it already. That's what came up for me when you said it's so easy to do. Why not? Go ahead and do something that's going to contribute to your financial life to your hat you know, to your feeling productive to you're feeling fulfilled versus I don't know about you, but I've spent time on social media before and walked away like I just went on some sort of a drug binge. You know what I mean? Like you walk away after an hour and a half of scrolling and you've you know, it's almost like you feel like you've just given a part of your soul away, you know? So I try to be more personally more on purpose with my posting and marketing, but I agree with you and not just stay there for endless hours, wasting time. But, I agree with you about the sentiment of if I'm going to be on social media if I'm going to be doing stuff already. Why not? Be building something for myself when I really everybody and I think this is the thing that's so interesting and cool. I know when you want to be a carpenter you want to be a plumber. There is a specific set of tools that you have to go outside and buy separately from what you already own. Same thing if you open up a restaurant you need to go out and buy commercial equipment to put in that restaurant. But the interesting thing about this business model is besides a couple of low to no cost software tools you already own all the tools that you need. That's interesting, and that's the future, would you I mean, think about it. We're now able to build a business and make money with the tools that we already own cell phones that that is a huge

Sabrina: Sometimes people just have that mindset. It's like oh, I'll do it later or I don't have the personality to have a TikTok or I'm shy. I don't have anything interesting in my life. And the truth is that these are those things that we put in our mind ourselves just to like not to do it because we are putting out our comfort zone.

Dave: Yeah. Let me just put you on the spot. I mean, you are somebody who is English your first language now Spanish, okay. You seem kind of shy. Yeah. You seem kind of withdrawn. You seem kind of like almost if I was to guess I might think Sabrina is probably a little camera shy. Probably a little shy in public speaking in my hitting the nail on the head with these. Yeah. But still, you're doing this. So how have you overcome those fears of being on camera or speaking out, you know, coming a bit out of your shell. I don't know how that feels? Just talk to us a little bit about how you've been able to do that.

Sabrina: It was mostly I really have a relationship with my husband as my personal cheerleader. I used to make videos and I would show them to him first and I'm like, do you think this guy did a decent job? This looks good and he's always pushing me to like, you can do it. Your English is decent. You got this. It's more like he was spent pushing me, this is still weird. There's a weird feeling that you learn how to work with it. It's more like, I feel more proud of myself. When somebody tells me oh wow, like thanks to you. My body has some bare life now. Thank you. I know how to take care of my body. And all those things make me feel like wow, I really change not only change my love life because he's gonna be food, but I'm also changing other lives  and that is really something that touches you like makes me keep one keep going.

Dave: Yes, I can totally understand that. And I mean, as much as a lot of people love their pets. I would say that the majority of human beings love their pets. You know what I mean? Like, you know, I don't know hardly any dog or bunny or cat owners who just have a pet but don't really like or just love them obnoxiously you know what I mean? And I think that for those of you who are wondering, maybe one of the things that Sabrina has used in her content to build her channel, her this, this camera in this bunny niche is just simply the animal itself. And that Prop and I'm not trying to speak of your animals as just a prop but you get you get what I'm saying here that prop that holding that thing, that animal or that box or that whatever it is, but it just so happens in your case to be an animal and with other people who who also really identify in love their animals. It does not have to be a bunny. It could just be dogged. Because when I look at you and I hear your story, and I see your content, I don't relate to you loving your body. I relate to me loving my dog, or loving my cat or whatever. So for those of you who have animals in your house and you want to test just tested bringing your animal somehow some way as a prop we talked about this on a previous show with another guest bringing your animal in your in your in your content as a prop and I guarantee you that you will see something, you will see something. And I don't know if that's going to be a massive increase in interest in engagement. I don't know if that's going to be people saying oh, you know, I hate cats. I don't know. No matter. Engagement. Good on all aspects of social media. But for those of you who have pets, I would just I would just invite you to consider how that pet could be used as a prop and I know I'm sort of a you know, I'm sort of speaking about the the animal as if it's just you know, not not living been but you know, I saw I saw Baron Ian McClair do it a couple of months ago he had the $18 an hour from Apple make $18 an hour from Apple video that went mad viral on TikTok. He had an apple he had drilled out the center and he set it over his finger and he was doing this with it and then five or 10 seconds into the video. He threw the apple behind him that was the use of a prop and what I what I what I just think that a lot of us underestimate is the power of holding something and and just using props. I think we don't know how to use props enough. Me too. I should get better at using props. Because what they do even this right now is a little bit distracting. It's just weird. Why is Dave wearing a beanie instead of the regular hat he wears every day? It's just a. It's a break of state when they're scrolling and if you're looking to try to not look like every other video on TikTok you want to do something to catch their attention. And so that's why I love that you took the bunny and turned him or her into a celebrity and used the bunny as a spokesperson essentially. And each one of you has dogs, cats, animals, everything. You've just been given a potential million dollar idea to create content in the niche of that animal and then sell or market products that are products that you believe in or quite frankly products you just want to market whatever maybe it's Sabrina for you, is it organic bunny food? It gives us some product ideas that somebody may market to do affiliate marketing with a pet.

Sabrina: So I am an affiliate for a small select that sells toys, rabbits food. It's a premium brand of hay maker.

Dave: I would much rather buy from you than just some random video on YouTube. And I think this is what if this collects for those of you who are listening, if this collects you're going to get it and you're never going to forget it and you're going to suddenly see you're going to get it is it if I have a buddy and I want to buy stuff for that bunny in the day and age that we live in today where people do not trust big corporate America. Big companies make big commercials and they do not trust the Big Uncle Sammy sucks because my name is my son's name Sammy, but they don't. They don't like Uncle Sammy. They like little Sammy. But people want to buy from people people want to buy from the person that they relate to and identify with, think in trust, no brainer. I trust you more for information about money because I look at you everyday. Filming content in the comfort of your legitimate home. It's real, and I would much rather go to your bio and go through and buy products that I know you use and you recommend than some random googling of some random corporate America. site and then scroll through or go deal with some asshole in the store who really doesn't know what they're talking about or is miserable to be there. I can now I can I can I can get on social media I can find somebody like Sabrina and I can learn about and a lot of times what I think we real what we don't realize is is that and I heard this about I heard this about watches the other day it was like this guy was talking about he sold watches from all these different kind of brands. Instead of just having like always Rolex, you know what I mean? And Rolex really sells really hot but he has all these weird brands, niches like that, guys and gals like, but not a lot of people carry them and he said, Well, if you want to sell a type of watch, you have to carry the type of watch. And you have to you have to have it, you know, and so, the reason why I say that is just because if you want to if you want to, you know if you want to, if you want to make money from something, you have to do it first you have to put out the effort, energy risk. With money to have the product at your door so you can sell it now that's of course, a metaphor. But if you guys want to make money in this business, you have to first you don't really have to go out and buy 50. 100 bills on this and have them all in your showroom. There's a different perspective and another business but you simply just have to create the content. So it's there when somebody finds you so they can get it. You don't have to go out and buy watches. You don't have to go out and buy anything. You just have to make the content. I think sometimes Sabrina it's easier to buy stuff than to develop the skill and do the scary thing within myself. And I think you know, for a lot of people who have a bit of a cushion. That's a problem. How have you eliminated your plan B and committed to this in sort of eliminated that? Well, maybe this isn't going to work out or maybe I'll quit soon or whatever, you know, stopped looking at things half glass half empty and started looking at them half full, and to what degree whatever. Maybe you were negative. We're never negative or pessimistic but how have you overcome whatever negative mental barriers or even did you have you dealt with any of the what we call the what do we call it the imposter syndrome to where you feel maybe like you're not qualified or who would listen to you have you overcome some of that specific mental stuff?

Sabrina: I don't like that sometimes. The videos don't do good and I feel like they're so much different to them and then the videos don't do good. But the thing with TikTok is the video case recycle. So you post it one time and he can go viral three months later. You never know what can happen. We begin by reposting that video. 

Dave: Do you notice that some of your content that you just do flippantly or quickly or without much planning does better or worse than the content that takes you a really long time to plan and create?

Sabrina: I'm gonna think that but the videos that I think I'm not gonna do go viral in the videos that I find really good. Bring more value than viral. 

Dave:  I think that's a good thing to remember. Because a lot of times we spend a lot of time trying to create the perfect video when 90% of the time the videos that go viral are the kind of, you know, the ones that we just threw together or whatever.

Sabrina: Yeah. 100% It's just it's just that thing that it's it's not what we think it's more of like the TikTok algorithm and everything.

Dave: I just wanted to just please everyone and make everyone happy. We get on and then we're afraid you know, we've overcome the fear of getting on video. But now we're like here people pleasing like no one I'm here to please all of you in what you're saying is, man, you got to create content that pisses people off and not be afraid to piss people off and even not be afraid to take a side clearly you've taken the side of the bunny, not the snake.

Sabrina: Yeah, well, yeah. Well the bunnies got viral because of me posting a video of abusive ways of holding your money and it was obviously like the title was like clickbait. But people say and then people comment in the video that's not abusive. Why would you say less abuse? I'm like, it's just a TikTok video is for you to watch it and then when I say, Oh, you have a possibility to make this amount of money, I can promise you you're gonna make it like, why you promise me things that I'm like, I never promise you that you're gonna make this amount of money so that you have the possibility to make money and then people just start wars and it makes you really do good. And that's one good strategy to make your stock go up in the news. And then you get traffic into your Tiktok.

Dave: You got to gain the system. I think everybody is you know, here's another thing that I'd like to give her permission to do is break the rules a little bit or figure out how to beat the game. Because I think a lot of times we come in and we pussyfoot around and tip toe it's like oh, It's like playing this game. Is like a it's like it's like playing baseball or football trying to win the championship or field hockey or whatever you're doing in trying to win the championship, you have to copy the, you know, you have to both be out on the field playing which is recording you know, interacting with people playing the game, but you also have to be in you have to be seen to be asking yourself, How can I beat this game this give myself an edge, you know, and some of that is breaking the rules. It's been, you know, it's created all headlines that get somebody to pay attention, have an element of clickbait clickbait. The term clickbait was just created because it's just become you know, it's just become ridiculous on the internet. You know, people are using outrageous headlines that are way far from the content, but every headline has an element of clickbait because you're looking to try to hold their attention to get them to read the letter. Or the ad. And so while we don't need to be total clickbait artists to where we want to mislead people in piss them off. We have to have the we have we can't be afraid to use to promise to get to us a little bit of hyper bowl into us a little bit of excitement, the marketer has to use a little bit of urgency and scarcity in hype. You have to because the marketers job is similar to it's more difficult than than a doctor because a doctor usually at least sees a patient in date the patient knows there's something wrong in many cases with marketing the customer the prospect doesn't know that there's something wrong so you have to get their attention in get one long enough that you can begin to lay out some of the pain points. So they can relate to them and go Yeah, I'm tired of work. I do hate my boss. I'm sick of them biting me or whatever it is right. So they can relate to it because they may not even know that they have a problem. So there's what I love about you is that you're unassuming, Sabrina you're somebody who I'd look at and say or probably the tough guy who's pussyfooting around this game would look at you and say oh she's not breaking any rules. She's uh you know she's just a young little girl who doesn't really know what she's doing. But guess what? Sabrina over here. Ladies and gentlemen has figured out that this is a game and what you're doing is you're looking at it like a board game or like a video game or like a PSA or like a sport and you're asking yourself, How can I use every possible legal, moral and ethical strategy to boost my business and exposure and that's exactly what you're doing and I just salute you for it because it's creative. It's, it's, it's, yeah, it's creative. You're using tons of critical thinking skills, and you're using the parts of your brain that you need to use Sabrina to be a successful entrepreneur versus an employee, somebody who is you know, the mindset of an employee is this. Well, that's my opinion, but ultimately, I don't really care. It's not my business. You know, they can do whatever they want. You know, all of us have said that in some way, shape or form at a job, you know, in the attitude of the entrepreneur is. Basically, if I don't want to do something, I'm basically saying eff me, right? Ultimately, at the end of the day I'm the only one who's going to get hurt. And so you seem to have some of those skills that it really takes. Did they come naturally? Have you had this? Is this cultivating over the last couple of few months?

Sabrina:  It is and posting on the TikToks has taught me so much about everything. I started making videos and then I was closer to TikTok like everybody else and I was like, Okay, why am I staying on this video? Why? How do they need to hook me instead of just crawling on TikTok and not doing anything else? Like, okay, why did I stay? What did this person say that I didn't scroll? They didn't just swipe. And then I started writing everything or not. Why did this work today? And then I will just have an idea and write it down. Because sometimes I have one idea and I say, Okay, I'm gonna just do it later. I'll remember later and then you don't remember later. 

Dave: You’re also reverse engineering so you're also looking at things and you're doing the highest form of learning that a human being can do, which is without having to explain to you you're looking at it in modeling it in breaking it down on your own. And I just want to point out for those of you who, you know, are interested in what I just said, the highest form of learning. Well, maybe the high and low is not, maybe I should say the most advanced form of learning, because when we're little we start off school and everything's explained to us, right? We sit in a classroom, but the most advanced form of learning is is modeling to where you see something, and you actually have to deconstruct it and figure it out, and then test on your own just from simply looking and it's not it's not it's not copying, because you're trying to actually figure out why it's working. Versus just doing it and not even pairing why it's working. But modeling you're deconstructing and it's what people over time like Richard Bandler in a lot of people who have studied strategies like Neuro Linguistic Programming, stuff like that. I mean, that's really what a lot of those are about as it's looking at high performing people and trying to figure out why they're high performing. Matter of fact I did a whole training that I've yet to release about this exact topic. And, let me see if I can. If I can just find it real quick, but does that resonate with you? In Sabrina is that always been a way in which you've learned? 

Sabrina: No. I was getting views but maybe just winging it, and I didn't understand why. And I obviously wanted to work because I wanted to teach people about finding care. Like I was passionate about it. So I started looking at TikTok as okay, how does this work? How if I don't figure this out, nobody's gonna come tell me how to do it. I have to figure out my TIkTok, my bunnies and my stuff. Nobody. There's no like, there's plenty of TikTok classes you can take for free. And I did. I took a lot of particular classes for me and since I have nothing else to do, like I couldn't work I was waiting for the green card. So I had nothing but time. Yeah. And I was passionate about learning more and then I just started looking and learning strategies to hook into this that you have to find people because it's good for your content. Then I started learning all this stuff. And then I came up with Camilla and then my learning after the blueprints is just floated. And recommend that to somebody because I think a lot of people are on the fence and I don't blame them. I mean, you know I'm not here to force anything on anyone. And we have enough people coming through the challenge that we're excited to work with those people who raise their hand and say I do want to keep doing this, I do want to keep learning that's do want to enroll in the blueprints. And those who don't, it's no love loss. I mean, they can stick around in the community and continue to learn by by watching the show, for example, but how have that advanced training and that advanced commitment by enrolling in the blueprints help to

help me with confidence, like you said, I am. I knew that I always wanted something more than just being a nanny, even though I love kids and you others later in life, but I do want to know more. Please, we're married so young. We're 23 and 24 and we want to travel, we want to do stuff. I want to go to Argentina to visit my family and things you cannot do with a nine to five job. So I needed it to make they need to make something happen so that I didn't have to go to an idle fire because I had an instinct and by that time I have like 10,000 followers on the one mistake that I needed to make that work in order so I could stay home and focus all my energy into the things I had the time. So I did. I did master all the bony stuff and then we're trying to put it into the other Tiktok for promoting Legendary.

Dave: Being a young person what would you say if I was another young person, and I was also thinking about, hey, maybe going through the 15 Day Challenge like you did, what would you say to me to convince me it was a good idea to do that. What are one or two things that you know I'm going to walk away with in exchange for that $7 And that little bit of time that I'm going to take to go through that content and maybe work with a BPA and actually make a business plan and whether I choose to you know, take that on my own and use it or whether I choose to continue to implement it with legendary in our help. Why should somebody start this journey by pressing complete purchase on that challenge checkout page and at least start to try and get a taste of the content and get the information. Why would I do that? If I was somebody who maybe was around your age group, I mean, he doesn't matter but just talk to me.

Sabrina: Change your mindset. It's literally because we've been blessed. I was raised so much differently like my husband and it's a change of mindset that we're using money after you know, anytime you're not to say you change the way that you see life you change the way you work you change the way that you see life in general. It's that the most I think that's the most that the challenge brings me to my husband. It's a change of mindset because he was watching it with me so his mindset also changed. We are doing this together. Even though it's me the one that does videos, everything will change the way that we see money the way that we put the money into savings the way that we invest in money the way it's it's the change of the mindset that changed us and it that is that is something that you don't put money to like it's just $7 You didn't put it something that it was the most that I took off of that is change mindset. And how much aid improves our life. We were able to move out. We were able to have a beautiful, very expensive wedding. And literally like two weeks ago, my mother in law, my sister and we chose a girl trip with a cruise all inclusive and literally had unlimited drinks. It was awesome. I would have never thought that I was able to do that to me. So but because of the change of mindset I had it. It changed everything. It's unbelievable.

Dave: Well good for you. You have a new outlook and a new just path that you're that looks great on you and your attitude is is infectious and you're very inspirational and I hope that you continue to I hope nothing you know I hope you stay healthy and I hope you're still capable because I think a lot of people really need to hear from you. And I know I'm leaving this morning feeling inspired and hopeful. And I just need to tell him the story. I know that you've got your channel. We've put your make money online niche TikTok and Instagram up on the screen as well. But man, there's so much you have and so much so much wonderful perspective about the approach to things and like the mindset that you shouldn't have to do it. I just hope that you'll just never shut up. Thank you. Alright, we'll tell your boyfriend that I said hello and he sounds incredible as well. Okay, and please come back and keep us posted on your journey here in the next couple of months and let us know where you're at. Okay.

Sabrina: Thank you very much.

Dave: All right. Sabrina, I'll talk to you later,  stay Legendary. But Alright my friends you can go and follow Sabrina on TikTok on Instagram. Now this is only one of her channels. So you know we're not we're not laying all of her channels out just one in which you can connect with her either on TikTok or Instagram @s.v.entrepreneur that's her TikTok and Instagram handle. And man oh man, somebody else somebody else that you can have as a part of your support group and network that you can listen and learn from and wow man. Wow there is like just so many people in this community that are kicking ass that you can learn something from and yeah, thank you for all of you who come back on the show and give back after you've started going through education and then gone out and used it and in have created some some you know some results in your life. No matter how big they are. You take the time to come back on the show. And I just really appreciate all of you who we reach out to and ask if you'd like to come on. Just really, really appreciate it because there's and it's honestly you know, it's even crazier because we don't prepare anything we just have and have a conversation. And part of that can be nerve wracking, obviously. But the reason why we do that is because we just want to have it completely authentic. No scripts. No, hey, I'm gonna ask this question. 20 minutes in. It's just all real all the time and yeah, so keep coming back. Keep listening. Five days a week. You can even text WUL to 813-296-8553 and get a nice, gentle non intrusive text message every morning. When we go live, right? So get the hell out of here. My friends have a fantastic Monday. We'll see. you're back here tomorrow.