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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe welcome to Wake up Legendary. I've got a quick announcement for everybody. In 2020 people were not able to come to any of our masterminds because well quite frankly we didn't have any. We have dates scheduled, if you have a mastermind ticket for this particular event, turn your mess into a message that's going to be the theme for this particular mastermind, and it's going to be happening September, 9, 10th and 11th. All right, so as you can see right there. This is an exclusive limited t-shirt. We're going to be giving them away. Okay, so not here to not here to sell merch, just to make that announcement so we sent an email out over the last couple of days, we'll be sending more out over the, you know the next couple of weeks. It's first come first serve in terms of booking the slots, or the seats, and then we're going to be having another mastermind if you can't meet. Make the September 9 10th and 11th, December 3rd, 4th and fifth now remember this is for those of you who have purchased a mastermind ticket or took us up on our blueprints and mastermind deal as you're going through the challenge or as you were coming into Legendary Marketer you saw us. Hopefully you saw us make an offer for you to get all of our blueprints and mastermind tickets, you know, for that kind of bundle deal anyway. Turn your mess into a message, baby 2021 Okay 2021 September, 9th, 10th and 11th that we're going to talk to somebody who actually I think is selling a little bit of merch. With that being said, I'm going to this girl's gonna, we're going to, we're going to go into all the details, she's going to be a really cool and exciting guest with that being said, Bre, welcome to the show. Hey, what is going down, how are you and where are you calling in from?

Bre: I'm good. I am currently in Tucson, Arizona, that's where I live right about now.

Dave: Nice, nice so you are doing some interesting stuff you've been starting this, you've started this affiliate marketing business. In May of 2021, so this year so May June July, and we're basically about to move into our third month now, like doing this. We also have a full time job, give us a little bit of, like, who you are, in a nutshell, and what led you to Legendary Marketer and and just let us get to know you just in kind of a two minute drill here. All right, cool.

Bre: Well, I'm originally dated with a degree in diagnostic medical sonography which is just a really fancy term for ultrasound. And then I got hired at a clinic out here in Arizona. In 2018 So I've been out here since then, I started TikTok in 2020 like when pandemic broke out. You know, I just got on there for fun and I started my personal page. I had no idea how it worked. I was just posting like crazy videos and I'm obviously obsessed with country music specifically Morgan Wallen, and I was that guy has gone through so many scandals 2020 It's not so like, yeah, like my videos have just blown up because I was just making like, you know, hilarious videos referring to, like all this stuff and give it like a baby like the poor dude had a rough year.

Dave: Basically the videos that you were making in 2021 were about this, this country music singer named Morgan so like a lot of your content was about this is, this guy.

Bre: Yeah and it's just like, like I just left a joke around and mess around and age like I didn't know anything about trends I didn't know anything about hashtags I didn't know anything. So I was just making these videos it's been crazy and my friends would be like you're so funny like that's good stuff, but when I talk to other people like maybe I’m funny.

Dave: Right, right, it's like it's like you live your whole life going I'm the funniest person I know it's about time people notice right.

Bre: My mom thinks I'm funny like that. But, my page blew up so big. Considering that, I'm just an average person like I have like 30,000 followers on it. And that's not reposting consistently, it's not from interacting with people and I had known then what I know my page would be so much different than marketing unknowingly this whole time for Morgan wallet. If I could have been making so much money because I was by like Morgan Wallen, coffee table I have a coffee table I have coasters I have all this stuff and

Dave: Hold on a second let me, let me. Your microphone is kind of like being off your shirt or something and I think it's still then, is that better yeah well either take it off, or hold it still. Yeah, because it's kind of like going boom boom boom.

Bre: I'll just hold it because it's connected to my earphones and I don't think I'll be able to hear you well and that's okay. So, I was actually marketing without knowing it and I just wasn't making any money, because I was posting all these cool things and I was finding and these videos are blowing up like getting hundreds of 1000’s of views, and I mean if you could do the math and you figure you know people are asking me for links, they were like, where did you get this Where did you get this, and I was just giving that the link and I was just like, hey, like check it out. And then, you know, come to me and I find affiliate marketing, obviously Legendary, and I'm like, holy moly, I could have been making money, this entire time. And so yeah I started doing that and then I fell in love with Legendary I fell in love with you know the mindset change because right out of school, I was making a lot of money like I made pretty good money, but I had never had money before in my life, and so I didn't understand how to use money, and that was so important, and I definitely got into debt extremely quickly because I never had money before and now I have all this money and now I think I read it that this wasn't the reality. And I think for me the biggest thing I've got here at Legendary besides all of these awesome tools and resources and skills. It's just a mindset change, like no matter how much money you have it's not going to matter if you don't know how to use it properly and if you don't understand, like to live within your means and things like that so that's kind of where I'm at.

Dave: Yeah, well that's great and that's one of the reasons why I don't personally do a lot of flexing on the internet or within this community, Even though I have the ability to do so. I thought that was fun. See these kinds of things you know what I mean to where you, you, you drop a dad joke or something and then you look at your kids and your wife and nobody's laughing and you're like, I thought that was funny. So, like because there's such a huge flex culture, online, and in the entrepreneur space, you know, over the last couple of years, we've all been on Instagram, particularly Instagram has been, been the worst for the flex culture, but you know, we see private jets, we see we see we see exotic cars, we see iced out jewelry we see all this stuff. And we think that that is success, like that's like I gotta look like that, and I gotta have those things to be successful. So, when we get a little bit of money, or we get a credit card, we go we spend on on drip right clothes on jewelry on all this stuff early in the game cars, houses, and before we know it you know this dream of entrepreneurship of building a business, or even having a good job is now a nightmare. And so it's a great thing that you bring that up because that's not just a problem in entrepreneurship, that's a problem in society because once you turn 18 You start getting bombarded with credit cards, as well as student loan debt, and you could graduate call, I mean, most of the time you do graduate college, with six figures in debt.

Bree: Yeah, yeah, for sure, and it's funny that you say that because I was actually thinking about going to school. I would have my lifelong dream to be a doctor, and that mindset has changed completely. See, like entrepreneurship has changed my mind for what I really feel like success, is it's definitely not about the money anymore, it's not about the house or the car, it's about like what I'm worth towards now is like, I would love for this to like business to blow up and I could you know quit my job tomorrow but even if that doesn't happen. I just want to come to the point where it's like okay maybe I only have to work two days out of the week, or maybe I'm like you know I want to have that freedom, More than the money, and I think you like just having that mindset of recognizing your freedom is so, so much more than money.

Dave: Yeah. And I think that living in America anyways we have a lot of freedom that we don't realize that we have, and is all we have to do. We start traveling, and we kind of, you know, we take our problems back and say, I'm grateful for my problems. I don't want other people's problems. But there is, there is another level of freedom, right, because, because as much as, as much freedom as we do have just to kind of move about freely and live where we want and kind of do what we want, say what we want right the freedom of speech and all these kinds of things that we have the freedom to bear arms all these all these rights. There is another level, you know, there's levels to the, to the freedom game. And I think that's something that a lot of people are kind of shocked by when they're exposed to a community like us, where we're like, for me personally, I've not. I wouldn't even know what to do with myself driving into a job, or having to go somewhere for eight hours a day, or, or sitting in traffic like I haven't done that in so long. And just detaching now there's nothing wrong with that because I did that for a period of time, because I had to get to where I was where I was going, but there is there is a there is a there is a whole new world sort of waiting for people to kind of discover when they are their skepticism and they lower their pessimistic attitude about what's possible and just,

you don't have to be a super duper positive person positive thinker. It's just, were you ever skeptical, or did you just not know this world existed.

Bre: I was always wondering how like people were making money online, like I've always wondered that and I just didn't know how they were doing it, and I've had people tell me like you could be one of those influencers, I'm like, I know I'm just a regular person like I didn’t even know I would get started and so whenever I first came across Legendary It was obviously on TikTok. Yeah, I was super skeptical and whenever, even when I started the seven day. I mean the 15 day challenge, I actually locked my card. So that like no other charges could be

Dave: For real you thought that there was going to be just like just we're going to start kind of dinging your card. 

Bre: I just thought it was too good to be true, you know, like I just had that mindset, I was super skeptical about the program I was super skeptical about the process and chinos obviously I went through the challenge and I was like, Well, I'm going to give it a shot, you know, I'm going to try and see and sure enough it worked like, it would just, it blew my mind because it just, it works, and I couldn't believe that it actually worked. So yeah, I was super skeptical about it and just seeing the opportunity that is here online, you know, it's definitely changed my mindset of my life direction. Absolutely.

Dave: So, let's talk about what kind of you're what you're doing. You, you, in, you're not, it doesn't seem to me which I don't really know yet, really what you're doing. Because, I mean, for those of you who are new to the show or whatever like there's not a big interview process, I don't. I didn't even talk to Barry before we went live, I just said hey how you doing and so I'm learning right along. Everyone else here is listening and I think that's one of the cool things about the show is that there's no prep, and there's no script, and you could say some crazy stuff. I would have no control over it, I would probably respond and shoot the shit with you and figure out where you're going with it right but. But what exactly are you doing, how have you turned this hobby on? This passion. Now, how have you begun to monetize it in your own really cool and creative way because that's what I want people to hear today. Is that you, instead of looking at what everybody else is doing and trying to sort of follow the crowd and really get this kind of big comparisonitis that we all have kind of naturally I think we all want to kind of be with. I feel like it's a natural thing and I'm only saying that because if you feel like you're wanting to look at other people and see what they're doing and do what they're doing, I just want to let you know it's normal, something unique here So walk us through what you have done, and kind of how you're doing and so we can kind of understand a little bit more.

Bre: Okay. Absolutely. So, um, the first thing that I noticed is on Morgan Wallens page, he actually doesn't have an email list, like I've put my email into that. Well, maybe they just didn't get my emails, like I don't know. So then I talked about on his website or his Yeah, on his on his personal website, you know, and people are always like, What is he doing what is he doing I'm like okay, so what if I build an email list and just give them updates because I'm obviously paying attention to what this guy is doing anyway so I'm obviously you know, doing all these things so I kind of built an email list of quite a few people. And then, you know I just honestly like there's so many affiliate programs obviously Amazon's a big one but like Etsy has an affiliate program, and I didn't even know about that so many cool things on Etsy. There's so many different places that have affiliate programs that I had no idea about until I started researching them. And so I started applying, and then I would send out a few emails like Hey guys, this is what he's up to today, this is the things he's doing and hate, by the way, check out these cool other things that I found right. And so sure enough, I'm sending out those emails. Those people want the emails they want to know what this guy's doing these people are crazy they put up billboards in Nashville when he got banned from the CMAS hey these people just want links. I'm in a Facebook group, with the Morgan Wallen fan page. These are literally asking for you to find things that they want. So, all I had to do was go on the internet find things that they want make sure they have an affiliate program, and share it with these people so it wasn't a lot of times it wasn't necessarily that I was just out there like throwing my links at people, people asked me, Hey, he would, you know, where did you find these things. And so yeah now I do that a lot through my email list. One thing I did have my other TikTok page banned and I was almost at 10,000, which is super disheartening, but that actually shifted my focus to maybe building a more permanent platform because now I see that the process works, and I see that, obviously it's successful. So that's been my focus the last month, as I am actually super interested in blogging, it's a really really really hard thing to start. It's not easy, but as I've been giving a lot of my attention and time to that because I want to build a platform that is my own that nobody can ban, nobody could take down, you know, a God forbid that my other pages get taken down or something happens on YouTube or whatever, right, like I want to have something that is mine. No one can take it down and people know where to find me. 

Dave: And some of the most successful sites like for example, back when I was doing network marketing. Back in the day, like these new sites like MLM Help Desk and business from home, they were sort of, they were the, they were the news. they were the, they were the. They were sort of the bullhorn, right, that communicated that news about the industry. Similarly to news channels, who, when you want to know what's going on in the world or you want to know what's going on with the president or you want to know what's going on with you don't go to, you turn on your TV and you let that station communicate those things to you, right i mean that's tip I'm not saying use personally but just society does. So I think we underestimate the power of having that hub, and even that website to wear on a specific topic, particularly with this sort of kind of strategy to where you're communicating news about an artist or a musician, or somebody, or, or a sports team or something. This is a, this is like the true definition of niching down. Right, so a lot of people might think okay hey I love country music I'm going to get into country music. But the real power. I think that you're showing us all and teaching us all right now and reminding us of is the power of super niching down like niching down all the way to a specific artists, because the contents that much more potent, because it relates to a specific person and even as you said in 2020 He had a bunch of drama.

I mean that's like to say because I so if you can find an artist or a musician or somebody who has a lot of drama, who has a lot of things going on in their life, who's not just cute, who's not just to somebody who we all like to look at or like them grow their family but who's going through divorces who's having kids who's having I mean like Drake would be a good example, like Drake is somebody who he had the kid who was sort of a secret there for a while, and, and, and then he finally kind of let everybody know that he had a son, and they remember he brought up to the music awards here just recently, and everybody got to see like him kind of walking beside his dad and I don't know, I'm sure this boring guy is much more interesting than Drake is but that would be a good example of somebody who you already know 10s Or hundreds of millions of people around the world, like this person. Love this are obsessed with this person, and if you can become the go to hub for news for drama for like TMZ for show dates for appearances, where they were spotted at what talent they might be in right now today because you looked at an Instagram picture and Instagram story and identified that you know that was this Seattle tower, you become almost like a stalker right, but people love that because they want to stop these people they want to potentially go and catch them coming out of the studio somewhere, and these are the type of fans that will go and drive hours to just maybe get a glimpse of it am I, am I hitting the nail on the head right now?

Bre: Oh heck yes these people, myself included, are bonkers. I can't even tell you the amount of money they're willing to spend on this man is just insane so yeah if you could be that middleman, on whatever.

Dave: It could be like you said sports teams that's huge to like have blinders on a sports team, what about that, that's even more niched down, right?

Bre: Yeah, this, I mean these scandals all the time like I mean, obviously now it's past like a rod would have been a crazy one like right when he was going through all his scandals. There's so many things that people

Dave: Like, they may follow your Britney Spears right. She's going through this whole thing to where she's trying to get her life back right now. And if you became obsessed, like say you were Britney Spears fancy you're already interested, but like that's somebody who I'm sure a lot of people are sleeping on right now that's just one that popped in my head.

Bre: Oh yeah, that's huge right now I can't tell you how many like posts, it's like free Britney right, okay. But, but definitely I think finding, and then another thing too is, I've made a lot of friends with these people right so I built this page and I share similar interests with these people so when I share things with them it doesn't seem like I'm trying to make money off of them. To them it seems like, oh, brief on this really cool thing, she wants to share it with us. So focus on building a lot of relationships too, and the money is going to come later, you know.

Dave: Yeah, no, so I like how I like you. You've. So would you say that you've positioned yourself as, like, the number one fan, or would you say that you've more positioned yourself as somebody who communicates like what's going on with this guy. What would you say kind of if somebody was to describe you who followed, or maybe who's bought some merch or something from you. Like how would they describe you?

Bre: I think initially it would have been the number one fan, but it's definitely transitioned now to like the news center, more or less my email list is more so where I share a lot more detailed things obviously my TikTok is more like the entertaining thing. So I would say now it's more they come to me like hey, what's, what's going on and Morgan like we had heard everything and like Well dude he's been off the radar, you know like his sister actually followed me on Tik Tok. I was blown out like if they know me, they know. Right. Yes, I would say that they come to me more so just for like news but also they view me as a number one fan. He hasn't reached out to me to like give me backstage passes or anything like that yet which I'm really like, come on dude,

like, come on. But, yeah, I definitely think that it was initially number one fan but now it's transitioning more to like a news resource because he doesn't have an email like he doesn't have any updates going out.

Dave: Do you think that you have a part of you that is, is potentially hoping, or open to, if he and his team reached out, or his team reached out for you to come in, maybe onboard him as a client or work, or have him hire you, I mean is that, would you be open to something like that?

Bre: That thought has actually crossed my mind a lot and a lot of people have asked me that they're like, What would you do this team reached out to you, you know because you're actually doing a lot for him like right now, you know you are marketing for him not only his music but obviously his merge and other things like that. What would you do and then like, well, I have the skills out like I know how to do these things now thanks to legendary but yeah I think I would actually do that and like I love country music to be able to do something like that. Amazing. I think it's a huge opportunity for me. You just never know what's going to happen. And so, I haven't gotten that email yet. 

Dave: See, I, even I mean, I think that's just the tip of the iceberg for what's, what's like your potential and the opportunity for you now that you kind of understand how to navigate these platforms and you understand kind of the psychology of a, of a target customer because that's ultimately like what you've learned in, in, I think the one of the easiest ways to understand a target customer is, is kind of, is kind of be that target customer first. And that's exactly what you were and I think a lot of people miss that. I think a lot of people, for example, you guys. Many of you came in and wanted to learn how to make money online, I mean I would think that that's why the majority of you're here or else you love this, this, this beautiful baby face showing up every day I don't know what it is, but I mean it could be, it could be my good looks, I just don't think it is, I think most of these people want to build a business online. And what I think a lot of, a lot of us miss is, is just looking at what drew me, like, what did I like, what would How would I like to be communicated to like what message resonated with me. Did you do, did you and do you have that awareness to stay to both speak to your audience like you'd want to be spoken to, and how are you staying connected because I think sometimes we'll move we become the creator and the communicator is sometimes marketers get they get far away from, who they're talking to. One of the reasons why I do the show is because personally I want to stay connected and attached to my target client, right. You are somebody who I love to market to people happy you've got a good personality or we're super grateful. But in general, somebody who wants to build a business online. Do you understand what I'm trying to ask here, like how, how are you? How are you working on improving your understanding of psychology? And what do you think has worked so well I guess to be able to connect your writing and your emails in your, in what you're saying on your videos like, what do you think is, what do you think is your kind of secret sauce that's resonating with people and getting them to kind of know like and trust you?

Bre: I think just being like I said just being friendly and being myself, these people that are on my talk page have followed me on Instagram, that we actually have exchanged phone numbers like a lot of these people I know on a personal level. And so obviously I can't be in 3000 places at once so going live definitely getting to know people over live, you know, in the Facebook group, a lot of people messaged me and say hey, like I've seen your videos are so funny, like, do you have an Instagram and so they know how I speak they know my voice they know my personality. And so, when I write my emails, or when I'm posting videos or whatever, I try to stay within this spunky, like high energy vibe, that is me, like, I know that's not everybody, but that is me and that's how these people know me, and so on my page. Yeah, sometimes I post a few personal videos, they usually don't do as well because that's not like what my page is about. But I want these people to know me and know who I am and know my personality, so they're so they know me, you know, it's like, like branding, kind of, you know like, yeah.

Dave: So yeah, I mean, no I totally get it and I think that's really important. I think that's kind of like, I think you could do it either way. So any of you who are listening who are kind of having kind of thoughts come, I think you could do it either way. I think you could do it without showing your face at all like totally behind the scenes like I really, I know that that's possible. I've seen it done before. Of course, you know, it's hard to kind of connect with those people and get them on shows and stuff because they are literally behind the scenes and nobody knows who actually kind of runs the business. But I do think the way that you're doing this is the perfect combination of about 90 to 95% your topic and then sprinkling in bits and pieces about yourself, maybe even 90 to 97% your topic, because a lot of what people in, I'm a good example of that to people will connect with you, not because you're constantly talking about yourself in your personal life but just because of the way that you deliver your content, you know, you build connect with your quirks and that's one of the things that I, I really constantly try to remind all of you about, is that like you got so many of you, all of you have your own unique personality. It's beautiful, it's cool, it's funny, I know some of you are sitting there thinking you're beating yourself up thinking, No I don't. Right. And if you turn that frown upside down and get out of your pessimistic

glass half empty beating yourself up mode, we can, we can get to this place where you'll admitted you know that you have, you're a special type of snowflake, right, you're a unique person. And the more you bring that out, the more that you kind of, that is your brain. Breathe. What are some of the kind of things that you do that are quirky, that you know that people like about you, and that is one of those kind of intangibles, it's not just the content about this guy Morgan, but it is certain things that you do or the way that you do them and now maybe even you do them intentionally because you've realized people like them about your kind of know you for those things, you're smiling is something specific coming up for you?

Bre: I don't know if there's anything in specific but like on my page I'd actually like to do a male, like makeup of Morgan Wallen, which was just like, painted on moustache and like I made myself a mullet and he wears it like an earring. And that was hilarious, in my mind and I was like, oh my god like there's nobody that nobody sees this and then it blew up, it's like, and then you know people are like, oh my gosh like do another Morgan skit, you know, and I like, okay, like I look like an idiot, but that's the thing is like I grew up in a really small town so I had, like, oh my goodness, like what are people gonna think of that and I realized there's crazy people out there just like me that like this and think I'm funny and like me as a person, and, and just who I am at the end of the day, and you're going to find those people online like you're going to find your tribe, you're going to find the people that love you for you. And so I would say that just, they know that I'm crazy and I honestly would post pretty much anything these skits are just hilarious, in my opinion, if you don't understand the scandals, you probably won't get the humor but you know I just think just being willing to put yourself out there and some people aren't as funny and silly but maybe you have a different story to tell, you know, maybe you've been through a certain thing in life. People will resonate with you and they'll connect with you, and sometimes you don't even know why, it's just, it's just who you are, but just being yourself and people see that and they love that. 

Dave: Yeah, I totally agree. So one of the things that I like about what you've done is that you basically have just like all the, like, basically said, kind of, I gonna try to be perfect with this, I'm just going to do this right, and I don't give a damn how it, like, looks like I'm not gonna worry about having a fancy website and all this kind of stuff to get started. And you basically just on your, your link bio have like links out to like, literally, like Amazon, like pages, right, it took for various products, right, this other one, the iPods case. Right. I mean it's just, it's literally just it's linking right out to the particular product and then this was Matt's favorite before we went live, you know the Morgan Wallen make Molyneux great again Flack, you know 1499 Every time somebody buys that you're going to get a commission because you've, you've used your affiliate, your Amazon affiliate link, and then you've got a little product site here it looks like on RedBubble to where, you know, people can order it looks like T-shirts and stuff and did you are in iPhone covers and stuff like that. And it looks like maybe these are designs that you made or something or had made and somebody, somebody can get them on a t- shirt or something. Is that right,

Bre: Yes I do, I mean there's a lot of ways to make money online. I definitely think affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways after trying other ways. But yeah, I do a few print on demand things and I create the signs myself. Yeah, but obviously I think affiliate marketing is way easier and that's what people ask me like, what's the easiest way I like affiliate marketing.

Dave: Right. I mean, in your doing just affiliate marketing and like such a simple and easy way like you're not, you're just linking. I mean, in that particular way you could certainly ask you this, your email list, how are you actually getting people's emails?

Bre: Yeah, so I did have my ClickFunnels in my in my bio at one point but because I shifted my focus to building a website, I took that down, I've just left the links of things that I've made videos on, you know that had that are still trending like I still getting likes people viewing those things coming in every day. So I leave those links there so people can find them, obviously, but as far as the email list I did build it with my Click Funnels, but like I said I'm transitioning to a website or blog, where these things will be on there forever, you know, and so that's how I built the email list, initially but like I said I'm in a transition stage. 

Dave: So, yeah, that makes sense. I mean, I just wonder, even during this transition stage. Would it be suitable to, like, what do you have your email list in Aweber get response or something like that, 

Bre: AWeber.

Dave: Yeah, just to just to at least keep a link up with a little Aweber form that because AWeber, you can build little landing pages and Aweber as well, just so you can continue to collect email addresses, like, I just, for me, lead generation is the blood flow, it's the, it's the lifeblood of every business and I think a lot of times when things are working, and we want to grow to the next level I've talked about this the other day, we stopped doing what is working and what got us to where we're at right now because we want to grow to the next level. And I think my personal opinion now after doing this myself right and seeing just 1000s of other people. As we grow, we just want to make sure that we don't stop doing what was working and we can never ever underestimate the power of lead generation, it all starts with building your list with generating leads, and then curating those leads by sending emails and sending communication to them, you know, on a daily basis or regular basis. And so, anyways, I don't have to answer and you don't have to commit and I just wanted to throw that out there for you to think about to just at least tenue generating those leads because we just it's such a valuable thing to have somebody's email address, and even, you know, another thing that you could start is community. There's a product named community which is exactly what we use every day to send out messages. Okay. And you can get people to also text you so, so you can have your own personal number to where you can message alert list to where to where. And you can also allow you to respond back to people in this app. So it's kind of it's kind of a, it's kind of a, it's kind of a, it's kind of like an email autoresponder to where you can blast the entire list. You could also make like segments, so if you wanted, you know, if you wanted to segment down, you know, people who were interested in shows, or people who were interested in just general information or whatever, but most people just have one number one big list, it's easiest to do it like that. You could also set up, you know whenever somebody has a birthday you can send them out. A birthday video like it's just cool, it's another thing that you can kind of more own and control. I know you don't own community, but it's sort of like an email list, like you can kind of own it, control it, and it's not gonna get banned and deactivated because you're paying for it as well, and the prices are really reasonable so I'd invite you to kind of think about that maybe as well.

Bre: Yeah, thank you for that Dave I honestly didn't know that you could just put the little Aweber thing in there either like I'm really new to this. I am not like an expert. I get it like I don't know, I really do. I'm still learning so I appreciate you giving me those tips, because I had no idea.

Dave: Yeah, and I understand you wanting to transition into and have your own site. I think that when you lose an account you start looking around and going, Okay, What other shit can I lose. Like, what else can people take from me? And so you want to transition in, you know from maybe a click funnels to a blog that you own on your domain or you want, like there's like you start thinking about how can I, you know, if that's more of your strategy matches that as well, like your strategy matches having a blog and a website to where you can post more long form articles or post to where you can give more information and people can essentially read things sort of like they would read, read news on

Bre: Yeah, I appreciate that and I definitely think about it because, yeah, I don't want to stop collecting emails.

Dave: You shouldn't. And I would, I would even potentially, I would even potentially, if I was you, I would take the links up at the top and I would just drive them directly to a landing page, and I would make some, some irresistible offer for them to opt in to that page, and then once they opted in, I would have links to all those products.

Bre: Yeah, that's definitely what I was doing at the beginning because I was like, Oh, you'll get email updates and people like it. People are crazy like they just want to know where he's at and that want to know that. So that's what I was doing initially but like I said, in this process of transition. It's a lot of learning to, you know, it takes time to like okay, sit back, okay what do I need to learn and what do I need to get going here. So that was definitely where I was going, that's how I built the email list initially.

Dave: How many emails did you generate so far?

Bre: I would say like 3000. 

Dave: Wow. You don't want to stop collecting enough from these people. I mean because they're so willing to give you their email address, and you could so easily, every day, send out an email, which would, if you want to blog you need to work on the written content. So on top of, and that's your whole business right if you're going to continue down this path of marketing to artists or musicians audiences, and you remember you could duplicate this right you could duplicate this win if you, and there's many out there. Other artists, musicians who have fanatical followings. But if you're going to be blogging right if you're going to be writing content on a blog, one of the best things you can do right now is begin to practice writing, and I know most people think well I know how to write, but writing succinctly, Clear, concise, and persuasively, with comedy humor stories sprinkled in is an art. It's not just a science, not just something that, oh, I'll do that when I'm ready. No, it's something that you work on and get better as you go. And so right now, if I was in your shoes, I would drive everybody in all of my content, just simply opt in to my landing page, and then I would offer all those free kind of swag and recommended cool stuff on the on the on the thank you page, but everyday or every other day or at a certain set time of the week, right, I would send out a weekly newsletter, or a daily newsletter, write daily, daily Morgan update whatever. And in that email, practice my writing tell the story deliver the news deliver the drama, whatever, but it also gives me an opportunity to make a call to action in put more product in front of these people's face every single day and it's proven, at least in my career, that people buy more from email than anywhere else. It's just for some reason, it's just like people go to their email to do business, I feel like, whereas they go to social media to socialize and scroll. I think we get lucky that people buy so much from social media. But, you know, it's just another place that you have an opportunity to be able to put something in front of somebody's face, and it's also easy if they can't do it right then for them to go back into their inbox, and pull up that email, and find it and follow through with what they wanted to do, like, bought, like maybe they're standing in line and they see the email, they wanted to buy that iPhone cover, but then they get called on, it's easy to go back to the email and pull up that email and find that link, versus go find that video that they saw on social media. Does that make sense?

Bre: Yeah. Yeah absolutely and I'm really green. I'm like a new baby, marketers, so all these tips are amazing. I really appreciate you sharing them with me.

Dave: Yeah, well, thanks for doing the initial work to make it so I could give you feedback. I mean, that's one of the biggest challenges in this in this kind of whole process here is that it's difficult to coach somebody while they're still on the bench but it's easy to coach somebody while they're on the field, because they're taking swings, you can step back and look at what they're doing, and for you to have met you know taking just absolutely this is what we talk about guys when we talk about taking action. Take, we all get tired of hearing, take action, pick action take action, but this is the, this is what can happen. Firstly, your dreams expand, you make money, you get results, you get excited to get fired up. But then also, if you're a, if you're in a community like this, you have stuff that we can give you feedback on. You know what I mean, which is like, that's how the whole coaching process works and I think the reason why people get burned out on coaching is because a coach needs a player. Yeah, you pay me to coach somebody who's on the bed so I think that that's the part that we play as clients and customers, it's sort of like I was talking to my therapist yesterday, I come to those calls who act as a coach for me. Right, I and I have multiple coaches I have a couple of my life right now, and I come to them, ready to work, and I come to them and I say this is what I've done over the past two weeks, and I come, I came to my man yesterday and said, Look, I made a commitment, two weeks ago, I didn't do it. I didn't follow up on it. Here's how I felt, here's why I think I did it. Here's the field that I had, and I want to bring it. I want to be accountable for it and work on it and process it, man. A coach can work with that.

Bre: Yeah, that'd be coachable. Absolutely. Yeah, and don't be afraid to try what they're saying, like, what's the worst that could happen, it doesn't work. Okay, well, you're exactly where you were before you tried it right. I mean, chances are it's going to work if you execute properly but I know I've stopped thinking about what could go wrong, but think about what could go right, you know like, stop, stop selling yourself short. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I mean, and taking responsibility, I mean, like I see so many people who, and I'm looking at one of the comments Suhana says I bought get rich quick programs but, and I'm not calling you out or trying to embarrass you, but it's like, what I learned is, and what I've what i've what I've like seen over 10 years in this industry is that most people buy things and don't do anything with them. You know, like, there's literally nothing that I've bought that I didn't learn something from, even if it was marketed as a scam yes thing and it was like it was mostly BS. Like, I still found something that I just like taking total responsibility for my success, not anybody else's responsibility to come to my house and sit next to me and coach me and get me up off the couch and point out things for me. Well, did you notice this did you learn this, did you see this did you try that, like that's my responsibility and that's the, that's the responsibility if I buy a gym membership, it's not the gyms responsibility to bring the equipment to my house, it's my responsibility to go to the gym and workout and nobody ever buys a gym membership and says, Yeah, I bought a get get ripped fast program and it didn't work like we don't do that, right, because there because gyms have been around for a long time, the internet's new and selling information is new and in this is, it's such a it's, it's such a typical common thing for people to say, well, in the easy thing to say, well I got scammed. Right. I don't have to take any responsibility if I say that right I could just blame it on you. Right. I bought your program, and I didn't do anything with it, and it's just, it was a scam. Right. It wasn't a scam I wasn't scared. I'll tell you what a scam. College is a scam. Taxes are a scam. Right, there's a lot of shit that you do every day, willingly your job in many respects is a scheme. You could look at it and say, I'm showing up to this, I'm driving, two hours, air each way every day to go and bust my ass, to you know make minimum wage. Well this a holes out on a yacht every other business skit right. We don't call it a skit, we call it a job. We're grateful to have a job, right. So, I mean, I'm going to get down off of my soapbox here, but, but, you know, I just I say all this to praise you, to praise you, to say, you did this, you went out there and took action, you're on the show because we noticed you because you're kicking some serious tail, and doing some cool stuff, and you hit me up and say, ou know what I want my $7 back, you know, I see people who literally call their credit card companies over $7 It's like you didn't get $7 worth of value. In the end, you couldn't, you want to refi you couldn't just email customer support, and just say, Oh well, but $7 back well I'll mail you a check. I'll put, I'll put $10 and quarter's in your house, like I don't want your $7 you know what I mean. So, well, I'm going to call my credit card company right now and get my $7 back. Who has time for that?

Bre: I have been amazed, like that's another thing too about going viral. I always feel like How cool it would be to go viral, you'll see how many miserable people there are in the world and it's just mind blowing. How many haters there are for no reason. So, yeah, definitely.

Dave: I love talking about making money online and I'm saying that I can show you some tips and tricks, but you don't have to buy my shit. You don't have to come in, sign up, I'm not coming to your house and say, pulling out a nine millimeter and saying, Cornell spent $7 Like, it's like, don't buy it you know who you are, you know that when you buy stuff, You have a tendency to be skeptical and look, he's just, look, I mean, obviously, this is 10 years worth of dealing with this and that's where this is coming from, it's not right I get fired up over this, but what I mostly get fired up over, is when I see somebody like you. Oh excuses, who just, it's like,

what, it's just like, you know, I want to do this. It's either I want to do it or not, I mean it's like, why waste your time completely complaining and bitching and moaning and whining. If you're not going to do anything with it just move on with it. The other thing I tell people is, Maybe you weren't cut out to be an entrepreneur, maybe this isn't for you. This isn't for everybody. We're not sitting around trying to convince everybody that this is easy. It's like this shit takes work, you have some hustle, you gotta have some hard. You clearly got that girl. 

Bre: Thanks Dave.

Dave: Well, any final words for the folks out there that are sitting on the fence today wondering if today's gonna be the day that I go out there and start kicking some major ass.

Bre: Yeah I would say just go for it, just, you have, you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain. Don't be afraid of what people think about you, or what people say, just don't just don't hold back because the longer you wait, like, for, for me, obviously I lost a lot of money that it could have made, Had I acted sooner, but I just, I honestly was a little bit skeptical I didn't know if this was going to work, but don't wait, because you're going to, you're going to lose more money waiting, than if you just invest in yourself now.

Dave: Well, you are a rock star. And, yeah, I hope it's dude reaches out to you like asking me to come and work from, I hope you're like, Nah, bro. You know what I mean like I'm not even, like, all out, you can hire me. Right, but I got I'm running my own business here. I mean, I'm running my own business here, because you know that you got a lot of potential and a lot of opportunity that's ahead of you, just simply because of the way you approach things and the way you take the bull by the horns and start rocking it so, keep up the good work and let me know if there's anything I or we can do for you, and we'll have you back if you'd be willing to come on okay. Bre: Thank you guys so much, you guys have a great day. 

Dave: Alright see you Bre. 

Bre: Bye! 

Dave: Alright my friends go and follow her for sure you really, I mean just a rock star is so worth having in your network and learning from and getting a different perspective on how to build this business and do affiliate marketing. So, guys, again, what I said I threw in the shirt. If you haven't registered for the event and you have a mastermind ticket, go ahead and do that now. You can do that. We send out some emails where you can contact customer support, support at legendary We'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode. Get out of here. Have a great day, be Legendary. We'll talk to you later. Peace.

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