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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: Hey, what's going on everybody welcome man what's up? Yeah, Manny, good to see manage what's going on RJ? Why are we in the backcountry? It's too early for cheese. So it's merchant accounts stuff. It's not anything personal. Good morning, RJ. How you doing? Good to see you, Catherine. What's going on? Kathy Roy, what's happening, Kara? Good to see you as always Angela, what's happening? Good to see you. Welcome everybody. I was doing my morning walk. I'm parked in the parking lot here in Phoenix. And typically Phoenix is just 100%, Sunny, beautiful weather all the time. But we got some rain. So I'm chilling in my car now. But it's awesome. When we get rain. It's just I wasn't planning on it this morning, I was planning on having a beautiful little stroll through the park on my morning walk before it gets up to a, you know, an ungodly temperature here in Phoenix and got rained on a little bit. So it was great, but change your plans. So here we are. We're live Happy Wednesday. Good to see everybody here. We've got an awesome, awesome guest. I think you guys are going to really enjoy this. Well, I shouldn't say much different but it's a little bit of a different style. And this guy has taken a really creative approach to creating content on tik tok and other block forms. So I don't know I don't have a lot to say or offer. So I'm just gonna bring in Dominic, and we're just gonna wrap this thing so Dominic what’s going on?

Dominic: What's going on guys? How's it going? Hey, real calling in from a little town outside in Washington state called goldendale kind of out in the middle of nowhere. So as you can see, like you It's beautiful out here. 

Matt: Yeah, it looks awesome. Are you on an acreage? Or like, are you just hanging out? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I can freakin hear the birds chirping back there. It's awesome. The dental. Nice. So bring us into your story a little bit, bring us into your world and your life. And just, first of all, you started, I know that you started doing some stuff with digital marketing way back in the day. 2013 14. So take us back there. Give us a little bit of background. And then for everybody who's here and tuned in stay here because we're going to go into his TikTok strategy and stuff like that. And I think you're gonna find that really interesting. So dominant, give us just a little bit of background on you. And then how do you find legendary?

Dominick: Yeah, so I'll kind of do a kind of a quick recap of how everything came full circle back in then. So I'm 31. And back in about 2012 2013 kind of just started sticking my feet into digital marketing, like very basic stuff. This is like selling products on Warrior Forum, learning about email lists, but at the time, my mentality was, I don't want to say not in a good spot. But you know, I was like, I don't want to put in the work that has it. You know, I was so much looking for the golden ticket, you know, I had, you know, done everything from SEO to selling products to trying to do this firm and making digital content like everything. And so after hopping around for a while, I was like, man, nothing works. In reality, things work. It's just I don't want to take the time to put it into place. So you know, you kind of fast forward a few years, I ended up becoming a manager at a small retail shop, and I ended up getting laid off. And this is just around the same time that I'd started doing YouTube. While I got laid off eventually, like a couple months later, YouTube became full time. You're doing that. And as that grew, which is what I'm doing now. You ended up kind of getting on tik tok with my niche within that time growing that and then finding a guy by the name of Calvin Hill was like, Man, this guy's got killer content. And he's the one who kind of introduced me to legendary and I kind of took some time and I realized like, Oh, this isn't just like an affiliate program and this isn't just like a Hey seller product like it's an educational program. So it's like wow, okay, you know, I got to speak with you know, some of the people there beforehand, bribed me to purchase to get in and just like a man like this I'm impressed. Just all the tools and stuff that you guys have to offer on so now that that's going to become a thing. Now I'm kind of coming full circle back with the niche and knowledge back to you. Actually, like, let's do a company where I can teach people how to be financially successful on YouTube and TikTok, that's what I want to do. There you go. And and that's not to say,

Matt: That's awesome. That's awesome. What? So when you say your niche, can you tell us a little bit about the niche that you might have said in our questionnaire, but I don't remember. 

Dominic: Like a niche that I'm currently in or?

Matt: Yeah, like, like so. So you said like, you wanted to bring that to basically take that kind of content approach, take it into your niche, what niche Are you working in, or what niches have the market.

Dominic: So before I'd kind of, I don't want to say, you know, the make money online niche, but I was like, you know, you can never really find a voice. And somehow I have a background in audio engineering and just kind of producing stuff like that. So I had a bunch of equipment. And I used to always listen to scary stories, right? And so, I ended up becoming a narrator. And that ended up working out you know, I was like, well, let's just do it and probably going to go into where it blew up, you know, it really took off. And so that was going with YouTube, and then I saw a couple people doing it on TikTok cuz I'm like, TikTok is like 13 year olds, that nobody gets on kick. Come on, man. And I saw that there's people who do that. And they're like, several million followers and like, dude, there's an audience here for this. I'm like, wow, I can do this. And sure enough, I just started posting stuff. You know? So yeah, to answer your question, basically. Yeah, and not just the scary stories niche, but like, things are just like, strange are paranormal. Yeah, it's just, there's a huge niche for buddies.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So that is the right handle for that. So tell us about what you do. Because guys, this is this is. See, I think a lot of times people only know to do what they see. And so this is the reason I'm so excited, and thanks for reaching out, by the way, and like saying, like, Hey, is there any way I could pop on it? Because of love, the reason that we really, really want stories like you people like you to come on the show is because you expand new creativity, you have an element of you that is super creative. Maybe that's that audio thing that you know, you've got just a creative juice, I feel like thinking outside the box a little bit. And, and so for everybody who's watching, like, if you go look at that TikTok, well, I'll let you explain it. Tell us a little bit about what you do on that TikTok channel. 

Dominic: So, first, when I first started doing it, I found a guy by the name of his name is Mr. Bolen. And he's like this, this ex navy seal. And he basically tells like, you know, just just scary stories, you know how, shut the camera up and have like, you know, 10 things you shouldn't do during the night, and he'll do a green screen, and he'll start telling you things. And I saw that format. And I'm like, Man, that is such a cool way of storytelling you guys would probably ever meet. He has several million followers on YouTube now. And I was so inspired by this content. I'm like, I'm already doing that niche. Anyway, I'm like, I can add my own thing to it. So that's how I started doing it. And right when I started in the TikTok game, you know, I'm like, Alright, there's got to be some sort of algorithm to this that I can kind of figure out so I put my feelers out there. And I like watching guys on YouTube, like rube and Robert Benjamin. And I'm researching and I'm posting like 10, 12 times a day, I'm trying to do everything just, you know, basically, like you guys describing a you're in the ocean and you cast this massive net. This is important for all you guys to hear too, because this is the kind of stuff you got to go and TikTok, right. So when you first start out, you want to cast a massive net, right? And because the reason is you're looking for that one fish, you're going to catch lobster, you're going to catch tuna that you're gonna catch all sorts of fish and you're looking for that one fish that is just going to blow your head off. Well, I was trying to separate dueting videos. I do everything from like, you know, Bigfoot encounters to the most haunted places in the world to surviving everything I could find. And then I ended up finding this one video. And it was hard like a robot voiceover and then I noticed they use this special program. And like, it's sad, I guess I'll refrain from saying I hear but and I'm like, man, I had that same thing. Like I'll like I'll use it and so it was like disturbing facts that will ruin your day and it was just kinda like listing some facts and like, I could do that and so I kind of put my own spin on it do a little did a little Photoshop Blitz and did it do that series has been my that that was it. Man. That was my 100 pound tuna. You know, today that's my 8 million view video like that sky rock I saw I basically for the first moment wouldn't say 100 1,002nd month 100,000 to like almost 400,000 Now I'm going to be hitting a million here the next month just from like, a lot of that series of people love it man. So I called disturbing facts that will ruin your life. You know, it's just like seven to 10 facts I just put into my I narrated, put in my own thing and I'm I'm doing other stuff but it's so it's kind of like all in that vein. Yeah, the hell out of here, man. I say, correct. 

Matt: So. All right. So when you're creating this, so you're building. And what I always tell people is when you're building these social channels, you're essentially. I mean, it's a miniature, like an asset. Like it is a real asset. It's almost like imagining us talk about YouTube channels, the way we talk about YouTube channels, it's like, it's almost real estate. Like, it's, it's an and digital real estate, that someday people sell YouTube channels, like people sell them, then. Yeah, yes, of course. So I just feel like the social media channels like Oh, great, you're on social media posts and videos, where the hell does this go? The first question shouldn't be where the hell does this go? Or where? How do I monetize it? The first question is, how do I create extremely viral content? I like where you started with casting a huge net, throwing the big net out there. So you, and for everybody who's listening, pay attention to that, that's such a golden nugget there, cast a huge wide net, play around lots of different styles of content. find lots of people who are in your niche and say, What, they actually just look at their videos and look at what are the most viewed videos and say, What are they doing here? Like, what exactly are they doing? I tell people all the time, go bookmark those videos, and then watch them over and over and take notes and what's going on here? How can I put a spin on this? What can I maybe do with a little different sounds like that's what he did?

Dominic: Yeah, and what and just and this is for all you guys too, I'm gonna give you I can give you a specific so if you go to discover, you can put it by most like so by default TikTok, what's the most relevant, you can type in a hash. So what I do is the first thing you want to do guys, if you're on TikTok, you want to stay in your lane, you want to pick a niche, if you're going to talk about dogs or want to talk about motorcycles, you know, just make sure that that's what you want to cater to your audience. This is kind of marketing 101 for a lot of people, but some people, they'll post pictures of their feet that post pictures of their dog, you know, and I'm, as a viewer, there's no incentive for me to watch your content. So if you give me a separate lesson, once you've done that, you guys need to go ahead and start finding the hashtags. Start like finding the hashtags. And then when you go to the discover page, you can just start typing lightsabers if you're doing motorcycles, right. So I look at like Harley's, Harley Davidson motorcycle biker, he started finding big people in your niche, you could sort of buy most like, in the past few days, you start seeing all these TikTok pop up that have so many likes, this is content you need to be recreating, or looking at and saying, Oh, this is what a and b, do editing and stitching. That's a huge thing. I undermined it at first. You can do it and like an actual commentary, or you can just sit there. And so one of my most liked videos was this iceberg falling into the sea, right? Man, I want to just get into the news the whole time that I made a reaction. It was like, you know, like one bite and rising from the sea. And all I did was put a caption over it. That said, the beast rises from the sea, but a little mermaid thing. 5 million views, man. I was like, Are you kidding me? And all it was is just a bunch of people commenting and they're like, that's an iceberg. I'm like, Yeah, that's right. Keep having that controversy in the comments, you know, because all people understand. But all it does is when you have controversy and comments, people just you know, that they're typing and stuff like that. And your video keeps playing on repeat and playing on repeat, and it boosts your watch time. So with the TikTok algorithm, all they care about is they don't necessarily want original works. Yeah. And they want a hot watch percentage. Huge, just like any other platform, they want you on the platform. And so if you can do that, and people like it well, it's a rigged algorithm, Mike, it doesn't like my content. No, it's just not enough. people watched it for a long time. So it's not gonna get pushed out. If you give it if you give Tiktok what it wants, it will give you more than enough because it's basically utilizing YouTube for itself to grow. So it's a machine you just have to figure out how the machine works. You know, once you get it. Yeah, once you get it, man, it's like, and I was like, you know, I always thought you had to be like a model or maybe a beautiful girl. Dude, I'm just I'm just, I'm just a regular dude, man. Like, I'm just surprised to see him. And I'm like, wow, it's crazy. It really is.

Matt: Insane. Yeah, I feel like, I feel to me at least I feel like that the TIC Tock algorithm. Yeah, it's just interesting. I feel like the whole viewing thing. And somebody was on the other day, James Allen, I think is his name. And he was like, it's not even really about likes, like people doing shout outs to do like, like unfollow for more. That's, that's maybe not the best ever call to action on TikTok. It's more about how we create content that, yes, is going to get people to comment, because during that comment, the video keeps playing. Right. And especially, you can create content on TikTok that virtually says nothing that has almost no, like I've created a channel in the manifestation and spirituality niche. The whole video is just sound vibration, at like a certain decibel level. And then I give a theory on the screen. I don't say anything, it's just that sound. And then I get a theory about that sound that sort of opens brainwaves or whatever. Like, I actually don't even have a clue. But I was just testing the algorithm, I created one video, got 50,000 views, and I had 1000 followers in three days. And I was like, here, guys, here's a quick way to get 1000 followers, like, start, you know, and all I did was model it after another channel. And it was like, Oh, this sound is already on tik tok. Let's throw it up there. You know. So it's, it's Yeah, and I feel like that's kind of the same with that video that you made. But once you get your niche, I mean, you're really really niche. So once you get into that space, and you start creating that kind of stuff, it finds those people who have watched those videos once or twice or three times, and then it's just like, yeah, TikToks just gonna be like, here, go for it. Let's throw that in front of all these people. It's insanely powerful. So when you're creating those, like, How many are you creating a day and what's your process like to create this like stuff on tik tok or YouTube?

Dominic: So that's a really great question. So I guess we'll start with TikTok so Baca ads in the past we've had as much time to like dig in so my posting has been kind of far and few between but you know, at this point, since I've such a following, it's not as big of a deal so it's more for the longer this point, but within the first is very important for everybody to hear once you have and I kind of have the same thing to once you're under like 1000 to 10,000 you don't have an audience yet nobody knows who you are. So you need to be like a virus literally and you need to be posting if you can 10 times a day, some people can't really do that. So you need to be posting as often as you can. And that's the approach I did so I would look around and I would just try and find what's working. I would do everything from you know finding video clips on TikTok to post I would do wedding stitching videos. You know, all the above just anything I could do to try and like oh can I recreate this I Everything from like horror facts to creepy caught on camera videos to, I mean everything in between and just like, okay, that will work. And so my process was once to build up a following that I kind of found like some like, like the fact thing I'm like, Okay, well, this format really looks good. I'm like, What if I use the same format for like the most haunted places in the world? Or, you know, creepy sight, you know? And so I'm like, okay, I kind of leverage that sometimes it will work sometimes of whatever crazy conspiracy theories kind of anything too. And so that's kind of how by leveraging an app to write 1000s of works, and then use that format and can do the same thing. And then like, Okay, so once I had a format, I would find other people's content kind of the same thing. I'm like, why didn't that work? Good. So I would take that and apply my own format. Yeah. And with YouTube, it's kind of the same thing, too. I kind of look around at my competitions. Doing pay guys is a huge pay attention to your analytics. Otherwise, you're stabbing in the dark, and you're wasting your own time. If you see if YouTube's saying, hey, people really liked this content, you know, the amount of time, the amount of watch time, rinse and repeat, why would you go out and do something else? The same with TikTok? Like, give the machines what they want? Like, that's huge. So to answer your question, like simply, yeah, and we'll buddy, I ride the wheel. Now, if I see you working, you know, I'll repeat it. But I do want to keep trying new stuff, too. Because you never know what's gonna be the next big hit, you know, for every, for every 20 niches, you know, 20 nets you put in the ocean, you're going to have one that's going to have a big hole. So that's why I'm not worried if like, I have a video that flops like, that's okay. I'm looking for one. I'm looking for one. Yes. And once you get that, yes. blows up, buddy. 

Matt: Totally, totally, totally. So in terms of yours, in terms of your style, are you doing basically a similar style? Like, are you continually kind of creating a similar style over and over and over again now? And then? Did you just I mean, was it really throwing spaghetti at the wall? And then just kind of stuck?

Dominic: Yeah, at first, because I'm like, I don't want to copy. You know, some of these guys. I'm like, somebody said, that's all they do. They just did the green screen thing. And they tell stories. And that's how I started off. But I'm like, Well, you know, I might find content within that niche, I want to be my own thing. And now people say, Oh, well, you're him to point out. So I'm like, Yeah, I kind of got to find my own leg to stand on here. So I did some of that. I tried other stuff. And so but yeah, that's what it is. Mainly, you just got to, you just got to feel around. And you can stick to one thing, but you could also do several things, you know, but I try and once that kind of kind of format. I

still good. And froze. 

Matt: Can you hear me? Yeah. It just said that my connections are a little low. And so my camera just, I can try? I'm totally good. I can hear you. Fine. I can see you. I think my camera just just kicked my camera and it's grayed out. I can't turn it back on. But I'm totally here.

I don't know what's going on here. I was loving this. 

Dominic: Yeah. So this is for everybody. Like let's, let's check this out. So basically, you want to you want to really be known, hey, you know, if you think about it, every single celebrity, every single person who has something of value to offer, whether it be David himself, they have a very specific thing or a lot of like a lane that they stay in that they give you a value, right? They're not, they're not basically a chef cook and everything that they specialize in a small thing or a small handful things and they do this thing. Really, really well. That's why we're here, right? That's why we're at Legendary, but not because Dave's a literal chef, but because he teaches us you know about marketing and things like that. So you want to basically get really good at your niche. And you can either offer like one major thing, if I wanted to, I can make my channel just distribute backs, but I could also do other things. So I use like, I utilize that with just doing the facts as well as you know, maybe a couple other things that I know are kind of going to hit. But ultimately I try to stay in my lane, if that makes sense. And just you know, we'll try new things but also not try to venture out too far from the realm that I'm known for. And then you know, the thing your viewership kind of is like once you build a following, then you start getting views no matter what you have to try as hard to kind of like make these reaches because you're following knows you. You know and that way I wanted to say before I forgot this is guys, once you get on TikTok and once you get to about 1000 followers, I cannot I cannot underestimate the power of live and how powerful going live is inches for whatever reason, man it the algorithm to just boost your, your profile and your views like crazy, for example. So there's one time I went live at night. It was just like a Hangout just talking to people answering questions. It was like three, four hours or just having a good time. I got the gig. And just from the live session itself. I'd gained like 1300 followers, but then I went back to my profile and I saw that I had gained 13,000 followers just from TikTok pushing out my profile while I was live. And I'm like are you kidding me? It's just some like wow out and yeah, and so you know, you get on like, TikTok discord and everybody's talking about like, you know, dude, I went live and you know I blew up or I'm blowing up and so if you go live consistently that's so huge. If people want no specifics, I would try to dedicate at least 30 minutes to an hour a day. If you can focus on one TikTok and you give that time. I just connect with people and talk with people. Yeah, that's a huge one man. So I think that all kinds of answers to your question, man.

Matt: So I just feel like a camera back here. Oh, all right. Sorry, we're back. Yeah, I'm not sure what's going on with my camera. But if I go in and out I'm still totally here. I just don't know exactly what's going on. But what I wanted to say about that life piece is absolutely yes. 100% There are like multiple different TikTokers in our community that absolutely will not only just blow up their channel, but specifically what they'll do. If they'll create a piece of content or two pieces of content that day, go live later that night talking about that piece content. And they'll drop that content and say, I'm going live later tonight, though, drop those pieces of content, they'll say I'm going live later tonight to talk to this, follow me to follow me so you get alerted when I go live or whatever. But they'll be they'll actually, they'll generate way more leads and sales in any niche that they're in, whether it's coaching, consulting, whatever, we we have a girl in our community who's doing Relationship Coaching, whatever it is, and they'll generate way more leads and sales than the average tick talker who's out there and it's like, well, why can't I make any sales when they go live? They just like people underestimate the power of going live like it's a little mini webinar and you build trust in a way that you can't build trust just by watching videos. It's not possible.

Dominic: Dude, it's it's a it's a whole other world man raised so if anyone's listening, which many of you are literally you can't the fact that the fact that you can just talk and how you can be a real human being you know as since 2020 and everybody has been locked away and like you know, and just that being in the digital age with everybody having a face on their phones, we as human beings we crave that interaction so when you can have that one on one and just be real and get away from the the social media where everything's going to be perfect you just be real so many people crave that and so when you give them that by just having conversation by laughing by telling jokes by just you know, saying Hey, how you doing man and just giving them like value? Dude, it creates this trust value. unlike anything then people start like wow, you notice me and we can have it it's crazy man. It's just like it's a whole other world man. It's like you're giving value without even trying you know, because people like Enjoy your and your lives. Matt: And they'll just watch you. You know I want to add what you're saying where this is also really important guys, there's another nugget. Nobody really talks about dropping the nuggets, man. 

Dominic: Yeah, I wouldn't do it for free. So people were saying well at the new TikToking they include a CTA? Well what they don't tell you is most people just like oh will follow me for more follow follow follow follow like guys, I'm telling you now that's not good enough if you if I'm watching something you just tell me go follow up as a viewer that's not enough incentive for me to really you got to give me specifics for example, follow my channel more for how to grow your Tiktok follow my channel more if you want to gain 1000 followers in 30 days follow my Tiktok for more if you want to gain $100 a day give me specific because those trigger see the thing with the thing with marketing and selling is there's all those subconscious neuroscience little like triggers, you know, and there's specific things you can dig into that automatically trigger the subconscious that you're like, oh, wow, yeah, I want to learn that wow, that's interesting. Because if you just say follow me everybody says that, you know what's the like, what are you going to offer that Joe Blow isn't? You know, there's no incentive so if you've given specifics, or motorcycles for example, follow me if you want to learn how to repair a Harley Davidson follow me if you want to see me ride my bike down Highway 84 you know what I mean? Just Just write something very specific, and everybody can be different. But all CTAs are vital. A perfect example with my fact videos, I said the comment below which disturbs you, and I get so many comments being like, oh, what this fact that this back bothers. Now, would I want a really good engagement? Can I not have the CTA? Yeah, probably. But you know, I want to make sure that that is definitely there. Like I don't want to miss anything and add to the CTA part, the hook in the beginning is also important. If you just start the video off just going on. You got to be like, here's how to make $100 a day. Here's how to fix a swimming pool when it's 100 degrees outside. You know, you have to be something outrageous that's gonna be like okay, go on, you know? Yeah, create some sort of ridiculous talk, say something outrageous, do something outrageous, just for this first two seconds, man that that captures me and, and, you know, making cuts often every comes up. If you're just kind of doing a DIY video but just kind of doing like an actual, a more original style video, which a lot of us are going to be doing. I'm sure many of us are also in the online or make money online niche you know, we're helping people out by learning stuff like that too. You know, making cuts, often talking, adding captions to your video. This is all very important stuff guys adding trending sounds to your video and then taking the volume of it pulling it all the way down to zero. So that way it's not blaring in the background, but it's still it's up visits and yeah, guys, I mean, it's just when you learn these little tidbits you're like wow, I never thought of this stuff before.

Matt: It's the power man. That's the path you just dropped like 25 gold nuggets right there. Forget about one you just dropped like 25 gold nuggets. But the one I really feel like you hit on is because I've done so much research and we go through some of this stuff in the decade of the day when we unpack TikTok and stuff like that. But we like the whole entire algorithm when it comes to video creation. Like, like, in any niche that's educational. So if you're trying to sell any sort of digital product, typically that's going to be an educational style course. Like whether that's dog training, whether that's how to play tennis, whether that's how to shoot hoops. Like, I'm just obviously at a park and I'm sitting here and there's people playing tennis, you know how to hit how to hit a backhand, like Serena Williams, you know, or unpacking Serena Williams back end, step one, blah, blah, blah, notice her first foot placement. Step two, notice our grip on the on the racket, you kind of would look in, you know, quick view into racket, stuff like that, people are going to look into that, and suddenly, boom, you're gonna be freaking right into the ticket, you're gonna be right into tennis. TikTok, right, like, you're gonna immediately launch into tennis stick Doc, everybody who watches instructional videos on how to play better tennis is going to be watching your video. And then suddenly, you're going to start building this audience, and then you can do it. But the key is that little hook, like you said at the beginning, and then you get into the short little bite size clips, boom, boom, boom, boom, you can do this in any niche. In particular, we've seen people do that in the make money online niche very successfully. Spencer mega is a great example of that Calvin hills, an incredible example of that. You mentioned him earlier. But yeah, I've seen Yeah, I've seen people do this in every freaking niche people in, there's this past week, on the decade in the daddy of an example, we unpacked a little bit about this guy who does. Dog Training is one of the most famous TikTokers on YouTube on dog training. And he sets up his videos with that. And then we went into, you know, his little YouTube strategy, we saw that, you know, when you google search something on YouTube, or on Google, he's got videos that pop up that he's out on his youtube since 2013, with millions of views, and it still comes up on the first page of Google, but maybe tic tocs, he sets them all up with that short little intro thing they talked about. And then step one, do this. Step two, don't do this. Because your dog's gonna freak out. Step three, don't do this. Because your dog's gonna jump and bark and bite somebody. And then he gives just a call to action, I have an awesome, I have an awesome course. There's a link in my bio that teaches all of this and more specific to old dogs beyond all this stuff, go to the link in my bio and purchase the course. And he's, it's insane how large this dude's brand is. But he's built for himself a whole movement on not miniature. It's a massive online Empire with the exact strategy that you just said, it's so powerful.

Dominic: Yeah, and Calvin Hill is like, kind of the first ones to like, prefer me to kind of put that the marketing aspect to it where I'm like, yeah, I'm like, this is all my lunch. I knew, but I'm like, yeah, it makes sense. Oh, yeah. So if you guys are wondering out there, how can I do a TikTok and make income from it? Like how, you know, is the creator fund relevant? It is, but here's the thing with the creator fund, or the creator fund you everything you make a day, it's not like Google AdSense, where they're like, Alright, you know, here's your niche. And here's the X amount you're going to earn per 1000 views like this is set in stone. Nature's gonna drive us to the TikTok crater. It's like, you know, they say it's based on views. But it's also some engagements based on niche, they don't give you that format. So they're like, Oh, this day, you earn a couple of dollars this day, you earned 20. I mean, there's no, you have no idea what's going to happen. And it's nice little side change, but it's nothing like an actual income, you know, Unless Unless you could survive up like 200 bucks a month, which, and there's some of you who can, but if you're like, Okay, why don't you know, I want to create actual, like, passive income, I want to build a list, here's exactly what to do. Okay, check this out. So you can start a brand new tic tock, right. And here's what you could do, guys, you go to your edit profile, you make it a business account. This is because you can add a link and you could do two options. You can go the free route, which is basically not having a domain and you'd use a you can use several different What do they call that? They're like, you click the link in the responses. Yeah, again, I'm not gonna name names. Yeah, I'm not gonna name names here. But you guys, you guys go and find out. But there's a couple big ones I use. In fact, I use one of my profile, but what I would recommend you doing in the future is actually

Matt: We can name this fine, like, Okay, this one? Yeah, yeah, we can. Link tree link tree is a good one. Yeah, yeah. I would rather give those out to people so that they know you know where to look and stuff, beacons, beacons is a great one. If you're looking for something to put a link in your bio, that's, that's awesome, it's great. 

Dominic: You can kind of customize that you can put as many links as you want, you can and you can make them like move and vibrance Stop. So, you know, at the end of my video, I'm like, if you want to grow your tech talk and create a passive income, and learn how I went from zero to $300,000, in 30 days, click the link in my bio and download my free ebook. And people are like, wait, really, so they click the beacons that page like, and there it is vibrating, you know, create a passive income and, you know, gain this many followers, and this amount of times, they click on, they're taken to my landing page. So you guys want to build a landing page attack, your beacons that page, you just start funneling free traffic man. It's like, well, that's not gonna work. Well, here's the thing. Because you know, as we all know, the list, his list is so powerful. So you kind of want to use what you can use your tech talk to either promote affiliate offers, or you can use that to capture leads, and then you know, have a follow up sequence to have a bunch of products in there while giving them value. So you can give them value within your tic tocs, you can do it within your follow up list. But that's a great way that I'm finding to build a list is just, you know, put a TikTok out there to get 10,000 views, and I know X amount of them are going to convert, because TikTok is doing all the heavy lifting for me. So I pointed to my follow up page, they go in, or let's say for example, you're like, well, I don't want to do a landing page right now. Maybe I just want to make some quick bucks with affiliate marketing, you can do that. So let's say for example, you're in the dog niche, right? And you're like, Okay, well, I have pictures of my dog, like how do I make money you can, you can literally take a video like, you know, lately, spot hasn't really been eating his food very well. So, you know, we change that Legendary dog food, and his behavior has just been through the roof, you show him like running around, you're like, if you want to try legendary dog food, go check it out my bio, like it works for spot, you can go check it out, too. And in your bio, you would have an affiliate link right over to legendary or deal. Yeah, the Legendary dog food, you know, as an example. You wouldn't have to sell them. You could just say, Look, here's the results I got, if you're curious about it, and automatically you're building that trust, because you're not shoving it in their face. You're not saying this by this, you're saying hey, here's what worked for me, you can try to. And naturally, you'd have that curiosity. Yeah. And those are just some examples, man, you don't need a million followers to make money. You can be doing it. Like Calvin Hill said, Man, if you have even under $1,000 you could be making money. You know, just by giving them the right content and pointing in the right direction. It's incredible.

Matt: It is incredible. Oh, my gosh, I could freaking Yeah, I feel like both of us could just rant about this for days.

Dominic: I do want to say one thing. Here's one little thing. And yeah, this isn't my I even I struggle with so every single niche is kind of like, oh, why can't you make 1000 bucks real quick see, like an initial like mine? It can be really hard to monetize like, yeah, I can make one of the crater funds. But, for example, you know, this is, again, you guys want to hear this because not every niche is going to have a specific pain point, right? Sometimes you may have a niche that's more entertainment based like mine. In that case, Chuck, all right. Well, you know, you got to stay, take a step back, and that you kind of got to apply generality. niches, you know, like, maybe, you know, make money with TikTok, grow on TikTok, kind of shoot on a wider net. But if you're in a specific niche, like dogs, or maybe motorcycles, or I don't know, house repairs, then you can get really nitty gritty and give your audience exactly what they want. But if you're in a large niche, like let's say, like, while I'm in the comedy nature, or lip sync, or dance videos, or I just give my political opinions, that can be kind of harder to monetize, but you still can, you can still build a list, you still find general things that would apply to your audience. You know, for example, like, you know, if you're on the ticker, and this is important, guys, if you're on the TIC Tock platform, and you're like, well, let's say I'm, let's say I'm in comedy, like, and I could sell myself, but what else can I What else can I offer? We're on the platform, what can you offer that'll help other tick knockers, I'm sure other tick doctors would like to know how to grow TikTok, I'm sure other tech doctors would like to know how they can earn passive income, you know, you're not going to get everybody but you're going to get a few. And so I'm like, Well, once you kind of get enough of an audience in that niche, kind of like I have that you can kind of start to leverage that and be like, well, that's okay. If only you know, X amount, you know, click and follow through, because I have such a following now that you didn't make that happen. So yeah, and just know that, you know, it's work in progress, and you're not going to go from zero to a million in a day. You know, I've been doing this now for three months. And it's, you know, it's been a slow burn, you know, some days I don't really post much at all on Sundays, not to post like, four times a day. 

Matt: You know, it's an algorithm that is changing, too. But everything stays the course. A man you give it what it wants, and it will give you everything you need.

I never thought in a million years I would hear somebody say it's been a slow burn, while they've got 700,000 followers on Jake dock in three months.

Dominic: Well, I think as people they have this expectation that I'm gonna blow up, I'm gonna get a million bucks. That doesn't happen. I may be less your Charlie denuvo you know, like that. That's not going to happen. Yeah, yeah. You may have days we only make, you know, like $1,000 a day or $200 in a day. And then you'll have days where you get like, 10,000 a day, you know, it's just, that's what I mean by slow burn, you know, and not every day's going to be a boom. So you kind of got to have that. For and not to get disappointed and beat down the new removed record, I'm going to quit. Because if I had that mentality, I wouldn't have even done it, you know, but I'm like, you know what, this is a long term game. You know, that's fine. I'm gonna do our man a year from now with this, you know, and then I could use that to do anything, I can funnel traffic anywhere I want. And so, initially, I made this YouTube to funnel traffic to YouTube. Then that becomes a whole other thing. And I'm like, Well, now I can have way more followers on here than any other channel. So like, I could just utilize this, you know, so.

Matt: So what's the plan? I mean, what's the honor thing about stories where you merge? Will you do anything like that? Will you? What, what have you been thinking through for the long term plan?

Dominic: Well, like I was telling you guys, and this is important. So if you're gonna have a Tiktok, this applies to me to where you can get to kind of brand yourself. And even if you're doing stuff like Calvin Hill, you're like, hey, I want to teach you how to grow passive income, you're branding yourself. So in order to respond to that for a long term thing, you can end up doing merch down the road, once you get a following, you could do a merge with Teespring. That's very easy to set up. So that's why I'm gonna be huge. As well as just you need to be selling courses, definitely building a landing page. For No, I'm doing like kind of like the dark, strange paranormal and scary stories, I could still build a following from people were like, hey, even though I have 700,000, I'm sure there's at least 10,000 knew that, hey, maybe you won't agree with tik tok quickly, like I did, go ahead and check the link in my bio. So definitely building a list of my long term game, and just teaching people how to make passive income on TikTok. And so the important tip for you guys to I think this is very underlooked is at first I was like, man, because my honesty doesn't have a pain point. What do I sell them? I don't know what to do. So I'm like, okay, what's the number one thing to do? And a lot of people don't understand this, go and look at what other big creators in your niche are doing? Are they? Are they advertising? product service? Or are they just throwing out apps? I didn't really find much with my niche. Some people were saying, hey, go download this app, but do that. And so I said, Okay, so people are stepping back and kind of just going for a general stab at the whole, just, hey, try this out. And so I'm like, Okay, well, if that's the case, I'm going to speak to my tech talkers directly and be like, well, you have a TikTok you wanna grow on TikTok? And so, you know, yeah. I know, the illness can be slow, but

Matt: It's okay. You know, so yeah. But it's another asset, you know, what I'm saying it's another asset, and it's big, it's a huge revenue driver, even current day stats tell us that. And it's the ability to launch and relaunch and especially if you know how to do limited releases, type things and do really good launches, you can monetize that thing over and over and over again. That's cool. I really liked that strategy. I think that that's smart. I think that with a little bit of critical thinking, and a little bit of strategy and a little bit of, you know, just, you know, strategic thinking, I think that that's a great way for you to build that growth that keeps it going. And also, you know, I think the really cool part about that, too, is like having grown something in a niche like that. And just grown a huge channel, it gives you so much credibility, which is which is huge given that, you know, if you want to suggest to other people like hey, here's some tips and strategies, or Heck, I mean, you know, we have a course that's 15 second free leads, but someday, you could freakin create your own course about TikTok and give it away as a free front end or create a one page PDF. Here's my exact content strategy. Here's what I do. Here's what I do. Here's what I do. There's just yeah, there's so many freaking endless things. But anyways, dude, thank you so much for coming on. I was watching the comments. And I don't again, sorry about my video. It's just, it seems chaotic or something. I don't know. I've never had this happen on stream air. But I was in the comments. And I can tell people or people are commenting things like, Hey, I'm going to rewatch this I'm taking notes and there's so many good gold nuggets coming out of this, I'm gonna actually rewatch this so it's really clear to me that you came with some huge gold nuggets to drop and I appreciate that a lot. And I know our community does too. And I just think I'll keep growing and keep going with these channels. And what I love to do is have you on again, maybe in a couple months or something check in 6090 days. And and and just in case we have a lineup for this. That's a long way out. But just in case, feel free to reach back out to us just like you did before. For anybody who's watching the show, if you're out there getting results, do exactly as he did, which is to actually just freaking reach out messages and be like hey, here's the results I've got so far. You know, I'd love to come on wake up legendary we can three on the show. I mean we've got a really long lineup of people but we would love to get new people, new voices, new faces. It's awesome just to see real people. You know he's out in the middle of nowhere in Washington State and he's just open up the phone and hop on stream yard and share TikTok gold nuggets. So thanks so much. We loved having you on. I loved having you on. Everybody here seems to love to have you and help or anytime you want to pop back on, send us a message. We'd love to have you back. 

Dominic: Fantastic, man. Yeah, well, let's you for the next 30, 60, 90 days and maybe in September. I would love to show people the results that you know, keep coming and how I can leverage that further.

Matt: Awesome, man. Appreciate it. 

Dominic: Appreciate it, guys. Thank you so much. Take it easy.

Matt: Okay, guys. 

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