Below is the transcription for this episode: 

Dave: What's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary and this morning we have a returning guest to the show who you may recognize because he's absolutely blowing up online. Without further ado, help me welcome Baron Ian McLaury to the show what's up my brother, welcome back.

Ian: What’s up Dave, appreciate you inviting me here again today, appreciate that.

Dave: Hey man listen, it's our pleasure and I'm excited to know you can catch up with you. You know you have two kinds of two first names, Baron and Ian. What do your friends call you?

Ian: Well the only reason I put Baron in there was that I was looking after some royal family there. That's not my first name. It's just a parent. That someone's passport. That's all that's about. So he is the name I said.

Dave: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't. I didn't understand that because of American naiveness I thought maybe Baron was your first name and Ian was your middle name or something.

Ian: No, the only reason I was looking after the royal family's photographs is that people know for a long time about one of the daughters of a party. And as you do as little children, they went to a party jumping around on a bouncy castle. And then she kind of swallowed her tongue. So like any person would do. You just look after the child. And then the child was fine. She had cyanosis but it was fine then went back to the parents and debriefed them and all that sort of thing. So we're up to their daughter, she is only six and then I came back a week later and they made me a parent some sort of night or something like that in the royal but so different in England but in another country with Africa.

Dave: Okay, okay. I understand it's sort of like getting knighted and then becoming like Sir Elton John. Okay. Understood. Understood. We're awesome. Awesome. He and Well, listen, man. We had you on the show. What was it about six months ago? Yeah. Something like that. Yeah. July times all run together here over the last year anyways, but man, you were in a you were in a you know, you had come out of a tough spot. You know, you had really dealt with and you were really honest. And it was that you were very vulnerable. It was very inspirational. You know, you talked about some of the depression that you dealt with and just you had an incredible story. I remember you talking about something about catching up with a child or daughter or something like that. I feel like it was just a great episode. And maybe you could just touch briefly on that. But what's happened over the last six months for you has been astounding. You had a month last month that I know of just in the money that I know that you earned in your business. It was astounding. It was staggering. It was money that most people make in a year. You know, it was the average income of most Americans in one year and that by no way, shape or form. Let's give a big income disclaimer. Ian's been absolutely crushing it that doesn't guarantee any income to anyone. But it has been incredible to watch. So why don't you give us a little bit of a backstory and then bring us to the present day.

Ian: Well, you know, when I first started, it was a long process because it's something new online marketing and affiliate marketing was quite a new thing. To me. And moving from the body guarding life to my new life as a granddad and kind of being at home with my little people. It was quite a transition for a new career. So, but I think by being vulnerable on my tip top, and I'm on Instagram, I think the key part about if anyone asks me What's the key part of my TikTok it would be going live I would say because anyone can put beautiful videos up on their TikTok and nice music and nice filters and stuff like that. But I think when you connect on a personal level, they see if your smiles reach your eyes and they can see you're a real person is quite an eye opener for a lot of people that you know, I've put up quite a few videos trying to stay consistent all the way through. And yeah, I've had some good hits on my site, but I've also been trying to do some split testing in the back of the funnel and stuff like that which has worked out pretty well. 

Dave: So had you ever done any sort of online marketing, affiliate marketing anything before you started learning with us and then getting started marketing?

Ian: No absolutely nothing online. No tech skills, nothing. I couldn't even buy a router from my home and I had to call up a tech support and even set it up. So it was something as basic as that. And when my family were saying to me, Doug, you need to put everything in your iCloud and you can download it and all that I was like well hang on, calm down farmers all my life.

Dave: Right? I mean, you know, I hear that too. And I'm thinking my first thought is, you know, let's come back down to earth I totally understand. So that was when did you get started in actually entering an intake of the 15 Day Online Business Builder challenge?

Ian: The first day of July this year.

Dave: Now this year. Amazing.

Ian: I remember the date because on the 17th of July of this year, I actually was in a quiet bad place as I mentioned, and writing notes to my family because I was in a bad place. A loser and a very broken man. I'll be honest with you so I know the dates pretty well. So when someone popped up on my TikTok on the for you page on the 18th Okay, I made a transition I thought okay, well, we'll give it a go because it's my last roll of the dice now. And I paid $7 for the 15 Day Challenge and then here we are. I didn't have any tech skills before I didn't know what was going on. I didn't know anything about affiliate marketing and didn't know how to funnel an autoresponder sequence. I didn't actually do anything at all. So that's how powerful that 15 Day Challenge is. It's an amazing thing to have. You know, anyone that's tuning in, sees that this is everything I talked about in my life all the time and all the details all come from that 15 Day Challenge. Amazing thing.

Dave: Just to be clear, and I want to circle back to this. I mean, essentially, rock bottom for you writing notes to your family. You were in a damn near suicidal state. I mean you were at the lowest of the lows and in I mean, depressed is an understatement. It sounds like.

Ian: Yeah, a bit of a bit of change. 

Dave: Yeah, I understand. But wow, what a turnaround story,

Ian: Just a little change because I let my family down a lot. And I'm sorry, but I didn't mean for everyone to tune in to see pain.

Ian: It's okay brother, okay. It's okay. This is appreciated. This is honesty and vulnerability. And I think this is why people connect with you so much because you're not afraid to show your heart.

It's just that when someone mentioned that you're rock bottom, and then you know it's there's nothing left. There's nothing left in the tank anymore. Everything has been chipped away at you your whole life, your whole existence and your purpose is just broken away. And all of a sudden someone pops up, well, is this going to be real? Then you put it all in. I'm all in with everything when it comes to Legendary and it's paid off. I get it for the brand and yourselves and it's given me a lease of life but it's also taken away my imposter syndrome. And it's also allowed me to have confidence and someone says, you know, doing a 15 day challenge is fantastic. You're going to learn all these skills to be an affiliate marketer, but it's actually bigger than that and also gives you the confidence to come out to talk to people and you know, just connect on a real level, rather than just do a course thank you very much. It's a course in the family.

Dave: Well, what makes this powerful is the sort of shares you know, these sort of stories like yours, we're lucky to have a community of go getters and we're able to feature somebody every day which is why I feel like we watch what makes us so special. And when people you know, bear their heart and soul like you do, like you've done like you're doing right now. You know, that's what makes it a lot more than money. And it just so happens that, you know, we're not just a community full of people who are saying, hey, it's more than money. I mean, you've actually had a financial transformation you've had you know, you've gone on to make life changing money at least in my eyes. How has that combined? How has the financial aspect combined with the personal transformation that you've gone through? How has that changed things for you over the last six months?

Ian: Well, when the 17th of July was here and I was in a bad place. I couldn't pay my phone bill. I was in such a bad place because you know, money is tight, living paycheck to paycheck, it's very difficult to get out of that dark place. And when your mind's telling you that you're never gonna make it. You might get into that place where yeah, you're right. And this is where I deserve to be for the rest of my days. So that's where I was at, but the financial transformation has been very life changing. I'm able to help my daughter, she's got Crohn's, so she's moved out now she's moved down to a place in Devon. So we helped her with a bit of things for her new home. But also, you know, just doing normal things like I went to Costco the other day and went in there for a chicken and all of a sudden came out with a couple $100 worth of stuff. And the transformation there is I was able to pay off my car for the first time in about a year. That's the pain. That's part of it. That's just life changing stuff. Yeah. Yeah, he's a powerful man. Good stuff. But I think the financial thing is coming in. And it's, as I say, it's bigger than the financial thing. It's actually the connection with people. People come into my lives and talk about their pain and their depression, that PTSD and my stories are difficult, but there's also other people that got life changing stories as well. They came into my live and there was someone for me that day that said to me do you mind if I be honest, your life is a joke. So he said, I've got PTSD and I said, why? And he says, I lost three wives. They all passed away in four years. And you know, people come in for real stories and they've got some real broken people that come in, and it's nice to chat to them and see where they're going with their lives and give them some help and tips and advice to move forward. Amazing. 

Dave: Yeah. Well, I think you've embodied the, the, the, the idea that you grow so much faster when you get into a place where you're helping others instead of always looking to be the one who's getting help. Not that we don't need, I mean, even me, I've been in a position for the last many years of helping others, getting to serve others or having the ability to mentor others. That doesn't mean that I still don't seek out support and help. But the piece that's helped me grow the part of my life in business that's helped me grow more than anything, is you know, when I turn my focus away from me for a moment, and get into somebody else's shoes, get into their life, get into what it's like to be them for a moment and see if I can give them a few words of inspiration, or just an ear or a couple words of encouragement, you know, or appointment section of something that was helpful for me. And I think this business model if we go back to even when I first got started, you know, I was just coming off of a similar place where you were, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I had a heroin addiction, an IV needle addiction, I was deep into the levels the bottoms had trapdoors, I kept going further and further. And when I got clean and in February of 2008, it wasn't you know, long after I started to kind of want to do things with my life because the fog started to settle just a little bit. And, I was trying to stay clean. I was trying to stay clean from a very powerful addiction. And this business model specifically allowed me to be able to get into service with others, and share my story, just exactly like you're talking about right now. And as a result of that, that is when I started to also succeed in making money. When I stopped being a victim you know, when I stopped always in only looking for what you could do for me and how you could help me in thinking and I know depression and in thinking poor me are not the same thing. They're very different. Depression is very real, and I don't want to minimize that. But I can often also get into a selfish poor me attitude. And when I get into service to others, and when I tried to add value to other people's lives, what it does is it gets me out of my own problems, in turn, allows me to serve other people. And my income is in direct proportion to the value that I bring to other people's lives in whether we know it, or not being of service to other people. Giving them encouragement, giving them inspiration in delivering value in the form of new skills or new opportunities is adding value to people's lives. And ironically, incomes go up and that is exactly what I see happening with you.

Ian: So when basically that I decided to go on, go on live and talk to a lot of people in the barebones about license and chat with them on a personal level. People come in and they want to talk about their lives and how they're changing stuff. But I get a lot of messages now. And I walk around my local town and people come up to me. They say, Hey, you and I said yeah, I am. You are motivational and I watched you in your lives because your motivation was like, Well, I started as an affiliate marketer, on the 17th of July, I wasn't going to be here. And now all of a sudden people are saying, Hey, you're such a motivational person that comes on the live and I actually tune in every day just to see your face. Just have a little pick me up. I'm like, Wow, I couldn’t even pick myself up in July, and now I'm picking other people up. How special is that?

Dave: Yeah, it's incredible. The most motivational people are the people who try who aren't trying to be motivational. And I think for those of you who are wondering, oh, well do I have to be some motivational speaker or I could never motivate others. The people who are the most inspirational and motivational to others are people who are not trying to be motivational. You know what I mean? And I think the people who are trying to be motivational speakers or even who are motivational speakers, most of the time, people look at them as corny. And they're not really that into, you know, so keep that in mind when you think about what we're talking about care. You got me now. I mean, it always, you know, it always I always will remember one time I was sitting in a hotel room in Toronto with my wife and I couldn't get the TV to work. And I thought, oh, you know, I was technically overwhelmed. You know what I mean? Because I also get technically overwhelmed. And I called down to the front desk, and I said, you know, can you send up maintenance or, and they said, oh, we'll send an engineer up right away. Oh, you know what I mean, they're gonna send an engineer, okay. The guy comes up, and he looks at the TV, and he unplugs it and plugs it back in and it was fixed. And I’m going oh God, you know? Sometimes the typical things we overlook it takes an engineer to come in and

tenure degree to do that. Sometimes, you know, people can't log on or whatever. And it's kind of like a widget, log off and log back on restart. The computer. Hard Reset reboot.

I need to do that with my brain.

Ian: Yeah. So well, you know, when you said that, you know, your addiction was different to depression. I don't know if it is actually I think we're all in a broken place. Sometimes we get a bit lost in our lives. And sometimes we get to challenging ourselves and thinking well, this is my future and this is where I'm supposed to be and you started challenging yourself as a person and your purpose. So I don't think your addictions are any different than depression. I'll be honest with you, I think, for pain, different degrees of anger.

Dave: Yeah, the feelings are the same. And that, I think, is one of the big psychological pieces that I learned about marketing. That was that the circumstance is irrelevant. The feelings are the same, just like you just said. So if I talk about being a construction worker, I had a drug addiction. You were a bodyguard struggling with depression before you started it, like it's the same pain as you say, so people can relate it to their lives. And when I hear people say, Well, I don't have a story or I don't have anything that I can talk about. It's like, you have struggled and suffered through so many things in your life. Are you still here? Did you survive? Did you maybe even thrive during those situations? Well, that's the kind of shit that great stories are made out of books are written about that movies are made about in the the art of marketing, which is something that I'm so fascinated by you the art of marketing is making, you know, complicated things simple and I'll never forget when I saw that video about the Apple video, when you had the apple on your finger, man. It was so that was the best like there's all these different ways that we teach things like hook story offer, and then the story, the hero's journey. You know what it was like. Hey, you know, we talked about, you know, catching people's attention with a hook and all this stuff. And then in May you just what you've done and I think something that's so powerful about your content, is that you make complicated ideas really simple and I just wondered how I mean, can you talk to us about how you come up with content ideas, and then how you execute them in a way that seems simple for you to do and also comes across simple is it? Take what you're doing or you pretty much I mean, talk to us about over the last six months how you've come to create content that is really engaging and takes complicated ideas and makes them simple.

Ian: Now I think that's a you know, TikTok is a great platform biggest platform in the world you know for for for traffic free, and the Instagrams very special, but I think that I don't take many takes I just normally do as I do a video, or maybe do 10, 15 videos a day. Just little things, just standing in different positions and then I'll add music. The killer part. People get into a TikTok straight away when they hear the first tune and they go oh, I love that song. Could be a romantic song. It could be a rock song. It could be anything but they get taken in by music. I love music myself. And then I put in a few words, but the words sometimes can trigger an emotion so people think you know it's like you turn around and say six months ago is broken. They go wow, this this because he's broken and so my so let's see how he did it. So I think people like to connect on a personal level with their videos. I tried to make some of them funny. I've got a few new funny ones coming. But also I think there's a bit of a switch at the moment. People want some more entertainment. And I think sometimes when I'm doing a transition at the moment, where people are entertaining, I'm trying to entertain them. But I also want to teach people you know, because a lot of comments I'm getting at the moment you know just in a day, I probably get maybe 450,000 messages in my demo TikToks And I can't respond to them all but the majority of the conversations are, can you show us never tell us you never show us? I do but people don't seem to want to go any further. Apart from watching the video they want videos of me explaining exactly the nuts and bolts but it's all in my profile. I just want people who don't seem to want to click on it all the time.

Dave: That's the nature of human beings they want to deliver to him on a silver platter. And that's the, you know, that's on us as marketers to move them along and give them as you know, as we call them lead magnets. You know, we have to, we have to, we have to you know, it's almost like kind of in the old cartoons where they would leave the pieces of cheese you know? Like keep following. You know, you have to you have to leave the crumbs you have to continue to put the the the cheese, carrot stick or whatever you want to call it you know value whatever you have to continue to place it in make it appealing enough to click when you click the link here's what you'll get, you know, and sometimes of course our videos guy go viral and we don't have a clear strong call to action and then we go dammit, I wish I would have put a more strong call to action in that in that video. But, but Okay, so you're seeing a trend right now where overall people are wanting to be more entertained or can you say more about that so I can understand a little bit more about what you mean. Yeah.

Ian: So people want to come in and they obviously see the video and that's the hook isn't it? Like a lot of people talk about but I think they want to be entertained a little bit. And then they want the nuts and bolts of it at the end. Okay, thanks very much. It's funny. I want to see you entertain me but anyway let's cut to the chase people So, basically what you're saying is they want it all. I say to people that they say Oh, I'm not sure about this. I saw that your videos are fantastic. I've seen it for 35 years. I'm still not sure. And, you know, if I'm going to do it, that's okay. Well, you know, it's like you go around their houses and knock on the doors and say, Look, I saw you in my life the other day and time to go, time to make the change. I'd love to be able to do that. But there's obviously just too many people that are procrastinating kills your dreams

you know? 

Dave: Yeah, this is funny. You're funny, man. Yeah, you're funny. You're funny. You're a funny guy, man. I'm glad that you know you decided to stick with us here and do this thing and become a part of our family here because boy you are you bring a lot of joy. I can't imagine I can see you know, I think when I think when you are honest and accept the places that you've been in except the depths that you've been in how much pain you've been in certain times in your life. And you're honest about that instead of trying to sweep it under the rug and instead of trying to act you know, like it's almost like I think we carry around a big bag of rocks. And when we're honest about it and when we begin to you know, when we begin to sort of share and get a lot of that inner shit out. What happens is we begin to kind of drop the bag of rocks that we've been carrying around and we become lighter you know, we become lighter. People we become funnier, we become happier, we become more joyful. And some of the funniest people in the world in some of the most joyful people in the world are people who have experienced deep pain you know, if you think about some comedians or some actors or some of our most, you know, beloved people, they they were funny and they were also experiencing deep pain or did experience deep pain at some points and in their life. And it said, Does it mean that you know if you're funny, you're going to end up dying or committing suicide or something like that. But what I invite all of you who are listening to do is to think about and answer this question, have you been through deep pain? Do you know what it's like? To really to really hurt to really suffer to really struggle? And if you do, are you still carrying around that bag of rocks that is weighing you down? And what if you let all that go and released that by beginning to talk about it or share about it? And I wonder, I wonder if you would all become light as a feather. And when you become light as a feather, because you've dropped that bag of rocks. I think that you would be amazed at how much you actually even like yourself, but also how much people will like you. And I think we're also afraid of a bit of rejection online. But what overwhelms that rejection are those negative hateful comments are the positive comments. So how has that positive feedback to you impacted or inspired you to create more content to even be more bold by becoming or thinking I'm going to entertain these people? 

Ian: Yeah, the thing is, always quite telling people straight by the train that you know we did a six day challenge gives you a lot more than just a training course to learn affiliate marketing and all the other things that go into it, but it gives you confidence. Okay, so before I started the training course on the 17th of July, before that, I wasn't able to go out, I couldn't go shopping, I couldn't go to the grocery store and I couldn't get in the car. I was absolutely useless in every way. And if I did go to the grocery store, I'd be walking around in this cloud of doom. I always go back to Charlie Brown when I was a little boy. I used to see Charlie Brown used to hang around with a boy and is covered in a mist to remember him.

Dave: Yeah, I think it was something like I think Linus was his brother. I was just reading the Charlie Brown book with my daughter the other day, but I know exactly who you're talking about.

Ian: So I will come to the grocery store or to the shopping mall or whatever I'm doing and people used to walk past me. I can say anything, but because I had this aura of darkness and pain, they could see it. So do the training course. And I became more confident and I saw things coming in like commissions are connected with somebody and fantastic, wonderful people. And then I went to the grocery store the other day still in the queue with my shopping like we do. And the lady came up to me says do you want to have such an open face and nice to see you today? I was like, I didn't know this lady. I didn't even know this lady at all. And I thought I just stood there for a second because we can take these things for granted when you're in a dark place. Sure. It was such a powerful thing for me and I did I'll be honest, I went in the car and sat in her law talk to myself because you know, things are changing in my life and people come up and say hey, so before they avoid me because I was just cloud of of darkness about and but when I'm connected with people on my lives, and obviously tick tock and email and all that sort of thing. People are reaching out and saying looking and I need just to can you be my mentor? Can you talk to me about my depression? Can we just talk just for a couple of minutes, have a coffee and that seems to transplant and then if I take the next step they see you know you are being positive and that's a seriously big thing being positive or didn't realize but nice that can actually finish off you know, mindset.

Dave: Yeah, well, I think here's the big hit that if everybody who's listening understands this, and I believe in you have understood this and and I feel like this was again when my business started to take a real shift as well was when I realized that I was not really in the business of of selling products, right selling training or selling lotions, potions and pills and all the other many things that I've tried. What I was in the business of doing was uplifting people. That was what I was in the business of doing and if you think about it every every I think people go to church, all across the world, not because that's where God is. I mean, if you're a believer in God, don't you believe that God is everywhere. God is not just hanging out in the church one day a week for one hour that day.

Ian: He's in the wake of Legendary right now.

Dave: Well, sure, and people go to church to have an uplifting message. They go to church to hear something inspiring, right? To fellowship for connection. And it's the same exact reason why people get involved in most things right? Because they feel more alive when they're doing that or they feel more inspired and attracted to whoever the leader is. And so, I mean, look at what I mean, there's been some dark examples of that to where people believed in something and then the leader turned, you know, evil like the Jim Jones thing. Were those optic right to remember that? Yeah. So knowing that I'm not in the business of selling a product. This is not even about really, like as much as people say, teach me the nuts and bolts. I would encourage you to not get into nuts and bolts on the videos because what people need is a kick in the ass in a poll on the heart, right? They need some inspiration. They need some motivation and they need to be spoken to from the heart to the heart. And they're looking for that uplifting message. Right? And I think for so many people who come in and just start kind of copycat marketing looking at what other people do and just trying to do the same thing and then they say I don't know why my videos aren't taken off. I don't know why my marketing is not taken up. Well, it's because people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Yeah, let me say that again. They don't care how much you know. Until they know how much you care. Yeah. And if they believe that you care, you truly give a shit. You actually give a damn about their well being in the quality of their life. It doesn't matter whether you were recruiting them into an MLM, whether you are getting them started with a lemonade stand business, whether you are promoting affiliate marketing training, it really doesn't matter. If they believe in you, and they believe that you care, they are willing to follow you to the ends of the earth. Now it just so happens that I believe we teach the best business model that somebody can do. But I guarantee you that if you were promoting how to build a lemonade stand, and they knew how much you care, and they believed in you and they believed in the words and they felt energized and empowered when you were speaking, instead of being talked down to or controlled or demeaned, or all of the other things that we see so often in society that's when you that's when it clicks with them, that's when they'll follow you to the ends of the earth. And I think that your secret sauce and I just want everybody to understand that it doesn't. It's not about how much you know, it's about how much you care.

Ian: I mean, as I say, I didn't know anything before I started this journey. And you know, I'm quite honest with a lot of people that I don't know a lot of the nuts and bolts. All I know is the training course works and you implement everything they teach you. Invest in yourself a little bit by yourself a few extras while you're in your training course you can make a life changing difference. But the biggest thing is, you know, the personal connection with people. I want everyone to make it. There's enough money in this industry for every single person to make it in their lives. But you know, I can't pop around their house and take them out and say look, let's go we've got to go do it. You got to get it a little bit as well. But I'm here all the way along the journey. For these people. They want me to help. They want to come in and have a talk. I give them my mobile number. So they can give me a call or a text and say hey, listen, I saw you on your live the other day. Can you just give me some help? Because I need a push. Yeah, I can do that as well. But the personal thing is very special to me because everyone's very special on the TikToks coming in on this. Obviously all the Legendary family. But you know what's powerful about it is that 21 days ago, only 31,000 followers 21 days ago now over half a million people are coming in. So now for every single person that comes in, they're all friends. And it's not my TikTok, it's theirs so that's what ‘s important.

Dave: Yeah. Do you believe that? Someone really is one video away from completely blowing up their business?

Ian: I don't agree. Not. I don't think so. I think it's about longevity. And they see your turn up every day. They see you dedicated and I'm very dedicated to the legendary brand all the way and always will be because this is what saved me and this is why I'm here as a person, not as in a person just coming into work but actually as a human not not passing away. It's what I'm saying. And that's how powerful Legendary is for me. So I will talk about it all day long forever because this is what made me who I am today. But I do think that if you turn up every single day consistently, and you've got videos you're putting out and you go on the FYP all the time on the TikTok and they see wow, this guy's on my phone more than me. Wow. Check it out.

Dave: So you believe it's kind of like investing. It's better to focus on time in the market rather than timing the market. Right instead of looking for that one big hit you feel the better approach is not to focus on that at all. But just focus on being consistent in showing up every day. Okay, that makes a lot of sense. Talk to me a little bit about going live. Matt just sent me over your income with Legendary over the past 30 days. And I'm like, I'm freaking out because it's so extraordinary. And it's it's just I know what it's like to have a big month like that for like the first time online. And, you know, it's life changing. So I want to congratulate you on that.

Ian: You know, but I think that I think is, you know, I feel ashamed of myself in a way because, you know, I'm like a lot of people. We get stuck in a job that we've been doing for a long time. We've been in an employer for a long period of time, and you actually stand there doing anything that's my lot. And this is what I'm supposed to do because my dad and my granddad said, You've got to work for a company for 10, 20, 30, 40 years. They retire, sit on your porch with the corn on the cob, and that's the end of that. Nowadays, those things don't happen and losing my job was a blessing in a way and forced me into a situation where I had to. Well, I went downhill. But if I'd have not lost my job as a bodyguard for two years for those people, I would still be doing it now. Working 21 hour a day seven days a week living with the clients in their house. So you know, it kind of saved me on many levels. So being broken and losing everything is losing my money. But you know, I was earning $80,000 A month working 21 hour days, seven days a week living with people in their house. And never have I been home at all. I wasn't home for well for 20 years. I was only home for three Christmases and 20 years. That's how passionate I was about my industry. People are saying what's going on? Well, I work a few hours a day. I'm going to live for quite a few hours because I can relax at home. While making 14-15k A week. It's a ridiculous amount of money. And everyone can do it. Everyone can do it. It's just such a beautiful thing.

Dave: So talk to me a little bit about going live because it seems like for you some of the videos that have done really well that you've posted. It seems like going live has helped you convert a lot more of those views into sales. Do you believe that? Is that? I mean, is that why you're going to live? Talk to us about why you go live so often, and how you're able to do it. I think a lot of people have a fear of going live because they're like, Well, what would I talk about and I don't know anything or whatever. So how have you gone from just starting six months ago to you know, being able to talk on a live go live? And again, why do you go live so often? Tell us a little bit about your thought process in that strategy.

Ian: I do believe that people like to connect with someone. As I say people can put videos up all day 6, 7, 20, 30 videos a day and go okay, they're a bit of the same, but, you know, it's a bit of entertainment in there. You might pop your cat in there for a bit of fun, but it's not until you become live when you connect with people on a real level and they see your emotions the way you speak. It's like I'm new here right now. We could be sitting in a coffee shop, having a coffee together, looking across the table to each other, having a talk and I think people want to feel that connection with people, especially when they're going to part with their money and change with their lives. They want to see that person's real person. They're talking properly. I think that's the key thing. I think connection and the lives I go long lives long time because obviously people come and go, some people come and see me in the morning and and in the afternoon. They can't make it all depend, but I like to get everyone to come in to see their lives throughout the day and get the message I'm hoping someone will pop in on my life. In the two or three hours I go live. We talk about PTSD, depression, my mum's dementia or my daughter my daughter's Crohn's or you know, passive income, or TikTok or whatever you talk about anything in that life is just about I'm not just here to talk about money, because I believe that money, people love to have money and it's fantastic to have. But, you know, in my opinion, money doesn't make you happy. It gives you options in life. And when you have options  you become free when you're free what are you as a person? Just a better kind of person to yourself and also other people around the thing?

Dave: So do you feel more comfortable now that you're doing lives and have been doing them for some time versus when you first got started?

Ian: Yeah, because when I first started high imposter syndrome, and my mind was telling me a dark place you can't do it. No one's listening to you. You're an old man now. No one wants to see an old man on the ticket dogs. That old all of a sudden, you know your brain is telling you you can't do it. It's like a lot of things in life as you know, you can talk yourself out of it very fast. And if you get your mind set up and all of a sudden, it is difficult at the start because you're not talking to anybody. And then the odd person will come in. I do have to switch off. Sometimes some of the comments come in at the moment and very difficult and like any industry will get haters popping in to say a couple of two pounds worth or two cents worse, whatever it is, but you have to block that out and that's what I've got some moderators in there now because it's getting a bit bigger than it used to be.

Dave: Yeah, like you're speaking real talk. Like you're, you know, you're sitting on the live. There's nobody. There's zero viewers right and then one person pops in and says some hateful shit, how did you get through that you know cuz that is difficult shit?

Ian: This one guy came on and says oh Colonel Sanders is in the house. But that's the first thing I got. But you know, this life, isn't it not everyone that claps is your friend. Right? Right. 

Dave: Some of your biggest supporters would be the first one to stab you in the back.

Ian: Yeah. Over the last couple of months it has been difficult, but what can you do when you see things when you're low and you're broken? People are there to help you put your arm around you. And then you progress to a level. They're like, wow, this is cool. I'm really pleased for you and then you do a bit better. It's like oh, maybe a bit different. Like, don't you go growing too fast on me.


Dave: Yeah, that's funny. That's funny. That's hard. That's a hard thing about life. I've had to deal with that on some levels. Yeah, maybe it's more my head than anything. I don't know. But I think a lot of people go through it though, Dave. I think a lot of people feel that sometimes. No walks of life. You know, you could be a millionaire trillionaire around this world. They're all the same. They'll go through the same pain and they all have the same difficulties hence why I was in an industry for 20 years looking after people that had you know threats in their lives. You don't hire a bodyguard unless you've got some sort of threat going on. 

Dave: Well man wow. I mean, this is good shit. It really is. It's real. I'm just what is your message for people who are you know, just getting started and who are dealing with some of the stuff that we're talking about, you know, the and I've told my story of, you know, 100 times on here people are probably tired of hearing it but about you know, when so, you know, with that said, let me tell it again. That's really what this is all about. Right? It's to tell the same story until it finally clicks for people. And at the end of the day, you really the only thing that you have is your own story. You know what I mean? And, and, you know, when people think about me, they don't they don't remember some training that I did, you know, eight years ago that was so fantastic. It was like, you know, the slides and the you know, the detail of, you know, in the Facebook ads, nobody remembers that they remember the whole that's that dude who was a junkie who worked construction and then you know, changed his life and became an online marketing millionaire. You know what I mean? Like, they don't they don't remember

the freaking you know, the Facebook post that was so in depth that gave the organic marketing

strategy they don't they don't remember that. They remember the story in the heart, in the feelings in the images of what your life was like, where you came from, and then where you got to. they don't remember the training course, they don't remember all the ads. They don't remember all the things that's happened in their lives, but they all always will remember how it made them feel. 

Ian: That's what I feel. They'll remember the experience of how it made them feel at that point. reminds them of the situation they're in. So you know, if I was going to give anyone advice on here that's looking to start their affiliate marketing journey with Legendary or you know, there'd be days where you will wake up one morning evening, why I can't think of anything I can't think of content. I'm not sure what I'm going to do if you get a bit of fog, you know, just sit down and have a think about what would you like to see, what message would you like to see? And if you'd become open and free and just let it flow with some nice music. I think that you know, it will come but you know, there'll be days I didn't. I didn't receive any commissions for the first four weeks. And that was a difficult part because we all like to put time into a training course and see some reward. We'd like children in some ways. You know, your dad came in, did this coloring for you, dad, oh, good boy, or good son, whatever you're doing, I think is the same if you do a 15 day training course and dedicate yourself to it and implement everything they teach you on the course. But you want to see results, but you have to be patient. Patience is key, I think in this industry. And if I can become an affiliate marketer for patients, I think we will be having this live on

Dave: Well, I don't know how many people would buy that though. You know? It's, you know, it's if you're willing to do the opposite of what everybody else is doing. You know, I think that's how to win in anything. And that's why I always talk about outlasting people because the majority of people won't stick with something. The majority of people and I hear this all the time. It's like people you know from affiliates. My customers are not starving the challenge. They're not finished. Well, welcome to humanity. You know what I mean? Where people buy shit and don't finish it, where people buy a gym membership and never even go to the gym, where people look at their credit card bill. And look at all the subscriptions and all the kind of stuff that they had that they signed up for that they never used and they're like, holy shit, no wonder I'm broke. I'm paying for all this stuff I'm not using anymore, who cannot relate to that? Right? So for us as business owners, there's a lot to be said about outlasting people about just sticking it and that's one of the reasons it sounds so simple, but we have something like every single person who comes on the show is always like consistency. Stick with it. Be You know, like you said today show up every day. Don't just look for the one hit wonder right show up every day and be in it for the long term. It's why people say that over and over again because it's true and it's based on their experience. And so if you're somebody who's been looking for the one hit you know, for the one hit wonder for the magical trick for the secret commission button, and you've been buying course after course or following guru after guru, you know, put down your, you know, put down just basically you're beating yourself up you're put down the stick, you know, in with something for a little while and give it an honest effort. You know, an honest effort to me is nine to 12 months, you know what I mean? Give yourself some time, give big fish and even if you don't get it in the bow. It's that big hit that brings you back. It's just like golfing. You know I I can shoot 18 holes and have one good shot the entire day. And it's like, I mean, I'm onto something here, you know, but the rest of the day sucked. But it's that we won you know, you got to give your time to have given yourself some wins. And they will they will keep you coming back and

Ian: I do think that's a key thing. People get too fixated on their TikToks and the video views and things like that. And I think my secret at the time was just to put videos out of what I felt passionate about and what I liked and the message I wanted to put out and just put it out. I didn't care what times I put it out. I didn't care what time of day I watched my video or whatever you know people will tell you you need to put out this time you need to do this. This time you need to put one every hour you need to do six you need to do four doesn't matter just put out and if you get 10 views, who cares? He was put out, don't care about just putting it out. Someone will click on that, someone will see your message and someone will be desperate to see your message somewhere along the line somewhere just to put it out. And don't Don't Don't worry about all that.

Dave: I totally agree with that. I have a dirty little secret in the last you know decade of doing this. You know I could have made way more money or whatever if I was an analytics nerd and you know I Follow the latest and greatest. You know what's hard and oh go over here and do this or try to time things like you say and I hear people say ask this question all the time. When's the best time to post on social media? As if you post your shitty content at 5pm versus you know, 4pm it's gonna make a big difference. If your shit sucks, it sucks. You know what I mean? If it's just robotic, it's gonna suck at first. That's the thing that sucked at first. You're sucked at first. We all suck that first. Just anything that you do at the beginning, you're going to suck. But if you keep doing it, you keep practicing and get better. And it doesn't matter whether you put it out at 4pm or 5pm. It doesn't matter if it's good stuff. People are going to eat it up.

Ian: Yeah, people will forget sometimes they say okay, I live in the USA, or I live in Canada. So I'll post my videos when everyone's sitting down afterward that come back from the freeway. I've done the grocery shopping in the city at seven, eight o'clock at night. But what about people in Japan? What about people in Europe? We've got people in New Zealand, they're having breakfast, they're doing their thing. It's a worldwide global industry on ticky tock and people can actually connect any single time from around the world. So if you're posting videos at seven, eight o'clock at night, Eastern Standard Time, then it's six o'clock in the morning in Sydney, but you know, it doesn't matter. Put it out. Just get it up. Yeah.

Dave: My brother, listen, I appreciate your time. Congrats on your momentum that you have going on right now. Don't stop, just keep doing what you're doing. Keep spreading this message that you have that's so powerful and I want to tell you I want to validate you that it is so powerful the way that you open your heart and you wear your heart on your sleeve and in you people can tell that you care. And they don't. I don't think people even care how much you know you know what I mean? Like if you're the first to admit that I'm not you know, I think that's a lot of I think that's really valuable. And it's a great strategy to be like, Look, I am not a tech genius. I'm not you know, there's a lot of stuff I don't understand. I just know it works. So go check it out. I mean, that's the essence of a good affiliate marketer. You're not positioning yourself as the expert. You're simply saying look, I can do this. I've done this. And I don't, I just got started. I am new. I don't know a lot about the nuts and bolts but it works. So go check it out. When you start to try to be the expert when you're doing affiliate marketing, you take the attention off of the product that you're promoting and you bring it on to yourself and it messes up the flow of the affiliate marketing process. You know because you are recommending you are promoting something when the focus is on that. It's not on you and the greatest affiliate marketers in the world are the experts because that's not how you position yourself as an affiliate. you position yourself as look. I mean, I've learned a lot. I'm better than I was at the beginning. But I don't know most of all of this stuff like it's all new and I don't quite frankly want to learn it. I just know that I learned how to set it up. And I don't want that anymore and I focus on X, Y and Z which is marketing right not dilly dallying around with Bing. I'm not we're not learning how to be a software engineer here. We're not learning how to code websites for God's sake. You know, we set up a few pieces of software and then we focus on marketing and promoting and basically just talking in a leveraged way using these platforms that, you know, turns one view into 100 views into 100,000 views. And it's actually pretty simple that you've mastered that. Ian, you've mastered that. And what I find what I find is that when people start when they have success, and then if they start to kind of level out or whatever, it's where they know they learn too much. And when they get there they lose touch with that newbie language and that newbie message, right? So there's a challenge of learning too much. There's a challenge of speaking over people's heads that as you learn more, you get to speak in a more complicated language. So even as you continue to learn more, it's really important that we all focus on speaking plainly to people speaking in a language that they understand and not speaking over their head and I think you do that powerfully. And I think it's important for us to understand what works for us, because it's not just dumb luck. You know, you are speaking plainly and simply from the heart and it's touching people and it's reaching people, and it's moving them in the direction that you're pointing them towards.

Ian: People seem to always be over analyzing things over analyzing the video over analyzing timings. It gets very complicated and don't overthink it. You know, sometimes the basics and the 15 day training is enough. It is enough. I'm telling you it is enough for people to change their lives. You don't have to have or what if it doesn't do this? What does it plateau? What we're gonna do, it works, you don't have to have shiny object syndrome. You don't have to go to the next quick fix because you think it is quick, just stay the course for longevity. People will come if you stay consistent and turn up every day and they will come and visit you and then when they visit you they see you as a real person. You connect them. They'll come with you as you say anywhere you want to go to very special people.

Dave: Well said my friend, well we've got your link up, people can connect with you, support you lift you up, continue to you know support you and your mission and your journey and the value that you're bringing and I know you'll continue to you and support back so thanks brother so much. Thanks for your time today. And I'll talk to you really soon

Ian: Very kind Dave. I appreciate everybody at the legendary team and Max and all the Roxy are great people and very kind. And thank you for my friend by the way.

Dave: You're welcome my friend. Keep up the great work, buddy. Thank you, my friend. You can see why he's somebody who you would definitely want to have in your family in your network. So go and connect with him and learn and watch and see and model, you know, model what works in this would be a conversation that would be worth listening to again, because there were some nuggets that were dropped here. Mostly around simplicity and the power of speaking from the heart the power of speaking in plain language the power of not over speaking or confusing people with things keeping your language simple keeping your message simple, and keeping your message mostly about your inspiration and speaking honestly about real topics that people are you heard he was talking about, hey, what are my life? Well, my mother's dementia, my depression in near suicide, my daughter's Crohn's disease, and not about the specifics of those things about the difficulty the emotion How am I managing that? Because people also say, Oh, I'm going through something similar. And wow, he's even dealing with this and he's also building his business and he seems to be somebody who's finding happiness out of all these difficult things. That's real life shit. That people get value from those sorts of honest conversations. And so if you're looking for a topic, you're looking for things to talk about, you're looking for things to go live about. You know, Don't over analyze it and don't try to speak about things that you don't know about. Talk about things that are relevant in your life and ask yourself can people relate to this and make it relatable to them? You'll find yourself starting to connect with a lot more people and be a lot more influential. Alright, with that being said, my friends, I will connect back with you. We will connect back with you tomorrow. As always, give him a follow, send him some love for a lot of value today and we'll see you guys back here tomorrow for another episode. Peace.