Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends welcome this is Dave Sharpe this morning we have, we have. Right. I'm gonna tell you something if you get a chance to be able to see this man, this man ain't playing with that beer game, you got to see what I'm talking about here a second ago I had a beer back in 2015 but Brett, he has a, he's a full time chiropractor as well. And he's starting his journey online so let's hear what he's got to say Brett Welcome to the show my brother.

Brett: Pleasure to be here to say the least. Thanks for having me. 

Dave: Hey, you're welcome, Man, you're welcome. Where are you calling from?

Brett: Actually if anyone's familiar with the flag behind me, I'm actually out in the suburbs of Chicago 30 miles west.

Dave: What is, what does the flag mean, is that something that's related to the state?

Brett: It’s the city flag, yeah.

Dave: Yeah. Well, I'm not sure. Well I'm not from Chicago so that's why I didn't recognize it.

Brett: Yeah, some people might recognize it, for sure. All right.

Dave: Well cool Brett man, well welcome, And, you know, glad to have you on. You're a full time chiropractor, what, what, what led you into the, the crazy world of online marketing, how did you get here, how did you find us and, you know what, what, what did that journey look like in a nutshell,

For sure. Well, TikTok, like most of us here. My wife had downloaded the app, and you know I just was on the couch, or on my chair, you know, watching TV or whatever and just constantly hearing her laugh, day in and day out, it's like okay well, Facebook's kind of depressing, getting away from that I could use a laugh so started going on TikTok. And, first it was kind of political. And I really had to actively search to get out of that algorithm. And then all of a sudden this make money online stuff started popping up, and slowly but surely more than seeing it more and more and more, and I watched it for months, you know, thinking about it, thinking about it. Should I do it, you know I want to do something else because of what I do. Those who make me money I trade time for money. That's just how it is, I could open my own practice, but it's not exactly very advantageous. Time for anyone to open anything new right now. So, I wanted something that I could passively, make some money with and look in, and obviously the more stuff you see the Facebook, or the Amazon FBA drop shipping all that stuff kind of looking into this, this affiliate marketing, seem to be the one. I mean, easy with my schedule, aren't as far as something that I can do where I don't, maybe have to obviously learn it all on the front end but get to a point where it can be, you know, one to two hours a day, you know, easy something to do on the side. So I kept seeing this 15 Day Challenge and it was this I think his name's Len, Hoy JR. He's the bald guy who moved to Thailand, and I remember seeing, he just on a whim, packed up three bags of his shit and hopped on a plane, sold everything and went to Thailand to just kind of live his dream and he's doing right over there. So I bought it from him. Then I sat on it for like two months and I didn't do I was like what am I doing, you know, and I finally started it got hooked up with Andre, who is watching, he's been a huge help and just kind of snowballed from there and I, I really, you know, I met with is it MLM, is it a scam is it this back because I don't just buy things just to get into things. Sure. And it was, and I got in and, I mean just the story was told, and just got hooked up with Andre went through the challenge brought into the education. You know many nights until 2am, watching videos, learning just constantly grinding at it, and now I feel like I'm to a pretty good point where I'm starting to implement new things and have been very blessed and obviously your story too is extremely inspirational as well. Very very similar in a sense made in different ways, and it's definitely been a shining light to say the least. Having this kind of be implemented right now. 

Dave: Yeah, a cool man made some money and felt hopeful about it. Yeah, you've made, you know the right decision as far as this season of your life anyways?

Brett: Absolutely, because me and my wife we like primarily, you know, passive income, it's cool waking up and seeing deposits in your bank, checking accounts, that's pretty cool. But you know me and my wife you know I'm a chiropractor, she's a therapist, the big thing that I was looking for is to have something else pay the student loans that eventually pay off the student loans and then, you know God that happens I'll be able to do whatever the hell I want to do. You know what I mean. After that, that was kind of the reason you know to free up more of our income with what we get with our bonus salaries with our jobs and then have something else take care of that and then hopefully really take care of that. And, kind of, you know, hopefully, that's the idea, as far as that goes, and then whatever happens after that happens is what it is. Yeah. Very similar stories more than you might even realize my wife is also got a degree in psychology didn't quite go into becoming a therapist, but she definitely did a lot of counseling in her, even with her bachelor's degree, she worked in different social service jobs, mainly at addiction and homeless shelter for a period of time as I was kind of building up business in, in, kind of, you know doing my thing for several years until finally I was able to retire her I guess if you will from that career and pay off all her student loans for her. And that was a big, that was a big thing because, you know, when she was going to college, her. I don't want to I don't want to incriminate her but she did, you know, she did kind of whatever it took to go to college. Her father was sort of a strange stim, and she needed student loans, and, and I'll just leave it at that. And, and so, you know. Now she works here with, with, we work together on a daily basis and it's, it's, it's interesting being in a relationship with a therapist too, though, isn't it, Matt also like that it's just been good for me though she's been really good for sure.

Dave: Yeah, I mean my wife's the best thing that ever happened to me and, frankly, she's, she blesses a lot of people with, with, with this infinite wisdom she tends to pull from her. I call her mother earth. But, but, dude, it's great. It's awesome. Somebody explains why she married Dave. I used to tell this. I used to tell this joke. That was like he was a client of hers, and then she was like Dave, would you please stop telling that joke that that just is the most embarrassing shit ever. You know, even though it's, It's a joke. But what so what, what, um, what has been the, what do you think the biggest thing right now that still keeping people from pursuing some sort of alternative income stream or business or side hustle whatever you want to call it, because it was a side hustle to me at first as well until it became a business and then it became a career. What do you think is holding people back, you mentioned a couple of things you sat on for two months. You watch for another three months. So, even you who's now rocking and rolling had lots of little moments that turned into two months, three months here. Why do you think people are still even after everything we've been through recently that has shown that nobody has security, and that anything could happen at any time. Why do you think that people are still full floundering, if you will, or one foot in one foot out, I mean, what, what could you say that other people might relate to, and then eventually maybe we could get them off the fence?

Brett: Comfort and familiarity, maybe lack of control, learning something new, and being scared because you don't know what the hell is going to happen until you do it and I appreciate all the time in my videos and you know that was the big thing, you know, you know, I'm from Iowa, you know, when we get off work, you know, we'd go to the bar, have some drinks and it was kind of like rinse and repeat, you know, doing that and then just being comfortable and my dad, you know he's worked his entire life, he's a farmer, never traveled or anything like that never got out of his comfort zone with anything different. My mom a speech pathologist, you know, worked her butt off for 30 plus years, you know, doing her thing but trying something new and start your own business is something I've never done, you know, I work for chiropractors I'm an associate chiropractor, you know, and just knowing that even want to start something like that, that's scary. That's not something that, you know, the weak at heart can get into running a chiropractic practice with insurance and Medicare and all that stuff that you have to deal with. So the unfamiliarity of me not knowing what the hell anything, how do I get traffic, how do I even a funnel, what is that like what do you know, how do you implement all this shit together. You know what I mean and it was, that was the biggest part of it, but I knew, because I, you know, got three degrees, a doctor, you know, did many things that I didn't think I could do before I did them. And it's like, I know I can do it, if these other people are doing it I know I can do it I'm not stupid. You know what I mean. So, it was just actually just putting that second foot in and just diving right in and actually doing it. And that's the thing I think is the biggest is unfamiliarity being scared.

Dave: Yeah, I, I like to, I like to say this, you got into business, you didn't get stupid, you know, because that's what somebody said to me when I was getting clean over, you know, some 13 years ago they said, well you got clean eating get stupid because all of a sudden, you know, here I am reppin and running, you know, doing all these hustles and surviving out there on the streets and then all of a sudden I get clean and I'm a normal member of society and I act like I'm dumb like I don't know where to get a meal from or what in my sponsor my mentor but he got clean he didn't get stupid. What would you do if I wasn't here to give you advice, you know, though I think that that's true when we go into new territory we especially if they're, you know, our people around that, you know, if we were alone on an island we would have to figure it out but for whatever reason, when we're going in new territory. Maybe it's the conditioning of the school system whenever to where we can get our hand slapped and get an F and get graded and we have to get validated by other people. But there's, there's, there's a tendency Yeah, too, not too, too, too tu video tiptoe like, Am I doing it right like in have all this sort of fear. And it really is. It really is a problem and I don't yet know how to overcome it except to put real people like yourself, that's why we do this show every day with our actual clients and affiliates instead of other gurus because it's like how are everyday people overcoming these challenges in these fears, and so what are some of the things you sold us some of the self talk. Well I can figure things out, you know, I've been through stuff before I've overcome. What else do you think, helped you to get off your own version of your own fence because that probably looked different than other people's and got moving through education, and then got movin into action.

Brett: Well I know I have a good story. You know, I know I can motivate people. I've really really really worked on being as positive as you can and really just the art of not giving a fuck. And just as far as taking those steps and initially doing it. You have to just put yourself into it, stop thinking about it because what can happen is you think you can, you know, learn all this stuff and even keep going even when I was starting the program oh I need to learn this and do this and do this a little bit more, and build up my comfort level and build up because the more I know I think the better I'll be as far as being ready goes, and, like, I can't, and I had a talk with you know someone who's you know I chat with and follows me about this whole thing. It's like you think you keep, you know, learning and learning, and that's gonna make you jump and that's gonna, you just have to go, you have to just put everything aside, you got to know that you're going to get uncomfortable as hell, I made my first video I mean I'm a very outspoken very, you know, in your face type. Dude I don't put up with any shit whatsoever. Very hard headed in a good way, I think, and I know I can talk to people I know if I can put myself out there and actually just do it. I know I can give a good product to people. And I know I can motivate people and helping someone like with what I do, you know, healing people with my hands, there's nothing more rewarding than that, helping people change their lives, you know, by doing this that was on the other end as far as making money yeah sure whatever that's that's great, that's obviously why we get into it but I am definitely tuned into helping people, you know, kind of do what I did get more confidence in themselves, and taking that jump and then seeing, you know, everything fall into place and like you said, if you help people get what they want, you'll get what you want, and I'm all about helping people try to get what they want as far as this goes and other things so it's just a matter of you just gotta like, Get over yourself and just dive right in. You're going to be uncomfortable, but you gotta do it, and you have to be consistent, very consistent too.

Dave: Is that something that you that you lacked at the beginning or at some point in the journey whether it was the education phase or more of your action taking phase, where did that being consistent, become a must for you to where you realized, oh this is an essential?

Brett: Yeah, I mean because, you know like on TikTok and you have been watching this show too and consistency that we're just keeps coming up, and they're right, the more you stay in front of people's face, the more they're going to see it, you know, you might not sell them on the first, second, third or 20th video, but you could get them on the 45th or 50th video. You know what I mean and trying to make at least a video a day, something, you know, When I was early on, making videos, it was like pointing and doing this and not speaking and not telling a story and not like letting my, my personality come through, which is also I think pretty valuable. Yeah but just getting to the point where you know you just gotta do it and I come home after work I got to drive home half hour, I already have in my head what I'm going to do I'll knock out a video, I've gotten to the point where I've I've taken, I've done so many TikTok, you know, it's like boom boom boom and it's like, oh, edit, edit, edit and it's like I'm teaching people I don't even know how to do any of that shift before more I did it the better it gotten the more automatic it gets to just build a new habit. I just matter is diving in and doing it, honestly, day in and day out, for sure.

Dave: Well for me accountability also equals consistency for me because I'm not a very consistent dude with things that I may not particularly enjoy doing or that are hard like so for example, working out, like if I don't have some sort of accountability piece built into that whether it's a trainer waiting on me or somebody that I'm checking in with on a daily basis or something that I'm doing, to stay accountable. I honestly at the age that I am now I used to have more motivation to do it, and but now I'm like I would much rather just sit around and work or do nothing than exercise that's just the cold hard facts, I'm not the guru who gets up here, and tells everybody to hammer it every day. I mean, look, those guys exist out there I guess but I'm not one of them. My reality is that I'm tired as shit. I have two little kids at home, running a business. My ass is tired, man. I'm just tired. I'm getting tired man, I mean I don't really, you know, I was talking to my buddy the other day, who's got what one of my daughter's five year old friends came over and he's just like, Yeah man, he's like I am exhausted. So, that accountability piece with his show this, you know, this is my accountability to create content on a daily basis. You know we're doing ads and so forth too and I have an accountability partner and Matt there for a lot of that stuff. So are you you're, it sounds to me like there's two things going on that are holding you accountable, number one, a routine, and number two you have now under value this everybody you have now built up an audience who's actually, you feel accountable to your audience to stream content is that is that on.

Brett: Yes, because they come to you and with, like how I was with, who inspired me, and you know yourself coming into the program and just continuing on what I was doing. Seeing those people, you know, do it. And, day in and day out, and they're just living examples, And you see the momentum they're building, and you see the content they're making, and the more you do it to like my videos, like I used to, you know, I can go off on tangents as you guys are probably seeing here, but you know, getting shorter content you know so you can play the algorithm learned how to develop through that, you know my contents gotten into more streaming stuff, more like you know choppy snappy videos you know stuff to get you just develop this stuff over time and as you do it like your comfort level, level builds in so many different avenues with all of this, you just get to the point like everyone said when they finally get to that point they're just doing it and they're doing it well, you get to that point where everything's working. And you're gonna have ups and downs for sure, you're 100% going to have ups and downs, peaks and valleys for sure. But the biggest thing too is I always really, really try to stay positive and the art of not giving you know, a fuck or putting too much thought into some of the not so good stuff to what's actually worked for me and just continue to try to learn and grow all the time.

Dave: So you've mentioned that book art of not giving a fuck a couple of times that is a book that was actually written?

Brett: Yes it’s a good YouTube video too, and I play that fairly consistently.

Dave: Okay, well maybe that'd be helpful for everybody who's paralyzed with giving a damn about what everybody thinks well there's levels there's given a dam and give it a fuck I think given a dam is where you're kind of concerned giving a fuck is where you're absolutely paralyzed by what everybody thinks you can't you give too many fucks. So how do you give less fucks? How do you care less what you learn from that book or what you have, what you have. What is from that book, and also from your own learning, you know, through doing this, how have you started to give less fucks? I mean what have been your major takeaways from either that book or whatever, that has helped you that might help those listening?

Brett: Well my profession to is really kind of, you have to have that mindset because I'm a chiropractor, it's not things that people have ever heard about the present 13% of the population sees a chiropractor, you know, so I'm like talking to people who, who come in, and I know I have a good product. I know what I got. I don't care if you want it or not, it's gotten to that point, if you want it, I'm going to ride with you. If you don't, I don't give a shit. I used to be when I was first out of practice if someone wanted to like you know come in and you thought they're going to be a good patient for the treatment plan and whatever then they cancel after a few visits and you're like, oh, you know, the hell. What did I do? You know why God what did I say what happened like why it's like, you know, sometimes this shit doesn't come down to you, it comes down to them and you need to keep putting your, you know your negative thoughts around what they're doing. Yeah, and so doing and being a chiropractor for 10 years and it being in a high volume practice seeing over 500 patients a week. You know, it's a rotating door, and we have great reviews, we have a great, you know, community, and we have a great foundation. And if you want what we got. You're going to come and find us and you're going to come ask us for it, you're going to get it. Same thing with this if you want what I have as far as coaching or anything like that. I'm going to give it to you and everything. If you don't, if you chat with a couple lines and like oh I'm just thinking about that I don't hear from you. It's not on me, it's on you, you know, I'll be here when you're ready to come around. Normally my mom also is big, she's an Italian hard, you know, hard headed Italian, great, great woman. She, my whole life showed the art of not giving that book, my career, my as my mom, you know, you know, it all kind of tied in together and to me just really developing, I don't give a damn what people think about anything. 

Dave: I want to point out the fact that, if you are riddled with people pleasing characteristics of your personality. It's not just this, it's not just your marketing business that's going to come out as you so clearly pointed out a chiropractor view illustrated the perfect example of how you could drive yourself absolutely crazy with giving a damn what, you know if somebody cancels Oh, what did I say what did I do, I must have, you know this or that.I did something wrong.

I mean, I'm not good enough, you know, maybe they went back to their old chiropractor, maybe they went on to find somebody else. But I just think that how we do one thing is how we do everything. And so if we're having certain personality shortcomings, or, or, or, you know, mindset issues come up in, in our, in our marketing business. It's not like we're going to go over here and do Amazon or we're gonna go over here and do drop shipping or we're gonna go over here and open a popsicle stand, and all of a sudden, we're just going to be successful because it's the business it's not us. No, we're gonna go open that popsicle stand in for every person that walks by, we're going to have that same likely reaction that I look at him on what is there something wrong with my stand is my hair. Do I have a booger hanging out of my nose, I mean there's going to be constant, what's, you know, this sort of patterns that are going to come up in so it's a great point and I think that if we're if we're all honest and we look back at our life, we'll see that the things that are coming up now in our business, although they may be more front and center because this will bring out all the things that you need to grow, all the things that you need to work on this business being an entrepreneur will. But if we look back over our lives, likely we have patterns, and we can do one of two things we can avoid in go in, say, it's the thing, it's a scam, it didn't work, I didn't get supported whatever in blame others or we can say shit, I am a people pleaser, I give a shit what people think way too much, it paralyzes me, then I get anxiety, then I get depression. Then I go into a cycle of looking for the next hot shiny thing, shiny object syndrome is is not, it's, it's, it's, it's merely a symptom of something, as you would probably say doc that shiny object syndrome is a symptom of something deeper that's going on inside of us that likely we are avoiding agree

Brett: 100% Absolutely. And, you know, when it comes. Like I say, you know, getting uncomfortable, and on that point with the Amazon FBA and you know, I see I started seeing and that's what I was kind of gearing my content. I was like you know trying to think of content, but let me show all these people I got a couple stories, you know, a couple you know some different ways to make money online, which is good and valuable but it can also attract kind of the wrong crowd. As far as that goes. I had an instance where I'm kind of getting off on a tangent here, I had gotten a really good viral video with doing voice overs, which is something I've kind of wanted to do for a long time and I was kind of attracting a different crowd, kind of a very bitchy crowd, and you know they were kind of crying about you know oh my god you didn't say that there was a, you know that there was a membership or blah blah blah and it's like okay sorry, you know, my bad. And then, you know, having people, not caring, you know, not caring what they think or you know, stuff like that because I could have got really derailed by some of the comments and the bullshit that was coming that way. But like I said I don't care, and even on the Amazon stuff, you know, going out and we actually did. I signed up for an Amazon affiliate account. My wife likes to go to TJ Maxx, Marshalls and all that stuff. I was there scanning stuff for two hours while she was looking at shit, and I didn't see anything that was like you see on TikTok, oh look at this $37 profit let's buy 10 of these things, let's put them in boxes magically and take them to UPS. And I was like doing that, it's like, this was two hours that I could have dedicated to doing something that I heavily invested in. With this affiliate marketing instead of getting all these distractions and you had a seminar I sat into on the way up to Wisconsin for a wedding and talked about honing in on those distractions and kind of really focusing on your purpose and what you really want to get out of this, as far as that goes.

Dave: Yeah. And I think the difference between building a business like that, and building a business like this, is that you're building a real asset with this business, okay you're building an audience, you're building an email list, you're building. What is so what makes sites and companies like Facebook so valuable, which is their database in your ability to be able to then follow up with that database and sell to them over and over and over again and build your business, three ways that you can build a business which is do get new customers do repeat business with customers or sell customers higher ticket services and products, you know somebody who buys, you know, let's take your wife for example say she got in and was promoting some, you know, personal development or overcoming addiction or putting your marriage back together. A low ticket product on the front end, and then she sells her therapeutic services or coaching services on the back end, selling some sort of a make money online offer on the front end and then selling you know courses coaching and events on the back end, even if those events were just virtual. So, it's an asset versus going around and scanning, like you said, a product that's flipping, that's called flipping and flipping is not a business flipping is this flipping is a you're self employed, that's on the left hand side of the Cashflow Quadrant, because the minute that you stop flipping is the minute that you stop making money.

And this stuff with your content and just being on the platforms that we are and like you said, building an email list and leads it's the gift that keeps on giving for both parties for you and for them. So yeah, yeah and it can be very passive.

Dave: And believe you me, everyone. You know, when you get into selling information and you get a new when you realize and that's one thing that I really this stood out to me at the beginning when you said I know I have a good product you weren't talking about your chiropractic services you were talking about you, in your ability to tell stories, your ability to deliver education and value, not with hands. Okay, with, with your mouth and, but not just I'm talking one on one, but talking one to many. And even having your videos viewed hundreds 1000s 10s of 1000s of times over and over again and that's one of the things that we forget about the power of video sometimes I think, is, is that, these videos in many that I've created, whether it be a sales video or video that we've posted on YouTube or whatever, get viewed, 10’s of 1000’s Our Wistia account that hosts, our challenge videos and our sales videos has millions and millions and millions of views, where I have been speaking to you and others while I was sleeping or laying on the floor with my nine month old son.

Brett: Yeah, I still get likes and comments and messages from old videos from month ago two months ago and still make, you know, inspire people and talk to people even make sales from videos, months ago, I mean you see just the likes to keep it's like oh I made that video, I used to have a really long beard, and I still see you know those little TikTok icons popping up with that, you know, Bengal beard that bald head, and it's like, oh, and then they messaged me or then they comment and then I engaged the comment then it turns into a message and it turns into some sort of inspiration, motivation or money. So that's, I mean it's like I said it's a gift that keeps on giving. And those, those videos are TikTok videos are going to kind of keep going, Instagram a little bit of a different story I've kind of noticed with Instagram there could be like a spike and then like that. not the case with TikTok and I recently just got on to Pinterest so you're kind of building that Omni presence that you're kind of been talking about just putting yourself out there on different platforms and just while you're doing that educate yourself on how all this shit works, and figuring things out as you go.

Dave: And you know that will be another one that comes along here within the next year or so, that's bigger, better, faster, quicker smarter, more viral that even TikTok is, you know, in that's the game I mean, since I've started all these platforms have either been invented and or changed so much with so many more components and functions, and now every all these platforms are crea are competing for our content, they're there, they're making because they realize, or excuse me, because we realize the power is in the people, it's kind of like how governments work right to where government will get it, you know, established and then, you know, people will remember that they have the power and then they'll but but your power only is only as powerful as how you sort of, you know, sort of how you move in organized together and what's happened is creators have learned from other creators, that's one of the values of this community is creators have learned from other creators, and so many of the, you know, many of the content creators have gone over to TikTok because there's been, you know, much more virality there than on, you know, Facebook and these other platforms. So now they're competing, and what's going to happen is is the pot, the opportunity is going to get sweeter and sweeter for us, Because if it's not, if that platform doesn't provide a good feed to where it's easy to upload to where our videos have a chance to get viewed if they're good into where they give us a good part of the revenue share. I mean YouTube gives you a part of the revenue share. Think about this, TikTok has not even done that yet. It's because creators haven't picked up on the fact that TikTok is building its platform from our content, eventually creators are going to start demanding that they share revenue with us so those of you who have built up a channel that maybe has 14 1550 or 100,000 followers, and you're getting a couple of 100,000 views per month, you may be making 10,000 a month, but then all of a sudden, let's say Rick Rock comes up in launches over here and they're paying them, they're just as viral, and they're paying content creators to create sharing average advertising revenue, content creators are going to go over there and TikTok is going to be forced, and you're going to suddenly get an extra 10,000 a month in income. Right, that's what's gonna happen.

Brett: It's a constantly moving field goal post, it's a moving target, and you have to be ready for how far it goes away or how far it goes over there. You don't even see it at that point in time, it's going to ever change the landscapes gonna ever develop, and that's like when I've, you know, I get to these little comfort levels where I think implement different things and recently, you know, TikTok to Instagram, then just start up on Pinterest, recycling content, you know, getting that tick save after remove the watermarks you know just repurposing re, you know, putting that material out there and letting it do the work and just try and try to stay engaged as much as you can with your comments and everything like that, but that's what I'm doing I'm, I've gotten to the point where I'm comfortable with doing that, you know I wasn't that something I could do maybe a month or two ago, you know, handling everything but as I've gotten more familiar. I've been taking those next steps to try to keep hitting that moving field goalpost right to try to keep hitting that moving target, because it's going to change again, the algorithm change for tic toc and everyone was like, broken, you know, and it's like, you can still get good views and shit you can still make sales like quit being negative about what you can handle re evaluate what you're doing, learn, and fucking move forward. That's what it just comes down to, and I've had to do that my entire life with everything, I mean it's just something that's definitely been entrenched in me and I'm a little easier for me to do that but you can anyone out there can do it for sure 100%

Dave: Generate leads, generate leads, as much as you can get everybody I think it's important for us as marketers and content creators to not just put content on a profile but also remember that we want to siphon leads off meaning that we don't want TikTok to simply own the data you want to own the data too. And that's a powerful part of these platforms as you can get somebody who is a simply a user, in which the platform connects you with, and pull them off of that platform to give you their email address, and or connect with you and give you their phone number, And or whatever write to her know you have a, you can get them subscribed to your community text message list just like we have every morning where we text people out. Because now what happens if all of a sudden TikTok goes down tomorrow what happens if your profile gets deleted tomorrow? Well, you can email your tire database and say, Hey, I've got a new profile over here. Or hey, I'm just going to email you for the next month or whatever. I think we don't put enough emphasis and this is my responsibility and I just want to make sure that I mentioned it this morning, too. Don't neglect your email list, don't neglect them out the idea of generating leads and get good at sending them, interesting, just as valuable information and make them feel like insider for being on your email list, like they're getting something above and beyond for being there so they pay attention and look forward to getting emails from you.

Dave: And I've gotten, you know, as far as, you know, using the funnels and build the email lists and the leads you know I will and I got AWeber, I will just, I'll randomly throw a broadcast out to my opt ins, people who haven't bought you know I got my email list you know I got people, you know for buying the challenge, often and in that buying. Let me email, Hey, how you guys been doing just want to extend you know I'm just thinking of you, you know, thinking about maybe you know taking that leap, I want you to know that I'm here for you, calls zooms, whatever, and I've had a commission pops up into the email, and then just sending out that broadcast or just staying in front of them, because sometimes you're not going to get the sale on the first try, but you can stay in front of them eventually you can it's like with my profession. If your patients like it if they fall off the wagon for a while they'll be back. You know what I mean, they're going to come back and, you know, you're just always just put out what you put out, do what you got to do, but stay in front of them as much as you can, because it could be that email or that video that finally inspires them to take that leap.

Dave: Well Doc it has been a pleasure. He's about to know what I'm about to go to the damn chiropractor. Yeah, I love my chiropractor, I love my chiropractor.

Brett: We all have a spine, we all need him. 

Dave: If somebody is on the fence right now, getting ready to enroll in our challenge, something that you went through and educated yourself with what would you say to that person, in terms of based on your experience the value that you got and what you might think they could get from it too. All the way from a little bit of learning to a life changing experience.?

Brett: Well, nothing's gonna happen if you obviously don't do shit about it. So you have to obviously get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And know that nothing's going to change if you don't do anything different. If you keep waking up and going to that same job, or doing that same thing that same Monday through Friday and the same weekends over and over and over again if you don't do anything different, nothing's gonna change. You owe it to yourself to find something out about yourself, and I did that. I didn't think I would ever be an online marketer or having an online business or even have a business they're called my own. And when you have it when you learn it and everything it's pretty fucking cool. It's pretty cool and it's pretty damn cool what you can do with it too. And you can do a lot of different things. You don't have it doesn't have to just be what this guy's doing or you can have your own hobby or you're on whatever and you can make it into something. I have a new project going on right now called Dr Brett’s corner I started last week started the TikToks are the Instagram, and it's me talking and given tips about diet exercises and that I've got products I got funnels and I'm trying to build a community on TikTok to get the link up I've already got products picked out like you know the TRS system, you know pro buy, you know, and then because people listen to what I tell them to buy, as you know as being patients, you know, it's like why don't I turn that and make it work for my profession, something I naturally do every day and get paid for it without actually having to use these guys. So, you owe it to yourself to try something new, and to, you got to believe in yourself and give yourself a chance, seriously

Dave: Awesome man. Well we can find your money online and affiliate marketing, content in channels at thatbeardedaffiliate What is your, what is the Doc, what is the chiropractor and what is that channel is or going to be.?

Brett: So it's basically going to be you know, motivation, inspiration,

Dave: Oh you don't have. We can't follow it.

Brett: It's up, you know, I do a lot of fasting, I do like you know dieting, you know, so my experiences with my dieting and stuff is still very fresh.

Dave: Sure. I was just wondering what the handle was so we could follow it.

Brett: So it's Drbrettsorner

Dave: Can you guys post that in the comments below so people can go look, I mean, if you're looking for, why not in this community is everyone is is is every kind of, I would say need or experience that you might be looking for, there's probably somebody in this community, who has it and why not follow and listen to somebody who also understands this other interesting and unique part of your life, which is what we do here as online marketers, so I'm going to be following you there Dr Brett's corner I'm just as interested there as I am, at that bearded affiliate, but I know you're a busy man. I'm gonna let you go, come back and keep us posted on your journey. I know this is just the beginning for you, brother.

Brett: It is and it's gonna be a great ride. I know it's gonna be. So, I'm excited.

Dave: Awesome. Awesome. All right, doc, we'll talk to you later, brother. Okay, thanks for coming on. All right, we'll see you. Thank you, see you buddy. All right, my friends, there you have it. Okay, from all ends of the spectrum, interesting folks, and, and I think for me I take away, whether it's somebody who's 18 years old in there just graduated college, whether it's somebody who's a chiropractor or a dentist or an attorney, we've had plumbers in carpenters in stay at home moms, you know it's it has nothing to do with who you are or where you came from, what you look like, sound like it has to do with what you want out of your future, and if you want something that's next level if you want something that has more freedom. If you want something that has more flexibility. And if, as Dr. Brett said, if you want something that gives you the ability to help more people on a larger scale, then maybe get off the fence, maybe get off the fence and give it everything you got. And see what happens and we'll be there to support you every step of the way. Be Legendary, stay Legendary get out of here. Have a great day and we'll see you back here tomorrow, Peace.