Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: What's going on everybody? Happy Monday. Good to see you. It's November. We are live. It is 100% live. I just got my text message that notifies me that we are going live. And yeah, welcome in. If you're here and tuning in with us, let us know where you're tuning in from. I love seeing all the different places around the world that people are tuning in and love this morning as we enroll in we've got an awesome guest I believe up from the north east in PA. Man he's got a lot on his plate. He's working hard. And I'm excited about his journey coming online and his story and that's what these that's what these episodes are all about is that you know this weekend I wrote a little wrote a little recap basically of our last week in Wake Up Legendary and, you know, it was lawyers, doctors, bartenders, engineers, plumbers, like all sorts of people from all sorts of different backgrounds that are coming online and discovering this and it's not exclusive to a certain few people anymore. It's anybody. Anybody with a laptop and a cell phone. So we're gonna welcome the guy, the man, the feature from today. Jeffrey, what's up dude? 

Jeff: Matt, how are you? 

Matt: I'm good. I'm doing well. How are you? 

Jeff: Good, good. 

Matt: Awesome. Well, I was just kind of reading a little bit about you in the little questionnaire and stuff. And I just, you know, I want to put it in your court and just tell us a little bit about you, man. I mean, tell us about you and your journey. You found us in August. I think that you have done maybe some things like dropshipping or something like that E-commerce something before us. So take us back all the way back to your first little you know, search online. What do you do for a job? Take us into your world? 

Jeff: Well, right now I drive a tractor trailer for a local company. I'm home every day besides one night. I'm out of town one night. And it's just 60 hours a week. It's just becoming too much. I don't have time when I get home to really do anything I want. Because by the time I get home, it's time to go to bed to get up to get ready for the next morning. And then on top of that I have a three year old son. He's a handful but he's also my little buddy. So I'm not at work spending time with him. I don't really get to go out much anymore. And I just wanted to do something where I could have more time for myself and more time for my family, my friends, and even my son. So I started looking around and I got into that Amazon FBA. I didn't really know what I was doing. The training wasn't really. I don't know if I just didn't look into it enough. It lasted maybe a week or two weeks at most. And then I gave up on that. So then I just kept working, doing what I was doing and I started getting set up with it even more. So I got on TikTok scrolling through TikTok and I came across Eric Forener. Yeah, I just came across his videos and I was like, You know what, I'll give this a shot. I'll go through his link to see what I can figure out. See if it's something really for me. So I did. I got into it. started looking more into it. And I was like, Well, I really you know, this is actually a lot more detailed than what Amazon was. So I'm going to get a hold of Eric and see if he can help me figure out where to get started. So I did. Great guy, great mentor. One of the nicest guys I've ever met. And he just helped me get to where I'm at. The community for Legendary is phenomenal. The training and the education is mind blowing. Like I never thought I was gonna learn as much as I did. But I did and I don't regret it. Do not regret it for one second. 

Matt: That's cool. That's awesome. It is one of the things people come online and they come on to the show, rather and that's one thing they always say is you know the community man just as so. It's crazy. So, I love that and also another thing that a lot of people tend to mention is is

the whole ECOM thing ecommerce dropshipping all that stuff. They're just it's like, Dude, everybody tries that and then they realize, I don't have to buy all this product. I'm gonna have to try to figure this out, like figure out logistics and shipping and all this stuff. And it becomes a total nightmare. Not saying that you can't make that business model work but man. Is it tough for a total newbie and beginner to break into so you have found a way to come online, get some early traction, just figure the thing out, which I think is really important. Just find it and you even cut you even got your dude right here. He's on the show. You know you've even got a little bit of results too quickly and right away, which I also find is really powerful as well. Although there you go dial in the lights back a little bit, trying to find a window right in front of me. So you've even found a way to get a little bit of results right away, which I think kind of helps to just prove the concept. You know what I mean? Like, help kind of like okay, I I see the sales coming in. I see the leads and sales coming in and this helps me a little bit believe in the business model, especially when you're not dropping a bunch of money on paid ads. paid traffic. You're creating content that's generating that for free. Right, just cool. And so you came online you started creating content. How did that go? What was that like? Did you enjoy it? Did you hate it? Was it a struggle? 

Jeff: It was a struggle at first. Just really figuring out tic toc. That's my main platform, figuring out how to make videos. That was really the struggle. Not knowing really what you know what to do, how to make content but each video I made the easier God because I got more practice at it. So it just kind of became almost second nature after so long and it just became easy. My biggest struggle was just content, figuring out what kind of content to make, how to do it, how long the video should be knowing if it was going to work or not. Worrying about views like oh, if this video didn't get a lot of views, what do I do? Was it a good video was it not? But that's something that after a little bit you didn't really worry about. I wasn't really worried about the viewers. I was just more worried about getting content out there for my followers to see and to learn to show them that they can do the same thing that I'm doing and take control of their life and just be able to live a better life in the end. As long as they work, consistency is key. That's for sure. As long as you stay consistent, everything will come. 

Matt: Yeah, it makes sense. When you say consistent, what um, what do you mean? Um, so if you make a plan to say I'm going to make three to five videos, good videos a day. Stick with that. I mean, I slacked off a couple times. And it kind of shows when you do but as long as you stay consistent as long as you stay with those three videos a day and keep that going, your results will come. Results will come. Yeah, don't give up. Yeah, right. Yes. What um, what for you was the content creation piece, just something that you talked through with Eric and our community and people like that or how did you get ideas or like you know, you starting out day one?

Jeff: I get this question all the time. He started on day one, like what am I supposed to post like, I don't know what to post. A bunch of different people, a bunch of different people doing the same thing. It was one of them. Sully was worth another. I talked to him a couple times. I talked to a couple other TikTokers like where do you get your ideas? You know, how do you do this? Then I just kind of took all those ideas that everybody gave me and kind of just started putting stuff together. And then once I got that I was like I know what to do now. And if I ever ran out of ideas, Eric was the first person I went to. He was always there, always answering phone calls, messages. He was right there next to me the entire time. And it was crazy. I couldn't recall. I can't thank him enough for everything he's done for me. 

Matt: Yeah, awesome, man. That's really really cool. And part of your journey, part of your process you came through our challenge. I think it might be wrong, but I think you purchased our Blueprints. How is going through those blueprints? And form your bigger picture of the business, have the entire business model and everything like that. 

Jeff: Those blueprints went into way more detail. It just literally gave you everything. Like everything you needed to get up and running. More than what's more than what the challenge so those blueprints definitely helped out a lot more. 

Matt: You just took the challenge to more depth in more detail. Yeah, that's nice. What? So in your experience you're sort of Alright, you're only dude you're only like August September October November three months it not even. That's pretty crazy, like a lot of business owners to turn around any sort of money or start generating sales or revenue from the time you make a business plan to actually launch a business and buy all your equipment and get everything in order like it usually takes a really long time? 

Jeff: Well, I already had a PC. Me and my friends are actually into PC gaming and stuff. So we already had a PC built and everything so I already had that aspect. It's just getting like the education and the training and the stuff that I needed to get started and finding out where to start but once I got a hold of Eric, and once he and I started talking and stuff it just took off. It started getting easier and easier each day. 

Matt: Nice cool. Did you feel like you had an internal game then for you? Do you feel like you've had any internal blocks or internal struggles or or like difficulties or self doubt or anything?

Jeff: At first yeah. Definitely I know the kind of motivation. Well, I want to say motivation was a big thing, but it wasn't at the same time. Because it's just when you don't know what to do, if you don't know what to do, you kind of lose motivation on it. But as long as you, even if you start doubting if I am stuck with it, keep doing it, even if I did have a couple thoughts like this isn't gonna work. This isn't it's not going to work out. I kept doing what I was doing. And then I started seeing more results and it kind of lifted me up a little bit more. I did have some stuff at home that I had to figure out about a month ago. So I kind of took a little bit of time away, but started getting back into it. And I'm glad I did. Everybody Eric even told me he's like I miss talking to you. Miss seeing you online and stuff. And so what feels good to start getting back into and start getting back to it. I definitely missed it. And now I'm ready to rock and roll even more than I was before. 

Matt: Nice. I like it. Yeah, I feel like a little side benefit of having people around who just you know will shoot you a message or just be like in your around like hanging out like a lot of people did. They'll buy something from us like buy some, they'll buy any courses. This truth will go back all the way to when I started online like they'll buy some sort of product or service online. And they'll literally do nothing with it. Like not a majority of people but a lot of people like a very high percentage of people and they'll literally purchase they will do zero with it. Not one thing. They won't log in, they'll delete the email that gave them their logins and they'll do nothing and they won't hear from anybody. They will chat with anybody. They'll never, it's just like yeah, I think I bought some course. I don't know, five months ago I never did anything with it. And I do think that one thing, I think that one thing that's really unique about like this particular industry, this space and even really like our company in general, although I always make it clear like, you know, the effort that somebody like Eric or somebody like Brian or somebody like we've got lots of affiliates who were really helpful. The effort they gave I don't take credit for but because they do a lot and I'm really thankful for that. But it is really unique that in the course of over the last five years creating this community or at least creating the space for this community to exist. Lots of people have purchased and kind of you know, took a break for a month or something right, forgot about it or had something come up and they get these you know, just like kind messages not scammy or you know spam sales or anything like that. It's more just like, hey, we're Yeah, like what's going on? And it's like it's a totally different experience when you feel like you have buddies that are like texting you you know or messaging you on Facebook or something like hey, what's going on man? You know, like a round like what? I find what it does is it's another piece that sort of cements this online space into your identity. It makes it a part of who you are, rather than this tiny little 1% of who you are makes it you know, with 30% of who you are right or 50% and now it's like wow, this is actually a part of my life, rather than just sort of a smaller. It's like a side piece. You know, it's like it's actually a big core thing to who you are so that's really cool. 

Jeff: Yeah, yeah. It was kind of like, really refreshing in a way when Eric started messaging me. He started getting concerned. He was like, Where have you been, you know, Messina online? And I was like, wow, I really you know, like it's just that that's the kind of stuff that gives you positivity and makes you want to go even harder at it. When you see someone in this space because they don't, nobody in this space has to care about you. You know they can, they don't have to be concerned about you or anything but when you see people that reach out to you from the online space, and they just want to make sure you're okay. It's just like you said, it's just different. It's different from your family and friends that you see everyday. Upset messaging you saying? Yeah, it's just hard to explain what it is about. It's just different. It's more representative. 

Matt: Yeah, it taps into human psychology. It taps into how we're wired to exist and be together and stuff like that. That's right, deeper. Wow, that's so deep. Yeah. Craig just said it turns it into a reality rather than just a fake thing. Yeah. Yeah, it is interesting. And it's kind of the same thing. To a smaller degree. It's the same thing that happened to me in 2011 when I was just starting, and it was a side thing for me. I was Moonlighting. I had a full time job much like you're doing. I had a full time job but I was doing my business on the side. I'd wake up at 4am, work for two hours, go to my job, come home, literally pass out on the floor. Not because of drugs or like alcohol or anything. I was just so exhausted. And then and then I would like to take a nap for a couple of hours and then get right back to it. And I would keep going and keep going and keep going. And then it was this side thing all the time. It felt like it was just me out there. And what I did is I went to this live event down in Orlando. It was called living the dream. And it's an event from another company in this space. They've been around for a long time. And I remember flying down there and this is actually the first time Dave and I's paths crossed. I didn't know him. I didn't meet him there. But we were at the same event and he launched one of his huge companies at that event. And, and for me though, there were three young kids, three young guys about my age. We spent we spent much of the weekend together but we spent a good amount of time just smoking cigars at Disney out on this little patio and

and I met a lot of people that I had heard of online and I met them and I and it cemented that it did that thing that you were talking about where it's this different thing because I'm messaging people and we have accountability. And I met them online. But then I met them in person and my commitment, my sort of level of buy in went from like 10% 20% to like 80% like then no, this is actually more of me than this nine to five thing that I'm doing. This is more of me now. And that shift was really huge. 

Jeff: Yeah, and I think I think part of it is because when you meet those people from the online space, you realize that I guess it's more of like a reassurance that it's real, that it's not because it's so hard to believe stuff online nowadays, because it's just it's hard to trust people. But when you talk to someone online for so long and you start learning more about them, and then like you do when you meet them in person, it's just a reassurance that it's actually real. And I think it's like subconsciously in the back of your mind you share the same hobbies or however you want to say it and you just connect with them better than you do like some of your family because you don't always share common things with your family members and stuff. But when you meet these people online that you share, like you have common goals or you have common likes and dislikes. It's just different. You connect with them in a different way than you normally do with other people. 

Matt: Yep, completely agree with that. That is so massive. And finding those and this all sounds you know, a lot of people are like well hey, tell us how to post me on tick tock in and the truth of the matter. The reason I do that a lot actually I do explain how to post videos on tick tock I do explain how to go viral on TikTok but a big piece of why I talked so much about this why Dave and I spend so much time talking about this piece of identity and connecting the whole entrepreneur is because I literally watch and coach and help people on zoom all the time. Whoever creates viral videos have a little moment of blip. $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 and then they just disappear. And I'm like, like, You're doing so well. Like you just hit 10 grand like, where did you go? And it's because this little side thing was just this little side thing for them and the moment they hit any friction the moment they hit any hardship, guess what gets cut out. It's the little side stuff, right? They go back to their job. They convince themselves it was just a little luck and poof, they're gone. Right. And, and for most people, the more that this gets hammered in, it's a piece of who I am now I'm in marketer, right? The moment somebody says I'm a marketer it is a real difference maker. A lot of times people introduce themselves in terms of what their nine to five is which there's nothing wrong with that. We have people who have made do we have had people who have made I'm not kidding you a million dollars as an affiliate with us while they had a job, full time in the military. That's crazy. And he's like, Dude, I like my job. I came home after my job and I spent two hours making YouTube videos and editing them and posting and I do it every single day. But I like what I do. And he realized that this piece has to eventually quit his job. But he realized it had to become a deep, internalized piece of him. And as long as it was externalized it would never become a priority and became internalized. It became the priority. The single priority is building that and it's just cool to hear you know yet another story about how somebody is connected to somebody in our community. And it's and it's changing, even just changing who they are. Right. It's creating these internal shifts, just through relationships. 

Jeff: That's so cool. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, when I first started I was gonna be I didn't really know what I wanted to do with it. I mean, I definitely wanted to

find something to replace my normal job. But I wasn't sure where to start. And then after I started doing it for so long, I was like I really like doing this, like this is what I like to do. And I just like to say I fell in love with it, but I don't want to make it sound weird. But yeah, I just enjoyed it. I enjoyed that. Sure. I enjoy talking to people like Eric. I enjoyed watching all the lives and talking to everybody else on tick tock Cocteau, finding out we all have the same common goals and we all have the same interests. And it just became a bigger part of who I am and what I like to do and I never thought in a million years that this is something I would enjoy doing. Yeah, totally. Yeah, that's Wow, that's so fascinating. I have so many similar experiences to everything that you're saying. It's yeah, it's just really funny. 

Matt: Yeah. Anyway, I don't need to get any of my first video as I was delaying and delaying and delaying shooting a video. It was kind of funny. It was like 2011 or 2012. We just moved from Chicago to Denver, and I was 22. And so like I was just at a college I didn't even really understand like the internet marketing industry. I was like, I was just like, Yeah, I'm just gonna read a bunch of books. I bought some cigars, and I would sit outside our apartment, and I would smoke a cigar and I read my books about how I was going to get rich, but I wasn't doing anything. I didn't like posting gods. I didn't like blogging. I wasn't really doing anything. I just thought that at some point. is magical, like a money machine would start printing money for me and are out attracted into the universe, right. And so I got into this launch of a company. They were launching a new product, sometimes companies just don't exist for a long time. They just launched as a new company. And that's like, it's that's it, it's over after that. And so, as part of it, they did a huge video contest. And it was like you submit your video they would embed it on a page and then people would like to get more like Facebook traction. So they embedded a Facebook like under it and you would hit like based on which one you'd like. So I participated and I ended up winning an award but it was the first video I ever did and I probably shot it like I think I took like eight hours to get the right shot. I was actually biking down the road and I just remember this day because I ended up messaging a bunch of people to go like my video that I would never message. I would never probably tell people that I was doing some weird online scam thing. You know, like it's the kind of thing where people are just like really like what the hell's wrong with you? But I just started doing it. It was kind of the moment where I was like, I wanted it more than I wanted people to like me or care about my reputation and I just wanted it really bad. And you know I like some random award for video, whatever. But what I did throughout that process is I build relationships with people who are also doing it. And I probably like I don't know if I destroyed any relationships, but what I did was I sort of weeded out the people who were like, Dude, this is weird. Never messaged me again. I was like, Cool, no problem. It's going to be a part of who my identity is for the rest of time. So like, that's fine. I am sorry about it. I won't do it anymore. But then the people who are like, Hey, this is cool. Like what are you doing? You know, not even for me to like getting a sale from them or anything but mostly just like dude, I like that you're doing your own thing like this is cool, like, good for you like I'd never would have imagined you'd get on video you're so introverted. And slowly like I started to build that level of confidence to create more content started to get embedded in me anyway. I just whatever you said before that made me think of that moment and it's just funny how we start stepping out of our comfort zone in little ways. Start creating content and how all of those things that relationships, making a little money generate leads, you know, getting that firstly that getting that first night ticket sale, right? All the things they sort of build this identity and start to craft who you are and I can see what I can hear that like I've heard you explain that today. Like I can hear that identity piecing together and kind of coming together and that's really cool to see.

Jeff: Yeah, and if you want a like that, parts of that identity that you're figuring out, you might not have even known that that was going to be a part of you until it came to light. Like that's what happened to me like I had no idea that I was going to enjoy this as much as I actually do. Until I started doing it the more I did it the more I was like I really liked this. This is awesome. This is cool. It's fun to come into a space and it's so hard to find that nowadays where you come into a space where there's such a community that everybody wants you to succeed. Like nobody, no one is an enemy with each other, especially this community. Everyone wants you to succeed. They'll do whatever they can to help you to get you through your struggles and your blocks and whatever it is you need help with. Everyone will. I'm not saying that they'll drop what they're doing, but some of them will, some people will drop what they're doing to help you get through. Because the best part about that community is that you all share the same interests. Everyone was where you are at one point or another so they know what it's like to struggle at that exact point. So when they see you struggling with what they struggled with, they're like I'm going to help him. I'm going to help him or her get through it so they can keep going. Yes, it's the best feeling ever when someone just drops it and comes and helps you you didn't even expect it. Matt: Yeah, so my God, there's so many good nuggets in there. It's so true. Everything is because what that reminded me of or made me think of, is that a lot of times in, in work like if you're at a nine to five or you're at a job or something. People are competing against each other for promotions, like people actually, they're like sometimes sabotaging you or like trying to figure out a way to like, take you down, right or like one up the sky. 

Jeff: Yeah. And I think that's part of the problem with nine to five jobs now. That's why most of them aren't even worth it anymore because you're constantly feeling like you have to compete with someone else. You're just trying to do your job. Yes. And then when you're on this face you're not competing with it. I mean, you're competing in a way but it's like it's nothing compared to a normal nine to five job trying to succeed. 

Matt: Totally, totally. It's it's you're you are you're not the space is so freaking big, like people don't understand. It's so big. There's so many people in this industry. And there's so many people flooding in, like just the amount of people who are getting discovered on Tik Tok or on Instagram or whatever is nuts. And I think that what people need to realize is the ability to sort of collaborate in that way. Well, I can't say it's the only thing I hate making blanket statements like that. For me what I've seen, this is the only thing that I've seen where people actually like, fully and completely can collaborate and there's no sort of competition that's going to hurt anybody. All that it ever has done, at least from what I've seen, is it's raised everything. The best example is Eric Right. The best examples are Eric and you. I've also seen it with a girl named Taylor. And I've seen it but I don't know. I don't know. I'm going to list them all but I've literally seen it across so many different people. And when people come together, number one, the first one ends up blowing up and then the second one the person who learns from them the mentee ends up blowing up sometimes even more sometimes goes way beyond the first person and and there's so many people out in every whether it's weight loss dog training. There's so many people on this platform on Instagram, that there's just never you might come across somebody seeing videos or whatever. But what happens is people go on TikTok and they start liking videos in affiliate marketing or in digital marketing or in dropshipping and what happens is they start seeing the same videos and they start seeing the same people and what happens in their head is the wrong assumption about that. They start assuming that oh, it's flooded and it's and it's there's so much competition and everybody's doing the same thing when that's not the case. We're just seeing the videos at their talks showing them because they're liking all these other videos about affiliate marketing, so they're going to show them more videos have to do with

that. Bingo. And there's billions of people out here who have never seen a video like that. Never seen a weight loss video, never seen a dog training video. Never seen an affiliate marketing video ever. All of these niches and I've never seen a pool cleaning video. Never seen a carpet cleaning video, like all of these different services and ah fact video, none of that. And suddenly boom, it clicks and you've tapped in now and let's say I'm an H fat guy and I'm selling a course on getting an H back leads, right? And I see a bunch of other guys doing it and I'm like damn, it's saturated. There's no way I can do this. That's not true. Seeing it because you're so interested in you've got a whole market of people you can market to start putting out your content, TikTok finally just overtook YouTube for monthly active users. That is huge. Crazy It's so crazy. And I'm not slowing down. The crazy part is like if you are tapped in, in our world, everybody thinks everybody's on tick tock in the real world you go out to the real world. And just chat with people like my friends and family and people and like there's still so many people who have no no they have no idea what TikTok is little girls dancing like to be honest before I finished with a TikTok and started scrolling through like before I even made an account. 

Jeff: I thought it was like a dating app. Like I thought I would see Facebook. I'm like it just looks like it's a dating app. And then I downloaded it and I was like okay, this is like not even close to what I was thinking about this you know? 

Matt: Yeah, it's a wild world man. It's a wild world. Well, I'm, I'm glad that whatever you know, you had go on or whatever you were going through and stuff over the last month that you've, you know, you've kind of got sorted out and it seems like it's a great time for you to have been on the show and come and share. We had a lot of people on today and we always have at least a couple 1000 Watch as a replay too. So thanks for sharing your story. And this is really cool for me and honestly inspiring to me that I needed that this morning. So thanks man. You're welcome. Yeah, thanks. For anybody who's here anybody who's watching what would you say to those people who are just watching now just starting to get going maybe they're starting the challenge today. And they just happen to stumble upon this or maybe they're maybe they're just posting their first TikTok video. What's your encouragement to them? 

Jeff: Stay consistent guys. Find the motivation if you find yourself lacking in motivation. Just stick with it. I promise you it will stay consistent. Keep making content. Reach out to any of us if you're having issues or you need a little bit of encouragement. Reach out to anybody in this space and we will help you.

Matt: Well, cool man. I've got your TikTok and  Instagram. You can also find you on YouTube right? Yep. Cool. Thanks for coming on. Appreciate that. And hey, check in with us. I like to tell people this but a lot of people never do. I mean, check in with us. If you want to send us an email send me an email Matt at Got questions whatever. We'd love to touch base and just like to give you any feedback or help you any way we can. We'll do Cool. Awesome. Have a good rest on your Monday, YouTube. Guys go go give him a follow. Go to his TikTok, go to his Instagram, give him a follow and also comment on a couple videos that you like if you like them. And leave him a comment letting him know you saw him on the show and get in his world. He's the collaborative type. You heard him talk about it all morning. He's a collaborative type who's willing to help and you know, I think the really cool part is if you guys are all if you're struggling or you're wondering, you know, how am I going to figure this out? The really cool part I feel like is when somebody goes from I got a lot of help and I got help from a mentor to now I'm helping others and I think I see Jeffrey being right in that transitory space of going from I got some help and I got some results to now. I'm going to start helping others and that's the real moment where things start to shift. That's the real moment where it's like oh my gosh, now people like they're getting they need help for me. Okay, now it's like gotta so if you guys are, you know trying to figure it out. First of all, we have business plan advisors in the 15 Day Challenge, who will get you an answer or if you can't get an answer, they're gonna send me an email and they'll have me answer the question for them. And I'm always around. I'm always willing to help and so if you ever have any questions you can reach out to Jeffrey you can reach out to us you can reach out to our support team. You're surrounded by an entire community of just totally real normal human beings. Like I'm just a real frickin dude. I'm 32 and I live in Phoenix. Like I've just if you met me in person, like this dude's just like, he's a total Joe like he's just a normal dude, going to be at the mastermind here and a couple of weeks and I'm just going to be. We're out of here for Monday, Dave, we'll be back tomorrow. I'll be back Wednesday, and we might be doing I'm not sure we might be doing live interviews from the mastermind. We're gonna be working on that. We'll see. I'm not sure about that quite yet, but I'll let you know. Peace out.