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Jalen: Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome, welcome, welcome to another. Wake Up Legendary Show. I know a little bit different. It's not Dave, and it's not Matt, so you got me, Andre, I'm super excited I’m the senior business plan advisor here at Legendary Marketer, and I have a special guest for you today so if you're just joining. Welcome, this is your very first time. I'm sure we're streaming on a lot of different platforms and one of the things as well that you can get is a text message that's sent directly to your phone. So we're going to put it up on the screen right here so all you have to do is just text, WUL 813-296-8553 So super pumped for this morning's Legendary Wake Up Show so I have a special guest, and she's coming all the way from Illinois. Ladies and gentlemen, Please help me welcome to the stage. Patrice. Hey Andre, how are you? I'm doing wonderful. How you doing, Patrice,

Patrice: Hi Andre how are you? I'm doing great. I'm so excited to be here. 

Andre: I'm excited for you to and that's what we're going to be talking about because there's still a lot of people that is on the fence, there's still a lot of people who is out there looking for something, and they don't really have the confidence of moving forward, and they don't know what Legendary Marketer is so that's what we're going to be talking about is your experience so far, what legendary marketer has done for you and your business, because I've read your little questionnaire that you filled out and as it says here from realtor, so you've been doing realtor right now you're doing online business which is super fun and exciting. And I do, you know, oftentimes, speak with realtors, all over the place. And, but I want to. I want to know about your experience so go ahead. This show is your So, talk.

Patrice: Okay, well, I have been thinking about an exit strategy. I'm retiring from real estate in three years when my husband has to mandatorily retire. And like all my clients, I want to move on. But what drew me to real estate was earning a total size limit. Right. And I needed some, I needed something like that. So like everybody. During lockdown, you know, stay at home orders, we're all rolling on. Right. And I saw this girl Come on my page. And she's, she's dancing and showing her bank account, okay. I'm in sales, I was a little skeptical, and I just, sort of, right, I saw it, kept popping up like for a long time. I finally reached out to her and said, Can you tell me what to do like I never ever heard of affiliate marketing. So, let's just say she was a little bit slow to respond. And she really told me what it was, she just kept telling me to take this course, but I'm like, but what's the course, and like, what do I get, who's doing the course, and it was like pulling teeth. So I'm in sales, it's hard to sell sales. It Sounds like now I can't even tell me what affiliate marketing is right, so I just kept scrolling, and I'm telling you I scrolled for a long time, and then BB Magallon showed up on my page. I'm like, she looks normal, Like into that dancing, and she's not showing me her bank account, and she just started talking about how her goal was to quit her nine to five job by the end of the year, and I just watched her. I didn't even engage, and then she kept popping up and then I think it was June, she's on here. She can correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't quit her job to do affiliate marketing so at that point I reached out and she was super kind to actually have a phone call with me and tell me what it was like oh I can do this. So then I signed up for the 50 Day Challenge and Stevie was my business coach, and I would check in with them. And he's like, how you doing, like, see that you gotta unlock the face back. Most 14 hour days selling real estate. I have to like, I have to have the material like when I'm free. And he would laugh, and then day five came and it was. So I went all in. So when I realized it was a legit option for me. Then it was all in all like a business mind, right, because I have other businesses. You have to treat this like a business. You know, so I set up my LLC, you know, I bought the blue sky, you know, bought the traffic university, because I'm high I just told me how it works, and I'll figure it out, but I needed all the materials. So that's what my journey was.

Jalen: I love that. Yeah, I love that, because you know most people online they know they will see somebody advertising something, the first person that did it, you know, she was being flashy and everything but she didn't relate to you. Right. You wanted someone real who probably just started and congratulations. But, you know, I've also seen her, you know, progress. Now she has quit her job and everything, which is amazing so she is a person who is taking action. A lot of people sign up for training programs or, you know, having gone through the training program, some people haven't even logged in, they have been. They don't even know their login information. So that's the first point of getting you to get started, you have to do something with information and not sit on it. So I love you, you know I love you, love the journey and everything so let's go back so you started in June, right, and send your pen. Okay, sounds really tight, and that is kind of like your, your new life as per se. Right. You'll never forget the date. So you started June 10 And what's your experience been because you obviously, we have other programs as well and we don't hide these things you know we have blueprints your cycle you said, we have extra training programs and if someone wants to learn more, they can sign up, they can tap into nobody's here to force anybody to do anything, it's just more knowledge, to really take you to the next level in your career, would you have taken us up on the offer because it made sense to you, and you can use the same information in multiple businesses just like he said, right, you can use it in your real estate business because if you're looking for more leads, inside a business to traffic university can teach you teach you how to get more clients how to get more leads, and it's going to help bring more business to you So, talk about the process he said you did the decade every day and what happened.

Patrice: Oh my god, it took me forever. It wasn't a day, and I made a joke. Someone asked them, so Facebook group, and I said I spend more time with Matt right now than my husband does rewatching the video. But what was super exciting, is you talk about mindset, and like launching a business, Matt, Matt had said something once and it really stuck out to me, he said some people have more time and money. And some people have more money than time, and you got to leverage your strength in that, and I believe in that area right. So, I wanted to lay a foundation for I know enough you need organically. But I have some earlier, I was familiar with Facebook, because I was paying a company to do sales funnel funnels for me to create seller leads. Oh my gosh, now I can do this like myself right because these skills are transferable. So I felt comfortable with Facebook ads. So that was the first thing I did because I was growing on Tik Tok and Instagram and all that other stuff. So I had a real estate tip back, and I made the mistake of joining one of those following chains. And what I didn't know is like when you do that your video will go out to those people first. And if they don't watch it, they sort of kill it, that's at least what I understand from the training that I've done. So I started a whole new tic tac channel. On June 10, we launched this to grow the organic leads. And I did my facebook so on July 10 I put my first Facebook ad out. I was determined not to be an affiliate for legendary until I earned commissions for other products, because I thought it gave me a little bit more credibility. So I launched my, let's do it for you campaign. Okay let's do alone, made my first commission sex and it wasn't huge, but like,

Jalen: Yeah, but still you know not cutting you off so he didn't so let's, let's go back and see you said you did the decade in the day. Right. And the next day you launch your ad.

Patrice: I launched my first satellite launch the first ad, you're just an action taken he said you know what I am, I'm going all in. I want to make sure that it works and, obviously, it worked. 

So that I was able to grow under man. Like, if you are being on wakeup legendary and you're not on those Thursday training sessions, you're missing out. So I would just I would rearrange my schedule, to try to be on the Thursday trainings as much as I can, and Matt does a great job on helping people grow their TikToks and he does that formula training, you know, that which was great so I was able to use what he taught me to grow my tic tac toe 1000 followers. So I launched my tic tac on June 10 I hit 11 105 followers on August 17. And then that's and then farm has always been in my life, so I joined a private Facebook group, you know and she just helped me and now I code to a zero, and it's been great because I just need to know how to scale this belly what I need to do I'll do it. I've never done a video, never used video on my real estate to do it. So this is like all new, like, Totally all new. So once I got 1000 followers I was able to put my link, like that's how our goal is right, there's a link up there. So I made my first commission on August 27. I was like, like when I wake up and I'm like checking it all the time like did I earn anything while I was sleeping. So it's real.

Jalen: I love that. I love that you said it is real but let's talk about it, you just mentioned something which a lot of people are afraid of. A lot of people are afraid of getting on camera. How did you overcome that because there's still a lot of people who say you know what, I don't want to make a video and don't want to put myself out there, which is great because I know BB has done it. I know a lot of affiliates and other industries who have done, successful, and they've never made a video before, you've never seen them, you don't know what they look like. Whoa, yeah I know what they look like they're on my Facebook page right there on my Facebook. I know what they look like. They've never created a video, never shown their face and I've done it well. Well, for some, for someone that is out there right now who said, You know what, maybe I should take that leap of faith and do a video, how do you overcome that. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Patrice: Yeah, I would say two things. So when COVID started I met a business strategist and we have a thing. And, Don is better than perfect. So when I was learning about affiliate marketing I'm like okay, if I'm gonna do this I have to be on camera because you have to connect with your playing club, building relationships and adding value right. So how do you do that, I know people can do it without being on video. So I just said it was my reason. Actually, I was so tired of working 12 to 14 hours. I have a great bank account for my real estate business, but I don't have time with my family. Like I never go on vacation. Never. My clients are always texting or calling. So, it was like they weren't on it, or I got over my fear and just made a video, I could only delete it. Right, but just try. Just do it. Okay, so now it's worth it sometimes to do it without makeup. You know, my hair is up in a flip. I'm like hey, this is my journey. And I want to state the whole channel is built on affiliate marketing legit or scam. That was my first video. People want to know. But then you had Amanda on here and I don't remember her last name, a couple weeks ago, and she was talking about how people want information. So everything I learned here I tried to try to try and she was saying like you got to like to offer to answer questions, everyone wants to answer questions. But not everyone's willing to jump on a phone call. So I made that little shift. Oh my gosh, I'm getting a lot of engagement. I have a growing private Facebook group. So it's just been such a.

You're taking you're taking action you're doing. I love what you do. I love how you said that

you just, just jumped into it.

Jalen: I think that right there deserves some emoji so send fire emojis down there in the comments, you know let Patrice know as well, because that right there was amazing. But what I would love to do is, you know, people that some of, some people are afraid of, you know, talking to like the business Coronavirus, which is your first call. So, what did you think about your first call with your business by an advisor who is Stevie, right? So, what was your first initial thought, let's talk about that.

Patrice: Okay, so being in sales, I knew that you guys are gonna, you know, share with the legendary platform right and I'm okay with that right, who does all that training. Okay my training wasn't $7 I had a 50% off coupon, my training, my jellen $3.59 I got. I knew that this is real, because I know people on my real estate sales funnel. They don't know me and they're inviting me into their house. So like I already knew, that works. So he was, he was great, like I was ready to go though, like I had already made my mind and I was already calling but he was super helpful. He kept telling me, just be patient, go through the days. Don't rush. You know I'm here if you have any questions, and then I'm like okay, when do I get via training. I was at the end like

I was gonna drop like wait, like can I just do that? But he was great. He answered a lot of you and hooked me up with Dan and I had to say and I forgot. I apologize for my LLC. 

Jalen: Okay, so your LLC, so you did the LLC and everything which is good. And speaking about LLC, a lot of people don't know that that is a tax, you know, it is like any purchases you buy a new computer to tax write off, you have an office in your home, also a tax write off, you can build business credit with your LLC, you can buy a vehicle like a vehicle in your business and sell your home many things.

Patrice: Okay, so I have I have a couple other businesses. I love passive income I love streams of income. I have a couple other LLC. But when I met Dan, the way his company did the LLC I've never seen it before. Like I paid more money to have LLC done, but I never got a book, and never got a call about like a seal. So like it's legit. And I just felt if I'm all in, like I need to have an LLC, because I need to protect myself, I need to protect my other investments. And to me it's like, if, if I'm all in. I'm all in. Right and that's what I have to do and it's a business. Now I get it. Some people can't afford them. And I hear that a lot like I can't afford the training, like even people on my picnic. Okay, when I say something, automatically, these are popular right now, people afford what they want, hands down, like there's a way. There's a way, like well we had no money, I thought, You know what I mean my, I know a couple was $50,000 in debt, they pay that off in eight months, they cut their budgets and they DoorDash and paid off their debt. Like there's, if there's a will there's a way. I just want to, and I want to encourage that like if you want it bad enough, you're an entrepreneur, figure out how to get it. That's our job. We're public figure that

Jalen: that's fire right there. There's fine, absolutely right, you're an entrepreneur as you say good I do get it, you know, sometimes it can become difficult. But if you keep pushing and you keep wanted it so bad. 

Patrice: There is always a way. Because if you don't make any change. You're going to be right where you are today, next year.

Jalen: Absolutely.

Patrice: I'm a certified mentor. I mentor a new real estate agent for my girlfriend. I just looked up the stat I mentored eight people out of the eight people only one completed the program. Going back to what you're saying. Like so. How much do you want it? Like,

It takes hard work.

Jalen: That's a little bit, unpack it makes it look like it's so easy, like I work one or two hours a day, okay well I'm doing something wrong because as I'm wanting I'm not working. It's a big puzzle and I have to put those pieces together right and I guess it's all about being real and being transparent so your content which, you know, if you want to go follow us on. Her TikTok handles there as well and she's also on Instagram. : So, I love how really transparent you are, and that's our culture here at legendary marketer, we're not going to hiding, we're not going to sugarcoat anything, and sometimes it may rub some people the wrong way, they may think that we're being arrogant but it's not, we're just being truthful, because there's a lot of people out there that will lie to you and just tell you that it won't work right or they will tell you that, you know, like I said earlier, we have other programs we have, the trainings, we're not going to force you to do anything. The 15 Day Challenge is super super valuable. There's a lot of students who have just used the 15 day challenge, and have done well with it. Others can, others need a little bit of hand holding. Some people just like to get straight to the point where they can figure out a way to do it. So, talk about your content, what do you talk about in videos to kind of let people know that, hey, this is something that you're going to have to put work in.

So, So, when I started I had no idea what to do. I haven't worked with that yet. So I started with it wasn't for Elementary. And then as I progressed I was only getting about three 400 views per video, nothing major. I would talk about what I learned, but I would, I started doing a 30 day update and 60 day off days, and people seem to engage in that. And then I got the next training about the How To video. So I did a how to side hustle video that I want to say sort of went viral, and it just is. And then I went back to normal content and, like, three 400 views. So then I used to set the GRE. I just repost with that same Bible study every two weeks, but it helped me build my page that's over 1000. I think I did that three times. And then I started asking if people want to have a conference. So I posted a serious video yesterday, and I had. So I've often had six conversations, always inviting them into my private Facebook group. Barb has taught me things like Instagram, and just had great attention getters. But you gotta build that relationship so you got to get them off platform, until a place where you can actually have a conversation.

Jalen: Awesome, awesome. So, was it easy just starting out to create content wasn't hard.

How did you do it?

Patrice: Okay so I have a sheet and I do 50 topics. And I plan that out. And if I get stuck, I go to what is it, ask the people. And I just Google affiliate marketing, and then I just created it, or I shared a victory, or if there's something I learned, I would add that in there. That's one thing, and like I love legendary. You know the other company I looked at, they wanted me to do a program. And then I had to pay extra to see the videos of that program for 30 days, like I'm not gonna go to lunch for 30 days, and I lead with value, so I love that you guys lead with value. So I like that, but anyway it's my direct, I just try to share my experience but now I'm asking hey if you have questions, let's chat. I've had a couple phone calls. One lady made a, you know, phone appointment and never showed up. I called her, you know, but like You're like people do what they want to do. Right, salty about that. Those aren't my ideal clients. So it's okay that they sort of follow up, we need to be in front of our ideal clients.

Basically they just need to keep on moving.

Patrice: So, that's how I do that and I'm not perfect at it, I'm learning every day. I know I use the sword for TikTok. And I'm watching other people's videos, seeing what they're doing and what they're not doing. I'm learning.

Jalen: I love that. I love that and so did you have any, like, internal blocks. And have you overcome it?

Patrice: Okay, so I started a journey on mindset probably about two years ago with a book called psycho cyber medics and that I read The Big Leap which is a self, like it's a self sabotage kind of thing. And then just dream big and now many Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. I started a challenge with a group, Earl Nightingale, the secret. The secret mystery. And basically the concept is you become what you think about all the time, and we do it with financial goals. So it's very interesting, like when you focus. When you focus on something. It's just you and you have your eyes wide open and you find it, just like when you launch a real estate career. You have to be talking real estate, you have to be looking, not, not in ways for clients but to get value. So it's the same way. So I don't struggle so much with my mindset, Other than I want to go faster, like when assigned when a difficult client texted me I'm like okay I need to go. Like, I just want to make faces. So that's probably my struggle. I just want to go a little bit faster, but it's all about my love. And what. So when I started real estate. I didn't know anything about real estate either, and I would get up in the morning and look in the mirror and I'm like, you're going to be a top producing listing agent. So I sit at my desk and I go okay what the top producing listing agent does. Oh she meets with sellers, why don't they have any sellers? So I worked on my, like, on my presentation right, you're always developing your skills. So the same thing with affiliates. You want to be a high ticket affiliate marketer, you have to think where my clients are. Like, I love that fishing training, that that's in the blueprint, your job and your bait. That's powerful.

Jalen: So, excellent, excellent question. So, are you a tech savvy person? That's what I wanted to know, because I know you know we have some people that struggle with setting up funnels, setting up, you know, their ads and everything I know you said you launched your very first app but were you tech savvy, or you have a little bit of idea or you struggle with it but you have to repeat, or watch a video like 100 times before you get it?

Patrice: That's a good question. So like I said I paid a company to do my sales funnel for me, so I had to put in my zip code, and pick the picture and run the split test. That's all I knew. All I knew was that I should be the oldest. So the decade of the day, I think of the second part of the video. I used to have the timer memorized. When Matt talks about how to do a Facebook ad. I must have watched that. I don't know how many times. And when he teaches on like the click funnels. I would just watch that pause it, do what he said, Watch it positivity said, Just keep working on. And when I got stuck. I just walk away a little bit, miles and other days, I'm missing something because I'm tired. And then I relaxed the video again. But now, but every victory, victory, like when I started, I knew something wasn't working, but I knew enough to know where to go to look to find out what wasn't connected right. To me that's progress. Right, if I want a Facebook ad, and I'm not making any money. That's a learning experience. I just paid for training for myself. That's sort of the mentality I have. And I'll figure that out. And you know when you weren't here for Facebook yet I had a complimentary call with Drew, and he taught me how to assess the ad. I feel like an expert right now in three months. And I know I'm not,

but See that right there is good and if anybody who's watching this right now, or maybe you watch the replay. 

Jalen: If I had told you that I wasn't tech savvy, would you believe me?

Patrice: No, probably not. 

Jalen: And exactly not everyone knows how to make money, so a lot of people think that they have to know it all. You have to be patient, which is. Give yourself time. Give yourself time. If you need to watch the videos 100 times, so be it. Take your time and go through the material, try to learn as much as possible because hey, I wasn't tech savvy I had to figure it out. A lot of times I had to throw my computer. I want to throw it through the window. I hear you are going through this, you got to understand, you can't compare yourself with the person who's been doing this for four or five years, or the person who's been doing this for a year, you're just starting to be patient, which is exactly which is sweet with a time, because guess what, we all had to go through the same struggles. 

Patrice: Exactly. And here's a tip though, like, if someone's not tech savvy, I would recommend watching the video first without doing anything, like just watch it. Don't take notes. Just watch what you guys are training, and then take a step back, and then watch it again right and just keep growing your knowledge base, and eventually, it will have recall that everyone learns at a different speed, that's fine. I love that I get to watch videos as many times as I need. Because, yeah, yeah these are all the skills to me. Even, even like the copyright. You know I'm playing with that and you just play a new game and you try, if you don't know what you don't know until you try. Right,

Jalen: Amazing, I love what you just said. You know what I'm gonna do, we're gonna wrap up with, I want you to give, you know, if someone who's brand new or someone who hasn't joined our community yet, or maybe going through the training or the 15 Day Challenge, maybe they're on day number one. Some haven't even logged in yet. What advice would you give them right now to start, you know, get the wheels turning to just start doing something, I want you to leave us with something solid. So in that way, if anybody out there that's on the fence, they're ready to get started?

Patrice: Okay, well the first thing I would do is take a leap of faith, and take the 15 Day Challenge, join the Facebook group, which is amazing. And here's a challenge to everyone, if you're stuck on something, don't ask the question in the group. Force yourself to train yourself and figure it out. So, search the group, you know how many times the same question is answered in our Facebook, search the group, the answer will be that you don't have to wait for someone to respond to the next morning, they answer somewhere in that. And then if you can't find it in our communities, amazing. So encourage us, you've surrounded yourself with people who are successful. That's the other thing you always become like the people you hang out with. Don't connect yourself with the naysayers, connect yourself with the people in the group that are willing to work it out, willing to help somebody. And, failure is not an option. That's what I would say, if you have to write that on a computer failure is not an option, you will succeed. And when you get stuck you look at that little saying. Absolutely. That would be my advice. Joining the community needs a challenge.

Jalen: Patrice, I think you have inspired a lot of people this morning. I, I want to say thank you so much for coming on. It was a pleasure having you. You're amazing, I love your energy, I love your vibe. Failure is not an option. So, I'll let you go. Have an amazing day. Everybody go follow Patrice on TikTok, go follow her on Instagram. The handles are on the screen, so you could do that so thank you so much Patrice.

Patrice: Thank you, thank you so much for having me. It was so much fun and nice meeting you. 

Jalen: Nice to meet you. See ya. So there it is, ladies and gentlemen, Patrice just dropped the bomb, she said, Billy is not an option. So there it is right there. I want you to just go out, take that leap of faith, do what you gotta do is necessary. Don't get into analysis paralysis. Remember, every week, Monday through Friday we have these legendary Wake Up show calls, And it's every morning at 10am Eastern time. So we set your timer, you can always watch the replay and if you watch the replay. Hashtag replay in the comments. Thanks for having me. My name is Andre, I'll catch you on another video. Bye for now.