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Dave: What's going on my friends, it’s Dave Sharpe back in the saddle after a wonderful week off. As you may have noticed my amazing, amazing, amazing partner in freedom here, Matt Hetzel has spearheaded our wake up, legendary shows over the last week. Standing Oh big old standing have you've been attending these and you've been. And you know what I'm actually going to bring him on here, he doesn't know that I'm doing that. He's even here behind the scenes, if you guys just understand the dedication, if you know you know Matt, thank you brother. Thanks. The guy is a rock star, and we're blessed to have them. Okay, we're blessed to have them so here we go, here we go if you miss Matt, he'll be hosting on Wednesday. Let's get to Papa Don here Papa. Don, welcome to the show, my friend. How are you, sir. 

Don: For an old guy, I'm doing great. 

Dave: You know what, if I am half the man you are at, 78 I'll be doing well.

Don: Life's a journey, my friend.

Dave: Yeah, I think all of us, all of us. You know, This is, this is a great way to actually see a physical kind of vision to us working in enjoying ourselves into our 70’s and, and those, as they call them I think golden years, I think it's silver, and then golden I would say you're in those kind of golden years, but you look like you're still in the silver years my friend you're looking fantastic.

Don: Well, I'm pushing for the 80 You said the 70 I'm hoping we get through the 80

Well yeah, I mean you're 78 I mean, I have no doubt you're going to be pushing through the 80s and the 90s Maybe you've been making triple digit digits, my friend. 

Don: That would be wonderful.

Dave: Yeah, yeah i know i mean as long as you, as long as you're able to still have fun and do what you want to do that's kind of the, that's kind of what we all hope for, so let's talk about how you got to where you are now how did you how did you come to find legendary tell us, in a nutshell, a little bit of what led you at least to online, and then here to our community.

Don: Well, during COVID. A lot of things shut off for me. I've been retired for a long time. I've done consulting and so forth but I couldn't get on the plane. I love to play golf, I couldn't play golf. I got bored, I've got a history of starting companies and so forth and so I told my wife I said I'm going to start another company. I need to do that. The first, the first opportunity that came to me I don't have an experience like you guys talk about going back and drop shipping and all when I didn't I was not aware of this. But the first thing that came to me was a random call from a group called prosperity of life. And they were marketing, a similar situation not like this. And I read a review by a young man named Alex Ford, who's also in fact he's one that brought me into being an engineer, and he wrote a review on them and I called him and he's in Australia. I called him and I talked to him about it. I thought it was a multi level marketing deal and I didn't. And he kind of confirmed that he had been involved with it. And we got to talk about this and I started watching your show. As I decided to do it. I decided if I'm going to be in this business, I got to learn how the basics of it work, I've got to understand. I got to learn the tools I got to learn. I got to go through the drill. And I, David, I can tell you that in the companies I've been involved with training was a very big deal. A tremendous emphasis on. I have to say to you that of all my including IBM. I will say that of all the circumstances, I've been involved with put together. Probably one of the finest organizations I've ever seen in terms of dealing with the people, the training that's available, the support that's available. The team. The Legendary team of Legendary is amazing, but also the members of the Facebook groups, the members of the various things that are supportive of each other, and the culture you've developed is amazing, and I gave you, very high accolades. It is truly something that is very impressive to me.

Dave: Thank you for that. Thank you, means a lot, and to be mentioned in the same sentence as IBM with your experience there and I can imagine the, the multitude of other things that you've done and seen in your life to be in those same sentences that means a lot, is a lot of great validation for what we're doing here. I'm glad that you're getting value. And I also want to say that you know you coming on here and being a part of our show this morning is another is how is, is, is what makes this great, you know, it's, I have been one of the smartest things we ever did was start this show and start having our actual students and clients, and affiliates on to share their experience and give. I was getting tired of hearing myself talk in other words, you know, I didn't want to be the only voice here, you know, I didn't want to be the only voice, and it's been just an absolute blessing that we've had so many people, be excited to come on and share their experience, so thank you for being one of them. What, so let me, Let me get this straight, so your, your, and I, and I had to chuckle inside a little bit when you said that you had told your wife that you wanted to start another company. I am just curious, what was her reaction to that?

Don: She knows me. As someone who has gone through the training. You know you go for you don't, you don't worry about if you, if you have a feeling and believe it. You know, fail forward. Try it. And I didn't know this business, and I still don't know what I'm learning. I'm very comfortable that I've given myself a schedule of things I want to achieve at that library as places, and I'll get there. I'm not, I'm not going to be as coming up as quick as some of the folks you've had on but I'm very comfortable and I'm putting the blocks in place so I can build a very solid base. One of them, well, I can get off and the stuff being old you started telling stories. 

Dave: No, I love stories. I will tell your story.

Don: Well I'm just, I'm just saying that it has become a family, my wife. I have her very involved in researching TikToks possession, the only thing I'm doing, I said as an objective. I said until I have 50,000 followers. I'm not going to do anything except turnout, just trying to get as many followers as I can through TikTok. I've been laying out the things that I want on my Facebook page. My other activities but I haven't implemented them. I've been doing the back, the background. But anyway, my wife is very involved in researching TikTok and, You know, we've talked about the kind of things that you know the whole time. We talked about having a 13 year old grandson, which is one of the reasons we just moved over to this other island. So it could be with him and his sister. I believe he knows TikTok, so I have every ball for every tech talk I do, usually one for those the actual production puts the little arrows and all this stuff. Wow. And he doesn't know it, but he's, he's 13, and I'm not gonna push him, I've let him come in his own face. But by the time he graduates from high school. He's gonna be in a very different situation and he perceives right now because I'm going to expose him to it so I'm going to let him grow into it. And I've seen that as creating the legacy, or the company that I want.

Dave: Wow. I wish, I think, I think many of us. I don't know, let's join in the comments and you guys let me know if you feel the same way that I do. I think we all wish that we had a grandpa like Papa Don, you know, that's, that's what I'm thinking and feeling right now, you know, I never knew any of my grandfather's never knew any of my grandfather's. So, you know that was a bit of a hole in my growing up, and I only knew one of my grandmother's. Actually, my mother later remarried, and my stepfather had a father, and ended up calling him grandpa and having, you know, as much of a relationship with him as I could. He was a very sweet man. But, Man, that is a really moving, and wow, I just I can't imagine what it's going to be like, and what it's like now, you know, but also for your grandson to look back and think how much of an impact as you, as you said, like he doesn't even know right now, but looking back, as he gets older, to think about how much you gave him, and also breaking sort of I think a little bit of a, you know, a misconception that older folks can't be technology savvy, you know, you're, you're, you know, I think you you are, you're definitely breaking through that stereotype, but also think there's something cool that's happening which is you're using your skills of kind of entrepreneurial, I think, I think, I think there's a couple of main skills of an entrepreneur there's grit. there's critical thinking, and there's, there's a desire to take risk, right higher risk tolerance, and so you're using those kind of main staple skills of an entrepreneur that to kind of push the business forward, Even though you may not be know how to navigate these specific apps, and I kind of figured out how to do the same thing, I still get lost in. Click Funnels or these funnel builders and autoresponders and I have to ask people and get help and all this kind of stuff, but I'm able to push the business forward because I'm using the grip of kind of, of, you know, doing a live show or shooting the video, and, and that pushes, that's kind of the main staple pieces of the business. And then once that's done, I'm able to kind of, you know, I'm able to, you know, get people to help me to kind of push it into the endzone. And that's exactly what you described.

Don: Well one of the one of the things that I've struggled with doesn't matter what I build a manufacturing company I built a software company from scratch and build. But having the vision of what I wanted to create, getting it started, hiring the people to do all the tasks, overseeing, getting it going. That's what I did. I like when I had manufacturing, I couldn't have run any of them. I couldn't have done anything other than what I did when I got to this. I realized, you know, I will. I'm going to form a lot of stuff out because labor is cheap, and the kind of stuff, like we've talked about tonight, I can build a funnel, I don't like what's fun for me. But right now I am, because I need to know how to do it because I got to know how to manage it. I go from there and so that's the stage I'm in or I'm having to go learn. They should have counted as you said, how you learn tools well you learn a tool when you need it and your craft. Well, I need my breath, and I'm learning how to use the tools. I'm not in any race, I'm not in a sprint. This is, I've got a long time to make this work. I'm more interested in building a very solid foundation, and then letting it grow from there. You know I got lucky with Papa Don. That actually my grandchildren have a while. When I finally decided I'm going to do it, which was the hardest because I never even seem to think about it. I don't want it. I really don't want to do this. I got my camera and I looked at myself only. I mean this whole beat up body, you know this, I mean compared to everyone else. And I thought, well, I'm stuck with it. And so if I stuck with it. You know you got to be who you are, And I say okay, I'm with random guy and I'm gonna play that, that's, that's, and it's really turned out well because I think one of the reasons I get some pretty good higher ratings. All right, I mean scores on this because I think people tend to relate to an old guy, I think they tend to give him more credit for being a kid. Not a guest, I'm all for the kids coming up to me, everyone's a kid, but anyway the fall for dogs and cats, I think has worked well and it's, it's a tag. I'm going to run with it. Yeah.

Dave: Well, there's a couple of things that I want to point out here. First of all, what, what, you know, there's a tendency for people who just heard what you say to say, Hold on a second. I'm not an old, old guy, I don't have the credit right because we always think that what we have is not good enough. So, just hearing you say that one could see that as well. A lot. If I compare myself instead of taking the lesson from what you just said unto me, what I heard was, you're figuring out how to use what you have to your advantage. Use what you have to your advantage, and to also put on your marketing glasses now I happen to have my glasses here this morning, and I think once we get into this business we begin to sort of see the world, almost like the Men in Black right you remember when they put on the glasses and then they now have this powerful weapon. Well I put on my marketing glasses, and now all of a sudden I see if I look in the mirror, a new opportunity, or even a new man, or I begin to see these, what I used to think of character defects or shortcomings or shortfalls, I can begin to see how those can be used as superpowers. Now if you're young. My challenge to you is to figure out how you can use your youth or your situation, or, or your looks. We had a gentleman. Not too long ago an 18 year old kid who couldn't smile. I mean, think about that, think, and you know what I asked him, I said so, when you make enough money, not if, when you make enough money to be able to afford that surgery yourself, Would you do it, know what his answer was, and I would hold up to this. Maybe he'll decide later. At that moment, his answer was, I wouldn't change a thing. I wouldn't change a thing. and that's what I believe that this business can do to one self esteem once they sort of again put on the glasses. Putting on the glasses is removing yourself from the Matrix similar to what you describe for your grandson, right, this system raises us to be robots, right, to take orders. And what entrepreneurship does is it teaches us how to have grit which grit is a hustle and grit, which is us to have, you know, perseverance. It teaches us to also sweep glass half empty, and also see the opportunity where others might see despair. And that's what I heard. You know that was a bit of a rant but that's what I just heard you describe when we looked at yourself in the cameras. Look at this old beat up bag of bones here. I'm going to figure out how to use it to my advantage. Am I right?

Don: Absolutely. It’s what we've going to go with. You know the one thing I use in your training. One of the things I've always taught to my sons is be yourself, find yourself and just be good at math. Whatever it is you want to do whatever it is, I don't care. But I think being yourself and that's, that's really what you're talking about whether you're young or you're old or fat or skinny or smile or campspot. By the way , I watched their show that morning. And when that kid said that, that just blew me away. I was, I didn't, I don't know him from Adam, but I was so proud of him. So anyway, I'm very happy David, I'm getting home in the fall, I'm hoping to get a few more conversions and I've got but I'm, I'm learning failing forward.

Dave: Yeah. Well, it's a skill set and you know what I mean it's a, it's a process. It's a journey, you know, you use that word when I, when I was talking about, you know, you doing what you're doing at your age, and hopefully doing it for a lot longer. What I find fascinating is that people who are much younger than you are. It's so Russian if it doesn't work out this weekend. I must be a failure, it must be a scam. And you, who are one of our eldest, most senior members, okay, most experienced members that we've had here, at least on the show, says, I'm in no hurry. I'm building a foundation. It's a process. Can you speak to some of us who may feel like if we don't get it this weekend that we're a failure or that it's not going to work out. Can you speak to those of us who may have thought or think like that, why you think like you do?

Don: I think like I do, because I've been through it so many times, but the point, it comes out in your training was about building your business plan and building your, your task list building your, what what you need to do, and working to it. If you, if you can only identify if you can identify 50 Things you need, and you look at that you're going to get confused, and you got to break it down, you've got to say, Okay, today I'm going to shoot one thing, it doesn't matter. Maybe it's three things. It doesn't matter just focus on those things, get rid of the rest of it, and lay out your. I mean for me I can't tell other people what to do but for me, I've got to, I've got to have a plan, I've got to have. And I've got to reward myself or penalize myself for being on schedule for designing my own boss. I'm, I'm, I mean, it stops right here. It's not going to get done. And so I say just be responsible, be yourself, be responsible, layout. A layout plan that you can in fact work to get the people. Another thing that's been said on this show many times, says, Give, and then the money will come. Give something, give, give something out. And I think that a lot of young people. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be picking on young people, I think a lot of people, they are, they're so in a trance over what's financially capable in this business that they want a piece of it now. And they, they haven't, they haven't given themselves the opportunity to sit back and say okay, I can have as big a piece of wood as I want, as long as I as I construct a plan to get there and I execute my plan, having it written on paper doesn't go down but a good unless you do it and you do it on a timely basis.

Dave: Yeah. And just so everybody's clear what Papa Don's plan is, if you were listening closely. You heard it. I know I did at the beginning of this episode and the first five minutes or so you said that at the beginning of your beginning to take action. Once you went through a certain amount of training and you said, Okay, I'm clear, this is what I'm going to attack you said, I'm going to start marketing on TikTok. There's other things that I want to do. Yes, there's other opportunities out there. We all know that there's 5000 Different platforms and things we could do ads we could run other places we could post videos and content and market. But you said, I'm going to start with TikTok, and I am going to get to 50,000 followers, then I will pivot or add to, is that right.

Don: Yeah. I've even hindered myself a little bit because I'm anxious to go over on Instagram because I've got too personal my stuff over. And by the way the training was great. That That young man did. But I'm sticking to my plan, and it may be counterproductive, but it's for me. My plan is I had, I got to hit my target of 50,000, and then I'll reward myself, and I'm going to move some of my stuff over to Instagram and start posting on both sides, but it's, but I do, I do believe in the old days we call them PERT charts as we call them, whatever. Of course, in the old days I used to work with a flavor or two so my first job, my first job as an industrial engineer was, I was we were building helicopters in Philadelphia, and I was in the industrial engineering group, and we had to work the main, the master schedule and the week, our tools were a slide rule, and a marsh shot calculator that was probably about 50 pounds of set took up half of it. And you had to pull the lever to make it calculate.

Dave: Everything you can do right here, including look at your kids or grandkids, right when you open that thing up. You can sit here and, you know, build it, basically build a business on this thing, isn't it. It's mind blowing. 

Don: I joined IBM in the late 60s. At that point in time. I just think about this. Five megabyte displays cost $5,000.19 to $68. That's I don't know what that's equivalent to today, but it's a lot. And just think how far technology has come. I mean there's more power. There's more power on iPhone yourself than there is in almost everything except a supercomputer

Dave: A staggering five megabytes. I mean 1 TikTok video would have taken that down.

Don: You can take, you can put five megabytes on this one platter, and you can take it off and put another $200 apiece, but you can do it.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, and that's one of the things that I think is when we put it in perspective now it's hard because to whom much is given much as expected. Right, so we can't blame, shame or fault ourselves for expecting, or, you know, kind of, yeah, expecting, you know, more from things today. But, I think if we think about the opportunity, if we shift from, you know, from, from, I guess, attitude of expectation, you know, or a retitle meant in shift to an attitude of gratitude and into seeing the opportunity that's in front of you. That's what gets me so excited. I mean I think about, you know, actually, the trip that we just went on that I went on, I was gone. Last week we went to DC, and my wife got a tattoo that's something that she likes to do as two tattoos. Look, she's got two tattoos that we've traveled for over two birthdays, 19, and 21 here, 2019 and 2021. But we were in Washington DC, and we went around and I actually went and I visited the art, the Museum of archives. I looked at the Constitution, you know the actual document. We then drove out to Gettysburg, I stood in the place that Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address, and stood in the cemetery, where the Union soldiers, all ordinary or a lot of them, were buried. Many buried anonymously just with a number that they didn't know their names, but I think about right just what 400 years ago that was in the ink on this paper you could hardly read it anymore, right and then what you just described, which was just what 40 years ago 50 Something like 30 between 30-40 ish years ago, and now here are 2021, even through a pandemic. This invention gives me the ability to be able to run a business. Basically from a cell phone in a Wi-Fi connection. If that's all you had, if that's all you had, you could build an audience, and you could begin to make money online, even if you did not have a laptop yet. Right, you could then get a laptop and you can begin to do more, but when I do that gets me excited. And I think if, if we can sort of right and I think this is where you're at, looking at things from a 30,000 foot perspective, instead of getting stuck in the weeds, I see people who are building their funnels for months on month on month on end. And I think that's a way that we procrastinate, that we get stuck in the weeds, we get caught in the details. You said something that was important. You said that's not fun for me. Can you say more about how you do? How'd that statement just I don't know how to ask the question, so I can get the best answer from you but you said, That's not from for me that's not what I focus on, I think,

Don: I think, David, I think we all have strengths. We all have things that are fun for us and so forth, I call it fun. Yeah, and I think labels whatever. There are things that have to get done. They have to be done, whoever does it and if you don't have anyone else to do it you better learn how to do it, find the tools and get it done. But the truth is we have the lineup 10 people in the room, they all have different capabilities, they all have different interests, they all have different value to bring to the equation and the first thing you do in a group survey is, is you figure out who's water how you put your team together and who's got the who's got the best shot at this piece and that piece. I know when I put in each time put the organization's together, hire these people for their talent, you do all that but then you, you've got to put them together as a team, and you've got to once again I don't mean to sound like an all broken record but you got to have a plan and you've got to, you've got to be able to break out the work pieces, and you got to be able to assign them we got to do it, I don't know where you want me to go but that's, to me this is just basic if we were if, if we all were strangers that we met at the park and we're going to go hike up a mountain that's challenging. Some of us will have skills of mountaineering, others of us have ever been on a path before in the wilderness, we need to know what those skill sets are, we need to know what those weaknesses are. We need to have a plan. Well when Mary falls, what are we going to do? We're going to take care of Mary, and we have to think that through and we have to lay that out in our overall plan. I don't know what else to call it, and we go from that and then when that crap hits the fan and Mary really follows. Well Jim knows that his job is to get the medical kit and Sam is to make sure she's okay. And we all stop until we get married and take care of and make a decision whether we're going back down the mountain, or we're going to take her up the mountain. And that's, that's all there is to it. If you don't give yourself the opportunity to have a plan, if you don't give yourself the opportunity to set objectives that are manageable objectives. If you don't give yourself the honor of going by those rules, you know you're going to, you're going to spin off. Now you're going to go learn by that, you know, I owe forward and all that, but you're going to learn from it, but you're going to, you're going to spend a lot of time, you don't need to spend too, by not following your plan.

Dave: And I think being an entrepreneur is about being efficient. You know, here's an example of what I think Papa Don is talking about. In practical terms, some of you might be sitting here thinking, Well, I would easy I mean I don't even know how this applies building a team in this business, I mean I'm basically doing this by myself, I'm sitting here I am essentially responsible to do it all right here by myself alone, at least to start, you know, I understand the idea, and I just want to point this out for everybody. He said this a few minutes ago, I can't manage a skill unless I know something about it. So, it is very important to at least understand how your tools work, who if you do happen to outsource those hire somebody to do them have somebody help you, that you understand what they're doing, one of the biggest pitfalls and danger zones to any business owner is to essentially hire somebody to come in and do it for you but you don't understand what they just did. So you don't know how to know if it's broken again, or you don't know how to know if they did a good job fixing it. But I digress. What does it look like to have a team, even if you're at the very beginning of your business. Well, it might look like this: you've connected with a couple of people in our community, you've found some different people who have some stronger skill sets in certain areas that you do. And so when you run into a challenge, you can reach out to them and say, Hey, I'm having a problem integrating this tool and that tool. Can you give me a hand with this? Can we jump on a zoom or a quick call and let me show you what I'm working with, maybe you. That simple call could save you hours days or weeks of you trying to figure it out on your own and hey guess what next week that person may run into a challenge that you have a strength. Maybe your strength is in creating content and getting more views on TikTok, and they're saying, I just, you know, no matter what I do, I'm really not getting the views. Can you take a look at my content and see what you see, see if you see something that I'm doing that I'm not seeing where my blind spots. They take a look at your content, they say, you know, I noticed that this is a pattern, and when I tried that it really didn't work. When I switched to doing this, my views took off. That's the power of a support team, and almost essentially having like a Henry Ford style team. If you guys don't know the kind of the legend of Henry Ford, they use, you know, the media used to brush him with questions and he said well I don't know, meet me at my office tomorrow and I'll, I'll answer it for you and the media would come in to his office and he'd have his entire team behind him, and he'd say, what was that question again and then he'd say Susie, can you answer that right he was famous for that, really not knowing everything but surrounding himself with the right people. And I think that's what you're describing right now, was you have to do, you have to do it for yourself as well. And you said it better than I did. If it's no more than a support group. That's what it is. Yeah, you've got to surround yourself with that, you cannot, you cannot beat yourself up because you don't know everything.

Dave: Yeah, Robert Doyle says one of my struggles is asking for help. I want to figure it out myself, costing me time. I am working on it, and Robert, I want to tell you that that pride is, is if that's what you want to call it pride, I'll call it that could be other things, maybe it's insecurity, maybe it's a fear of rejection, maybe, email it could be an assortment of things. But either way, it's so common amongst people, I just want to normalize that for you. It's not, you're not odd it's not, it's, you're not. You're not bad or wrong for feeling like that. But it is important. Here's another one of those cliches you've heard 1000 times to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Reaching out making connections and here's what you'll find is that others will be able to identify especially if you share your actual authentic feelings hey I'm a little hesitant to reach out, feeling a little bit nervous to make connections but I'm taking the first step and others will be like how I feel the same way. Thank you so much for reaching out, you'll find commonalities in your fears and feelings, and then together you will overcome them as others, validate, and, and don't react the way that you build up in future trip in your head that they are going to react people are genuine especially in a community like this, all moving towards the same target, and oftentimes are just right over on the other side of the wall in you just kind of got a knock and say hey, you know, want to work together, what can we talk, you know, it's just that act of reaching out. And I think that's what leadership is about what I've learned in my years of which are not nearly as many of experience in leadership as you have but is is is that being willing to ask first, being willing to volunteer first simply being willing to be first, is a, is a major sign of leadership, being willing to go first. Right, sitting in a room, and if somebody, you're at a mastermind or event somebody asks a question to be willing to answer to raise your hand and answer first. Because the opposite of that is of course, waiting for somebody else to go first.

Don: I would add one thing to your list and the other is to be willing to be wrong. Beach be comfortable and wrong. Don't feel stupid because you don't know, being wrong and find, get the answer.

Dave: Celebrate today not needing to have the answer. Not needing to be the guy in the room who's always got the answer. That is way too much pressure. And it's way too inauthentic. It's not authentic to me, because I don't have the answer. And oftentimes when I'm most prideful and even arrogant about having the answer being right, those are my. Those are my not proudest moments when I look back.

Don: So, questions more important than answers.

Dave: It is and that is more powerful when you're marketing, it's more powerful when you're selling, right, because it's much easier to engage an audience or an individual, by asking a question, versus talking at them. People tend to zoned out or tend to not feel engaged when you're just talking about them versus when you're asking questions. And so I found whether I'm in a position of power, right, or leadership. It's, it's, it's more effective for me to ask questions and get others opinions. Before then, I offer my opinion because I learned from other people's, you know, experience, especially on our team as we run this company we've got nearly 100 people on this team, and I'm not even remotely in all of the places that all these folks are BPA is our customer service folks marketing folks what Matt sees what Julie our CEO sees. I'm not even nearly as exposed to customer interactions as these folks are. I talked to one person a day. These folks are talking to dozens, if not hundreds, of folks a day. Right. They have a different, and oftentimes a better experience than I do. And so, while some things that may look at someone like me or someone like Jeff Bezos or someone like you know some other person who is, is, is a known sort of CEO or leader. And while you might think that one in that position just walks into every room and just dictates and bosses that that, you know, an interesting story. One of my friends who works in Silicon Valley was in a meeting with Bill Gates and Bill, SAT, as others were talking to the meeting was going on, and just jotted notes down and rarely said a word. And when it was time for him to contribute, he would pop, take long pauses, and really think through what he had to say. And that and then he would talk but out of everybody in the room he was the one who talked. And I just thought that was fascinating and validating for leadership to really lean on those who are around you in their experience, it doesn't make you less powerful, it makes you more knowledgeable, and more powerful in the things that you say, have more meaning. So, well, Papa Don, this is one for the record books, my friend, I think there's a lot of a lot that inspired me being one of them, I appreciate your time. Any final words that you would leave our listeners and fellow community members here at legendary with

Don: David I want to thank you for the invitation. This was one of my objectives and having a lot. I've enjoyed it. I just want to reiterate the opportunity for everyone that's watching this, whether you're currently with legendary or just thinking about legendary. You will never find a greater opportunity, if you want to get into online marketing. You want to participate in this, in this industry. There is. There's no path at all, and every, every opportunity is right there in front of you and I just, I just wish everyone very, very good and I'll, I'll try to get. Try to see at the top. Well my own journey. Thank you very much.

Dave: You're very, you're very welcome, tell your grandson. Hello, and also your wife. All right, I will talk to you. So, that is Papa Don my friends, the man, the myth, the legend, okay, and you guys can follow him at @PapaDon.recommends on TikTok, as he said, that's the only place he is right now, and I'm sure you sure you'll soon see him on other platforms as well. What a story of inspiration. What a story that breaks barriers, what a story that breakthrough excuses, what, what, how many lessons can you take from that conversation? Just, I think that the list can go on and on this morning. Again if you put on those glasses, right, like always say, if you put on those glasses and you choose to see them. Right, sometimes we see people even as the inspiration is pouring out, even as the knowledge bombs are dropping. Right, we still see people focused on what they can't do and who they can't be. Okay, here's the beautiful dirty little secret about online marketing, And quite frankly the dirty little secret about success in this world is you can be anybody that you want to be, well how do I transform into somebody that I want to be before I am that person will you simply act as if you are that version of yourself before you are that version of yourself and then slowly but surely, what will happen is you will begin to believe those powerful things about yourself. Just like you believed all those not powerful things about yourself. For many years, if you're anything like me, right, I'm not good enough can't do this right, we believe that bullshit. So you act as if you tell yourself which you can be, which can do it, you know what, you eventually begin to believe those and then right you manifest those things, it's weird. I can't explain it, but when I was broke and just getting started out, and I was on the phone, I used to call leads right somebody would opt into my lead form, and I would literally give them a call and I would walk around the house like I was a millionaire, talking on the phone. Right. That's the energy that I let off anyways, right I didn't lie to tape I am a millionaire. How you doing, it's millionaire Dave now I wasn't that version of an asshole. I was just simply telling myself that I'm good enough and worthy enough to speak to anybody and add value to anybody's life. And you know what, with that belief in conversation in my head, that's what I did. And then eventually, people started to tell me wow you really added value to my life and that blew me up even more. Right. And then, of course, my wife would come in and kind of shrink me back down the sides, but it was all part of the process of growing into the best version of myself, and I'm still doing that. And as you saw today Papa Don is still doing that, himself, inspiration, we'll see you guys back here tomorrow for another episode of Wake Up Legendary get out there, Get out of here. Have a great day. Peace.