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JoAnn: All right, everyone. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. You don't know me. I'm JoAnn from the marketing department here. And I am so excited for you to talk with our guest today and just meet her and get to know her and hear her story. And this is Ashley. So welcome through all the ups and downs of going live. Sometimes that happens.

Ashley: That's fine.

JoAnn: So why don't you share with everyone first? how you found us and what brought you. Why were you even looking at what? brought you to Legendary in the first place.

Ashley: Well, I'm just a small town, mom. In Ohio, and I had actually had an accident where I fell through my garage ceiling, and we were supposed to take a vacation, but once that happened I couldn't. I was fine, but I was pretty banged up so I spent the next few days on my phone and I came across, Legendary on TikTok, just like so many others, and I was like well, I don't. I've tried so many other things to make money at home. You know I've done the Beachbody and I've done different things and I've just done so much and it never seemed to work for me, it just, it does for some, it wasn't my thing. Right, and I was like, it's a $7 course, what, what am I going to do? be out if I take the $7 course and it doesn't work. But as soon as I did it, everything on the internet made sense. Like all the people that you follow on social media sites that are promoting things that they like, and I was just like, this is how this works. This is how they do this. And I knew from right then that that's something that I could do at home without having to have a babysitter. I have a seven year old son and I work full time so I didn't want to give up my evenings and my weekends. But I needed to change our life by making more money.

JoAnn: Right? What did you do so you jump in. So we still have our nine to five, right? Yeah,

Ashley: I still have a nine to five. So okay,

JoAnn: So now we're balancing building a business. But really what's your driving factor? It's not necessarily money, right? We always can get, you know, figure out what's really driving you here to put in that time, energy, effort, time freedom.

Ashley: Being a single mom and working full time. I feel like I don't get enough time with him because you get off work. And you have to make dinner and you have to mow the grass and you have to clean the house and you have to do laundry. And I feel like your evenings go so fast. And he's growing so fast. And so eventually I would like to leave that nine to five and be able to do whatever I want with him and have that time freedom.

JoAnn: Right. That's huge. Yeah, I think most people don't realize how that's really the reason they're here. Yeah. Is to have almost, I like to call it freedom of choice. to go today we're going to do this. Yes. Tomorrow, I'm going to do this. I'm going to go to Little League, I'm going to be able to just go on vacation or I'm going to choose to sleep in or I'm going to choose to not take overtime at my nine to five because I can right it's right. Choice is really what we're looking for. Right and the closer we get to summertime and summer break with his school,

Ashley: I just keep thinking I'm ready for where we can spend every day in the summertime doing whatever we want with you know, I can get up and I can work on my business for a few hours while he still sleeps. We have all day to do whatever. So that's my drive. And that's why behind every day I just don't feel like working on my business. But I know what my goals are.

JoAnn: Right? Okay, so you find the challenge you jump in, you start going through the days, how did you do you? How did you set up your time management to make sure you're meeting with your advisor, getting through each day, and still leaving time for your son and all of that for anyone that might be struggling with going through that process right now.

Ashley: He was actually with me for two of my calls. He was sitting right beside me. And you have to just include him. And he knew that mommy's doing some work now on my phone. But you're right here with me. And, you know, there's times that I try to get up early, and I try to stay up late and respond to people and do emails and set up things that way. And sometimes it doesn't work that way. And I have to do it while we watch a movie. And he's right here with me. But, you know, I just have to figure out that time frame and make it a priority.

JoAnn: Yeah. And I think when kids see that, too, they're also learning. Yeah, okay. Mom's working on this. This is how you make things happen. This is how you can find time. It's not like okay, you have to go away and be with a babysitter and I'm alone in a room at a desk. It's not my job. You can do it while watching a movie.

Ashley: I also try to make it a priority to put my phone away and have, okay, I'm not going to touch my phone, I'm not going to look at notifications. I'm not going to focus just solely on our life and what we're doing because otherwise it can be overwhelming, sometimes.

JoAnn: Right? What do you think was the most overwhelming point for you? As you were starting this?

Ashley: I'm just being confident and knowing what I was doing. I mean, I still learn something new every day. And I feel like that's something you have to be comfortable with is not just getting to a point where you think you know, at all you're going to continue continually learn,

JoAnn: It's never a place of perfection. No, right? We're, we wait for perfection, or we're trying to achieve perfection. It's just, we're gonna have a lot of disappointment.

Ashley: And you're gonna let yourself down. And I try not to be so hard on myself. Like if, if I'm a few days past a goal or a week passed ago, I'm still striving for that goal. I'm going to hit it eventually. So I just keep pushing. Right? I think there's so many people that I get messages from that call this a scam, or they say it just doesn't work. But I think those people just didn't take the time to put in the work and learn.

JoAnn: And I think you can find that with every business and everything. Somebody decides they're stuck. And that mindset is a scam. Yeah, I think it's gonna work. They're alive, but they're choosing that. Exactly. They're actually choosing to stay stuck instead of choosing to have that growth mindset and really open their eyes and thoughts to options.

Ashley: Exactly. And I realized that last summer when I found this because, you know, being a single mom, I wanted that stay at home mom life. Where they can go to the school parties and participate in stuff and always be there and being a single mom, I only have one income so I had to go to work. And then when I started this and I was in the middle of my 15 days and I called my mom and I said why can't that be me? Why can't I build my own business to where I work from home for whatever hours I need to and what why can't I still go to his school and be the helper mom and just because I'm a single mom doesn't mean I I have to go to a nine to five

JoAnn: Right, does it? There's already a lot that there is struggle there's challenge challenges but it doesn't mean well this is my life.  you always get to really go after that and yeah, no. See how it goes. So how's it going? After you finish the challenge, what was your biggest first milestone and first goal that you achieved?


Ashley: I struggled for a long time I would always get the smaller commission's and but it took a while and so I hit my first really big day and I hit at 1,800 in one day and I thought that's my whole that's over my whole monthly House bills like people don't realize that they don't

realize that you hit one and one day it can change your whole life and it just makes you just keep pushing even further to take this further and learn further and but definitely to focus on one thing at a time. I think that it can be super overwhelming to be trying to promote multiple things and too many irons in the fire just stick to one thing.

JoAnn: Well let me first preface obviously we don't guarantee income Ashley's just sharing. So I want to say that because she gave a dollar amount. Yeah. But something after that, he said it's huge and I think this is and it's a little kind of goes along the lines of the email I sent out this last weekend, is pick one thing and do it really, really good. Yeah. Just keep going and keep going and keep going. Jumping around over and over to this and that, this week I'm going to try this  and I'm going to try that next week. But it's not like trying ways to build traffic. Don't change offers.

Ashley: Right. And I do see that on TikTok a lot or Instagram where they'll be promoting the one thing and then the next time you see a video, it's something different. That would be confusing for viewers. I know it would be confusing for me if I didn't know what they were doing. Right? Well, the whole point is you're building a relationship. You're building trust with your audience.

JoAnn: Right? And if they start following you all right, I'm gonna check Ashley out. What'd she have to say? Okay, and then all of a sudden you switch and you're like, that one is out. This one is in and then two weeks later. Oh, that second one's out. This one's like, Wait a minute. Ashley's not so confident in her offer. what's, you know, actually it's not here to help me Ashley here to help yourself, and they want to feel you're here to help them.

Ashley: Right. And this is definitely something that can change anybody's life if they actually take the time to learn and put into action what they learn. 

JoAnn: One- take the time to learn. And two- put it into action. Did you feel like you ever had a roadblock taking action?

Ashley: Just my own mentality, you know, you've got people that, especially like the older people like my grandma, was a huge thing. If it sounds too good to be true. And, but, but you don't understand, like, you have to put in work it's still work. It's not just, oh, I want to take this course and I'm just gonna quit my job. Right. You have to build it, we have to go and sell as I'm going. Because it's something that I haven't told everybody in my life and it's not. any of their business. I tell who I want to tell and that is what it is. But when you don't want to share, you know, everybody has those days that they don't want to show up or they don't want to do it. But you have to treat it like your nine to five. You go to your nine to five when you don't want to. So if you eventually want to leave your nine to five. You have to do this too.

JoAnn: Right? I think that's you probably nailed one of the misconceptions that I see is people will give a nine to 510 years for like a 1% Raise. Yeah, one day, I'm going to get that little tiny, measly raise that will let me like, get another Starbucks into, I'm going to give it 10 more years. And then they come to this. And they're like, by day six of the challenge, I better have five grand falling from the sky hitting my account when I wake up, never having to work. I can just sit on a beach and it's just landing in my account. And it's like, Oh, it doesn't work that way. There's no, that's involved here. It's still work. But it's not. It hasn't been helping you get to where your goals are, and it's a hell of a lot faster than 10 years so it's like if you're giving it you're willing to give yourself a decade at a job and you frickin hate, right. You hate it. Why not give yourself six months and 12 months that could change your life.

Ashley: Right, and I noticed as I was learning. You know there's times that you could spend an hour, two hours on your business, or you could spend a Saturday and spend five hours on your training courses and setting things up and getting, you know, you kind of set your own speed, yeah you can do it. Once everything's set up, you can do it and one, two hours maybe a day. But it takes time to learn what you're doing.

JoAnn: Right. Well and it doesn't have to be every day. Some can do this every day. I'm going to put four hours into my business. I'm going to put you know, whatever that timeframe. Just look at your schedule. What can you do with your life with everything that's going on that you can commit to and then stick to that. Like and like you said on a weekend Yeah, if you have four hours free, match content, add a whole bunch of stuff to drafts. You can repurpose where you're going across and posting things to different channels. There isn't. one way or no other way, but make it work for you. And just keep moving.

Ashley:  Yeah, I That's exactly especially working full time. I have to be able to prioritize my business, but I'm also working eight hours full time and then I get my evenings and depending on what we have that evening, so I will be pulling from my drafts or pulling from older videos and repurposing them and it might take me a little while to get back to some messages, but I always respond. 

JoAnn: Yeah. And that's okay. Now, let's say that it has to be you know, immediate, exactly. Okay, so we have our tick tock channel now with almost 15,000 followers on it. So definitely.

Ashley: Try it. I just started a second page also and tried trying.

JoAnn: Okay, so how did you get started with your page like how, when did you, are you going live, when, what were your steps with going through that for anyone that's in that early stages of TikTok.

Ashley: Just tell your story. I have not gone live yet, I really should. I don't know, I guess I need to just to be honest, just to be honest. and tell me your story. I seem to get a lot more views on replying to comments. and talking that way and just telling them about the training. 

JoAnn: Right, okay. So what's holding you back from going live?

Ashley: I don't know, my nerves. I need to just get over it and just do it because I'm sure I'll be fine.

JoAnn: Right. What's the little voice telling you what's the biggest worry?

Ashley: I don't know. Just be you know, be the little insecure, insecure bug. Maybe after doing this today, maybe I'll go live tonight.

JoAnn: Yeah. Our guests yesterday. It was an amazing interview, and I really loved his perception because perception is reality. Yeah. And he was all about serving. Anyone that showed up. So if he had one person, pop into his life. If you were I was live, and you were my one guest some go, oh my gosh, I only had one. It was awful. And he's like, awesome. Ashley, how can I help you? Right? What are you working on right now? And it became like a one on one mastermind session. Live? Yeah. And it was just how his mindset approached it, instead of like to have to have 1000s on or I have failed. One if I only have one or two. Imagine the amount of value in conversation. I could have helped somebody better in a small group than something big. So maybe that will help you. I don't know. 

Ashley: I like that view of things. 

JoAnn: I when I heard that yesterday, I was like, Oh, that is such a beautiful thing because I think that's a big roadblock for people going live.

Ashley: I think I'd be intimidated at first, to have all the 1000’s of people on there, but because I do like to be able to just email back and forth or comment back and forth, or answer questions just. directly to that person. It's so much more personable I feel than being overwhelmed like in a live with all these comments, and you're trying to get back to everybody and then you might miss somebody.

JoAnn: So yeah, yeah, definitely. Okay, so what's the next milestone for you in your business? What are you close to achieving and reaching?

Ashley: I don't know. Like, I just have so many goals. First, I want to be debt free. So I'm working on that. And then as soon as that happens, I'm hoping by fall to leave the nine to five. So I love it. That's my goal so far. 

JoAnn: So you're definitely going to come back when we are absolutely at a milestone and you’re going to share with us so that we can celebrate with you for sure. Cause that's huge. That will be huge. So anyone getting started, what is your biggest piece of advice?

Ashley: Don't give up. Even when it's hard, even when you don't understand. The community and those groups. They answer everything. I mean to see Dave even pop in on comments and help and answer things and the community helps so much. So don't be afraid to ask a question. There's not a question that's stupid. I think a lot of people feel like they shouldn’t ask. But just ask. When you’re going through the training that business plan advisor was so helpful to me.

JoAnn: The people that work in support and answering all the things on our group pages and stuff are always really here to help so that's a great piece of advice Never be afraid to ask because if you need to know it, you deserve to know it right? If you're unsure about something there is no level of worth to get a question answered.

Ashley: Well and if you let one question stop you, if you would have just asked it could have changed your whole life. 

JoAnn: And sometimes it's and I've had people reach out like so sorry, I'm asking this but it's their biggest roadblock was some small piece of tech or understanding or they couldn't find a link somewhere. Just getting that answered, that takes about 30 seconds changes their day. It keeps them moving forward. And that is the goal and that's what we want for everybody at Legendary is to just keep moving forward.

Ashley: It's not a competition. You want to see everybody succeed.

JoAnn: Everyone can win. And right, everyone can win. And everyone is worthy of winning as long as you are willing to learn and be willing to implement. 

Ashley: Exactly.

JoAnn: Those are the two keys for sure. I loved chatting with you today. Everyone go find Ashle on TikTok it’s @makemoneywithmcbride. Go follow her and comment on her stuff and cheer her on. Thanks so much for coming on.

Ashley: Thanks for having me.

JoAnn: Keep in touch, okay?

Ashley: For sure.

JoAnn: Thanks for hopping on today. Tomorrow we will be back on with a new guest and stay Legendary everyone.