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Dave: All right, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe hey I got my guest right here what's going on, brother.

Kyle: Hey Sir Hello good morning.

Dave: You are in Arizona is that right?

Kyle: I am not my phone number from Arizona. I grew up in Arizona, I moved out to California 23 Okay.

Dave: Awesome, man. Well, thank you for sharing with us the autism element of your, of your life. It's really, it's really amazing to have such vulnerability as you know I've shared the addiction side of my life in the even even yesterday I think I went into a bit of the mild mental illness with some kind of low grade depression and a bit of, you know, mania, you know, that might pop there might not pop up on the full blown scale of bipolar but I can get a little manic sometimes just ask my wife, you know what I mean. So, so tell us a little bit about yourself in sort of what led you online man and how you're kind of, you know, utilizing your creativity and in your, in your, in your skills in, even your weirdness just just like I utilize my weirdness to have some fun and build a business here. Sure, yeah,

Kyle: I mean, if you can see it too well but I'm in my bathroom. By the way,

Dave: I noticed the shower back there but I just, who knows, it could have been a zoom screen, you never know now. So,

Kyle: No and I think, I think one of the things that I did this year and I've learned is, is lean into stuff. You talk a lot about the audience, and everybody's got an audience, and I think that's a huge realization is, you know, I'm a little kooky, have fun, and I do things in a different way, and lean into it. Stop. Stop trying to be what everyone else is. You know, I think you guys talk a lot about not comparing yourself to the top right, not not seeing that that great person out there and, you know, saying, cuz I'm not that I'm not that talkative or I'm not that attractive or you know, all these things. I, you know, filming from my bathroom. I don't care, start looking at the bottom people, to be honest that I mean I, I don't want to insult anybody but there's a lot of people out there that aren't that great. And they're, they've got, you know 20,000 followers and if you look at that. It's easier to put yourself out there and just be like, That guy, I could, I could do that. And so that's a lot of it is just as leaning in and saying, This is what I am. And there are people out there that'll buy into it and they'll listen to me and things like that and just realize that, you know, if they're not necessarily around you, right now they are out there and I don't know. Hopefully that makes sense. 

Dave: But, yeah, yeah I did, and I also want to say that one thing that I talked about, was on a coaching call yesterday. I talked about how people, if you try to hide all of your imperfections in the present as this perfect person. People naturally don't celebrate or feel connected to you, they don't celebrate for you, or feel connected to you. As a matter of fact, that's why it's so common in online business and entrepreneurship that a lot of people say, Yeah, my friends and family didn't support me. Well, it's because you know naturally humans when somebody else is doing something, pursuing goals whatever it makes them think about their own life and if they're pursuing their goals and if they're not maybe they might be a little bit jealous or not feel as connected whereas if you reveal your imperfections which we all have, whether it be your, your past or some of your some of your current struggles or whether it be mental illness, one of the most, one of the biggest topics that I think has brought people together, especially throughout the last couple of years is talking more about mental illness, it's talking more about the things that have always kind of we've we've hit in the closets and we've swept under the rug, you know, because for whatever reason, society has told us that those things are things we should be ashamed of right like we're the only ones that have them, right. And as people have talked more about those things, it's, it's brought people, it's brought them together and it's actually, I've seen marketers who have become more vulnerable and shared who they are. And both their strengths but also their imperfections, and it has massively grown their, their, their connection with their audience and made more people follow them and want to support them because they're relatable. So I think you just have make sense what's coming up for you as

Kyle: I found this really odd thing that I really come into and I'm sure, I think you're touching on it quite a bit is, you know, you go out, you put yourself out there right and so much of this isn't, you know, the dynamics and mechanics. So much of this is just getting to that level where you're comfortable to put yourself out there, right? Like, I'm talking on a live show right. A bunch of people, and I didn't have the confidence to do that a year ago, right. To make my first video took a lot, but I guess what you're saying there's, it's so weird because the support isn't in the small circle that is around you right now your, your, your close friends and your close family. The support is not there. They see you in a different light. They, you know, they see the person that was always there, and they're gonna assume that you're, you're not going to be able to accomplish, extra stuff, I don't know, I really don't get it. But the second that you leave that circle, and you put yourself out there to strangers right to TikTok and YouTube and this right here. Those people that don't know you, that didn't know you originally that see you in this new light. They're just so much more apt to support you.

Dave: Do business with you and give you money and buy your recommendations I mean, it's it's kind of like the the old story that I think is so funny and true is that like somebody close to your maybe a child or a spouse, you know, you could say something share a little nugget of wisdom with them for years, and it's like they never hear it and then the same, the same nug wisdom is shared by some homeless person one day they come home, they're like, You're not gonna believe what I learned today and it's kind of like, wow. For years, but it is coming, I think that the, I think you make a wonderful, really powerful point that everybody can hear this. I just want to say it in a different way, it's scary to put yourself out there, it's scary to begin to build your personal brand, But your most supportive people, your new best friends. Your biggest cheerleaders and those who are actually going to contribute to your bank account, you know, it's the kind of like you can't borrow $100 from your brother, but strangers will buy from you and help you to build your, your personal financial freedom, and it's, it's, you know, man, you make a phenomenal point with that man.

Kyle: It's so odd just finding out those things and it's been a crazy journey. And I think, again, dynamics mechanics. It really is just getting your mind straight because there are a bunch of ways to make money online. And once you, once you set your mind, they're there they all open up, it's not like the one, the one that you're looking for, you know it's not, it's not that one rich quick scheme and that's the golden ticket and all the other ones are garbage and you know whatever. It really is just like opening your brain to get into this mentality of like you know, have money to make money, or, you know, use money to make money for yourself and be able to put yourself out there. And once you, once you're there, you're, it's, I don't know it's just it's just so many things like, I think, just to kind of go back and take a step back and kind of talk about my last year. I didn't, I got fired twice a year. And, you know the first time I got fired. I went, so I got fired for my career job. In May because of COVID. And the first thing I did was look for another job. Right, stocking shelves, You know bartending, whatever, that was my go to that was, like, panic in my head, what do I need to do to get a frickin job, anything, you know, whatever. So I started calling around a friend who knew the general manager at Costco. And, you know, as you recall, probably as shit was hitting all the businesses were declining but Costco and grocery stores were going up so they needed it. Right, so it was like okay cool pop in there, I, my friend knew the general manager. So I made a couple calls, got in there for stock shelves for 15 bucks an hour stocking shelves but that was, you know, that was, that was where life led me you know that's a gift, freakin job, puts them on the table, do something. So that happened, got the job there, you know, as a favor you know they call in as a favor for me. I would, you know, I'm 43 years old with gray hair. I was the only one over 30 That got hired. So it really was, you know, I got called it was a favor, you know, they were most like 22 and 23.

Dave: But, like growing up here you are like grandpa around all these teenagers right

Kyle: For sure, like pushing the carts out in the parking lot, people are like, you're….

just stay six feet away. So I was like, you know, that's, that's what I that's where my brain went right and that's where everybody's brain goes is when you get fired. You'll find another job. And one of the weird things that, that I noticed, you know, recently is when I was looking for a job, you know, you pop on the, you know the job websites or whatever, and you scroll through. And there's a certain number of them that you automatically pass right it's the, the sales, or the you know the cold calling ones or the, you know, blah blah blah, and you just, you pass those new ones that are for you, costume and blah blah blah. And it's odd. I'd finally realized recently it's like, No, those are jobs, you know, the ones that they're, you know they're sales and you have to put yourself out there and you know there's probably some crappy ones but those those things that I've always scrolled past my entire life and looking for jobs, those are jobs. I've always dismissed them, but I'm not saying to you but it's weird to just open your mind and be like, those are actual things. Yeah, and I, it took. And I'm kind of skipping around my story but my Costco tenure ended June so it was a three month contract or whatever. And at that point I got like a constant. And it was, it was nothing. You know that was, you know, if you can't keep a job, stocking shelves. Frick bro like there ain't much left. So it took that mentality of, there's nothing, there's nothing here, what's here to do? Garbage right. 

Dave: Your internet's just going a little wonky right now. I don't know if that's, I don't know if that's just me but your internet just went like, it was wonderful. Now all of a sudden just going all over the place.

Kyle: I saw a couple but I was back now.

Dave: Looks like you're not coming back. You're coming back into focus right now. Okay, now, now your yes your, I can care. Yeah. I'm actually back you know. Yes, you went very wonky there for a second here like the internet like kind of had you frozen it was weird like face, you know. Anyway, so we kind of lost you where it was like, basically, I kind of like if there was nothing, that's kind of basically where I lost you.

Kyle: Yeah, sure. I lost my train of thought. Anyway, but no,

Dave: I would assume, like going towards the fact of how the hell you came online, right i mean like yeah, it literally was just,

there's nothing like so after you know, I went to Costco and my, My, my three months ended at Costco. That was it, you know, if you can't, if you can't have a job stocking shelves at Costco if you can't keep that you're done, you know there's nothing. So, so you have to It's like going back through all that stuff that you've always turned down, and you've always just automatically scrolled past, and honestly really turned down like it wasn't conscious decisions to be like, Okay, I'm not gonna do that, I'm not gonna cold call people I'm not gonna go door to door. It was just an automatic. These are the ads kind of mentality, right, you just boom boom boom mentality but it took a situation of There's nothing. There's nothing here, there's an economy shot. I have to look for something so I started digging through those and I started just digging online of, you know like, I don't need to make $1,000 a day can make 50 bucks a day 20 bucks a day like, where's where those videos, you know, I don't need those Lamborghinis and stuff like that.

Dave: Right and I think I think a lot of us, I think a lot of us, and that's the whole thing I think that's really a key thing is that, you know, everybody's like well how can I talk about such and such. If I don't have any results it's like well, just make a $5 video , because most people don't believe your $1,000 a day anyway.

Kyle: That was the cook for me honestly, that was the one I think was Thomas Yeah Thomas Stewart's, and his video said, 50 to 80 bucks a day, and I was like, that's believable, okay. I get that, not $1,000 a day for me but anyway. It's just, it's, it's leading into all these things that, that you just, you've never, you never really thought of before you never really put yourself out there before you never really tried before and I'm lucky because I got forced into it, you know, I wouldn't have had 2020 not happened, I wouldn't be here, you know, just be my old job, chillin. So it's good, it's happened it's good that I'm, I'm an. I'm a new person and that just scrolling down a little bit but

Dave: I wanted to jump in and just say that like for me too. I, you know, I, it was, it was a good thing that my dad and I, when I was working construction back in 2008 Nine, that my dad and I were basically so sick of looking at each other, you know what I mean. And I just, I am the worst manual labor worker in the world, you know, my dad's like this world class craftsman, like seriously like he's really good. And he's, he can work on anything he can work on houses, cars, and I'm not just talking about break stuff I'm talking about build stuff, and break it down, build it back up the whole line. And he works his ass off and he's got like alligator skin and I mean it's just me I get a little bit of sun I get skin cancer. It's just we're different, like that, you know, he's just been doing it all his life, and there's, and I guess he never had another option or whatever but I kind of got it. You know I got a taste of this kind of like entrepreneur thing from my first experience in network marketing right and I started like listening to, like, all these like, you know people who are like, you know, fire your boss and you know you're trading time for money, I started listening to that stuff back like when I was in drug treatment in 2005 You know what I mean. And like right when I got out of that, I got into this company called Market America and like you get into some of these big network marketing mlm and like there's some really prolific speakers, and in just people who will introduce you to ways of thinking that like are just totally different kind of like we do, those guys are next level, you know, and in 2008 and nine like when I got started here online, I mean the only reason I came online, was because first and foremost, like I got prospected into a network marketing company, and I was so broke and tired of working construction with my dad that I literally took every dime I had and joined the company, the company literally shut down in three months, like it wasn't the business but I was like, that pushed me online because I was like, what next, what now what are we going to do now to get rich because that just shut down, you know, so I literally went and I'd be sitting on my dad's computer that was like one of those big boxes, you know, like kind of like, you know, it was like, like 100 pounds you'd walk around with it, kind of move it around, you'd have to hug it like a bear. You know the thing was so slow like it had like 1,000 viruses don't ask me why, you know, who knows what was being done on that computer, but uh, but, you know, man, it was like I would sit there and just wait for pages to load for like minutes, you know minutes. In like videos, you know, I'd come to somebody's landing page you know because I was often into 1000 different lists, you know what I mean, you know, getting on people's eat you know I went from like having no email account ever to having to be unsubscribed like 1,000 lists within a week and I'm getting all these emails and I'm trying to watch videos and they're not loading and I'm just sitting there waiting. You know, it was just, it was kind of like that same thing of just being forced into it and I almost feel like, you know that that's a gift, in a sense, it was a gift for me to not have a real cush job that I that I really, you know, could have, could have stayed out or whatever because who knows, I might have stayed at that too, like if it was just a chill job that I just kind of enjoyed or or I didn't predict or I didn't particularly hate or was paying the bills or whatever like I don't know, like that's why I don't like get too preachy about like to be entrepreneurial, hustle, you got to work 18 hours a day like I think Gary Vee and all his hustle porn is cool and all these work, you know, I'm gonna, you know, sacrifice in your 20’s and, like I think that's all cool that, like, whatever. But the truth of the matter is is that there's a lot of happenstance and luck for me too and I think if anybody, if any of you guys listening end up being successful. It's just like, you know, it's, it's just a gift in, in, and you gotta you gotta keep working to keep it. And, you know, nothing is handed to you, and sometimes if you have that cush job or you have something that's keeping you comfortable. You know maybe you might need to go the extra mile to make yourself uncomfortable, you know you maybe you need. I don't know, like there's different ways that we can hold ourselves accountable like I don't have the answers to everything, it's just kind of like, it's just kind of like, I guess, you know, luck, luck is at least this is what I heard my uncle say the other day, is when opportunity and preparation meets you know each other. And, and, and, you know, I wasn't, I wasn't prepared really like I didn't have any skills or anything, but I think I just had like the hunger, you know, back in 2009 When I started, similar to what you had, you know you had the hunger to basically just put food on the table, and that kind of preparation met that opportunity you came online, you saw Thomas Garrett's video how to make $5 a day whatever, and it was like, okay, you know, let's give it a shot. Like, I'm willing to basically try anything because I, because I'm uncomfortable with, and you run with it right and now you're making videos in your bathroom.  And I want to make sure that we talk about that because, like, like, obviously you've gotten started marketing I put your TikTok channel up there, You, you had to do have 20,000 followers on your ticket and all these while all these guys, these bro marketers are out here, being being being badass mega douchebags. You know in front of their Lambos and rented mansions and stuff, you know, which really is a turnoff to most people, by the way, you know a lot of you guys. Yeah, a lot of you guys think that you need that kind of stuff. I mean, I got some, some cool cars or whatever but honestly nobody even gives a shit about it. You know what I mean like I don't talk, I don't pose in front of them and try to be cool because honestly, I'm more, I'm so much of a dad now I probably could all my mostly all of my cool factor is gone. Anyways, I mean the grace here for me. I am just, I'm away, there's no coming back, you know, I'm, I'm Dad Bod, dad jokes. Dad flex. Dad life, I'm the guy now who goes out. Like the other day I peeked out the window and saw my neighbor checking his sprinkler system. So I was like, so I went out into the, I went out into the garage and I took her for a test run spend two minutes on each his own, you know what I mean just to make sure everything was working properly, just to Dad flex, you know, and the good, you know, just take her for a spin. Let them know hey I'm on top of my game over here too, you know, don't worry, we're good, you know, we're in the game. But, but, and also I'm the funniest guy that I know, you know, that's the other thing you have to be able to laugh at your dad jokes but you have taken this sort of kind of weird, like it's almost a steak break right by doing stuff in your bathroom, I think it's the coolest thing because it sends a message that I'm different, and you can do this from your bathroom, tell us how the how you came up with that.

Kyle: Again, out of necessity, but it's, it's a new pad to write there was like, you haven't the only quiet room in the house, but the only quiet, because we have COVID Obviously, Windows so you know, the kids are in the house students in school. So, there's not a lot of space, and I did a few videos, you know, kind of in the corner with the computer propped up on a table, you know, so I just like to get, you know, a back wall that was clear, you know, so I'm in the middle of like, I think I did one for my daughter's room to get like a clear wall and there's just not a lot of clear walls and I'm like, and I'm not gonna set the frickin computer up every time you know some like screw it. So, there's just a nice little spot in the middle, bathroom. It's quiet here and so much of this journey is lean in. Right. I think that's, that's been one of my bigger mottos is just, you are you, you have an audience. This is real and you know don't fake anything and show, you know, don't show the Lambo show the bathroom, and just show like, hey, I can do. One of the things I say is you know you can do this from anywhere. So, it's just having that mentality of, I don't care. I'm going to do this, I'm going to do what it takes, if I'm stuck in my bathroom I don't like it's, it's you know I've got a lot down here, it's fine. I'm good, let's, let's go. So I think that's just the mentality of it and I have fun with it. I did a shower for a whiteboard at one point in a video didn't look too good so I only didn't want but that's what it is, I just, just lean into what you are guys like, don't, don't do the Lambo Don't, don't try to say things that you don't know, teach what you know, don't teach what you don't know. Don't. Don't say things that are true, don't you. Do you reckon you'll have an audience, you really don't be like I'm going to film TikTok videos for my bathroom and follow me. Right, okay, right, like, but it happens, you know, is a thing. Hey, James little says I remember the shower whiteboard lol.

Dave: Wait, wait, wait, woo says what is he sitting on, don't worry about what he said at least in one word. Don't worry about what he said.

Kyle: The joy of TikTok. Yeah, and that's another thing is, I bet you know I've got new friends James is one of them and I've had three or four other folks on Tik Tok and, you know these people that are just doing the same thing that I'm doing, and in the same way and, you know, putting ourselves out there, you know, some older, older 4050 year old folks just, you know, on TikTok having, having a blast and the best thoughts are in the shower.

Dave: There you go, there you go, have a shower. I think a lot of, I think a lot of people do have, like, good for me, honestly, man, like the shower because I have two kids, for my wife and I, the bathroom is actually like a, it's actually like a bit of a, like a vacation, you know what I mean. Like, like, like with two kids at home, like sometimes you just, you're like, I gotta, I gotta go poop, right, and then you go in there and you just hide for 20 minutes, you know what I mean?

Kyle: I wish but they would interrupt us, but I'm glad your kids are respectful.

Dave: Well you gotta have locks on the doors or dead bolts, I mean, you know it's time to go back. Right, exactly, it's time to go back to Costco or Home Depot and as your kids get older, you get to the bridge. Would you put the two by four off the things that they just can't break the door down, you know, And you just hide in there, you know.

Kyle: It's been, it's been fun, they, they, the little one actually hops on the freakin lives with me. So, yeah, lock that door. That's a bit ridiculous they're into it, they're liking the click talks quite a bit.

Dave: Yeah, my daughter really likes when she sees me recording videos, like she, she likes to just run up and get in the video, and, and the old me would have stopped stopped in bed like, oh, you know, like, you know, leave daddy alone or right like I'm talking about like years ago like we're starting, you know like when I was a lot younger I would have thought, oh, that's embarrassing himself in a row, you know, I gotta, I gotta do that over whatever. And now, like she runs up in it, like, first of all, I'm too tired to record it again. Like I'm just like, it doesn't matter if I'm recording a video or something and I, you know, I Hawk a loogie up or I, I gag on a hairball or I trip up on my words I just, I have a I'm just too tired to record it again so I just keep going, you know I lean into that. And then, in the same way if my daughter runs up if I'm at home recording videos and she runs up and she's like, I'm just like, you know, I just kind of like try to like walk away, kind of like Homer Simpson that mean he backs into the bushes, I just kind of, you know, try to keep walking away like hey hi honey and just keep recording the video, and you know what it does, it kind of lets people know, I think it's like living a real life you know what I mean like this is just real stuff and they can relate to that.

Kyle: I think that's a huge point, the whole thing again the lean in, right, like you said. But, yeah, and just, again, lean in audience have those have those moments like again like I don't care, I'll, I'll still add words. And I'll just kind of laugh and then repeat the word and, you know, it is what it is and I leave those in it, really. Number one, it's you don't want to spend frickin all day editing your videos but number two, like that's that's it That's you, right don't. It's, the more authentic, you can be. The more audience, the more people you're going to attract and so it's just friggin, like I said earlier, stop trying to be the guy at the top, stop, Stop looking at people and saying, well, that guy has a guy's more attractive than that guy's more outgoing than me I can't do that. One of the huge things I realized at my old job, I was a purchasing manager. So sales reps would actually come in and talk to me all the time, like from all these different companies trying to sell me stuff to for me to buy from the warehouse, right, and they're not all, you know, flashy suits, talking, having things to say constantly. There were a handful of them that came in, walked up to me and kind of stood there. Do you want to buy this? Okay. Okay, bye. Right, and like I can do that. I'm better than that. And he has a job and he's making money, and he's been coming back in here once a month for like a year so he's keeping his job. Right so, you know, don't look at the people at top to bottom. I don't know, that's, that's kind of, I've been just flipping my just trying to flip my perspective, yeah and find those ways to tell yourself. You can do it instead of you can't do it, these people that aren't that great can do it. You can do it. Some of them you don't have to. You don't have to have a million followers. Right. You don't have to be that, that guy you. I mean, the weatherman in Delaware right on the local news. He, you know, probably a million or two people watch him every day and he's got a bunch of money and he's a celebrity in that little town, but you've never heard of him. And it doesn't, you know, there's, there's so many stories like that, that's which, you know, and I'm not saying don't aim for the stars, but you can aim for something a lot lower and make a lot more money and be cool and you don't have to be so flashy, you don't, you don't have to think that that's where you need to be you can be so many other places and be successful with your, a little phrase of lean in, which is a phrase that a therapist that I work with uses, and he uses this quite a bit about leaning into uncomfortable feelings and leaning into uncomfortable conversations and leaning into what you like you say, just your, your authentic self all your flaws and stuff. And I like how I can tell that you've kind of taken that term, and made it sort of like a life mantra, or, or, or kind of mission statement for your life in your business right now through this chapter of your life. Lean in, lean in, lean into the uncomfortability lean into who I am.

 Dave: I just wanted to tell you that I love that. I love it because I can tell that it's really helpful. I just wanted to validate you for coming up with something so empowering that works for you. I can remember that when I was going through a tough time in my marriage. A long time ago, my wife and I separated, and I was living on my own, and I didn't know how to take care of myself, and I had this mantra that I said that was self care self care self care, and I just walked around the house all day and I just repeated that, you know, that was just something I said to myself, all, like, almost all the time, right, I'd be like self care self care okay what's the next thing that I should do to take care of myself. Wait, myself, dinner or order some food or right, go to sleep. Go to bed now Dave it's actually time to go to bed, you should go to bed now. In those little mantras that you come up with for your life, we can all do them and whatever is appropriate, you know, we all know what kind of, we need to like work on our focus and sometimes we can borrow a mantra from somebody else. But I just think those little simple mantras that can become like life's mission for that little season of our life, that are just simple that we can say all the time that sort of become a theme for what we do I think are so powerful. I just wondered if you could say more about how you came up with it and you know just how it is. You've said it so many times, but I just say, Say say more about that if you're just interested in it.

Kyle: Sure, yeah, it's, it's about. It's just about overcoming those fears, overcoming those, those little hiccups and those little little things that pop up in your head. I can't do it because of that, ‘I can't do it because of that’ and it's not going to be perfect because of this and, you know, and then I'm gonna have to film from my bathroom crap. And it's all those things. And if you just say lean in, you know, just like, well that's what it is, well I'm gonna have to film from my bathroom. Well that's what it is. Okay, lean into it, that's that's your life, that's your, that's your position. You're okay with it, just be okay with it, it's fine, like lean into it, use it right don't. When I say lean in, it's saying, accept it and don't hide it and use it, and I guess the most important thing is to use it, don't go the other direction, don't cover it. Don't pretend it doesn't exist. Don't. When it comes up in the conversation. Don't you know, dance around and lean into those things, that's, that's who you are, that's what you are, that's fine. All of those things are freaking fine, I don't care. Just let it go, lean into it, accept, you know, that's who you are, be that. It's okay. I'm great here to do something from my bathroom. It's it you know everybody else on there is 22 years old. It's by, I don't give a shit. It is what it is and I have fun with it.

Dave: Yeah, that's one last question that I have and this has just been so powerful. I really really appreciate all your, your, just your experience and your thoughts and sharing with us today. But I wondered if you would say, talk to people who do have various. I mean, whether disability is that some people do have disabilities or mental illness, Or, I mean I do various different things. I still battle with them on a regular basis. I've already mentioned addiction and some mental illness, mild depression and some, some mania.

But would you speak to people who feel that their characteristics, and in these, these, whether they're dealing with a mental illness, disability or just something that maybe, maybe society has told them or maybe it does make it more difficult for them to be able to focus or operate or or feel a steam bubble or whatever, or makes it difficult to get up off the couch or out of bed or, you know, all these different illnesses and so forth and disabilities affect us differently, you know, but would you speak to people who are dealing with, with, with those type of things in their life and are still wanting to pursue goals and dreams and build a business.

Kyle: It's hard, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna lie, you know you're in, you're in over your head compared to other folks and it's just, you know that, that, that's the light that, that we have and, and, you know, we've, we've come to accept it and go. But,

you know, these mental disabilities, depression, things like that. Yeah, they're there's, they're so debilitating. Gosh, I'm getting into myself a little bit. Gosh. Yeah, I don't know, I don't.

I'm trying to give hope. I don't know where I got the strength to pick myself up so many times last year I just kept doing it. It was rough and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and, man, I keep going. You know it is there guys and I think I'm going to get to it but man it's, it's there, and when you get there. It's brilliant, it's, there's, there are so many folks out there, and I touched on earlier but there's so many folks out there just waiting, just waiting to be inspired by you and just waiting to hear your story, and just and sitting out there looking for some hope, and, and, you know, and they don't know where to find it and you can be that and it's, it's so odd for me to say that I brought people hope. When I was, I had no hope. It's, it's such an odd friggin thing, but I assure you, I promise you that is there, put yourself out there. And there are people even though the people, right next to you, you know, your, your close friends and you close like, even though they, they're not necessarily supporting you right now and they might think that you know the things you're doing are dumb or ridiculous or a waste of time. Just put yourself out there, and those people that are that next level those strangers and those folks that are out there looking and waiting for. They're going to jump on your bandwagon, and they're going to love you and support you and push you out there because they see what you're doing. They see that you've put yourself out there to that next level. And they're going to support that the people around you that are close, they don't, they don't see that you've changed, so they don't, they don't make that connection, but just put yourself out there, it's, it was so effing weird, I made a video out, getting like a Costco, and it got, I think you got like, damn near 100,000 views. And I think everybody that watched it I think there's like under the comments. We, you know, and I've seen other people make videos like that all the time but I didn't do it for me but you know it was weird to just put myself out there and say, This is me to sweat, gone through these are my struggles. And, you know, this is where I'm going. And this is what I hope to achieve in this, and if you want to come with me. Come with me. The response was crazy, you know, and it was to seal those people, all those strangers supporting you is freakin mind blowing. It really is, but they're, they're looking for the same thing that you're looking for and they just want someone to help them get the message and teach them those things and, And you can be that person, you know, it doesn't matter who you are where you come from, it's, you know, you can you can do it.

Dave: Well, what I'm just, I'm loving this and I can tell that so many people are getting so much out of this I just, I hope that I hope that you never have to of course, no go looking for job ads again and go and find another job and stop sharing your message from your bathroom and if you one day move into a bigger house or a different house. I hope you'll continue to shoot from your bathroom because it's funny, it's cool and your message is cool, man. I mean like, seriously, your messages are really cool in your courage and your vulnerability, and your honesty is really something special man, so I'm really, really, as much as it sucks, glad you got fired from Costco. You know what I mean, back and forth and plenty and found Thomas Garrett's video and, and, and, yeah, just, I hope you'll keep coming back if we ask you and sharing your experience and your wisdom with us, brother, because it's been a pleasure.

Kyle: Thank you as well. So, appreciate it.

Dave: All right buddy, listen, be well stay Legendary my brother, and we'll talk to you soon. Okay, see you buddy. All right, my friends, wow, what to do, what to do, go and follow Kyle, we've got his handle up there on the screen, show him some love, shoot him a message, all of you guys have been real kind and honest, I can tell in the comments. With, with all the positive feedback and it's so true, you know, I think Kyle for sharing the, the artistic piece with us so we could share that with you and it just, you know, it's always it's always like who's gonna go first, when you're in a group of people it's like, who's gonna share something first right and then it is all it takes is one like one person sharing their honest truth in being vulnerable and it's like a domino effect it not only unlocked, other people to be willing to share vulnerabilities and truths about themselves, but it just deepens the community when that happens, and I've been, I've been able to be that first person to share and I've also been the person who was afraid to share it with somebody else share something vulnerable and then I felt courageous enough to share. So, yeah, it's, it's, it's a cool, it's it was a cool conversation today and worth a read, listen for those of you who didn't catch the whole thing, because of the power of leaning in, as Kyle said leaning in to your what you think are your flaws and imperfections and things that you should hide are really your biggest strengths you can turn those quote struggles into strengths. And it'll deepen your connection with people and it'll deepen your influence with people because they'll trust you. All right, so we'll be back here tomorrow, guys, for another episode of legendary or wake up legendary. My name is Dave Sharpe if you don't know me, and I'm your host, four out of five days Matt will be with you guys tomorrow, and we'll keep on rockin we'll keep on doing this every day, we'll keep on being there for the new person who comes into our community looking to start a business that's why we're here every day. It's not particularly for you, you old farts who have been around here for a couple of months or years. It's really to be there for that new person so they can hear a story like Kyle and say, I think I can do this right. And if that's you and you're listening today. Yes you can. Peace.

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