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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Sharpe Welcome to as promise, as I promised this yesterday, another episode, another one, and this morning we have a nurse, as you can see in the headline and if for some reason, driving, listening to this, we have a lot of people who listen to this show every morning on their, on their way to work, you know, on their way running errands, exercising, washing dishes, you know, taking care of their kids, you know, keeping them alive if they're watching them at home. That's what I always say when somebody drops a friend off their, their child to play with my child I say, well, I'll keep them alive. But regardless of what you're doing out there. Welcome to the show, and this morning we have a. As you can see full time nurse, and mom, launching a thriving online business please help me welcome in the comments, a warm legendary welcome. What's up, Yolanda?

Yolanda: Hi, good morning.

Dave: How are you doing, and where are you calling in from?

Yolanda: I'm from Westchester, New York.

Dave: Okay, how far is that from Jamestown?

Yolanda: Ah, it's pretty far. I think I've actually never been to Jamestown.

Yolanda: Yeah, a lot of people haven't. That’s where my mom’s from.

Dave: That's where my mom is, so I'm like I'm like 45, maybe like 40 minutes away from the city. I'll name another little town in New York that you've probably never heard of, New York State Bemis Point you ever heard of. No, you know that's another tiny little town there it's on a lake called Chautauqua Lake, and I used to go up there and visit my aunt during the summers, and we drive up to Buffalo and watch the for Donia, actually, and watch the Buffalo Bills training camp this was back in their heyday, where they lost four Super Bowls on a route, remember that. Yep, that happened and that was what was making history.

Yolanda: I don't really keep up with football. I was at the Super Bowl, but that's about it.

Dave: Well we're doing good down here in Tampa I don't usually tune in either until the Superbowl but Tom Brady's keeping us all engaged down here so we stole him from up there in New England, and we've got him down here in Tampa now so. So anyway, speaking of, you know, domination, and crushing it, and, you know, do you know living out your dreams and winning championships, you're winning a few championships in your life here recently as well. Right, yes. Yeah, tell us about that tell us how you found legendary and and basically what led up to you even being open to learn from us, and to go through our training. How did you get here?

Yolanda: So I'm actually, I always knew that I didn't want to work for the rest of my life but and I and I tried different things in the past like in 2013 I tried a network marketing company. My uncle got me into it and I was really excited. I tried it for like a year but now I look back and I'm like okay I did the complete wrong way. I like at one point I think I went, I went, I went to the Bronx and me and my boyfriend at the time we just kept handing flyers out the entire day to invite people to a meeting, and no one came. Eventually I gave out.

Dave: Did you listen to yesterday's episode?

Yolanda: No, I didn't.

Dave: I went into all my network marketing horror stories but go on.

Yolanda: So, I ended up going back to school for nursing. It's actually my second degree, but, um, and I liked the profession but it is very stressful and in the back of my mind for like, since 2013 Up until 2019. I knew that it wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, like we have one life, so I knew I wanted to do something more with it. But then what happened was I had my daughter in 2019. So on maternity leave, every single day I used to just think about the fact that I have to go back to work. And I was just like, if I didn't. If I had a choice, I wouldn't, you know, go back to work and leave my daughter at home. So I started looking for ways to make money online, just like a lot of other people I just typed in Google, how to make money online, and a lot of different things came up and the first thing I found was Shopify. And I actually paid for some courses that didn't turn out very well either. And what happened was, I built a Shopify store. It was like a bunch of Disney products. I said let me do like a mom and me. You know, like a mom and me kind of clothing store, and I put a bunch of Disney products in there but I didn't know anything about copyrighting infringement or anything like that. So when I, you know, dug deeper into it and found out I can't do that I took the store down and then I tried different, you know I tried different things. I even tried. After the Shopify store I tried. Amazon FBA I didn't fully try it but I looked into it. I paid for a course for that. The course really didn't provide much information. So, anyway, fast forward to, like, now. My daughter just kept me going, but then I ended up, you know, getting pregnant again with my Irish twin. So I have two kids under three. And when I was on maternity leave with him, because I'm gonna rewind a little bit so I went back to work with my daughter and I kind of fell off trying to make money online because it just kind of got hectic being pregnant again with a kid and. But then when I was on maternity leave with my son, I said, I'm not gonna let this, you know, get in the way if you know my financial goals. I really do want to pursue it and I'm not going to use the fact that I'm a mom of two, as an excuse, so I just said, You know what, no matter what it takes and no matter how long it takes me. I'm going to pursue this, and I started to look, I started to hear about digital marketing, but I didn't really, I couldn't fully dive into it because I didn't really know what it was. So, long story short, I went to Etsy. So that was the first time that I started to see a little bit of success online was with her but I kind of attribute that to the holiday season I started late, in 2019, while I was on maternity leave with my second. Um, it was like a, what do you call it a print on demand Etsy shop, and I ran into some problems with it because I had to front the cost of the products first and then as he would pay me after. So then I was like, how could I, what's the easier way to do this so then I heard that you can put digital products on Etsy and I started to do that. But every single day I would Google and YouTube how to make an Etsy shop, I mean, how to, I mean affiliate marketing. So every day I would say, affiliate marketing, and YouTube. And these different videos will pop up but nothing that was like really clear something that I could really follow and say okay I can really get into this and know what I'm doing. Um, and then I didn't have a TikTok yet but then I came across a video one day when I typed affiliate marketing of, actually I know a lot of people on here know her Stacy La, and she saw I saw her video and I said, there has to be a reason why this particular video popped up because it was from three months back, and most of the videos that were popping up were very recent. And I was like, Okay, this one's coming in front of me let me watch it, and that's what I did. And then I found legendary and then I just really really just like the, just the whole. I guess you could say the culture of it. I've never asked to take courses in the past and this was the first course that I took that made me really want to go through each day with excitement. I was just like, I can't wait to get to day three, day four, day five. I've never taken a course and felt like that before, so I was just really excited about this whole thing. This particular adventure.

Dave: What do you think was different about legendary in our training the things that you've experienced in the past?

Yolanda: It could be the fact that it first, first and foremost, it could just be the challenge itself, just like the way that the challenge is set up, but there was so much value just for the $7 that I was just blown away like I've paid. You know hundreds for courses I never got as much value as I got in this $7 training so I was just like, I was just blown away by it. And I also, to be honest I also took to your spirit, because I heard your story and I was just like wow that's really amazing like just the fact from where you came from to where you are now, it was just so inspiring, and the community that you've built is just so everyone's just, It's just so easy to to find someone if you need help. And, you know, with other programs it's like crickets when you need help, it's, you can't really find, you know, that's what I found different I found that just the community, the fact that you're here. Every single day showing people that regular people can do this is just really amazing to me so that's what I found different.

Dave: No, that's awesome. Thank you. Yeah, it's easy to belong here I think is a way that I way that I hope people feel I hope people feel that it's easy to belong here, that you don't have to, you know, you don't have to have certain experience you don't have to be have look a certain way sound a certain way be from a certain place. But if somebody said hope you feel better, Dave, thank you, Yolanda, There's a Yolanda out there in the comments. Having a frickin allergy attack here. I was up at four o'clock in the morning, I couldn't breathe through my nose. I'm in us men you know we're a lot, whiny or I'm weaker than women when we get sick, you know, so, I'm. I mean, I'm just whining over here my wife's doing her best to take care of me but. So that's great, I'm glad that you feel. I'm glad that you feel like it's easy to be here, and you're motivated by your, you're still motivated, I think a lot of people have tried different things in the past, you're almost, you know I'm working with my son right now on doing some copywriting and copywriting, and it's it's interesting because you sort of describe the typical avatar of, of, you know, somebody who's interested in making money like a business opportunity seeker, I had the same exact journey. I did network marketing after network marketing company back in like 2009. And, you know, did all the same stuff that you just mentioned, I mean I put signs in my yard. I remember I used to live on a main drag street and I thought, oh, you know, I finally realized that I was like oh my god. Hundreds 1000’s of people drive by here every day I'm gonna put a sign in the yard, and I got my own billboard here, and I'd wake up every morning and some kid had walked down the street and kick the sign and it was in there, ripped it up and tore it in the garbage can and you know I couldn't even afford to keep signs in the yard, because they were like $5 a piece at Home Depot. But, you know, none of that stuff worked, but I kept trying, you know, I kept trying, I kept going after the dream. And I wonder if you could describe what that's like, because there's people, and I saw some comments and I just know who we are, we, we never give up, but also, it begins to feel heavy like maybe we'll never succeed. Come scared, and there's really no way to succeed if we lack confidence and we feel badly about ourselves, we have the spirit that we have to continue to build our confidence, even if we don't succeed in past ventures. So how have you been able to do that through past failures, how to keep your spirits strong, and still continue to go after your dreams and even find the motivation and the self esteem and the confidence to now do this venture, which you are finding some success with?

Yolanda: You know, I, so, you know, you hear these things where they say you have to have a strong why, and anything happens at the time it's supposed to happen because like I said, I started my journey, I guess you could say started my journey but, obviously, like I fell off but I didn't have a strong why back then, I thought I did, but if I did, I guess I would have kept going at it. When I had my kids in 2019 That's, that's when I was like, I don't care how long it takes me. If either. I will do this for the next three, even five years or I'm gonna be on my job for the next 40 years. And I don't want to do that, because like I said, we only get one life, and I just feel like we weren't put, we weren't placed on Earth. To do that, and you know there are some people who are okay with that and that's fine but for people like me, I just think just having that strong Why is what keeps you going, like you know that it's possible you see people doing it every day. And you know that the only way that you fail is if you give up so that's what keeps me going. Knowing that I want to provide the type of life that I guess I didn't get to have when I was growing up for my kids. It's just having that why.

Dave: Yeah, that's interesting. I was just talking to my wife about that, of, of the idea of giving our kids something that we didn't have, that's a strong motivator. You know that's a strong motivator, there. They're there. I think that, I think that, you know, we've been told that for many years, especially if you've been around network marketing and stuff, find your why, find your why. And and, you know, it's kind of like, it's kind of like sometimes when you hear people talking about like, pray, you know, finding God, you know, the way some people describe it, it's almost like they actually saw a burning bush in your in you and so all of a sudden, now, you know, you're walking around looking for a burning bush and you're going, you know, I'm not, I can't find God. You know I don't see any burning bushes where, you know, maybe so. Maybe you, you might realize that you can find God just sitting under an oak tree, at a certain point in life when you just stop comparing yourself to others. So I would like to say to everybody listening that you follow me in your Why does not have to look like somebody else finding their Why does not have to sound like somebody else finding their why, and you can evolve your why, over time, you know it you might start building your business because you want to provide for your family or you might want to give your kids something that you didn't have. But your WHY might become that you just don't want to quit. Right, given up on things, so that, that you, you become, you want to do it for yourself. Now you speak about my story in my past that first, I wanted to get clean from drugs and alcohol in 2008 because I wanted to stop going to jail, that I wanted to stop having consequences. Right. But I wanted to stay clean, because it gave me a life, a quality of life, it gave me self esteem, a feeling about myself that I'd never had before. So that motivation that desire for why I was doing it evolved and I think we have to give ourselves permission for our journey to look unique. And to be our own, and I think so often, we can even listen to an inspiring show like this every day where people in every day, because we're so hard on ourselves we can walk away saying, well my story doesn't sound like your alarm bells are my why doesn't sound like Yolanda's just have to give ourselves permission to eat the meat leave the bones in kind of walk our own journey Do you does that resonate with you and was there a certain point where you said, I'm going to stop watching everybody else I'm going to stop comparing myself to other people on social media. I'm just gonna put my head down, I want to focus on what I'm doing? Did you have a moment like that or a time lately or recently like that and sort of what did that look like?

Yolanda: Yeah, because when I first started making videos I had a previous TikTok account, actually I had two other TikTok accounts and the first one, literally when I posted something, it wouldn't even get past seven views I don't really know why, but I tried it for like two weeks at first, and then after two weeks i i started another account and then this account ended up blowing up, but it was, it was not my business related. So then those viewers weren't interested in what I was posting and then I started to start reaching the for you page. And then I was just followers dropping off like flies. So, um, anyway I was comparing myself, in the beginning, to other people who post and I'm like, Well, why am I not getting the same results that they're getting. But I also have to take and I started to take into account the fact that our stories are not the same, our lifestyles are not the same. So, I just had to focus on what I was doing and so, yeah, I stopped comparing myself to others because it's, it's, it can kill your motivation when you do that, so. 

Dave: So how do you find inspiration and ideas for marketing and content without getting sucked into comparisonitis?

Yolanda: Well, first of all I think the TikTok algorithm, really knows my weakness which is music and dance, and that's, I get sucked into that and sometimes I have to stop myself and be like okay I'm not here for this, But, but in terms of just realizing that everyone's story is different. I have two kids under two. So, it's really hard for me to even make content I am consistent with posting at least three times a day, but it's, it's still a challenge because what a lot of people might not know, may I kind of figure it out as I say this is if you see my TikTok  videos and at least one of my kids are on my hip, just out of the frame, in my videos because I have like very extra loving kids. So, I guess you can call them clingy. But, so one of them is like me in the video.

Dave: That's all I just say they love their mommy. Yeah.

Yolanda: So yeah, I mean it can still be a little hard to be like. What works for it will work for some people may not work for others like just the way that some people deliver is not going to be the same. So, just have to remind myself that's all, you know. 

Dave: Yeah, I you know I relate to that because you know there's there's these algorithms, gosh, we could go down, you know, down a rabbit hole with these algorithms in Facebook right now is facing a lot of heat over their algorithm there was recently a woman who worked for Facebook who blew the whistle, who now is coming out she's actually she's actually testifying in the Senate today, right now, and she's talking about how the algorithm speeds division. It feeds in and creates an echo chamber of the same. For example, say you're, you have one political view it just continues to feed you the same content of that same viewpoint. So you just get more isolated and more even angry at the at the at the at the opposition, right, and, and so anyways, why do I say that not not, I want to digress because of politics or anything else but because the, the algorithms are, even though they're artificial intelligence, they're not really that smart. They basically just feed us what we show them that we walked right, it's not, you know, they don't, they're not like the super. They don't have emotions in reasoning to say, Oh yeah, I mean this person clearly is making money online stuff so let me give them a little bit of classical music, let me give them some dance, yes I'll sprinkle in some money. No, you're just gonna make money online stuff, all up in your feed all the time. Go on the app. It's gonna feed you just that stuff in a try and make you feel like the market is saturated, and you're gonna hear a lot of the same thing is it's gonna feed you sort of what you're searching for, and even what you're posting about. One of the ways that I combat that is, I have, you know I have multiple accounts like say for example on Instagram, like I have an account that's totally dedicated towards wristwatches so a lot of times I just go on and that account because I post in search in follow people all that have to do with wristwatches. That's all that account sees in shows like where you page or Explore page, right, the stories it's all just nothing but wristwatches right, and, and it's a very isolated, kind of, you know, existence within that account. But I, I, sort of, I have to I have to I have to run my business, not let my business run me. And part of, part of being in business and doing digital marketing is being online, in being on the platforms that I post on that I mark it on. But I have to do that in a way that where I'm using the platform in the platform isn't using me. And so what does that mean, well, a couple of things give you a couple of strategies just the audience that I've also done. I've, I've, back a little while ago about a year ago on Facebook I was getting inundated with unbelievable bullcrap. I'm talking about the police, everybody's politics, everybody, I mean it was toxic. And so I said, you know how we have an addictive nature to just pick up our phone and post an app, you know, I noticed that about myself and every time I went on Facebook I would just scroll in unfollow people. So I spent about two weeks doing that and I unfollowed 1000s of people. So now when I go on Facebook. I don't have to use any apps, I just already spent a couple of weeks literally every time I went on I just unfollowed people, so I'll go on and I'll see our group posts and I'll see the kind of things from the people that I still want to see Instagram that followed, everybody. I don't use Instagram much to market on and so forth. You know, my marketing strategy is one in which at least I know everybody has a different marketing strategy right. But I'm going live every day at 10am Eastern Time, and I'm very dialed in very focused I have a system to be able to do that, we post it on YouTube podcast and on our blog and I don't spend a whole lot of time in sort of getting caught up in research, in development, where I can get into start saying oh my, my show doesn't have that and it doesn't have this and, oh that person's better and I just focus here on serving my audience. And that's really helpful. Um, so I just for those of you who are feeling that pole to you know get on and get lost in then you find yourself at the end of the day, what did I really get done well I spent actually got sucked into a TikTok hole looking at other content for two hours and comparing myself and I feel like shit, like, you know, we have to have boundaries and we have to be on purpose with our time now you said that you have your, your daughter on your head. How, in God's name, are you balancing. Are you doing this, let us understand. Just give us a few tips to be able to work as a, you have a full time job you have kids that love their mommy, when you're home they want to be around you all the time. How are you finding the time how give us, give us

Yolanda: That's how I find the time by hanging on my hip. Because to be honest like I said she's so lovable, or loving so she if I, if she sees me doing my TikTok videos. She wants me to hold her or she'll cry and then she's crying. I can't especially if I'm going to do a video where I'm talking. I can't really do that if she's crying so I just have her on my head, and she's out of the frame and she now she like mimics, she'll mimic me in front of the, What do you call it the lighting, and sometimes I do have to if I'm talking for a short while I have to say, quiet for this one quiet. So now she's telling me to be quiet whenever I talk. That's how I do it. It's either her or my son. I have them on my hip.

Dave: And how old are both of them again.

Yolanda: So she's two and my son is one. 

Dave: Oh goodness. We have a we have a nine month old at home and a five year old and I just had 10 months, excuse me, he's 10 months old I want to want to I don't want to take any time away from him on this earth, but he's 10 months old I can't imagine, kudos to you. And it really, it gives us an example of integrating your business into your life, which is something that you can do nowadays I think we all want more of. It's just how we do it, how we make it work, and you give us a good example of how to do that so thank you. Is there anything else that because I feel like I want to be very respectful of your time you're very busy person. Is there any other tips or things that you want to say and leave us with that might be helpful to people? Yolanda: So, when I, when I, when I tried to build my second TikTok account I just wanted to give a little. It's just, well, they already know, but just my little tip is, just be careful what you post one because, TikTok is like very not kind to some of their creators and they'll like take certain videos down but also just be mindful of the type of followers that you're getting because if they don't engage with your posts, your posts won't reach the for you page anymore and it's especially if you have a lot of followers because TikTok gauges how your current followers interact with your posts to see if it's good content and it could be them good content, but if you attracted the wrong followers, They're not going to engage with it and then it kind of messes up the account and the problem with TikTok is, it's just, it seems like it's just a little bit, even though it's easier to grow on TikTok. It's a little bit harder to revive a TikTok account than it is like an Instagram account so I've seen that.

Dave: We've seen a lot of marketers in our community, you know, we've seen people sort of take off into the stratosphere and then have a hard time getting their, their that particular account revived, that doesn't mean that your business is over, it doesn't mean that like succeed, it just means that you have to learn to again work the system, not let the system work, you. So what are some of just a tip or so, or two that you do to engage your followers with the videos that you post.

Yolanda: So everything is trial and error. And so going back to what you asked me about not getting sucked into a comparison hole. A lot of those videos I take as inspiration so I look at what's working and I try it, and if it doesn't work then I try something else. But I do follow some of the tips that you know we got through training here and try to put an engaging headline in the TikTok video. I can't hear you.

Dave: Sorry, I had myself muted so I wasn't sniffling, all up in the microphone, you know, engagement is pretty key on all platforms, I mean, all platforms are going to grade you hire your piece of content higher and show it to more people. If, if there's a couple of criteria that are pretty typical I think on all platforms, number one is watch time: do people watch the entire video or do they drop off halfway through if they drop off halfway through that tells the algorithm. People are not engaged in the full piece of content, therefore, it's, it's because you got to think about tick tock YouTube Facebook wants to keep you on the platform. So they want to put videos and content in front of you. Other people are watching all the way through, because you're more likely to watch that piece of content, all the way through versus a piece of content that people are not watching all the way through. Also that people are liking or showing any reaction to so they're hitting the like or heart, or on Facebook, they're hitting the SAT or at or in also commenting. So by asking questions in your video by asking people to leave a comment down below. What do you think about this, would you say, you know, is the sky blue or purple, let me know below. Right, I mean, those, and also go to buy links follow me. And if you want a free ebook about how to make money online, click the link inside of my bio, or whatever your niches of course, see I can give people multiple calls to action without making it overwhelming and confusing. Within just five seconds there at the end of the video. Yeah. If my video is about that topic. And then and then it asks people, you ask people what do you think, or the video sort of indirectly invites their opinion because people love. That's why people are on social media because they want to leave their opinions. They want to react. And so I also think that one other thing is we need to be open to negative feedback and even the hateful comments because they may hurt, right, if we want to take them personal, they are also in a, in a different way they're helping our videos, because they're waiting emotion in reaction, I don't know if

Yolanda: Yeah, check time values, watch time more than anything they value it more than, likes and comments, and even shares, because I've gotten videos that have horrible like percentage compared to the views. But if the watch time is very high, they'll just keep showing it to more people. So, just a way to get people to watch the video, at least you know all the way through, or at least most of the way through, if it's like a seven second video TikTok once, once, watches to watch it all the way through, or else they're not going to keep showing it to everyone so just keep the audience engaged because Watch time is like the most important with them.

Dave: Yeah, it's probably, I would say the most important on every platform, yeah, yeah not watching the video all the way through, it's the number one indicator that it's sort of like a movie. If, if you turn it off in the middle of the movie. It's clear that you weren't interested in the movie. Well anyways I look, you're busy and you've delivered and given us a lot this morning. Thank you for letting us into your life, in your business, in your home and sharing with us about your journey. I really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to staying posted and updated and having you back if you'd be willing and in thanks for your time today. 

Yolanda: Thank you. Alright, Yolanda will talk to you later, all right? 

Dave: All right, bye. All right my friends you can follow her at rose_yoli All right, we will be back for another episode. As always, baby. Tomorrow, take some action, and think about some of the things that I've said here in also that Yolanda said about finding your why and allowing your journey to look unique to yours, he doesn't have to look like somebody else's, and also find consider ways to integrate your current life into your business instead of trying to keep everything separate that was inspiring to me, hearing her talk about having her kid on her hip. If there's a will there's a way. Stay Legendary. We'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode. Get out of here and have a great day. Peace.