Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Hey what's going on everybody? Happy Thursday, April 28. I'm used to just hosting a Wednesday so I almost said Happy Wednesday but it's actually Thursday. Hope you're doing well welcome to wake up legendary if you're new we go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern on our Facebook page. We go live. We bring on a guest somebody who's been through the challenge or gone through our training or has gotten some cool results that we want to share with our community. If you are again, newer and you're like, What the heck is this all about? Typically, we just bring people on for 30 to 45 minutes and we chat just a little bit about their business, about their marketing, what do they have going on? How are they creating content? What types of forms of freelance digital marketing are they doing that kind of thing? And it gives you an opportunity to connect with people in our community. It also gives you an opportunity to sort of like I have these little blinds right here. And imagine if those blinds got kind of opened it's almost like you can look through the blinds on somebody else's business right? You can just sort of take a peek and see what's going on and see what you know, learning lessons that you could take away if you would like every single morning I just got mine. You can see right here I just got my little text message right here. And if you'd like to get a text message reminder every single morning at 10am. Eastern then you can text the letters W U L stands for Wake Up legendary Wu to 813-296-8553. And we'll send you a message every single morning at 10am. Eastern we won't send you spam. We will not send you a bunch of scam links or anything crazy or a crypto Ponzi scheme. Whatever. We're just gonna send you a reminder every morning. All right. We've been doing these for I don't know, maybe two straight years now and just loaded with guests every single day for pretty much two years. Maybe a little longer, but I know that we've had guests for about two years straight. And I don't think we really intend on stopping so we love doing these episodes. We love bringing people on and today we've got another awesome guest. I'm really excited to chat with her. I think she's in New York. Shannon what's up? 

Shannon: Hi good morning. Yes, I am in New York.

Matt:  Okay, cool. Right on right on. Welcome to the show. Thanks for coming on.

Shannon: Thanks for having me. I'm excited to be back on here and talk with you guys.

Matt: Yeah, of course. Is this your second time?

Shannon: Yes, I think I was there last December for the first time.

Matt:  Right. All right, cool. Well, we've got an interesting journey because I just got an alert. I just got a message that she got her TikTok count back or something. And I think our title was like she had her van or  something like that. So anyway, bring us into your world of finding Legendary thing he found us last June or something like that. And so almost a year ago, and you've been just cranking away and working hard, and you've made a lot of money. I mean, you've really blown up and did a great job. Tell us a little bit about how you found legendary and just like for everybody who doesn't know you. Tell them a little bit about your story and journey to come in online. 

Shannon: For sure. So I'm Shannon obviously I'm 24 so I'm legendary. Last I think it was last June. I was living at home in Jersey and I was reading an online fitness business personal training and I was just like, so burnt out from doing and I was working like 10 hour days constantly trying to do my marketing sales chasing clients and it was just not what I had imagined. And so I had decided that I was going to move to New York City and I had signed a lease, but I had no income at that time. So I was like, I need to figure out some way to start making money online again. And so I was actually scrolling down my TikTok one day, and I saw a girl pop up and she was a Legendary affiliate. And I was like, like, I had never heard of affiliate marketing before. And so I saw her. I checked out her profile and I was like, sounds too good to be true. I'm not gonna do it. And then a month later I was like okay, I might as well check it out. I have nothing to lose. And so I did the 15 Day Challenge. And then I was like okay, this business model like this is what I have always wanted, like the freedom to work from where I want only having to work for a few hours every day like this is what I thought I would have in my fitness business. So I might as well like to go all in on trying this so I got the blueprints and I went through the program and for me it was just like it was crazy how quick it all blew up. I think I started posting on tick tock by that and maybe at the end of July or beginning of August and I think by September 1, I had either 20 or 40,000 followers already. And I really just blew up and I was like what is going on? So yeah, so that's kind of how I found you guys. I saw somebody else doing it and I was like I want to get a yeah and so once the ball kind of started rolling with it. It never really stopped which is why oh,

Matt: That's super cool, man. I just my mind keeps getting blown by just like, you know, back when I first started online, it was just like figuring out a way to get 20 or 40 or 50,000 followers. It was just like, hello, there's no possible it's gonna take you 510 years and you're 60 days in and it's just like, it's it's stupid. I mean, it's cool, but it's stupid. It's crazy. The opportunity.

Shannon: Yeah, it was wild. And I feel like a lot of people were so used to social media in the age of like Instagram being the main platform we're on there. It's like you could be posting for 10 years and still have like 500 followers and so that was my first time ever actually liking posting on TikTok. And once I had I think it was my fifth day of posting I had a video that went super viral. I think it's at like 500,000 views right now. And so that went super viral and blew up and that's when I kind of saw how big of an opportunity that Tiktok and affiliate marketing is. Because it was like the power of one video. I think it was like a 15 second video. The power of one little 15 second video blew everything up for me and completely just changed my life.

Matt:  That's crazy, so I want people to also connect the dots like what started in terms of like your lead generation and building like an email list or maybe didn't build an email list or, or art or whatever but like in terms of how your lead flow went from a viral video was there a correlation between you know your your 500,000 view video and like your you're you started to get a lot more leads to and sales.

Shannon: Yeah, for sure. Because I had to go with a 15 second free lead course. And I watched all of the case studies and so I was like okay, I have an idea about how I want to set up my account and get started with it. So I already set up my legendary funnel and then I had that connected to an email list and I think I only had one like five to send the emails like with the copy I think that you guys gave us like I copied and pasted it. And so I had my funnel set up. I had that connected to the email list. And so I had gone into TikTok kind of giving a little background on who I am and then going right into talking about affiliate marketing talking about different side hustles and stuff like that. And so when that video blew up it was a video on like, I think it was like a step by step walkthrough on like Clickbank or something like super simple, super easy. And it just blew up. And so at the end of it, I think I had a call to action like if you guys want to learn how to do this in more detail go head to the link in my bio and check that out right there. And so that was definitely directly correlated to the amount of leads that I had and I started getting right to optimize this.

Matt: Yeah, that's super cool and a nice job doing the whole call to action. Like that's money. Perfect.  So you went through this process of you doing a couple things. We could talk about doing some PR too, but when so throughout your journey, you started generating quite a few leads and sales from that and then what you did is remember when that was well you could tell us when you had your entire account banned or shut down. That recent or Had that been a little while ago and then I just learned that that might have come back now tell us a little bit about that whole journey. Tell us what you had to do in order to try to get it back and stuff.

Shannon: Yeah, so this is very recent. I think it was probably about a month ago. I woke up one day and TikTok had banned My Account and shut it down completely. And that was like I have my Instagram, my business Instagram account connected to it. Um, but like I said, it's a lot harder. To grow on Instagram that on tick tock so I had that shut down overnight, and basically lost my business overnight, having that shut down and so I was able to get it back which is awesome. But it's still I haven't posted on it and I think a month just because I'm still under very heavy watch. I don't want to get shut down like then I got it back. But I've been keeping it very much like on the download. So that's why it was really important for me to have like other systems in place like, my business Instagram account connected where I always like to tell people to go follow me or message me and then I have an email list which I think has like 20,000 people on it. And so I was able to like send out just like an email blast being like, hey, my account was shut down. If you still want to follow along. Here's my new Like Backup page. So I had some backend systems in place or when it got shut down. So I was still able to get in contact with all of my life email subscribers and all my Instagram followers but still definitely not ideal. So I got it back. I did start with a new Backup page, which I have been posting on that one is definitely not growing as good as the last one. So I've been kind of exploring some different ways to go about TikTok and Instagram.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Well and and learning and rethinking, right and also, one thing that I think is like super key super important is in when when people have account shut down, which actually happens so a lot of times people think that just happens in like the make money online niche or if you're teaching people how to invest or pretty often happens in virtually every industry. I talk with a lot of people and deal with a lot of people in lots of industries and it happens more frequently than you would think. And then I think the takeaway from that is one you kind of learned to expect it and to actually build into your bit. I think this is the more powerful approach. The empowered approach is to build it into your business model like so what you are saying is to have email marketing, Instagram, other platforms and channels where people can follow you. But if you build in the reality that okay, it's not going to be optional. It's not really a possibility that this will happen. Like at the beginning of creating a business model. You typically sit down and you'll write things like what are the main obstacles and hurdles your business is going to face. This should be one of the first ones, you know, if I go viral and if I create a really great social media following I'm probably going to have videos taken down. I'm probably going to have my ad account shut down or my Instagram is gonna get restricted for weeks on end. And if you write that in, then what you start to do on the front end of things is start to strategize and make very strategic marketing decisions about how to spread your audience across multiple platforms. So you did that maybe intentionally or unintentionally through email and just collecting email addresses along the way, right. Because we had this guy, we have this guy. Oh, my gosh, what's his name? Josh on recently, and Josh just talked about how he basically quit his business for a year, came back, had a decent following, but just really made a focus to re-engage his email list. And it was that little piece that alone that took him up to six figures. And it was it was a big driver and he I was shocked. It was kind of like I thought maybe he had gotten super viral on TikTok. Again, because usually when people start really ramping a bunch of sales that's what's happening. But he said, No, it was all from email. And I like what you did. I wanted to reflect this back. I like what you did about emailing out to letting them know, hey, go follow me. And a lot of times people will say, well, aren't people sick of hearing from me or I don't want to like blow them up in their email. And stuff. You have to remember that these people opted in and followed and are interested for a reason. And just because you're a marketer, and you've become jaded to getting people's marketing messages all the time, doesn't mean the average person is Does that make sense? Yeah, exactly.

Shannon: I'm for me, like sending out those little email blasts being like, hey, everyone follows along. I was like, Oh, I have no shame. My business has basically lost my main platform. So I have no shame in sending it out. And I framed it in a way like, thank you so much for following me for so long. If you want to continue to follow along to learn more tips on how to make money online like here's my new account, go follow it if you'd like. So I framed it very much in the way of like, Thank you for being a loyal follower for so long. So if he's wanting to continue to do it, then go for it.

Matt:  Super smart, super smart. Because that frames it for people too. And you know what, the other thing that that does for the few people who might not be like a super loyal follower, like maybe they just opted in to see like, they were just curious. They frame what's going on for them. It paints a picture for them like, Hey, I have 20,000 people on this email list. And it sort of frames like, okay, like this person had. It gives you a little bit of authority. Which is super smart. Yeah, I love that framing. And I also just love that absolutely no shame whatsoever, because there shouldn't be, I mean, you're really talented, really skilled marketer, and they should want to learn from you like that's what they should want to do. So cool. That's awesome. So between that getting shut down, you're getting it back. Have you done any, you're just kind of, you're just kind of taking it easy.

Shannon: I'm kind of taking it easy right now. So I have been hesitant to post on that account. Now that I've gotten it back because I've been like, I don't want to get shut down again. So I have a new account that I've been posting on. It's been growing very slowly. So I've been posting on that. But I think my main thing right now is I still have like, I want to say at least like five brands every single day. We'll reach out to being like, Hey, do you want to do a collaboration and post on your feed like my old feed that I just got back that I've been posting on spawn? Like I've been taking it easy, I've been making videos on my new account, but my old account right now is being like dominated by brand outreach being like hey, do you want to do a sponsored posts for us on XYZ so that's like my main thing right now I'm like, Okay, I need to like so still wait some time to start posting again. But that is what has been like my man. I guess like focus right now is like I have a ton of brands reaching out. Yeah, so I've been doing that. I've been doing a lot of market research and trying to prepare myself for what I will do when I start posting back on that site. That's awesome

Matt: And how many followers is on that one?


Shannon: The new one?

Matt: The old one that you got back

Shannon:  I think there's 107,000.

Matt: Yeah, that's pretty crazy. I mean, 107,000 followers. It happened pretty quick. And I feel like people reach out for brand deals and stuff like that. I mean, I think people need to expand their mind about what's possible. And also, when we talk about building things into your business model. You know, you can build into your business model that you can have side additional portions of income coming in to like, you can you can just as easily in your entire business as you're running it take on you know, $1,000 or 5000 or $10,000 for a batch of sponsored posts or something or you know, if it makes sense with the branding, right, but

Shannon: Definitely people like and I like affiliate programs that I am in as well. I just went through and looked like yesterday because I forgot that I was even like a part of that. I went and looked at ClickFunnels and I have like $500 waiting to be paid out and I went looked at AWeber and I have like another 200 And I want them looked at like the like three day challenge and I have like another 400 So I'm like I have like affiliate offers or like affiliate companies that I like signed up to be a member of like, ages ago and I just put them like I put a little link to them in my funnel like on my like, intro page. Like I'll put a little link to the other posts that I have or the other affiliate offers that I have. And I like to forget that they're even there and then I go and check and it's like you have XYZ waiting to be paid out. So I'm like how cool is that?

Matt: Super cool. It's super super cool

Shannon: Oh, no, that was that. I was just like

Matt: No no in my my Stream Yard just froze and I you were like you were just I thought you were just about to say something cool and then you so you've got the whole social media route going you've also done I thought was really cool was like on my end I just I watched sort of how people are marketing and evaluate stuff and you you recently wrote an article or had an article written I'd love for you to just tell us about that. But that just went really viral via like PR which is super cool too. And that it was really funny because like I had I had our COO it randomly came up on her Facebook news. Like, I don't know there's like a little news portion. She was just scrolling it was like what like that's like versus like our affiliate or something. Not that we own your love but in an affiliate of ours. And then and then one of our legal guys who just like he reads business stuff was just like hey, this looks pretty this looks pretty cool. Like I saw that she linked over to a challenge like this randomly came up in my like news app or something on Apple or something like that. And I was just like, what, like how do I have random people like messaging me that they're seeing this article? Anyway, tell us how this came about. I'd love to know how that was sort of fished out. opportunity to write an article on CNBC and then and then how did it get published? And what types of editing did it go through and stuff like that?

Shannon: Yeah, for sure. And I'm just adding something that's cool. I actually had CNBC reach out to me again and I just wrote another article for them yesterday. So that one will be going up as well. I'm definitely going to do another direct link to legendary in that one. But so the original article I had an editor at CNBC reached out to me via email and she was just like, Hey, I found your tech talk. And what you do sounds super amazing. We would love for you to write a contributor article for us. So I was like, of course, I would love for you to get that free. PR is amazing. And so she gave me a kind of topic idea. I think the caption was like, she is 24 years old and makes $8,600 a month in passive income working for like two hours a day or something like that. And so she was like, hey, like I have been watching her TikToks And so I think going about it from this angle would be super cool. So maybe just kind of like writing about how you got into it. And then give like five tips for people who want to get started and so I wrote out just my experience like going from my sales online personal training business into affiliate marketing and then the overnight success of it. And then in the like five tips that I wrote for people who want to get started. I think number one was like always getting a mentor because that's like that's been what I always do. Like when I started my online fitness business. I had to like teams of coaches or mentors that like to walk me through how to do it. Same thing with affiliate marketing online. I started working with legendary so I had somebody like guiding me through. So I think that was my first like tip at the end of the article and I put a direct link like my affiliate link right in there. I was like, if you guys want to check this out, like there's the challenge right here. It's $7. That's what I used to start and that's what got me to where I am today. So I put a direct link to that in the article. Um, and so the process was kind of like, I did a rough draft. I sent it back to the editor and then we went back and forth like, I think like two times of like them editing it like me just kind of like fact checking, making sure everything looked good. And then it finally got posted, which was awesome. And so once it got posted, it was crazy. I had like so many people sending me the article, people from high school being like, how are you doing this? What is going on? Yeah, so I had I think I remember I think you emailed me as well when it came out. I had so many people reaching out to me and I was just like, This is so cool.

Matt:  It's crazy. It's crazy. I feel like it's also we I've seen like people go super viral on social media. On Tik Tok stuff like that, but man, like the amount of traffic that came from that was wild, like really cool.

Shannon: Yeah. Like, I think it doubled my income and crazy

Matt: Well, it's the power of some of those like, it's the power of some of those PR articles and things if you get a good headline, right? The headline was so good. And the entire article was just nice and short and concise but you know it has five you know five things or three things, you know, and people like number lists. So the marketing on that was so perfect, but it's also just an eye opening thing, I think for affiliates for people in our community for any business owner, like, Hey, if you need some attention, if you need like lots and lots of impressions, something like that getting an article written or paying a few 100 bucks to have an article written and submitted into something like CNBC or whatever. It's like that's a great way. I mean, it's for some businesses like the primary way for them to get, you know, attention and to get in front of people, you know, especially news driven stuff, but yeah, that was so good. So on the second one are you going to focus on anything different? Are you going to try to change things up at all?

Shannon: So on this one, the angle that we're kind of going for as I think it's like five tips to becoming a successful digital marketer that like the industry leaders don't want like the newbies to know and so it's gonna be like, five tips on how to like successfully market yourself on tick tock on Instagram. And just like some things that I've learned, like don't like try to indirectly market your products like don't try to like, like, try to serve instead of sell, like try to I don't remember the other ones right now, but it's all about like, some like tips for beginners that industry leaders don't want you to know if you're getting started. And like either content creation or digital marketing.

Matt:  Cool. I love that. Super cool. And a slightly different angle. And that's super cool. When is that going to come out? Do you know?

Shannon: I actually just sent it in yesterday. To the editor. And so we're gonna go back and forth. I'm thinking the turnaround time for the last one was like I was long. I think it was like three months so it'll probably be like at least another month before it comes out. But yeah, I'll definitely keep you guys posted on when that one's gonna come out. So I'm definitely going to plug legendary and again like I said, the last article, like completely blew everything up for me, so I'm definitely gonna put that link in there. hook you guys up again.

Matt: We'd love to, we'd love to also, you know, hook us up. But yeah, we'd love to post. You know, we can also post in our groups and you know, email blast out to our our email list and let people know to go read it and check it out and sort of help right you know, right when it gets out. sort of push that a little bit.

Shannon: Oh, right. Amazing. Yeah, yeah, totally.

Matt:  We'd love to do that. Well, cool. SHAN is super cool. Super cool. You've got so many good things going on. And I feel like I'm listening and sort of watching your marketing and just like where you're going and stuff. Like let me just be totally candid. I had no clue who you were or what to expect when I first saw your name pop up last year. I was just like, Oh, that's interesting. That's cool. And then I was like, man, like, just got a lot of followers. And then I guess when somebody hits 100,000 followers, that's like, okay, we're not joking around anymore. It's like that's real stuff. And, and then the article came out and then I started, you know, I just started watching a little bit more content, and I was like, reading that and I was like, Man, this is like, really smart marketing. And I just wanted to give you props for that. We probably, you know, learned a lot through your fitness business. You probably learned a lot from blueprints, and then, you know, kind of tying all of that experience with education and actually just like, actually implementing it and then, you know, I what I find to be really cool is you sort of grabbing opportunities as they, as they're put in front of you, you know, like something like an article like that and just being able to be skilled enough to take an opportunity like that capitalize on it and and do that and then also to grow you know, your Tik Tok or, and social media to 100,000 plus and 20,000 email list is ludicrous. So, especially in less than a year, like that's so super cool and great work. Thank you, anybody who's here, for anybody who's here and maybe a little bit newer, just getting started. Maybe they're, maybe they're just starting the challenge, and they're a little intimidated. They're like, Oh, my gosh, I can create content. How could I ever get 100,000 followers? There's no way I could ever do that. What would you say to those people?

Shannon: I would say to them, I mean, I definitely did not think I ever had either, but just trust the power of social media right now. Like literally one video could change your entire life. That's exactly what happened to me in a 115 second video that took me two minutes to make, changed my life, changed my income, changed my following so don't doubt yourself that you can't do it because I was in your boat as well. I'm thinking I will never get there. Like I just went into affiliate marketing being like, Oh, this just looks like something fun that I might as well try to have nothing else to do or nothing to lose. And then I was never expecting to be where I was today. So just take it day by day, focus on learning, like Tiktok and Instagram, learn the skills to go viral and one video. Literally.

Matt:  Yes. Learn that. Yeah, get into the training, learn the training. I wanted to just echo something you said earlier that I forgot what you mentioned, that you had watched the 15 second free leads training, and you watched through the case studies, and you started building your philosophy. You're sort of like alright, I can see how I could do this. And between learning and getting deep into the training, learning the strategies, learning the skills, and then I think what you've been able to do is really apply yourself and who you are to it. And that's a really, really powerful, valuable skill to be able to take outside things and sort of internalize them and then poof they're gonna go out into the world via content. That's super cool and really impressive.

Shannon: Yeah, definitely, definitely within 15 seconds. Really, it's like all the case studies. I feel like so many people had so many like different angles and different success stories. So I was like, let me just kind of like pick and choose different strategies, add them in and then I think something that is like so so important with tick tock, especially that people forget, is it's so easy to like, make the same videos as everybody else and like get lost in the crowd. So it's very important to kind of like, put your own twist on it like be sure that your own like personality is showing through on your page. So that way people like to have a reason to follow you. And they know what to expect from my videos. It's not just like everybody else. So that's kind of what I did. With my strategy. I saw what everybody else was doing. I was working. I took bits and pieces and then I added in kind of like my own twist. And it worked really well. So don't be afraid to put your own personality in there to show who you really are.

Matt:  Totally, totally, totally. That's Yes. 100% and it's more likely that you'll build a loyal following if you do that because people are going to be really endeared to you. they're really excited and happy to feel like they know somebody who's unique and cool and you know is their own person. Should we have people follow you on your original TikTok and IG or would you rather people follow you on your new TikTok?

Shannon: Let's just go with the original line. I think I'm gonna go back to posting on there anyway. I think I'm just gonna stay with the TikTok guys. Hopefully this is the original line so hopefully TikTok does that. You know what,

Matt: You know what? A few people have done basically they have these two simultaneous accounts. And now they'll post the same video but it's not the exact same clip. It's, they'll record it and they'll be like alright, I got it and then they'll just literally change a few things, change the background behind them and post a different time and posted to accounts just in case. And they've actually had great luck with that. A couple of them fit easily into six figures. But anyway, we're gonna have people follow you on that. We're all gonna say a prayer to the TikTok gods.

We're gonna just, we'll, we'll go follow you and make sure that you know on your next however many videos you're posting that you've got plenty of likes and good engagement, and I love this on your videos.

Shannon: Thank you guys.

Matt: Thanks for coming on. 

Shannon: Thanks for having me.

Matt: Of course anytime soon. All right, everybody. Hey, her TikTok and IG are right here. You know, with the way that TikTok. People can lose profiles the way Instagram people can lose profiles doesn't seem to happen quite as much but what you should do is the call to action that I'm giving you is to go follow Shannon on both of those things. So just follow her on TikTok and then go follow her on Instagram. So you never lose and you always know where to find her. And then you know, as you're scrolling, you know, looking for marketing ideas and that flow there Shannon because she started posting videos on this account again, when you start to see that just give her a little like it doesn't take that much just tap the little heartbeat like hey, Sharon, good to see you, you know or give some positive engagement. And that's, you know, that's what our community is about. It's helping each other out. Anyone who is listening on podcast recording or whatever, if you're just listening it's @hustlewithshanboth Instagram both on Instagram and on TikTok. Alright, tomorrow's Friday, we got another awesome guest who will be here at 10am Eastern Same time, same place as always the most consistent in the industry or here every frickin day. So we'll see you tomorrow for Friday's episode. Peace.