Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary yet another episode. Oh my gosh, you would think that we would run out of guests one day, the list only gets longer, and the people just keep being awesome, I can't say that there are more awesome less awesome that would be disrespectful to previous good guests, but they are as Awesome, and today is no exception. We have a Kentucky girl. All right, all the way from the great state. SarahThompson what's going on?

Sarah: Hey Dave.

Dave: How are you? Are you proud to be a Kentucky girl? 

Sarah: Yes, it’s in my blood. 

Dave: There you go. There you go. Yeah, I read your little part about having a dream or looking at people who sat front row at the Kentucky Wildcats game next to Rick Pitino right, and always wondering, did or did those people did they save their whole life to get that see, did they get lucky, like, is that that's kind of the things that you look at in Kentucky or you anyways and say, How do these people get this type of money, is that right?

Sarah: Yeah, or luck or how do they know the people to get those tickets?. 

Dave: Yeah, right, right, right. Yeah, it's interesting. You grew up in a big college sports town or state like Indiana, Ohio is like that a little bit with their Buckeyes right in the end is like that with their Hoosiers. I mean Florida is a little bit like that with our gators and Seminoles and stuff like those hurricanes, we get a little crazy, but um, but yeah it's interesting. You know, when you see somebody sitting front row at a Miami Heat game or whatever you know you know that ticket cost $20,000 You know how, just, I think, thinking like how can somebody spend $20,000 on a two or three hour ticket also stretches your mind a little bit as well like cuz most people that would be, that would be a huge stretch right. 

Sarah: Yes, huge. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah. But here's the interesting thing is that there's people who spend that like you spend $20 

Sarah: Right at the drop of the hat. 

Dave: Right now that's a, that's a mental exercise.

Sarah: Right. 

Dave: Kind of stretching your mindset about what's really possible, right. So tell us about how you grew up did you grow up around people with with big money mindset, or what was life like growing up in Kentucky, and in what led you to eventually become an a physical therapist, and then how did you find Legendary and start online marketing, see if you can package that up into a little nutshell for us.

Sarah: Whoa that’s a lot of questions, so I'm from a really small town in Kentucky. We're coal miners and farmers, where I'm from and Kentucky. Good, good people where I'm from. My parents both worked hard their whole life, but no online business people, you know, no out of the box bankers really and I'm not saying that to insult my family I'm just, they're not that way. How I became a Physical Therapist Assistant, I was actually in a really tragic car accident. Damaged both of my legs. I have nerve damage, went through eight months of physical therapy and decided that's the route I wanted to go. So I've been doing physical therapy for almost 15 years now and I still love my job. It's very rewarding, but it wears my body out a little bit. I'm 35. I don't think that's old in any regard. But when I come home at the end of the day and my feet hurt, or my back hurts because I've had to lift people or because I'm tired, and I can't give the best of myself, to the people who mean most to me. I started looking at you know what else could I do, because my family needs my income. My husband's a hard worker, But we like to have extra things. We like to do extra things and we like to travel and, you know, we were used to a certain lifestyle so for me to just quit my job is really not even something I would consider. So I actually had some free time at my job on TikTok. And I kept seeing these videos with these people making money online and you know just like everybody else, I think I will admit, they just scrolled right past initially you know just move, yeah right, yeah right, very skeptical, that's me. But I must have liked one of the videos at some point in time because they started showing up in the algorithm. So finally, a tightwad as well. Finally, I was like, You know what $7 I'm gonna do?” You know I'm gonna, I'm gonna see what it's about. And when I tell you that I sent that $7 and I was hooked. That's the truth. And I still tell people all the time. $7 is like. I kicked myself for not spending that $7 The first time I saw the video, the 15 day business builder challenge. Amazing. But I tell people all the time that these calls. These wake up legendary calls, and the support you get with the Facebook group, it's unmatched, like there are days where I'll be down or I'll think I'm in a slump and I'll listen to this call while we're night, and it's like what I need to just push me a little bit, or you know, to give me maybe a fresh idea or a new perspective. So, that's really kind of how I got my start. And that's still what I'm doing, I mean I've been, I still tell people I'm new. I mean this is 11 weeks for me. I'm not in any way coming on here and saying I'm a pro but I have it all figured out, but as I don't, I just, I'm learning as I go, and making money as I go.

Dave: Yeah, no congratulations for the money that you have made you, you, you told me what that was in your message and I was, I was, I was pretty surprised so I wanted to say congrats for that is that is that exciting is that life changing what does that been like for you?

Sarah: It's exciting because when I had my business plan advisor call with Josiah He's awesome. Gotta get that guy a huge shout out. My first goal was to make $1,000 By July, and then to make 20 $500 By the end of July. And we now surpass that. I don't want to say what I've made here like I'm bragging, but it just happened. And it's definitely life changing money. I mentioned I'm a tightwad, we were at Myrtle Beach last week, and I had prescription Oakley sunglasses, and the ocean took off. I mean I had either side, my prescription sunglasses or my five year old and I went from the five year old. 

Dave: Good for you.

Sarah: But, yeah, but normally that would be an expense that I would be like, you know, I don't want to spend that money, we don't really have that. I'll go to Walmart and buy some $10 glasses, but I'm going to go ahead and just get another pair of prescription Oakley sunglasses. Dave: Girl, get you some, get you another pair.

Sarah: Okay yeah, maybe I should be an affiliate for Oakleys right now because those things are game changers for real. But it's just things like that, like, I haven't made the kind of money that you know, you know, paying cash for a home or anything but my family's going to be able to breathe a little easier, because, you know, We just went on vacation, stress free. And we're going on another vacation soon. And it's paid for, and that's nice.

Dave: Well, I just found out also that Oakley does have an affiliate program. All right, so just, you know, just throwing that out there. 

Sarah: I know that it's good to know, they might be hearing from me soon. 

Dave: Yeah it's like hey did you know that I was like, the guest on July, 29 for Wake Up Legendary? And I gave you guys a shout out, okay like exactly did you know I'm famous on TikTok and stuff?

Sarah: My daughter, she's 11 and her softball team. They all know I'm on TikTok, and they're all Sarah. Can you plug me? Sarah, can we do a TikTok?

Dave: Right, can we swap shout outs? Yeah, yeah, nice cool so your husband brags on you a little bit right and tells your friends embarrassingly that you're famous on Tik ok. Yeah,

He's proud. Like, when I started this, I didn't tell anybody running. Obviously my husband knew we knew we shared everything and it was money, but I didn't tell my best friends, I didn't tell my parents until I made a little bit of money and didn't tell those people. But my husband were like in the car and he's like on the phone telling you know all of his friends I'm like Jay, like, I don't really tell people, these are for strangers on the internet like I knew, but now he tells me he just tells me he's proud of me which is nice. I appreciate that. Sure. And I actually think I'm about to branch out and might start on another form of social media, other than just kicking off in a little bit unsure of myself first. Do I have all the skills to implement those and do it for a while, you know, I guess I was kind of second guessing myself, but the more confidence I have about it,

say more about that, I mean I think that's a big thing that's that's like the number one thing that people are like, all wanting to, to improve is their confidence, how do they feel more comfortable, how do they find their voice, how do they find their, their, their, their character if you will? I mean and I and I'm not saying you're not being authentic, you're not. But for me, honestly, like, I do have an on switch when I'm recording content and when I'm taught that I'm a little bit more animated I'm a little bit more off. I'm a little, I'm on versus when I'm hanging out on the couch like I'm off and I, that's kind of my voice that's sort of my messenger voice versus, you know my kind of hangout lounge around at the house, voice and personality. I'm a little bit more laid back there. But talk to us about how you found your voice, how you found your confidence I mean, give us some specifics, so people can, kind of, kind of relate to your journey, and be like, Oh yeah, I'm there and although they may feel like they're failing or whatever. We're not getting it. Maybe we could help them, let them know that they're actually on the path, and even though it's uncomfortable. This is kind of what building confidence and stuff looks like so anyways, tell us what say more about you building your confidence and stuff.

Sarah: Well, when I first started. That's what I do most of the time is take jobs so it's videos, and it's my face. Normally, you know, my husband, when we went to Disney World a few years ago I snapchatted all of it for my family so they could see what I was doing. He's like Sarah, Snapchat helps you be comfortable on TikTok. So the best thing I can say about maybe making TikTok videos and being confident with that is that you know you just got to trust what you're saying and just do it, you know like, I think everybody says this, you go back and look at my first tape talks and they're like, What was I even doing, you know, but I won't delete those because that's how I started. And I don't want I don't want to give anybody the false pretense that when I started, I knew what I was doing. One of the things I say in my labs all the time is that I do stay authentic. I'm not going to be somebody who comes on here and says, y'all, I made $10,000 yesterday and I'm going to be a millionaire by October, like that's, that's not me, I'm only going to tell you the truth, and I'm only going to be who I am. You know, so realistically, I'm Sarah. I'm a healthcare worker. I had no prior experience, but I took the training that changed my life. And because I was willing to learn something new, and implement some skills and give this a little bit of time, I've been able to be successful and so I think the best way to have confidence in what you're doing is to have confidence in yourself and your abilities to learn a bit there. Because never in my videos. I've got this 100% figured out, learn from me because I'm the best, like that's not ever gonna be what I say, I'm very, actually, I don't pride myself on and I don't mean that. But you know you see some people making TikToks and it's really bad that they're being truthful, I don't know if everybody feels that way or it's just me. And I have found too I feel like I should say this, my tech talks that get the most views or likes or comments, or the TikToks or they're just me talking about me honestly. I had a tick tock go viral, or not, not a rule but get a lot of views. A couple of weeks ago it was me, at 5am, And I was talking about how I was going on vacation, and because of the $7 training I took a few months ago, I had a vacation budget that was bigger than what I expected. It was just me, no makeup, hair wasn't a mess, being me, because that's what people relate to. If I was to come on here and say, I have a business degree and I've been doing this for 10 years, but you can do this too. You know, I'd be cool yeah but it's gonna take me some time. That's, that's not really yet like, Yeah, I had no experience and I'm doing it. If I can, and if you're willing to learn, you know.

Dave: It's amazing how, over the years, I've continued to to be astonished that the stuff that I think is gonna work the least or that I, I guess the best way to describe it is the stuff that I, that I don't overthink the stuff that I just get like I have an idea and I implement it and I don't sit there and overthink it, like it's just kind of like, okay, I got spaghetti thrown against the wall, see if it sticks like those are the campaigns, those are the videos, those are the posts, those are the emails that always do the best and I think one of the reasons why that is is because those are typically coming more from the heart, and what comes from the heart reaches the heart versus the ones that are super over thought I really try to strategize them, and I go from my heart and start creeping up into my head, does that resonate with you?

Sarah: Yeah. I walk every day in my daughter's softball practice, and I made a seven second video that said, you know, I took a $7 course I don't have a boss, I didn't buy uniform, I don't deal with products or shipping comment if you're interested, I would have to look to know the right number, but there's so many comments that I haven't even responded to all, because people just want to know how they can make more money. Like, there's not many people that you're going to encounter in the day that would say no to learning how to make more money, you know, and this training taught me how to make more money and so it's, it's easy for me to talk about it. You know I could tell anybody about it, you know, those videos that are just genuine just may like I said, here's the mask. I'm walking in because I'm a busy mom and my daughter's softball practice. I've got a few seconds to tell you what I'm doing, and people respond to that. Yeah, I'm not perfect, I don't have an office in three hours a day with a babysitter and, you know, I'm making this work as a full time mom and why, and worker and busy person. And so that makes it relatable to other people because that's where most people are, you know, people that need extra money, don't sit around in their life, the chair thinking, oh yeah, I could do that, you know, most people are already stretched for time.

Dave: Kara morgan said I think I've gotten stagnant and stuck in my head again. What would you say to her?

Sarah: What I mean I'm not gonna lie that can be me too, but don't stay there because I had to have a talk with myself that week, you know, I will go through doubting myself, or thinking, I'm doing the same thing everybody else is doing this is going to be overpopulated or, you know, are people getting tired of me saying the same thing over and over again. But as soon as I do that, I'll just continue what I'm doing, and then I'll get reassurance and I'm doing the right thing. Keep at it. I'm a firm believer that if in your heart you know what you're doing is right, then you can't be wrong. You know, if you go to sleep at night and you think, I didn't do anything today Wrong again, all I can do for myself. Keep doing it, you know, keep pushing because I think I made my first big commission in five weeks, and I don't know how many times in that first five weeks I thought am I wasting my time, or am I gonna feel silly in another month, this doesn't pan out for me. But in the back of my mind, I could tell him myself. Because of those mindset training, Sara, you can do this, you have learned how to do this, you have people supporting you, telling you you can do this, so just stick with it. Stay with it, and you can do it. So that's what I would tell you to get out of your head. go for a walk. Clear your mind, something I do sometimes too and I mean there's three people that look up to the new gag. Safety Law, Barb McGowan, and Sarah the affiliate the blonde affiliate but like those three. I watch them, and I get inspiration from them. I don't copy them, but you know if you feel stuck and you're seeing other people that you think aren't stuck, go see what they're doing. Reach out to them and message them say man, Scott, you got anything for me. Go back and watch these Wake Up Legendary see what other people are doing because I'm willing to bet that everybody can relate to being stuck in your own head.

Dave: Yeah. There's so much inspiration around. It's, it's, when we, when we look at somebody. It's that that information can either cut, you know, when we look at them, it can either be translated as inspiration to get us fired up to go in and, you know, message and what we know more authentically and get fired up or it can kind of translate and transfer right into our head as like, oh, you know, and then that leads to the overthinking so I think the I think we have to realize that that marketing is art and science, the sciences is that there are certain processes that work better than others but the art is. This is the best way for me to explain the art and artists, which take inspiration from looking at something, or seeing a painting or seeing a man or woman, or seeing a beautiful sunset. And then they paint, maybe not even that sunset, sometimes they do an exact copy of that, but rarely you know, most of the time, where’d you get your inspiration from that? Well I saw this beautiful woman and, you know, sorry this just popped into my head. I don't mean to be creepy with Saudi, but the curves are this, this man and his abs kind of like my six pack coming, you know, it's on its way. You know, but whatever it is, right, it's like, oh I was inspired by that. And that doesn't mean that I'm copying, but that's where I got like my inspiration like I think watching other people do their thing for me when I see somebody who's passionate and they're doing their thing, I'm like, Yes, I'm gonna do my thing too, right, you know, like so. I think that, I think that that kind of transferring somebody else's power in the form of inspiration, like you're talking about looking at somebody, but not letting it go to the head in the form of overthinking in comparison. Have you struggled with any comparisonitis up until this point, how do you battle that?

Sarah: Of course, I think it's just natural for us to compare ourselves to other people. I try not to let it get in my head, but you know those people that I said I watched it first, but they were talking about making $20,000 in the first month or, and I haven't done that, you know, but then I think about my lifestyle and I'm, I'm not saying I'm any of these other than anybody else, but I do have a full time job. I have two kids that are full time and are involved in church. My husband started his own business. The same month, I did. He's a contractor, full time contractor, and he's also a hospital umpire and referee. He has a busy lifestyle. So, I tell people all the time. If I had more time with this. I feel like I could do more. And when people ask about business blueprints like I've touched on those. But it's ongoing, there's so much education there and I just need time to get to those. But you know, right now I'm doing the best with my time that I can. My kids are young now and so I have to make choices about that, you know, so I do tend to compare myself to people who are doing better than me. And not to be ugly, but then I compare myself to other people who I'm doing better than and I'm just like, you know, we're all just doing the best we can, because when I say beauty of being an online business owner, is that you don't have a boss. That's what I mean. Somebody asked me the other day, so who tells you what time to post your tech talks, and I'm like, nobody likes it. Nobody tells me what to say, what to do, when to do it, how to do it. Like, it's only, you know, so what I've made is because of my work what I haven't made is because of my lack of time. What I will make in the future is because I'm going to commit more to it. And that's the beauty of being a business owner.

Dave: Let me ask you a question, feel like that pressure, like, like what you just said, We're all on you, is that, has that been, has that been empowering, or intimidating?

Sarah: I mean it can be both. Now, mostly empowering, but sometimes intimidating because I'm the kind of learner and person that I have to, to do something new. I can't have uninterrupted time. Like, I love my children, but they can't be running around and maybe focus on something, and some people can index, amazing for them. So maybe in a business owner is something I've never even thought I would say, but I'm doing it, and I'm kind of doing with it, you know, that's empowering, and my intimidated by all that I don't know yet, and all that I haven't conquered yet, a little bit, but I have the confidence that I can do it. So a little bit of both, there but mostly I'm empowered by it because I never thought I could do it. Honestly, and I am.

Dave: Was that confidence that you say, I have the confidence that I know I can do it, was that something that you think existed before or do you think that has been built in the months since you started?

Sarah: That has definitely been built in the month since I started. And like I said I had no prior business experience at all. But whenever it's explained to you in a way that you understand it's, it's not rocket science, you know, No, it's new. I tell people all the time it's something I've never done before. I had never heard the term funnel builder email autoresponder. That was all foreign to me. In April, okay. But because of the education I received. I understand it, And I know how to move forward with it. Now, I need more time to do more, you know, but the confidence that I have about it is there, largely because of all of the talk about your mindset and how you speak to yourself. And, you know, there was somebody on here the other day, I think it was you Dave actually who said something like, my wife and I are doing good, we're going to get a divorce, and you said, don't speak that into existence, don't, don't give that life, don't give that wings. So when I start to think, I'm never going to have time to make my business any more successful, I think. Yes you are, you know like you got time off at work that you want to, you know, some extra time take a day off and do it, or when I did the training I was actually between travel sports sounds and I have more time, that's when I implemented all my stuff, we're at a really busy point in our lives right now so I don't have that extra time but I know what will be there again, you know, your mindset is so important and how you speak to yourself, and it's even kind of changed how I speak to my children, a little bit like, we're not going to say I can't do that, we're not going to say this is too hard. We can say, I had a bad day today wasn't good, but that doesn't mean tomorrow can't be good.

Dave: Yeah, I do the same thing with my kids, we really challenged them. I don't shame them if they say I can't because they don't, they don't know they're just trying out language but I say, I don't even, sometimes I joke. I'm like “I can't” I don't I've never heard that. I don't know. Wait, can't eat, I've never I don't use that word. Do you want to use that word, you know, just kind of teaching them, you know, to try to delete that word from their vocabulary. My dad used to say can’t could never do anything. Right, that was his way of telling me, you know, stop crying basically and saying that you can't do shit and start doing it. The other thing that he used to do, and he still does, if something's I'm frustrated with something he'll be like, don't let it whip you. Right. So, listen, I wanted to ask if there's people who I know who have more views on their videos than you do, would have gotten a lot less leads and made less money, what, what would you attribute to getting people from your content into your funnel. I don't argue, are you giving a hardcore call to action every video, click the link in my bio, talk to us a little bit about how you end your videos or tie your content into actually then checking out the link in your bio, and then going through to check out what you're promoting as an affiliate?

Sarah: I definitely have a call to action at the end of all my videos. Sometimes I feel really silly, putting that in there, but it's kind of proven to work, you know, another thing I do with my videos that always start with a hook, which I'll say that. And then, in the comments. Something I did with a video that went viral was, leave a comment if you have more questions, and then that opens up the people who are actually watching the full video, you know, because, you know, they listened to the video if they left a comment. And then it gives you a communication with them, you know, you can then follow them back and message with them, they can ask you questions because I feel like I answer a ton of questions in the videos on my every day, but like, what up, I don't even I have over 40,000 followers, but if one of my videos gets 300 views. I don't know what percentage that is like 1% Yeah, so most of my followers don't even see all my videos. So, always direct people to the link in my bow. Something else I do that could be right or could be wrong, I don't know, because I was a skeptical person at first, I just always say, Follow me. You know if you think if you think this is a scam, or if you think I'm gonna fail I don't say that but follow me, watch my journey, you know, it's almost like am I there yet, you know, because, and I've got people who have messaged me that have said, I was your follower when you had 1000 people and had made no money, and I love seeing what you've done now. That's cool. And I don't know if those people have bought or not, I don't mean that, but you always have to give people something to do at the end of your video, you know you don't want to just throw right past, like Oh that was cool, you know, like, for me, the comments is big, because like I said that opens up that opens up a communication with them, you know, and then even if we start like direct messaging, it's almost like a relationship is formed there. And I don't mean this to sound ugly but like people in my town who said I follow you on TikTok, you didn't follow me back and I'm like, I don't. I didn't mean not to.

Dave: Don’t you know I’m famous, don’t you know I got 1000’s of followers and the fact that you follow me got lost in my 1000’s of notifications.

Sarah: I didn't mean that I just meant like, TikTok names are weird like they don't even say your name, half the time, you know, I don't, I don't know these people who are messaging me I don't know their situation. What I do know in my life. Is that an extra $1,000 A month a game changer, or a week or two days, whatever it is, it's a game changer, you know. So, let people know that you did it, And they can do it too. If you take the same steps you did.

Dave: Yeah, or whatever your niche is right I mean, you know, we tend to talk a lot about the Make Money Online here on the show and, you know, is this, this works in any niche, it's just about learning the content, the questions the pain points of the target customer niche. And, and kind of devoting, you know, at least, a particular channel about that topic. i You said something about direct messaging people. And I wonder, how do you try to follow people who follow you and also how do you engage with them? I was talking to somebody last night, who said, I love the idea of conversational selling and connecting people in the DMs and stuff like that. But, like, chatting it up with tons of people is time consuming as hell, can be overwhelming. So how does, how do you operate, and has it proven to get any results for you by doing so?

Sarah: I didn't follow everybody back then. Exactly, leave a comment, and they say they want to message me or anything like that, I will follow them and direct message them. Then I don't spend a lot of time in my DMs. But I feel like people are more comfortable asking you personal questions like, I'm a mom of four, I really don't have time. Can I really do this? And that's when I, you know, that gives me an opportunity to say, of course you can or I had somebody in my q&a the other day say they're in a wheelchair can they do this, or, you know, truck drivers who, their time is totally different than somebody who works a regular nine to five, you know, I don't spend a lot of time in my DMs but I do feel like people that I messaged directly, we have like a more of a relationship. And they, they trust me and when I'm saying a little bit more because I feel like and I don't know a lot about sales, but I feel like somebody who's authentic and real. You're more likely to trust them. That's one of the things I liked about you. You didn't come on here and say had a day MBA and, you know, blah blah blah. I'm a genius but you can learn from me like you're just real, you know, you're actually, my husband, you'll have a lot of the same story and so I can I can you know relate to that. And so that's what I try to do. I feel like the best you can. Just be yourself and be normal.

Dave: Yeah, a lot of dudes have stories I do, I mean it's really kind of just a pretty common dude thing we just do really dumb shit when we're young, sometimes, Sometimes we get into drugs. We work construction, we think I would have stayed in construction and made it a career honestly if I would, which I think it's a great grab for your husband to start his business. So, well, Sarah, Look, you're like, just really easy to listen to and, you know, seriously, it's so clear, so, so cool. I just, I'm so happy and happy for you proud of, you know, shout out to your awesome husband for being awesome and supportive and just kind of, you know, keep up though. Keep doing what you're doing, it's working and it looks good on you. And it's, and I can tell that you're helping people and you're making money and you're having fun, and it'll be awesome to see where you go next year. I hope you'll come back before then and keep us kind of updated on your journey. 

Sarah: Yes absolutely.

Dave: All right, cool. Well, I will let you get on with your busy day, I know you've got kids and work and all kinds of things going on. And, and we'll, we'll check in on the next time on the next episode. 

Sarah: Okay, sounds good, thanks Dave.

Dave: All right, Sarah, See you. Alright guys, she is super cool, you guys should go follow her connect with her and have her as a part of your network, you know, I mean, just so, so much value, and wisdom from somebody who's been doing this for such a short period of time, like I think that's one of the things that a lot of times we forget is how much we can learn in a short period of time, each one of you guys who are watching this who are thinking, you know, oh, I've got to be doing this for years and years and years, and before I can have value to give an experience to give into before I can actually step into a role of like a leader or a teacher, you know, day after day, we have people here, and Sarah is a phenomenal example of somebody who's been doing this for just a couple of months, and few months, three or four months, I think, and is, is full of wisdom and information full of experience from things, you know, and some of it is from training that she's done, but most of it is from taking that and implementing it and now she's got the experience to be able to share with people, just before we end, I just wanted to point that out, that each and every day that you don't build up your experience bank, right, it's like a savings account of value each thing that you like. Let me put it to you like this. You wonder how do I become more valuable and how do I give value to the marketplace, you do stuff, you build up your experience, beans, a cow, and then you can talk about those experiences, talk about what worked and talk about what didn't work. And that's value that's value. And that's exactly what each and every person who comes on the show every day has in common, they're not from the same place, they'd all have the same accent, they don't have the same upbringing. But you know what they all have that experience from the app from the training that they've taken with the action that they've taken, that's their value. And that's what they're using to be able to teach and train, and inspire and deliver value to the marketplace. It's literally, to learn, to teach. Write that down. Because that's the common thread that ties all of these incredible guests and members of your community right here together. All right, so have a fantastic day. Get out of here I'm sure you guys have busy days, take some action to build up your experience savings account today, and you can deliver that experience as value. As soon as tomorrow, peace, see that here tomorrow.