Dave: What is going on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary, another episode, another week. Let's go. Okay, we've got a fantastic guest. A wonderful and motivated and inspiring newly single mom was kicking some major ass, let's welcome to the show melody, how's it going Melody?

Melody: Good morning. Good morning, thank you so much for having me. 

Dave: So you're, you're, you're fired up, you're, you're, you're not going to let you know, anything in life hold you down, you're going to make it happen recently coming newly single mom, which, you know, I know I'm saying that like hey, newly single mom Welcome but that's obviously a difficult transition, plus some past business challenges, learning lessons, right, learning events, and you're still going, what is what is keeping you motivated right now.

Melody: Oh my goodness, just, just, you know, I, you can't when you, you become a single person, whether you're a mom or a dad, or maybe you don't even have kids. You just realize, everything is now fully on your shoulders. And so, you know, while I have a full time job and I am absolutely so grateful for that. There is no such thing as stability and security in the job world. And so I was just like holy cow, like this is a moment of what happens if something happens to my job, like, now what am I going to do. And so that is what keeps me going, and no matter what. I'm the type of person that I find something and I set my mind to it, it is time. 

Dave: Nice. So you found Legendary tell us, tell us a little bit about what you did before, at least in terms of side hustles or second income streams. Tell us what you did there with it with your network marketing experience, how that, you know transpired and then how you found Legendary in what, what has happened since you found us.

Melody: Yeah so, I started. I've always kind of been doing like MLMs, and I never, never had any success. I'm a little bit here and there, but it's just nothing ever felt good to me because I'm not an in person person like I want to do things online, I kind of don't want to also go out there and genuinely, try to be friends with people, knowing that I'm just trying to like get you in the door, and so that always felt a little like spammy to me and, and not natural. And so, you know, I just kind of I've always been in that space and I've always been one to like what can I do to earn extra money online. And, and so I came across it. TikTok, I came across Legendary on TikTok, like so many other people, but honestly I was probably on TikTok because I just wanted to get my mind off of things that were going on in my personal life, and I kept coming across, legendary, and I honestly probably scrolled through so many of them, just saying like, whatever, like I'm not going to do that. And, then I just kept seeing people that were making a pretty big impact in their financial situation and I'm like, Okay, let me check this out. And so, I kept watching and looking and stalking people, not really stalking but right, I was just kind of following them. And I, I was always also one to invest in myself. And so when it came up to this course it was $7 and it was 15 days long. I kept saying to myself, like, at one point I said, What is, what is the holdup. What are you so resistant about and I think it came down to. What if this doesn't work in fear of it not working. And so I jumped in, I was like that's silly because I've taken so many courses I've gotten certifications. I'm not scared to invest in myself. So I jumped in and was blown away by the amount of value that you get in this course. The personal advisors are incredible. And I was just like this I get like you get this advisor and they help you, like, for $7 Like what?! And so it is, it's. I am so incredibly grateful, and so I just went through the course, and it has been amazing, and I was able to, you know, get my first commission. That's not everybody's story. Some people are seeing people way later. But that at that very moment, and like, literally cried. Not because I got the permission, but it was a moment of

stability for me. And I was just like this. And I knew that the type of person that I am, that if I just kept going, that I would see incredible results, and so I kept going and I kept going and I'm committed to 14 Cops a day that is my bare minimum. And I do work this like my second job, instead of having to go out and get a second job. So it's pretty cool.

Dave: And those are more results than you've gotten in past businesses that you've done all the network marketing and so forth kind of almost put together. I don't know if that's accurate if I read that correctly, but yeah.

Melody: Oh yeah 100% Like by far.

Dave: Yeah, that's awesome. You know, I think that's a great testament to don't stop before the miracle happens, you know, and that's not like the skies are going apart, it's just that your time is coming, and you just have to find the right information from the right people in the right environment. Timing is up to. I don't know, I mean is it odd, is it God, right I don't know I mean, sometimes it feels divine when you make that first commission, but it's more just about finding your tribe, finding the people who you can trust. Sometimes it takes us a little longer to trust than others, that's okay. But if it feels right your gut tells you, hey look, these people are real, this is authentic, and I think it's easy nowadays to tell the difference between people who are just flexing with, whether they're rented or owned Lambos and sports cars and mansions, because even if they are owned, why they need to throw that in people's face and try to use that to bait people in the truth is is that if you have something of value. If you have something that will really change people's lives. You don't need to fluff it up with all of the additional flexing, you just presented to people in, like you said, undersell over delivery. And that's the best feedback that I could ever hope for is what you just said I went through and I got way more value than I ever expected. And then I went, I got results with.

Melody: Yeah, absolutely. And so many people do get results and they're dedicated and they put the time and effort in. If they just take an implement because you can learn and learn and learn and go through this challenge and continue to learn. But if you are not taking action and implementing what you learn, you're still going to be at that place of no results though.

Dave: Yeah, you have to avoid the Lifetime Learning syndrome, and I think that's very common for a lot of people for whatever reason, probably because of the way that we were raised in our education system, and then job market to where we are told in condition to sit in a classroom and listen to somebody talk at us. And then we graduate to middle school and then high school and then college and it's all just a bunch of the same stuff, right, learning, learning, learning, learning, and then we get a job, oftentimes not even in the same industry that we've been learning learning and learning about but then we go back to taking orders, and just kind of do your job, don't ask questions. So, people prefer sometimes they feel safer to sit in that learning kind of mode because well, that's what I'm used to, but when you break through that, and you begin to get a bit uncomfortable being uncomfortable. And like you said, you turn around from consumer to creator, which is the transition that you went through you did that, rather quickly though, when you do that, and you said when I get involved in something I kind of take the bull by the horns plus newly single parent, you got to your backs against the wall, you've got a motivator there, but if you guys can find your motivator, even if you are in a perfectly healthy long term marriage and the sky is not falling and you don't have, you know tons of financial pressure if you can figure out what is something that I can drum up that can push me, right, that they can push me. Maybe I can erase my plan B. Maybe I can stop, I can figure out what is the story or excuse that I'm telling myself, and I can, I can say that out loud and I can say this isn't real. This is just something that I'm telling myself I'm not actually as safe as I think I'm not as secure as I think I am because if my job goes away tomorrow, what am I going to do. That might be the motivation that you need to do. This is what happens. Does that resonate with you, Melody?

Melody: Oh 1,000% Because I think in the past. It was just easy to stop or not keep going, or, you know, try another thing to get results, because I didn't have to do anything. I mean it was easy for me to say, Okay, this didn't work, whatever the obstacle came into play like that didn't work. Let me try something different. And until, like, you have to. It's not like I have to, but it's a choice. I don't want to put myself in a position where something bad happens. 

Dave: I mean I think we all do, like, it's like pay now or pay later. That's kind of the, the, the, the motto that my wife and I live by in race and our kids are What do you mean by that Dave. Well, it's either put in the hard work while they're young, set the boundaries create the structure, right, sacrifice social stuff and in kind of ticket keeping them out late like we're real rigid with our children in their, in their structure and their schedule and boundaries with them in our kind of our week weekly and daily rituals. And the reason why we're like that is because we believe in the concept of pain now, or we can have none of that stuff and just kind of wing it and kind of say hey, we're not gonna sacrifice all this stuff for our kids, we're gonna live our lives to write well then we'll probably pay later. Because by 18 that child's not going to be ready to be able to go out in the world, to survive on their own, you know, to be able to take care of themselves. I believe business and taking in kind of approaching our financial situation is the same concept: pay now or pay later. It's paying now with extra time and energy, and maybe extra money, or pay later if all of a sudden you lose the job, and you have nothing to back it up now you're scrambling. Right. And so the reason why that came up for me was because I think that if we all frame it like that, even if we're in a comfy situation right now we're not a newly single parent, we're not newly on our own, or we don't have some. We didn't just lose our job, we thought about what if I did lose my job. What if I'm right, it's either pay now or pay later because if we don't prepare. If that happens, and we've done nothing, we're going to be scrambling, what comes up for you is, do you agree with that?

Melody: I absolutely agree with that and I think for me, I was just like okay, let me do this and let me implement these things now, and it's a choice. But I think so many people get into a position like that where something happens with their job or something, and then they jump into something, and then they're in a desperate, energy, and if people don't like that energy they can sense it. It comes off more like spammy. And so I was just like you know what I'm good at. This is just what I'm going to do to help me be more secure in my financial situation. And so I jumped into this definitely with a mindset of I'm not desperate, This is just a twice instead of going to get a second job for extra income.

Dave: Yeah. No, I, I, yeah, I, it's, it's, I think that many of us. We can either, you know, we can. I saw a comment, delayed gratification, I mean there's a certain mindset in this and you've been somewhat conditioning your mindset by doing some network marketing and stuff like that and not having immediate success. So, if, if you guys think that you don't have it in you to, like, put in the work in it have that delayed gratification, I would I would invite all of you guys to look at some of the things that you've done in the past that haven't worked out, you already know what it's like to have delayed gratification, right, you already know because if you didn't get results with what you were doing before you put in the work, you know what it's like to put in work and not get results. So now, taking the experience from the past, putting total and complete focus into a business model every single day. We're bringing out people who are ordinary folks who are not, you know how in network marketing, you know, it's always the same. And I, I'm not trying to bash Network Marketing here but I just was involved for so many years, and it was always the same 10 people. It was always the same 10 top leaders who were the diamond earners, the big, you know, top people in, there was never, I was constantly looking around for the new success stories and I was like, Where are the news, like where are somebody getting results who just started two or three or four months ago, right, and there wasn't any of those, but every single day we're bringing out, ordinary people who just got started, who have ordinary things, they're not even full time, they're not even full time doing this right, all these other people that I had ever met, were all full time network marketers getting success they were full time that's what they did full time because they had had success for a long time. And sometimes they had parents or family members that were the business that there was all kinds of things that I, they weren't telling, right, but every single day here, we're building, hopefully you guys is belief or listening, watching this and also you melody to comment on and cheering your experience, because melody, you're also realizing what we're doing here is real we I got on 30 seconds before I said nobody got any questions, she said nope guess we're just gonna wing it. I said, Yep, we are, and then we went live, right, there's no script, there's no bullshit here, it's just, look, this is a model that you can do from home. This is a model that doesn't require you to have clients and customers and go out there and do sales and all this kind of stuff, you're just learning how to use the, the internet, in a way that adds value to people's lives and gets them to get to you to become the hunted, instead of the hunter. That's it in a nutshell, and melody you can relate to be in the hunter, right when you're doing some of these business models, most of them out there. It's like you're like the hunter, you're, like you said, befriending people and handing out business cards, shaking hands and kissing babies, and it's like all trying to eventually close them in on something, and that's just not what we're doing here. Would you agree with that or add anything just for anybody who's listening who has done some of these business models in the past, to understand the difference of what we're doing here with affiliate marketing, and then if you wanted to go on and sell your own courses coaching or or events.

Melody: Yeah, I definitely think that I can agree with the hunter and hunted. But, legendary is nothing like any of those, and you know it teaches you a skill that you can either, you know, promote this course or you can promote whatever you like. I mean, pets are a big deal. Sports apparel is a big deal, like, whatever you can think of, there is an affiliate program and so you can take what you learned from this course. And if you don't want to promote an educational course or something like that, you can promote a product or whatever. And so, it's, it's, it's awesome, because a lot of people, they don't want to promote, you know, education for me. I love education. I think that that's where a huge part of the industry is going. And for me, I enjoy growing because learning is growing.

Dave: I wanted to add something else. Melanie, you can probably relate to this, I would assume, king of the shiny object syndrome of wanting to, like we buy into this multiple streams of income thing, right, it's like, make sense, right, and, and most of the time my experiences we as entrepreneurs, especially new entrepreneurs, just go about it the wrong way. Right, we'll start a business over here and affiliate market and then all of a sudden, we'll go over here to like Amazon or we'll go over here and get involved in crypto right models that don't complement each other models that are, are, are in conflict with each other, rather than in collaboration with each other. And the best way to create multiple streams of income if you're running multiple businesses, is to create businesses that compliment each other, oftentimes businesses that may even collaborate with each other. But let me give you an example so if I create, let me, I'll show you, tell you guys how to maybe approach this from just strictly doing affiliate marketing. So, if you guys create a, a, a business in a specific niche, and then all of a sudden you kind of get that going, you systematize that melody you said, I'm creating for TikTok today. Maybe you systematize that to where you're creating TikToks today. You upload those two reels, You do one YouTube video good solid YouTube video week, any email your list every day or every other day. That's a system. Okay, every week, I'm doing the same thing. Right, I know what to expect. I know what I'm doing I can plan for. Now let's say six nine months down the road you kind of, or a year, let's say a good year down the road you got that humming that business in that niche is pumping out 10 12,000 a month. Okay, that's a helmet. Alright, maybe more, but 10-12,000 a month at that time and now all of a sudden you get that little shiny object multiple streams of income that we all get right, We get a little bit kind of bored or maybe something becomes successful. The difference is we don't do it before something is successful, we stick with it till it's successful. But here's the catch and I want you guys all to listen to this very closely. I take that same system of the amount of content or TikToks or Instagram reels or YouTube videos or email is all I do is I just go and I attack another niche. And I replicate that same system so say for example you were doing education products and to make money online niche. Now I replicate that same exact system then you mentioned pets. I replicate that same exact system into the training, the dog training niche, right, so now I'm just doing I'm doing for a brand new channel on TikTok, for example, four TikToks a day, duplicating those TikToks over to Instagram, one solid YouTube video week emailing the list everyday or every other day. Now for the next year, I've got a brand new business, but I'm not learning the business model, all over again all I'm doing is replicating and what it's like. As you become a McDonald's franchise owner, or for somebody who's opening, you start an initial business and you franchise it across the country. Because you already understand the system in order to understand the business model, right, and then you can, I know people who have replicated brands, affiliate marketing just is all they do is create the content, they don't create their own products and they replicate those affiliate marketing businesses in niche after niche after niche now that's an advanced strategy, but that's how deep the rabbit hole can go and how big you can expand this and you never have to learn anything new, really, you never have to start a business that's in competition. Rather you're multiplying streams of income based on a system that you already built that comes up for you as I, as I say that it does that make sense to you.

It makes a lot of sense and I think that that is ultimately where I want to be. And I think, for people that are just starting out, my biggest piece of advice would be to master one thing before you move to the next. For me, if I do too many things, that's where I kind of fall off and become inconsistent and that is absolutely not what I want but in the beginning, like I was making 14 drops a day, it took me longer because I was just trying to make them be a certain way but then as time went on, those 14 tops, a day, were you know in an hour, or 45 minutes versus two and a half hours. And so when I could start to master that and get my time down, and then start to implement other things, that's when you would want to do it but don't I would say don't do too much at once because that's where people can struggle. 

Dave: Absolutely, and I think giving yourself a full year, at the beginning, not setting unrealistic expectations by saying, look, if I don't see results in the first 30 days or 60 days, or 90 days, If I don't see some serious results. I'm out of here, right. Give you understand that most businesses out there, really take time to get into significant profit and I'm talking about, like brick and mortar businesses, usually have to give yourself a year or two or three before you break even on whatever financing loan equipment that you bought. So I tell people, give yourself like how long a really important question to ask yourself is, how long are you willing to commit to this before quitting, or doing something different. Like, how long are you willing to commit to this and I'm asking everybody who's listening. How long are you willing to commit to this before quitting or doing something different because if you look around and nobody's fixing in your, you know, the only fish in the bowl. You may think, these are my goldfish here and everybody's looking at me kind of waiting for me to succeed. But if you're looking around and tons of other people are single doing this they know that the model works. We know that it's possible. The tools are at your disposal. You know there's training at different levels depending on how much accountability you want, how much feedback and coaching you want, you can start no matter where you're at. And how long are you willing to do it? So did you have a different set of expectations, and I'll ask you directly, Melody. Do you have a different set of expectations now than you did in the past that's changed for you at all or do you think it's really just your backs against the wall, and you're like, I'm throwing out all my. I don't know any excuses or whatever like, what do you think it is? You think it's an expectation thing or something different?

Melody: I definitely think that I'm in a different situation. But as far as expectations, I've definitely been in others where I'm like I'm going to commit to this for at least a year, and I did work but I didn't get the results. And so when I came here and I got those results and I saw so many other people getting results I mean like, I just from the get go, I'm like if I'm going to do this I'm going to do this and I'm going to commit. And so, but I also know like at the deepest core of my soul, like, I'm going to be in a completely different place in six months, a year from now and so it's just this, this is what is aligned with me and I love it and it's amazing and I'm so incredibly grateful for what you have created here.

Dave: Thank you. I mean, I'm incredibly grateful for people like you who have come in and taken action and not because of any, you know, weird, you know, not because we're telling you to do it for a year and, you know, just trust but because you're doing it you got results, and, and you're like okay I can see how I can replicate these results over and over again, I think you're somebody who's been exposed to entrepreneurship before so I think you sort of already had that commitment mentality and just what you were doing before wasn't working, I think for people who are brand new, who have never done any sort of entrepreneurship or business on their own. Maybe you guys might want to look at the expectations that you have and just make sure that you have realistic expectations for them. Because unrealistic expectations are resentments waiting to happen. You know, and usually we'll either, you know, blame ourselves or blame somebody else but either way blaming doesn't help anyone or anything. Get Rich that's for damn sure. It might keep you broke right. So let's talk briefly about what you, what have you done in creating content and marketing that has worked and what have you done that you've learned doesn't work.

Melody: So I, you know, what is working is. Man, TikTok has been a thing. So, um, I, that's where I mainly am, on the form that I chose, and you know I started in the beginning. On. TikTok, and I actually had another personal account, that it was just for funds before 2020 happened, and I was kind of on there but what I was doing, which didn't work so take note of this guys if you're growing slowly and you have multiple TikToks Okay. Because what I was doing was I was being my own biggest cheerleader, liking and sharing my stuff and then I would go to my other account and I would go on my video and I would like and I would share it. Well, that didn't work so well for me. and because I had that personal account and then I came on TikTok with risewithmel, originally, and then I think I might have gotten like shadow banned or something, and it took me quite a long time to get to 5000 followers, and like it was over a month, and so I started a third TikTok. And it rose with Mel, one. And when I created that third one. Nothing like it was like nothing happened. And so I was just like okay, let me see what's going on here so I did some research. Tiktok research and they say, if you have multiple accounts that God does not like that if you're going in between and liking and sharing your own stuff, that God does not like that. And so, the instructions that they said to do on TikTok. What do you log out of your accounts that you're not using and I was just like okay, I have 5000 followers, but I'm going to start this new one, and that I had to really sit and think, should I do this, And I did. And so I logged out of those, I don't go into any of those counts at all, and I was able to grow to 5000 over 5000, in one week. And so, if you're struggling in that area. I would recommend one account, don't go in between accounts and, Like, like, comment and share and stuff like that. I didn't comment on my own stuff, but I did like and share it. So that definitely didn't work, and then the things that do work the best, are, where you're kind of showing people how to do something, Like how to become an affiliate on Amazon, or how to, you know, go to Upwork and find a job that could be an online job or just other things that aren't specific to just affiliate marketing but learning what people can do and like more upset, more or less, teaching them. So that's been the best that has been working.

Dave: Yeah, and how you can kind of learn how to do that is, is really just by watching other I mean the biggest thing that I think people don't, don't just overlook is just, we had a guest on last week who said, you know, I have a system, I do one video in the morning, that's, you know, based on. That's an inspirational one that's based on me working out one in the afternoon, that's a value, teaching something or some, something that I saw, worked on somebody else's video not reinventing the wheel and then one at night to where I'm basing it off a trend a trending song, a trending something that's, you know, a trending topic, tying that into my channel, but it's, it's, you have to reinvent the wheel as far as content nowadays, on the internet. You just have to sort of either ride the wave, when it's happening if there's something that's trending or find let somebody else do the testing for you, right, if and. And so, there's, there's a, what I mean by that is, is that if I see a video that's blowing up that's based on a, you know that somebody's showing somebody how to go to Upwork and fill out a, you know, a job offer or Fiverr and do create thumbnails for people's videos for $10 or $5 a piece that's in that video is blowing up on TikTok well you know that people enjoy that content people like looking at that content so let me recreate that in my own voice with my own way. And a lot of that comes from spending time researching looking at other people's content and videos, and kind of seeing what's working out there, I think a challenge that a lot of people have is when I'm, When I'm doing research, getting sucked into too much content consumption and also getting into comparison itis of comparing myself with other marketers and content creators out there, how do you avoid that.

Melody: Avoid that comparisonitis. That’s definitely a thing. 

Dave: Yeah, how do you deal with that, I mean, a lot of people, for a lot of people that's paralyzing. It's paralyzing; they just can't get over the idea that somebody wants to listen to them. 

Melody: Yeah, and I think I have definitely struggled. I think everybody at some point struggles with it. you just have to say, This is my commitment, this is what I'm going to do I'm going to put my head down and I'm going to go, and there is going to be somebody that's doing the exact same thing, it's going to make less than you and there's going to be somebody doing the exact same thing as you that's begin. Way, way more than you. And so you cannot compare yourself, or it will really bum you out. And so just do, just do you. And don't worry about what other people are doing. I would say model, if they're having success, but if you don't get 100,000 views on that same video that they just got 900,000, you know, he is on. Don't worry about it because I've created it. I've literally created the same video on a different account, and I've gotten it went viral and then I did it on a new account, and it got a couple 100 And so you just, It's just, just do you keep pedaling. 

Dave: Yeah, Jordan said lol that's my problem. Jordan I want to say, you're not alone. You know, I want to let you guys all in on a little secret melody you think I should reveal a dirty little secret of mine. It's a dirty one. Look, sometimes I even am amazed that people listen to me like they do. You know what I mean, like, I'm like, wow, you know, like, I wish my wife and kids listen to me like this, you know what I mean, like, you know, it's like, I just go home and my wife's like, can you take out the garbage, I'm like, don't you know I think I am. She's crazy you know I mean it's like sometimes it doesn't. And I've been doing this for 10 years I'll show up to events and people will be like, you know, we're taking photos or I've been asked to give autographs, I mean, you know, it's crazy right and I mean I do it like humbly I'm gracious I'm thrilled I'm honored. You know what I mean like it's not like this total DB who is like, oh yeah, who wants their next picture with me? You know I mean, it's like, but I think that a lot of people who you look at and you're like, oh, they just do this naturally, you know, they're just naturally like, know that they're worthy of being listened to, I think, I think I've talked to some, some other really successful content creators, I've talked to even some people who are mildly famous, and they all have a level of imposter syndrome, that is kind of like, I wonder if they find me out, find out who I really am, you know, find out who I am behind closed doors because I'm a goofball man, I mean, I am. You know, I often will be doing some real silly shit like at home with my kids or whatever and I'll be like, like, imagine if this is on video. We're like, you know, seeing me like this, you know, like, like dancing around in my underwear, you know what I mean torque and in my boxer briefs. Just, just being, you know, we're all, I think, just regular people, and, and those of us who, I think, command, more, more, or who, you know, attract people to, to follow us or whatever, are just those who people are able to look at and say, I like the way that person lips, like, I like how comfortable that person is in their skin. I like how authentic how real this person feels, or I like how funny they are, you know, all of that is just really kind of, when I say step into your power, what I really mean by that is step into your skin. You know, like you're given this set of skin. This face, this body, this, you know, this personality that's unique to you. And it's beautiful. When it's exactly how it was designed to be used, not least, not least, brutal, you know anxiety of rejection or worrying about what people think you're really, really caught up with your own unique swagger. And that doesn't mean that your authentic self and everybody's gonna write you have to be valuable. If you present that in a way that it's just natural. But all of these natural connections that allow from your heart to somebody else's heart. And that's, I think this stuff really nowadays in 2021 is really right now. People are just thirsting for that sort of communication interaction, would you agree with that.

Melody: Definitely. I mean, the connections that you can make, are, are incredible. And I think that so many people, though, are very skeptical. And so when you get into DMS and things like that, that's when, like you can truly build, you know, a different relationship than just, you know, the views or the TikToks or the comments. So, and I like to, I have Instagram connected to my TikTok. And the only reason why I have that connected to my TikTok is because I want people to be able to go to Instagram and then voice message me so that I can have that voice connection with them because of TikTok. You get so many characters and then you're done or you just don't have the same response, as you can over voice and so that's cool, that's that's cool yeah you can do that on Facebook Messenger do. Well, Melody. It looks good on you, so keep it up. All right, keep it up, you're, you're, you're, you're definitely on the path, and you've already had a couple of quote miracles, right, miracles through hard work that have happened, and there's many more. I can see coming your way, and I know you can see them too and that's what's that's what's really important is that you go from other seeing them to you being able to see him that becomes your vision right that's what we mean when we say vision we kind of have a belief about the future that this is what's going to happen, this is what I'm going to make happen. And, yeah, and I see it, I see it and I believe it with you and for you so keep up the good work and please come back and keep us posted on your journey.

Melody: Awesome, thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it.

Dave: You're very welcome Melody, you earned it, we'll talk to you later. All right, take care, see ya. All right, my friends. Well there you go kicking off Monday with yet another one, another one. I feel like DJ Khaled, another one right, another awesome, inspirational, member of this community who's living Legendary, you know, being Legendary, has said F average, you know what I mean you can read the hat, you know, be Legendary. Right. What does that mean to you or to me it means that, you know, I'm going to live my best life, you know, I'm going to I'm going to step into my power into my skin that was given to me. And I'm going to make the most out of it, I'm going to stretch it to its limits, and you know that's what melody is doing, and that's what I invite all of you to do as well, and the payoff, on the other side of that uncomfortability at first, is, is rewarding. It's an income but it's also impact. And it's also inspiration for others but here's the key is when you become inspired by your own story, by your own life by what you're doing, right, the fact that you're overcoming odds, you know, a melody mentioned that she's a newly, you know, single mom, well, you know, that's a tough situation, and I'm sure many of you guys have been through breakups or divorces. But what's inspiring is when you put one foot in front of the other, and you say I'm not going to let this break me down, I'm going to turn this into a breakthrough. Right. And sure that's absolutely inspirational to other people, but if you can create and see the power of your story, and become inspired by what you're actually doing. That's a whole nother level of motivation, and I invite you all to live in a way, market in a way, build your business in a way that inspires you, and if it inspires you, your own story, what you're doing, it will surely inspire others. Join us back here again tomorrow for another episode. Get out of here. Peace.