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Matt: What’s up everybody? It is the first of the month. December 1, hope you're doing well. We are 100% live. I just got my text message that says what does it say? I get a text message every morning from David himself. Benny’s been working for quite some time trying to make this work. And he's got a little online business that he's got rocking and rolling now, and I'm excited to unpack a little bit about his journey because I know that he's been and this guy's been working crankin he's been on our Blueprints calls for a long time. I mean, a really long time. He's a great example of somebody who's been consistent, hard grind and going after it. Man he's just been around our world for like, honestly you know, I'll let him tell his story. I don't need to go into this but honestly Check this out. I didn't even I didn't even know about Legendary Marketer when you had purchased our Blueprints dude. I didn't even know they existed. I have known Dave from like empower stuff, but you've been around our community for three years. That's crazy.

Benjamin: Yeah, when I first joined it, I was just kind of like, taking my time and learning everything and at the time, I was working as a tow truck driver so I pretty much put in the time that I had like free time. Just basically up until recently, I really started to focus and that's what helped me grow a lot on TikTok and allow me to see a lot more results.

Matt: So bring us back into Alright, it's April 2018. And you hear about this company, Legendary Marketer. I came around and became part of the legendary team, late 2018. So not that long after you but so funny to bring us into your world back in 2018 tow truck drivers tell us about just what was life like Then what were you looking for? And how things are since then, and what's your journey been like over the last three years?

Benjamin: Back in 2018 While I was working as a tow truck driver full time, five days a week and I was just basically looking for any other way to make money online. I started looking online before just typing in what most people do on Google and YouTube, how to make money online. And I saw people talking about drop shipping, Amazon FBA, print on demand and affiliate marketing. So at the time, I was kind of messing around with the idea of creating my own custom clothing brand and I just needed to learn how to market it. So that's what kind of led me into the affiliate marketing part. So I started looking more and more into it and basically, it caught my interest. So that's when I actually stumbled on Nathan Lucas's videos on YouTube. And I just kept watching these videos and watching them and then I just finally said, You know what? I want to check yourself and so that's when I started and that's when I joined Legendary. 

Matt: That's awesome. So you find legendary tried some other stuff and other stuff? What was there anything in particular, like, tell us about what your experience at legendary has been like and just, you know, what's your? What's it been like?

Benjamin: It's been pretty cool. I mean, I've learned I mean, way more than just what most people do is just looking on YouTube trying to learn new skills. I mean, they teach you basically everything that you need like the fundamentals, the basics, the foundations to start an online business. And I haven't really found that anywhere else.

Matt: That's cool. I've seen you. I mean, I've seen and chatted with you. Every Thursday we do business blueprints, webinars. I can't even remember how long ago but it's probably been like two years or so ago. We started doing those so you bought the blueprints? 2018 We weren't even doing those webinars. We've been a part of the thing. And just because you've been a part of our community for so long. That piece got added on and so did the decade and a day which was something that you didn't even have access to when you purchased. All of that has been just sort of added by guests' value. And we haven't called you up and been like, Hey, by the way, you've got to pay another $500 for this or Yeah, no one's no one from our team. Right is calling you up and being like, Hey, you want to buy something else? You want to buy something more? You wanna pay us for extra add on to the blueprints right now that I know of?

Benjamin: No, it's yeah, that's a good point about the blueprints. Like well, once you invest in the blueprints you guys pretty much just, I guess, grandfathered me into any future updates to the blueprints?

Matt: Yeah, which we do with everybody. I mean, like, we just sometimes we'll just add stuff on into the blueprints. When Dave this last January updated the entire business blueprints course the affiliate, the affiliate marketing business blueprint. Everybody just got it uploaded in their back office for free and it was like hey, by the way, this is brand new. This is the best training Dave's ever done in his career online. kariega You know, you didn't sell a 2.0 or something else or whatever. We could have done a launch around it. We could have done a lot of stuff. But we just it was like here just let's keep this thing let's make this the best. We can possibly make it so anyway. For you with where you're at now. Like, tell us you're sort of had there been struggles over the last couple years. Have you? Have you tried different things and what's working for you now?

Benjamin: Yeah, there's definitely been struggles. When I attended a decade in the day, I started running Facebook ads to Clickbank offers and I've had my account banned like four times. So it's just a matter of learning from mistakes, just overcoming problems and basically just moving forward. And what's helped me a lot lately these past couple months is Eric Forner has been mentoring me and he's helped me pretty much grow my followers on TikTok from like 17,000 to 100,000 in the last two months. Awesome. And that was also due to because back in September, my youtube channel was suspended. So yeah, so that gave me more time to focus on my TikTok account.

Matt: So you were putting a lot of time into YouTube.

Benjamin: Yeah. So I just recently got it unsuspended like two weeks ago. So I got to focus on that as well. Yeah. So yeah, there’s been some struggles.

Matt: Yeah, there's been well, there's always lots of struggles and there's always people in our community who are willing to help people like Eric, people like Brian, people like Sarah people, like Stacy Calvin. Lots of people who have had success and are still doing really well and are just willing to help people and do a good job at that. End of the story. What's your journey on TikTok? So you're creating videos, you're making videos you're posting. Was there anything that was key or that changed or any big shifts that you did in your content that helped you grow so much over the last two months?

Benjamin: What I've noticed is that those How to videos like up to two lakh in blueprints, both those are pretty good. They get a lot of views and followers, you're in there. But what I've noticed is that when you tell your story, or you have a video that has some type of emotional hook, people really gravitate towards that more because people like to follow other people's journey. They like to see what's going to happen next. Kind of like when people watch a movie, wanting to know how it's going to end. You know, I mean? So yeah, so it's my main takeaway from that.

Matt: Have you been putting together like a string of multiple videos or what have you been doing?

Benjamin: I have a lot of videos right now on TikTok. So, my strategy now is that throughout the week, I'll create three new ones a day and then I'll post two new ones every day and then one of them is going to be a repost. So after a while, I'm just kind of building up a library of TikTok videos. 

Matt: Yeah, that makes sense. What Um, is there any part in particular that you feel like it's gotten the most engagement on your videos and stuff? Or like what? What do you focus on? What do you tell people? What do you explain?

Benjamin: I just kind of like to break it down as far as affiliate marketing but like, I make it simple. I don't say I tried to avoid saying like, here's some affiliate programs that you can sign up for. I just, I kind of rephrase it and say all these companies will pay you to send them new customers and then I just go into the company. And then I just pretty much explain the process but just for people who don't know what affiliate marketing is.

Matt: Bingo, so not talking a bunch of insider language, but instead speaking, yeah, a little bit more to like what people are, like, like what they're used to hearing about, right. So making it sound like something they already understand. There's this concept that when I started 10 years ago, I started reading some of the best old school copywriters in the world. And one of them I'm blanking on the name said, you know, you have to enter the conversation that's already going on inside the prospects mind. And so if you're, if you're putting out videos hoping to sort of get some response from people who might be interested, you gotta ask yourself, what are they already thinking about or what language would they already understand? So I love that because there's a lot of people out there who just post non-stop talking about the niche inside or terms of their industry that other people just don't know about. That happens a lot in weight loss. That happens a lot in lots of industries, but the industry you're in is the Make Money Online industry or affiliate marketing industry and that happens a lot in that industry where people start talking about like, number one way to get started with affiliate marketing and it's like, no one on tick tock wants to know that they want to know that that's not a benefit to them. Right or, or here's some really bad marketing. Here's how to get one year of coaching with me for half price, right? No one wants coaching with you for half price. Right? They want a benefit. They want an emotional benefit or, or in your case, like if you're talking about making money they want a fiscal benefit. Right. So like, here's how I've I was formerly a tow truck driver three years ago. And here's how I built my little piece of the online pie over the last three years. Check this out. Right and giving people some sort of emotional benefit a little bit of a feeling of like, what am I going to get out of this? Right? Yes, you're sharing your story, but also, if you're gonna if you're gonna spin and start to go towards like, here's a call to action that should be based around terms that people are already aware of, and making it something that's understandable. It's why people in this industry are successful in many ways, what they'll do is they'll frame things in terms like big companies, right? So it's super smart. That you're doing this, like, Hey, here's a company that will pay you to bring them new leads or new customers, right then it's like, oh, Amazon pay me like, Okay, now I'm listening, right? Because there's different things that are going on inside the person's mind when you're doing marketing. There's, they're thinking, is this credible? Is this a scam? Is this real? Is this something I can do? Is it legit? Are there other people doing it? They want to know all of these different things and they're scanning? It's like a scanner, the old school scanners. It's like they're scan scan scan scan that either comes out clear, and it makes sense or it comes out. I don't know this doesn't seem that legit. And I'll just tell you the scanner is like the scanners going down. It's like if you're just talking about network marketing, affiliate marketing and all that stuff. They're like cheese, dude. You know, the amount of scams and like bad people I've met in that industry. I'm not interested. You know what I mean?

Benjamin:  I think that's why it's important to break it down into simpler terms, and I try to avoid the curse of knowledge. So what a lot of people do as they learn business, they learn the lingo, and then they expect or they just think that everybody's going to understand what they're saying. So that's what I tried to do is avoid the curse of knowledge.

Matt: Yeah, right. Right. Right. And, and I I agree that I do that. I tried to do that a lot of my training, but I think sometimes I even struggle with that. That's a good reminder for me, because the times where I've put out training or those times that I've helped somebody with training or I've, we've put out a course or something like that. The times where it's been most impactful or it's had the most impact is where every point where I've made a point or I've talked through a topic, I've unpacked exactly what each of those terms means, and why it matters and so Damn, that was a good reminder. It looks like I learned something this morning. So over the last couple of years, you're building this out 100,000 followers look, however the hell you get to 100,000 followers is a big accomplishment. You've learned something about the social media algorithm. You've learned how to tap into that. But you've also forgotten about all that junk. You've also learned how to tell your story and be authentic and connect with people, probably that's my guess. And from what I know of you for the past couple of years, like I would say there's probably a good chance that you've had to learn something that didn't come easily and you've had to learn it. You said you were nervous to come on today's show. So like maybe that's been a little bit of nervousness. Or you know, whatever. But how is that part of it being the part where you're connecting with people, real people sharing a bit of your journey and story? What's that been like? 

Benjamin: No, it's been pretty…It's been kind of tough actually telling my story. That's something that I really had trouble with mostly because it's not that I don't think I don't have a story. It's just, uh, I feel like if I tell my story, it feels like I'm looking for sympathy or I'm trying to get somebody to feel sorry for me. So I try to incorporate it more into my deals, but I'm not trying to make every video just about my story. 

Matt: Yeah, yeah, you don't have to. I mean, even doing videos, even doing stuff about your story, even doing stuff about other people's story and journey. I feel like this sort of melting pot of different types of content can be really helpful. For instance, like, there's a guy Ian who does that and he does his videos or day in the life of a bodyguard, right? And he does those and he tells funny, interesting stories about his days as a bodyguard, and it's his way of having fun with it, but also allowing people to attach them and people in, in particular content creators undervalue that ability for people to connect to them or be attachable there's this like psychology term called, or a theory called attachment theory, and making yourself attachable and giving people ways sort of like sticking out tentacles and allowing people to grab on and be like, hey, I want to take me along for the ride, you know, is super key super important. But also you can create different styles of content based on the algorithm and what's going on in the algorithm to get more of those followers right so it's, it's a both and combination. And also, then the last piece is, how do I convert these people? Right, like how do I get them to take meaningful action and help build my business and also help start their business and get themselves going? So yeah, super cool. I love it. I love it. That's awesome. What what, in terms of like, where you're going? In terms of like, what you're doing, where you're going? What's the plan moving forward? Like what are you going to do moving forward? What's Yeah, what's what's, what's the next step?

Benjamin: I'm gonna keep on doing what I'm doing on TikTok and then also continue to build my YouTube channel and then also, I want to start moving into mentoring and coaching. Because I also have a Facebook group that I direct people to, and I'm starting to go live a little bit more on my tick tock account. So I actually went live yesterday and I was just hanging out. I was just like, pretty much posting stuff. video on my YouTube channel. And then people are coming in asking me questions, and asking me like, oh, what's the best way to make money online? Or, like, what is it like? I posted a video about a sales funnel, and then I just went over it like in my life, and people were just like, saying, Oh, that's pretty valuable. Thank you, you know, thanks for the information. So that's something I'm looking forward to going into as well. Just mentoring and teaching other people.

Matt: So awesome. That's cool. mentoring and teaching other people is yeah, something I was just actually saying. She said that I just jumped quickly over to your Facebook. He only made that a month ago, and it's already got 63 people. So nice work. It's awesome. And I feel like you know, from what I know of you from the time that we've, I mean, it's not like we chat all the time or anything but just from what I know of you. You're such a quick implementer like You're so quick to implement things and you can. It's not like you just implement it and then quit or something like you really stick with stuff you really are learning really really valuable skills and, and earning while learning. Right. And I will say that it's great to hear that you're going live more as well because for anybody who wants to know What do I see on my end when I watch people make a ton of sales. They're going to live because it breaks this psychological thing. I won't get too far into this but the psychological element of seeing someone's life that you've been following for a couple of weeks or a couple of months or whatever, man, there is a big psychological wall that is broken down when somebody sees you and experiences you in a live format. Especially. I don't know what it is but especially on TikTok especially on TikTok where it feels like it's just real raw, candid conversation. You can you can touch and and almost like reach out and touch somebody it's just super cool. So I'm glad to hear that. That's something that for people who do that regularly, in particular people who have done that in a while for me on a daily basis, I've seen them go to six figures faster than anybody else I've ever seen. Online ever like mind numbing fast, where they spend an hour to three hours a day on a live at the same time or around the same time, maybe not every day, but most days and it's it's, it spins my mind when I have messages with Dave in our Slack channel. Where we're just like, What the hell is happening, like, how is this possible? And we just think back, you know, to 10 years ago or like how we do not have this but it's just an opportunity that's that's, that's in front of people right now. So I'm glad you're taking advantage of it because that's huge. For anybody who's sitting here, who's thinking about, for anybody who's sitting here and is thinking about how do I get started, how do I get going online? How do I get moving? What would you say to them? If they're thinking of putting in their first video or their stuff in their drafts on TikTok, and they're waiting to hit post because they're nervous. What would you say to those people?

Benjamin: I mean, I want to say what everybody else is, it's just posted you know, like my videos weren't good at all. I don't think I mean, don't go like my TikTok and go all the way to my first videos because they're terrible. But I just posted them and I just had the mentality like, nobody's gonna see these. So I just kept posting and posting and then eventually I got better. I learned pretty much the tips that you've taught us. Thursday webinars like to start off with the hood, giving a call to action, and I just got better over time. So just, I mean, yeah, it is kind of scary to post and just think about what other people are going to think about, like oh, this person on Tik Tok, you know, but just post it, I mean, I mean, you're going to get better after after a while.

Matt: Totally hit post, and post keep hitting posts. And the cool part is, is he posted so many times? That honestly to like scroll to get to your first videos would just be like, the goal. Right. So it's like part of it is like if you're barest about the old stuff that you've put up. It's just like, just keep making more and just bury that shit down at the bottom. Like, just bury it doesn't matter. Cool, man. That's awesome. Well, thanks for coming on today. If you need anything, let us know. We're happy to help, obviously you know where to find me. And, and if you let me see if I can put up your tick tock, there we go. And, yeah, come you'll always be around so I, you know, sometimes if it's the first time meeting somebody I'm like, Hey, come back around, but you're always around. We'd love to have you back on here in a couple months and see how things are going. 

Benjamin: Definitely. Thanks for having me on.

Matt: Again, anytime. All right, guys. Give him a follow. All right. You can see his link and also just put it in the chat. Just in case but it's Benjamin.  How do I pronounce your last name? Benjamin: Zuniga

Matt: Zuniga. @BenjaminZuniga1, all right. I put it in the chat there as well. So you can give him a follow but watch his stuff. He's been around for such a long time. And he's a good dude. He's just a good guy. And that's like, you know, yes, he is probably a lot of marketers out there. They can follow you, but this guy's got a lot of humility. He showed a lot of resilience. It's actually pretty rare to find somebody who's hung around in this industry for that long three and a half years that's in like, marketing years or in like online digital. Space years. That's like three decades. So kudos to you, Benny. You've been cool and it's been fun having you around in our world for such a long time. And just as a few final notes, guys, if you want you can text the letters WUL to 813-296-8553. If you text the letters WUL we will send you a text message every morning reminding you that we're going live. If you guys want any merchant advice that says like Be Legendary or F average Be Legendary you can go to the Legendary shop. And that's all we got for the day. I'm going to put his handle on it for more time. You can find many on TikTok, go give him a follow and get into his world plug in. And he's a good dude, help me out. And yeah, we'll be back here tomorrow, same time, same place. Tomorrow is Thursday, and I'll be flying out tomorrow afternoon to go to our mastermind in Florida, which is over this weekend. Our masterminds are awesome. You're gonna see some photos and videos from there. We might even go live from the mastermind on Friday. So if you're here watching right now, tune in live at 10am Eastern on Friday because I think we're probably going to go live from our mastermind mansion on Friday. It's going to be bombed so Alright, see you guys. Peace. Out