Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Hey, what's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe and welcome to Wake Up Legendary. Yet again, we have someone that has gone through our education and is here to talk about her experience. And she shared her age with us as we've posted here on the headline she's 62 she's kicked procrastination to the curb, and now has a successful side hustle, but I'm even going to challenge her to say she has a successful business. Jamie, welcome to the show.

Jamie:  Thanks, Dave. Good morning. 

Dave:  Perfect. Okay, how are you? You look wonderful in your background. It looks cozy there and looks wonderful. So where are you calling in from Jamie?

Jamie:  Well, I am outside of Dallas Fort Worth, actually between two little towns. That Venus Texas, okay. Okay. The planet little tiny town between Venus and Microtex is right out here in the middle of nowhere,

Dave:  Just as long as it's not, you know, it's not that other planet, right between Venus and Pluto. Right. So, tell us, tell us. What brought you to our world and I'm assuming that you know, you are not an internet marketer. You are not a digital entrepreneur and I don't know how you have ever done anything like this in any way, shape or form before? Tell us what led you to us?

Jamie:  Okay, so, you know, when we came home from the pandemic, I'd been in the corporate world for 40 years. And so when I came home from the pandemic we started scrolling on tik tok and I was like, Oh, look at these people who are following people and watching them become successful. And so I knew I was gonna get ready to retire because I thought oh my gosh, I love working from home. I don't want to ever go back to the office. I'm sick of nine to five. I'd never done it. I've done MLMs a lot of MLMs but I've never done anything online. And I'm like, but I'm watching these people do it. And I came across something about side hustles because I knew when I retired I was gonna need some extra income. So I thought okay, side hustle. These are great. And so I started just looking at different side hustles which led me to the course. And I was like, Oh my gosh, this is how they do it. I had skills, you know, got 40 years of corporate experience and I found out this education that I got, allows me the ability to take my skills and incorporate them into an online business. Yes, it is a business because I do treat it as one even though it's a part time business right now. But I so I that was in October actually took the form in the decade a day, July 1, okay. And I didn't do anything with it until October 13. I was this close. Like, when I was like no, you're gonna do it. I have a lot of freelancers in my family and they encouraged me they're like, What do you have to lose? Give it six months a year, and then see what happens. And there's so many times along the way. It's just like you, you'll talk about. You have that valley of despair when you're sitting at 500 followers for 30 days and no leads. But I didn't give up. I kept going. And then I started getting it but then I changed the way that I do things. I started doing it my way using my own voice and instead of trying to copy these people that are making five figures and have done it for a long time. So let's take a step back. Right. And I don't post every day. I don't post because it's too much pressure for me. I'm sorry. I don't want to work that hard. I'm done working hard. That's what I love about this is you have a card, right? Yeah, that's a lot, I mean, five figures a month and yes, you do. You do have to work hard, but you want a great side hustle, steady little income or, you know, four figures a month. So go with that. So nothing

Dave:  Well that's wonderful and welcome to our community and and you know, it's incredible, you know, how many different walks of life people can come from to ultimately end up here thinking that it's really cool. I mean, I'm always kind of blown away by that because you know, I think that's cool, you know, because I think what we're doing here is really cool. And sometimes, you know, well, when somebody really gets it and it's like yeah, but yeah, I've done lots of MLMs before I've of course had legitimate jobs. This is really cool. There's the you know, you don't have to go in, to recruit friends and family. You learn real skills. that quite frankly if you had to completely pivot tomorrow in say You know what, oh my gosh, all this whatever I'm promoting today disappears. Now all of a sudden, Oh gosh, I'm gonna go. You know, somebody is holding a gun to my head and saying you must take your corporate experience and package it into a valuable training course that you can sell. If somebody held a gun to your head, you now have the skills to be able to do that. If you had to do that. Or if of course you want to do that.

Jamie:  If nobody and I do want you to know, I haven't even I mean, I'm only doing this for six months, a little over six months. I haven't even scratched the surface of all the other business opportunities that are available. You know, my brother's an artist and I want to help him create a digital course. An online course I was like you could do this. And so there's so much it's cheaper. I tell people all the time. It's cheaper than a semester of college. You can get an education that can lead you to so many opportunities. And it's less than a semester of college. I even made a Tik Tok video about it and showed some numbers.

Dave:  Do you have a degree?

Jamie:  I do have a degree. I didn't get it till I was 46 years old.

Dave:  do you have a bachelor's, a masters

Jamie:  bachelors in business? That's enough for me.

Dave: It's a lot more credible coming from you than it is coming from me. Because you actually have a degree I don't have a degree. So that's why I asked that question. I mean, I'm not I know my lane and coming from you. You know, everybody hears that? That's somebody who went to college and who has a degree and that's a powerful statement. I do feel a little bit guilty when somebody like, I've had a lot of young, we've had a lot of younger people who've come on and I've talked to them and of course they're in our community, but I'll talk to him on the show. And, and, you know, they'll be like, Yeah, I'm like halfway into my college but I want to drop out and I want to do this, but part of me is like, I know, I get it. Like, I understand why you want to do that. And I was like oh, you know, like, I hope their parents don't. But anyways, they're adults so it doesn't matter. I mean, they're at this point, these people are 19/20/21 years old. But in many ways, I'm actually grateful that my parents didn't go into massive debt or something to put me through college. And then I ended up not using it not saying it's not a valuable experience, but man, I some days. Thank God that I was a high school dropout. And didn’t make me go down that path of almost, you know, if we think about it, I know this is dramatic, but it's almost like a conveyor belt of human beings that are just getting pumped from high school into, you know, Junior community and university colleges all over the country. And it's sort of a system right. And and there's a lot of profit in IT people that that money greenbacks

Jamie:  Yeah. Did make you a good little citizen and don't get a nice little corporate job and put in your taxes.

Dave:  They pay some taxes, you know, because I'm almost in a way thankful that I didn't, that I don't have to, that I don't have to reverse a lot of that stuff. That is so what I'd like to ask you is, like can you give to people? What is different from being an employee to being an entrepreneur in your eyes, and what advice can you give to people about how you have to show up differently?

Jamie:  Well, you've got to show no one's going to tell you what to do. I find that with a lot of people, when they want to say they want to do this, they want someone to tell them what they want to be as an employee. You're not an employee. It is a business and this is your business. You know, one of my mentors said to me We were talking about posting because I really don't like posting two to three times a day. I’ll post two to three times a week, let alone two, three times a day. And so she said at the end of the day, it's your business and you could do whatever you want to and that was my epiphany. And so I did. Listen, social media is a gigantic pie and you can carve out your slice of it any way you want to, but only you can do that, your skills and your uniqueness. So you need to find out what your skills are. If you don't have skills you need to get some skills and how you can parlay that online, because it's a huge, huge online world out there and there's room for everybody to do it however they want to. I would say don't quit. I would say make more than one channel. I have lots of channels.

Dave:  Three different Tik Tok accounts. We're gonna we're gonna show one here and he recommends you have three. Yeah. So to say more about that,

Jamie:  Well, this particular channel was really slow to grow and I got frustrated. And so I was talking to someone that might just make another channel so I made several other channels and some of them took off and last year I dropped the other ones. I made one for the blueprints watching Mat and the blueprints Weekly. I'm in one account that I didn't even tell you all about where I never used my voice and I've never used my face. And I have over 1000 followers in that account just looking for the right product to put with that account. So there's a lot of ways to approach this. So I make three different accounts and I post listen, I repost this is this my on this account that you're looking at here? My most viewed video was a repost, I was tired. I didn't want to post anything. So I went scroll back and found a video that had 54 views on it. edited it because I use a video editor I do all my videos outside of Tik Tok re Vamped, reposted it and it's got over 200,000 views today. So don't be afraid to repost. Don't be afraid to use the same video but use different words. You really have to use your own voice at some point. You could do like lifelines where you are, you know, pointing the camera just like it's just music and you're just words. You're really not going to get my guess and leads but you're probably not going to get anything from that you really at some point are going to have to use your voice. Tell your story and do it your way and then you'll attract the people. I have a huge following and that's okay. Because you know I've seen some of my mentors with huge followings. And we're all one community guideline away from violation from oblivion. Yeah. So you need another account, just in case. Yeah, I've had the same video on one account, get a community guideline violation and not get a community violation on another account. Same exact video.

Dave:  So there's no rhyme or reason people need not freak out about this kind of stuff. You're saying now I don't want to get lost in the weeds, folks. So I'm gonna stop sharing the screen and I want to make sure that everybody's dialed in to what's being said right now. I like how you're treating it like a business. Who are doing it consistently in You really seem to understand that. A blue jay just flew into my window and is now sitting on my car you know scratching probably my these birds have no respect here in Florida. But I what I what I really notice about you, Jamie, is that you? Really don't let things bog you down. I mean, it's almost like you immediately have you ever seen an ant Have you ever seen an ad you try to block it and it immediately just tries to go another way now some animals will roll over in play dead. Some will lay down some will, you know cower back, get afraid of backup but man will just just keep going. Just keep going. And you're, you're like and and you're like, you know you just won't. So can you can you tell us more about that. And have you always been like that and how valuable is that one piece? Can you even name it for us? What do you call that? How valuable was that for? You? And what is that?

Jamie:  I have a lot of confidence. You know, I would say if you have problems with the Toastmaster so I'm not afraid to get up and talk to people. And when I started out my channel originally I was my target audience. Which was an admin assistant to high level executives. So I worked in the boardroom. You know, I was assistant to CEOs and presidents and event planner. So I'm used to running and being in charge of things. So that's where my confidence comes from. And I don't have a problem. I have a challenge and he's got to pivot. So back to what I was talking about. My first target audience was administrative assistance. That was getting me nowhere. And I've pivoted several times you can go back to my videos and see how I've

Dave:  changed. Why am I getting nowhere in law? I want to ask you that and how did you pivot so fast? Well,

Jamie:  I think because IT admins, they're interested but I wasn't really getting any leads. And I don't

Dave:  I think they'll be interested. When are they motivated? They're not. Yeah. They want security right? Like, and they're skeptical. They're too skeptical. Right? Sometimes corporate people are just too skeptical.

Jamie:  They are. I was and I did a lot of research before because I did a lot of MLMs. And I've looked at other things online. I looked at other things that were in mlms. Legendary marketer isn't an mlm This is a real education. This is a top right education that when you go to college, you're not going to get your books and all your courses online forever. That's the value that you get with this education. Is that and you can go back to the videos and watch other people and that's one thing. Watch other people in this community, get connected into the community. Watch it because you're going to attract certain people. We're going to connect with you. I'm not going to resonate with 18 year old guys. I'm going to resonate with moms, retired women and retired men. Obviously, I went from 95% women to 80% women 20% Men in my analytics. You need to learn how to look at your analytics that will help you pivot because look at what's working. Watch look at your and that's one thing you need to learn the skills back to sales that you need to learn if you don't know those skills, you need to find them. Learn them, find somebody else that learns them. And as Matt says, sometimes you just gotta figure it out. And that's

Dave:  how you really utilize the stuff because you've you've you've interacted with Matt a lot and I know where Matt interacts with our clients and that's on decade and a day that's on those Thursday blueprint coaching calls. So I can really tell also, my friends, I just want to point out that I can really, really tell that you have engaged in and actually used the resources that you paid for, you know, that are available here. And I would even bet you sound like somebody who's really used them as much or maybe more than just about anybody and I still bet you haven't tapped all of the sources. And you know, there's so much more to go through just because we're in our sixth or seventh year or something here and just all of the training that we've compiled and then sort of curated it's, it's it's a lot, you know, we try to find a balance of not just just slapping endless replays of just stuff but trying to be somewhat organized with it while still making sure that our decade and a day and our blueprint coaching program as a whole is relevant and up to date and we're actually talking about stuff that I think that's one of the most dynamic things and I'm not, you know, trying to ride the Pat us on the back train here. I can say that, I think one of the most badass things now that's a technical professional term about legendary and what everybody here has created is man we are relevant in in the know about what works actually really works for the brand new person, the average person, how can you actually get results online in in our community has tapped into that. And it's not just me with you know, up on the stage with the sleight of hand no Funds catch up. And blah, blah, blah. It's just a mess. So, what say you about the difference in I think the timing right now, you know of how how, I don't want to say easy but man, it's achievable for anybody to come on behind and get results right now and they can learn how here isn't that different than so many of the things that you've tried in the past where everybody keeps coming to the motivational seminars to keep getting pumped up to stay in but but it's just like faith, like, like, keep coming and sticking around on faith because people up on stage training all the time and you just eventually you're like, Okay, this is I gotta get out of here.

Jamie:  Well, you know, I would also say that the masterminds also help a lot. Those are incorrect, I haven't gone, I wanted to come to this one. I was kind of this one. So you know, if you have that access to that and watch those, watch the people that are successful, that will give you motivation. Right now. You know, this is 2022 We're just getting started. There's so many ways you can go and the opportunity that you can get one reason I procrastinate was I was trying to sell the materials like I will never get through all I've got to take action. And that's what you need to get your skills and you need to take action. You need to be consistent, but you can do it your way. When I say consistent, that doesn't mean posting five or six times a day. I just mean overall it's taken me six months to get where I'm at today because I'd have gotten there faster if I was posted more probably, but you can do it your way. That is the beauty of this business model is you can do it however you want to do it. But you have to show up and you have to put in the work. You have to put in the effort. No one's going to tell you what to do.

Dave:  Yeah, you can do it your own way. That's a very big difference between a lot of things that I had done in the past, various side hustles or businesses. There was always so much shame and pressure to do a certain way. And also you've I you know I know a bit a lot of people felt shame. They felt shameful because they, you know, weren't producing as much. And the truth here is that and I said this yesterday to people on a coaching call. I want to offer personal coaching here as a group coaching program and we've since we don't offer that anymore because it's the time to do it quite frankly. So I just finished up the final call yesterday from a group that started a year ago and I worked with them for a year. And one of the things that I said and I think I also said on yesterday's Wake Up Show, I said every here's how I determine whether somebody stays in my life or not, is whether when I make a mistake or I don't do what they want or whatever. Do they roll their eyes and go or do they go stay in the game and keep going like a good coach does on the side of the basketball court or whatever. And so I think the reason why I told that story. Determine whether somebody should stay in my life as I continue to become more successful is because it's also important that a community when you're learning new skills, a business community when you're learning new skills and you're starting from scratch is going to encourage you and you're not going to feel pressured or ashamed to do it a certain way. And like there's something wrong with you. If things don’t happen super fast. This is a process that each of us like you said, each of us has the freedom really to take the skills and apply them out there and in a multitude of ways. You people you can bring it on you can begin to find your own voice. You can ease into it. There's so many different and there's lots of different platforms so you can focus more on written content or sudden video content. And in there, you can find how you can live up to your potential here. You can do that. And I like how you're pointing that out because in other places that I've worked, both jobs and other business opportunities. There was a lot of shame and pressure to do a certain way and do it a certain way and when it didn't work out quickly. I was made to feel like it was my fault. And I know that members and students struggle that way. So I liked that you're pointing that out and in you know Jamie that's that's got to feel that to know that you've got both creative freedom, but also freedom that nobody's so how do you hold yourself accountable if you have all you have in your job? Know that you have it for you? hold yourself accountable and tell us a little bit about what a day looks like, just a nutshell version of you getting up and how do you integrate your side hustle into your life?

Jamie:  Well, you know, I actually would have a lot more free time when I retired and it's actually the opposite. So I write down, like okay, I look at my videos and if the videos are doing really good. I'll just let it run. And if it's not doing very kind of like Okay, I gotta make another video. So today I'm gonna make a video. And I'll work that usually, in the morning and then I'm done. I'm done for the day. I'm like, Okay, let's go. Let's see how it does for the rest of the day, or interact with people that reach out to me. You know, I do get emails when I go. You don't have different campaigns. When someone goes to a certain link, I might switch them to a different campaign. So we haven't talked about how emailing is a huge opportunity to reach out to people. So my writing skills are on point so I have no again, I've taken my skills and use them for what I want to do. And then I will get caught by other people that I usually watch wake up legendary. See what other people are doing. Go and let it go and look at their channels. Because there's so many people there's so many different ways to do it. Found myself on a search somewhere on Tik Tok. I was like it's my video that just came up with a search. I kept wondering why I wasn't where I was getting leads because I wasn't posting on that channel, please. Yeah, so don't be afraid to try something new. If you're not getting leads, and you're not getting people to sign up for your email, try something new. That's your cue. You need to try something different. And don't be afraid to try something different. Don't be afraid to fail. You know, always thinkWell, Milton Hershey and Hershey bar he tried seven seven candy companies to get it right.

Dave:  Every every successful entrepreneur has a story like that, every successful entrepreneur, you do too. You do too. You know, we love to tell stories about other people. But the magic comes when you can really look at this very moment in your life. And you learn how to tell the story. And you learn how to tell micro stories within that larger story use and you learned how to use those little stories in your content in in your so when people are watching your content they get they can get to know you and trust you it's not a mirage, it's you actually allowing people to to build a bond and a relationship with you. Because it is true that people do business with people that they like with people that make them feel with people that you know it's so funny. I have you know i i This, this Instagram profile that's just just just for watches. It's just, you know, I'm weird with social media. I'm real I haven't posted on Instagram or Facebook in like my personal accounts in like well over a year. I just stopped doing that. I just stopped posting in places that I wasn't focused on. And of course I do wake up legendary and we post on Legendary marketer in YouTube and all these other places. Those are the places that those are the places that I need to focus on boosting but but I haven't posted on my personal profiles and and but I got a little older it just has you know I follow a couple of 100 people and I just look at you know, watches every now and then but anyways, I there's random you know, I've got 200 friends and I've done I bought a few things from a couple of people, little straps, things that people make, you know, chains, things that people make little you know, things I've just I don't why did I buy those little things from people? Those little, you know, these two 200 people that I follow on this little account. I've probably spent, you know, six, seven grand on little things. And it's because I like them. It's because I just randomly found them online. And they engaged me and I liked him and I trust them. I liked their work. I was interested in what they had to say. And that's how business is done nowadays, folks. Absolutely. I'm still going to wherever, you know, large stuff like that. So I buy from regular people, and I prefer it. I prefer to buy from somebody that I can actually nowadays Jamie i you i won’t buy unless I have relationship with a with a with a salesperson at the company. For example, I was just in Miami for my anniversary and I met this this is my wife and I went shopping and we went in David Yurman jewelry place and it's a big brand but I met a lady and she followed up with me and has been sending my wife and I stuff and I got it engraved a little charm with my kid's name on it and you know she's been texting me and like it's a it's a personal like personalized relationship and I just don't think people understand how powerful that is and how much the direction of our marketplace and economy is going in that direction and how important it is to have a presence online. Even if you only have a couple of 100 or a couple of 1000 followers. You have no idea how much and what you can do with what you were just saying, you right you have a four figure income that's been created from scratch with a few profiles that have a few 100 Or a few 1000 followers on it. Right Jamie?

Jamie:  And going live. That is really how you build I get so many comments when I go they appreciate

Dave:  When did you start going live? Have you in a long been doing this all together? Remind me again

Jamie:  since October of 21. So six months to be 37 months. Okay.

Dave:  Seven months and when did you when do you? How long have you been living for?

Jamie:  I've only gone live maybe a half a dozen once a week out over a long time or I've only been going live for like six weeks. Once a week maybe twice. 

Dave:  you're finding that it's worth the time.

Jamie:  It is especially that we're going to clinics when your followers are on the best time for you to go live. And you can see when is the best time for you to go live. It's minus eight o'clock at night. And I'll get on there and obviously all these people start coming in. I'll talk for two hours. I finally have to say I gotta go, I can't, I can't talk anymore.

Dave:  So everybody would you talk about

Jamie:  I talked about the same things I've talked about here. I talked about how I freelance and how I got started. I talked about the course that I took and how the skills that I have because I'm 62 about Polish. And so I needed to have a lot of corporate skills, your business skills, zero online. And then this, that's what I loved about it gave me everything I needed to bridge my skills to bring me online to create the business I want to create. I've very, very changed my life and I'm so thankful I found the community.

Dave:  Well, that's really that's really incredible. And I'm proud, I'm happy for you. You know you deserve it. And I can tell that you're going to help a lot of people you're going to help a lot of people because it wouldn't matter what age you are. I'm grateful that that you are wanting to stick around and and you know carry this message and this information to other people Also, love and want to point out that you know, each one of us what we did leading up to this point or what we've done in the past, we can apply that person's little here. And we have communication skills, you mentioned your writing. Now there's a lot of you who are listening that have fewer to grade your writing skills compared to mine or others when you start when we started. Mine were horrible. A lot of you can write really well you just need to learn how to write more persuasively in write cop versus writing corporate emails you know but you have the skill sets there you get it, you know, a few tweaks, a few adjustments, but yet the end of the day, it's not much. It's just a different platform. Right, Jamie? I mean, it's not a boardroom. It's your room with a phone sitting in front of view. But it's still human beings who still feel the same way and react the same way like the same things, don't they? And one of the things that I like to remind people of is this is not so different than what you’ve done and it's a new thing so there's gonna get some getting used to and it's people and haven't you been interacting and meeting and dealing with and convincing and manipulating and you know, we come on we've I mean come on. You ain't you ain't to say you've been doing your thing getting your needs met your whole damn life. And now you come on here and hey, look, a lot of things are at stake. If you want to use all your skills and put them on table and when we say skills, I mean all your skills. It takes everything, don't be afraid to use everything. Right? I mean, listen, Jamie. I was I was in the car this morning with my six year old and she's she's really artistic and musical inch and she likes to dance and she likes to sing and she likes to perform right and she's really passionate and she's gonna be feelings and we were listening to a song and in the F in an F bomb came out and I had a moment I had a decision to make. Did I want to do that? I want to shame her for wanting to listen to that song or shut it off. Right? Or did I want to try to focus on nurturing the passion that I want to try to focus on? Did I say hey, look, we've already talked about bad words you know? Or or cuss words. We know that those will repeat those and you're not old enough. And when you're an adult, you say whatever you want. Okay, it's clear. So at that moment, I decided and I always tried to do this. Focus on the passion. Focus on the art, focus on what's good, focus on building yourself and others up and in you know what my hope is is that you know, she's going to turn into a child, that as an adult that in every situation she can put it all on the table. All of her past experience put it all on the table, learning how to embrace new things and my friends. This is what I want for all of you the same way as you're watching this fire and this passion in Jamie's belly and in Yes, it's new. And yes, it's awkward and yes, it feels uncomfortable. But I can assure you that you have the skills that you have the experience that you know what? There's a lot of things that you can shame and blame and get hung up on just like I could have this morning. got hung up on the F bomb and passionately singing and performing in the backseat to the song. But what I instead would invite you to look at is all the passion and excitement that you have and just keep going knowing that if you make a bad or a wrong decision. There's another decision that you take after that to remedy it. Nothing is ever set in stone. You know, and Jamie I think that you know you've. I hope that what I just said it's our interview and sort of how you also view stepping into this business.

Jamie:  It does and you just need to be you and keep going trying something new. Don't be afraid to try something and don't stop because you're never a failure until you quit. If you give up. You're never a failure. You'll never fail. Just keep going.

Dave:  Well all right Jamie we'll be watching you and hopefully talking to you again here real soon. All right.

Jamie:  Hey, thanks, Dave. Have a great mastermind this weekend. All right. Thanks

Dave:  So much. I'll talk to you and hopefully meet you real soon.

Jamie:  Okay, bye bye.

Dave:  All right, you can go and follow @mimirecommends she does have a couple of other tik tok profiles. Like Jamie just said we do have a mastermind coming up this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing those of you who are going to be in Orlando. There. Alright, this is her first profile @mimirecommends. Then her second one, @mimimarketsonline. Our third one is digitalmarketingMimi, and then she's got a YouTube channel. Mimi makes money online.and an Instagram Mimi_recommends you can get plugged in, follow along with her journey, share, interact. And remember that you know, one of the best ways that we can support each other out there in the marketplace you know out there on social media is by simply leaving encouraging comments you know, making good are you the type of person that makes people look good? Or do you make people look bad, right? Or do you not notice people whatsoever? Do you not do not make people feel seen? One of the most valuable pieces of wisdom that I've ever received was sitting in an auditorium full of about 10,000 women and about five men. And it was at an Oprah Winfrey event. I went with my wife and she said People want to feel seen, heard and understood and that changed my life. Because in that moment, that was exactly. I was searching. I was like what really? Marketing is not just about converting people. Marketing is not just about saying the slick thing. And oh, that's you know, or all the big bait and switch right making the big promise or anything like that. Marketing, to me, is about making people feel seen, heard and understood, you know, and then putting a solution in front of that problem that they're having to God and make them feel seen, heard and understood, you know, and so, so yeah, I have no idea what the hell I was talking about before that, but that that I hope was valuable. But anyways, man, we can Oh, I was talking about supporting Jamie, in supporting other people inside of this community. You know, one of the things that you can do when you're new is you can focus on making other people feel seen, heard and understood. And when you can do that with other members right here in this community, when you find somebody and you listen to a legendary show, and you go and follow them on social media, you're building your network right here from this community. Then when you see that person's con and you're sitting there doing your research, make them feel seen, make them feel heard, support them, right. Because not only are you lifting people up, guess what, they're going to do the same. Usually some people will do the same in return and don't get butthurt if they don't, right, some will do it in return some won't. But man, you're practicing making people feel seen, heard and understood in the digital world. That's a powerful skill. It's an opportunity to both leave comments. You know, so goodwill out there. But also man, you're practicing making people feel seen, heard and understood. And I think that's just, it's not just about in other words, another point that I'm making here is it's not just about what I get from Jamie. I look at Jamie and I say Hey, this is another person that I can focus on lifting up. Right? I can. How can I add value to Jamie's life and I'm trying to add value right now to it because what she just added value for an hour here. And what I want is I want us to support her and in return, you know us to support each other. But hopefully that is a shift in perspective for some of us who think that you know, in the beginning there's no way that I can begin to add value even worse than if I'm doing things like this, they're not good uses of my time. They are good uses of your time. What's not a good use of your time is dwelling being indecisive. You know, or only focusing on what others can give to you as a business entrepreneur is about adding value to other people's lives. And you got to become a master at that. And the more that you can add value to other people's lives, the more money you will make. And that scales when you can do that on a scalable basis. So you get in front of more people, more followers, etc. Bigger list. So Okay. All right, my friends. We'll wrap up with that really powerful episode today. Looking forward to seeing we're coming to Orlando this weekend. We're going to still go live every single day and wake up legendary Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and then also Monday. I'll go from the mansion, where we're hosting the event both Friday and Monday morning once it's once it's once it's over. So make sure to tune in because I'll have some unique thoughts about that. All right, get out of here. Be Legendary. Have a fantastic day. Thanks Jamie. Again, really really appreciate it and get on out of here everybody. We'll see you tomorrow. Peace.