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Dave: Hello What's going on my friends welcome to Wake Up Legendary, to a special Christmas Eve episode and I'm going to be just kind of walking and pacing around which is kind of what I usually do when you don't see me sitting in my seat every day on the show. Usually if I'm ever talking to somebody on the phone, which I try to avoid at all costs, to be honest with you.

Because, I don't know, I tried to learn a long time ago to, you know, have as much leverage as possible and quite frankly, the only reason to get on a call is to talk to somebody that I really love or that's really important to me, or to close a sale. And so, this is what I do when I am talking so you're going to get a little bit of me pacing here in my backyard. And so you know, maybe I can show you around a little bit back here as well throughout the show. Or you'll just see it in the background. But again, not about me. The show is not about me. This show is about a guest, a student, a client, a marketer, who is willing to spend her time this morning with us only 21 years old and she's already six figures, six figures inside of her marketing business. So let's welcome Taylor to the show. 

Taylor: Hi, everybody.

Dave: Hey, what's going on? How are you?

Taylor:I'm good. How are you?

Dave:It's not too distracting that I'm walking around.

Taylor:you're all good over there.

Dave:You see that? This is my kids play house area back over here. So there's a glimpse of that. So I know you're only 21 But you know, kids goals there for you in artificial turf over there. Which by the way for any of you who are struggling with your grass, throw some turf down. You don't have to mow it. You just have to blow it. And those of you who joke just put your mind in the gutter. Get your mind out of the gutter for God's sakes, you know, come back into reality here. Okay, I'll be appropriate no more inappropriate dad jokes from me. Taylor tells us how you found legendary.

Taylor: I found legendary through tick tock which is probably how a lot of people are finding it these days. So that is where I found you guys.

Dave: Okay, and what were you looking for us and when exactly was that? What kind of year slash month

Taylor: That was this year. And I was not looking for anything of the sort actually it just kind of fell into my lap and I rolled with it. So was definitely to be

Dave: So six figures later inside of your business this year. Are you glad that that fell in your lap?

Taylor: It totally changed my life? It feels good. 

Dave: You could say like set that question up. So tell us what else is going on in your life and how this has changed it now. I think that what else was going on in your life and how this has changed I guess might be a better way to ask the question.

Taylor: At the time I was thinking about going back to college. I had completed two years but had taken a semester off to try out some other things and they weren't really out so I was kind of just looking for a way to make some money online and thinking about going back to school the next semester and Yeah, completely turned out way better than I thought a lot quicker than I thought and believe that I did not need school. And the freedom that this gives me really did change my life because of all the things right now just being able to do what I want to do with my day and work on myself. So the biggest piece of it, I think,


Dave: so you were already in school? Is that what you're saying? You were in college and how far how far in more you

Taylor: I did two years of undergrad. So now I was thinking of finishing it because I thought I needed to and then lo and behold legendary marketer proved to me that I did so.

Dave: Here is the guy who you know your deputy dad never wanted you to meet and hate at first and then thankful shit later on. He's like alright, I like this guy. Now six figures later is like Alright, welcome

Taylor: might be all right.

Dave: another awkward dad joke. I'm 38 years old Taylor. I have multiple children and at this point, any source of humor that I can potentially get a laugh out of my house instead of being a laughing stock at my house, which I usually am. It is a win for me. So. So we're parents, we're family members. We're friends. We're anybody else involved in this process and or supportive or critical of it?

Taylor: I think at first I remember when I told my friends about it. They were definitely a little skeptical. But I didn't actually tell my parents until I pretty much liked doing it. so after that they’re extremely supportive and mind blown

Dave: Were they supportive because you were because you were making money? I mean, is that like, did you have to show them? Like, how did you go about that?

Taylor: I'm surrounded by very good and supportive people so they would have supported me either way, but I think the money was definitely, like, verified. For them, I was on the right track. And it was a good decision for me so but either way- 

Dave: How did you go about showing them that money? Was it kind of just like uh, let me sit you down and open up my computer and show you or is it was just kind of one of those indirect things to where you just kind of totally knew what you were doing but didn't want to make it so obvious that you were showing them how much money you were making.

Taylor: That's kind of like my struggle and everything like my friends, like bringing it up in front of other people. And I'm pretty humble, so I like to downplay it but I probably should show off a little more because it is a huge accomplishment. For my dad, I kind of laid it all out there and I was like, This is what I'm doing. What do you think? He loved it. He's an entrepreneur's though he

Dave:Oh, we're okay. Nice. So you really kind of probably were impressing him and we're like, holy, he was like, I didn't know you had it in you. I didn't know you were listening to all those calls and talks that I've been having all these years. Yeah, you're showing some entrepreneurial savvy here and I'm proud of my baby girl. 

Taylor:Yeah. I Love it for sure. 

Dave: Cool, cool. Cool. Yeah. So you seem like the person who might if you are going to do a brag would do a humble brag, but you know, yeah, I mean, I'd like to encourage you to stay humble, but also allow that, you know, your success to build your confidence more than anything, you know, because it's not really about becoming arrogant and cocky, looking down on others. It's actually the more successful we become, the more we also remember what came from and we don't talk down to people we are, you know, humble about it, is the way that we keep what we've earned. That's what I've learned. Instead of when I get so full of myself, and thankfully, I haven't done that. And I think a lot of that is because I've got a fantastic wife, and I've got good, you know, like I'm still deep in my roots with my parents, you know, like my family and stuff. So I didn't run off and, you know, isolate myself to where I could start to believe my own bullshit. You know what I mean, which I think is a lot of people's problems, especially when they make it in their start to become successful. They begin to take all the credit for their success. And quite frankly, they start to believe their own bullshit. And that's when self sabotage in six months or a year later, they've lost it all. And they're going through how I got here.

Taylor: Right and if I can just at least use it to inspire other people. I think that has a huge impact so

Dave: you're working in the make money online niche, is that right? 

Taylor: Yeah, yeah. 

Dave: So I mean, really, at the end of the day, the more normal and the more grounded you can stay. If, if you're then talking to people who are not rich who are not in the place they want to be, they're in a place that they don't want to be anymore. And I talked about this on yesterday's show with Brandon and Dijunae, a. I talked about, you know, a lot of times when we start to create content, we start talking about positives and goals and all this stuff and as all people want. Number one, they didn't even come on TikTok or Instagram to be things to be taught or to preach to. They came on to be entertained. But if you are going to, if you are going to eventually lead to a hopeful, inspirational ending in your content, you have to start with the struggle and the pain, something that they can relate to. Does that make sense? And tell us about your content, strategy, and what has worked for you? Has it been kind of like what I just described, or how would you describe it?

Taylor: I would say exactly honestly, like telling my story kind of just I don't know, I don't I used to when I first started to try to make a bunch of videos about other side hustles online and stuff. And really all it did was kind of get me a bunch of followers that really weren't interested in affiliate marketing. And so I really started to dial down just specifically with affiliate marketing, only discussing that and mainly using my videos just to kind of inspire people. So something enough to where they will leave a comment or maybe they will send me a message. That's really just my strategy is sending something that is eye catching or super relatable to where they think, you know, maybe I could do this, you know, so that's really my shot.

Dave: Can we flash Taylor's TikTok handle up just for 30 seconds, so people could write it down. I want you to stay focused on what's being said here, though. I'm not sure if we have your TikTok profile, 

Taylor: I am on my third account with TikTok because they have definitely given me some trouble with Shadow banning and stuff like that. But this current @Taylortheaffiliate

Dave: Ok so look I want to because we've mentioned six figures and we've got it. I want to just give a quick disclaimer. Most people who take any course with any information, start any business online, make no money at all. Period. I just want to be clear about that because we are talking about significant results with Taylor and I want to make sure that I give a super crystal clear disclaimer. Now I tend to believe that the same reason why people get there is the same reason why people get no results when they sign up for a gym membership. You know they get excited at the first of the year and then you know two years later they go Holy shit, why am I still paying $20 a month for my lie. But now that we've got that disclaimer out of the way there's no deceptive Oh, you guys are definitely going to if you just spend $7 You're going to get Taylor's result. We've got that disclaimer out of the way. What I'm really interested in right now is the fact that like another member of our community, Sarah Ravel and several other people who have had accounts shut down. You've been able to make six figures in less than a year and you're on your third account which means that whether somebody reported you as spam because they're a hater or you know what pain in our ass jealous and be whatever, or whether it was tic TOCs algorithm just made a mistake. Doesn't matter. The point is you persevere. So can you talk to us about this journey of not only it's not just been Ooh, to the moon success. You just mentioned some major challenges that you've overcome. Can you just give us the nutshell version of what that should look like and how you still have been able to be successful? So successful? 

Taylor:Yeah, of course. I actually use tic toc as my main source of traffic. So when this happened, it definitely felt like I was really struggling. I don't know if it was a total roller coaster. I was doing great and sales and then like all of a sudden it was like nothing. I think I just had to keep the mindset that if it is then it'll continue to grow even on another account because that's the great thing about exposure. And I just kind of kept that in the back of my head. Like, it wasn't luck that I was able to do this well, and I could do it again. So I've had to do it again. And again. Yeah, I just stopped just waiting for a lot of followers because at the end of the day, it could all be taken away. And so I just kind of like to keep the mindset that my content is good and no matter if I do get shut down. It'll still get exposure even on a brand new. Oh, that's just kind of

got to 

Dave: two gold boulders right there. The first one is the fact that it's not the account. It's you. So if you happen to lose an account anywhere, in any way on social media or any time, always remember that it was your skill, set your content that got you that account. Don't put the power on the account. Keep the power in your own self and self esteem to know that that yes, is gonna slow you down. But you absolutely can build that back and you can even as a marketer, right? Make that a part of your story. Make that a part of the inspiration, make that a part of a teachable moment. I think we all need to learn a lot more about what a teachable moment means and how to turn difficult situations into teachable moments. And what you did right there was you simply in your own business persevered through that challenge, and you just made that teachable moment for us. And I assume you made that a teachable moment for your followers. Is that right? And would you add anything else to that?

Taylor: No, I think they're pretty spot on.

Dave: Okay, here's the second thing I want to ask you. I was with Brandon and DJ yesterday. And you know, a couple that's just getting started and started but they're getting results and she's a stay at home mom. He's a cement worker and they're getting things going and what she was getting the best results with was taking content posting it initially on tick tock then repurposing it you know, taking the watermark off with one of the actions you can use to take the watermark off repurposing on Instagram, and then also repurposing it on Pinterest and YouTube shorts, but she was getting the most results. With posts on Pinterest. Are you doing that?

Taylor: Okay, that's really great to hear because I kind of have ditched my toes in the water with it. I'm still trying to figure it out. Like I don't see a whole lot of content in my niche on Pinterest. So maybe I need to look for more of that. So I can get a better feel. I did try to post a few things. I'm not really sure yet how to maneuver that the best way but that's great

Dave: watch yesterday's episode, watch yesterday's episode, she shared her profile. This is how why this community is so powerful, you know is because every single day, you know we're coming on having guests in asking the right questions and understanding how they're getting results and we can help each other so for you somebody who has this phenomenal experience and see how I'm framing that not this horrible, horrendous experience of losing multiple accounts, but you have this beautiful experience that you can share with us. And we've talked about how to turn that reframe into a teachable moment. And we've also talked about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, which is perseverance and you being on the show right now, hearing somebody else's experience who doesn't even have the same level of monetary success that you have yet dropped a nugget yesterday. That could potentially change everything for you and you don't know if Tik Tok is going to become or stay your number one source shit Pinterest might end up being your number one source so please taylor go back to yesterday watch that episode because you might be able to add another stream of traffic that will change a lot of things for you.

Taylor:Yeah, no, that's totally inspiring for me because I don't know if people were really getting a lot of success from that. And so it's good to hear.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. I love that. The show is about us learning and I love this show is about no matter what success level you've reached. We can share ideas with each other that opens you to know each other's minds and gives us ideas. So if somebody was sitting on a checkout page, what would you say about a legendary marketer like if you had 30 seconds to convince them based on your experience, your monetary success, how it's changed your life? What would you say to that person?

Taylor: I would probably talk about how supportive of a team legendary is and how confident you guys kept me throughout the whole thing because I think that was super valuable and powerful for me to start my journey with a team that really had confidence in what I could do. And it gave me confidence in myself and specifically, my business advisor door. He was great at me, super confident. And also just like giving me that extra value of reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, like you guys totally wanted to change my mindset as you're teaching me. And that really had a huge impact on the ability for me to be able to actually push through the times that I didn't feel so confident but probably just the support of the team is really having a teacher that cares about your results is important.

Dave: And that resulted in six figures in what nine months.

Taylor: Actually, it was six and a half. So

Dave: six and a half months. 


Dave:Six figures in six and a half months.

Taylor:It's incredible.

Dave: And by the way, the results are not typical. Most people make no money at all, by any way. But this is different. This is different when you take the information and you apply it. And this is what can happen. You're 21 years old, right? It's just I don't know I get so angry sometimes that I know so many 19,20,21,22,23 year olds are stuck sitting in a classroom with no real direction with no real with somebody who's guiding them like a guidance counselor or some sort of a you know, colleges have sales people to that sell you on going to their college they come they visit the high schools. And I'm not saying that is not the right thing for a lot of people that you know I don't want somebody not operating on my heart who just took a course on, you know, for a $7 challenge. You know what I mean? Like, there are certain things that require long training and this is not one of them, like making money online. Building a business online is not one of them. For $7 you can take a 15 day challenge that will open your whole world in sure we have more advanced training that's a bit more expensive if you want to make that jump if you want something that's more advanced. But for those of you who are on the fence $7 Take the challenge or if you're in, retake the challenge. Sometimes you're starting to restart your business, sometimes you're restarting your business and that's okay too. No matter how many businesses you think you've failed. They've not been failures. They've been learning lessons in maybe all those situations that prepared you for this moment to be supported by us in this community and this information with this business model. Right Taylor I mean, this is not going running around Marshalls trying to find a teddy bear that you can repost on Amazon and make five cents. You know, we're selling the same damn thing that multibillion dollar universities are selling, which is education. It's a proven model and for decades and decades and decades and centuries. People have been pre programmed to buy education to better themselves. Plus when they buy it, we can instantly deliver it to them with no overhead cost with no manufacturing. We don't have to ship it to them. We deliver it instantly which lowers our overhead and raises our profit margins. Listen to this tune. For over a decade since I've been doing this business model. I've never found a business model that's been smarter than this, that's been more profitable than this. And here's my big crystal ball prediction. The next 10 years regardless of meta NFTS, crypto, all this stuff, all these things that we think that people are trying to pitch to us as the next big thing. Here's my prediction- the next 10 years, there will not be another better business model than the core for selling information, either as a coach doing coaching, courses or events live or virtual, or being an affiliate marketer and selling somebody else's courses coaching or events and if of course you want to sell as an affiliate, a physical product, that's fine, but next 10 years similar to the last 10 years, there will not be a better business model for a normal person who's streaming a freaking show in his backyard. Who's talking to a 21 year old woman who's located in Oklahoma. My friends, there will not be a better opportunity than the one that we have that we are mastering here and that we're utilizing and it doesn't matter if you're 21 it doesn't matter if you're 60 or 71. It's available to you in my hope. My prayer is that right here today and it happens to be Christmas Eve for those who celebrate Christmas we're just a few days away from 2022 and how different Taylor are you looking at 2022 than thinking back to those final days of 2020 looking at 2021?

Taylor: Such a crazy difference I look at my future, my life and just money in general and this completely different way. And it's great. I'm coming into this year very excited. Yeah, not dreading a semester of school. Not dreading all the work serving tables.

Dave: And here's another thing regardless of what the next variant or whatever pops up, not that we don't have compassion for people who have to go and put themselves at risk beyond the frontline. I'm grateful to all of our first responders and our first line of defense in the middle schools and our essential workers and are not as I'm grateful. And I'm mostly grateful and humbled that I have information that maybe they don't, but it does not matter what next thing pops up. As long as it's not like a frickin zombie apocalypse or an asteroid is going to hit the damn planet and we're all done. No matter what pops up. You can stay right there in your safe home in Oklahoma. And you can continue to run your business. I love that. I love that. I love it. Most days I'm in sweatpants and tank tops thrown on the same shirt. I had the last four days to do this show and then I just ripped it off, throw on a tank top. And that time in my life. You know what I mean? It's a beautiful thing. So hey, thanks for your time. I would assume you guys are celebrating Christmas here?

Taylor: Yes

Dave: So are you at fam like are you with is or is all your family in Oklahoma or did you try doing any traveling?

Taylor: Most of my immediate family is here so no travel.

Dave: Well tell you pops. I said what's up? Maybe he's, maybe he's watching right now, maybe he'll watch later. Who knows, but tell him I said hello from dad to dad. And keep up the fantastic work, stay Legendary, Taylor, keep growing with us, keep growing within yourself and within your own business. Please come back in the next couple of months and keep us posted on your journey. 

Taylor: Okay, thank you for having me.

Dave: All right, we'll see you later. But let's put Taylor's TikTok handle or whatever she gave us her kick candle back up on the screen. Please go support her and lift her up. You know, once again, this is how we support each other when you see somebody posted in creating a piece of content. You know, lift them up, you know, comment on their stuff, great stuff, you know, like their stuff like this is this is a community that has so many people. And I know so many of you are following each other and especially when we put somebody link up on the wakeup show, it's such an opportunity to be able to go in and support them and you know, how do you get what you want if you want, you know to connect to them. You want to be more of a part of their world and deliver value to them first, instead of just running and bombarding their DMs and asking them for questions or answers to your questions like this is a big shift that I had to have. I wanted to get more from people and I wanted to get more value from people that I needed to be valuable first to them. And so a great opportunity for you to be valuable to people is to comment on their stuff, like their stuff, be active and engage with their stuff. And then they'll notice you and we send them a message if you have a question. They're going to be much more excited to help you and answer you because you've delivered value to them. I don't know. I just thought of that because I know so many of us, you know we throw everybody's handles up. And my hope is just that when we do your first thought is hey, how can I support this person? I know that may not be your first thought but I invite you to have that as a first thought. Because just like Christmas, it's like, you know, when I was a kid all I could think about was getting gifts, but that was an immature mindset. You know, as an adult. What I'm most excited about is giving gifts and I get a lot of value from that. I get a lot of internal happiness from that. And what happens is, I get a lot of love back, you know, I get a lot of value back because I'm not just always thinking about myself. So anyways, I guess that was kind of an interesting analogy. Like because it's Christmas Eve for those who celebrate Christmas to think about, you know, adding value to people's lives online and in this community instead of just only worrying about what presence they're going to give you. If we can be more service oriented, if we can be more value oriented, if we can be more supportive to our fellow community members, fellow Legends in this family, then that will come back to you tenfold. So that's my gift for you today, as well as this wonderful content that Taylor gave us. And I hope that you're inspired by that. We'll see you back here on Monday. Okay for another episode, signing out from my humble abode here in Florida. Have a fantastic Christmas if you celebrate Christmas, God bless you and everyone please keep up the fantastic work let's keep rockin and finish 2021 Legendary.