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Matt: What's happening, everybody. Happy Monday. Welcome in. It is Monday, August 23, and we are live, and the fastest comment I've ever seen. Susan What's up from the Gulf Coast. How's it going, good to see you first commenter. I like that I respect that hustle. Yeah, happy Monday what's going on, what did everybody do over the weekend, give me one thing that you did that was fun or interesting over the weekend in the comments, and we're going to get rocking we've got a great guest today, we've always got great guests but I'm just excited with the fast start that she's had on TikTok. I'm just curious to see her sort of strategy, and I mean she's got freakin like five kids I think and somehow is managing to like pull off a social media game, and build a profitable business and it's, it's mind boggling to me but I love it and I love the hustle and I respect it a lot so if you're here, type where you're tuning in from and let us know what the heck did you do anything fun this weekend, what did you do, and it just I like looking back on those and just seeing, it's good to know people. Alright so we're going to bring in our guest for the day. She is from Connecticut, and if you can all give me a little clapping emoji in the chat like we ask you to welcome Ron Jessica what's up. 

Jessica: Good morning, how are you? 

Matt: I'm great, I'm doing well. So, East Coast you're 10am I'm 7am, I'm a morning person though so it's all good. But it is early 10am, where I mean did the kids go back to school or what are they up to?

Jessica: It's don't have to go back to school until next week. The older two slept at a friend's house last night. Uber decided to seek my in-laws last night. So, meeting the baby this morning after my husband went to work, it's kind of lonely.

Matt: Yeah wow that's gonna be weird. Cool. Well, you've got like you're managing that alone is like probably managing a business, being like, like goes like a full time business situation, how do you, Like, okay, so bring us into your world a little bit just share with us a little bit about you, and, like, you know the last whatever 10 years and how, how did you discover sort of digital marketing or what sparked the thought for you?

Jessica: So, in the beginning, going back, I had my own esthetics business, I do bridal makeup, lash extensions, facials, those sorts of things. I love doing makeup. I do a ton of weddings every year, and then that's something I'm super passionate about, but it's also something that you do if you trade your time for money. Yeah. And then when COVID happened. Obviously that's not an essential business, as much as I would like it to be, it's not. And then we have baby number five. And so, I didn't want to go back to having to trade time for money. And I was scrolling on TikTok. My oldest is 13. She's like a TikTok consumer. She thinks it's like, funny slash embarrassing to her that I have a TikTok account but yeah, so I decided I was scrolling and I kept seeing all these people make money from affiliate marketing, and I decided to go out. There was one in particular who she was, killing it after just a couple months. I thought that if she can do it, that I can do it too. And so now here we are.

Matt: Dang. Wow, interesting. Yeah, your oldest is 13?

Jessica: My oldest is 13 and they will be six months in three days.

Matt: Okay, and she's kind of like, this is kind of funny, but kind of embarrassing. I have a niece who's like, just turning 13, and I could almost picture that, like exactly if my sister was to do that, it'd be like the same exact reaction. That's so funny. But also, like, it's every time that I see like a mom or a dad or something who's like kids are like, oh my gosh we're parents on TikTok, and like they're actually like making a good amount of money like you're then it's kind of like, Oh, like, this is actually pretty cool.

That's like one of his favorite questions is, how much money did you make today. Yeah, one that's just one platform that I, for one thing. I like Pinterest as well, that's great it's like visual, Google, Pinterest. It's a great one, actually, but nice. So you're on both of those, I'm on both of those and then.

Jessica: Yeah, I think I'm going to start, I like to write a time to write right now, but I think that blogging is a great way to get your affiliate link out there, especially like if you pick a niche that you're, that you know a lot about, and it's something that can help other people blogging is a great way without showing your face, people are always wondering how can I be successful with affiliate marketing, without showing my face or making tic tac videos, it's one of the most common comments that I got.

Matt: It's one of the most common questions I always address , like certain our show, certain TikTok or whatever that people have been able to do where they don't show their face or your Pinterest is a great one for that. 

Jessica: Yeah and blogging too. I feel like there's sort of this network of potential promotional opportunities for people if they're like oh I don't really love TikTok or I don't really want to go that route. Then there's this whole like blogging element, and you can tie in your blog with YouTube videos, meaning like, you can embed your YouTube videos onto your blog, sort of double up your content that way. And YouTube videos are easily things that you can do without your face so you can edit videos and make very viral YouTube videos without your face for sure. 

Matt: Yeah, and also to like when you have a blog or you have something like Pinterest. It's kind of like, that's in your control. 

Jessica: Exactly. Like me, this morning to a video that I posted about a week ago. It went completely insane, like 1000 people shared it, I had so many comments, it was literally just me talking and explaining. You know how I got into affiliate marketing. It is a real thing, because some people think that it's from a fairy tale, as somebody reported. So I'm in like a little TikTok timeout right now. They took the video down and killed it, going against any community guidelines, it's literally just me talking, but it's something that you don't need to put all your eggs in one basket, like it started. Do some headshots, do some Facebook, some Instagram. TikTok is just one place, it's fun, you know you can have all the music, things like that, and do little things that are fun.

Matt: Yeah, your point there is, it's super right that pudding. Yeah. Like, if you have all your eggs in that one single basket and everything, you know, you're going to go through spells and stages in any business where things are going to go away or you're going to lose a social media account or whatever I mean people, people with social media accounts, like, big companies and corporations like this happens to big companies, which is why, you know, if you go into a big company, they're like yeah we have, we, we mark it on every single platform. And like we try to generate customers from every single platform online because you'll wake up one day and it's like their algorithm picks something up about your Tik Tok channel or your YouTube channel. This happens a lot or the other places that this happens, I mean, Instagram used to happen a lot more with Google Ads. In fact, even with blogging, back in the day, people would rank on Google then Google changed their algorithm and suddenly they had all this traffic coming, and then boom, it was kind of gone. So it's, it is this diversification thing that really helps, and I think I think building out something that starts in the beginning. I think the big mistake that a lot of people make is, once they hit that roadblock like you did when they wake up and suddenly like one of their videos is gone. People sometimes assume that like, that's the end of the game or the end of the story or something like, like people, for the last five years have got their ad account shut down on Facebook, here's a good example. And they'll come to me like a year later and be like, well I can't advertise on Facebook Ad Account shut down, I said, Did you or did you know, did you ask them why or they said yeah but they said it's final. And I said, Facebook always gives you a canned email that looks like it's from a human but it's actually not it's from an AI robot. Who says it's final? And then if you continue to appeal it eventually gets pushed to a real human who looks at it and says, Oh, see, I spent $5 on ads and it's like for a dog chew toy like this is clearly totally fine. And then they give you your account back but a lot of times when people hit that roadblock, it's like, oh, this is the end, they're never going to let me advertise again. And it's a difference in mindset of, like, the entrepreneurs mindset is like I will bend the world to my will, and this sort of this sort of employee mindset is there some godlike figure up above, who tells me what I can and can't do, and I must, you know, their word every time and it's final. 

Jessica: And it's, it's, I think that you have to learn and adapt. And there's other ways like you have to be resourceful, if you're gonna.

Matt: That's a good word, resourceful. Yeah, it's really true. I also feel like the other thing about, you know, when people get going and they start seeing some results, what happens is, for instance, what you said about block that I don't think you're going to stop making TikToks but some people do. Some people do, they hit this point where they've got a little success, and then they go like well you know I got this hiccup with Tic Tac Toe keep like, get my account back but I'm going to start blogging, and I'm gonna get on YouTube, and I'm going to get on Instagram, and I'm going to get on the show running paid ads, all this stuff, and suddenly, their focus is so clouded that the TikTok. Sort of. The TikTok routine that they got into or whatever it is that they're doing. The TikTok routine that they got into suddenly suffers and they go from three pieces of content to two until one, and then they're like, that's not getting any traffic from TikTok, but they sort of lose sight, over time, of how their of how their routine is really gone by the wayside and they just what once was a real massive traffic and profit generating system for marketing for them, sort of just goes away and they're like, I don't really know what happened. I just kind of stopped it. And I think that a big thing is like, don't stop what's working.

Jessica: Yeah, you have to be consistent and tic tac to like you have to put like even in the beginning, in the beginning it was hard because everyone starts from the same place you start from zero, you have zero followers, who have zero videos. And, I mean in the beginning I go back sometimes and watching the videos that I first posted picture what are these are like, oh my goodness, you're like, I don't know, guy you're not as confident but then you get consistent, post your videos multiple times a day, you get comfortable and you realize that hey, it's not so much about like worrying about with my 15 second video is perfect or there's times where there's small child running by me, and I was like, Wait a second, I'm trying to record

something. You can make it work. If I can make it work, literally anybody can make it.

Matt: Yeah, for sure, and, like, I think what was super interesting to me was, so what was that super viral video that got taken down, was that when was that posted around like the 17th or something?

Jessica:  I posted it on the 16th. 

Matt: Yeah. so you've had a day where I like you had an insane day, and I was just looking at the numbers like, okay, so that makes sense so that video probably was viewed how many times?

Jessica: It was viewed 62,000 times and 1000 and had like, almost 5000 covenants, it's literally just people asking like, how do I start, because I'm not like, that's one thing is I'm not like a philosopher, I'm not going to tell you you're gonna make a million dollars in a month because that's not realistic. Yeah, but it is realistic that you can turn this into a profitable business, if you are consistent, and you take what you learn from the challenge, and you apply everything. Yep, it could work, it could totally work.

Matt: Yeah, and you've had sort of exponential results as compared with a lot of people but I think it's still, you know, and I'll just give a disclaimer, like, I just want to say like the results that Jessica's got are typical. So, if you're out there watching like you shouldn't expect the same results but me you've done over 10k and, like, a couple months, and, like, I wouldn't say from what I've seen from other marketers too is if you're, if you're consistent, you some point you land a super viral video, typically, not everybody does. But then, like when that happens, things start to really go and really take off. And like Ryan is a guy that he's going to be on the wakeup show later this week or next week or something, and he had the same experience was like 45,000 views, and just tons of comments video gets taken down. We had it with a person on maybe a week or two ago on the show, and they got it back, but they had actually already recreated the video, it went viral again, and then they got their original video back and now it's like they've got this, it's just happening on two of those same videos.

Jessica:  And it's just, if you're just honest with people like that's all it is, it was just me, honestly, cleaning, how I got into this, why I got into it. And that's it, like, I don't know, I just as long as you're like, if you're trying to look things up and stuff people see like right through that, you just have to be honest and genuine about it.

Matt: Yeah, that makes sense, What, what's your what's your content creation, like when do you get the time or when, like what do you do to make the time for this and, and how does that work.

I get up early in the morning every morning. Like how early?

Jessica: I usually get up at like 5:30am And then I usually like to do my things but unloading the dishwasher, switching the laundry, all those fun things. But then before the kids stuff I sit down and I check my emails and I make some TikTok and I respond to any comments or emails or because another thing too, like everybody always says, you know, you're promoting a course on TikTok I'm promoting something that I believe in, because it can help other people. People who emailed me asking questions about how to set things up, how to, you know, when I just think about that time in the morning, try and respond to everybody, help them. And then throughout the day, I have a few minutes here or there. I mean, they're 15 second to a minute videos and snacks. Even if you record them and go back and edit them later, or stick them in your drafts, or sometimes when the baby's napping, and the kids are at camp or playing or whatever, I'll sit down and I'll make like six or seven videos and save them in my address and then just post them throughout, I try and keep them, so that if I don't have time, because sometimes there's days where I just don't have time. And then I just, I post them, like I said, just try and be consistent, I try and do at least read I. 

Matt: Dang, that's crazy. 

Jessica: That's what makes the difference with your video is getting out there and then TikTok changes their algorithm like every day. I don't know, it's crazy.

Matt: Oh, yeah, totally, totally and that's part of the game, it's like, it's like there isn't this static, sort of algorithm that never changes that's actually in the definition of an algorithm is that, if it's an AI learning algorithm, then it's always going to be changing and adapting, That's also part of like marketing in businesses like your business doesn't really stay static, you're like, things don't really stay static ever in anything in life but especially not in marketing and especially not online marketing. But I do think that there's an element of which I see sort of to two styles of marketers, one is like, I need everything in a formula like, and it can't change because I just need point and click, and then there's other like you fit into this other category of marketer, who's sort of ready and willing to adapt, even when it's hard, and that's part of the success is like really identifying what's changed what's it. What's it, what's adapting. What are people saying on my videos, right and and learning, sort of, what's the algorithm doing and even in, you know, having a really hyper viral video be taken down. Still the same thing, it's like, you're still going to have to adapt and change, try to get that video back maybe recreate it somehow, you know, see what you can change in it but there's, there's so many different ways to think through that and to overcome in Jessica: Email list is very important. 

Matt: Yes, by the way, I like how big your email list is at this point, and has about 7’000 people on it. 

Matt: Okay, I mean you just started marketing pretty hard like two months ago?

Jessica: Yeah, so I took the challenge. In May, and then we went away to Disney for a week, and then a couple weeks after we got back it's when I really started. It's like the third week of June.

Matt: Okay. So, two months. That's insane. Like basically two months. Yeah, I mean, that might be a record, or close. I've seen some other people get a list pretty big like that but you're killing it, I mean you really are, and it kudos to you for having created really good content, I think, you know, when I look through your channel I see a few really key videos that probably drove a lot of that growth, but it's, it's those key videos, like those are the types of videos where I can tell you've really investigated other people who have been successful, and you're like okay if they get hyper, hyper viral like views from a video like this. Okay, let me put my spin on this, let me see if I can create something similar to that. And we do that all the time like Drew and I at legendary like we make, we make channels all the time Andrews got one right now that's exactly what we're doing.

Jessica: Yeah, everybody kind of posts the same lines of stuff. I mean, yes, how many different ways can you explain all of this? It's just putting your own spin on it and trying to build an audience that's tailored to you and that's why your followers follow you because they enjoy your content. They want to hear what you're saying. And that's, and from your followers, they go to your email list, and then that's how you convert them to customers.

Matt: Yes, totally. and it and it doesn't always it, I mean it doesn't always work every single time, you know, it's, it's a trial and error thing, and it's also there's just certain times even that, like, like I had, I had one random person who I had one random person who just happened to post a video at 1am, and like, TikTok is active overnight I will tell you, because I wake up sometimes in the morning with honest people who have put their email in and also a ton of people who have gone on Legendary overnight, late night videos and early morning videos are like what I found to be the most opportune times. Wow, interesting, that's super interesting. Yeah, I. So again like with everybody who's here, like, one of the things that you can do is you can easily create a spreadsheet. Right, so like, so we keep spreadsheets, for instance of people's different channels of videos that do really well, so like we hunt, and investigate, and like we freaking we do research, and more so just for the fact of like being able to have other content ideas that we can create and figure out, and so what happens is, is, is we create this spreadsheet and I hadn't thought of this till you just said this this is a good idea is you could have a column that says like posts time right so what time was this posted in the day. And then What day was it posted so you can start to see trends like weekends or, you know, do I post at 2am. What about weekends?

Jessica: Weekends are not that great, really, they think Friday is like for me is always good, if they start to lag a little bit, but then come Monday, it's like right back.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Interesting. That's super interesting. I feel like I feel like, yeah, tracking that kind of stuff would be interesting, because a lot of times what people do is they'll just ask somebody like, hey, what's the best times to post and then some random person is like, 9pm, and then they think like 9pm is the golden time to post and they keep posting IBM. The truth is, Like, you probably live in a different timezone, you probably live in a different area. Yeah, so it's interesting. I also know that people who live in Canada or people who live sort of close to the United States have VPN. And though I use a VPN and host in Los Angeles, and then use a VPN and post in Connecticut or whatever, I don't know how much I would recommend that but it's dicey. So what, so you're doing that you're also I mean, do you have other things you're doing Are you pretty focused on affiliate marketing right now. Are you starting to do more makeup stuff? Is that totally off the table?

Jessica: No, it's not totally off the table so a lot of weddings from last year, and transferred to this year. I stopped advertising it's like strictly word of mouth, I try and just do like, I don't know, I try not to do too many, because the weekend, big weekend commitment to my old two older ones play sports, and that's always Saturday and Sunday, and I don't like to miss that kind of stuff so I'm trying to get away from that and just kind of focus on this cool thing. My husband has a good career and I can be with the kids and still do this. It's nice. It's nice.

Matt: And it's also just cool like, Yeah. Isn't it cool to have something that you can just do at any time during the day, and wherever you're at?

Jessica: I don't like to sit still like people are like you. I just always have to be doing something like I think I reorganized my house. I don't know how many times I just, I don't, I don't like to sit still, I have to be doing something on the move.

Matt: That's fun. I like that. I like that a lot, it's fun. Cool, so if there's people here who are here today who are. Let's just say they're here today and they're like their little bit still wondering like, Man, I don't know if I can pull this off or for some, you know, maybe they've been in a month or two, they're creating content about dog training or whatever they're creating, who knows what would you say to those people, what from what you've learned about your experience creating content, and, you know, everything going through the challenge creating content. You sort of have this deep belief, I can tell you and deep belief about yourself and about yourself and your capabilities you have just a lot of energy, and that's awesome.

Jessica: You just have to consistently don't overthink it. Don't overthink it don't, it doesn't have to be perfect. Pick something that you're passionate about, that you enjoy that you can talk about and answer questions about something that is going to help other people, and something you're passionate about, people will pick up on that and people will start to resonate with you. And just, consistency is my biggest thing, I think, really. I have to take it to timeout because that small baby just woke up from his nap.

Matt: We can wrap we can wrap, I'll let you go, go take care of that well thing we're all good I'll wrap this thing up and, and thank you so much for.

Jessica: It's been a pleasure. Thank you very much. Yeah, thanks for coming on, see ya.

Matt: She's got to get back to that little baby so anyway, it's not that important that she hang out while that baby’s crying. So cool. Well, guys, thanks for coming on to the show. Thanks for tuning in live with us, go follow her. She is crushing it with some of the fastest growth I've seen in quite a long time. If there's any doubt that TikTok is not working or whatever proof. I think she just destroyed all of that. And if you did if you just tuned in, or you just joined, watch the replay of this you'll be able to see the replay of this within just a few, like, literally within a few minutes of us ending. And, yeah, go give her a follow @affiliatemama02 to see you guys back here tomorrow. Same time, same place, and let's rock it.