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Matt: Hello everybody, welcome in. It is Monday October 11 And wow, I just thought I missed my brother's birthday today so I did not miss his birthday. All right, hope you're doing well. I'm pumped for today's show. Today's show is a story of a lot of grit, a lot of resilience, a lot of pushing out of comfort zones, a lot of just. And it's just a cool story overall I've been in contact with Kim, a little bit here and there and I'm really excited to have her on the show today so if you're newer to our community if you're newer to the show. You can text the letters, excuse me WUL to 813-296-8553 and I just got my text message right now. So you can see that he had a text message every single morning from us. And it just, we don't pitch you we're not selling stuff on our text message platform, at least not yet. And you can get a little text message. She takes the letters WUL. Make sure it doesn't AutoCorrect, and then we'll send you a little message every single morning, right before we go live. There's also a little Facebook link in there, you can just tap the link, it sends you right into the live, super convenient. So, if you're newer texts the letters WUL to 813-296-8553 And you all would put a little clap emoji or party emoji or celebration emoji or something in the chat to welcome Kim on the show, Kim, what's up?

Kim: Hey Matt, good to see you.

Matt: Good to see you too. I'm excited you're here, pumped that you're on the show.

Kim: Yeah. Me too.

Matt: You have been working hard and doing some really good marketing I don't know how long ago it was but I think you were on one of our webinars on Thursday, maybe, and we were going through your stuff, and this is like, early, early on, I think when I was like just he I think you had just started your content and you're starting to like make a little bit of a shift in terms of like editing and like you got a ring light and stuff and I was like, okay, dang, like she's, she's like actually going after this pretty well and it looks like she's doing a good job so I'm excited to see where it's went since then. Why don't you tell everybody here? Give him a little backstory, tell him a little bit about you, and, you know, you've got a little MLM experience back in the day you're working a full time job on all of that stuff. Just bring us into your world and how you came online.

Kim: So just to kind of piggyback on what you were just talking about. I was on that Thursday webinar, a long time ago, a few months ago and at that time I was, I think I was at 800 followers, and was, you know, how do I get more followers how to you know how do I get to 1000 and, you know you coached me through, you looked at my account you coached me through it and I don't know if you can see my account now but right now I'm in at 2.6 1000, followers on tick tock, and that was just in the last maybe three months so you know so yeah I have been working hard. So my journey into online, you know, having an online business started at the beginning of this year, but you mentioned MLM, and it was about, I don't know, maybe 18 years ago I was in an MLM company and the product was amazing. It was just a really great product but I kind of, you know, I knew that after that experience, I really never wanted to do another MLM, and not that that's not that they're bad I mean just wasn't for me, because I'm, I'm not really very good at going out and, you know, grabbing friends and family and saying hey, buy this awesome product, but I knew at some point I wanted to do an online sales, or an online business, and after COVID last year I was laid off for a while. And that really, you know, I thought my job was pretty secure and after that happened because I was one of 40 people that was laid off in an organization of about 500 people. It taught me that my job is not secure so I decided in 2021 that I was going to start something, a side hustle or something that was going to bring in income, just in case you know, going forward, that I would lose my job, and I don't think it's going to happen but you just never know. And in today's economy, anything could happen. So, so, you know I got started like a lot of people do, I was scrolling through TikTok. My daughter got me started on TikTok and just scrolling through there, and somehow stumbled on to the Make Money Online side of TikTok, and up popped. I don't know if I can say another marketer's name. Okay so Stacy La popped up and I was, you know instantly like, Oh, okay, what is this. And so I saved a video and I kept going back to it kept going back to it and then I finally just decided to pull the trigger and go ahead and don't take the 15 day business builder challenge. And, you know, I've been a, I've been a teacher and an educator for the last 30 years, kind of burned out on doing all that and so I'm really, I'm really ready for a change, and I got into the 15 day business builder challenge and it just opened my eyes to a whole nother world never done any marketing never done any sales. So, you know, I'm not only blown away by the value in the course. You know I, I joke and I say I didn't know a sales funnel from an oil funnel, you know, so it was, it was all new to me, and, and then I bought the blueprints and very, you know also felt that there was so much value in that as well as and still, still getting value from that, it's pretty amazing that you know just that, just that course and being able to take that, you know the Facebook community, and you know your training on Thursday afternoons and, you know, just really super supportive, I've never felt like I was doing it alone. I've always felt like I could reach out, I've reached out to draw a few times and he's been super helpful. So, yeah, it's been, It's been a great experience.

Matt: Cool. That's really really cool to hear. It's one thing that I think is very underrated is sort of just the ability to have somebody that get an answer somewhere, like, like, I don't I don't know, maybe it's not always on like a webinar, maybe it's not always in our Facebook groups but somehow, some way, there is sort of this energy and in our, in this community that's very helpful and very giving, I think so, yeah, that's really cool. What, uh, So when you first got started. Like, I just kind of drawing on a feeling I had from the first time that we were on that webinar and stuff and you're starting to create content, like, what was that a struggle like was it hard, was it different, because you're a teacher, so like, my guess is, I was a little bit surprised at how good your content looked and like just how smooth and cuz sometimes like people who have no experience with social media, they'll go on there and it's just kind of like, I don't know what to say, you know, and, and it's like, Hi, how's it going, and your content felt a little bit more like, Oh I think can kind of understand how people learn and digest information, which is literally your job so it makes sense but what can you talk a little bit about that.

Kim: Sure, so one of the things that I do in my nine to five, while I'm still there is I do promotional educational videos all day long. So, people give me the content that they want in their videos, and then I produce them on Camtasia, and I've been doing that while I've been doing multimedia. My undergrad was in 3d animation. That was back long time ago in the mid 90s And I graduated at the same time that Toy Story came out and let me tell you i was like completely blown away and and also humbled and I said, you know I'm never going to be, you know, I mean that was just I was editing on a you know a Pentium I don't remember what it was but it was, you know, it would take, like, four days to render 10 seconds of video. So, I've been doing this for a really long time so that, you know, asking me when you're asking me how do I make my videos look good. So I've been doing video for a really long time. So I know that very, very much back and back and forward. So, you know I take those ideas and that and apply that to what I'm doing on TikTok and it's paid off. You know, I've done a lot of, you know how to videos I've done, you know, just, I've done a lot of different things, and I started out, kind of trying to do these really slick. You know, you know, high production videos and I realized that very quickly that that was just nobody wants to see those so they really want to see, you know they want they want to see the stuff that's going to provide value, but also they, they, it doesn't matter if it's high production, they really kind of want to see the low production stuff and so you know I can do that.

Matt: Yeah, totally. and man, isn't that so interesting. I've always been fascinated by the idea, or just the reality. I don't know, sometimes grainy, sometimes weird looking videos that are just like, you know, low production value but there's something like just ooh that's interesting. So the human mind. That's just so fascinating. It's interesting too that that does not apply. It doesn't carry over into like cinema, like right in cinema if I see that I'm like, I'll walk out of the theater like this is not very, this isn't well done but on social it's so different, it's so interesting. What, like so. When you like to sit down, you're going to create some content or something. And you think through different skills that you've learned like what are some of those skills that you've learned I'm so fascinated by that because I'm, I'm mostly fascinated by like, like the intersection of people's existing skills and new skills that they're learning, and I think those are really underrated, I feel like yours might be in, in the video realm but like, people have all these different skills that they've learned and don't typically apply them into this space because this space feels so new and overwhelming. And coming online and creating TikTok and and trying to educate people or whatever feels a bit like like Dave always gives this description where you know when he was getting clean his, his, I don't know if you call it advisor mentor or whatever said like, hey, you know, yeah, yeah it was uh you know, you're not getting dumb you're just getting clean, and, and then he uses that same approach I first heard him say that at a mastermind a few years ago where he said, Hey look, you didn't come online and just suddenly get dumb overnight, like hey, you're a smart person you apply some of your skills to this and, and learn new skills. But anyway, I'm fascinated by your previous skills and how you've been able to apply them. What are some of the skills like in that production and in your background that you feel like has given you a little bit of a boost or a little bit of an advantage?

Kim: Well, no, so I do want to say that a lot of what I've learned about content creation I learned from you. So I, so I keep a spreadsheet, I do a lot of research. I'm kind of a data nerd, and so I call my data driven content creation. So I keep the spreadsheet I do, um, you know I go out. I look at other people's content all day long to try to get ideas, and then I try to put my own spin on that. And then, I think the other thing that's been really helpful is to, You know, besides the research being able to then recognize. Okay, this worked for somebody else. So will it work for me, is this something that I can do, and you know still seem authentic, but, you know, use those. Use those ideas. So that's one thing, like I do research all day long, and you know I, you know I'm not making, I'm not really doing my own research but I'm, you know, using other people's ideas I guess and then and then putting my own spin on them. And, then in terms of just content creation I don't know it's, you know, I'm also in addition to being an educator, I'm also a working artist for many years. And so I do have an art background as well so it, that all plays into it too and kind of, you know the video, knowing how to compose the shot knowing how to you know use camera angles and that which I haven't really explored a lot with but I think I'm going to start doing that just to make it a little bit more interesting. And then, you know, we were, you were talking about, low, low production, and I was thinking and tick tock that works really well but it doesn't work in YouTube and that's going to be my next foray is into YouTube and starting to create more explainer videos, and you know and that kind of thing so then they're going to be, you know, the long form video, I think, has, has potential. I think I've got the short form mastered at this point so now it's going to be going into long form which is more high production and does require a lot more work on the post production side.

Matt: Yes, at least somewhat more work for sure, yes. Yeah, I think. I think some people overcomplicate that because, again, the thing that always teaches that comes back to like hey it's, it is really truly the content that wins. But you're right, there is some content that's out there that's really good, but it's just like you watch it and it's like starting to fall asleep here you know and it's like, I think the content is good but like you've got to figure out how to produce this a little bit better and make this a little more engaging, I think, I think you're right. I am in the short form, so I wanted to go back to what you said about, you know, doing a bunch of research being data driven, or keeping a spreadsheet, and working through a spreadsheet or just even using it for reference right as like a little, like all good marketers have what's called a swipe file this is something that old school copywriters used to use, way back in the day, and all direct response copywriters that the really really good ones, who used to write magazine ads and stuff like that, they would keep a swipe file print it off in a little folder that they could just pull out and they're like, I need an idea for a headline I'm gonna go through oh my gosh what a great headline. And from that, they would then create ads and marketing content for that and I've told people on tick tock, I just, you know everybody who's on tick tock I've always just, you know, I feel like I'm beating a dead horse at this point but I just keep saying over and over. Hey look, the algorithm has already told you what's working, right so it's not that it's going to be 100% of the time right so sometimes you'll create a video that somebody may have gotten 2 million views and you'll get 200 views. There could be a lot that goes into that but in general, it's like the 10% rule like maybe one out of 10 hits but that one out of 10 is really worth it. And it's a much easier predictable game than just sort of, you know, guessing and hoping and wishing like maybe this will work today or maybe this will work. I don't know. It sets the odds in your favor a little bit, and then I think that doing that for a bit. I can see clearly I feel like where you're at in that stage of going into long form content because do that for a little bit, and you start to learn the niche and the industry, deeper and you gain a deeper knowledge and you start to really see some of the questions. You see, that's the big one is you start to get a lot of feedback fast and you start to get a lot of questions coming at you and you quickly learn what it is that people are really after. Yeah and so from there you can take all of that data and all that knowledge. Not to mention, you're also, you know, peaking curiosity with people, you're driving a bunch of curiosity, opening minds of people, what's possible. And then now you move into more long form content where you can drive people to a YouTube channel, and you can get news on that content for years, then you're in a place where it's like, okay, this actually feels like I'm leveraging my content, right, because in the Tick Tock world short form the contents leveraging you leveraging you and your energy and time and creative powers, but on on like the decade of the day, recently I started talking about this, this dog training guy. And this, This dog training guy discovered this summer. It has videos that rank on Google for a video he did in 2013 and 2015, and they still rank on the first page of Google, they have millions and millions of views and he has a little online dog training course and monthly subscription. And, and that's where you start to leverage the platform as opposed to the platform leveraging you I think and that seems to be where you're going.

Kim: And, most definitely, you know I'm looking at the long term. You know what I'm going to be able to do with this, and I, you know like i said i This opened up a whole new world for me. And I'm actually taking a digital marketing course right now that I mean I feel like affiliate marketing is just a piece of that so I'm learning about SEO and SEM and, you know, diving digging and more into email marketing, how can I make that work better for me, because I don't feel like I'm getting the results that I want from that so I think I need additional, you know, additional training in that and then copywriting you mentioned copywriting, so it's so critical, and I'm you know I'm just starting to dig into that as well. I've been a writer for, you know, I actually tutor writing at the local community college to students who are struggling in writing, but we don't teach copywriting, we teach academic writing. And so, you know I've been kind of, you know, dropping those nuggets in there with my students and like, you know, this is all well and good but when you graduate you're gonna need to learn copywriting because that's really where the money is. So, you've kind of dropped those nuggets in there but I do think that that's really critical to knowing how to write. Write a good copy, and I plan on leveraging that into eventually building courses as so that's, it's another skill that I have that I think I can apply to this business.

Matt: Yeah, the copywriting piece is just so funny to me because when I first was able to start playing at placing ads as a marketer, like, really all that I could place was Google ads like Facebook hadn't launched their platform yet. Tik Tok wasn't tick tock for eight years until it wasn't even invented, it wasn't even musically at that point, and all you could really use were attention grabbing headlines and your ads, that's really all you could do. And it's funny because of how that translates so well to video it's crazy to me. But he really is, whether it's creating a thumbnail, and a headline on YouTube, or whether it's, you know, on TikTok creating a really great three second intro like all of that stuff really applies. And I also wanted to say, you know, a lot of times, Kim, what I see people do. Around this time, which sounds crazy I mean I know there's gonna be people on here with 100 followers or 500 followers and they're gonna be like, what, why would people do this, but a lot of people stop what's working and they go to YouTube or they go to Instagram or they go to Pinterest or they go to, you know whatever other platform they feel like maybe I can get better results there. And then what ends up happening is they sort of stop the existing sort of engine that they've started, It's like they stop the car, they get out of the car, and they get into a different car and start to try to drive that one and expect this other one to just keep, keep doing their thing right. I think there's a big mistake that I see mostly for people who are starting to like you had your first high ticket sale last month, I think, and so far. 

Kim: Yes, that was really exciting.

Matt: That's really exciting, and I feel like to get that sort of boost of momentum, like my first one that I got. Oh my God, it was, I, I had zeroed. I actually had $0 in my bank account I wish I could find, I might still have the screenshot but I actually had zero. Granted, we were super young and you know in college grad school, whatever and it was just weird like, somehow I had an overdraft or something and I got a $3,000, like transfer and for me that was like two months worth of salary because I was working. Now, we're out barista jobs so I was like oh my god. But it was, I don't know it was just a moment of belief, but I feel like at that point, it's like sometimes there's like a man, this needs to go faster I need to speed this up I need it, but really it's kind of just at that, that sort of weekend now sort of climb point. And, and it's right then that people divert focus. So I just wanted to say with the YouTube thing that has to be sort of layered on top of what's already working non stop what's not and then, because that's a piece that a lot of people jump over and jump and jump and then they're like, man, I was doing really well before and now I feel like I've kind of lost all my momentum and it's like well yeah you gotta keep that existing cash flow coming in and add existing sort of on top of it so to speak. Does that make I don't know if that makes sense or is helpful.

Kim: Oh absolutely, yeah, I mean I totally agree with you, I like to say that this is a marathon and not a race, but it actually is a marathon after marathon after marathon, and you need to be consistent and stay focus I think, is it Calvin Hill that says, focus on one course or one thing until success and, you know, it's, it's, I think that's a good message, and what you're saying is definitely a good message you know if it's working, you know, don't fix it, but I also noticed Like recently I started posting posting but I started going into Twitter because I used to be super active on Twitter for another reason, but I thought you know I know Twitter I know, I know, Kind of, you know how to do you know how to make tweets and how to make them interesting. So that's like a whole other world, in and, you know, the money Twitter thing. There are people like, I mean the minute you get on there, they know you're a newbie and they just hit you with all of these courses that are, you know, come over here and will teach you how to use Twitter and there will be like 50 different courses, you know that you can't, you have to choose one if you're going to do this and I'm like, but I've already sell a course. So, you know, and then they're, then they're like, Oh, well, I have an engagement platform for you, you know for $25 a month so it's it's like yeah you can get distracted super easily, you know, doing the YouTube thing is really going to be a layered is definitely going to be a layered process, I only have so many hours a day to. To do this, because I'm still working my nine to five if I weren't that I think I you know I would do a lot more with it but it's right now it's just okay I have to choose, and I'm in sync with what's working and put most of my efforts into that and make sure that that keeps going.

Matt: Yeah, and you're already, you know, you said in your current 95 you're already using Camtasia. So like you've already got so like such a head start like that's so amazing, and just in terms of video production and editing like, you're gonna get on YouTube and you're gonna want to produce videos like you can just pop right into Camtasia and you already know what you're doing you know how to do everything I'm guessing, and that'll be huge, like that'll be really, really huge.

Kim: Yeah, yeah, yeah, Camtasia is really, I think for a beginner. It's a great program to learn, and it just has a lot of possibility, a lot of capabilities. It does have its limitations. You know there's some limitations to it but you know I think for a beginner, it's a great, great program to learn.

Matt: Yeah. Yeah, I agree I use ScreenFlow on Mac and Camtasia is basically the same thing they're very similar and it's just, it's almost like similar code or something. Yeah, I, it's, yeah, it's just an interesting game. I feel like you're one of the best things. The reason I really like when people start out on TikTok and then launch into their YouTube is over the last like two years I've seen people grow YouTube channels at such insanely fast rates. It's crazy. And the reason is, I've seen the ability like one thing that I would really look into if I were you is just how to create little bite size nuggets and drive people from your TikTok to your YouTube. It's just, it's, I've seen YouTube channels blow up at a rate that were before, this, this, TikTok took off in the last two years before that, it just took so freaking long, it was like, it's just so monotonous, it's like, never ending creating content, and it's like, Is this ever going to pay off and for some people it just doesn't. But if you're already doing the content you do a little 15 second teaser and you say full video in my YouTube channel, then people are like, Oh my gosh, if you can get one or two of those 15 seconds or a minute videos 30 seconds to go viral, and then you're pushing people to your YouTube. I've seen people get 1000s of subscribers in a matter of a couple of days on their YouTube because of that. So there's a really good strategy there that I feel like, you know you're data driven you study all this stuff, you'll figure that out for sure, but that's a really powerful one because, you know, then you can monetize your channel, then you can start earning revenue from YouTube. There's a lot that you can do there that's really powerful and turns into more of like an asset business as opposed to just a straight cash flow business of content creation to more like, building up something that can really be a long term asset because YouTube can man. Yeah, there's just, there's a, there's another layer you get into I feel like when you get into the YouTube world that's that's what I think I also just wanted to say that it's, it's, I think it's really cool that you're also getting into the SEO game and stuff like that and learning that skill because that's obviously crucial in YouTube, everything in YouTube land.

Kim: And, you know, Google ads and I mean all of that, you have to know SEO, I think, in order to really do this business. Well,

Matt: I think so. I think I do. Yeah, I think that that's a key piece, I think. I think it will. The only caveat I would say to that is, I think it gets overrated to a certain degree because people come to me all the time asking about their SEO asking about their titles their headlines their thumbnails, they're all this stuff and I'm like yeah, those are pieces to the puzzle, right, but right content sucks.

Kim: You still come back to the content, it still always comes back to the content you can grab somebody's attention, but you won't keep it if your content isn't isn't, you know, is subpar. Yeah,

Matt: Putting lipstick on a pig. Yeah, well cool, that's so exciting. I'm excited to see where that goes, because just, I'm just so fascinated by this online space and I'm fascinated by you and your journey and just, I don't know, I just see a lot of. Yeah, I don't know, you don't seem. I don't know how to say this, you don't seem overwhelmed or like the moments too big or something, where it seems like from the very getgo, it was like your expectation was success your expectation was big success. I'm going to do this and be successful. And, and I think that mentality that under, it's not. Notice how like today, you haven't sat here and talked for the whole 30 minutes about how mindset is so important that you know you just gotta push through, you just gotta do it and, and it's sort of just been this undercurrent that I've felt from you in our limited interactions and even today it's just been like, no I'm going to be successful figure this out, other people have done it. I'll figure it out. And I think it's just cool to see that from, you know somebody who's got a nine to five job, and I don't know maybe isn't quite as entrepreneurial as maybe other people, but you're doing the entrepreneurial thing and really blending your worlds I think to leverage something, you know, leverage a cool business online. That is the future. And I don't know, I think, excuse me, to me that that's just super impressive and cool and I like that a lot.

Kim: Oh, thank you. That's really nice of you to say that because, You know, I mean we all have that imposter syndrome and we all doubt ourselves and, you know, I will say, full disclosure, you know, so it took me two months before I actually even produced one video, and even started promoting legendary at all. And I didn't actually start until the beginning of June, I did, you know, the challenge and the blueprints in March, and it took me two months to, you know, to figure things out and I think I did have analysis paralysis, I didn't. You know I wanted to make sure everything was absolutely perfect before I started my fear was is that if I start driving traffic from Tik Tok and there's nowhere to go, you know, what do I do with that, you know, so I'm not collecting email addresses, I'm not, you know I don't have my funnel set up so. So that was, That was part of not getting started right away, but once I got rolling. Then I realized that, wow I really can do this. And, you know my trajectory is just gonna keep going up, and you know there's going to be setbacks, I'm going to fail. Things I know about it. You know when you realize that process, and it has to be part of the process of mistakes, you do need to  just look at it as a long haul. This is, you know, I tell people this is not a get rich quick scheme, it's gonna take more than, than, then you think it is, you know you're gonna have to spend two to three hours a day minimum in creating content, managing your email list, you know, responding to people on TikTok, I just did a video the other day where I was like, oh, boy I shouldn't have done that. And I asked people to type I’m In and the comments. And it just blew up, and so it went viral, I've got people from all over the world telling me I'm in. I couldn't keep up with it and I actually did a video saying I'm trying I'm trying but you know you guys are, you just are you know so amazing. And you know one thing that, you know I'm getting a lot of is people from countries that are blocked by legendary, and I don't know. You know, I mean I've been trying to figure out what to do with that. And, you know, because I, these people are so they're desperate and they don't have, they, you know a lot of them don't have credit cards they can access the course, and you know they're emailing they say ma'am I tried this and it doesn't work, I can't, you know, and it just breaks my heart. You know that I can't help those folks, because I'm trying to approach this business, from that, that standpoint, not so much about making money, obviously we all want to make money but trying to focus on how can I help people, you know, be successful and, you know, be able to, you know, improve their bottom line, by not doing with mine, so.

Matt: Yeah, totally. Yeah, that one's a tricky one, but I mean that's a whole nother conversation but it's a really tricky one, especially in this industry when you're selling digital products. Mostly just because merchant accounts get tricky when, if you ever get high refund rates or chargeback rates, which we thankfully don't have, right, that's good, that's good. Yeah, it's honestly, you know, a for anybody who might hate on our course or hate on our products, our refund rates are ridiculously low in this industry and chargebacks, are ridiculously low, but I think that that's not just our course but it's, I think our support team is really good. I think that they really are. We handle refunds quickly if they do come up, and we don't really. Yeah so, anyway, I just feel like our support team is a big piece of that, and our community's a big piece of that when people are getting help and feeling like they're being helped, it's, it's a bigger thing than just, oh I just bought this thing and you know most courses are like you just buy this thing and, you know, you don't really hear from anybody. You get a couple emails and whatever, but the, the whole like merchant processing and making sure that, you know, you're okay, especially in an industry that or in a niche, I should say niche industry that has a bad reputation, or can get a bad reputation. Number one, if they start to see a lot of refunds or chargebacks or something from you know India or some African country or something, then this suspicion level goes higher, And then, you might have to for instance have a certain amount of the money that you take in withheld in a reserve and or lots of different things. And so, right, mostly just figure it out and there's other people who will accept payments or do accept payments or whatever. And, you know, we can get into that, but mostly I would caution those people just because that typically doesn't last super long. And not in every case, I shouldn't say that and every case but it's just a higher risk thing that most people in this industry aren't aware of. So they go out and they create this course and it's just everything is great and then suddenly it's like, oh hey by the way, all that money in your PayPal account is gone. You know, and it's just, it just happens in this industry over and over so we're just trying to avoid that and just play ball in a very sort of green regulatory environment where we're just like, not willing to take any of those risks but I've told people in the past. You know I think there's things you could do. I do think, for instance, you know, if people really wanted to get into that and go down that route, you know, for instance, I know that there's people in, in certain African countries who very well and very easily, even expats who can purchase something from us and they're just like, dude, like, seriously. And, yeah. And what ends up happening is you so the route that I've told people to go is like look, create some sort of free ebook or free giveaway, maybe it's even, like, two or three videos that's it, that's a course and you just say hey look I get it I can't purchase this. Here's a little mini course that I've created for you that I feel like captures the heart of it, and is really more what I've learned and I put my spin on this whole thing. And then, you know what, on the back end, sell them coaching, Right or coaching through PayPal or something and just do it as a thing where it's like hey look, we can do 500 bucks or 1000 bucks for a couple sessions and I'll sit down with you and I'll help you out or something.

Kim: It's funny you mentioned that because that's exactly what I've started doing, you know, and, And so, you know, people that are, you know, they, I'm able to do a zoom call with them or I'm able to do, you know even a phone call with them, and so I've been offering free consultations. No, if you can't access the course I can help you I can help you get started, I can, you know, point to you some of the things that you can do and, you know, like you said, if it's a YouTube channel or, you know I'm helping a lady right now who has a hairstyling salon she does hair extensions. And, you know her, her business has been impacted by COVID, but she can't access the course and she emailed me and she said, Can you help me. So, so I'm, you know, I'm got in touch with her and you know she's and there's been a couple of other people who have also done that as well so I'm realizing that there's a, there's a possibility I can still help them, you know, even if it's outside of the Legendary Marketer space, I can still help them to do this business in, you know, with the tools and the access that they have. Yeah, so it is, you know, but you know again I don't have, like, I can't point to, I have all these years of experience, but I can show them what I've done and what's been success, yeah.

Matt: Yeah, you've got good success. I mean, anybody who's got 80,000 followers on TikTok has figured something out. That's for sure. And also, like, Yeah, I think people undersell themselves I really do. I think that one of the, one of the first and early lessons I learned, 10 or 11 years ago was just overselling that right, like for instance with coaching and stuff like you never know who's going to take it so you're better off just pricing it super high. So like, you know, let's say. Sell your coaching, the self, whatever sell five packages or Sunday five coaching sessions an hour long for like $2,000 or something if it's your only high ticket offer for like two grand and just be like, here's my price right, and, and then just put it out there and if people don't take it then. I'm not saying you should put it out there 2000 This is like an example but or $1,000 or something right, and really sit down and calculate what it would be worth for people to sit down and be like hey, here's an inside look on everything that I do absolutely everything one of my first mentors, he, he would fly people out to Phoenix for like a five grand or 10 grand thing, and all they would do is for two days, he said, You're gonna just work with me, you're just gonna sit next to me at my desk, and watch me work, and most people thought of 10 grand that was like that was like that was life changing. Like, I didn't realize how much energy and time and work went into this. I didn't realize how dedicated you were. This makes so much sense why so successful. I need to ramp up and that's something people can't witness until they sit next to you and they're like, oh my gosh this person works. And I just feel like people should oversell on the price of that. and then guess what, like, worst cases, everybody that you're sending it out to can't afford it, and you run a 50% off deal, you know, for a weekend or something and sell it for 1000 and see if you get any takers, but if you start low then it's harder to go up. And isn't it, people a little bit more like, oh okay now the price is $500 more because you're running out of your time right so if it's a time based thing started out high discount it runs specials on it, you know, and then I don't know. Anyway, I'm just, I'm, I'm spitballing but.

Well no, that makes perfect sense though Matt, you know, I think we create our own value, right, and if we undervalue ourselves. That's how other people see it too. And yeah, you know, I, I absolutely agree with that. I wasn't pricing my coaching at $2,000 but now you've mentioned it. Kim: You know, it makes sense and, you know, I'm, I'm, you know, I've had the mic make money from an online niche that I've been working for, for several months. So I'm going to continue to do that, but I'm also moving. I'm creating a new niche to help artists set up their businesses online. In the hardest social media. I've started a Facebook group because my significant other, as an artist, and I've been an artist and so I really recognize that people's

travel with us. They don't have an email list, they don't have, you know, they don't have a social media presence, they put a Facebook page, page up, and nobody comes to it they don't know how to run a campaign. They don't know how to do any of this stuff, so I can, I feel I can help them with that. So that's going to be, you know once I get this thing mastered and start creating, you know rug regular income that's going to be my, My next focus I think and that's I think it's a good niche because it's a largely unexplored niche.

Matt: Oh, wow. You are so right on that. I mean, there's few and far between, like, artists that I see who go on Instagram or onTikTok, and really kill it, but of all of the artists that are out there. Oh my gosh, what an untapped niche that is. Yeah, that's crazy super smart, I love it.

If you could give it to everybody who's here, maybe a little newer. They haven't jumped on TikTok, maybe they haven't created content, they're in their two month window of waiting to create their first video, if you could go back, what would you say to those people?

Kim: I'd say just jump on it, just start just just get, you know don't don't worry if you don't have your all set up yet just start building your followers list, and you know just start playing. Browse Content, you know, you don't have, I mean you don't have to have a call to action unless you've got a place to send them but you can start building followers and start, you know, get your feet wet with your content, I wish if I, if I could have done it all different way that's, that's what I would have done most definitely is to start just just creating content and not worry about whether you have someplace to send them yet. You know, once you get up to 1000 followers and you've got your funnel built and your autoresponder connected you you'll have someplace to send them then then you'll be able to put your link in your bio and the other thing is that you know your contents really important, but you really want to, you know, take advantage of some of the trends you want to take advantage of some of the music I use, I use an app that alerts me to trends and that, and so I'll trend talk trend talk cool. Yeah. It's fee based, but it's so worth it. You know, I've gotten some great ideas. And what it does is it shows you, you know here's, here's what people are doing with this particular sound, and you don't, then you can go into that and see all you know everything that you're on spin on, obviously, and use it for your business. Cap. So yeah, that's, That's, I would also recommend, and that people do that, and you know just get started, you know, don't, don't sit around for two months, like, I bought a gold nugget

with TrendTok.

Matt: I love that. Thank you for that. Yeah, Yeah that's you're so right just just get started. Start building that following people ask you, you know, hey, where can I buy something, you know, and you can figure it out that way. I think sometimes two people just forget. Like, like earlier on like two years ago when we were first getting started on the TikTok community and stuff.

You couldn't even put a link in the bio, like you could even even have. So people were putting the text on the video. Like, like, go to type in, you know, they would go find these domains that are easy to type in and type in like, you know, business builder 5000 .com or something like that, and they were

Kim: People still do that.

Matt: Right, no, it's just, you have to get started, like, you can't wait forever for all the stars to align and and honestly even get started and you get some people have FOMO, like, they think, Oh, I'm going to get 50,000 followers and then, you know, none of them are going to be able to buy anything from me with, like, just get started with your content and get your habit of one to three videos. Just getting into that habit and and in your spare time work on funnel, your funnel and get your sales funnel set up or whatever. And start generating leads but. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. It's really really pertinent advice.

Kim: Yeah, like I said if I could have done it all differently that's definitely what I would have done. And, but, you know, it all worked out so I mean it's still working out, and I'm just amazed I'm you know I'm at where I'm at right now. And they'll probably be over 100,000 By the end of the year, or sooner, because it just, you know I can do a viral video and. And I'll gain 20,000 followers just like overnight practically, which is just amazing and stunning to me that it happens. Matt: Yeah TikTok is, you know, you said it before but it's, I've never seen anything like it and I struggled for years on Twitter just trying to build up to 1000 followers and this is just not,

it's insane and some people thought I overhyped, you know, calling it the greatest opportunity online but it really wasn't an overhang. for the only people who were saying that didn't live through 2008 to 2000. What wherever TikTok started all of that time of any social media channel Youtube, Instagram, you name it took years and years to build to anything to 80,000 or 100,000 or, you know Calvin's got 1.2 million followers, you know Stacy's got 500,000 Like, that took years and years worth, and you'd be lucky if it turned into money, and the fact that that exists on TikTok and people are still sleeping on it is insane. So, Hey Kim, what we're going to do is put you on a list to have you back on if you'd like to come back on and message out to you, and I think everybody here got a lot of golden nuggets, we got a little tool that we can use, and we'd love to hear more about, you know how your current business is going how your future stuff with artists and stuff like that. That's the kind of stuff that we would like to have more of in our community. So I think that's cool I think you're following a pretty set path of like hey I've got this starting to figure out my digital skills. And now, how do I launch into a niche that you know maybe I've cared about for many years and I am an artist, I want to see that thrive so I think that identifying that niche and everything, I just love to hear more about that. So, love to have you back on. 

Kim: I can't wait, yeah that, that would be great. Thank you so much. Awesome, thanks for having me on. 

Matt: Yeah, see ya Kim. Alright guys, give him a follow, you can find him on TikTok I've had the handle up there, I got my dog going crazy out here, and you can find her on Instagram too, right there. So either way, follow on both go giver follow on both. And we'll be back here tomorrow same time it might be David might be me he's taking his little daughter on a little daddy daughter weekend, and might be me might be Dave but either way, we'll be here at 10am Eastern and with another awesome guests. Take it easy. See, have a good Monday, And, yeah.