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Dave: Hey friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary if you ain't woke up Legendary so far, this beautiful wonderful Monday morning, you will by the end of this show, I want to welcome on as you can see in the title of today's show 10 years off social media, but our breakthrough came fast helped me welcome to the show, Lady. How are you, Lady?

Lady: Good, thank you. 

Dave: Where are you calling from? 

Lady: I'm in Sydney, Australia.

Dave: Wow, I'm sorry I interrupted. What were you gonna say before that,

Lady: I want to say thank you for this opportunity, thankful for. I'm here.

Dave: Yeah. Oh, you’re so welcome, thank you for being willing to come on. It's a pleasure to hear from our students, our members and you know that's what makes this show great is not me, even though my ego would love to tell me that it's, it's the, you know, it's the guests that we have here people like yourself were willing to come on and share so let's talk about a little bit about your story Lady I mean, it tell us what 10 years of social media look like being being off, and then now finding Legendary and, and how your life has changed since.

Lady: Yeah, when I had my, my, our first baby was like 2010 I totally turned off my social media because I've been reading a lot of stuff that's been depressing for me that time. And then, but at the same time I was looking for something to, like, earn online. So but nothing in social, not through social media. Yeah, try doing some networking stuff. I even went to this one company that they asked me to, to buy, please, and then some doing some cold calling, so I did that with my kit. I didn't like the product, honestly, and then I thought to myself, how would I be able to market this to other people, if I myself, I don't like it, I think, I don't want to, for them just to be in the company or buy my stuff just to me to have the commission so yeah, it's all for me. And so I kept on trying, almost every year. I've been looking for something to do online to earn online because I've got two kids now so I really wanted to be. I mean to stay with them. And then yeah, it was just last May that I was watching online, and I think it was a big mark in YouTube, I was just trying to look for, like, just to like a side hustle. So, I watched his YouTube video, it was really good and then towards the end he gave his suggestion of how he prepared online so I clicked the link and yeah, I think the rest is history.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. So, you're, you're, you're using Legendary Marketer in the training that you're, that you're using here that you're learning here, to, to basically get into affiliate marketing is that right you're selling other people's products in your you're working with. Excuse me. I had a massive allergy attack this morning so you'll have to excuse me. I woke up basically in a panic this morning because my eyes were itching and my throat was itching and I'm gargling without water and I'm free. Just bear with me here. I might be a little sneezy today but I'll try not to be dopey. so are you. So you’re doing affiliate marketing and what has. What has changed since you've gone through our training here? How is your, you know, tell us the story of what has happened and what has changed since May of this year.

Lady: Oh yeah, since May. So I found this opportunity, I said, Oh, it is really good affiliate marketing, but then we found out we were trying to get to look online, and then an article was researching about affiliate marketing, you know, a lot of stuff popping up on the internet so i got this. I just heard it. Shiny, shiny objects syndrome, so I got hooked up to, for, for almost two months, three months. So I said, I think this is not working for me, I like it. I like affiliate marketing but I think it's because of that shiny object syndrome, that's why it took a while for me to really get the results and then like after I think it was just, just at the end of August I said, I need to focus now. I was speaking to myself. So yeah, that's when I got the result in just within the amount that I got. I was really amazed. I think yes I think that's one of the key days you need to focus and just do so. 

Dave: Another thing, another thing that you wrote to us that you said that you had that had really changed your perspective was realizing, and you learn from going through our training and also being a part of the community here and listening to other people's experience that if you don't, that if you don't put yourself out there, and, and, in market yourself, then you're not your pop nobody's gonna know who you are, nobody's gonna know where to find you in we, you and I both know Lady, because I've done this in network marketing before to that chasing friends and family, and trying to sell my, You know I've got, I've got multiple friends in my life right now, and this happens over and over again, they get passionate about something, they get excited about something. And the first people that they go to are our friends and family. And those are the worst people to go to, because even though they're your friends and family, they're your loved ones, they almost never support your businesses right out of the gate, it's, it, they're the worst people to try to get as customers, and I want to just be super clear to any of you who are here today, who are wondering why you don't feel supported in your business ventures, and why you haven't felt supported in your business ventures by your friends and family over the years. I can't tell you why it is, I really honestly don't know. It's just, it's an experience that we've all had, when we've gone to our friends and family, and we try to sell them our products, our ideas or lotions, potions pills, whatever it is that we're selling. They're the last people to buy, they just give us all kinds of excuses, well maybe later, sometimes they make fun of us. They say, Oh, not this again, oh here he's dreaming again Dave just came to get a job, they try to avoid us, all the sudden, we become drafted into the NFL, lady. Do you know what the NFL is? Lady: No

Dave: It's not the National Football League, it's the no friends left, no friends left, right, so all of a sudden, We're the star in the NFL the no friends left club, and we're going, how did I. How have I pushed my friends away or why aren't my friends and family supporting me and my business, and it's it's it's a weird phenomenon. I don't know why it is, but they are the worst people to try to initially launch your business by doing business with his friends and family. That's why for me, lady, when I was 24-25 years old. I did the same thing. I took all my business ideas and products and services that I was trying to do back then and network marketing and so forth and talk to my friends and family, they all shut me down, they all said later they all said maybe another time they all said, I'll think about it, let me get back to you. I'll call you back. I'll have my dog call your dog, I got every excuse in the world. And then I came online, and I started marketing to people who had no idea who I was right. I didn't have all that previous friendship baggage, or they weren't, they didn't know who I really was. I could be a brand new person in their life, and for whatever reason, I had more success selling to strangers, people who I've never met before, because they couldn't prejudge me, they didn't feel like they already knew me, or they didn't know all my baggage or whatever. And so I started generating leads, and I basically built an online persona for myself, and I started generating leads in affiliate marketing, and then my life in my career took off from that, and it sounds like May of 2021, was that defining changing moment for you?

Lady: Yeah, it was because I think for me, affiliate marketing is different from the network marketing that I've been with some of our spin. Because in that affiliate they have a marketing strategy but yeah, they want to pull people in, I don't know that I have to buy these people online. And then I have to talk to them to buy my stuff and then I have to leave my friends, names and then relatives names and offer the product to them. 

Dave: Yeah, I know. I've been there, I've been there. I, you know what I know I started in network marketing, which basically is MLM for those of you who don't know, it's like Amway it's like Herbalife, it's like, you know, it's like where you build a team. And I heard it a million times in my life. Is this one of those pyramid things, you know, and that's, that's the thing that people default to seeing it's just a stupid thing that ignorant people say all the time because the truth is that their job is a pyramid scheme, you know, there's a guy at the top and everybody he's getting the most money, you know, the government is everything is a pyramid for God's sakes, but, but anyways. Yeah, I got into these network marketing companies when I was when I was young, and they gave me, you know, very, very little marketing knowledge they say oh we're gonna train you up and basically the training was go harass your friends and family, until they basically either, you know, hang up on you and don't want to be friends anymore or they finally buy. So I still remember my very first network marketing meeting, you know where I was presenting to friends and family. I invited a bunch of people, and two people showed up, the girl that I was dating at the time. And one of my mother's friends, And, and then, and you know my mother gave me a pity sale, my mother's friend gave me a pity sale, she bought something out of pity I think at the end of the presentation because she was so embarrassed for me. You know I was up in front of the room and I'm, you know this, I had a lady my sponsor trying to do this demonstration with McDonald's food and a pantyhose trying to squeeze it through like this is what your body is on fast, I mean it was a it was a disaster. Right. And I said, I have got to learn marketing somewhere because this ain't marketing. And when I came online and I found people like you and me who were talking about landing pages and generating leads through social media and generating, you know, cold leads and bringing them into a funnel and building an email list, I'm like holy shit. This is a world that I'm interested in right because I'm sick and tired of running around at network meetings, thinking that I gotta I'm going to be successful by handing out business cards and riding around town with a magnet on my truck, you know, I never got a single lead, and I rode around town with a magnet on my truck, Lady, for over a year. Nobody, not a single person ever called, said, I saw that magnet on your car that you were selling, you know, selling telecommunicator, you know, selling cell phone service. You know, I'd like to sign up with Never. Not a single one right I needed to learn online strategy so anyways I'm rambling about it because I can relate to it so much.

Lady: I've done that too. Putting flyers in the, in the mailbox.

Dave: Right. How about putting the full wrap on your car, you know, I see the people they put the full wrap on their car, you know, and it's like, with a company named blasted on the back mirror and it's like, oh my god, you know, I mean, it's like the worst, you know, it's the worst but yeah so you What were you you were putting fliers on mailboxes and there's all I know people who would put sticky notes on gas. Like at gas stations, you know, they would, you know like looking for extra income or, you know, want to lose weight in on us on a sticky note and put it on a gas on a gas pump for somebody who came in, and then of course there's prospect in places like Walmart where you bump into people on accident you're like, I'm sorry, you know what you look like a sharp person, you keep your business options open. Oh my God, it is unbelievable. Somebody should come up with and try to teach you here to build some of these companies but anyways, I digress. So, so, so, you're, you're, you've had some financial results just in the last you're doing affiliate marketing, you've done some for legendary you're also doing it for other companies as well. That's what I understand, and. And so, financial results have come since May, also some personal developments and personal growth has come to tell us some of the   big lessons that you've learned over the past couple of months that would maybe be helpful for those listening.

Lady: Yeah, because when I joined the legendary I read the book that you recommend that is rich that Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Yeah and it changed my mind about being an employee, because I work as a nurse and then they have been working during this job for like almost 20 years or 18 years now. Yeah. Yeah. For me that was the only thing that I could do, to put food on the table but yeah, because as I said, for almost 10 years I've been looking for something that I can do at home or online but yeah there was no luck.

Dave: So what so basically you had a big breakthrough in understanding that, you know, having some leverage and using some systems versus just trading time for money is, is you know is a big is a big important, you know, pivot that you need to make at some point in your life, to not just rely on your own output, you know your own hours, if you will, but you have to get some leverage in the way that he describes it in that book is pretty is pretty clear and simple. You know you, you first start with a job, you're an employee, and then the next, and it's in it's a quadrant, you know, so there's, there's basically four slots, there's two on the left, two on the right it's like a square if you can picture up, across, you know, there's, there's, there's two slots, upper left, bottom left upper right, bottom right. If you're looking at it, the upper left is the employee, the bottom left is the self employed, and that left side is where you have no leverage, you know, and the right side is business owner and investor. And, and so a lot of a lot of us we go from employee then we go to self employed, which is still on that left side, and we think, you know, well now, I've left the I've left the nurse my nursing career I'm going to be at home on call nurse, just on my own, but I'm the only person in my business I'm self employed, and I'm just, you know, I've now got my own business, but you really still trading time for money, because until you become a business owner in the definition of a business owner, as he puts it, is that you use, you utilize people and systems. People in systems, okay, you have employees or teammates or virtual assistants or whatever or systems right systems can mean, you know, TikTok, you know I'm posting videos in generating traffic leverage, it's happening 24 Seven, an email list and a landing page is a system, you know, a high ticket sales system that you're an affiliate of that of the company that you partner with uses some sort of a sale system to be able to sell for all those, and then of course you have that last final box, which is investor, where then that money that you earn from your business, you take in you invest in real estate, you invest in stocks, and you invest in other asset classes that produce or, or at least hold your value, and help you earn more than inflation over the years. And so it yeah it's a big shift and he does a great job of telling the story about his father's right. His poor father and his rich father and the difference between the two. And I think we all have that person in our life if we think about our own story we know. You know for me I grew up learning a lot of poor lessons, you know, because the majority of people that I grew up around were on the left hand side of that Cashflow Quadrant, you know, they, you know, and I heard a lot of things growing up like we can't afford it and I'm not saying we were poor, I was a middle class family growing up but seeing, you know we still cut our own lawn and we you know we spent the weekend cleaning the house and we which are all good things, right, but I was talking to my oldest the other day and I said well you either, because he's renting out a house of mine, and I said well you either get your ass out there and mow that lawn because we got a letter from the city, they had, they had let the grow the lawn grow, and I said well you either get your ass out there and mow the lawn, or you give us $35 And we'll send our lawn service people over there every week and cut the lawn for you. Right. Do you eat. Do you want to use leverage and systems to get your lawn cut or so I'm trying to instill some of those lessons in my children, while still teaching them the value of $1 and the value of an honest day's work. So how do you foresee things will change with you communicating and teaching your children in the future, versus what you've done over the past 10 years, or even 20 years?

Lady: Yeah, when I learned about this I said, Oh, this is an opportunity for me to teach them as well this, the system. I mean, they're still young now but yeah, I would, trying to teach them this one.

Dave: How old are your kids?

Lady: 11 and nine.

Dave: Well, look, it's never been, ever. There are children watching us now. I don't know what motivates all of you listening, I don't know what motivates you, lady, but one thing that motivates me probably more than anything is if I want to I don't want to let my children down. I need to be having kids, I understand I'm not, I don't need to live up to unrealistic expectations, I'm going to do some damage to my children. I just hope it's not a lot right there is going to be something, all no parent is perfect. Okay, but I don't want to let my kids down. And one of the ways that I think we, that I, that I can let my kids down is not exposing them to different options. For example, the traditional education system says College is the only way. Right. I know that's not true. So I want to make it a point to be able to show them that there are other options that as they become adults, they have options, they're not forced to go in a certain direction that resonate with you, lady. Does that make sense? Yeah. Yeah, cuz you went to school right and you have a good career as a nurse, right, but you also are, you're also exhausted right?

Lady: Yeah I love working as a nurse, I mean, I'm still working as a nurse because I'm using the income earned to grow this business. And, yeah, and I. Which reminds me, one of my friends asked me, I mean we were talking about becoming a nurse and then I said, we remember the time that we were case when people ask us or in the interview. During the employment interview, he would ask us how, why did you want to become a nurse, we always say, Oh, we want to help people or we want to help other change people lives for how to see people, but then now, when we get the family like we get the obligations we have to pay the bills. If someone asked us Where are you, where are you working as a nurse, our answer is because we have to pay the bills. It's not, it's not that thing that we have to help people now. I don't like to be, I want to have the same feeling that when I go to work, I want to help people when someone asks me, I want to help people.

Dave: So, just wrapping up here. You said that English is your third language. And you said that, you know, you'd like to, you'd like to express thankfulness and gratitude here, and you said it was because if it wasn't for legendary marketer you would have lost your belief, and that you can earn online after all the bad experiences that you had before you were looking for integrity, honesty, in something with a genuine heart I just wondered if you could say, say that in your own words here, what how your spirit has been renewed in your hope and inspiration and motivation has been renewed. Since, going through our process and becoming a part of our community, and if you would recommend somebody who's brand new who might be on the fence here, if they're thinking about going through Legendary becoming a member of our community, what would you say to them?

Lady: Yeah, yeah, I really like being in this community because yeah, as he said, I've learned that there that legendary has the integrity of, I mean, when they're doing the marketing they have the integrity, I don’t want to be spamming people or scamming them, because I don't want, because I've been through that experience and I don't want others to be in that situation too.

Dave: Well thank you so much for your time lady I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work, and, you know, keep us posted on your journey. Okay.

Lady: It's my pleasure to be here. 

Dave: All right, great job, and we'll talk to you soon. All right. All right, see you. Thank you, Lady. All right my friends it's Monday, we have a big day today, let's get to it. Let's make it Legendary. See you back here tomorrow for another episode if you haven't made a big decision to invest in yourself and take action, get started and make today the day that you do that. We're rounding out the first week of the last quarter of this year. All right, now is the time to make it happen for yourself in your future. See you back here tomorrow at 10am Eastern Time for another episode. Get out of here, be Legendary. Peace.