Dave:  What's going on my friends, it's your boy Dave Sharpe in the house. Big Friday, big Friday, coming up for those of you that are coming. See you there, it's gonna be lit, it's going to be on fire, it's going to be epic as always. For those of you that don't know, we put on masterminds a couple of times a year, for our most, you know, I guess, excited students to come and meet us and learn in person. You know, our students that come to masterminds are not better, or they're not more committed. They're not I mean, they're just, you know, they just want to come and learn in that live environment. And I think it's, I think it's, I think it's, well, from what I, from what I know, there's a gentleman named Steven, at this mastermind that is teaching Steven He is teaching, because he's gotten some degree from what he learned sitting in the audience of the last mastermind. It's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. But that's what's happening next week. What's happening this morning is that Boston jumped into digital marketing at 48 years old. 90 days later, has 48,000 followers. Welcome to the show, brother. Hey, Dave, how are you? Man? Are you going to match your age as like 4050? That's a long road. But How the heck did you manage to do the 4848 thing?

Austin:  Well, I'm now at 50.2. So I'm not going to hundreds. It's the latter. But it just worked out. And I did that, um, I tried to make it happen today. But I beat myself up by a couple of days. Man, I just showed up every day posted everyday like I was supposed to. At first I struggled. I went back in on some of the training and I'm gonna give Matt a lot of credit. Because of his little section that he does. On modeling, I think especially when you're first getting started, even invaluable, and very important. And the best way to grow probably when you're brand new. Yeah. So it's amazing, dude.

Dave:  No, I just, I'm just sitting here, you know, pontificating and just, you know, kind of thinking about how incredible this whole process is. I just came off of a decade and a day with, you know, 150 or 75 excited people who were ready to start their journey and just talked about, I've just, you know, I was I was rubbing I was I was sort of reminiscing on the past week of talking to Papa Don, who's 79 of us, and all the people that I get to talk to you, you included, I'm excited to learn about you. What did you do before this? I mean, what you know, was this, it's just incredible to me yesterday, we had a will on and he could be a computer illiterate driver, whose man you know, is well on his way to achieving his next goal, which is to emulate and eliminate it totally. Just, do you ever look, I mean, I'm saying this after many years in this industry, are you? I'm assuming you're brand new. Do you ever just sit back and go? This is really incredible.

Austin:  It is incredible. And I, you know, I've tried a lot of different stuff. And, being online and, man, I didn't realize that this was something that was possible. I know, everybody says this guy, which I wish I had figured this out a few years ago. You know, I actually remember, there was one point and it had been at the very beginning when another well known product was starting that I came across it probably eight years ago, nine years ago. And I remember seeing it and the guy was talking about how you make money, digital marketing their product, you know, be an affiliate for them. And there's you know, I don't know how cool it is to say stuff and also I'm not gonna mention the company name. But when I started this, I had a flashback, remembering that I was thinking of counting it. did. But anyway, this time, I did not understand it.

Dave:  Yeah, so you're a, you're a and of course, that's not the only option here. I mean, folks coming in, you want to be an affiliate with legendary and you're welcome to take these skills and use them as an affiliate for any company that you'd like to be an affiliate for. Sell your information or partner with somebody else to sell courses, coaching or events, you know, affiliate marketing the core, four courses, coaching events, and then being an affiliate, the four ways to sell information. And so are you still reading your info there? Are you still a pharmacist and roofing estimator and you do all of those.


Austin:  I'm a pharmacist, that is my, that is my circuitous path to where I have come today. You just use

Dave:  the word that brother you got, I'm a ninth. You've been in college for a bunch of years and have a professional job. I'm a ninth grade dropout. And I'm an internet hobo, you know. So

Austin:  That is my long and checkered history.

Dave:  So are you still a pharmacist? Are you currently a pharmacist? Yeah,

Austin:  I am. I'm in school full time. I'll go in here a little bit after I finish this word, my eight hour day, I actually just started a new pharmacy job. When I started this, at about the same time I was in the middle of COVID stuff, working at an independent pharmacy, but we were essential. And I mean, COVID made people crazy, there was way too much of it. We started, you know, having to give all those shots, and it wasn't great before and you know, just being a new job that when that stress, it's a closed door facility. And I took a little bit of pay cut to do that. And I'm always looking for other side hustle businesses online. But it was a little more serious than that. I needed to find something that made up some of that difference. And probably that's why when I was on Tik Tok, or whatever, that's probably why this Yeah, in

Dave:  marketer, who is listening? Who is listening, cuz I'm hearing something that's a that's a that's, I wonder how many other people are dealing with that same exact thing? Because listen, I know my story. And I know, most of the pains that my target market experiences, but I didn't even think about that one, really, that a lot of people are leaving their jobs? Not I mean, because of you say, stress of the job, the potential public exposure to, you know, various different all the elements out there, let's not say any keywords that are flagging videos and stuff, but the elements, right, you're exposed to the elements out there. And

Austin:  wow, man, you

Dave:  know, that's what we're talking about people who, who, at one time may have worked like yourself. In a, that's a pretty prestigious job, man, I mean, to be able to get to be a pharmacist. That's, that's a, I mean, that's, that's something that you grow. You know, kids say, I want to be a pharmacist, when I grow up, I want to be a doctor, I want to be a lawyer. But then to get there in 2020 2021, and the reality not matching the dream, right? And you're like, Wow, this is more like a nightmare. I'm willing to take less money to have less of all this.

Austin:  And it goes even deeper than that. Because for a long time, I've wanted to do something different. But I have massive student loan debt on top of that keeps you locked in without having much choice or the ability to make changes, because you have that over here.

Dave:  How do you feel about that? I mean, do you feel like that's it? Are you pissed about that? Or is that you? Do you integrate that into your content and use that? Are you able to talk about that? Or is it something that is not? You're not really

Austin:  I've talked about it and it made it a super focal point there have been some videos where I really Yeah, suppose that I've really focused on on the student loan and then it's, it's and it's not the student loan it's stuff it's the band locked in without choices, like if you if you want to own guns and do the things that you agree do. specific job and a specific time He had for a specific amount of money. Yeah. And student

Dave:  loans. My limited legal understanding is that they're one of if not the only debts that can't be forgiven in a bankruptcy. Is that correct? That is that is

Austin:  accurate. That I'm glad as I've

Dave:  I've spoken about marketing videos for years. I heard that from, you know, I'm sure I've interacted with an attorney at some point. But let me go ahead and ask a non-lawyer for legal advice. I mean, just because you're a pharmacist.

Austin:  My dad was an attorney and my brother's an attorney. So I think that qualifies me right. So, man, wow. So

Dave:  where, I mean, talk to us about the Getting Started journey of just, you know, seeing the video on tick tock, and what fears came up for you? What, what skepticisms did you have? What made you almost not follow through? Like, can you help some of the brand new people who are watching sort of just relate to billing days?

Austin:  So I don't even honestly, I don't even remember who on tick tock, I eventually really signed up for the course. It could be a lot of people. I think it's Josh's, dad, intrapreneur? I'm not sure. But anyway,

Dave:  if you're interested.

Austin:  Anyway, whatever. You know, I remember seeing that and my hesitancy was like everyone thinks like, I'm not sure that this is real. There's such an abundance of people. And then I think people get that by the number of followers that people have. And like, I don't think those results are real, or these results are distracted

Dave:  by any messages. Did you get into our Facebook groups? Or any Facebook groups? And or did you start getting pounded with direct messages from on any platforms from people? Because I did.

Austin:  Facebook has. So I didn't have a Facebook account, though. My son was born in 2018. So I was gonna spend a lot of time. Like most people, yeah, every time I

Dave:  come in, I put on, I put on the hazmat suit, and I

Austin:  log on to hear all this or be abused. But, you know, you're skeptical. Everyone's skeptical about making money online. And I knew it was a real thing. But how real is it for most people, especially with that experience, or without having a large amount of dedicated time every day? Which and, you know, so you start seeing it? Okay, maybe that's true. I started looking at things and reading things. And, you know, I kind of go overboard and research and on stuff, and I went to the Better Business Bureau pharmacists

Dave:  going overboard, and the reason not the super

Austin:  analytical, accurate, and what's bad negative press. I wasn't looking for a reason to not do something. I was looking for reasons to do

Dave:  something. And that's cool. I just want to say that there are negative reviews. And Pete You know, it was somebody's experience, if you really think about it. And you think about last year, we had over 100,000 people take the challenge. And that was just in one year, this is our sixth, I think it's our sixth year of business. And there's probably, you know, probably I could count on all 10 fingers and toes the like, and there may not even be 20 like legitimate people who didn't have a motivation and weren't trying to get a refund outside of the refund period. I mean, saying anything they could say because they didn't want to follow through with the program. I mean, think about the hundreds of 1000s of people folks who have come through and what is it the exception, or is it the rule and the exception and you match that up against just simply solicited reviews on this very Facebook page? I think we've got over 500. The statistics are there. So just not No, I'm not responding to you. I'm responding. I saw a couple of really negative reviews on these guys. And it's like, yeah, they are out there. Here's the other thing we have to learn to look out for is is this scam article a legitimate, you know, unbiased review, or is their affiliate recommendations down at the bottom of the post for their number one business? They're their number one training I mean, come on. Just read and be smart. You know, now with the bit of information that we all have about affiliate marketing, we can begin to discern information on the internet. And I really think that that's a big problem that our society has, is we really get duped by a lot of this, what is becoming real marketed kind of fake content, you know, out here on the internet that's just skewed for somebody's agenda. And right, we believe that as human beings, we do it in politics, we do it in online and a lot of times unfortunately, and, you know, this Austin, we will normally allow it to talk us out of moving forward with something and ultimately,

Austin:  you know, we're gonna go through and benefit we found

Dave:  and so I want to go back to your point and

Austin:  I knew what to look for there, something to work on, I wanted something or wanted some information that could provide me with what I needed to get started, that was generating some income, you know. And I found it, you know, sounds like good information. I found positive things, you know, I have a background in knowing kind of what to look for based on what my dad did for a living at one point in his life. And he was a corporate attorney for a very large network marketing company, a very large MLM. And suddenly, I have some really bad back sided nature of knowing that and he was their attorney. So I know what the scammy side was versus this about him for everyone who says and thinks it is. I know more about him and probably than almost anybody based on the experience I had with my dad and this is kind of one of the big things that I didn't not not not be good at but I didn't want to get involved in that. So yes it was not that it was that after that came up I knew I didn't have to tell friends and family to promote other people. This was this was 100% strength which is what I love cold market

Dave:  cold market market market I wanted to

Austin:  call not wet market

Dave:  if you heard the words warm market you're on

Austin:  right? Now you know, they're gonna get them

Dave:  in the business. They're tired is really the truth of the matter. MLM I know, I did lotions, potions, pills. I did numismatic coins. I did cell phone technology, you know, cell phone tech. Now I had a company shut down. I enrolled in the business and bought the cell phone in the company that shut down before I got the phone. I never even got the phone.

Austin:  I saw your deal. Is that the one where you had the rat put on your car? Was that right? Yeah,

Dave:  I had a patent I couldn't. Okay. I remember I couldn't afford to get my magnets from Vistaprint for free. That's why I got the mag and I would and I would leave. You know we would be going to leave to go to dinner or something like that. And you know, the truck the 1990 Ford f150 And you know we go out there and we

Austin:  hold on them in the house and grab that because the next time you Ford f150 was the signal Money Magnet

Dave:  Money Magnet but I love you that guy I got stares but they weren't of interest. They were gonna make eye

Austin:  contact. He's gonna tell you he's gonna talk to him. He's gonna get a credit card. It's not

Dave:  MLM for everybody. This is not an MLM and you know what? You really don't even this is such a wide area, there's such a wide opportunity with these skills. You don't even have to get in and promote legendary. You don't even have to be an affiliate if you don't want and

Austin:  That's what I was gonna say. I didn't even I didn't even know honestly, I started the training. I didn't even know that being an affiliate for legendary was an option. When I started the training, it was just the training. So that was it. That was the thing, because I knew that you could promote and at least promote, you know, a file. I thought it was like 600 bucks, I'm gonna learn how to do this, I'm gonna promote that, whichever, and get my 10% commission on 600 bucks and see how many times I can move back. I didn't even know. Well, and you know, you

Dave:  knew. And that was actually a really smart thought because you knew that customer because you are that customer and you just purchased. And so I assume that now you're not promoting the woodchipper you think you are doing? Make Money Online or kind of financial literacy or business content? And

Austin:  and you're I

Dave:  assume, since we're showing your Tiktok and Instagram account, have gone through some training and decided that Tiktok and Instagram are platforms, you're also going to do video content. Walk us through the kind of going from getting trained up to now putting that material to use in taking action. What's that transition? Like? I mean, I love how Brian Brewer calls it the valley or the valley of despair, it's kind of those first 30 days are tough. And a lot of people I think expect the first 30 days to be the best days of their life. It's the most fun. I'm supposed to be the most knowledgeable I'll ever be in this business. Right? And it's like, No, you're the least knowledgeable and you're the most new. So this is going to be the most difficult time of the first 30 days in the analogy that I just used in the decade and the day I asked everybody. Do you remember when you started walking?

Austin:  Everybody was like, no.

Dave:  Is that weird that I don't I was like, Wait, you guys don't? You don't remember when you restart? Whole comments. We're just No, no, no, no, no, no. And I said well, okay, do you at least believe that you busted your butt fell down, scraped your knees, elbows, forehead, had a hell of a time, probably cried a bunch. Believe that that happened? Because you've seen babies, right? Like, they fail, they cry and they get back up. And in the belief also sense, you don't remember that. You have memories. Man, I don't have any of your business, it's gonna be a little like that. You're gonna fall down and scrape your knees, bust your head in a couple of years or maybe even a couple of months. You're not even gonna remember it.

Austin:  Right? And that happened, probably to an extent. So anyways,

Dave:  I don't want to project that onto you.

Austin:  In the analogy that I used, it made me say something. And it didn't last. But that did make me watch my son grow up as an older dad. And I've made the comment to so many talented people as I watched him progress. Man, could you imagine if you could live today with the wonderment of figuring something out at that age and having that knowing how amazing it is every time you learn that. And, you know, it didn't happen all the time. Honestly, that's kind of where I am in my journey right now. Because I haven't stopped my education. I've continued on. And every day I learned something that's just like, holy shit. Like, this is something new that thank God. And a lot of that goes back to the training. But, you know, I realized every day that there's a never ending cycle of things. But anyway, they just made me do that. But back to the first month. Yeah, the first month was terrible, man, if you go back and look at my first video. Just like a robot. There's no relaxation and whatnot. And so I went back and watched some more of the content creation stuff, especially with Matt and started modeling. And I think the modeling was important for comfort and it's still uncomfortable, but it's just repetition. It's like anything else, you build that muscle memory. And part of my preparation was early on, like one of I mean, this is probably my first 20 videos I did want to post and it means it was taken off. I was watching it take off. And then it got asked for violence. And I haven't of course appealed that Nick was gone. And that really did lose your

Dave:  Did you say you lost your channel or no just


Austin:  just happened while it was floating. And actually, it just happened to me two days ago, two days ago as well. Same thing went viral and it got there. But you know it all came back. But that was the Waiting, you kind of have to like, Well, no, I'm playing against a stacked deck here. And you're not, it's just part of what's going to happen. And you have to experience that to learn that that's just part of the knocks of learning something new. And so as I have gone along, you know, I did the modeling and credit, the modeling with me made the first 1000 followers. What I have learned is your voice when you start being who you are, is going to be the content. And it may not be the content that gives you the greatest number of followers. But it will be the content that gives you the greatest number of interactions. And the greatest number of problems leads in all honesty. So I've spent a lot of time on sales, yes, yes, sales, I spent a lot of time and then I started talking. Once I started talking, things really started happening. And you run through hot and cold, like, I'll go where I do some speaking videos where I'm talking and saying my stuff. And man, I'll have so many so many views, and then all of a sudden it dies off. When that happens. Now I go back to modeling. Sometimes Tik Tok, like the modeling, sometimes it likes the original content. It's crazy, but you kind of have to flow with it. It's but you don't learn that you don't know that. So every time, you know, like, Well, this was working yesterday, this was the day before why is it not working today? And so you're back in that frustration? So you just have to, you have to be like that study that they did that gives them the marshmallow man, like, you can't just want that marshmallow right. And you've got to delay the three marshmallows two months from now. You know, it'd be the person who would have you do the incident presentation is not an issue where you're probably not going to live it forever. Yeah, well,

Dave:  I mean, isn't that delayed gratification? That's a very, very profound concept for for a market for us entrepreneurs to discuss, because it's scary, but it's powerful. It's scary, because, well, if I put in a day's work, I want to get paid at the end of the day. Right? Right. Or if I put in a past, if I put in a week's worth, I mean, you know, we have we see this a lot. And it's okay, it's not, I'm not, I'm not judgmental about this. But, you know, oftentimes, we'll, we'll have somebody come in at a, you know, a salaried position or something here at legendary. And in, they'll want to, you know, get paid the first week, and it's like, well, you know, there's there's a week withholding. And that's pretty, that's pretty standard. But just, you know, the that instant gratification of doing the work and wanting to get the instant result. And if I don't get the instant result, if my if my accounts don't grow right away. If I don't start making leads and sales, it must not. And I showed this I don't want anybody. Anybody come into the mastermind? Because I was just working on some some content in one of the slides. Can you see this? I put my glasses on and then I'll be okay. So, you know, limiting beliefs are all over the place, you know, in there's, there's there's lots of indicators. Oh, I'm struggling, I can't won't work for me. I guess that's just the way it is. It's too good to be true. Fuckit why bother? Last? No one cares. It's always happens in my family, about just how much to offer? Who would listen to me it's oversaturated these are all you know, these are all very, very common soundtracks, that play in our heads when, you know, things don't happen in that instant way. When that microwave success doesn't happen in you know, we got to you know, a lot of times we just we that's, that's the soundtrack. That's the fat lady singing It's over. When that soundtrack starts playing. in you. We all have it. It's just it made yours may be unique. And at the mastermind I left space for people who are going to work and help people identify what their actual soundtrack or the actual words that you say, because there are words that you say. They get that slippery slope of quitting, and then it really is a vicious cycle. We stopped something, you know, we feel guilty about it or maybe even shameful about it. Because deep down inside we know we didn't put forth the effort. So then we try to solve that with a new shiny thing. And we got really excited and then we started. And then that same soundtrack plays, and it's like a vicious cycle. You know, that's been my experience. Did you do you have those and we were just talking about the instant gratification thing, that's a big thing. What's coming up for you as, as I'm sharing some of the limiting beliefs stuff combined with the instant gratification thing, because I think they kind of play together. Right? For

Austin:  me, it's my, like, my motivation. My motivation is like, I want a $3,000 vacation. It's not, oh, I want this shiny, whatever they're, my motivation is I'm trying to move on, I have in my life, that's missing. out overnight, that's gonna I mean, I know my brain for me to get myself in a financial situation, that opens up my options and my choices from what I can do, I've got to do something that's gonna require some real work, put in some real effort. And it's going to take time, because in the end, I'm treating this like it is a business, which it is, and creating a business. I'm not just trying to make money, I'm trying to change my life. I'm trying to change what I can do on a daily basis, I'm trying to change my time, freedom, all the buzzwords, keywords that you see, like all the main pain points, those are the things I'm trying to fit, I'm trying to pay off student loans, I'm trying to not work so much. I'm trying to have more time with my kid as he ages, you know, my motivation is to get to those things, big things, things right now that are painful for me, because I don't get enough time with my kids. I don't get to choose when I go to work and do all those things. You know, I don't want to do that shit anymore. I want to get to a point where I'm in control. So for me, you know if that takes six months or a year, and that's awesome. And I didn't think I'd make $1 I mean, like, really, when you start doing it, I think most people think I'm not gonna, you know, I told him, I was like, if I make $1 online, it'll be. And then I got my first commission for $2.60, or whatever it is, a month later. And I'll tell you right now, that $2.60 Man, a lot more than if I got a $20 an hour, for every hour, I work to get that deduction. 16 I know, it was very, very, very important. And I'm sure I'm tired of using all my free time to do this. But it's important, it's important to me, it's important to my wife, it's important to my family, you know, I want to be more present. That's, that's, I mean, that is the end of it. I want to spend more time with all of them. And then also have the freedom to help people out as I go along. You know, I'm a pharmacist, I give back to the community, whatever, that's what they tell you that, you know, that's the deal. I don't think that work is as important as what I could do if I had more free time. Well,

Dave:  That's, that's saying something, you know, you mentioned your, your $2 and something percent commission and how it was more important than if you would have been paid $20 for every hour it took that you were working to get that and you said that that commission was really important. That first commission was really important. And I know, I know it is because I made it. I took a picture of it. And I've been there and I know how proud I mean we were just talking about my we were just talking about my truck. I was so proud that I went outside to see if I could find it here real quick. I was so damn proud

Austin:  of you. By the way, I love all your old pictures by the way.

Dave:  Thanks. This is one of my most valuable experiences. Well, I just tried to document it as best I can along the way. But you know, we talked about my truck, but this picture just completely shut off. But anyways, here's a picture of me with my, you know, some commission checks as I began to, you know, earn some commission checks. Here I am proudly standing in front of the gray beast. Yeah.

Austin:  Well, it's important because it's proof of what you're doing. And if, you know, I mean, you just need that one. It's a victory like that one victory. You know if I can, if I can make that one victory. I can turn that into several victories. Get this at this point. My base is only about this big. And so if you can understand that if you keep at it for six months Now you're going to grow that and through no fault of your own, you're going to start making more money. I mean, you're gonna make more money because you're, you're gonna grow that business that that $2 gonna spike yourself you're


Dave:  gonna do it by yourself if you have to do it every day. Well, and you know, I was reading something from my good friend Russell this morning and Russell Brunson. And he said he posted something and I just happened to catch it as I was, you know, coming on

Austin:  to our our group in our

Dave:  my show actually, I do this for every single person I coach. I don't let them have multiple businesses. They're also not allowed to have multiple funnels, they work on focus as long as they're focused on one thing at a time, and it's interesting because I mean, we're here at legendary the number one affiliate for ClickFunnels, we recently won a big affiliate contest for them and but but I have no interest in doing anything more than that, you know, just sending affiliate traffic it just is you know, our we're focused at on Legendary we're focused here on this business in you know, obviously that benefits all of our customers and affiliates. It also benefits us because it benefits me because the moment I get over here I just wonder how much money I'm leaving on the table by not having this Forex bot going over here. And not you know, learning NF T's and cryptocurrency and all this other stuff. You know, I saw a video yesterday from rapper Rick Ross. Okay. Named after famed drug dealer Rick Ross. And he made a funny video he made a video where he's you know, he's got probably a million dollars and diamonds around his neck and he's standing in the lobby of his he's standing in the lobby of his of his mansion. And he's like, Where Are y'all crypto, you know, NF T O billionaire yo, I'm out here getting real money. I'm still getting I'm, I'm, I'm a verified multi millionaire with real money that I can go spend at any store in the country. And y'all are just out here just running your mouth on you know. So say that to say that I kind of relate that video to to our business and that this is a proven business model that I when I first came on the Internet back in 2009, I used affiliate marketing, I began to sell my own information products, and there's been so many different things that have popped up that are new and trendy.

Austin:  huge profits

Dave:  go into the moon, all this kind of stuff. But what I've done is every year made my half a million million three four or $5 million a year doing the same as doing that real proven thing you know that real money not this kind of so how do you deal with distractions hot I mean you know that you need to make a major change you know that building a business cash flow money is your ultimate it's it's it's the it's the currency it's the it's the beat, you know, it's the thing that's not what you're going to talk about your

Austin:  unity wallet, which is brand new.

Dave:  Come on, you're one of the smartest guys that I've talked to in a while. I mean, you know, I've had lunch with you guys like me this week, you're a pharmacist. You started the call off with words that I didn't understand. How do you stay focused with an analytical brain somebody who, and I'm more speaking to your analytical brain because I'm a go off and, you know, I get lost in rabbit holes and stuff. How do you stay focused on your business and not start analyzing, researching, verifying and validating other things that could possibly potentially speed up your financial goals? So

Austin:  I took an aptitude test from a company When I was in my 40s, which I wish I'd done on my board when I was like 14, and one of my major aptitudes was problem solving. And this company relates your aptitudes to job satisfaction. As a pharmacist, my job satisfaction for my aptitudes was zero. So they told me, I needed to find things outside of work to satisfy that part of my brain. Oh, what is a bigger problem than doing this every day, and trying to figure out all the nuances, how to maximize every part of this business, and solve the problem of going with chocolate. That's a new Sudoku for me. You know what I mean? Like, a new world, a new world, you know, and sometimes it bogs me down, like, early on, I got my funnel up, I got everything going. And I did spend way too much time messing with the funnel, which split tested, what colors best what's gonna come?


Dave:  I just saw a comment, I gotta redo my whole funnel. Now, I just saw that comment come through. No, man,

Austin:  because I made that mistake, changed the funnel, and changed the coach. And what I was doing was avoiding ignoring my content, and crafting the skill of storytelling, creating content, making my offer more appealing, learning how to, you know, how to communicate, or this particular market. And, you know, I got caught up in the analysis and the analytics. And what I learned is, that's not what works. What works is the connection I'm making with you right now. That's what I needed to work to do all that other stuff to figure that out. Now, don't even think about that. Now, I'm on this constant quest to learn more. How do I explain myself? quicker, faster, shorter, the short content I'm used to rambling on for an hour and a half? I need to squeeze that hour and a half into this. So that's what I'm all about. Yeah, that's what I'm doing right now. I'm focusing on as poppadom as we are, we are in

Dave:  the communication business, my friend. Right, you know, yeah, I mean, you know, as a pharmacist, you're partly in the communication business as well, because you have to communicate with patients. But you know, but not as much as this honestly, in my opinion, because you have more time there to actually have, you know, you can bring in another co worker, if you're having a hard time getting the point across or whatever. And a lot of times, most people probably say no, I don't have any questions about Medicaid. I mean, I usually do so. You know, I mean, occasionally you get a question you got to problem solve, but but for the most part,

Austin:  It's a big puzzle. Yeah. So you

Dave:  come over here. And yeah, this will keep you this will keep you this will keep you busy and engaged. How do you keep it exciting, and not let it get frustrating Austin,

Austin:  because I have a new epiphany. Every day, I learn something new and exciting. Every day. It's clicked in everything else like this is this is ramping up my game with my whole life. I've had to learn how to be more efficient with my time and learn how to be more efficient with family and work. Together. And every day, I learned something new about myself on how to do that, how to create and locations like it's just, it started firing off every neuron that no hit has gone dead in the last 10 years, doing the same thing. Every single day. Like this has taken me on a whole new learning journey. And I mean, I like education, I wouldn't go back to college. Again, I spent way too much time in college. But I want to learn the things that I want to learn. So you know, that $2.60 cent that we were talking about earlier, that was my mission. That was my ticket. That was my ticket to this particular ride concert, whatever you want to call it. That man, I'm on it. And I mean, I'm consumed with it. And I don't mean to the point that I'm neglecting everybody because I'm taking that into consideration. But it's just exciting to me. Because something new that I learned today is going to translate into results tomorrow. And then tomorrow I get to learn something new again, where I get to reflect back or I get to tell somebody I'm excited to tell my wife on this new storytelling formula. We're interested in one Listen, she is so supportive, and it's amazing. But that's what I mean. You can tell right now I'm excited talking about learning new stuff. I'm learning new stuff, and it's making me money. No, I,

Dave:  I've been there in my marriage, I've been there. I mean, in everything you're saying I can identify with 110%, my wife would be non red right here if, if she was sitting right here. I mean, I've found a way to work together with her, that allows her to be in her strengths. And me to be in mine and us to appreciate each other for the differences that are strengths are because they're really different. And I really had to learn, you know how to appreciate not not being resentful because my wife was an entrepreneur. Like, frankly, if she was an entrepreneur, like me, we'd be broke, because we both have taken risks. And she's always been a steady hand in terms of what we do with our money. How do we keep it? You know, how do we, you know, and you know, a guy like me, on the loose, it's never, I mean, I'd be broken homeless in some gutter somewhere for one for my wife, probably. But I found I found a

Austin:  hack in my 30s. Because I was the same. I was all over the place. I was trying, I was done. I didn't didn't have any results. I had to be responsible for those animals for a long time, and I just needed to have something that I had to be responsible for. And once I had that, everything checked. Yeah, I can also give you

Dave:  a couple of ideas of what I'll have a couple of kids. That'll also up your your

Austin:  45. I had my first one. I'm a three-year -old running around right now. Good for you, man. Good

Dave:  for you. Best thing. Yeah, I mean, my kids, and you know the thing for me, and we'll wrap up here in a moment. So you can see you can take off. But one of the things that I've realized is that I just want to be rich, I don't want to be famous. I don't care about fame, you know, I wouldn't even care about being rich if it didn't equal freedom. So let's just put that out there. It's not materialistic for me. I could care less about material. I like watches. I really actually do like watches. But I mean, that's the only thing I have one car. I don't have a garage full of cars. I don't have a reasonable house. We love our house at home. It's in a mansion. But we love it. And, but I don't care about fame. I want to be one on one. I want to be traveling based on age. By traffic strategy, I would be but do you feel that same poll? Are you? Do you feel like hey, I want to get out there and get, you know, get my kind of run out a little bit of limelight and get out there on some stages and do that kind of stuff? Or you look into Are you like, hey, working from the internet, at home or wherever and I want to be with my family? What is your goal around the fame aspect of things, they know that the money equals freedom for you. But Limelight exposure, those kinds of things.

Austin:  I don't want any of that. I don't want any of that. You know, I'm the guy at the end of the road that all the neighbors avoid. Not because I've done anything, but because that's the time I've put out because I just like to be left alone. You know, you know, I mean, and that's it. You know, it's nice, but I'm appreciative of this opportunity to be here. And, you know, early on early on a month ago. I was like, man, it'd be kind of cool if I got on that show. And

Dave:  just right, crawling, crawling and crawling, and now you don't even remember it. I mean, my story.

Austin:  Just absolutely. So, you know, I'm like you, I just want to be here and my family thinks with debt. It's things like do I drive and you know, continue, I mean, I could afford to drop pretty much anything I wanted probably. And I drive a 10 year old expedition with 140,000 miles on it. And I love it. That's the car that I had. My wife has a nine year old Jeep, you know, we you know, I don't have any material things that I just want time with my family and the freedom to make choices. That's it. I don't want anything. The thing is I am no longer.

Dave:  Am I anymore, you know you can buy the same. You can buy same folk, you can buy time,

Austin:  and that's the time thing for me. It's more urgent for me. I want to be 63 years old when my son graduates from high school. You know I feel like I didn't have my dad for a long time. He died when I was in my mid 20s. And it's been a crappy 20 something years without him. Yeah, I wish I had more time with him. I don't know, my son is always gonna feel that way after I've asked whatever. But I want there just to be this just huge encyclopedia in his brain of all the amazing.

Dave:  You know? I know. We're talking about

Austin:  got a huge screen right here.

Dave:  I won't take it. I won't turn the whole computer around. But every time a really cute picture comes up, I send it to my wife. But, you know, I mean, you know, the kids, they are looking at his face. I mean, that's my, that's my son and daughter, my youngest. But yeah, man. I mean, you find your pain points, and you let that motivate you folks. I mean, it works the same on you, as it does on the audience. I mean, instead of, you know, hyping up all this BS, you're traveling the world. And, you know, I mean, I think traveling is cool. But honestly, I get sick of traveling, sometimes I just want to be home, go home. I mean, I know. Like, I know, a couple people who want to just do nothing but travel all the time. Like literally I know, like one or two. But most people want to go on vacation. And they want to come home, and be in their home, with their families, in their routine sleeping in their own bed. And that's what heaven is to me. I mean, he's writing right in my own backyard, and he's running around, usually come home finding what is motivating you. And as you heard, you know, sometimes you just have to look around and be honest, like you did and say, Hey, I'm an older dad, and I got less time. And also got some painful memories, that I'm using all that stuff as motivation to be the best version of myself right now. And give it everything I've got given a good honest effort, and effort that I will be proud of an effort that my son would be proud of, you know, an effort that my father would be proud of those kind of, like, that's where you find deep and I just got goosebumps saying, you know, I mean, that's where you get that. And for me, my motivation over the last decade plus has really never been to become rich. It's always been to make my struggles in my mess. Not in vain, make it worse, something, turn my mess into a message turn my all these unbelievable difficult things that happen in the UK, quite frankly, in some cases, I'm still

Austin:  mad debating for myself,

Dave:  you know, just that piece alone. See, we just, I hope this weekend, since we're doing this on a Friday to one of you can spend some time marinating this weekend on what really, you know, it we were talking about MLM, earlier, they always say, you know, find your why and there's all the picture why? There's some truth to that, you know, as high up as they may get in sometimes as there's some truth to that. And it doesn't matter whether you're starting a gym club, whether you're starting a new business, I mean, honestly, if it's going to be two different mindsets, but really at the same time. You know, it's, it's, it's how you do one thing is how you're going to do everything. So even if you have a job right now that you suck at it, or that sucks, and you want to don't just crush it with your business and do a shit job at your job. Because how you do one thing is how you're going to do everything. And the other thing that I took away from what you said was, if you want big change, it requires big commitment. It's not going to be a big change from MIT. This just changes, I need to be willing to make big sacrifices, big commitments. And it's probably not as hard as you think it is. If you just get through that first few weeks of really, really uncomfortability that we know, the uncomfortability that we talked about.

Austin:  Yeah, and even to

Dave:  the point to where you don't remember some of those most difficult moments, right? Just like When we were walking, so, hey, man, thanks for your time and thanks for being here. And, you know, from pharmacy to digital marketer, man, I mean, you know, what a what a interesting journey that your life is taking, and who would have ever think that you and I, you know, paths would have crossed one day, the pharmacist who's you know,

Austin:  you know had a day wasn't always a pharmacist

Dave:  there's a story prior to using that and your market and I mean it's a good it's a good you are right. I mean, that's a good angle. It's like, hey, look, I'm the pinnacle of what you know, people, you know, strive for and in our world, at least and in the field I don't know, you find the message. Did you find that? You know? Yeah. We'll keep it up, brother and come back to see us. Okay. I will

Austin:  be back and, and anyway, have enjoyed it. Thanks for the invite.


Dave:  All right, man, we'll talk to you later often, but I do appreciate it, like, All right, go and check them out. Austin, J. E, official, Austin, J. D official, all right. Friends, a lot of nuggets in that a lot of nuggets in that conversation there with a man who knows what he wants and I believe is going to get it. When I see that look in here that type of talk from somebody. I know that that person is going to be doing big things in the future and and I would just invite everybody to go back and listen to the way that Austin was talking about the commitment the focus, you know, matching the change that he wants with the commitment levels, I mean, it was a there was a lot of nuggets dropped. you have time this weekend and catch up on the other episodes that you may have missed this week. You can check us out on all the major podcast platforms YouTube, you can listen to the replays right here on this Facebook channel. Get on out of here. Have a fantastic Friday Be Legendary make this weekend count both with things you need to get done with your business but also with time that you need to take to spend with yourself and your family. Get out of here. Peace