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Dave: Now we've had contractors, my friends, we've had attorneys, we've had doctors, we've had cashiers, we've had stay at home moms and dads. And this morning, we had the pleasure of meeting a machinist who has grown his business Tik Tok profile, I believe to 29,000 followers. I mean, I'm starting to really believe that it doesn't matter where you come from or what skills you had before you got here, you can do this if you really apply yourself. Let's hear how Eric did it. Welcome to the show, brother. Thanks, brother. How are you man?

Eric: I'm doing very well. How are you? 

Dave: I'm good. I'm good. And I'm interested to hear about your story and what brought you from knowing the world in the trade of machining. Now online marketing seems like quite the opposite end of the spectrum there.

Eric: Absolutely. Well, through various moves and I mean, literal moves. My wife and I have put ourselves in a position where we're pretty much debt free. And we've been able to keep her as a stay at home mom. Last year we moved to Sioux Sainte Marie. Here we are about seven hours away from where we lived. And I got a job in a machine shop and was not afraid to say at 26 bucks an hour, which is not phenomenal. But when we moved here, it took care of our household needs. And in that year with the not to suppose that 5.7% that people are talking about but with the way inflation has truthfully gone with the price of gas, almost doubling groceries, everything that didn't cut it, so I had to look for something online to make ends meet. And that's where we're at right now.

Dave: You know, it's funny when I first started being a basically an eighth grade dropout, but I officially didn't make it to ninth my vocabulary was rather small and I thought that making the ends meet was you're so poor, you had to go to the grocery store and you can only afford to buy the ends of the meat. You couldn't get in the middle of man Dave , it's embarrassing. But so, um, you know, what have you discovered? Have you discovered that this is something that you want to continue to do? Part time full time as a phase to get through this situation that we're in right now. Talk to us. About what's different now and how do you see things moving forward? Well,

Eric: I'm gonna go way back in history and be extremely brief here. But I remember geez, I would say 25 years ago, I was in the like, I was involved with Amway. I've always been looking for something to do at home but never really been successful with it. Until I found it legendary , but I've always had that passion to be a stay at home dad and finally, it's coming about now with four kids, three of them still at home. I'm not there yet. But that's still so this is not a phase or anything like that. This is something where it's like alright, I'd love to go through the kitchen, grab my coffee on the way down to the office. That's my commute. And, you know, do about two to three hours of work and then have the rest of the day to spend with my family.

Dave: It's my commute right here and I'm blessed enough and lucky enough right here to have my wonderful wife. Bring a cup of coffee.

Eric: Right now my wife has taken her mom out grocery shopping so she's not home.

Dave:That's very sweet of her. It is a beautiful thing, you know, to be able to stare at your wife all day long. I just, you know I mean, I mean I just love it. I love it. I love this. I love this line of work. You know what I mean? You're probably annoying to her quite often. I mean, chasing around the house. She's probably wishing that I did have it as something different. So awesome, man. So how did you get it, you know? How are you doing so well on Tik Tok that looks like you've kind of planted your flag there. At least you're focusing there. Or you have been focusing there. Or I don't know how to tell the story. I mean, did you have a video that went viral? Or tell us how the journeys have been since you put the rubber to the road?

Eric: Here's the thing and to be honest with you, I don't know how, like one of my videos, hit 1.3. It might even be at 1.4 million views right now. And you can ask why my wife drove her nuts for about four or five days because I kept getting comment after comment after comment. And I'd be spending time just trying to respond to all those comments because people were asking me how to do it. But if you look at that video, I mean, I've tried trending sounds, I've tried trending effects, you name it, but that video was me standing in front of a 12 foot snowbank. I gave a 10 second little speech and I said if you want to know how to ask me how I comment, it went nuts. And I find that those videos are just a quick little blurb, nothing trending. I might use a trending sound here and there. Nothing trending but the ones where it's just me speaking, telling people about what I do and how they can do the same thing online. Those are the ones that are working.

Dave: Yeah. And have you tried to recreate sort of that same video and then not worked because there I the reason why I'm asking is because I feel like people are always looking for an exact you know, if I do this exactly. It's gonna work and it doesn't now, there's something wrong with me, or it's not going to work for me or I knew it so I just wonder if you could, you know, have you done Have you tried to recreate it? It didn't work? What do you know? What can you tell us about that? 

Eric: A week and a half, two weeks later, and I only got 10,000 views on it. Right? And so it's I think it's the most important thing that I find. And it's the same as with you, what you teach in the 15 Day Challenge and then the other programs that you go through we go through it's just relate to people's pain relate to people story. Yeah, and that's that's what I try and do that that's and I'm sure you know this.  So that's the majority of my videos relating to 40 plus, that have absolutely nothing ready for retirement and they need to do something. So and then that's it. That's, I don't know what else to say on that one.

Dave: It's well put because you've got a message. You've got to go in . I think it's really important to take away from this conversation this morning that you really do have a message and it's to a specific audience. And if it relates to your life, you're able to tie it back to your life and that's what I've been able to do over the last decade in this industry. It was never really any. It was never really any formal marketing skills that that I can point back to and say it was that skill of running paid ads, or or it's never been that for me. It's always been exactly what you just outlined that it's made me successful that I have a message. It's for a specific audience and it ties back to my story. So I can really pull passion. I can pull authenticity and I can speak from experience. I am talking to people who don't like their job, don't have enough money, and don't have enough time with their family. Too much pain too much, you know, in all the pains of sitting in traffic and all those things that we all are familiar with. And and and I've not deviated from that in over 10 years. I've never come out with fitness training or with another message, you know, in and that's good news for all of you. Because the message has always been the same. It'll make money out like if that's the niche that you decide to go into the business, online marketing makes money online, the message has never been this different. It's never been different through recessions, crazy economies. I mean, you just take little tidbits like I've done recently. Maybe you guys have heard me say hey, do you want to never ensure that you're never deemed non essential? Do you want to take control over your future and not put it in a boss or a President's hands? So I'm taking from a current event and I'm putting I'm putting pressure on the lack of money and the lack of time and the lack of just, you know, the pain of getting up and leaving family and not coming home until late never changed and I just want to want to want to point that out because what you're doing really is quote the secret, you know, not focusing on trying to copy people and then get mad that you don't get that that same result or whatever. But you have a message for an audience and it's tied to your story. Absolutely. And it's reaching people right? It resonates with people because you're not talking about mansions and Ferraris. You're not talking about things that people can't relate to sure they want but they can't relate to that. You're talking about things they can understand the pain of inflation, the pain of trying to really decide, do you want to buy groceries or do you want to put gas in your tank?

Eric: That's exactly that's actually one of the was one of my posts. You know, I said I'm not talking about Ferraris, Lamborghinis, mansions, yachts , I'm talking about having a full fridge and pantry, not worrying about putting gas in the car. And I related that to a couple of weeks ago, we went down south to visit one of my daughters for her birthday. That was an eight hour trip. And I relayed that to the fact that I didn't worry about the tank of gas that I put in the car for that trip. Yeah, right. Yeah. A tank of gas for a little four cylinder nowadays is 100 bucks, dude.

Dave: That's crazy. I was saying that is crazy because I mean my car which is an eight cylinder and has got a big gas tank is what used to be $100. So yeah, it's like people just keep getting pummeled with what happened with the illness. With what happened now with inflation, with what's happening with war, with what's happening with all these things, people feel like they're not understood. People feel like they're being left behind. People feel like nobody cares about them. So when you come along, here's the other thing. I think, if we go deeper into the psychology of like a human and how they respond to people marketing, a human wants to be understood. That's it. Damn sure. Don't feel like their boss understands them because the boss didn't get back about them. The boss just says I don't care about your family. Beyond Time. You know if you're not a buyer your ass and I'll find somebody else to come in and replace you. I don't understand you. And I don't care about you for cheaper. Yeah. The world they don't feel like the world or or politicians or anybody else understands them. Now. You know, they're probably feeling misunderstood by friends and family and they've not even started their business yet. They're in for it right there. It's a real treat. But they're feeling misunderstood and they're feeling unseen in their feeling like nobody gets the pain and the pressure that they feel if you're looking at a frickin Tik Tok video. And they feel like this guy understands me. Yep, under not talk about shit that I can't relate to Lambos and all this bullshit but he understands me talking about traffic. He's talking about inflation. And he's talking about the idea of not having to choose between groceries and filling my pantry. Yeah, and that resonates with people, man, that's the message. That's the message. You know? Good for you, man. If you know, what you're doing is you're also being real and authentic. And I think this is what I can get on board with by being authentic. And I think we'll get a little confused about this. All you gotta do is be authentic and be yourself in your videos. Well, fuck. I know a lot of people who are train wrecks so you might not want to be like your life is your emotionally volatile or maybe you shouldn't just we don't want to go on and just spill our problems and just be just right. We want to be careful. Yeah, we have to make it about other people. And we have to be the leader that at least seems like you know where you're going. Because if you don't have that confidence and you're not, you know you're not. You don't seem like you know where you're going then people are not going to, they're not going to follow, but I really think that the authenticity of your talking about your life. Yeah. In telling your story of the retirement piece is something that I just I think I hope is that a lot of us can learn from that this morning. What is coming up for you right now and what else is on your head and heart for us to know and learn from you this morning?

Eric: Well, one of the things and actually I was just scripting out a Tik Tok message and this was going to be a bit of a longer one. Because one of the things that I've noticed about a lot of the posts that are coming out on Tik Tok is they're talking about making money online and people think that you have to focus on the make money online niche. Well, I'm helping a guy right now in Manitoba, set up a funnel. Like he's going through the 15 day builds a business builder challenge and he's setting up a funnel in the automotive industry. He has absolutely no passion in showing others how to make money online. And I think you know, there's so much focus not not only in the legendary community but I mean throughout the entire niche on your very why this program and we'll teach you how to sell this program. I'm helping this guy in as I said in Manitoba, set up a funnel with I don't know if you know, like I'm a car buff. I don't know if you've seen my profile picture. It's my trans-am. And I'm helping him set up a funnel with Summit Racing. It's an online aftermarket parts company. I'm setting one up myself because that's going to be one of my income streams in Africa. Now this fellow lives in Nigeria he didn't have access to legendary in Nigeria, but I helped him set up a funnel in the housing industry. It doesn't have to be the make money online niche and that's one of the things that I think people are getting away from. Why did I choose this niche? Because I love seeing people get their first bonus check. I love seeing people reach their first milestone that to me is exciting. That is like I got so overjoyed with that one when a fellow in Africa created the funnel. I asked him for the link and I went through and I tested it out with him. It worked. He was so overjoyed. Now he's on Tik Tok going through and figuring out how he can start marketing what he's passionate about.

Dave: I mean, you're I couldn't agree with you more. I mean, I think a lot of people get into the make money online niche in this community specifically and even decided to promote legendary because they see other people doing it and it's it's it's it's monkey see monkey do and that's not particularly a bad thing at the beginning. Right because we can see we can watch like, like a baby does watch somebody. Oh, they're walking, that's what I did. I was a baby when I first came into this industry and I literally just watched what other people were doing like many of us do and went through a few courses and here I am. But you're right. There's a lot of different niches there's a lot of different. We don't force anybody to buy our courses or products if they want to be an affiliate and if they buy our courses or products, they're not forced to be an affiliate. I mean, that's a personal choice that everybody makes. And, and, and what I find is that oftentimes people start in this niche, and then they branch out or they may kind of decide, you know, like, I really do have a lot of knowledge in this particular niche over here. And so I'm going to take these skills that I've been learning and now I see how I can apply it to my existing knowledge or my existing business. You know, everybody's journeys are a little bit different but you make a great point. I have a friend that was calling me the other night and I usually don't take personal, you know, console calls from friends. I just unless they really cornered me, you know what I mean? But like, we're at a party or something, and they've just got me cornered but yeah, they have a landscaping business and I was talking to him about that. There's so many different ways that you can use both you know, this the sales funnels. in these in these in these platforms. Not even mentioning the business models of selling information, but as you mentioned, the business model of selling cars, the business model of selling any you know in the here's the other thing that we forget in the information from any one of those industries can be extracted and sold. And that's what I was trying to tell my landscaping friends the other night, I said you may think right now that you want to generate leads for your landscaping business, but when you start to see that you can package the information that you have that special and unique and then sell it to people or sell it to other landscapers or whatever. Yep, that becomes really fun too because all of a sudden your fingernails go from black.

Eric: So true. So very true.

Dave: And you know, for me that was in construction and in what do you think I would have rather gone in swinging the hammer, or I would have rather created a course for contractors on how to get more leads. Using platforms like Tik Tok using platforms like I mean everything and you guys might be saying Oh, good for you, Dave. But every single one of you has that same knowledge to go into say, Hey mister for whatever I can help you get more leads. You don't know anything more than I do.

Eric: That's exactly it. I think one person I remember way back when my wife and I were when our kids were still little. We would go out rollerblading a lot. And one person said why are you rollerblading? It's not a very effective exercise and they said it's the most effective exercise for us and they said why? And I said because we love doing it. If you don't love going to the gym, you're not going to go to the gym, you're going to get a you know you're going to get huge but if you love going to rollerblading if you love walking one person, loved Skip rope, and he he freakin danced with the rope. It was his passion. He didn't have a $55,000 home gym he had a $7 Skip rope and it doesn't matter what nice you're passionate about. That's the one that you'll be successful and because of that passion, and that's what I find.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, I agree. I agree. I mean, there's been an argument for many years between some people about do you really need to be passionate about it to do it like because there's a lot of people and marketers who say turning your passion into profits, you know, and it's just such a kind of a headline that's buzzy and stuff like that. And then, you know, can you really make money in that niche or not? But, you know, the truth is, I believe I can get behind your statement. And here's why. Whereas I believe that before I was like, Who out? Should I really ever say that anymore? Because I mean, some niches are just really stupid to go in. Because there's no money to be negative there. You know what I mean? Like, that's my point. That's what I'm trying to say here. You know what I mean? Like if you want to pick up dog shit, I mean, you better be thinking about scalability, because if you're going to pick it up one pile at a time, you know, it's not good, hard to charge a high ticket for that. It's like well, this is a pile this is going to be $1,000 I'm sorry, to pilot really high and really deep brother. So I, you know, I think that I can get behind the statement. If I say you can literally down there take any passion that you have. If you combine it with timeless, true marketing principles like we what we teach here and if you do, you'll find out very quickly, whether that's a profitable niche or niche or not, you know, I mean, whether you can, you know, because I really do think and even as I was talking to my friends with a landscaping business, I really do think that not only a lot of the platforms and strategies apply, but also the business strategies of selling something higher ticket, the the road, the path to freedom for a small business is to have something that's a significant ticket, because otherwise you literally have to have hundreds or 1000s of customers per month. New customers have fresh blood and that's hard. It's easier for a small business to have less customers but to have higher prices, it can provide better service, it can take their time, and it just doesn't take as much to be able to get to 10000 a month which is pretty minimum for what most people need. To survive and in these days anyways. So you take a you take, you take a landscaper you take up a plumber, you put them through our 15 Day Challenge, they start to see oh wow. Here's how I can generate leads. Wow, maybe I should be collecting email addresses right? So I get to contact people when I'm low on work and I can send an email to my list of 500 people who have done work for and I can say I'm running at a 20% up, you know special or, Hey, you want to replace that sewer line or whatever I can drum up business I can communicate with people. And then so on and so forth. But it's amazing, really what you can do with this knowledge, Eric:, I think that's what we're both trying to say.

Eric: Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, I just had an epiphany right now like, what my industry outside of the Affiliate marketing is machining. And I just thought to myself, you said you know, sell the knowledge and I'm thinking to myself, I've got 25 years of knowledge right. Am I building a course there? You know?

Dave: Yeah. Or or, you know, just just simply sometimes. You know? Yeah, I mean, you could either go into that niche. I mean, there's so many things you can do. There's so many things you can do. You know. It doesn't have to be complicated. You know, it doesn't have to be complicated. I mean, I know that we're all stuck on sales funnels and everything. But the fact is, you can actually build a business nowadays without using a sales funnel. I mean, just using the platforms the reason why we why I still use sales funnels is because I like to collect email addresses and I like to follow up via email because I found in the past that when I don't get an email address, I don't have any other way of contacting somebody if they've visited my site. So literally every day at the end of the day I was left with zero when I wasn't collecting email addresses. And when I started to collect email addresses, I still wasn't making sales, but I at least had a way to follow up and potentially make a future sale. And that proved to be very, very, very true. But you know with some of these other industries, you know, that we're talking about just coming in and going through this information and understanding how to correctly use these, these these social media platforms. You know, my friend that I was talking about a second ago and many other people, you know, really just default to posting something on Facebook or god forbid, going live on Facebook and, you know, Facebook right now, just giving a little bit more exposure organically, but I mean, they've been the shittiest organic platform to post on forever. If you weren't poaching people out of Facebook groups like people do in our Facebook group all day long. Then you weren't really in any money on Facebook. Unless you're running ads because they completely cut down the organic reach on Facebook unless you are working from your personal profile, which oh, by the way, it was against their terms and conditions. So you are packed, you know. And so I said, Hey, you know, I mean for somebody who has an offline business in your hunting right now. You need to go from hunted to hunter or you need to go from Hunter to hunted. And one way to do that is you build a big audience on a platform like Tik Tok or something and you have people all over the world all over the country who love your work. And once your work is so bad, they'll come to you. They'll pay you to come to them. They'll pay consults for your knowledge, there's so much that you can do. Right now you're fishing in a very small pool of friends and family who are not very proven to support your business. I can tell you Oh, yeah. All about that, right. But you're fishing in a small pool of friends and family and you need to get out there into a larger audience. Well, but Dave, these people on Tik Tok are not in my local community. How am I going to install grass in their yard or whatever and it's like listening to what I just said. There's so many more opportunities to sell courses to sell consulting and coaching to be flown out to be hands on for a much higher price than what you were charging before. Because now you've manufactured your celebrity. You've manufactured your celebrity. You've said I'm not going to wait for a break. I'm going to create my break by creating content and growing an audience now I went from a nobody local nobody to nationwide celebrity almost on Tik Tok. If you don't think that that's going to bring in so many more financial opportunities in 2022 You're insane. So I told them even if you're not going to do that and not going to go all in you should at least start filming in order to get good at creating media to post on Tik Tok. Because you may not be willing to do it now. But when you're asked to still grow your business in six months, you're probably going to surrender to it because guess what? This form of marketing ain't going anywhere. We're not going back to passing out business cards to people.

Eric: Tik Tok is the new business card. I agree. Yeah. Good. As we said, look at some of the videos that are out there. And I'm not talking about the fluff in the junk. I'm talking about genuine people. One of the fellows that I follow Chris I don't ask me to pronounce his last name, Yeah He makes a video and he's frickin within one video handing out essentially 500,000 business cards.

Dave: Exactly. Let me show it. Let me show you them. Okay, I had it. I had it out because I've been using it a couple times. I realized I had it. I was like, Look at this gem. You know, let's pro business cards. Back in 2008 -2009 I was collecting business cards. I was like, oh, let's exchange business cards. You know, and Amway days I know. Not a single sale. Not a single sale. There's 1000 business cards here. Not a single sale from it. And you're right. Chris, yourself. Me. We're handing out business cards every day. As a matter of fact, something that's really hilarious is what I often have when I'm actually being a regular human being and out socializing. People are like, you know, do you have a business card? I've heard of your business guy. You know what I mean? Like, I'm like, No, I'm I don't have a yeah, getting business card. Business cards have never done anything good for me, you know? But if you want to get on my email list, I'll happily take your email right and I'll blast you with the other 100,000 people that I'm blasting at the same time, you know, my own personal email that you'll think I wrote directly for me to you, right? Yeah, absolutely.

Eric: Absolutely. That's, you know what, that's, that's the way it is. Nowadays. Yeah.

Dave: And even restaurants should be doing that. It'd be like walking into a restaurant all the time. And they're not taking either my phone number or my email. They've been forced to know because a lot of these automated systems like toast and stuff that they sign send out the Swiper thing and it's kind of like a merchant account system and accounting system for restaurants. Well, you know, a lot of restaurants are benefiting from those kinds of things, you know, because those systems are now building those kinds of communication marketing tools into them to where you know, whether the business actually uses it or not, is a different thing. But yeah, the world is his as a family man and a father Eric:, do you also have a desire to want to be a he did this last 2020 2021 wake you up not just from a financial perspective. But also from a safety perspective, like wanting to be home with family and have the ability to be flexible to where you don't have to go out? And particularly be in harm's way, if you will? What did you take away from that and how did that influence or was that not really as much of an influencer?

Eric:  never really put that into perspective. Never really thought about that. You're gonna laugh at this before the pandemic I was still machining. I got laid off from my job before the pandemic actually hit. I was working part time in a pizza shop, a local pizza shop and there he did delivery but it was a rural setting. The little town had maybe 1000 people, maybe 1500 people in it, but we delivered within a 25 minute radius of the pizza shop. So I was let go from the machine shop and the boss looked at me and said, Well, you know what? The pizza shop needs some renovations done. And I need some help with the prep work. And I started off working there earning five bucks an hour plus delivery fee and tips. Well, because of the fact that I fixed his dough machine. I fixed his ovens. His water heater went down. I fixed that and I renovated the front dining room. I I did all this work for him. I would do the prep work for him. He upped my pay to 20 bucks an hour so he paid me for my skills and knowledge plus the delivery fee plus the tips. Well I frickin 35 hours a week I doubled my pay in the machine shop while working at the pizza shop. Throughout the pandemic. He got busier, my income went higher. 

Dave: So it's like and that is a testament to skill sets. Isn't it? Eric:? It's a testament to skill sets. Absolutely.

Eric: I was able to diagnose things and figure things out and take it apart and put it together. His dough machine would have cost him about three $4,000 to fix because the guy would have had to come two hours from Toronto up charging him time. diagnose it, go back, get the part, come back up, fix it and then go back. I went in, and I charged him 250 bucks. He gave me an extra 100 Because I did it for him. Yeah. And I did it that day. So all these things and and I've always said, Well, no matter what's going on around you, no matter what's going on in the world, though the global economy can be tanking. You could see doom and gloom all around you, but you can still create your economy. I'm gonna say that again. Your people can still create their own where there we are their own economy. When the whole world was talking doom and gloom, my income doubled because I opened my eyes and I wasn't doing anything regarding make making money online and affiliate marketing then, but I opened my eyes and I saw a need and I filled that need

Dave: I wonder how that applies in online marketing too because there's a lot of needs and a lot of opportunity all around all the time. And I actually think here's my opinion, once you have the glasses that you know you have the lenses in which you see the world through opportunity instead of through lack and in doom and gloom and so forth. It's actually difficult to hold yourself back and not say yes to everything. I have that problem or that challenge on a regular basis. And you know, some might think and I want to be real clear and loud. Some might think that I have more opportunity today than I did back when I first got started. But I'm a little bit more insulated right now, meaning that everybody either doesn't or can't get to me meaning I mean, anybody could message me on social platforms but but believe it or not, I don't get a ton of messages because I think people might think that I'm too far away don't answer my messages. I don't know why. But I know when I first got it I still did get one or two opportunities each week. You know, I had a guy hit me up. I've got several people with wisdom, opportunity, another guy that just hit me up yesterday with a consulting thing, and he paid me for consulting back a couple of years ago. $50,000 or something and it's pretty pretty. I didn't have to do much, you know, I just had to share knowledge and stuff and I said no to that. I don't know what you know, there was no number the other day that could have been less, could have been a lot more. Here's my point is that, that nowadays I have one or two things that come across my desk each week that I consider when I first got started everything was an opportunity mean everything, you know, in in so I really had to focus in I really had to go by trial and error. I didn't know what was a waste of time, but I would do something I would take on a coaching client when I was just strictly focusing on affiliate marketing and then all of a sudden, I get a month into this coaching client. I'd be like this client, you know, because I got one client over here that I'm trying to, you know, instead of saying okay, I'm going to have a coaching business and I'm going to try to get lots of clients okay, that then will be more worth my time and that'll be you know, but I just because I said yes, somebody wanted coaching, okay, I have a coaching program and now I got this one coaching client over here or you know, a company wants help with something or whatever and or a new business opportunity or a new hot deal or a new ground floor or a new this or a new crypto. And it's like, I was spinning. You know, every day was something new. And that's why I can talk about this every day. It was something new every day. It's a new business every day. It's new coaching. This is a new thing. I really had to learn how to focus in learning how to say no, and in how to really kind of stay consistent. So with you now in this place to where you're getting results. You're finding momentum you've you've made some money. How do you avoid it? How do you deal with all of the distractions? More specifically, when things aren't going exactly as you'd like them to go one day or week and you see a great marketing message that somebody is promising. This is easier than anything you've ever done before. You know all good marketing says that, but you've already started here on this path. Yep. How do you deal with that when somebody is rarely making it when I'm a marketer making a really convincing point in an email or on Facebook? In that entrepreneur part of you wants to and multiple streams of income and ruin your own shit. How do you handle that?

Eric: Okay, it's funny you mentioned that yesterday was a down day for me. I posted about I think I posted six videos and I think I got a total with all six videos a total of about maybe 3000 views and I think maybe one person entered their email and actually followed through and confirmed and and went through into the autoresponder and it was just like I was like I'm because my Tik Tok feed, I would say 90% of it is online marketers. And so I like to watch and I like to catch ideas. I like to see what they're doing. I like to see what works. I like to hear what they're saying all these different things. But when I'm having a low day like that, you know what I do? I shut off my phone. I shut it off. I put my earbuds in at work, because we're allowed our phones while the machine is running. Right. In that one. Respect. I really appreciate that because I do a lot of my research at work right but if I'm having a really low day, and then say for example, I see Chris come online and he says he's had a 10,000 dollar day It's like oh my god, what am I doing? Am I and to keep from the shiny object object syndrome, where it's like, well, well, you know, you know, to keep my head from snapping and looking at that beautiful shiny object. I shut my phone off. I put my music on. And I just, I focus on me. I then read and start focusing on this thing up here. Because if I'm having a deal, I And so when I'm having a bad day like that, and I'm looking at shiny objects, I stop. I focus on me and I just let everything air out as you say, get covered under there and then fall and move forward. Because that funk will come through in your videos. This morning, I posted a video and within an hour I had 2000 views. Now I have no idea what's been going on because we've been here but the funk is gone. So it is but whatever state you're in will come out. People aren't stupid.

Dave: No. No, they can. They can sense it. i It really takes discipline. You know it really takes discipline folks, I mean, all these people that you see on here they they they they it really it really takes a lot a lot of folks and a lot of discipline and it takes a lot of remembering that you know it doesn't matter what you do the first month is gonna suck you know and maybe one Brian burr calls it the valley of despair. I mean, it's just that you're so excited. You're just starting a new business and then it's like you fall off a cliff. You know all that excitement of buying and all that extended dopamine, the adrenaline, you're starting something new you bought it that's why we love to buy stuff, guys. Why do you think that you want to go shopping? Why do we think? Why do you think we attend the next webinar to buy the next course to find the next guru so we're always looking for something new. We're always looking for someone new. We're always looking for the next hit. The next dopamine hit. 

Eric: Why do you think I've got a trans-am It was a dopamine hit

Dave: Trust me I know I know. I know all too well about that. So you know and then you put in a you combine that with an addictive personality and then you know you before you know it you got 10 businesses. I mean I have to actively because I am somebody who will say yes and start things and have just so much going on. I am so I am almost I'm almost I would say like, like militant about it's almost like I mean my default is always no, always no, it's never Yes. You know, because it's just that it's gotten me in trouble so many times to just say yes to things and even say yes to people who are not in business. You know, just being a yes man and overextending myself and volunteering to do things makes me feel resentful about that. I wish I hadn't volunteered. I had to really and constantly, really be on purpose with my time every day because I started this business and I said I want to spend more time with my family. But I'm over here doing this all the time. Well, I thought you wanted to spend more time with your family date. So now I've matured a bit more and realized what's important in this journey. I've been doing this since I was in my early 20s. So I've really grown up a lot in this industry. You know, and and yeah, I've learned that the best thing in the world the happiest that I've ever been, is right now, when I have a singular focus with a community of people that I'm serving and helping I have investments that I'm taking that money and then putting it to work like in the CashFlow Quadrant. You I went from self employed or I went from employed to self employed to owning a business. Okay, where I have systems and people working for me leveraging you know, then I take the money that I earned from that business and I put it down in investments for me those investments are stocks, some real estate, some hard asset, you know, collectibles, things of that nature, some cash, but it's not a complicated no complicated, you know, I'm not looking you know, Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. I don't want to own 100 businesses. I don't need to be that rich guy. I'm not a future billionaire. I don't give a fuck about being a billionaire. Yeah, I just care about my sanity and my happiness in my family. That's it. And if I can have a nice watch on my wrist Great. Yeah, but if not, or a nice car, you got a car you drive that you enjoy. If I can have a few things in life that I enjoy. I'm getting a new boat. That's kind of one of my big things. I finally bought my first boat. I mean, yeah, if I can have a couple of things, but yeah, man, I'll tell you the sanity of having a business that I can come to work and I know I've got a business and I'm focused on every day. It's not 15,000 things. I got investments that are simplified that I understand. And I'm doing what I said I was going to do with my business, which was to spend more time with my family. I've got two little ones. So that's my life, you know, and that's what I've come to after a decade in this industry of, you know, all the shiny objects, all the dreams of being a billionaire and being mega rich living in a mansion and driving 50 Ferraris and all this and what I've learned is that to have one solid business, you enjoy the pumps off good cash flow, and I don't have to have multiple streams because I don't have to worry I don't have to live in fear that a business is going to crash or something. I have one good solid business, just like all great entrepreneurs do. They have jobs at Apple and Microsoft? You know, you know, Elon Musk has a couple of companies but for God's sakes, let's we're not Elon. Okay, so I got one business that I focused on. I got something simple in that I'm not playing cryptocurrency. A lot of you guys are exhausted because you're trying to go through a course and start a business but you're day trading cryptocurrency in the emotional rollercoaster of that. So I stay away from things that suck my emotional energy. And Eric, my point is this is about enjoying life, not just getting rich for me.

Eric: And that's it. That's one of the messages that I've been talking about. One of the things that I do when I have a little bit of time with people and I'm in my life, I say to people, you know, money doesn't buy you happiness. But if your bills are paid, your car payments are up to date, you've got a full fridge and you don't have to worry about the electricity being shut off. All of a sudden you've got a little bit of peace of mind where you can start discovering what makes you happy.

Dave: You can enjoy those things that are so important in your life while on your child's face, right stead of worrying if you're going to be able to, you know, put food on the table. You can know that's taken care of so you can truly enjoy your time. I don't know about you err, but when things are not right in finances, or I'm fearful of something I'm not present with my family and that's been one of the greatest gifts of becoming financially free for me is that I can truly be present with my loved ones and I don't have to, you know, be so preoccupied with fear or that I'm going to you know, I'm going to miss something

Eric: or whatever. Yeah, because when things aren't right, you know, you know you're there with them. But you're not as Yeah,

Dave: I think we've all had a lot of time with that. We know what that feels. Like. And some of you may be feeling that that's a pain point, people. What we're talking about we're giving you guys a lot of language in a lot of things that you can talk about in videos, relating and referring to people's pain points. It really is all you gotta do is you got to look at your own life. You just have to look at your own life in order to learn how to articulate and communicate the pains that are happening in your life. Absolutely. I mean, that's what a marketer's job is. I can't just go booboo, I mean, we're not cavemen. We have to communicate. My heart is hurting because I'm away from my family every day working for a boss that doesn't appreciate me and I feel misunderstood. Do you feel like that too? Am I the only one now ? All right. And we're off to the races.

Eric:: That's it, but you got to talk to them. You can't talk about your pains. You have to talk to their pain. Because they don't. As you say, Dave, all the people out there. Don't give a flying fuck Cardinal language but don't they don't give a flying fuck about my pain and your pain. They only care about their pain.

Dave: Oh, Eric's got some hard feelings today. Let me stop my life and worry about your feelings. No, they're going I don't give a shit about how you feel. But I feel like that too. So I really and they're actually saying that but yes. What's in it for me?

Eric: That's exactly how you feel as this person not not? That's it. Yeah. What can I say man?

Dave: Look, we could have this. We could keep talking for hours but I'd like to have a second around. Come back in a month or two. We'll have Roxy reach out to you and find out how you're doing and come back and continue the conversation.

Eric: Absolutely.

Dave: If you're willing,

Eric: is always willing, you know what, you know my passion. Dave is just helping people and if coming out on a show like today, goes out and helps people even have a glimmer of hope that they can actually do something to better themselves. I'd love to.

Dave: Well, this conversation today has been way more than that. Way more than given a glimmer. I think it shined a big ridiculous spotlight on a lot of areas that might have been unclear. A lot of folks, thank you, my brother and keep up the great work and you know, I just am so happy that your story and life is turning out in a positive way and you deserve it. I mean, you're clearly a guy who is a solid good dude who takes care of his family and deserves all of the success that's coming your way, man.

Eric: Thanks. Can I just say one last thing to the audience? Dave keeps talking about being real. All right. Now, I don't know if you see what's going on behind me Dave but it's raw. I don't have a microphone. I don't have a big computer. I don't have a nice shiplap board on the wall behind me. I've got the drywall wrong but I still have to do mudding and taping here. You don't need everything in place.

Dave: Are you going to mud and

Eric: tape that? That's actually tomorrow's project brother. Okay,

Dave: well I was just wondering because now I was like this cat either just moved on from this room and said, I'm just done with it or is literally right in the middle of it. And so now I know this

Eric: actually, if you follow my pinpoint there and I'm not going to show it to you. We bought a three bedroom house. We have three kids still living at home. And my wife and I for the first couple of months were in the living room upstairs. I built a bedroom down here. And this is half of the bedroom. That's going to be my office. So I still have to have half of the room mounted and taped tomorrow. What's the other half? Next week we're going to cover everything up. Do a bit of sanding modern tape again. And man if you saw my stills Dave as a contractor, you'd laugh at me. But you know when

Dave: I'm pretty impressed that you're spearheading and leading in addition in this entire remodel. I mean,

Eric: do you know what you um, if I can, I'd like to send you a couple of pictures personally. Just a house that I rebuilt, remodeled whatever down south. Before we moved up here. I did that all by myself with my wife and on occasion her cousin who's a contractor came up and helped us. I'd like just so you can see it.

Dave: Yeah. Then the email that we've we've we've been communicating I see all those rock rocks. He just replies to those who are going to be on the show. Just send it there. I'll see him

Eric: Alright, sounds good, man.

Dave: All right, Eric. Keep up the good work brother and the best to you and your family man.

Eric: Thanks, love you guys.

Dave: See, buddy? All right, my friends. Wow. What a great conversation with a great guy. And you know you can go and follow him. Eric: W Becker 71 over on Tik Tok and joined his journey. Learn from the guy who clicked clearly. He's got a lot of skills and a lot of areas of life and now he's coming into this industry. And what I see in Eric: is something that my wife and I would like to, to, to, to cultivate in our own small children. And that is the ability to be able to get into something and get it up off the ground. You don't have to be the absolute, you know, most knowledgeable person in the world about it. You just got to know enough to be dangerous. You got to know enough to get in and get it done. And that's what I saw Eric:, I saw somebody who is not afraid to go into a new situation, a new trade, a new one and get it, you know, start to start. You don't have to be perfect. You don't have to be the most knowledgeable. You just got to get in and you got to have the skill sets to start to start my friends. That's a skill set. And he clearly has the skill set to get started. And you can figure all the rest of it out. Once you get started. You can figure it all out along the path. I promise you I'm still figuring it out. But he has the ability to get started and you can tell whether he's fixing a pizza oven, making a pizza, delivering a pizza, or adding an addition to his house. He even said it is not the best. But he's got the skill to start it. And if he runs into a problem I'm sure you can call a buddy. Hey, you know you have a problem here. Don't know what I'm doing. Right? Call somebody, you know, just like we do. I have a question. I'm right in the middle of stuff that over here on Tik Tok. Can anybody help me out with this or right? I want to do this. Let me know who has experience on this. But the question of I'm trying to get started I've not started yet. There's no it's hard to help somebody with that. It's hard to help somebody with that. It's almost impossible. But if somebody calls and says, I'm right in the middle of a shit night, I need some help. Like, you know, calming. And we'd get in there and we would figure out how to course correct or fix the situation. And that's easy. But it's hard to coach a guy or a gal who's sitting on the bench man. And Eric: is the guy that clearly likes to be on the field. So if anything, take away from the show this morning that no action, no money, no payoff happens on the sidelines. You got to get started. That's the number one skill. And once you get started, there's nothing you can or we can help you figure out. Get your asses out of here and have a fantastic Friday. Be Legendary. We'll see you back here on Monday. For another episode. Peace