Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends, Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary and I want to start off by saying how excited I am to have yet another female rock star on the show this morning. Last week we actually had all females. The entire week was all females. Okay. Right, all male rock stars. All right. And, you know yesterday of course I spoke with Eric but this morning we're back on the female bandwagon. And we are excited to welcome once again, back to the show. Camila what's going on Camila?

Camila: Good morning. Thank you so much for having me here. Again.

Dave: You're so welcome. Are you currently in Brazil? Are you in the US?

Camila: Yeah, I live in Las Vegas. Yeah, I'm in the US now.

Dave: Alright, fantastic. But yeah, you're from Brazil. Your story starts there. Give us a little background history for anybody. Who didn't catch the first episode with you? Give them a little snapshot of, you know, how you came about on, you know, into online marketing from being a nanny. And then eventually you found Legendary.

Camila: Yeah, so I'm from Brazil. And I came to the USA in 2016. I worked as a nanny for over four years, but I never wanted to be a nanny for the rest of my life. You know, even though I love kids and everything I always wanted to have my own business to work for myself, but I never I never knew what I was going to do, how I was going to do and I tried other ways to make money online. I tried drop shipping, and I did drop shipping for a while. And it was at the beginning but then I lost a lot of money. And so the last year I searched for on, on your TikTok, I saw some people talking about affiliate marketing about the challenge and things like that and that's how I ended up with Legendary Marketer but that's how I transition for many to being a digital marketer working online. And yeah, that's a I'm so happy to to share and like to talk about this because I know how powerful is to work with internet like, how powerful it how literally can change anybody's life I was lost for so long I professionally because it's really hard for you to start your wife in another country in another language. And I was so lost professionally and I didn't know because before I tried to apply for other jobs as I graduated in Business Administration in Brazil, but because I didn't have perfect English and not much experience like I struggled so bad to find another job other than being a nanny. So I was like, okay, like I must have something that I can do. And that's a little bit of my story.

Dave: So you found Legendary in July of last year. Was it June or July?

Camila: Yeah, I actually stopped, I found out in July. I remember because it was at the end of July, that was nearer to the end, and I remember because I went to LA to see my sister. And I remember doing one of the one day from the challenge in LA I was watching. So it was the end of July and I started making content.

Dave: Wow. So how has life changed for you since then?

Camila: So much because in the beginning it is kind of like you kind of Of course each person will get you will have your own results will have different experience and everything. But at the beginning it was a little bit slower. But once it starts getting going each month is like doing better and then it's like okay, if I just do this amount of money for my thing. It's gonna be good for me. I don't need more than that. And then I do that in one week or one month or one day and so oh my god this is crazy how, how the potential we have with the internet, you know, with the business model, which is actually like, it's crazy how you can scale the business. Sometimes when I talk I tell my husband because when I first started I remember when I got myself on to create my first video. He was actually because I was always a shy person like I'm not very good with cameras like I'm. I'm shy. And I got the cell phone to kind of try it. My husband saw it and he kind of made fun of me like, Are you kidding like he's gonna go to the TikTok like, he made fun of me and I said, Trust me, I know I need to do this. Like, trust me. It's okay, like, he kind of made fun of me and then like okay, so prove me wrong to then. And then now like I'm, I'm actually making more money than him and just look at these like, look how much we made today. I proved him wrong.

Dave: That must feel good. That's bitter sweet, isn't it? That's bitter sweet. I don't know if you use it. In Brazil, but bitter sweet. It's kind of yeah, it's you know, sometimes friends and family spouses and their initial reaction is like, what are you doing? Like, it's just, you know, and those opinions are powerful. They're powerful. They impact us, you know, because we want unlimited unconditional support and love from everybody and control people's actions. I think probably all of us get that and that initial reaction or most of us get that I think it's rare to find somebody who spells just from day one, especially if you're struggling financially or in life and you say, oh, yeah, hey, I'm just gonna, you know, hop on, you know, the internet. I'm gonna just, you know, start doing you know, they're not going to go oh, that's awesome. That's a great idea. Yeah, you should totally just do something that's completely out of the box and that's going to get us out of the situation. So I think it probably stops a lot of people at the beginning.

Camila: Exactly. Because also, I feel for most people it's kind of crazy to think that you actually can make money online. You actually can post a video that can change your life completely. You know, and it's kind of crazy for people to to realize this, if they don't actually believe you know, if they don't actually see working and that's not why like most of people are sometimes you post some videos something like oh, it's a scam or this and that because they don't they don't know they don't they have no knowledge. They don't have anything. So they just judge but yeah, it's powerful like the internet, it's here and can change anybody's life that actually is willing to put in the work to to study to you know, like to put the hard work.

Dave: So yeah, well that's interesting because Matt and I had noticed that you came back a little bit later and purchased the blueprints and kind of it seems like you invested in your education. What was the driving force? What made you do that?

Camila: I think one thing that I realized, like, the more the more i learned, the more I invest in my education, the more I you know, this is a business that the internet it's it's a great way for you to start to walk in to have your own online business, but it's something that's changed very quickly. You know, like, now TikTok is trending, you can hop on to things but soon, another thing is going to come and like it changed very quickly. So the more I learn, the more I invest in education, the more I will, I will learn in the skills that I I build I can apply this point a job you know, like I can I can be most of people don't know how to manage a social media account doesn't know how to drive traffic for for for the business, don't know how to do paid ads. Most people don't do that. So you'll know this excuse if you have this knowledge, but have no idea how valuable this is, you know you can either apply it to your own business or for other other things. So that's what I think. That's why sometimes people say, oh, is this for free or is this like no, if you're going to be a doctor, for example, how much will you have to invest? Like how the time you have to invest the money you have to invest everything that's the same thing. You know, like if I, if I want to become a digital marketer, if I want to become affiliate marketer I need to invest in knowledge. Nobody will get anywhere if you don't have knowledge if you don't know what you saw, how I see these things. I like investing in education and I think you build skills, you have knowledge and also you can network.

Dave: Coaching. Yeah, it's in math. Now the income disclaimer is that Camila’s results are not typical and most people who start any business who buy any information products make no money at all. I tend to believe that that's because they do nothing with it. But that's the income disclaimer. However, with that being said, you know, I would assume you've chosen the make money online niche, you are an affiliate of legendary and you're probably going to hit platinum this month. So for anybody who knows what that rank means. That's a big, big, big milestone. So I'm not going to. I'm not going to congratulate you yet because you're not there. I'll congratulate you for your I think your seven or 8x gold here. But how does it feel to be on the brink of and or already crossing six figures here with your business when you just started six months ago seven months ago or something like that? I mean, that must feel so empowering in Are you scared that you might lose it all now and that it's it's a it's a it's just, uh, you know, a hope or something? Or are you excited about the future like that, that's a big change.

Camila: Yeah, it's a big change. It's a mix of feelings because sometimes I even talk with my husband like, I don't know, I'm afraid this is just like some sort of luck that I got to like, I don't know if Disney will continue to do it. And then I put my mind, my mind so like, I'm gonna, I'm gonna keep walking. I'm gonna keep trying my best and I'm excited of course. What I like is what the future holds for me. But I just like sometimes it's yeah, it's kind of like a mix of feeling because I felt like my life now is gonna slow down or like, I'm not going to be able to keep doing these or like, I don't know, but I tried to put in my mind like what I have to do I need to just like keep learning, keep applying the knowledge and giving my best you know, like putting putting in action and I doing my best and that's what I try to do you know, like, I I tried to just think about like that.

Dave: Yeah, well, that's interesting. I asked that question. And as you were answering I thought about, you know, everybody who's who just gets started in many of you who are watching who have your own, you know, have your own. You know, have your own fears, like your your, you know, your fears, the things that you're afraid of Camila are just as powerful as the things that somebody who's just getting started are afraid of like the fear is, is equally as powerful. It's just being afraid of different things. So my point is, there's always going to be fear, fear, there's always going to be fear, right and that's I purposefully asked that question because I hoped you would be honest. And you were because we're always afraid of something. We're afraid that somebody is going to take it away. We're going to lose it. We were just lucky. So even when we become successful, there's still fear. Yeah. So when you're just getting started, you're afraid of, you know people's opinions about you or you're afraid of rejection, or you're afraid it is not like fear is ever going to go away. It's always going to be there. It's just going to change into different things. So what I've learned from talking to 1000’s in working with 1000’s of successful entrepreneurs all over the world is that it's about managing fear. It's about dealing with fear. It's not about removing fear. It's about walking through fear. It's about channeling your mess, and your fear into a message using your emotional depression or anger and turning that into passion. You know, it's transforming emotions and using them for your good instead of for your demise. Do you agree with that?

Camila: I totally agree. You know, it's like a Brazilian expression. I don't know if it's here in the USA but in Brazil we say something. If there is fear, go with fear. But don't let that fear stop you. And like I'm the perfect example for that because I am the middle child. You know, I have two more sisters, one older one younger and I am the one that was always afraid of everything. I still don't have my drivers license, but I'm facing my fear. And this year, I'm gonna get my driver's license, you know, I also have. I was always so concerned with what people will think about me, what you know, like what people will judge what they always like. I was always the girl with fear, the girl that was insecure, always. Like most people thought I wouldn't. I wouldn't like to go anywhere because the way I was until like, okay if you are afraid of people judging you, but you want to do something you want to use your social account to do create an account separate. That's what I did. I created a separate account for my personal account. Nobody needs to see what you know, like my thing so like my family and friends. So manage that, manage that feel like what people will think about you and what they fear. None of these will actually make you money, we will actually make you successful or anything like that. So that's how I learned to do it. You know, I learned how, okay, people will judge me anyways people view wherever you know, I will always have fear. But I have to go with the fear like I have to manage it. As you said it's this.

Dave: Well, an interesting test that I've done over the past year. I have not posted on my personal Facebook account. In the past year. I've only put on my personal Instagram account. I've only done the business business pages, right. So we're our business pages. So we do the show everyday live here with the Legendary Marketer. fanpage. And then we take this show and we put it out on the Wake Up Legendary podcast. We put it on YouTube. And you know what, in 2021 my income went right to the moon. It's not like I lost money. It's not like I made less money because I wasn't marketing to my friends and family. That's my you know what I mean? Like my friends, family are not gonna they don't give a shit about what I'm doing. Like the only thing I am to my friends and family is gossip. That's all I am not. They're not going to send me money. They're not going to buy my stuff because they feel like it's just how it works like they know your dirty laundry. When you know somebody personally, the more personal you are with somebody oftentimes the less business you're going to do with that. Because it becomes you know, especially if you see them all the time. You know what I mean? It's just that I got friends that asked me about business and I say I don't talk to him about it. Because I don't want to deal with the 1000 questions. I don't need to prove myself or explain myself to anybody. That's what friends want. They want to sit down and all right, tell me what you're doing, you know, as if I'm supposed to now explain myself, right. So I think what TikTok has done differently than Facebook is TikTok has allowed somebody who up until this point, TikTok and Instagram and I think YouTube as well, but has allowed people like you and I who traditionally MySpace accounts and Facebook accounts to where we could. It was only our friends and family that we could reach. Now all of a sudden you can post a video on Tik Tok and it goes on the for you page and it gets pushed out to a whole new cold audience. Yeah, that's all people. average, everyday ordinary people are getting on posting for we just saw a guy who had top front end sales the other day. He'd been posting on TikTok for 12 days. And he had a video that went viral at 1.1 million views in two or three days. And his life changed about 10 to 12 days. And then the platforms are different and it's important to understand that what's different between what we're doing and what everybody else is doing and what like a lot of us have done in the past with with kind of marketing to friends and family or doing network marketing or anything like that is we're not marketing to our friends and family are specifically creating content. That's edutainment. It's educational, and it's entertaining in using platforms that put it in front of cold cold audiences versus marketing to our friends and family. So add anything you want to what I just said. But I'd like you to tell us what you know now that you would tell yourself about marketing on TikTok, if you could take what you know now and talk to yourself on day one?

Camila:  It's funny you say that, David, because I actually get a lot of questions like people. Oh, but I don't want to mock it for my friends. I don't want to bother my friends, my family. And like I don't do that. I don't I don't bother my family at all. Like I never tried to sell anything for my family or friends. So you don't need to. If you're afraid to like your, for your family, for your friends to whatever they're going to say, create everything, everything separate. You don't wish that's the way to eat it. You have the potential to reach billions and billions of people. Like why are you gonna focus on your family and friends because actually most of the time we don't get support from them, you know, like, maybe from family but friends most of them don't want to see you like or successful or whatever. Like it's hard. It's complicated. So like that right there. 

Dave: When you start becoming more successful than they do, that's that you can, you can get up to them, but don't you dare go past them because now all of a sudden, they start feeling threatened. Yeah, a lot of people don't want to talk about that.

Camila: Yeah, it's a fact. So I create everything separately. Nobody needs you so I know not none of your friends and family. Nice to see what you are doing. You know, like, nice to know what you're doing. If you were concerned about that, and like with TikTok that's like, it's crazy. Like the guy you said in 12 days one video went viral. And that's all you need. You need one video. To go viral and you'll change your life. Like you change your life. You change everything you know, so that's the power and people are still like, concerned about starting anything like TikTok. It's the best way to start, and what I do on TikTok, I post three to five times a day, at least I try to post like three to five times a day. And I try to like to see through my feed my full you page and see videos that are when it's on fire. Oh, not only my niche, but sometimes like some other niche but I see that that kind of video went viral. So I try to apply that. Okay, so how can I take that type of video and put on my own nation and change and put like how the message I want to pass. That's what I'm doing on TikTok and one thing that I noticed is sometimes some accounts on TikTok, for some reason never goes like it never grows. You know?  I don't know if that content is already created or banned or something like that, but some accounts never seem to grow. So that's why I always recommend and tell people to have another account and have a second account because sometimes you can do the same exact video you send like you use the same hashtag and everything the same. And the goal is different for each account. So that's like, I think it's important to like you have at least more than one because sometimes it does like it changes like how they deliver their content. It's different accounts. 

Dave: Well you practice what you preach you guys can follow Camila on TikTok and also on TikTok and Instagram. The first one is @Brazilianbossbae. 

Camila: Yeah, it's my TikTok but my Instagram now I changed the user name because I changed my link. So my Instagram is @wealthmente. In Brazilian mente means mind. I put wealth mind like that because I wanted to bring some culture and like a part of me and I always want to like bring some Brazilian culture into my life. 

Dave: That's really cool. Definitely. So you're not you're not emotionally attached to any account. You just have accounts if you use them. And if you lose one or one loses steam, it's not like you know, that was my baby. It's an account. 

Camila: For Instagram. I just have my personal account and the professional account that is the wealth manager for Instagram. I don't I don't get super attached to accounts. I still didn't like to lose them completely. There were some accounts that it was like every video was getting taken down. And even though I didn't, I didn't do anything wrong today. I'm not like doing anything that is against the guidelines. But for some reason like when it comes to algorithms and like a computer. You can't rely on these sometimes like they check to take down the video. That's why I appealed and can't put it back so while like if you have a business account you need to have a backup. So if I was okay, I already did once I can do twice, I can do it another time. 

Dave: And if you've saved all your content you might even have more growth the second time. Somebody had commented Wow. I never thought about being emotionally attached to my account. But I think we get emotionally attached to our our businesses and the things that are inside of our businesses, the social media profiles, you know, we act as if they're our children, we act as if we're they're our husbands or wife's like we're going to be married to them for the rest of our lives. No, you're likely going to lose it. You know, you should go into it thinking like that. So if you ever do lose it, not like this big heartbreak, you know, emotionally shattering thing. It's just okay, it hurts. That sucks. I didn't want that to happen. Oh, and I'm going to move forward and this is not going to keep is not going to hold me down. You know, because I'm not so emotionally attached to my account. I think I think again, going back into managing our emotions, managing how we, how we see ourselves, how we see the business. And it's the dynamics, it's the mechanics is what everybody thinks of the businesses, but it's only a part of the business. The mechanics is only the tip of the iceberg. It's what most of us see. So we think that's the entire business. You know how to set up your funnel, how to, you know, set up connectors. The third part of the iceberg that you don't see that's below water is how do we manage our emotions, our mindset, our psychology, and then how do we influence others? Because we know ourselves, you know, and we understand human nature and we're aware of our own emotions and how we're feeling about things. So we then are able to communicate in a way that other people can relate to and identify with, that's the larger part of this business and being successful with it and I think any business and and I think something simple like asking your yourself and emotionally attached to my social media account is a good way to just kind of gauge you know, how, where are you at emotionally if you lost that social media account, would it break you, you know, would it emotionally break you or would you be able to have you saved your content? Have you saved all your videos? Would it hurt? And then would you be able to move on either that day or the next? I think that's a quick little way to gauge where your emotions are at, are they in a healthy place to where sure something like that is definitely going to hurt. But you're able to move on or are you so are you so I think another way to put this is I'm so I'm so focused on the outcome. And the truth is that you can't really control the outcome. When you create a piece of content or you create an ad, you post it. You can't control the outcome. The market does what they want with it. They either love it or they hate it. And so then you keep creating until you get a winner. But yeah, troll how people react to your stuff. So I think if I asked myself am I emotionally attached to my social media account? I can also then ask myself am I emotionally attached? Am I Am I you know, am I my Am I basing how I feel on how people react to my content? Because if they don't like my first few videos that I put out, am I good? Just going to tell myself Well, I must suck might as well not even try. We all suck at the beginning. Every successful business was turned down dozens or hundreds or 1000s of times at the beginning or they failed hundreds of times at the beginning. And the successful ones are those who were not attached to the outcome, but kept trying and putting new ideas in front of customers until it finally took off. Do you agree with that?

Camila: Totally agree that's that's the difference. I think for people who actually get there, and like for people like don't make whatever it's like be consistent. Like some people who started the TikTok and like some videos like don't grow, don't go viral or anything and say okay, this is not for me and they try it and they drop it you know at the beginning my videos my I still think my videos were not very good. But I just like I'm just gonna keep you know, like, when you work for yourself, when you have your own business you work for yourself. That's how we need to learn that you know, you're the one who needs to show up your videos. are not going, you're not going via your content or whatever is not working. You are responsible for that. You are the one who needs to be okay. So what can I do differently? This one went by this one performed better like why did it perform better? You know, like you are responsible, you need to show up every day because some people also like to post one video today and another video two days later. It doesn't have any constants. Like results come with consistency, you show up every day. You take a walk every day, you learn everyday life, you know, that's how I see and that's what we need to do. If you are working for yourself, nobody you don't have like somebody Oh, for yo Joshua last time we were count you know? Oh, you just like you're the one who needs to work okay. I lost the account. I did one time. I'm gonna do it again. What can I do differently?

Dave: Yeah, it's nobody's. I think the big message that everybody needs to really kind of take this in is that nobody's coming to rescue you. But he's coming to rescue you. If you want to be a part of this community, then we welcome you in. But even we're not going to come to your house every morning. Jam, get out of bed. It's time to get up. Get to your computer. You know, open up your laptop. No, we can't do that. You know, the government's not coming to rescue you. Even in America, the American dream, you know where even the government here they're not coming to rescue you. In hundreds of millions of people over the last 18 months. Their own boss, their own company, their own employer called them non essential where they were considered non essential in that home by the government and by the companies. Right? So nobody's coming to rescue you. And if we're not convinced of that, now, after what's happened over the last almost two years, then I'm not sure anything can convince you. You know, I'm not, I'm not really sure anything can convince you, you know? I used to talk, you know, five years ago, six years ago, I'd say the internet's the future you need to have at least at minimum if you have a nine to five job with a big corporation you at least at a minimum need to have a passive or active second stream of income, preferably. From online and everybody said Oh, Dave Come on, get a job you know, get a real job. Get a real gig. You know, I'm focused. You know, I'm focused on the future. I'm focused on pension plans, 401ks and the future that you're focused on? Well, then this thing comes in March of 2020. And everybody gets sent home. And now all of a sudden, work from home, everybody understands that term now? Yeah, well, what everybody wants to do now. Everybody wants to work on their own in their own clothes, too. If they're not working online, if you haven't found a way to earn money online. What most people are doing is they're driving Ubers and they're delivering food and basically their their, their pizza boys. They're basically delivering food, keeping people in burgers to people, and thank God for that for a lot of people. Thank God for Uber and Lyft and DoorDash and bite squad and UberEATS thank God for that. Because of that, you know that what we call the gig kind of jobs, you know, are at least a little bit closer to working from home but you're still not there. Right? You're still not in full control. So I think that it's really important for us to understand that. What happened in the last almost two years is likely going to happen again. I don't know if it's going to be the same exact thing. But we're not out of this yet. People are still being sent home. You think it's over and all of a sudden it's not over. There's another variant, there's another new wave. So, you know, right now is really a time to Wake Up Legendary and understand that nobody's coming to rescue you. Camila, thank you for coming on the show. Again, leave us with some final thoughts here. And just so you know, I really appreciate your time. 

Camila: Thank you so much, David for having me here. And that's what I think it is like, everything is online, the company, the business that's not doesn't have a presence online. It's gonna be out of business as soon as an Internet by now and it's the future like and people need to wake up and actually take advantage of this. You know, there's so many ways out there and like, internet, it's so much easier for you to start and create independence like this. That you know, you can work for yourself, you can be responsible for yourself because as you said, like nobody's gonna rescue it's you, and you, and if you're not going to put in the work if you're not gonna wake up every day and put in the work. Nothing's gonna happen. So like, you're the one who needs to, you know, to carry yourself and come to rescue yourself. And that's it then. Thank you so much for this amazing, amazing opportunity for creating this amazing program that's changing so many lives and including mine. 

Dave: Thanks for seeing the vision and thanks for you know, bring in your culture and your wonderful energy into our community and onto the show. It's appreciated that diversity is important here. We want people to see themselves on the show we want people to see themselves when they watch videos we don't want it to all just be guys are all just be white guys are all just be you know, we want it there to be a a an assortment of different cultures and different skin colors in different religions and different you know sexes and all this that we want. We want a wide variety of diversity here. And you bring such an important piece of both your gender, but also your Brazilian culture. So thank you so much. And I look forward to round three real soon. 

Camila: Yeah, me too. Thank you so much, David, thank you.

Dave: I'll talk to you soon. All right, my friends. Brazilians, as Camila said, Do rock. Alright, so please go to the show Camila. Show your support for her on her TikTok on her Instagram. You know, she's got a wonderful accent. My Brazilian accent sucks. So, you know, it's hard for me to pronounce even her wealth mente, but I think that's how she pronounced it or it's pronounced in Brazil. My friends, it's Tuesday. It's January 4 2022, four days into the brand new year. So much time, so much time to make this the most successful, profitable, prosperous year of your life. Please take your education, take your time, take your future seriously. And if you have not made a powerful decision to get started and to take action, after so many people each and every day that we bring on the show are given real life testimonials. With no scripts, no BS, all real. Gosh, man, I just invite you to, you know, drink some coffee, wake up, you know, wake up, look around, understand what's happening inside of our marketplace in our country in our world right now. And then save yourself for God's sakes. You know, save yourself. Don't rely on anybody else to do it for you or be in control of your future. Save yourself develop the skills that you need to be able to be independent not not dependent. Be Legendary. Get out of here have a fantastic Tuesday and we'll talk to you all tomorrow.