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Below is the transcription for Wednesday's episode:

Matt: Hey, welcome in, Happy Wednesday, good to see you. Daniel Vega is in the house. What's going on? Daniel, good to see you. Who else we got in here? Where are you guys tuning in from? Happy Wednesday. Good to see you. We're back here. We've been here live every single weekday 10am Eastern, we go live on these things. And typically Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday is Dave, Dave Sharpe. And my name is Matt. I'm the CMO here at Legendary and I host on Wednesdays and occasionally other days if Dave's you know, out on blinks golfing or hanging with his kids or maybe taken Erin on a long weekend or something like that, but typically I'm hosting every Wednesday and then I do a little fill in here. There. We got Daytona Beach, we got Texas, Puerto Rico, Jersey’s in the house warehouse. PA, South Africa. Hey, I'm on the go today. So I'm on my phone. As you can see if you can give me a little thumbs up and just confirm that my audio is coming through really clearly. That helps me just know that hey, you can hear me. You can see me Okay, Mason, what's up North Dakota. I'm from South Dakota, my wife’s from North Dakota. Love the Dakotas. Just not the wintertime man. It's so damn cold down there. Up there. I shouldn't say down there up there. So I moved to Phoenix. But anyway, a different story for a different day. Hey, welcome in. We do these things live. For those of you who just got here with us. There's lots of people tuning in. Lots of people are joining us right now. I am live. I'm on the go right now. So as you can see, I'm not really in my office. But hey, it's 2021, 2020 was the year and change of COVID. And everybody's just working from anywhere, right? So who gives a crap. So we're just pumped that you're here, we do these live again, like I wouldn't be hanging out right here. If we weren't live. This is not pre recorded. And we come on, we get real guests who have either taken our challenge or, you know, bought our blueprints or whatever and went on to have success in affiliate marketing or digital marketing summer and coaching and consulting like those people. We've had people purchase our training and grow their hypnosis businesses. We've had people purchase our training, our blueprints and go create Relationship Coaching businesses. So if you're here and you're wondering, Is this just a buy it so I can sell it? You know, just become an affiliate? No, that's not the case. Any type of digital business you want to grow, whether it's selling other people's products as an affiliate, making your own digital products, coaching, consulting, or even events and masterminds. We have training for it. And we want to help you grow what you want to grow, not what we want to grow. Right. So we're just so pumped that you're here and that you're tuning in with us. I want to bring on our guests today, all the way from the UK. His name's James. James, are you out there my brother? 

James: Yeah. Hello. 

Matt: So am I correct that you're from the UK? Yes. London. I wanted to make sure I didn't botch that. So cool. You're 23, you're basically a graphic designer. Are you doing that freelance by yourself or you work for a company or tell us a little

bit about that? 

James: No. So at the moment, I work for a kind of a full service design agency. We work in a small team of people. And I said build websites, great graphic design branding, wherever it's included. And I do that as my nine to five But then I also do my affiliate stuff on the side.

Matt: Cool. That pays the bills, and then you've got all your other side. hustles going on the side. Yeah, pretty much. Nice. Okay, cool. Do you. How do you feel about your job? That's always something that I'm curious about and are interested in. Did you get this job? By you know, sort of going to like University and getting a degree in that or did you kind of learn it yourself? Do you enjoy it? Tell us a little bit about how you know your interactions with your job.

James: Yeah, so graphic design I learned in school, I started doing it in school. And then I chose to take up university as well. I finished university pretty much a year ago. Today, today, yeah, pretty much like two days or something. Yeah. And then I did it. During my time at university, we had a thing in the UK. I don't know if you have it in America where you can take a year out to work. It's called a placement. You know, I'd call that a gap year. Yeah. So it's like a gap year. So we, I took a year out to work for this company. And then once I finished my placement, I had to go back to uni for a year. But they offered me a full time contract for once I finished my degree. And so I'm now back with a company that I did the previous year. Nice.

Matt: Awesome. Very cool. I like that whole idea of a gap year. I don't know if I've just always been a big fan of that. I'm also just a big fan of people, you know, doing whatever they want to do. But I don't know. I wish I had. So you're in, you're in sort of your nine to five. You have that? Are you mostly working from home right now? I'm guessing?

James: Yeah. Yeah. So in the UK, we're in very kind of strict lockdown rules at the moment where you're not really allowed to work in the office. So I do have an office. It's not far from me. But at the moment, I just worked at my home office. 

Matt: Okay, cool. Awesome. That productivity level just went down a little bit, right? Well, it's like, I don't know, it's just interesting. It's just interesting. I feel like my observation of the world is, I don't know, it's a fascinating time, like, my observation of most of the world is that people have largely continued with their level of productivity, or their level of sort of efficiency that they had before it. But I feel like globally, it's gone down a little bit. And I feel like, but the interesting piece, too, and you should, I don't know if you can speak to this, but I also have friends who, when they, when COVID hit, and they, they sort of got sent home, right. And then suddenly, they didn't have this black and white difference between their work and their life. And they started doing work at weird times throughout the day and their work life has bleed into their personal life. And they didn't really set hard boundaries. Like I've been working from home for a long time. So that's actually been part of my life for a really, really long time. But I have friends and I know people and there's articles, a wall street journal article just came out yesterday about how, like, people are just quitting their jobs, because they can't handle setting the boundaries. They don't know how they don't have the skills, they don't know, people are just quitting. They're just like, Alright, I can't do this.

James: A lot of people are doing that as well. Now, what I think is quite good about my generation. In particular, if people don't enjoy their jobs, they won't stick to that job for 20 years. They're just going, they just don't need it, then I'm just gonna go find something better, which I think it's great for everyone. And anyone that can do that is at a very privileged level. 

Matt: Yeah. So All right, we got nine to five. Now we've got sort of the whole affiliate thing. We've also, just for everybody who's watching we do a short little short little, like Question and Answer thing in the form of a, I don't know what you would call this like a survey for our guests before they come on, just to give us a little background on them. And you said that you're done with a Pokemon channel on TikTok, which I freaking is just like, dude, Pokemon is like total total resurgence right now. And people are talking about, you know, the values and things like NFT's or digital art, stuff like that. And for some reason, I've just seen Pokemon around a lot more. But anyway, tell us a little bit about that as sort of your first was that your first sort of venture into content creation?

James: Yeah, I think so. I've done a few little bits on YouTube in the past on various channels, but never stuck to it. But I really committed to this Pokemon kind of TikToks I love Pokemon when I was younger, and I got on the bandwagon just before it started becoming big again I'd say it probably began maybe like eight months ago. So I started the channel maybe a couple of months before the big boom where I basically just created content because opening packs and stuff on video. And it was crazy like the responses I was getting. I had companies approaching me asking me to become effectively an affiliate for them if I promoted their stuff if they sent me stuff as well. I'd open it on camera for the and it was really successful and probably the most kind of gratifying thing for me. TikTok in general is with YouTube, it's all about kind of subscribers and average views, but Tick tock, you never really know what is going to happen with a video. So you can post if you posted the exact same video five times, you get five completely different sets of new counts, one would get like 1,000,000 and 1 would get 500 views and it was crazy. But I managed to start a series that I haven't seen anyone else doing because there was a few kinds of Pokemon craze at the time. And I started this one series, and it was completely original, I came up with a clip of myself and I was averaging so many views. And there were channels with 200,000 more followers than me. And my numbers were just blowing them out the water just because I have this, like I had this original concept. And then it got to like December this year. And I decided to kind of stop because, well one the money even though it wasn't investment, I think I spent maybe like two $300 in the end. And now that collections work like four or 5000. But continuing to invest in it is so expensive at the moment. It's ridiculous. So it got burned. I was like, I can't. I don't want to feasibly do this at the moment until I've built some other forms of income. Even though I was getting sent stuff, I wasn't getting sent the expensive stuff, like the ones that are gonna go up in value quickly. So I kind of call it quits on that. But the second I call it quits on it. No joke, literally, I was going through my sixth off like a couple of weeks later, every other typical channel had taken the series that I started and they were all doing it. But all of them because they don't notice I've stopped that loaning side privatizing videos. And literally all my feed was filled up with this series outside. And that was like, it didn't bother me at all. I was happy for people to use it. But that was quite like, Wow, I've actually made an impact on this whole community. Because it's people from everywhere in the world doing it. 

Matt: That's crazy. That's really cool. That's really cool. I love it. So that's your first step into the world of content creation, you come up with an original idea, it blows up, you're doing well. Now you're shorter and have shifted into content creation a little bit in the make money, online space, stuff like that. But you wanted to title this so this is so cool and curious to me. You want it to be titled today, how to get your first 10,000 subscribers on social media, which I am a follower, right on social media. So I just want to get into that. But first, I want to make sure that the people and I're going to drip this out for people but the people who are here with us live this morning, if you can comment that you're ready, because we're going to dive into exactly what this title is. For today's show. We're going to dive into how to get your first 10,000 subscribers and I want to see a lot of engagement. We got quite a few people here who were alive. There's gonna be a lot of people who watch him say a recording, typically a couple 1000 but for everybody who's here, Sarah is ready. Okay. Who else Roy is ready. Jill is ready, Amanda, Megan Laurie? Okay, Kathy, what's up? Kathy? Good to see it. William Baggett, Frank. Okay. I just want to make sure everybody's like, just ready for it. Because I don't want you to miss it. Because this guy James is, he's got it kind of figured out here. And you could probably take some really great little nuggets. All right, James. I think they're ready, man. So let's, let's unpack it, I might have a few things to add or, or drizzle in or whatever. Consider whatever I add to sort of the icing on the cake. But you're gonna bring the cake here today because most people here have maybe very few followers or a few followers or whatever. Like, tell us just if you're starting over again from zero, and you're like, Alright, my goal I want to get to 10,000 what are you going to do? How are you going to hack that when you titled this what was in your mind?

James: So kind of to give a bit of background I've on TikTok now I've gone over the 10,000 mark three times of freedom. And I've also mentioned on a few private Instagram accounts that I use separate but also just not for legendary. But if I speak to that I want to talk specifically on Tick Tock because that's where I feel I have the best knowledge and I feel that that's where a lot of people are now promoting.

Matt: Yeah. And our show is sort of what's working right now. So I agree, let's go into TikTok because it's obviously working right now.

James: Yeah, I would say to what the most moment of interest to me personally, those two I've seen the most engagement. Obviously they're two free forms of traffic. So I would say that I think it's easy for me to say what I see people doing wrong. within their first couple of months or sometimes weeks, you see people adjust. But often, the first 1000 followers is definitely the hardest. But what I see a lot of people doing wrong is they see channels, bigger channels. For example, in the UK, I'd probably say there's only me and maybe two other people that have channels kind of above 44,000 or something like that. Now, I see a lot of people just copy what we've done. And that's absolutely fine. Like I did the same, that it's okay to make the same videos, a bigger channel, if that's full. One out of every three videos, unions come into that your own that you've come up with, you've found the treadmill TikTok, and you forgot how to turn this into a brilliant thing. And even if it doesn't perform well, doing that, one video can be copied the next two half the original. So I kind of have a two on one policy is what I've tried to stick by.

Matt: Yeah, I would. I would typically tell people to go and bookmark and actually look up TikTok on your computer, don't worry, you can do it on your phone too. But on your computer and actually bookmark videos from people that you respect or people that are in your niche, maybe it's health and fitness, right? Go find health and fitness, or on the decade in a day, what we teach, what I teach is go to channels, like if you're in the dog training niche, or if you're in the health and fitness or if you're like a relationship dating coach, go find people in that niche and actually bookmark all their videos that are above let's say 100,000 views or a million views, if they're a really big channel, and bookmark them. And then Canada and then sort them in the folder that you have them on your browser, right bookmarked, and sort them by the most to the least viewed. And just watch them and unpack and take notes on the formula, just for those high watched videos and see what they do and actually become a student of their content. And then what you'll find is, the more that you sit there and just you got a notebook open, and you can write down, okay, the first 10 seconds, here's what they do the 10 seconds to 20 seconds they're doing this, and you'll see you'll be able to become sort of a content. I don't want us to be a curator, but like a student of content, and then you can create your own stuff. See what you're saying, though, study those things. Maybe if you're going to take like let's say, I go into the relationship and dating niche, right? And I want to be a dating coach to dudes who can't find a date, right? They're just, they just, they've been stuck for five years, and they just can't land the day, right? And it seems like every girl is saying no, they're doing something wrong. So they go in, and they find another person in that niche they find and that person has a video that's 2.6 million views, right? What you're saying is, hey, literally go grab that video, make it your own. But you can take the exact formula second by second and recreate that video and change out a few things, but there's nothing proprietary about that video. Nothing.

James: Look 100%you can do that. That is what I would encourage people to do because we Tik Tok there are certain things that work better than others. So for example, movement at the start of the video tends to do better. Usually saying some sort of tagline along the lines. Here are three reasons why and then have a little right and the last one is very important. So people have to stick around because we think what a lot of people don't realize, like it doesn't really matter. They don't really matter. The two things that are the most influential are the watch time and the comments, watch. So if you want to encourage people to comment, and you need people to watch depending on how long the video is, you need to watch. So what I what I've heard from personal experience on my channel, I sometimes get a little bit of stick from people like Why don't you post longer videos when you do this once you do that is because tendency is the longer you post the video, the worse it's going to perform just purely because of WhatsApp which is fine. But it's very, I'd say it's very important to get caught up in the view on TikTok because I have so many examples. Not specifically on my boyfriend. I can use something on my family now. Well actually another video I had on another channel that I have performed. I gained from one affiliate pose. I think he got something like 800,000 views from that. I gained 30,000 followers from one video, but then recently on my current affiliate channel, all things affiliate. I have a video that 1.4 million it probably gave me about $1,000. So it really depends, like, how you encourage people to follow you, how you encourage people to interact with your content. And I know it sounds really bad. But I deliberately tried to annoy people. Yeah. Like, I know, it sounds horrible, but I'm British, I don't really care what people because we have quite thick skin, you know, we have dark humor, a very thick skin, I couldn't care less on the podium, if I wind them up, I'll use it to my advantage because, for example, one of my videos got 800,000, but on my current affiliate Channel, as well, and on that video, probably 50% of the comments, were just people getting angry at me because they miss understood the job. But I deliberately wrote the job, because I knew that they would misunderstand it. So I've done a bit of reverse psychology. So once I explained it to them, they were fine once I'd put it in the comments, because I know that that's fine. But this is after they commented, and once they comment, then it gets pushed out to more people. So then they're not angry with me, they realize I'm actually not being horrible. They then told me that the video did really well, that the video was probably just a legendary marketer making over $1,000 just for one video, because the interaction was so good. And I tend to find that when I annoy people, it seems to perform better for the video. So it seems to help with interaction, because every five people that post a comment, one other person will probably buy the product. That's the way I like to look at it. And as long as you can take that and have a thick skin about it. You just gotta remember that. You're never gonna meet these people. They're never going to affect your life that much.

Matt: Right. Yeah. Yeah, on the note of like, so annoying people is one way to do that. But also having weird quirky things in your video. So for instance, Scott Austin. I was looking through his channel, he's an affiliate marketer, and he had this one video, the most viral video that he ever did. And it is, Are you familiar with the service called Fiverr? Yeah, okay. So it's spelled Fiverr right? In the video, he purposefully says, he's unpacking, like how to create a T-shirt design company, right? And he, he, purposefully says five r r com. Rather than saying Fiverr. And, and his comments, I think, the amount of comments that were like, Did you hear what he just said? Or like, it was just like his comments were flooded with crying, laughing emojis, and all of the people just blowing up his comments, because he did that on purpose. But people were like, are you serious?

James: He made mistakes as well. Yeah. Yeah, he made a mistake, an obvious one. Yeah. And people will comment you spell this wrong, or you know how to spell this. You might make this much money, but at least I know how to spell the Thank you. I now that I have your bank account. 

Matt: Right? Exactly, exactly. And I struggle with that a lot. So this is the lessor for made. And I'm proud of that again. That's a lesson for me because I'm like a perfectionist. And I like to see everything and just perfect little spaces in order and design and everything. And, and one lesson that I've learned from Dave is that this also works in copywriting and sales pages. Typically, a sales page that is designed perfectly has everything in perfect rows and boxes and everything converts way less, like infinitely less than a sales page that has things that are a little bit quirky, or maybe like weird language are kind of out of whack and they're highlighted in weird bold colors and just that kind of stuff. It's the same thing. It catches somebody ‘s engagement. It's not that we're getting measured or anything but it captures somebody's attention. It's the same psychology that you're talking about. That's so fascinating. And I yeah, work so it definitely works. I know it works because what I did as an example one Thursday on our business blueprints webinar, is I took that video, and I posted it to a different channel, I took it and I made the video while I was live demoing it for people. And I posted it to my own channel. I was like, I'm gonna remake this video, watch this. And I did five things. And then I got this was this was the, I want to say maybe like the 10th video on the channel, there were less than 100 followers. And that video alone got 354,000 views over the course of three months, and it was like hooked up to some random affiliate offer or something Sales still came in through that offer months down the road. It's just insanity. But I love what you said there first about creating one that's sort of modeled after somebody else's successful videos. And then for the other two, what kind of stuff do you do?

James: I would literally take any sort of trend, any sound that's currently trending because it obviously takes off, it's so important to get on the trends early. I would make a sound and it might take me all day to think about it. I'll just sit there and think, how can I turn this into something about the $7 course or just something about affiliate marketing in general? Because that's, that's another thing like, now that I'm on none, I'm on a roll. Another thing I see, I feel like a lot of people make mistakes is they only post videos where they're like, this course is $7 buy this course for $7 Wireless cost $7. Why does this cost $7? And it's like, Whoa, right? Chill, posts, maybe post a funny video, that has nothing to do with affiliate marketing. Just to get your traffic. I know that tik tok is based on niches. And it's important to attract your niche and not random people. But maybe post an informative video, and then post a funny video. I don't want to see at the end of every single one of your videos in the link now, because it was very thin very quickly. Like I think I probably only say check the link in my bio. I actually went to a stage a couple weeks ago, where I didn't say it like weeks, I'm still converting, I was still getting conversions every day. But I didn't have to say it. And it's because once you say that I think a lot of people sometimes are a bit like am I missing my best ever converting video that made me quite a lot, probably like nearly $2,000 in a couple of days. Who didn't even mention my bio dimensioning I just said like, what you could and then set it that I wasn't like don't care about go follow me go do this, you don't need to. It's important to relate with people and give yourself a personality rather than always come across. Like you're just trying to force a product down someone's throat. 

Matt: Yeah, of course, like one of probably one of the most successful, really influential content creators that's in our community is a guy, his name is Calvin Hill. And he spoke at one of our most recent masterminds, and he's never doing that weird, like, buy from my link and purchase from my link. Like, he's just thoughtfully creating really powerful content. And, and people see that and have a level of respect that they don't have when you're just $7 and you got to buy it right now. Come on, buy it, go, go go go go, it's like water, like, you sound like a used car salesman, like sign on the dotted line, sign all the data, like come on, come on, you know, like, it's like, took my keys and my my cell phone and your you know, holding me hostage until I bought and and you're more likely also to get social media channels shut down by doing that too, because people are going to start reporting you as spam. And your channels are probably going to get shadow banned, too. Because people are going to constantly report your stuff. And then they're like, Look, you're creating a bunch of shit that people don't even like. People are just angry about it or upset or they think you're spamming them or something. So you're totally right, on creating content that's actually engaging. And the thing that people don't realize, this is the big thing that I feel like people do not realize is that when you create this content that goes viral, that has nothing to do with your offer, it might have something to do with your niche. It might be creative and fun and have to do a little bit with your niche, you're going to drive so much traffic, because you're going to get so many views like people don't understand the volume of traffic that will happen naturally and organically. Just from creating content that's creative. And actually, like we call it edutainment creative content. That's totally entertaining. But also you can sprinkle in a little bit of education in there where people are like, Damn, like that was actually that was really interesting. But also like, that was funny like this guy's that's the kind of person somebody wants to buy from. It's something we teach in our attraction code. It's something that Dave's been teaching for years and years and years is like people don't want to buy from scammy losers they don't want to buy from people who are influential, who give off sort of a vibe and a feel of like, hey, this person doesn't need me. They're not craving my purchase. They're just here to share awesome content and I'm here to watch it by shift. Yes, that's the reality. I think that's kind of like you're getting that.

James: Yeah. 100% I think it's important also, that you plan, that if you're a talker in particular, you should plan what you're going to post and when you're going to post it. So, for example, when I posted one video, if I'm being completely honest, as a TikToker, I know when one of my posts isn't great. And I know when I have a feeling I'm like, I think this one might blow up once you consistently start getting the 20-30k videos, and then the occasion to entertain and the occasional a underpay whatever, you start to get a gauge of what you think will actually perform well. Don't get me wrong, sometimes one that you don't think will do well, well, and then one you do think will do well. But you do start to get a bit of a knack for it. And it's okay to not post content that you think is gonna blow up like, personal recently, I've been so busy, I'm really struggling with creativity. So my recent few posts have been so average, and I've not really, I've not expected them to do well, like my, my partner will be like, Oh, it's got 500 views in five minutes. Oh, that's really good. I might Don't worry or fall off. Like it won't. Because I know, I know, I know, having worked and I know from the early interactions help form. But what I would say is, if you're going to post something, either once people are or use the five, our tactic or some other new thing, right, this he gets several 100,000 have a educational video to post straight after that gives a snippet of information. So one of my videos got kind of like 800k. And that was just me talking about setting up a $3,000 funnel. And that blew up that did really, really well. And then loads of people come in and show us and show us and you don't show us anything. And then I was at like my recent post. And then I did a whole video. Like in 60 seconds I showed up to show how to suffer the entire Pinterest funnel niche. And it was one of the hardest who knows I've ever had to make. Because it was so fast. Yeah, I'll post that straight after. And that video also did extremely well, because all these people were then looking at our page. And then they were like, Okay, this guy posts educational stuff. You don't have to tell them everything. You want to tell them and then go to a service or product to learn more. And more. Matt: Yeah, so then when they go to your service product to learn more, that's when you make yourself we're giving away a snippet of information to then encourage them to take a package of information is better than not giving them anything and expecting them to buy the full thing.

That's marketing, baby. That's marketing. And some people go too far. The other route, they give away everything I give away. Okay, well, I got everything I need here. 

James: Yeah. And you're definitely not going to sell anything. So what it's not to help people, but you're in the affiliate business to make money out of it. At the end of the very sorry. 

Matt: Yeah. Wow. Fascinating. Man. That's so fascinating. There's a question down here. I wanted to just answer it if we can. Brian wanted to know, do you storyboard or write things down? Do you use a teleprompter or anything like that?

James: Occasionally I wouldn't say I storyboard. I would say if I hear a sound in the day, like for example, if I've got my notes, now, I write down the kind of sound and then instantly think of Oh, I could potentially use like. So like I've got all these notes here that are all kinds of sounds and video ideas that I can then make later in the day. But that's about as far as it goes. If I instantly think okay, that sound I could say this to it. I'll just write that sentence down just so I remember it for later. Because I don't know if I always will, because I obviously work full time. So I don't use a teleprompter because I'm quite good at it. I don't make too many mistakes. I'm speaking it doesn't usually take too many attempts. I would say it's better to go kind of naturally anyway, I feel like if you're reading off a teleprompter all the time, it comes across a bit. It's a really long piece. But the good thing about TikTok is you can film five seconds here 10 seconds there 15 seconds, and just move about a little bit. It's not good to just kind of brighten the camera but today I'm going to show you how to set up a funnel and then hit upon $1,000. It doesn't work. It's better if you're here, and then you're here and then you're here like instantly perfect to keep people engaged and when you're doing things. And then you don't have to remember long sentences you just have to remember you have to remember a sentence, sentence, sentence. So it's like if no one's more TikTok and look at my videos. I very Rarely speak for longer than like 10 seconds. Yeah, totally. It's just quick, like snapping them out.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. And I tell people, like when I'm doing those kind of videos, I tell people, give them a quick little hook five to, like, it should be five seconds max, like, Hey, I'm going to show you how to blah, blah, blah, in less than a minute. Here we go. And then get into step one. And like, each of those should be their own little five to 10 seconds snippet, like 10 seconds, Max. Yeah, like, five seconds is like step one, go here. Step two, do this. Step three, step four, Step five, Step six. And then and then you can do a quick like, like and follow for more, or you can just leave it, you can just cut it off at the end. And I even tell people to, at the very end of your video, have that cut as quick as you can on the last word that you say so that the video restarts quickly. And people don't swipe. Because if you have this, like three seconds, like thanks for watching my video, we're only conditioned to do, they're conditioned to swipe, they're going to go to the next video. Amanda is curious if you follow? Do you follow people back? Do you get a combo with them? Do you think it's, uh, do you do much engagement like that people are always wondering.

James: I did for a while. I did quite a few kinds of comment 5k and follow me and I'll send you a message where I would then push people. And that sounds okay, for getting followers and stuff. Maybe he'll open the doors. I don't follow too many things right now, just because my channel at the moment in particular, it's really hard to keep track of, I don't know, like, every time I go on it, I'll have like some videos I posted two months back, and then I'll have followers in there and everywhere. And it's just a bit like, okay, who do I follow? Who don't I follow? I think if people ask me questions, so if people comment on my video and ask me a specific question that I can't really answer in the comments, I will then follow them. Message him directly.

Matt: Oh, okay. Okay, cool. I think I think kind of what she may have been getting out there is like, sometimes people are like, sometimes people are like, after you post a video you should go like and follow other videos so that you get on the for you page more something like that. Like there's these weird theories. I tell people you can give me your feedback on what you think. But I just tell people to look at all that's bullshit. All that matters is your video, your content, that's all that matters. If you nail the video, you nail the content, it's engaging and you sort of hit the algorithm right where it needs to be hit. You get a lot of like reset comments, you get a lot of engagement, you get a lot of view time that video is going to go and your channel is going to go regardless of anything else that you're doing in terms of like, Oh, are you liking are you going live? Are you doing a creator account? Are you doing a business account? I've blown up accounts with one or two videos. I've taken over 10,000 followers with one single video. And it was in the manifestation and spirituality. It was one video I went to that has 3 million followers. I found their most viewed video and was like, oh, okay, I'll get a different background. And I'll put different text on this video, but it was just using his cell phone. And it just blew up you know, it's like this is just this is not rocket science here. This is just finding something successful. And modeling is the same thing people do in the stock market. There's people on TikTok who model the stock choices of politicians and CEOs of huge companies and because of our Patriot Act in the United States that has to be made public. So everybody can see the stock choices of people who are in the Senate, the House of Representatives, and then they just copy them because these people were insiders.

James: I completely agree with you about the whole following and liking other content is similar like that's all how things work synced up puts out your video in the first 20 minutes to a handful of people depending on how they want these four levels to take off. That's how the videos work. There's four levels sometimes your video will skip if you have a video that suddenly 3000 in the first half hour is because TikTok has let you skip the first three levels and depending on how it performs on that level that will depend where it goes viral and it's informed very well that's why some videos I put videos on my wall and then it stop.

Matt: And then it fizzles yeah, before you go into the four levels. I'm with you in my mind on what those are but everybody Your might not be one of those four levels just real quick.

James: Don't think you can quote me on that. But I think it's so the first one is the first handful, it sends it out for about 200 people. Yeah, it's like 200. It's like 200 people, and then depending on how they perform, it will then send them out, then since 2000, and then that's kind of where for the first two hours, then after that two hours, depending on how it performs, he will then hand it out to kind of 10,000 men, depending on how it performs there, it will then go out to 200 to 200,000 bucks. That's usually how the videos perform. 

Matt: Yeah, and a lot of people in our community, a lot of people watching this and stuff like that. They'll get themselves to about all of their videos just showing like 200 views, right? It's like 190 views or something, it's like almost mysteriously, that amount. What I tell people is like, Hey, this is your test batch of people that they put it out to they said, hey, let's show this to 200 people see what happens. If it doesn't go beyond that you're doing something wrong in your content. That's the end of the story.

James: Also, that 200 is completely random, that that is not based on your hashtags. It's not based on your niche, it's not based on anything completely random. It's only the face of the 2000 people. That's when they bring in other related videos. So that's why I say the whole following the liking videos and other niches, or similar content, because you know, the first few 100 people decide how well the video does and then nothing to do with affiliate marketing or wherever you're promoting.

Matt: That’s powerful stuff right there. That's powerful. So people would do well to rewatch a good portion of this, because you dropped a lot of awesome nuggets in this. This is one of the more powerful, here's some great tips to take right now and implement in your content creation. So thanks for that. James, I really appreciate that. Do you have any? Do you have any thoughts on just you know, for people who are here, they're new, I look honestly, like a lot of people who watch these. A lot of people have been in our community a long time. They've been around the block. They're currently trying to grow their business, in a lot of different niches and industries and all kinds of stuff. But also, there's people who are here day one, like literally purchasing our $7 challenge, like 10 minutes ago. And they're like just discovering this world of digital marketing of freelance digital marketing, content creation. What would you say to those people who are starting the challenge today or kind of just get started in this sort of digital world?

James: I would say, don't focus on the numbers. Pick your niche, pick something you're interested in between you're passionate about keeping separate. That's my personal preference. So if I was to do a tick tock now that was about fitness stuff, which is what I found on Pinterest, I would make mistakes, I wouldn't do that on the currency. Because I think then you've got more reach, you have two channels. I would say just don't get don't get beat down about the clicks and look at, for example, on my clickfunnels for legendary marketer in particular. In my first week, I think I did just over 1000. I only had about 40 people click my link. And I did over 1000 whereas now I have how many. But those 40 people were so nice. And obviously very interested that I got more sales than probably the next 2000 people that clicked on it once I have a few viral videos. So the numbers really don't matter. It's the quality of the people you're bringing to your stuff, right? Whether that's through ads, or for Instagram or Pinterest or for ticks. It's all about the quality, not the cost as much. And don't. It's very hard to get caught up in numbers. That's why a lot of people will stop YouTube or a lot of people stop Instagram. It's all about the numbers. It's not, I can assure you it's not. Yep. numbers that would mean sales.

Matt: I love it. I love it. All right, James. We're gonna we're gonna call this thing a wrap for the day. Hey, we really appreciate you taking a little bit of time out of your lunch break to come on here. Hopefully we didn't keep it too long, but honestly, thanks a lot. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for dropping some gems. 

James: Thank you for having me. 

Matt: Alright, see you James. All right. Dang, that was awesome. Hopefully you guys got some good value from that. And if you did leave, leave him a comment. He'll look through and see those comments. But Geez, that was really great info and yeah, hopefully you got value from that, hey, we'll be back here tomorrow, same time, same place Thursday and Friday of this week, same time, same place wake up legendary. If you're newer, or if you don't already subscribe to our text messages, you can text the number on the screen 813-296-8553 you text WUL, you'll get a short little text message every time we go live. In that little text, we don't pitch you, we don't sell you stuff in this text message. All it is is every day 10am Eastern, you're going to get a little text message that says hey, we're going live. And here's who our guest is today, here's what we're talking about. So make sure to get on that list and make sure to tune into these every single day, it's important to get a little dose of inspiration that it's you're filling your day with a quick jolt of 30 to 45 minutes, maybe an hour of impactful what's working now. But also you get a little bit of inspiration sprinkled in there to have people who are actually getting results in their businesses. People were totally brand new to this. I mean, James Yeah, he created some Pokemon thing last year, but he's like, he's been in this affiliate marketing industry for like, I don't know, 30 days or 60 days or something like that. So it's just a reminder that look, even if you're even if things are taken off a little slow, or you're just kind of getting going. But there's a big, big, big space for you in whatever niche that you want to be in. So thanks to everybody for tuning in. We'll see you again tomorrow.

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