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Below is the transcription for Monday's episode:

Dave: All right, my friends. Good morning, This is Dave Sharpe, I hope you all are doing, and actually hearing a little bit better now that I've turned on the very fancy and important microphone. Yeah, so good morning, we have yet another. How do we keep coming up with these people, where are they coming from, well, they're coming from our community, they're coming from going through our training. Isn't refreshing to actually have people who, you know, are our, you know, operating companies and training platforms that actually want to talk to their customers and clients. Instead of most companies and gurus who sell things online who don't want to hear from their customers, especially not publicly. So anyways I just logged on 15 seconds ago, still kind of rubbing the sleep out of my eye, even though I've been up for it seems like four hours since my son woke up at the crack of dawn this morning. But anyways, with that being said, I'm going to invite a woman who knows all about that, six kids, and a growing online business. Let's hear what it's all about. Krista Welcome to the show. 

Krista: Hey, thanks for having me. 

Dave: You're very welcome. You know all about that butt crack of dawn, don't you?

Krista: Oh my gosh yeah and all night long. I, you know, let me just take a moment of silence and just really kind of pay my dues to you. 

Krista: Thank you. I mean seriously six children. It's outrageous. It's insanity, I mean for me. Dave: Look, I mean, I can handle pretty much anything in life. But that's what I've learned about myself, but kids, they test every single fiber of who I think I am on a daily basis

100% I feel that we have six kids under age eight.

Dave: God sakes. That's, yeah. That's the big guy upstairs throwing a little salt bae little, little humor down on you. 

Krista: Right, exactly. Yeah, what do they say, God let you make plans but God laughs or something. 

Dave: So, man, I would have like after four, I would have shut down the factory. You know what I mean. Yeah, but I gotta say, honestly, if you don't shut down the factory, then those surprises, they tend to happen, you know, for sure. Well, I don't know how you do it, I just even the fact that you're, that you're alive, and that all of your kids are still alive, let alone, because I mean that's what when people bring kids over to my house, like to for them to play with like my daughter I basically say, well, we'll keep them alive that's about all we can promise, right. I mean that's kind of some days that's all you can do right I mean you, it's like building a business and, you know, nurturing your children I mean some days you just, it's just about keeping them alive, right.

Krista: For sure, for sure, and I finally now started realizing like I need to delegate, I need help, you know, my parents just moved down so they help us a little bit. My dad is here in the other room watching the kids for me while I'm at this interview. But yeah, it's like as moms, we just think we need to do it all, like and have it all and you can, you can have it all and do it all and be at all. 

Dave: Sure, you know, but well, and I gotta, I gotta say so like you're doing this and I'm teasing this up. You guys may think, Oh, why are we talking about kids on a Marketing Show, but it's all relevant because, especially when you're working from home. It all matters, it's all kind of the same thing you're trying to, you're trying to fill pockets of the day but oh my gosh I'm tired, I don't really want to stare at a computer screen, I don't really want to record something I you know I want to just take a nap. Oh shit, I can't take a nap I got six kids, I mean, it's like, just this, just keeping your kids alive, let alone nurturing them, let alone building a business, you can have anything and everything, but it's a lot of work. So, just tell us a little bit about kind of how you are finding the time in how you do find the balance, especially now just finding out that you've been doing most of raising your children, kind of like on your own like without and knees and stuff like that I mean wow like how are you finding the time?

Krista: Yeah, I now just recently because I've been getting so busy in this business I just recently hired a babysitter to come and help me a few days a week. But actually she was supposed to come today and she canceled so I had to call my dad up but they literally just moved down on me a few months ago so I have been doing this all on my own. My husband is amazing. He gets home from working all day and then lets me go and do some work in the bedroom and just record videos and bat videos and do whatever I can do to keep growing my audience and creating content.

Dave: So I mean so many moms if dad comes home, or just gonna be in like, there's nothing wrong with this so I don't want to make it sound like any, any moms I'm shaming you for this, but like a lot of times when the other parent comes home, it's like give me a timeout because I want to go take a nap. You know what I mean, like, and so you're finding the energy. So, first of all, how do you find the energy, or do you make sure you get enough sleep, are you naturally just kind of energetic, are you what are you doing to just keep your energy up?

Krista: I mean, I've always been like a morning person so I have tried to wake up before the kids, although this past year has been so hard but the twins, they have not been sleeping at all. And so I try to put them down for a nap. I tried to do as much as I could. Any nap maybe for like two hours or something so in those two hour I tried to be so intentional and just get whatever I can get done, just batch videos or email people or like just hustle, you know, I just feel like if you're intentional with your time. I mean there's so many like time wasters out there right now like just scrolling social media and whatever, watching TV, but it's like if you're intentional with your time I feel like you can get a lot done.

Dave: What does that mean to you because you're right? I mean, you can get lost on TikTok or Instagram for 15, 30 minutes, even an hour and just like that. So how really can you say a little bit more about how you are intentional and what that looks like for you. 

Krista: Yeah, so I guess when I wake up in the morning, I try to in my head, have kind of a game plan for the day, and it's kind of a bummer sometimes because if they don't that, Then I'm like, Oh, I get a little bit behind, but I try not to beat myself up about it because I'm like okay I can spit it in somewhere else, like, you can always find time I feel like if you have a great amount of like, why, and, you know, I really wanted to make extra money to help my husband out this past year was really hard with pandemic his salary got cut. I mean, and when I was pregnant with the twins, I had to be on bedrest, and we had to pay for daycare for the other kids for just a couple months. And that was so expensive that I had to do something to make extra cash and I tried everything. And then this is when I came across it. TikTok and another couple moms doing this and that they were crushing it, they had a huge audience and I just kind of started modeling what was popular out there. I did dabble with TikTok, at first, but I wasn't really teaching anything I think that's the key is just teaching something that people can get out of it like can learn from you, so I wasn't teaching right away but when I crossed over and started modeling these other popular videos and teaching people about affiliate marketing and high ticket affiliate marketing etc is when I really saw my audience grow and my income grow.

Dave: So this has all been in the last two months?

Krista: Yeah. 

Dave: Have you ever done any marketing of any sorts or anything like this before.

Krista: No, I have been on Instagram first and I have grown my following over there. But I think Tik Tok was totally just organic like I started on there and I, over on Instagram, I was just posting random pictures of the family we were doing matching outfits, etc. But like I wanted to talk to be something more. And so I started only teaching, like on this account that I created on Tik Tok I started only teaching people about making money online and how to do affiliate marketing, and I feel like it just blew up like it's grown so fast, like,

Dave: Yeah, so I was, it's interesting because I was thinking about this yesterday. I get a lot of thinking time on the weekends because I am on a lot of long walks with my son. It's like he loves to be outside even though it's 150,000 degrees outside, but he just loves to go on walks and. And I was thinking yesterday, like how different my life, and even our business is, since I completely and totally stopped using social media for anything except business, like there was a time to where I mixed in, kind of like things that were for family and things that were like pictures of my kids and pictures of different things that I was interested in like a car or a watch or like cigars or just like a little motivational quote that was cut, but now I exclusively and totally do this show, and then we take the show and we kind of syndicated out in a couple of different places but this is sort of my, you know, in for me I'm mainly creating content for our community here and giving our customers, clients affiliates a platform to speak but for an affiliate like you, or, or others, you know you might exclusively be marketing on TikTok, but I feel like that focus of being like so clear like, I'm not going to make this account about multiple things like I'm not going to make it about the things I'm interested in my kids and kind of have mixed messages I'm just going to be completely and totally focused and dialed in about this one message, one topic is one thing that I do. And I don't know if it's for us it's, it's just for me personally it's brought so much clarity and peace, and it's brought us so much momentum because we're creating consistent content, and it's, it's, it's, we it's now. You know it's had time to kind of like an avalanche right it's like a snowball it gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Does that resonate with you at all the focus and kind of what I just said and what comes up for you?

Krista: Yes 100% I, and, you know, there are other platforms, I feel like you know like Instagram is good, like they have stories and everything and you can show your like I show behind the scenes like, you know, we went down to Marco Island last weekend, that I just showed you know what we were doing as a family because people are interested in that. Also they want to see how a family of eight like gets around and how do you travel and stuff like that so I've been trying to show some of that also, but like when I'm on TikTok I'm trying to keep it just business and so that people know they can come here to learn this specific thing, because honestly, I hate to say it but we can all be a little bit selfish, like you go to social media, a lot of people go to social media to see what they can get out of it, you know like, we're like, I don't care, you know like what you ate for breakfast I don't care what your dog is doing right, you know, it's like I want to learn something.

Dave: Exactly. Yeah, right. I get that. I think that's a great way to explain it because it's like well I'm interested in watches, and I'm interested in cigars, but maybe only a small 1% of my audience who follows me for business stuff is also interested in those things so those kinds of posts kind of send mixed messages. Whereas, if every single post is about the same thing, or at least the same topic. I just think from my experience personal experience of trying lots of different things in really also looking at what works, what works, whether it be television, whether it be radio, and whether it be now online is a theme, and a consistency of whether it be the topics like if you look at any sitcom or you look at any talk show, they always have the same intro, they always have the same like kind of theme song that introduces the show, they have the same format for the show, so you're I think human beings like an element of predictability, and then whatever the variety is like if you think of Jerry Springer Why would human beings like to watch that sort of chaos. Well, it's structured chaos within a template. And the same thing with Oprah and the same thing with Sally Jessy Raphael the same thing with the prices, Right, right, you know, you know, sit down and every single day it's just this totally there, you know, we different thing you sit down and it's the same theme song it's the same structure. It's the same kind of format of the show. And then there's variety within the show with the different guests etc. And I think that that's, if we look at what's worse, we don't really have to play a guessing game, and feel so pressured to mix in pictures and posts and videos about family and about this and about that, we can just simplify it and make it business focused or whatever the topic is of your account, and that's kind of what I hear that you've done on TikTok that has exploded, you to 100 and almost 70,000 followers in two months, right. 

Krista: Yeah, It's crazy. That's the thing. I mean, you don't have to reinvent the wheel, you know like you just take you look at other people's accounts, or whatever, whoever you follow in your niche. And it's like, what are they doing that is working, and then you take one of their most viral videos and you just model that like it's, it's, it's so easy, it blows my mind and I tell people all the time, you know, like they're like, how did you grow your account so fast, etc, it's like just take, and I feel like you can apply this to any thing in any platform. Just take what is working out there and what is going viral, and just recreate, just recreate that same, that same thing. And the thing is it's, it's not going to be the same as that other person's because you are the brand like people are there to watch you and you're gonna put your own spin on it, you know, so it's like, don't feel bad like people are like, Oh, I don't want to copy I'm just like model my videos. It's like my team members or whoever signs up with me or whatever, it's like just a model, my videos and you should definitely see some growth.

Dave: Well, it's interesting, you know how we tend to overcomplicate things. So, this teaching like you had this kind of lightbulb moment to where you said okay I need to be teaching something. Talk to us about things like that light bulb moment for you, and then how you transition to actually feeling credible enough. I think a lot of people kind of struggle with that imposter syndrome so what was the lightbulb moment for you like to realize I need to be teaching something. And how did you overcome your own sort of version of imposter syndrome?

Krista: I just felt like I had my own personal account on TikTok where I was just posting, you know, like just dumb stuff or whatever, you know, and I wasn't growing my account at all like I was like oh my gosh I got like one follower today or something like what the heck. And so, I mean really, what I did, like I said, is just look at what other people are doing, we're doing that work, and I'm like okay, like they're bringing value. They are teaching on a subject, and I'm like I can, I can do that, you know, and I feel like, yes you have imposter syndrome and everything, but I was looking at some of the people that were supposed to be experts in the field, and I'm like, they're not that great, you know like, they don't deliver it that well so I'm like if they can do it, I can do it, like I am a strong woman. I'm a mother of six, I can do this.

Dave: Well, yeah, and I think that's a great way to frame it is, why do some of us look at something and say if they can do it I can do it, while others look at somebody and say, well they're doing it but I could never do it like that I really feel like that, the folks who, who, who, in, there are more people who look at people and say, I could never do it like that, or, There's already people who are doing it, why would anybody listen to me, whereas you're saying that when you look at people, you said, God, if they can do it I can do it, I feel like that is such a huge gold nugget in a success leaves clues kind of thing. Can you just say a little bit more about that kind of how you, how you think and how you look at other people and then size yourself up and say if they can do it I can do it.

Krista: I mean, I, I just feel like I just feel like my mom raised me to be like a strong woman and it's like, don't let everyone anyone look down upon you or whatever and like with the technology that we have nowadays. You can learn anything, so fast like there are training programs out there I have invested in myself. I have bought training programs that are amazing, and the Legendary is awesome. And I, like, you can just you can learn it, and you can do anything you want to do nowadays like don't, and don't listen to the haters like there are so many people online that want to bring you down, it's like the crab syndrome, you know where somebody tries to climb out and get three, and they try to just pull you back down, no like you. You cannot listen to that, you know, and I feel like my husband and I have never listened to anyone else like we've always done what we wanted. We have six kids, it's like we are growing an online business. I'm going to launch my own online course here soon, and it's like, I will not let anyone tell me that I can't do it, you know.

Dave: Yeah. And I love that because I think that so many people I was thinking about this the other day to Krista, I love that philosophy and I love your outlook and I love who you are as a woman too because, you know, my wife's the same way, and, and I think you have a little bit more endurance with kids, but, but, you know we all have our strengths and weaknesses our kids really kind of, it's just funny how certain people are really strong in some areas. My wife's a wonderful woman but just our kids just, you know, for whatever reason we are just exhausted, you know we love them to death, we give them all of our time and energy. But I don't. I can't imagine, I think if you have more kids, you just step your game up, but when you're looking at somebody with six kids and you have two kids, you're kind of like holy shit like I would die if I was them but I love. This is what I was thinking about the other day, people think there are rules to life. And there are. There's no frickin rules. You literally can do whatever you want to do. And people think there's rules, man, there's like these made up, make believe rules that people think in and I see it all the time I see it here, let me give you an example. It's like when, When people come into our platform in our community, and then they start, the way that they ask questions is how I really know that there's these rules that somehow have been ingrained in people because it's like they're always asking for permission. You know, like, When can I start? When can I start marketing, you know, like, When can I start doing this when should I stop, and it's like they're, they're constantly asking for permission, and it's not a bad thing, and I'm not trying to shame anybody for doing that, I think it's been ingrained in us from society, it's like we've said in school. Can I go to the bathroom we asked the boss, can I have tomorrow off so there's so many, so much too much programming about us, asking for permission for these, these rules that have been enforced on us or made up to get us to all kind of stand in line, but you sound like you, you bought that system. Can you talk more about how you think about rules and how you think about shooting first and asking questions later and just what comes up for you as I say that?

Krista: I totally agree, and I even see it with my boys now like they're going to the public schools and everything, and it's just like, it's kind of sad like that, it's like, Oh, you got to listen and you got to stay in line and I agree with that, I mean to a point like you got to respect authority and everything but then it's like, oh my gosh, I just totally see them, like conforming, and it's kind of scary, you know, like, totally, and my husband and I, our plan, you know, is once they get done with elementary school, we are going to homeschool them and just teach them what we want them to know about like, finances, finances and entrepreneurship, and, like, not fitting into that little mold like it's like you can do anything you can be anything, you can go anywhere. It's like, no you don't have to stay in this box and I just see so many people for so long. They get so comfortable and complacent and it's just like, it's just really sad but you have one life to live. And, you know, like you said you don't have to abide by all these rules that life sets on you, you know.

Dave: Yeah. And so, we totally talk about just parenting but business focused I'm so I love being a parent like. It's amazing. I really do like It's like my favorite thing in the world, but we'll do a follow up on that so like you, you know, I see people in so many of you guys who are listening right now, you know, you're here to start a business, that's why you're listening to this, that's why you're here within our community here start a business. I just want to speak directly to you guys for a moment, and remind you that there are no rules, you don't, I'm never gonna give you permission because I'm just not, I'm not your boss. I'm not your guru. I don't want to create dependent people. I don't want to create dependent clients and students. The moment that you decided to just even enroll in our, you know, 15 day challenge is the moment at any time after that you could give yourself permission, and you have to do it, not anybody else, you have to give yourself permission to step in to a boss role of your life, the CEO role of your life, to where the decisions they float uphill, you're responsible for making the decision, not somebody else, not the teacher not the boss, and it's never gonna happen until you pull the trigger until you step into that moment in and you gotta do it over and over every day. I have to make decisions, I have to be decisive and Chris I think that it's, it's just hard to make decisions, Right, and people are indecisive and it's like, well, I'll put it off till tomorrow, or let me ask other people what they think. It's like what are the most common questions in this online marketing world. I've just started declining the question in our Facebook group, because it's like what's the cheapest funnel builder, researching, stop asking for everybody's opinion, just, just go with one who gives a shit, honestly.

Krista: Don’t waste your time, especially don't waste your time like hours searching for the best price to you know like, my husband I have started to learn like learn this, but it's like, time is money like forget it just pick one, move on, like don't second guess yourself, just pick it and move on, even with the 15 day challenge, it's funny because it's a, it's an amazing challenge, but it's 15 days and day one, day two, I did it all in one day, like, you know you're supposed to go day by day, no like you can get it

all done. 

Dave: Now everybody's gonna be trying to go through it in a day because Krista went through it in a day. 

Krisa: Yeah, I mean like, I have the time you know it's like time is money, get it done. 

Dave: It's like here's another thing like, like, like, I don't really spend a whole lot of time negotiating, you know what I mean and here's why. Like, like for example if I'm buying something like say a watch, and I'm like they want $2,000 more and I really want. And it's like, Who gives a shit like at the end of the day, like the time and energy that I'm spending trying to sit here haggle. I could just be making another move, I could be going, I could, I could take that time and energy to go create something that's going to bring in, you know 100 1000 times that revenue, or, or five times that revenue. And I think, you know, whether it's that I'm, you know, so check this out. Here's a great example for us online marketers, so I'm like, getting my, my funnel set up and I'm like oh god is, you know, maybe there's another funnel builder out here somebody else. So instead of just taking the time that I have, maybe half an hour to work that day, and just, just getting one just starting, who gives a shit just throw a just, you know, just write a bunch of stuff on a paper and throw a dart at it and just go with one right, and you can use that our to set it up instead. Hold on, I'm gonna go in and I'm gonna go to the Facebook group and I'm gonna ask other people's opinions. Now, and then waiting and then the answers, confused me more. And then I feel more scared because somebody projected their fear onto me. Somebody projected their negativity on me now I'm feeling afraid because I've now adopted somebody else's feelings because I'm letting them do the thinking for me, and then doing the testing for me, and I've wasted the hour and I filled with other people's fear and skepticism or in decisiveness or whatever, instead of just taking action and trying it myself. That's the difference for everybody who's listening, you want to know, because I know how Krista executes. I want to hear from her but she executes the same way I do. At a certain point time every minute counts, and I can either hold for other people to make decisions for me and I can adopt all their fear and negativity and all their opinions, which are like you know what, now my attendance. Or I could just execute, and find out on my own, and now I'm the authority who can teach, and now I have the answers because I actually did it on my own. That's the difference, do you agree with that? Krista: Totally, yeah 100% it's simple yet very complicated. 

Dave: The idea is simple but it's hard to do because of all the fear. And I think that that's why not being very conscious and aware about asking for other people's opinions. You mentioned haters in the comments, all day long. You are being infiltrated with other people's fear, and other people's limiting beliefs, and a lot of times we've asked the wrong person a question, is all they do, sort of like asking a broke person for financial advice, what do you think they're going to do give you abundantly wealthy mindset knowledge now they're going to project the same mindset that's kept them bro. But you're asking them for their opinions.

Exactly and these crabs these people, like they just, that's the only thing that they're looking to do is just start a fight, they want to bring you down, that's I don't even acknowledge half these comments, you know, like I am like no I'm not even gonna waste my time and energy. I'm a mother to six kids running a business and growing. 

Dave: You should say budding million dollar business right, it's, it's, it's in the birth phases of becoming a million dollar business. And the reason why I offer you that is because you have to speak into existence, what you want, and you have to act as if you already have a million dollar business you're running a budding million dollar business.

Krista: Exactly right. Yeah, 100%. I totally agree with that and I will make it happen.

Dave: So, that's the different seat right because if Krista asks, pray, pray, nine and a half out of 10 of friends, family, and they're probably all great, but. Same thing with me, they'd be like, What are you doing, like, what they would project, all of their limiting beliefs in all of the same mindset that got that exactly where they're at, which God bless him and we love them for who they are, but we don't want to model their financial situation, we don't want their business advice, versus, you come on a show with me. Oh, the value that you get is I'm giving you my energy which is conviction and confidence right now. Right, it's in giving you permission to level up and see those are the kind of people that we need to talk to, and we need to ask their opinions because they're, they're never gonna make it. Here's how you know whether a mentor is a good mentor, a good friend, if you ask him a question they never make the decision for you. They always put it back on you to make the decision, because the power and making your own decisions, you can share you can gather data, but you have to be the one who makes the decisions, because if you're not, then you'll take total responsibility, and you don't get to build your self esteem, from making those tough decisions, and then reaping the rewards knowing that you're the one who chose that and somebody did just push you into it, or you didn't take somebody's advice. Right,

Krista: Exactly, exactly and having a mentor and a coach is really good and like you said, you. It's good to have another person that has gone before you. And you can see that they like, they have made it, they have made money in this business, etc. And you're not just asking for advice from your friends and family, like I just feel like it's important to surround yourself with other people that are like doing it and yeah, that's super important.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, it is so, what is your opinion of all the different things that you've seen online, our community here at legendary and, you know, How do you, how have you been affected or connected with others or impacted by what you know our community the others the training and so forth here. 

Krista: I mean I feel like it's really good, the Facebook group is really valuable to plug into the challenge. It was really good to go through and learn different things, different marketing techniques and stuff. But definitely the Facebook group is really good and don't just like you said, don't just take people's advice, add your own advice like if somebody is has a question, then you know you can answer it, you know, try to comment back and be a value like just be a value in all the different platforms that you're on, you know,

Dave: I feel like a lot of times you can learn how not to act and what not to do, you know, like a lot of times if you're not so desperate for somebody to tell you how to live, you know, like what to do. A lot of times you can kind of see yourself and other people like you can be like God, am I that lost or do I come off as desperate or do I come off as that negative like instead of just being another, you know, kind of, kind of zombie, you know, which a lot of times when we come in to starting a business from having a job or being sort of programmed by the system in a sense we are a little bit like a zombie and, and a lot of times people come in and they've got all this old programming of just, you know, negativity and in asking for permission and all this kind of stuff and I would also invite all of you who are in, you know, who are participating in our community to also, you know, also to learn, and not not judge not look down on, but look at others and be reminded who you are who you were, who you don't want to be, because, again, to step into leadership is the highest paid skill in the world, not sales not biohacking not brain surgery, leadership, leadership, and Chris I think that's what you were just alluding to was, don't just be a taker, be somebody who's there willing to give value and use communities use comment threads use post as a way to contribute and to add value instead of always looking at what you can take. 

Kristin: Right, exactly, and like people just check yourself like try, I would I would feel like, I try not to put out any negative vibes you know like it's so important to lift each other up, you know like there is enough room on this online space and online marketing and TikTok and everything. There's enough room for everyone. You know, so it's like keep adding value, giving away your free content, etc, like don't just hoard it for yourself, because when you help others. That's when you really grow yourself.

Dave: So I guess you don't think that saturation is real, like, they're like, the marketplace is saturated or TikTok or Instagram is saturated or the affiliate marketing space is saturated, which is such a common thing that people say or ask, what's your opinion on that?

Krista: Oh yeah I hear it all the time and I, I, I just talked to a guy and he's like, he was helping with my blog or something, and he was like, Oh, I see you're in the arm, or the make money online space. He's like, No, you don't want to get into that or whatever it's way too saturated, you're not going to see any growth from that and I'm like, thinking, Who are you to tell me, you know like what, no way because I am in it right now I am growing my following and making money as we speak, you know?

Dave: Right, what do you think I'm paying you're asked to do what I'm paying you to do right now. 

Krista: Exactly like I couldn't believe that he told me this.

Dave: I mean it’s a lack of, that's a lack of awareness, though, and that's what I'm talking about. We can look at other people and say, God, do I have that lack of awareness. Do I say things I call that, the guy who knows a little bit about a lot of things.

Krista: Yeah, you see that all the time and I'm sorry to the men out there. Oh, plain it's stupid it's off. Like he told me to go sell clothing and lipstick or whatever like massage and his poor massage and mystic pig. I know it's like okay women we can do this, we can do this, we can do this. Yeah.

Dave: All right well Krista, you are awesome and inspiration. Thank you for coming on and sharing value. I'm gonna let you get back because dad's probably needing some assistance in that other room with freaking. You know what I mean. So, anyways, thank you for your time, keep up the fantastic work, stay Legendary, you're doing an awesome job. And maybe we can talk a little bit more about parenting and so forth on round number two if you'll come back.

Oh, for sure. Yeah, definitely. Thanks for having me so much. All right, Chris, I will talk to you later. Okay, thanks. Hey, and don't forget to follow me on TikTok Krista greener I'm launching my courses and my coaching program soon. There you go.

Dave: Alright, awesome little plug there and I just told my daughter we were watching Shark Tank last night, and then this couple came on and the woman was sort of the main pitch person for their offer, and they all said no. And then she goes, all of them all five sharks said no. And then she said, Instead of turning around and walking off the stage, she said, I want to take one more shot at this. And she repitch them from a different angle, with a little bit of a different deal and just went for it. And she got a deal. Hell yeah, that's amazing. So I just I and I and you know what was cool about it was my daughter came down and gave me the puppy dog eyes and asked for some, some Ceci daddy time she likes to get five minutes right, you know, something she's always, we haven't had any Ceci daddy time in a long time even if we just had some like the night before, but this is after. This is in bed, and she gets out, but she was sitting on my lap as that happened, and I, and I said to her when that happened I said you see what just happened. I said, always keep trying, keep going.

Krista: Yeah, even if you fail even if it doesn't work out for you, like, No, it is gonna, it is gonna work out, have that mindset keep those positive vibes, so important.

Dave: Yeah. You stay awesome. Stay legendary, we'll see you in crypto. Yeah, thanks so much. Alright, bye. All right, bye. All right, my friends, go and follow okay check her out. And she's, she's awesome. What a great attitude, what, what a powerful, powerful, entrepreneur, though she is a woman just entrepreneur in general right and marketer. It's, it's, for those of you who are, You know, thinking that this is just a male dominated space, it's not, it's not there's incredible female leadership female marketers, that, that are doing the damn thing, and are really just proving the haters and as that asshole that she was talking about the sexist pigs out there who think that, you know, women have no place to come out here and kick some ass and take some names, you do, no matter who you are, where you're from, age, race, sexual identity, creed, religion, male, female, you know, whatever, however you identify, there's room for you. And this is where the market is going. The internet is the Wild Wild West, and there are no rules. Remember that, be Legendary. We'll see you back here tomorrow. Bye bye.

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