Below is the transcription for this episode: 

Dave: What's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to another episode of backyard Wake Up Legendary. Welcome to my backyard. Welcome to our family and community. We do this every day as you know rain shine holiday, if it's a Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, we're going to be live. So in just four months, Kelsey has discovered digital marketing and began her journey. She's getting some results this morning. We're going to hear from her to help me please welcome Kelsey to the show. 

Kelsey: Hi, good morning. 

Dave: Hey, how are you? 

Kelsey: Good. Good. How are you? Happy holidays.

Dave: Happy holidays. Happy holidays. I'm fantastic. We had a little bit of a hectic holiday hosting, basically three nights in a row but my wife and I are surviving. You know, we're still standing, all the kids are still alive. And we're getting through it. How about yourself? How was your holiday? Yeah, good.

Kelsey: It was really chill. I don't have any kids myself, but my boyfriend does. So we have them their first week of their two week break. And then we did it like Christmas at the princess and did all kinds of Kid fun stuff. And now they're with their mother. And then we just have time with each other at night.

Dave: Gotta love that. I mean, oh, yeah, yes. We've got a five year old and a one year old in the house and I'm telling you it's a full time job. So the beautiful thing is, which is why we're here is that we want to be able to spend more time with family. We want to be able to as much as they can exhaust us and wear us down and you know, you know, and in laws and extended family. They're like fish, they start to stink after three or four days. You got to kick them out. You know, if they come to visit, you can't get rid of them and they exhaust the hell out of you. But you can't get rid of anything you love. But ultimately, you want to spend more time with the people that you want to spend time with, your boyfriend it sounds like and your friends and doing the things that you want. So tell us a little bit about how you found Legendary, why it interests you and what are you looking to achieve with all of this?

Kelsey: So I touched a little bit on like direct sales, but I was just not great at it and it used to frustrate me because I'm like, I see friends of mine that are killing it in direct sales. I was like why can't I? And I stopped doing it like a year or two ago. And then I even tried to jump back in it, I was doing health supplements and I had even lost some weight.

Dave: You did befores and after and all of that on your Facebook profile.

Kesley: Yeah, it was on Facebook, and I would try so I was like okay, when TikTok came along, I was kind of late to the TikTok game I guess like I just got in there like this summer and sounds like I can do this. I was like, I know I can work from home. I know if I was like that's where this world is heading. I am a big shopper. It's kind of a problem. But I buy everything online. I do everything online. That's just how things are convenient. Yeah. So I rarely go into a store that's worse. And so it's just like I was like, I know I can do this and my boyfriend is older than I am. He's 20 years my senior and he wants to retire early. But he got lucky. And he does really well in the corporate world. He works very high up in marketing for not marketing, but in like consulting firms. So he wants to retire soon. So it's like I want to have more money for us on top of his retirement so we can go travel and go do and just do more and I don't have to

go you can so you can shop. You can continue to shop, right? I mean, yeah, I mean, but for real. Dave: Like you want to have your own stream of income to add on and so you can continue the lifestyle that you have now is kind of what I'm hearing

Kesley: And I knew like I found Legendary on TikTok actually from a girl named Kelsey. I had her on here before Kelsey. Hansel. I love her. Okay, and so keep in touch with her too. He helped me she still like helps guide me through sometimes and will make me feel better if I'm like, this isn't working Why isn't working because it was like in my case, it was kind of taking a little bit extra time for it to like to see more results that I was seeing other people have sooner. Right like in September October had a death in the family. So I took some time off. So I use like take, definitely keep that in consideration of like three, four weeks that I wasn't like on my game doing stuff right and after that, like, I just like put blinders on and I just started going crazy with it. Dave: I mean you can and you see it every single day within this community. Things that I noticed were different in what we're doing compared to many MLMs that I had seen or been involved with as it always seemed to be the same couple of leaders. The same people on stage are getting the recognition all the time just telling you to prospect more calls more, do more three way calls, make your list get back in touch with those friends and family who said no. And they harass people. And basically, you know, become a pro bowler in the NFL with no friends left. And what I see with this is that we don't have any big egos, no mass of superstars even though there's been some millionaires and some people who have made you know, it's just extraordinary money. We have a lot of people who are succeeding, making life changing money. Maybe that's a few extra 1000 A month, maybe that's 10,000 a month, whatever. But what do you see that's different for those who have tried other things like MLM specifically in the past? What do you think or feel that it's different and that gives you more of an edge with this versus that business model?

Kesley: I think it depends on Excuse me, what platform you use, like with Facebook, you're reaching out to, like your demographic, I think makes a difference. And like Facebook, you use it you start with friends and family things like that and Instagram too. With Instagram reels. You can branch out more because they copy it and talk a lot, but I think it is just timing, I think it is effort and consistency. I think people, including myself, like to quit too soon, or lessen their effort too soon. When they could be right around the corner from blowing up.

Dave: There's a couple things that came up for me as you were answering my question. What I think that the challenge with business models like MLM is yes, the first instinct is to go to Facebook. And that's just the 2021 version of making a list of your friends and family, physically calling or showing up on their door. Because all of you people on Facebook are your friends and fail, right? So you're posting you're posting, you're posting and, you know, you're like, Hey, I just started a business. Your post gets two likes, you know, somebody says they just got a job and their post gets 200 likes. It's hard to get friends and family to not be skeptical of what you're doing because a lot of times they know your dirty laundry. They know you know you can't put on a front you can't like be like oh I'm a successful entrepreneur, like they know you they know who you are they know your story. People like to buy from people who they perceive a successful and quite frankly, people would even though they they will not be honest about this, the numbers show that people would rather do business with people that they know like and trust, who they don't have a personal connection with and know all their dirty laundry versus their friends.

Kelsey: Yeah, that's a type of conflict of interest.

Dave: It does. It does also because you know your friends and family's dirty laundry. .

And also your friends and family relationships become awkward because they feel they start to avoid you because every time they think that you're going to get together you're going to be talking and trying to pitch them and that's why I'm always and you are, right. Because we pitch if we're doing MLM to anybody within 3 feet, you know I used to leave. You get a lot of pity sales and if you do get support from friends and family a lot of times like let's say they sign up they don't usually do anything. They just bought something as a pity sale. The other challenge and I always say this okay, this is just a general business rule. Whether you guys are just tuning in to listen to legendary and get value and don't apply it to your business, whatever. But if your business relies on the support of friends and family, it will not succeed and it won't scale. Because if you don't believe me just go try which many of us have, you have to and I think this is what you hit on with TikTok. What TikTok has done for a lot of people and also learning how to run ads YouTube's done the same thing is it's allowed you to tap into a cold audience, a fresh audience who doesn't know all your dirty laundry who doesn't know you, they just what you get, you get a chance to make a first impression. You get a chance to deliver value, you get a chance to say something that catches their interest without all the additional judgment. And if you can build your business off of cold, like if you can tap into the big blue ocean, instead of trying to build your business in your little tiny pond in your backyard. That's where businesses scale.  Do you agree? What comes up for you as I kind of lay that out the way that I just did?

Kelsey: Yeah, like I have 69,000 Strangers on my page. That all they know is like what I show them like you said they don't know me unless I answer some questions that they have and make them feel more comfortable or whatever but they like you said they don't know anything. You're not bothering them and they aren't ticked off they come to you. I'm not reaching out to anybody. Like I'm posting a video that's how I'm reaching out but I'm not like hey, how are you? Like none of that.

Dave: Right, right. And that's the worst, like if your business model relies on you, small talk, wasting time with small talk before and then you gotta come with the right hook with a friend or family member. God that's a miserable business. It's just for me. It used to make me feel slimy, right? So in a sense, everybody should write this down. You need to have a business where you become the hunted rather than the hunter, right? Yeah, sounds like you've done information

and me questions and all that like, and like I'm asking them one thing. I've even had people tell me they're like, oh, you know, thanks for not bothering me. You didn't get back or I didn't get back to you so soon. But I had talked to 300-500 people, no lie since then. I didn't even remember. So it's like to them they're like, Oh, you're not spamming me. Like I really like that. So yeah, it's really good.

Dave: And when you seem busy, like I'm just giving you guys straight talk like this is no BS on the show ever. This is always the real deal. What marketing to a cold audience allows you to do is seen busier right? And here's the other thing that people want to do: they want to do business with people that are busy. So if you have a reason, you're busy for a reason. 

The people who are busy don't want to do business. If they feel like you're sitting around waiting on them. A lot of times. If you build up that audience, take a little bit of time to get back to him. You know what I mean? Like, like, or immediately respond, but then leave the message there for a half a day or a day or 24 hours. Like like fell asleep

and want more and more and more. And we don't get this like, guys don't get this like women get it the plane is hard to get. You know what I mean? Like if you relate this to relationships, yeah, the plain us guys were idiots. We were desperate. It's like no, that's that's how guys act. You know what I mean? So we have to dial it back, especially if we've ever been desperate in other business models. Or if we've that's why I say we got to relieve ourselves and let all of that desperate energy go so you can males I'm speaking to, you know your dominant energy and also females because men and women both have, you know, alpha and beta, you know, masculine and feminine energy. Okay. We have to, we have to, we have to remain in control. You know what I mean? We can't be out of control. And the thing that makes you attractive in business and marketing is the same thing that makes you attractive in, in relationships, right or when people are chasing mates. And that's somebody who doesn't need you right? Exactly what I mean in like, like, I'm not saying I'm not saying that women have to be masculine. That's not what I'm saying. Maybe that wasn't the right analogy. I'm trying to find the words and I think I found them in just being I want to plain speak this so people understand this. You'll get the most results when you don't need them to.

Kelsey: Yeah, for sure. I don't need you. I want you.

Dave: You'll get the most results when you don't care if the person that you're chatting with on TikTok buys or not. Because you've got 1000s of other people. Okay, and if you relate that to personal relationships, right, who worked for guys, who are the sexiest women who are WHO ARE THE who are the women that if we're in a dating scenario, who are the women that guys go absolutely crazy over? Is it the woman who's knocking on the door calling texting all day long? Right, and you can put that on men to who's the men that drive you crazy, right?

Kesley: The one who won't even give you the time of day. 

Dave: Why? Because males were hunters. We enjoy that Chase. Yeah, and women also, I can't speak for you, but I think I enjoy the mysterious man. The one who it's why women have always gone for bad boys. And the mysterious guy, the guy who's not always available like you know, like it's just a dynamic of human nature and I'm not here to explain why it is. But this you can be respectful is still mysterious and hard to get to. You can be kind. I'm not saying be arrogant. I'm not saying be you know, stick, you know, stick your nose up and like, like, I don't mean like just the beauty when you're working with a larger audience like you are now. You do have it, you legitimately don't care if one person buys because you've got 69,000 People who are seeing your content plus, more followers are adding on and following and seeing your content every day, right?

Kesley: I still have people I like who still need to reach out to that or write to me, I don't care. It's just on to the next one. But also like if then if they don't want that, then I don't want them like if we don't have the same interest then that's completely fine.

Dave: You know, this has been a great principle for me, and a lot of areas of life, you know, it is, you know, learning how to really surrender that. That fear of loss, that fear of missing out, that fear of losing a sale. You know, and I've, I've had to I've had to really, I've had to really faith it till I make it you know what I mean? Like, and I think that's a different way for people to, to to maybe to maybe understand this principle because fake it till you make it rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but fake it till you make it means that I'm going to just act as if I'm already successful. I'm going to act as if I'm already a million. I'm going to act as if I already have hundreds of 1000s of people that want to do business with me every day. And I'm going to fake that until I make it. I don't have to fake it until I'm. I don't have to act it will you know, I don't have to tell people a million out to the lie, but I can fake it till I make it because I know that's where I'm going to get to. So I can already begin acting like that and thinking like that and speaking with that same confidence and when you do when you fake it till you make it. Now all of a sudden you get in front of that camera and you can deliver value and all of a sudden you can get in front of that camera and you can speak with a bit more confidence. How have you either dealt with overcoming any fears of being on camera or any other types of imposter syndrome?

Kelsey: Yeah, I was nervous to do TikTok Okay, so when I was getting back into direct sales, I knew nothing about TikTok, but I wanted to learn it. And TikTok is like a totally different platform than any other social media that we have today. So I wanted to learn it and the editing and just everything. I didn't know one thing so I kind of did a shortcut and hired a mentorship which is kind of pricey, but there's I'm sure there's cheaper and more different ones out there today and learned just all the ins and outs of tick tock and the editing that made me more comfortable and just doing it like you just have to just do it. And you're the only person that knows what is in your head thinking that you're not confident doing this or whatever like those other people have no idea. They don't know that that's what you're thinking. They think if anything, you're the most confident person and they wish they could be like you. They have no idea. And I you know I always feel so confident in my videos, but I just had I started listening to a lot of Gary Vee, and like Eric Thomas, and they would just say you have to just fall in love with the process of what you're doing. You have to figure out how to do that. Because one like the more you do, the better you're going to get. I've so many videos on my page like I put out five to 10 a day. Yesterday. I repurpose and repurpose and it doesn't matter I just put it out because I'm like, you never know when the next one's gonna blow up. It doesn't matter how confident you were feeling at the time you video it doesn't matter. And that worship that he told me he was like you need to be posting like six or eight times a day you need to be posting more than you are. I don't care how much you're posting. And everybody analyzes. I overanalyze everything and it's like your songs that you attach to it, I think do make the difference. Like you go with the trendy ones. hashtags. Yeah, I tend to use a lot of the same hashtag, some of the the couple that you had on a couple of days ago. They were saying the same thing like using the same hashtags that seem to be working for me right now. And they're all just affiliated with what's in my videos. I tend to throw some of the most popular ones in there. But there's, those hashtags are so saturated, that it's not really doing much. I really want to see how you imitate other people. Like imitation is the highest form of flattery with TikTok. They want to see how you create these silly dances popular just this week. And they want to see what you do with this music. But I don't dance in my videos and you won't see me dancing but I'll use the sound so I'll make it my own. I just post and post and post. The more you do, the more comfortable you'll feel. And now I don't even care. I don't care. I don't do all these crazy transitions. I don't edit all day long. I do a big quantity of them and I repost a ton but it works. The shorter the video the better. With TikTok you want your watch time to be at its most. I'll keep that same music to them or I'll just scratch that video for repurposing and not do it another time. Or when I'm repurposing it and I repurposed like once a month because I'd had so many new followers I posted so much then since then that nobody's noticing that I'm redoing so much stuff. I’m so petrified that TikTok is going to delete my profile like it's sent to a lot of people. So I started saving my content off TikTok which I don't know if you've ever heard of that and it just you can save any kind of anything off TikTok like any video if you want like just to save it, because you know hearts something like your heart so many and it just goes down, you'll lose it. So what I do is so I'm really structured. So Monday and Tuesday like today, I have to be filming quite a bit and tomorrow filming quite a bit and that'll set me up for my whole week. And I'll go through old videos in my mind and just see how the videos were before but it also doesn't matter because they're just gonna do better because you have more followers. You're getting more reach each day, whether you realize it or not, and then save those in Snaptik and then that way, no matter what, like yesterday when I put on my videos while I was doing that I went to the gym, like I cleaned out my entire kitchen, went to Goodwill, took all the stuff there, came back had dinner with my boyfriend like had a whole day and everything was just right, I put out a video an hour is it and they all got 3,4,9, thousand  views like each one didn't matter. And I had people commenting to me, they're like, Oh, I'm kind of skeptical. I need you to, you know, give me a little pep talk me talk to me. So I talked to her and she's like I keep seeing all your videos and you know, I'm thinking it's a sign and I was like it is and it's like the more they see your face. And when they see you're gonna get more followers inevitably and then when they go to your page and they're like wow, she's got 70,000 followers and almost fair right he went away. Yeah, that feels like its own little bit of trust versus if you have like five more followers, which I started for. Just post those posts and it doesn't matter. Like how to make it fun. Like if you're funny, be funny, like I'm really funny, but I'm not going to be like I don't use my voice as much yet on my videos, but I'm going to but it's just fine. 

Dave: It's funny that you say that you don't talk and use your voice much. I mean, you're definitely not afraid to talk. So, you know, I'm going to be interested to see some tests when you do start talking more in your videos. Where when somebody goes through your funnel, can they see you talk? I mean, did you set up your landing page in your bridge page? And do you have a video on your bridge page where they can hear more from you? Do you have a video on your bridge page that makes it so they can hear you? 

Kelsey: No, I don't have my voice on my page. I'm gonna do a story on mine and pin it to the top and explain everything because I always have a lot of people and they're like, how and how and how and they won't like to go straight to like, like the link in your bio or whatever. It's like, what do you do? How do I do anything? They just act like they don't know how to do it. Right? So when I post so much and these people are like how I'm interested I respond to all of them which some people don't do. But I do because TikTok will push out more of your stuff. The more you comment back, the more people comment, the more likes, it pushes out your stuff even more. And that's what you want. You want things to be just shoved in as many faces as you can get.

Dave: Yeah, I totally agree. You know, it's funny that you talk about posting so much. You know, I'm also thinking about how the Learn, do teach concept where you've been a student and now you're sitting here teaching us and the way that you've been able to teach us so much on this show today because you've done so much. You learned you did and now you're teaching and so for those of you who want to get as knowledgeable and be able to speak about this stuff as confidently as Kelsey has done today, well then you have to take as much action as she's taken. And so has that action that you've taken all this action that you've taken in four months or so. Has it hurt you? Are you bleeding? I just want to try to help people with the fear that they have of taking action. What is the best advice you can give them or you would have given yourself at the very beginning about taking action so they can get through that initial month or two of despair and get to a place to where you're at towards second nature. It feels like good leads are flowing. You're making money. What would you tell people who are having a hard time getting started?

Kelsey: I think you just have to just do it and I know everybody says that and it's easier said than done. But just set aside some time, that's why I do my stuff like Monday Tuesday that way when my week is busy and things in the wake of something you don't want to do, you'll put everything else in front of me to not do it. So if you just make sure you set aside time to do it and then just hit send. Just do it because it doesn't matter what other people think and other people are not thinking what you're thinking. They're not. They're just not. You think they're thinking a certain way but it's not true. They're they're thinking the opposite actually. And just the more that you do and even if you think it's silly or stupid, like be glad that it's silly or stupid and just go tick tock is so not serious. You have to make it fun. And just batch all your stuff. And then you'll have it and you'll feel so much better after you do it. I promise you you'll be like wow I did that. It wasn't that bad. I pushed through it. I'm glad and then once you get those interests and the leads and you start with the small commission's and you get to the bigger ones, you're gonna be like it's because that's silly stupid video.

Dave: I think one of the best helpers with anxiety and fear is to remember that people are just as selfish as you are. So like self consumed. So you know, what's the thing that you ask when you're watching something? You ask the same thing that I asked, what's in this for me? The people who are watching your videos are asking the same thing. They're not going oh, look at her hair, her voice or oh, this that. Oh, they're not critiquing you. They didn't get on TikTok or Instagram or social media to critique. That's them projecting their own safe self hatred onto you but ultimately, they're self consumed. They're not judging. They're not. It's not that you know what you can easily block people if they're nasty. They're only asking what's in just for me. And if you can deliver a laugh, a bit of value, and catch their attention, you win. 

Kelsey: And what's in it for them in my opinion, it is their opportunity to learn high income skills and change their situation which is why they're watching my videos to the end in the first place. Yeah, they're not watching it because of my hair or whatever, I think right there why they're curious. And like, as in analyzing all this in December, all my views went down. I was like, really? And it was because TIkTok was pushing out more Christmas ads for people to buy stuff and then doing like the year in review, what was your viral video in 2021? They're pushing for less content from smaller creators. So I was like, how do we push past this and I joined that can't beat them join them and I went and I did like my I did a couple of my big posts for the year and I pushed that out but it wasn't even getting like that much attention. So I was like, it's Christmas Because Christmas and then starting Christmas Eve or Christmas night. I was like, Okay, people are going to be done with their presence and all their family stuff. They're gonna be on their phone, they're gonna be sitting on the couch with their family, they're going to be bored. They're gonna be looking around the post. So on Christmas Eve, I probably posted five videos in the afternoon or Christmas day and then they got a lot of us a lot of interest because also keep in mind New Year's and everybody's new year new me. Here I am. What do you want to do with your finances? So let me talk to you. So it's like a prime opportunity right now January coming up because everybody starts to do their self reflection. And what they're going to do differently this year. And, you know, financially especially, so use your advantage.

Dave: Right now, there's always a time if you're a good marketer that you can bring a time of the year as a good time to buy or get started with transformation and changing their life. But New Years is awesome. Like such a huge opportunity. Like today, not not all the way like you can always talk about how you want next year to be different from the year before you can always talk about any time throughout the year. Finish the rest of this year strong, start the first of this year strong. How do you want to make 2022 different from 2021? You have to make a big change now's the time, see there's always an opportunity to frame a month or a time of the year as a big opportunity if you're clever enough. But the first of the year when people are that sort of I'm going to make a big change. I'm going to make a big decision if you guys are not going crazy right now. Like not ballistic like screaming from the rooftops like now's the time to get started and set yourself up for a big 2022. Like if you're not howling that message and making people laugh but that message is just constantly reminded and staying in front of people that message like you're missing so much opportunity. I'm so glad you brought that up. 

Kelsey: It's so true. Like take everything you just said and condense it down and turn it into a video. Everybody's looking to change everything next year. They want better, they want different but don't know how. Yeah, show them. Tell them.

Dave: So let me ask you so you know of all the things that you've done in the past and ways you've trained and opportunities you've seen. Give us a little testimonial, give us a little like what would you tell somebody who might be on the fence about going through our challenge, going through our training, becoming a part of our community? What would your experience have been like?

Kelsey: I would tell them that if you are looking for a change and you are looking to better yourself and he wants to do more and have more financial freedom, which is the goal in life for everybody who you talked to. You have to not think everything is a scam and take it in as an opportunity. If it doesn't work out then it doesn't work out. But once it does, what if you blow up like crazy and live your dreams? Like what if you actually did like you for example. You're the perfect example. Everything that you've overcome to where you are right now. Yeah, I could do the same thing. I know, working my way to try to do the same thing.

Dave: What would you say about the 15 Day Challenge, some small entry point financially, big, big value a lot to learn? What would you say about somebody taking the plunge to at least give themselves a chance go through the challenge, talk to an advisor soak up everything they can to learn, coached to just soak up all of the value that they can get for that $7 What would you say to somebody who might be on the fence about that Mike might be watching right now. And he's on the checkout page?

Kelsey: I got this in like August and I was like, I either want to go back to school and do something or I want to find a way to work from home. I really wanted to work from home. I didn't really want to go back to school but I was really considering it. So when I found a 15 day challenge I took it I literally started right away. I just did that 15 Day Challenge in like six days. I made sure I had my funnel up by the day. It was kind of like a weird goal for no real reason but I wanted to do it and prove to myself that I could, that it was different from direct sales. And I was like why? Okay, so I'm going to take out loans and pay for school long term. sounded awful. I really didn't want to do it. I was like I want to work from home. And anything that would be going to school would not have anything to do with me working from home. It would be me going into a job you go into work at a hospital to know do something like that. It was like I wanted that from a money perspective. years down the line when I would start making that money after school. Or I was like I want to try this. You wouldn't invest like I did the blueprints personally, but you'd invest in that which is way cheaper than school will ever be. I don't care what school you're going to that basically costs, I don't know, like what is the class cost and a college a class, a class you know and I've already made money. And I've already learned so much along the way. And in the 15 days there is a lot of information. It's overwhelming. But you could always and I always tell people this like you can rewatch those days you could take notes you can always refer back to them everything but you have like you have to see if that's what you really want to do because the 15 Day Challenge is awesome and all extra information tutorials how tos everything in those are really helpful, especially if you need that help like I did I needed that help those tutorials. The only thing I did skip was the TikTok part. But other than that only because I had got the knowledge before but I paid for that knowledge too. But it was worth it. It sped up everything for me.

Dave: Nice. We are so excited to watch your journey. I'm so hoping that you'll carve time in your life now that you know your time is so structured. And you're also playing a lot though you're you're shopping you're playing you're doing your things you're living your life, and I love to see that. So please here in a couple of months, come back, keep us posted on your journey. It's been a pleasure to spend some time with you this morning. And we're going to put up your tick tock handle so people can go and follow you and they can lift you up and they can support you and comment on your stuff. And that's what we do here at Legendary. That's how we can help each other. So thank you for your time today. Tell your boyfriend we said Hi, happy holidays from our family to yours. And I'll talk to you soon. All right.

Kelsey: Thank you so much for having me. It's such a pleasure. 

Dave: You're welcome. We'll talk to you later. All right, my friends. Another episode Another day, another Monday and hey, just like I said a second ago is the end of the I'm going to do different right now today. This second tip like this second. What are you going to do now coming off of this show? In this moment, to change everything to change 2022 From what it could be to what you want it to be? How are you going to take control? Maybe you need to invest in yourself. Maybe you need to instead of worrying about everybody else and all the Christmas presents that you did or didn't buy or the money that you may or may not spend going back to college which is a guarantee you're going to be 2030 4050 $60,000 Maybe you need to take a couple of grand and put it into yourself and learn the high income skills that you need to give yourself a new career a new path a new passion, a new journey. It's amazing the return on investment we get from investing in ourselves. You hear it day after day. You see the testimonials you hear people every single person has the same thing to say I took the challenge I went through the blueprints, I applied what I learned. And now this is what has happened. And we're not talking about four years. We're talking about four months. We're talking about three months. We're talking about Scylla we're talking about a quarter to half the way through 2022 Your life could be completely different. Are you going to sit on the fence? Are you going to watch another year passed by this was 2021 Even though it was a struggle for a lot of people was the best year for a lot of digital marketers ever. I know it was one of the best for us for me ever. Why did I get lucky? No. Preparation meets opportunity and right now is the best time to get started online with a business like selling information as an affiliate creating your own course coaching program or event exactly what we teach here. Not selling products from China, not you know selling candles on Etsy even though I'm not putting those businesses down, but selling information doing affiliate marketing. This is the way of the future look at Airbnb. Look at you know, Uber, all these business models are the middleman they're the marketing arm of the company, right they don't own the cars they don't own the hotels get in and up with the teams and take action get your credit card out today and stop worrying about spending it on everybody else and swipe it through your self. Spend something on you to invest in your future to make 2022 the way that you want it in the way that you deserve it. All right. Get out of here and do that. Now. Make a commitment to yourself. And thanks again, Kelsey, for your wonderful, amazing advice in time. We'll see you guys back here for another episode tomorrow. Get out of here. Be Legendary