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Matt: Hey there everybody welcome in. Happy Wednesday, June 2 And my name is Matt welcome in, if you are newer to our community or first time on. Here's what I want you to do I want you to leave us a comment letting us know where you're tuning in from and give me a little thumbs up if my audio is coming through okay we were having some technical difficulties earlier this morning but I think we got themselves, so I think we're good to go. But, you know, it's the internet you never know. Hey, if you're newer, if you're, you know, popping up for the first time or whatever. We actually have a text message service that alerts you that we are going live, so let me pull this open real quick, you can text this number on your screen. And I actually just got my text message right here you can see it right there. Okay, so you can get just, it's a short little text message we don't spam you we don't try to sell you stuff in the text messages, okay we don't do any of that stuff. So, you just text in 813-296-8553 There's 1000s and 1000s of people who get this text message every morning. And yeah, so good morning everybody, Michael from Chicago, what's going on, Jason. Andre snow all advisors are not on the show they're typically working away, you know, Cody Paul Tammy what's going on Brian, Good to see you just got my just got the text Okay awesome Laurie, Harris fire. Okay, Angela. All right, awesome. Cool. Well, good to see you on here and we've got an awesome guest today, so if you're unfamiliar with our show. We do this every single day at 10am Eastern. I look a little bit tired this morning, because I'm on the West Coast, and it's 7am here so I woke up at 6am. Scroll through some financial stuff, looked on Instagram for a little bit, and then here I am, I got my coffee brew and I've already got a load of laundry and for the day so like, Hey, I don't know what you're up to, but if you haven't got that far in your day you're a little bit behind, but, and yeah so it's 7am on west coast but I'm here every Wednesday so Dave host Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday I host Wednesday I'm the CMO here at Legendary I handle a lot of the affiliate stuff a lot of product development, a lot of education just kind of all the different stuff I've been in this industry for about 10 years, so has our guest today, and his name is Shane, we're gonna bring him in, in just a second, every single day, on these Wake Up Legendary shows, we'll bring on somebody who's either New to our community or been around for a while and has found success with our training or found success with digital marketing or affiliate marketing in some capacity and we became aware and wanted to bring his story or testimonial to light, and just let him share a little bit about what he's got going on, what he's excited about what's working and it's typically a pretty inspirational motivational message. So, enough for me. Anyway, Shane man, how are you? 

Shane: Good, I'm doing well 

Matt: We had a little before we brought you out to the show for everybody who's here we had a little echo going on, it sounds much better now. So I think we're great. 

Shane: Yeah, I think I'm gonna have to return that computer. 

Matt: Okay so you're up in the Northeast. We are excited to have you on. Thank you for taking the time to come on, you know, it's, it's not like we're paying people or compensating people with money to come on in and say hey Legendary’s awesome it's just kind of like, you know, Hey, you want to volunteer a little time and come on and hang out. So thanks, and can you just for everybody who's here, give us a little bit of background on you. I know I read some baseball stuff so we do a little questionnaire. I don't do too much reading on those but I read through yours and loved the story of your, of your baseball walk on, I'm a big sports guy so it's like, I kind of nerd it out on that. But just walk us through like, Where'd you grow up, you know what was interesting to you, tell us a little about the story because I think it sets up sort of your resilience and sort of your attitude towards business.

Shane: Yeah, so I grew up in Connecticut, and baseball obsessed, so I played baseball my whole life, my whole dream was to be a baseball player, that was it, that's all I was going to do. And so when I went through high school, you know I played varsity as a freshman. All State as a senior, but then when schools were recruiting me people were like oh we are way too small to go to division one, you'll never make a division one powerhouse program. And when somebody says you can't do something to me, is the time where I'm like FSU, I'm going. So, I had a bunch of offers at two schools the three schools and some lower level D one schools but there was one school in particular I wanted to go to, and it was Seton Hall University they were a powerhouse in baseball in the northeast and two years before that mo Vaughn John balanced and Craig Biggio all those guys had gone there so that's where I wanted to go and, and I talked to the coach and he said yeah yeah come on in. Come on in, you know, we don't have any scholarships for you. But you know short you look, you look pretty good as a shortstop so when I got in there and literally the first day I walked in the campus and we got into the practice field and there were 14 Other recruited shortstops, and I was the only walk on and there was one with a scholarship and I was like, Oh my God. And of course, you know, at 140 pounds out of high school I'm like all these people are right there I'm never going to make this, but I didn't give you know, the thing about. I barely made the team. I was like the last one cut. I actually made it as a walk on the next. I never suited up. I never played my freshman year, and I was, I was going to quit, I was going to be like you know what they were all right, I'm going to go back home with a tail between my legs and and find another small school, and my mother actually said to me, what, like what is wrong with you that's not who you are, so she took me to a trip to Cooperstown, to see the Baseball Hall of Fame, and like you know what she's writing like none of these guys just gave up. Every guy that's in this Baseball Hall of Fame, put in the time and after yeah they had talent but at the same time, they worked their butts off so I went back that summer, and I bought up, I threw a football my arm strength got better and when I got back to school. The third baseman that they had was like old world third baseman they brought in, he was a year older than me but he just academically couldn't hack it so I decided to move over to third base, and they put me in on our first trip down to North Carolina just to shake him up, just to make, like, Oh, you're going to lose your spot, and I ended up, I ended up, I think was like eight for 10 in the first three games when right from that point on I never relinquished third base. And so I was the first ever to walk on that was named Captain my senior year. So, and I told my parents that no matter what I'm going to graduate in four years, and I hit upon him with 17 other freshmen, I was the only one that graduated in four years. So, to me getting to get education was important but, by the end of my sophomore year I had a full ride. So it was, you know, all that hard work all those times, those guys went out drinking and partying, I was at the gym, and I was at the batting cage for hours and hours and he used to have to kick me out in the gym so when I left college, and, you know, played, you know, they asked me to play a little pro ball and I blown out my arm. When I started to get into marketing like marketing I decided that's where I wanted to be, I took that same work ethic, and applied it to my business and so I started in New York City and I was commuting in from Connecticut, and people would say you're nuts. Why are you doing that? That's a, you know, two and a half hour commute one way, on a train. I said because I, I have, I want to be some, like I want to, these are the steps I want to get to. And so slowly climbed the ladder and fell for a team of VP of Marketing, VP and CMO, and so you know I reached the top of the marketing food chain, because I put in the hard work that other people weren't willing to do, and thought I was crazy for doing so. That's kind of how you know I was always, I was always built to like to prove everyone wrong and to tell people like he would you say I can't do that. Yeah. So, and that's really marketing people, rat race, and I was paying affiliates, 1000s of dollars to promote my product. Every time I cut them a check like I cut this guy a $30,000 check for one week of work. I'm thinking to myself, what, what am I, like, I could do that like what am I doing, like I'm putting my check I should be getting that check, I know. So, and then people were like, well you're nuts, affiliate marketing, it's a scam. You'll never make any money on it. I'm like no. Okay. All right here we go, here we go again so I always have to have that challenge. People tell me I can't do something so then I work out much harder to make mistakes.

Matt: Yeah, totally, totally and I, it's just funny because the closest mentor that I had to myself when I was getting started about 2012 I remember him saying, you know, I remember him kind of giving this testimonial or something where he was explaining, basically, you know, I did it, I had a $60,000 month or something right in affiliate commissions or something and I was like holy, like I, my brain wrapped around that. And, and, and he was, you know, he's like, some people think this happens by luck, or by chance or something but he's like, you remember the NBA playoffs last week. All my buddies were, you know, six beers deep by the time the fourth quarter came he was buried in my basement working. And I showed up for the last three minutes to see the buzzer beater ending, and that's how my life has been for the last three years, but that's what you don't see is that, like, there's a level of like discomfort and uncomfortability and wanting things to change or even just maybe it's not even that, it's just I want to accomplish it right so for you, it's like, I got people I need to prove wrong like I got a little checklist. I'm gonna make this happen no matter what, which is, which is really cool, 

Shane: And to build on what you said like, people think it comes easy right because they only see the success part of it, they didn't see the struggle, the first year in college where I didn't even shoot up, and I thought I was done, and my parents are paying for this college and I'm like, I'm not gonna be able to afford to come back here, but they didn't see like the next year with my hands were bloody from them, you know everybody else going out drinking, but I'm in the batting cage like I'm getting less be like trying to trade my swings right, I see the ball better out of this side, this, like I'm doing things that nobody else is doing. And then when it comes to the game. You just like when it comes to affiliate marketing it comes to marketing, like you put all the hard work in the backend, people don't see all that hard work that you're doing the extra emails that, like, your brand voice everything that you do, that people are like, Oh, well, it must be luck or it's a scam and he's just getting lucky and it's like no, do you have to put in the hours and the time that's what people don't understand it's like, yeah, it looks easy to some people like Michael Jordan. It looks easy on the basketball court, but he spent hours and hours and hours in the gym, it just didn't, I mean, but it just didn't happen.

Matt: Yeah, of course he's talented but, same as the same is true for me and I think because your CMO or Ben and you understand sort of marketing or organic marketing and how hard it is to get something to go viral and how hard it is to get organic, attention, you understand the power of Tik Tok in this age, and I from 2012 to 16 Dude, I've been trying any organic platform. Anything I could just absolutely anything I could try to figure out.

Matt: Nothing, nothing in my 10 years of experience has worked like TikTok.

Shane: No, that screen ever Instagram maybe a tiny bit, yeah, that I felt was kind of lucky, there was no kind of algorithm that you can play with and test. I've never seen anything like tick tock, I literally have never seen it, and you got to ride that wave until it's done because you just never know when they're gonna change their algorithm or something's gonna, I mean I like when people come into my messages and write deals and tick tock and like you're a scam. If you were a legitimate cmo you wouldn't be on TikTok but I'm like, That's exactly why you have no idea how the platform works, you have no idea how marketing works, because that's exactly why every other CMO or everybody else that that should be pushing a brand should be on here because the organic reach is on believable.

Matt: It's insane. It's absolutely insane and it's from every business model I visited a buddy of mine who owns a coffee shop down the road in Gilbert, Arizona, he said, one tick tock, one tick tock, and, and their sales for that day was $1,000 More than typical and he's like a please like a pull up cart. A one tick tock video, it's just like people have no concept so any will they do now, the PVA doing listening here as the people who are tuning into these lives we keep hammering the hammer and we had a conversation internally about a year, well maybe like a year ago. You guys came by. We're like, hey, you know, we're doing pretty well here, we're getting all this traffic from tick tock, and we kind of rolled our eyes and was like, okay, yeah. All right, that's cute guys you know, you know, take a bill and come back in a month, and, and they came back in a month, and then we kind of started to look into it, we were like okay, you know, there's, there's something here. And, you know, ended up creating a little mini product on a 15 second free leads and then and then really from there, you know, our whole community a lot of our education focuses on it now at least, for right now, Because it's hot, it might not be hot forever, but I will say, you know, people think this is going away or that it's too saturated or whatever, just personally, I, I don't actually see that happening anytime soon because of how many people are still discovering the app.

Shane: And I did. I actually did a video on TikTok, about the saturation because I quoted it to like when you're buying a car, and you know this remains in marketing. If you decide, like one weekend, that you're going to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee right it's in your mind now you're going to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee. In the same way that frequency and marketing messaging works, often you're driving to work or you're driving to the gym that Monday morning after the weekend you decide you're going to buy that car. All of a sudden on the way to the gym or work, you see 15 Greek Jeep Grand Cherokees and you're like holy crap, I didn't realize how many Jeep Grand Cherokees are out there and they were always there. They were there every single day driving by you but you weren't in the market and you weren't so you didn't see that, and that's kind of how the TikTok algorithm works. If you're interested in affiliate marketing. If you've like shown an interest, whether it be keto to see, because that's how the algorithm works, it's not that it's oversaturated, but you're seeing those because you've shown an interest and that's another reason why TikTok is so great because based on, you can kind of control it based on hashtags or in the messaging that you have where other social platforms you really, I mean you put the hashtags out there, but you don't get the same kind of reach and the same kind of audience. Now, that's what I learned, initially on Tik Tok because I was doing these, you know, five websites to get jobs, and I would get like 30,000 views, but they weren't the right type of traffic, so they weren't converting. So now you know I'd rather have less traffic but more qualified based on how I'm kind of directing the hashtags for everything else, knowing that those people are actually interested in something that I'm speaking of.

Matt: Yeah, fascinating. So, it's so true that what you just said there about, you know 30,000 You know, whatever, get 30,000 views that particular one, but we bonded or. I spend a lot of my time watching and observing and then comparing sort of concrete stats and all that stuff and what you said there's very accurate, very accurate higher refund rates less conversions. But when it's, when it's more. Yeah. Anyway, that's very fascinating and a great insight that you've got there because it's accurate and I've seen it time and time again, it's so accurate. I'm so curious. You know with your history and also with your experience in marketing, how did you come across legendary. And then, you know, in terms of like, you've got a great history of marketing and a great marketing mind it seems like. What were your thoughts like from the time that you saw our sales video so curious to the purchase to like actually getting into it I mean, did you have doubts through like oh my gosh look at this joke.

Shane: I don't know because I was, you know I wasn't cocky. So when I decided to do affiliate marketing, I was like well, I got 25 years of marketing experience. I'll watch a couple YouTube videos. I'll get this rocking and rolling up to blow everyone away. And then I realized, I've set up affiliate marketing from the other side from the corporate side like through Commission Junction and impact and stuff, where I've you know, had forums and looked for affiliates and done the whole thing, but I've never set up on the other side of the funnel is the two pages the email autoresponder that connects to that I've worked with all kinds of email, you know, in masses but I've never worked with email autoresponders like, you know get response or Aweber any of those. So I'm like, Oh watch a couple YouTube videos, no problem. So, I'm watching them and then I start to doubt. I've learned and taught myself for 25 years, I'm like, wait a minute. Did I do everything wrong, like for all these companies I made millions of dollars for like, Did I do something wrong, like do these guys know something I don't know. And then I'm looking them up on LinkedIn, I'm like, they must be marketing geniuses and I'm like, they just literally started marketing like 14 days ago like what like, alright, they're not giving me the full picture. So, and then I went through another program and I went through another program and was like you know why you sleep for millions and I was before I tried that and I was like wait, I didn't learn anything here anything set up for me, like, like, so I keep seeing the $7 I keep seeing it and I'm like, what, put you into affiliate marketing first like oh that's all crap. seconds, like, I'll teach myself on YouTube. The third's like whatever $7 I'll try it. In my day to like I was like alright, you know what I'm gonna try it I see all these people talking about it $7 I've already spent all this money and all this time on YouTube, looking at her and I was like, this is legit. This is like kind of putting all those pieces together that I knew that I needed, just how they're kind of all fitting together for me, like how I needed to have that sit together in my mind like I you know had everything out here, and by day three when you started doing the funnels I was like, Oh, here we go $7 best $7 I ever spent. I mean, this is ridiculous. And I'm like why are why are people not talking about this more, because, and then you know everyone's like, well the upsells and all this other stuff and I'm like, Okay, if they're not valuable to you they're not valuable to you but they're valuable to a lot of people because they really are showing people how to build their business and for 15 days and $7 I mean, it's, it's really ridiculous and that's the program I was like alright that's it. Not only do I want to become an affiliate for them but they guys kind of taught me other things and then I built a golf website and I started with keto so I had other things I was like, okay, so I can take all that I learned here too and then translate it into the niches that I like, and the things that I'm interested in sports so that really, to me, like I kind of stumbled across when was the last thing was like, alright, I'll try before I give this up like defeated again right like I was like, I was like I'm gonna try one more time because I'm not going to be defeated. I'm going to do this, I'm going to figure it out, and the $7 I was like, there's no respect to my fiance, I'm like, holy crap, when I got through day two, I'm like this is legit like I thought was gonna be $7 It's a scam, she always associate, you know, and I get there's a barrier entry but at the same time in my mind I'm like, but it was awesome. So that's why I jumped into it that's why I started promoting it because I was like this is legit it actually helps.

Yeah, is it. 

Matt: Was it some like built thing in the actual like technical layout of like how the funnel process works that you found valuable

Shane: To tell you the truth, at the very end, all those videos that are in your affiliate back office right that you do like the pixel for Facebook which, you know, it's crazy now anyway but all of those things that you really walk people through and set up was so valuable. You know you could pay $15,100 Just for that ridiculous, the amount of detail you went into I thought those were more valuable than anything else and that's what I tell people they're like why don't you know, day eight, I don't like and I'm like stand in the end because once you become an affiliate, it opens up all these great videos that are going to be invaluable to you that you'll go back every day and kind of review.

Matt: Got it. Yeah. Wow. Interesting. Yeah, that's super fascinating. I sort of feel like, yeah, yeah, fascinating, it's so interesting, I get it from so many to hear so many different perspectives, your perspective from people who have never, ever, ever heard of marketing. It's just so interesting, like what clicks and what ticks and because with some people, for instance, that that training that you just talked about, creates a lot of chaos and confusion, because it's so overwhelming and so detailed, it's so meticulous right. But I see a lot of people that take that, that style of training or whatever and there's people who take that and they go create ads agencies, they go create like all kinds of weird stuff but it's, I think it comes from, you know, learning the skills and you keep like your, your story is big around sort of that resilience and grit and doing the work, right like that whole training for instance, and really every train that I ever created the first training I created was going to 2012 around SEO but that, and that I've created a few different ones since then but more of it has been built in or sort of embedded into different companies trainings and what people don't realize is that came from that all STEM course I bought shares on Google ads in 2011. And then I bought a Facebook course in 2013 or 14 or something around Facebook ads, and I would wake up at 4am. Watch that stupid frickin training, Go to work at six, come back at two. I was exhausted so I would nap for like 30 minutes and get right back on. And, and I did that for like a year or two where it was just like every waking moment I was deep into this like I was learning everything about how these ad platforms work and how they fit and how they target and how who they are seeing these ads out to and all of this stuff. And I think that, you know I get emails from people who are like I've been in this for two weeks and I just, there's nothing going on. And, and I just think sometimes there's this level of like, whatever it is I don't know how that happens. Maybe it's just missed expectations, maybe somebody dropped a hint that this was going to be easy or something I don't know. Or maybe they think they've never ever worked for something in their life, I don't actually know what yeah what I'll say is, it's just, I like coming back to the fact that you worked so hard on this, to build those skills, and then came into the challenge and took that same approach right like didn't even, you know you have the moment of like well I got this. But, really, like you came in and when you realize the value and kind of like, like Okay, shoot this is real, like this is an actual like real thing like this is pretty surprising that you were able to, to, like, okay, hey I remember, I remember how to do this, yes takes hard work, I gotta grind, I got a, I gotta like, I gotta get back on the horse here and like let's go saddle up.

Shane: Yeah, because for so many years being a chief marketing officer or vice president marketing I had like a digital team right so I oversaw that, but it didn't necessarily roll up my sleeves and get into the technical every day. Like I oversaw them, gave them suggestions, we went over the numbers. I was constantly looking at it but every day, it wasn't like building things, or connecting my HTML like I had been removed from that. So for it to jump back into it, you know, like you said, I tell you what if I was to start a company, I would buy the program and have every one of my digital marketers, watch 15 days and have those videos because they're invaluable, and it's something that even if the greatest digital marketer in the world will pick up something from it. If they're really watching now I've had people go through and said, like what nuts, was crazy, but those are the people I know at the end of the day. Sure, putting the time and the effort in so you can start to figure out who's gonna work who's not gonna work. And then I've had people blow through it and then are like ready to go. We're excited and like that was amazing. And I like to do follow up calls or live zooms with them just to make sure everything's hooked up, because, you know, sometimes the videos are outdated. So the way that Aweber has kind of changed their software and how it connects the HTML to ClickFunnels has changed, sometimes I kind of walk them through how to put in the raw HTML to connect everything, because things have changed so you know I want to make sure that they're set up for success if they've spent the $7 that they spent whatever they wanted to spend but they've gone through me, I want to make sure that they're set up and they're ready to go, like I want to be a part of that mentorship to them, so they're not just going through the program and watching videos and feel like they're less than an eye, like they have somebody with marketing experience behind them to say, Hey, did you try this or, Hey, I saw a couple of your tic TOCs, maybe you want to tweak your messaging or maybe your hook needs to be this or something like just to help them kind of order, you know, take the top five guys within your niche and take some of their like their top five videos when they're most views on it, and then recreate them in your own voice don't copy them, but you know kind of recreate them and if you want content ideas so it's just trying to help people understand that they you know they have people behind them, they have this great set of videos that you can go to any point at any time to rewatch, I just think it's a great program I really helped me. And like you said, I think it's built for all different levels. So there'll be days that you know for me and we're like okay, I get that I knew that. But then there are other days like up. All right, all right, that's cool, and I could see where somebody coming in that has no marketing experience at all the way it's laid out and how it's organized is very particular so it's, it should be for most people, very easy to follow and move along, and I think that's why people that have no marketing experience have success when they finish the program, I saw Michelle on here yesterday and I know she didn't necessarily have marketing screens but she's having great success with the program because she followed a she's putting in the hard work. And, you know, those are the kind of people that are always going to be successful so it's great to see people come out of it and really gain something from it.

Matt: Yeah, that's cool. So, and thanks for all that detail, just because it helps me so much get engaged and sort of just, you know what's valuable what's helpful and we try to just move things around, that's really helpful what um, so you're also diving into like golf niche, and, and, like, other stuff, what, What's the thought behind it, well how is that going what's been enjoyable about that, what's that.

Shane: So, the golf niche, you know when I first started out I was like, well, golf. Coffee is a little tougher to do on tick tock. Just because, I mean I could go to Pexels and get the videos and download them and I did. I actually tested it. I've tested a couple golf videos, and that's another great thing, like tick tock. Like, I know we did. We talked about how the algorithm can control what you see like, Yeah, I'll hit like on a couple of videos, and suddenly, I've got dudes who are like showing me all these crazy exercises and these things get crazy views.

Matt: Yeah, it's awesome. 

Shane: So I tested a couple on mine I took like a couple of Caddyshack, videos and posted my own kind of things on it, and I have like a golf website where I do reviews, because I just love the golf product so I'll go to Dick's are all critical galaxy and I'm literally like grab five drivers and bring him in, and I'm like I'm just, I'm testing. So I'll go in and out and then I'll come back and do a review on it, and then I did like, just recently, the top five golf gadgets you have to have for 2021 and I tested it on my, my tic toc page and I kind of blew up. So, and then I send them to my website, but then I have an Instagram and I have a Facebook and I'm running some golf ads over here, you know, some swing stuff. So, you know, websites, take longer for SEO so I'm just trying to build content for it, and then you know I did some health and wellness with keto and stuff like that I'm just I'm trying to test different things and see what kind of clicks and my whole goal is really in the goal and this might tell all, all the people that that work with me through affiliate marketing, the email list is gold. So even if you're not making sales right away, collect the emails, because, in two years, you're gonna be able to sit on a beach and send an email out with a product in it, and collect $30,000 Like the affiliates that I used to pay, so do the work. Now, do the loss or do the lead magnets of your emails and that's what I'm trying to do with the calls and the Keto so I'm building up my legendary list and I you know make money on my list and I have my golf list up here which I'm trying to grow with like a free ebook. And then, you know like the Keto 20 recipes because I just want, I want to eat. And then, as I see a good product come out suggested I saw this protein shake that I really liked I tried this diet on TV that I lost 11 pounds, two weeks, maybe you guys want to try. So I'm just trying different things to see what sticks and then I can see, obviously, by the stats like, oh, a 12 unsubscribes this week they did not like that like that again. So, you know, I'm just testing things I'm trying to see what works, what doesn't work like sending broadcast emails out just affect people hey did you see the new article that reviewing golf clubs, calm just wrote on the top five drivers for 2021 like I'm just testing things and seeing what kind of response and the open rate, click through rate and all those kinds of different things that, you know, again, I think it lost a lot of times with people with analytics like they just set it and forget it. A lot of times and they create content which is awesome, but then I look at the back end and see, you know their, their email sequence what emails, maybe it maybe I don't need 24 emails in that sequence, like where am I losing people. Like, where did it go from 20% open rate down to 2% open rate, like, obviously I didn't like that email, so maybe I'll remove that or maybe we tweak the wording in it. So, that's where I kind of, that's where the hardware comes in is constantly tweaking constantly looking and seeing okay what's resonating, like, and what I tell people all the time is it's not a granular thing, you can't look at it every single day and make a decision based on that day. You got to look at it as a whole. A week, a month, you know what I mean, because the overall like one day just kind of crap day, you know, could have a 2% click through rate but that email, traditionally will get you 25% And you just, you have to look at it as a whole. So you make a note of it. Okay, that was a, you know I'm not getting any emails, what do I need to do, and that's what I just recently did I wrote an ebook, and has. I have a loss leader on my team, Todd, because I just dried up for some reason. I don't know if Shadowbanning was a thing, but I was getting people through the funnel. So I was like, Alright, I gotta tweak that. So how are we going to tweak that and then like yesterday 100 people signed up through the email. Okay, that's working. So how do we build on that? So it's just constantly looking at the back end and then tweaking it from there.

Matt: Interesting, interesting, oh my gosh I love what you said about you having to evaluate things over a period of time. The amount of times that I learned that lesson, it was just stupid. I just, I don't know, I just, you know, overreact. It's just crazy how even after having been in this for so long. It'll still creep up and I'll still do it sometimes where I still, you know, overreact or freak out. And now, man, I have really re especially with the amount of like traffic and volume sales that come in here at legendary it's more like, I really look in like quarterly, and last like half a year because, I mean you got people who come in and out and affiliates traffic up and down and all this stuff and you have to start looking at bigger trends, and especially early on as, as you know as a digital marketer affiliate marketer your list is at 100 or 50 people or something. I just mostly tell people like, hey, track all of that stuff, but don't make any decisions about it, not like just track it all and make mental notes and actually have a, you know, if you're tracking this spreadsheet, make it, make a little note and just say hey today I felt like I should probably do X, Y, Z something, you know are super weird on this and I should probably adjust it but don't screw with anything, don't mess with anything, don't, don't, you know, start making a bunch of weird changes, like just keep it steady, and after a few months 90 days. Look back at everything and say well okay, now I have a body of work, yet I can actually make a decision on, right 30 days. Okay 60 days. Much better 90 days, if you're consistently accurate. You're putting marketing in front of people, for 90 days as a new affiliate or a new digital marketer, I mean, that's enough time to really say like, Okay, what I'm doing isn't working. Let's make a pivot or what I'm doing is working. Let's pour on the gasoline. Yes, but that was a really really big point. 

Shane: And the other thing to remember is, as a marketer, and I know you see this all the time, you know, as I'm building out campaigns, I could have been working on this campaign, you know, in the marketing world for six months before I hit the market, right. So I'm sick of it by the time it hits the market. So if it doesn't produce, and this is what I had to have the argument CEOs all the time because they've seen it for six months, and hit the market and after a week it's not doing anything, it's like well we need to change the campaign and that's what that's what happens with a lot of businesses and that's why they fail so like, we need to change the campaign I'm like, oh, timeout. The consumer has seen it for a week. You've seen it for six months so you're sick of it. It hasn't built in a frequency with your consumer to actually make a decision on anything. So and that's the same thing with, you know the people that come up after two weeks, like if it's a benchmark of anything yet. Right, you can't, you can't have videos inspected to make $50,000 It doesn't work like that you have to build and build and build. It's the frequency of three it's the frequency of seven where people need to see it and trust you, because people are gonna see your video, the first time and you know glanced over it second time they may watch it a little bit more by third time they're probably going to watch it more and be like, Oh yeah, I've seen this guy before, be able to trust you to make that decision and what are you saying of value. So, it's about building that frequency and understanding that it takes a little time to do that. I, you know, talking about brand new I was working for a company that was making $4 billion a year. And we literally would work, look at the sales numbers and I will argue this all the time. I'm like, we can't look at it day by day. I mean we can look at it but don't make decisions based on what happened yesterday. Based on previous years because we look over year over year we're down $50,000 year over year and I'm like, there's so many factors to that and last year was a Sunday was a big selling day today, this year it's a Monday. And then, you know, but the week we're still on track for the week, well we need to pivot we need to change. I'm like, you're making a decision based on one day with all these different factors. Let's get it for the month, where are we trending for the month where are we looking for, like you said, 90 days are we gonna make the quarter, then we decide but you can't make a decision based on one day or one email that was sent out okay it was disappointing didn't do that. All right, well why, like, how did you work, like, then it's like, you fail forward right you look at it you say okay, it didn't work. So then how do I get better tomorrow and I'm getting this email, what I put on it. No, probably not because it sounds generic, it's not in my voice it's. I use somebody a lot and change a couple of words for me. My name basically I didn't tell my story so of course people because they've seen it 70,000 times like who are you, what's your story, like, you know, that's what I try to tell people on that and, and I haven't done a good job of it either, and I'm trying to tweet my emails now to as I see how they've gone through because I basically start this in February. So I've given it a couple months, at a certain level, that's why I just made a tweet now because it kind of ran its course yet. Okay, people are kind of tired of that look in that field so let's tweak it again. Given enough time, so now I'm seeing results on it so then how you know I'm going to monitor that and then tweet from here, and send a couple messages there so it's really building on it and understanding who you're talking to, not just send it and then all of a sudden it stops and you're like, well, this sucks they quit, It's a scam.

Matt: Right. And it's just so many good nuggets there. 

Shane: I did, man. Yeah, I wanted to jump on all of those different things that I don't know which one's best but yeah just yes to everything, and I just feel like, gosh, the, the whole piece I here's the here's the main nugget that really stood out to me was, you got started. You changed your name and a few of the landing pages and a couple of emails whatever and you were like hey you know what, it's frickin good enough to go, like, it's loud enough for me to drive some traffic to it, see what happened see exactly, rather than going over perfectionist and then you got 90 days or whatever that you can latch on and now you're like, you know what, okay, now I can make some adjustments. 

Matt: Shane, man, like your, your Facebook ad. So you had that huge faith but your story, right, yeah. So, I took nuggets of that and I'm like, and then I'm like, that's not really like I started to run it and I'm like, I just want to get something out there, so I'll change some things here and there, and I got some response from it but I'm like that's not true to who I am and my fiance's like good Oh that's awesome. That's like your story, tell your story because you went through a ton of crap in the last four years you've dealt with a ton of stuff like, tell your story be authentic, and she was right because I, I'll buy from somebody that's authentic, Like I'll listen to somebody that I know is unfair and you can tell something's free, you can you can tell when somebody is not giving you the full story. You're like, I tried to be transparent, even on my lives like, um, what's the question you have. Okay, yeah, it's, it's 20 $500, and you have a lot of value in it. You don't have to buy it if you don't want to buy it is really up to you. No one forces you to buy what I recommended Sure, but I'm going to be transparent on everything I do, is it enough like people are trying to make money within 15 days I'm like no, you can get locked, you literally could get lucky and make money but you set your goal for 60 days, but if you make money before that it's great. Yeah, but there is no get rich quick scheme out there and I'm going to tell you that right now and if there is, it's going to last. It's short term, it's not a long term play. And if you want a long term play to really retire, and to really set yourself up for the future. Then do the work now, and they'll set themselves up but and I had that argument with people all the time they're like well you're scamming you told us I'd make $1,000 I said I never told you make $1,000 I said, 1000 virtual to put in the work. Yeah, and then people are like well build it for me, I'm like, okay, build it for me, do everything for me run by business for me. 

Matt: What kind of guy are you? 

Shane: ‘I can't stand you. You're such a scammer.’

Matt: Well you know I just, yeah, that's the head. Yeah, it's funny because I don't deal with this scammer thing so much as I just kind of deal with it like the Hey, nothing happened. Right, what do I do? You know what's next, what do I try next. And it's like, hey, you know, I got some really good training, You get your feet wet a little bit like before you run to me, and like you know, it's, it's, there's some conditioning, and we don't have to get super deep into this but I've realized that there's some conditioning of how people have grown up, and how they were parented to where in some households if something doesn't work, or if there's a problem or something's out of place or something's broken, it's mom. Yes. Yeah, before, as we're being like Hey, I wonder if I could fix this, right, and the parents are always, you know, In that house, if they need to be needed. So it's, Oh, mom, dad, you know, they might play it off. It's like, oh my gosh, what now secretly they love, but I can't notice it, but rather than saying, and Dave says that he does this with his little girl. What do you think you should do? Right. What do you think you should do, what could you do, what would you suggest, and I found myself being in this space. A lot of times being the person who needs to be needed and I've had to make that shift myself a little bit because I realized okay I'm kind of CO creating this situation. Yes, and had to take responsibility for my role in that, but now, you know, people come to me and say well it's not working. It didn't work, you know I did exactly what you said, you know, and I just say, What do you think you should do, what's the right step, what do you think, And sometimes I'll just get, there's no email response, there's Yes, our communication ends, and other times people are like, Whoa, I mean that's what I, you know, I paid money that's, I'm here to get your coaching, you know, or whatever, and and i It's subtle but you have to make that shift from. You're just a lifelong student, and somebody who needs, you know, doesn't know how to engineer or get their solutions. Yeah, and not telling them to, you know, screw off basically, you know, because I never want people to feel like that but at the same time, it doesn't do me more than any good to just sort of be like, well, you know what we fix your whole business for you. Right. You know you got to start getting good at Google search, you got to get skilled at YouTube searching okay something got up to, where do I go I probably go to AWeber and ask them what to do, right, it's like, And now I've got to find my solution and really like business ownership, I found entrepreneurship, digital marketing even. It's all the best people, the people who are really killing it, are problems, who can solve their own problems and iterate quickly. Not an approach ProAct wasn't good at emailing people and asking to fix this for me.

Shane: Right, exactly. It's the it's and I say this to my daughters all the time because they're not like if you come to me with a problem, you better come to me with a solution, it might not be the right solution but Comcast I used to kick people out of my office all the time. This isn't working. I don't know. I'm like, so what is your solution? Well, I don't have, like, get a kick out of office, like if you're gonna come to me with a problem and come up with a solution, even if it's not the right one, or at least we can talk through it but don't come with the problems, and I think it comes from that hole. Everybody gets a ribbon generation, like I tell my kids, like, you're not getting a ribbon, if you like, you lost, that's where you learn failing and losing is where you learn to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get better. If you're winning all the time or having somebody do it for you learn nothing. Yeah, learn zero, you need to get knocked down, we need to get your face rubbed in the dirt, a little bit, you need to be humbled because, like I was when I started affiliate marketing, like, you know, I got humbled because I was like are I am old smart, it didn't matter. I had no viewers on TikTok, I started from the ground up just like everybody else. It's just, you know how much you're going to work at it and you get knocked down, you get beat up a little bit and you're like, okay, all right. Let's go. Let's do this. And that's what I tell my daughter is like, you know, one of them playing soccer, and she's like well dad, you know, this girl pushed me, I'm like, didn't push her back. Get your body in like, don't let her take the ball from you, but just, you got to be tougher you got to, like, you want to win, then be tougher that's the bottom line doesn't care. She's not gonna like the score and then roll it over to you to get to a ribbon and say, that was awesome. Thanks for letting me know we can, and even in business, I tell people all the time I work 68 hours. I didn't get that, if I didn't take my vacation they weren't like hey, awesome job buddy. It didn't take your vacation. At the end of the year, they're like, oh we need budget cuts, and we can hire someone for half your cost to implement all your, like, make sure all your programs that you will implement are running. What, what's another family? So, you know, it's like, you need to look out for you and that's what I try to instill in my kids like, my oldest, she'll be in college in a couple years and I'm like, I'm going to teach you the tools for digital marketing. So you want all your friends to go out partying, you're going to be making money in your dorm room. Yeah, I'm going to teach her how to do it. I'm not going to do it, but she's going to learn how to do it. Give her the skills, because if I had come out of college with the internet was not a huge thing I'm not old now. Right when I came out of college, there was no such thing as, you know, the internet was just in its infancy, and there were no people making money online. If it was now when I came out of college, I never would have gone into corporate America. Never. Because there's so many different ways to make money online, I would have figured it out, or I would have faked it till I made it, because I would have been like on Fiverr I would have been anywhere doing what I had to do. 

Matt: Well yeah and especially, you know, especially just because the ROI on college and Edwin investment is so much more these days. Yeah, the actual, tangible ROI on that, you know, for the investment made the return is so much less, given the power of the internet, like it just how crazy that is. And that's so cool. We've got I mean, we do we've got people in the, in, in, we've got young guys 18, 19 year old. One of them actually stayed in town. And we had one of them on this week, or last week I think it was this weekend I think it might have been Monday, young kid 19 years old, and he lives in the same town as this other kid 18 years old, and this other kids got a, he's got an throughout high school and entire lawn care business in his, in his town that he's grown by himself. Basically, I think he might be hiring on one or two but anyway I had to call this guy to call this kid up to sign up for a program he's under 18 so I had to tell him, Hey, we got a refund yeah we got to can't basically you can't participate in our program and stuff being under 18 and the dude sitting out on his lawn mower taking the call, he's like hey let me just be just powers down right powers down his lawnmower whatever he might have been in his truck I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure he's sitting on his lawn mower in the middle of a job. And he's, and he's just sitting there and I was just like, Dude, are you working or what he's like yeah man just decide on a job it's been real busy, you know, and I just didn't like. See, there's the difference right this is just out there, growing, and he's like, I gotta hire somebody on. I got too many jobs. Plus, at ease, you know, whatever 17, 18 years old he's been doing it for a couple years, so I only bought a trailer. Got a nice new mower, like rolling, and he's making, you know, and now he's got his little affiliate marketing business that he's doing too I'm like, are you in school did you go to school, right, like Yeah, did school, you know, whatever, I'm like damn, like, you know, please, if you do go to college, you know, keep doing whatever you're doing so that you can just pay for it, because you have good to go. And anyway, on a shady week that we're coming up on the top of the hour, I wish we could just sit here and rant all day but we can't. Unfortunately, Shane, this has been really valuable, the amount of little tiny gold nuggets throughout this whole thing that are sprinkled and I hope people here, felt that and realize that and I hope they will. I know they got value from this, I got value from this. 

Shane: So, I appreciate it. This has been awesome, like I said I've been. There's very few products that I really would promote in legendary is one of them just because I believe, and it's helpful. So I, you know, and like I said, everybody. Anybody can do it, anybody can do affiliate marketing and that's why I tell everybody all the time, it's just putting in the work, that's the bottom line. Yep, and sometimes work sucks, but acknowledges a lot better doing it for yourself in your own house, dealing with some, you know 30 year old 30 year old kid who got a company handed to him by his father that's telling you like TikTok’s for 18 year olds and I'm like, Oh for the love of God.

Matt: Alright Shane well thanks for coming on man and, yeah, stay around I mean we'll we love to have people come back on, you know, if you find success with your thing or with your keto thing like, send me an email and be like a steak and often we'd love to showcase that. 

Shane: Sure, absolutely love to. Awesome. Well thanks for coming on Shane. Thanks man. I appreciate it. 

Matt: Alright. Alright guys, there you have it. Wow, that was ridiculously valuable. He gave a lot of value throughout this episode . If he didn't get to catch it all, that's okay, but go give Shane a follow up I'm going to put it up here. Shane Huerta. He is on tickets. Go check out some of the other stuff he's doing on Instagram with his golf. Just, you know, he's, he's taken a little bit of creative liberty to just go out and, and look up different stuff or different niches, different industries and dive into them, and it's really powerful. So, again, we are here to live every single day. I'm totally not pre recorded at all. And we're here every single day, Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern on our Facebook page, or if you're in a Facebook group. We also stream it there. Go give Shane a follow, and we will see you back here tomorrow at the same time.

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