Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Welcome to Wake Up Legendary This is Dave Sharpe and once again this morning we have a fantastic guest returning guests and somebody who's had some some amazing success excited for those of you who don't know Bob to meet him this morning with that being said, Please help me. Welcome to the show. Bob Hosek, how's it going, brother?

Bob: It's doing good. Thanks for having me back. It's great to be here. Dave.

Dave: Hey, man, so you're calling in from Quebec? Is that correct?

Bob: Montreal, Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

Dave: Okay, fantastic. This is your second time here on the show. Right?

Bob: Yeah. Second time. Exactly. Yes.

Dave: Okay. You remember how long ago that was?

Bob: Oh god that must have been, I would say probably 989 months ago, something like that. Okay.

Dave: All right. Well tell those who don't know your story. How you got started, now, we've headlined it after 30 years. In business, Bob's now gone 100% online. So there is a happy ending to this story. So tell us in a nutshell, where it started, how you found us, and then what's happened since you got started?

Bob: Absolutely. Okay. So as you mentioned, I've been in business for many, many years. Because of where I live. I got to say the pandemic was almost a blessing for me because the government here forced us to shut down our company. We didn't know for how long because it was considered a non essential business. So basically, I switched gears and I said, well, I need to find something else to do to make money. Something that can only be affected by all weird stuff like this. So it was almost like by accident, I stumbled onto affiliate marketing because I wasn't looking for specific things. I had tried other things online. Things where I didn't make money I actually lost money. I came across the offer to stack the page where your video is, and I'll play one thing that got me kind of curious and interesting is in that video, I noticed there was somebody from Shark Tank. Gotcha. Yeah. And when I saw that the first thing snapped because I know those guys Oh, four eyes and this guy is even remotely involved in this. It's got to be something. So that led me down to just you know, I started with the course that sounded very interesting. I figured $7 Who can invest $7 takes the course to learn how to do this. Right. And that was kind of the beginning of the journey. And from there I just kind of started. I took what I learned and applied it, I became an affiliate for legendary. I purchased one of the blueprints which I think is key. Obviously, if you want to scale quickly and build fast, I think that must have saved me six to eight months. Just in terms of building the business because everything I learned from that blueprint, I just plugged it into the business that I had already set up and it just started to go. So the first time we met it was kind of the beginning of the journey and it was just starting to see a little bit of success, a little bit of you know, more money than what you can make. But from there now, it's just been a fantastic run. I mean, it's unbelievable. It's literally something you could do to replace your daytime job within a year if you take it seriously. And it's nowhere near an eight hour a day job. You know, you can do this a couple of hours a day as long as you're consistent and for me, I think that's the key. I do this seven days a week. I even find time on a Saturday or Sunday to put some time within a business. Yeah.

Dave: Well, I think that if we actually all of us sat down, you know those who are doing affiliate marketing and who are doing what, what so many of us are doing here what we're teaching here, you could you could actually if you were totally focused, do this in 30 to 60 minutes a day. totally focused. Now what I say totally focused, that's key because that means that's not including getting on and scrolling social media and doing research and development and getting lost down rabbit holes. I'm talking about Super focus, treating your business like a business not like a hobby. You know, we all have to, you know, we all have better days than others with that right where we're left. But I think the key part is is that you went from a business it was brick and mortar so you have experience with what it's like to to go in right to be there every day to have to leave home to drive 6 hours a week at minimum, I guarantee you 50, 60 hours a week was the minimum when things are going well.

Bob: We are joined well, right, exactly. Now transitioning gift curse, right blessing in disguise. Not everybody had that blessing but you did because you happen to just be open you know, instead of going on social media and complaining about the government. You said hey, look, let me try to make wine out of water here. You're out of what I can do. And here you are a man. I mean, who what they say you can't teach old dogs new tricks. And I know you're young at heart, but you're not a spring chicken for 60 years old. So I'm not a spring chicken. And it's absolutely true. But you know, the thing is, I want to just focus on the point that you said about, you know, focusing 30 to 60 minutes a day. I think that like you said, actual work that you put into a business like this, I think it would be 60 minutes a day you can do it when I'm talking about actual work. I'm talking about, you know, posting the videos, following up on emails, checking, you know, following up on DMS, replying to comments, maybe doing one or two YouTube videos a month and putting them on your YouTube channel. But a true entrepreneur as you know, they've like we can never turn it off right? Even when we're not working. The brains always work and like you said so even though it's actually an hour and a half max that they've been doing the work. But you're always thinking about the business. They're always looking for ideas, catching ideas here, catching ideas there. So when you become a real entrepreneur, you never really turn it off. But the actual work is not eight hours a day. It's really like you said about an hour, hour and a half a day. You can do this very, very easily. I agree with that. 100%.

Dave: There's some people who disagree in the comments, you know, that's okay. Right? If you think there is no way you can do this. You know, that's fine. You know, you can do whatever you want to do. Right? That's the beautiful thing. If you're, if you want to put in eight hours to this every day you can and I've been in this industry doing this for 10 years. And the most successful people that I know are not grinding every day. They're not grinding away. You know, having endless conversations in the DMS they're attracting people rather than trying to sell people all the time. And, you know, I know that for a lot of us. That's hard to imagine because we we sometimes feel like we're we need to push we need to sell we need to grind and the real when you go from you know the one on one kind of grind to when you begin building when you begin doing one to many, right which which one to many means that you know I'm speaking to many people I'm able to influence many people at without having individual conversations with them. That's when I take my actual content to the next level. That's when my content gets more interesting. We just had for example, a couple of people who are going just totally viral right now, may have experienced this too Bob, totally viral right now on TikTok, and there's driving more sales right now as affiliates for us. Then anyone who is grinding eight hours a day, as a matter of fact, they're now and I'm talking about those of you who are you know you know, grinding in the DMS all day long in there. Sure. That is a piece of this but when you begin to get better at creating content when you begin to get better at knowing what your message is and who your target customer is and how you create content that just just meshes with him goes viral. You're able to move people in ways that traditional selling strategies just aren't able to do and you know, you happen to come in right now where TikTok is hot. And all these things were a lot of teenagers and a lot of young people hanging out. What's been like for you to transition into this internet space and be doing something that was traditionally right and typically only for the younger generation?

Bob: Well, okay, I'm going to just touch on a couple of notes here and the first thing he said about you know, grinding in the DM one on one. You know, working one on one may be more efficient in terms of getting that one person. But I think affiliate marketing is a numbers game. It's a mass game. You're not going to make a lot of money working with one person at a time. What you want to do is get something out there that hits a lot of people at the same time. It's almost like you're fishing with a net and you're trying to get as much traffic as more people bigger as bigger audiences you can get out there to get through the system. So I kind of agree with that. I think that it's better to put something out there that can hit a lot of people and not burn out fast. If you try to start you know, one by one trying to convince people to do this. It gets very tiring. So the mass way is the way to go. Now in terms of how it feels for me to go on TikTok. You know, I'll be honest, I get a lot of hate pops. How's it going? Because I am a little bit of the older generation, right? But you know, when I look at my analytics people were saying that you can only track people like yourself and I found I built my analytics on tick tock and I'm, regardless of my age, what I do and maybe it's the videos I put out there, but I'm kind of right in that sweet spot. I got you know, the 20 to 40 year olds that are pretty much my biggest audience. And I had no time, no problem with it at all. I mean, I enjoyed it. In the beginning. It was hard, obviously. Being a person that's never been on camera, never really talked to people, never showed my face. I didn't like it. I was embarrassed and I was scared as heck to do it when I started. But you know, I said listen, I'm a businessman, I got to do something. I gotta take that first step. No one's gonna do it for me. No one's gonna go out there and make the money for me. No one's gonna set up the business for me. I can learn how to do it, but I gotta take what I learned and do it and I just you know, I took that step and I enjoy it. I actually look forward to doing the videos because it's almost like a thrill. It's like, throw this one out. Let's see what it does. Ah, I didn't do so well trying another one. Let's see what that does. And you just keep doing that and you experiment and you start understanding what works, what doesn't work. And yeah, I had a couple of videos go viral on some went over 4 million over 3 million views. So you know it just keeps going. It's persistence and consistency. Just don't give up. Just keep going. Keep going. If one doesn't do well, forget about it. Leave it there, do another one and do another one. Eventually they'll start hitting and your business will start rolling. It's like a wheel the more you keep rolling and it just keeps going and going. And I think that's been my secret is I just never give up period.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. It's so it's so interesting to see the the, I guess the patterns you know, between people no matter how old they are, you know, no matter where there are in the world, there's principles of work ethic in in trying until it works and not giving up and you know, just perfecting your craft you seem and I know so many people who just know it all. They've been in this industry for a couple of months or maybe one year and they got all the answers they know it all. You're somebody who has enough experience and I had to pick up on this as I got more successful. The more successful that I was the more that I knew the more that I realized I had to learn and I really had to humble myself. How has that played out in your business?

Bob: You know what, I'll be honest, switching gears like I had to do was actually refreshing because I've been doing the same thing for almost 30 years. Coming into something like this. It's almost like reigniting your energy kind of once you know you want to like it's a new challenge and I like challenges. I think challenges are always good. And on what you said about learning, I still learned today and I love learning from real people that have really been doing this like I look at like the Brian coolers and other people that have just, they know what they're doing. If I'm stuck, I go look at what they do. I learn from them. I take content from them, but I love it. It's a challenge. It's everyday it's another thing and it's just for me it's just made me almost like I got a new ticket to life. You know something else to do something fun and good, and it works and it's exciting. And it's just great to get up every day and just get back into it because it's really I'm very grateful that I did find this path. 

Dave: Yeah, it's, you know, I can. I can relate to that reigniting the, you know the passion when you're doing something new. And I think it's fairly, you know, interesting because you're up in Canada, and some of the restrictions have been like, like, crazy, man. I mean, you're, you're working because you weren't considered a cent. Like how there's so many people right now who this is always happening, who feel beat down and who feel not on top of the world but like the world's on top of them. How did you, I mean, how did you pick yourself back up after that happened?

Bob: I think this for me, they've the thing that has been that, you know, I, you know, been in business for so long. I think anybody who's been in business knows every business has its struggles, every business has its good times, and it's bad times. So I have learned to be I've learned like from being kicked down to get up and go again. Again, kick them, get up and go and get kicked down, get up and go again. And to me, this was just another kickdown. It was a hard one. Yeah, absolutely. But I said hey, man, I'm still young, even though I'm 63 I'm still young. I still got time, I can still go and you know, you have to kind of stop thinking about the neg or something about all the old vases that are important to me. It's always me. It's always been no, there's a lot of people in the world that are always going to have it worse than you. That's the way I always look at it. And I just said you know what? So this I can't do anymore. I'm going to find something else. And if you have that, that attitude of just you can do it. Just go out there and stop thinking of the negative stuff. Just think about how I can do this. I can learn new skills, I can apply new skills, I can do something different. And you know what? I think I've proved that to a lot of people. When I started a lot of my friends and family also what did you do? even waste your time? And I'll be honest, it took me five weeks to get my first commission after three weeks to say look, look three weeks you've made no money you're wasting your time but I just I'm stubborn. I said no, this works. I see people making money with this. I'm doing what they're doing. It's gonna happen. So keep pushing, pushing. And I've been like that whole life. And I think that's the mentality. You have to have the mentality that you know, you think all these people that are great, they were great automatically they feel 10,000 times before they finally made it. And that's just the way it is in life. You know, you have to realize you're always going to fail more than you're going to do well, but eventually you will do well if you've never give up. And that's the bottom line.

Dave: Yeah, well, how I got to know I mean, have you shared some of your numbers with your family? I mean, do they know what you've been able to do and produce?

Bob: You know what? My wife obviously knows. So obviously, my kids know, the rest of my family they have,

who are the ones who were like, hey, three weeks no money was that was that wife and kids? Absolutely. 

Dave: Okay, so how have you been? What has that what is that like now like honestly, but it's still honest to God for them.

Bob: It's still shocking disbelief every time I show them the bank account and then the boss has to come in. They're like, I don't, I don't know how you're doing this. I don't know. I don't believe it. I don't understand just but they just taught me just to keep going just dad just keep doing what you're doing. Keep doing what you're doing. So it went from nothing. I don't believe this. This is unbelievable. Sometimes I can't believe what I'm doing is making this

Dave: Just without getting into exact numbers. I just want to tell everybody who's listening. Bob's made some serious dough man. Like you've made some serious dough. You're 10 about 10 G's away from a big milestone as an affiliate with us which is platinum. And then you know, you've got other income streams, you've got software, you've got others you know, which is awesome, man. I mean, how long have you been actively doing this?

Bob: I took the challenge last year in July, and I would say probably started probably in September when I really started getting into it as an affiliate. So we're looking at 13 months now.

Dave: Okay, so 6 figures in your first year?

Bob: Easily Yeah. With all the products I'm promoting. Yeah, for sure. Absolutely. Absolutely. If you're any business, sorry, but when I started my business, it took me five years to start making a profit. When I first started 30 years ago.

Dave: I understand that Bob likes brick and mortar business and restaurants and paying for equipment and the fact that usually you may take home a paycheck but you're taking it out of your future pay.

Bob: Getting on that when I first started, it probably cost about 50,000 Just to get the money when you talk about what you got to put aside for rent. You got to buy furniture, a computer system, a phone system, all that stuff. And the first 18 months I didn't even take a salary. There was no money to take a salary. That's the reality of starting a business. People don't understand people think, oh, affiliate marketing, you know, I got to invest two $3,000 That's peanuts. That's peanuts. Right. Let me find a real business. You're looking at 50 $60,000 and like I said, most of the time in the first three to five years you won't even make a profit. You're just struggling to stay alive when people don't get that. And when you think you can invest a couple of $1,000 into knowledge, learn the skills and apply them, you can literally quit your job in 12 to 18 months if you do it properly. It's the mindset. 

Dave: Well, I want to give a quick disclaimer because I want to make sure that everybody knows that Bob's results are not typical. And the average person who starts any business online by any way of course or anything usually gets no results at all, period. Now my personal opinion is that I tend to believe that that's because people don't do anything similar to gym memberships and so on. But, you know, those who do those who stay humble those who learn those who put what they learned into action, you know, I tend to believe, of course, most or there's a lot of people out there who would be pessimistic who would disagree, but I tend to believe that the sky is kind of the limit and that's why I love entrepreneurship is because there's so much upside and there's so much possibility and you know the the the ID I think once you get a taste of this, and you had a taste of entrepreneurship long before because you were a business for 30 years, but those of you who are new have had a job for the past 30 years, or who have never experienced the freedom of being your own boss and kind of making your own hours and working from where you want or your home and calling the shots having the last say, it really is, you know, it can be scary at first because it's like oh shit, I'm the one who is responsible. But, freedom comes with a little bit of fear. Freedom comes with a little bit of responsibility. freedom comes, there's right. Freedom is balanced by other things. Right. So so, you know, once you get a taste of this, it's hard to go back, you know, and that's why I get excited for new entrepreneurs.

Bob: It's you know what, it's not 100 is almost impossible to go back because once you get used to working, when you want to work your schedule, you know, important things come up you have time for you can easily and you have time for family. My in-laws are elders, they're there in a car residence. My wife and I go visit them every second day because we have the time to do that. Before I didn't have the time for anything. But getting back to what you mentioned about you know, most people will not be successful and I agree 100% When I look at myself, like I said it took me five weeks before I saw my very first commission. I guarantee most people won't last three weeks more and I worked seven days a week. I put time in seven days a week for five weeks straight and our first division was $2.80. A lot of people are gonna look at that and say, boom, right there. Shut it down. I'm never doing this. It's not working. Because they don't give it the time. You got to give it time, business doesn't start. You don't start a business today and making $1,000 a month doesn't happen. It's got to build and you have to give it time to grow. And be consistent, be persistent. Never give up. Just keep doing the same thing over and over and over. And success will come and you know, if you can invest into a system and learn the skills, that you actually see other people doing exactly the same thing and they're making money. And you're not the only reason is because you know the stuff but you're not doing the stuff and that's the bottom line. The people that make money are the people that work the system, use what they want and the people that don't are the ones like you said yourself, you're going to complain, they're going to be negative, but they're not going to put in the time. It's the bottom line. That's what it is. You don't work. It's work. If you don't put in the work. You're not going to make the money. You're not just going to learn something and think money is going to appear in front of you. You got to put in the effort. And that's the bottom line. I think that's the problem. Most people realize that yes, it's, you know, a couple of hours a day, but you gotta put in that couple of hours a day and you got to work and most people don't do it and that's why they don't succeed. They don't, they don't give it the time and they don't give the effort, I think.

Dave: Coming from somebody who's seen a lot of things over many decades before, you know, been in business for 30 years before cell phones before social media. Do you think the attention span and the quickness to quit is faster than it once was?

Bob: I think so. I think the problem is the distractions are there. And also social media is as good as it can be. It can also be negative because you can get good vibes from social media and use it in sales for your business to make money. But you can also have the haters right, the naysayers, the people are gonna be out there all the time telling you what are you doing. This is useless and doesn't work. I've tried to, been there done that and it doesn't work, blah, blah, blah. And if you can put it in a negative away or push it away. Listen, you know, negative is always more powerful than positive somehow in people's lives. You know, bad things affect you more than good things and bad news bad vibes kind of hits you harder than good ones. So you got to kind of learn to push that aside and just you know, look at the people who are doing it. Look at the people that are successful and model them, don't look at the people that you know, all they do is talk negatively about everything that's going on around you because if they're negative in business, chances are everything else in your life is negative as well.

Dave: Yeah, it's not like they're just finding you and they've been positive all day and encouraging other people now all of a sudden they're being hateful or negative to you they've they're projecting their own her onto you and unfortunately, it can be sort of, I guess it can be heavy. It can be a bit overwhelming at first when you begin to put yourself out there and Craig some content and you are getting kind of so much of people's I guess shit, right? They're projecting their negativity onto you. How do you deal with that? I mean, you've mentioned a couple of things, but what would you say to people who are not have not yet developed that thick skin that you need to be in business? How did you develop that? I mean, what tips would you give to somebody who's new to try to thicken up that skin a little bit and not take things so personally?

Bob: I would you know what, the first thing I always tell people is this. Listen, you're always gonna have negative people. You're always gonna have people telling you that it won't work. It can't work. And what you gotta do is just focus like switching your focus, split your focus towards people that are actually doing it and are having success. Look at what they're doing, model what they do, and don't pay any attention to the haters. I know it's really a hard thing to do. Maybe it was easier for me because I've had so much of it in my life because when you're in business, you've always got negativity coming at you. You always have a problem. 

Dave: When you're dealing with customer support. And a customer's not happy with that highlight of the day. It's like how am I putting out fires, right?

Bob: Customers can be sometimes all my life. But the thing is when I've learned that you're always putting out fires, that's just what it is. And if you could just matt Like I always tell people like a lot of people always tell me Listen, you know, I don't know I'm negative. I'm afraid of people telling me to stop going to work. And I say why do you let other people dictate what you should do in your life, especially in the case like this, you know, you want to take a chance to learn affiliate marketing. You're talking about investing $7 At first, right just to dip your toe into the water to understand what it is. What have you got to lose? I mean, that's the Starbucks coffee right there. Go and take the challenge and then I always take it a little bit further. If there are people that are signing up for me, Ivan Thomas, I'll even help you if I can. If you have questions, I'm always available to answer questions and help you out. I have a YouTube channel where I've put a ton of videos out there that kind of explained a bit how the marketing works, how we do it, answer some of the questions but the best thing and I can tell people is just you know, just try the best you can to ignore the negativity because it's not going to help you in any way in life. No matter what you're doing. Try to look for positive people, follow positive people, listen to positive people, because they're positive because they're making a difference in their life. They're they're making it happen and if you can model what they're doing, and do it the way they do it, you should have no problem making it happen for yourself as well. But if you constantly listen to the negative people, you're just going to become one of them.

Dave: Great advice. So a lot of folks come online, start an online business and think in particular, in our community. Well it's all about the mechanics. I gotta master the sales funnels. I got to master all the tools and the software first before I can get started and really start being successful. I don't think that that's not important. I also am wondering what your take is when you got started and even to this day, Have you had you? Have you focused more on the tech side of things or have you focused more on the people and the message in the producing content side of things to tell us how you've balanced those two pieces?

Bob: Okay, I'm not a techy guy at all, being old school. My old business was never anything online. So Tech was not my thing. So I got a funnel. It's the same funnel I've been using since day one. I haven't changed anything. I don't even go in there and play with it because I'm afraid I'll switch something off and it won't work anymore. So I'm just glad it works. Wonders, the same emails, I just, you know what I mean? I just change the dates on them or whatever. And I don't touch that stuff because I keep thinking I might like to flick a switch and all of a sudden the system. My big thing is content, content, content. And communication with the people I think is the best way to do any kind of business, it's not showing off your tech skills and flashy and flashy back. It's communication, content, giving people what they want. Being true. Being transparent. That's really important. Don't try to make it look like you're somebody you're not or you're doing something that you're not doing. Be truthful. I mean, people ask me Hey, Bob, you know, how much did it cost you to get started? I tell him what I spent. How much did you make? I tell him what I mean. How long did it take you to make the commission? I told him Hey, it took me five weeks before $2.80. I'm not afraid if that turns somebody off. Let them turn it off. But I said but what about from that day on? I barely had that they were having me Commission's that's another thing I tell them, you see. So I think content is the most important thing and giving people what they need to help them get through the problem. So that's where I focus 90% of my energy into that, you know, I'm always looking for an idea. So I see something that I think is a good idea. That'll spark interest. I'm working down a goal. I'll make a video and I'll implement that idea into the video and I'll post it out there. And another little thing that I've learned because I had you know, everybody says use tick tock tick tock is a great platform for sure. But they also banned my account. I had 175,000 followers and they just completely banned it permanently. So I learned and it's another tip I tell everybody if you're going to get into any kind of marketing like this and using social media, make sure you have three, four or five different platforms and just keep those going because sooner or later one's going to get shut down but you'll have the the other backups to keep you going and that's really important too.

Dave: I'm just sitting here listening to you talking man and you know, I got you know, several family members in their 60s who say are 60 My dad's a little bit older than you. I just just find it just so fascinating here you went a year ago, you'd never really even been on social media. None of your business was ever on social media. And here you are given tips to our community, which is a marketing community about how to diversify your traffic sources and how to know content content content. I mean, do you ever just listen to yourself talking and just go? How the hell did I get like this is just unbelievable.

Bob: You know what, I'm gonna be honest with you. Every time I see one of those big commissions come through, I still look at it and I shake my head . I still I can't I can't believe this is happening. Especially because what I'm doing is so different from what I was used to doing. My business was old school. It was face to face on the phone meeting people showing them samples, you know, the antique contract. And here you don't even sell anyway, you don't even talk to the clients. You just basically promote someone else's business. And then you send people there and they take over and they do all that work for you. All the work I used to be doing is being done for me and all I do is send people there and say take a look what they got, they have good products, they can help you out. So yeah, it is kind of still a little bit of a dream. I'll be honest, like, I still wake up sometimes and I just feel like I still can't believe it's working. But it's working. So I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing and just keep doing it because it's a lot of fun. You know, at first it was scary, but now it's just a lot of fun.

Dave: Or you're an absolute wealth of, of wisdom and experience. And here's my final question for you this morning is what would you say to people out there who are in their 50s 60s maybe even their 70s and they think you know hey, I the young folks are taking over there's I you know out there in the corporate world and out there and we all know what else is going on out there. And this internet stuff is over my head and they're just feeling bogged down and they're feeling hopeless. What would you say? Specifically to that age demographic, those folks who we have so many of them in this community who are looking to start over who want to, you know, to have something to usher them into those years that really we all deserve to enjoy the most right? But maybe they don't have enough savings or maybe they don't have they don't have the security that they want or maybe they don't want to fully stop working, but they just are so unsure if they can do it.

Bob: Ah, Colonel Sanders. There's a guy who became famous and wealthy in his 80’s. I always say to people, you know what, it's never too late to start. You got one life to live. Whether you're 40, 50 or 60, you want to switch it up, make a change, you want to try something different. There's skills out there you can learn. They're not that complicated. It's not that difficult. It's just a matter of sometimes you have to come a little bit out of your comfort zone. But even though you're uncomfortable, if you've done it a little bit, you become comfortable doing it when I first started doing affiliate marketing going on camera stuff, it was like whoa, I don't like this. I don't want to do this. But if you can get the mindset of like, listen, it's my life. I want to try this. I want to push myself to make something good for myself. Just ignore that uncomfortableness for a little time. It will go away. I promise you if you just ignore it and just do the thing that you got to do. You will eventually become comfortable and it'll become like second nature to you. So what I would tell these people is just like there's no there's no no reason to be afraid. It's not like you're signing your life away. You're not investing $100,000 and taking a chance on something. You can invest a little bit of money, learn some skills, and go out there. Do what you've learned, process it. The great thing about the affiliate marketing community is there's so many people that are willing to help you. That's another thing I found that I've never seen in many other businesses. Most business people are trying to cut you down and take the business away from you. Here every time I had a problem I can turn to I won't name the people but there's so many people that I went to and asked and they were so willing and helpful and like they actually give you the answers on a plate. And that's the thing that I've started doing now too. I've started to like TikTok live and it's basically just q&a, affiliate marketing. If anybody has any questions pop on I try to answer them and help you out because I believe that if you can help people, it comes back to you. And that's what I would tell people starting out today listen, you know, something like this. There's a great community, they're willing to help, they're willing to show you how to do it, guide you along. You just need to take that first step and just say listen, I believe in myself, I can do it and, hey, I'm six years old, I can do it. I think anybody can do this because I am not a tech person. And I think a lot of people are afraid of the technical part of it. And it isn't that complicated. It's a one you know, once you've got it set up you really don't have to go back to it anymore. The rest of it is just, you know, content doing your thing. Promote and let the business run. 

Dave: Yeah, man. Well, I think you've got a few new fans, new followers, new new people that are you know, fans, you know, just just even me I'm just I'm a fan of yours, Bob. I just like that. The longer I'm in this game, the more I I like to look at people who are younger than me and older than me and just say, you know, what can I learn from them? You know, that's one of the reasons why I love doing this show is because I get to talk to people every single day. I get it reignites my fire, it keeps me excited. It gives me different perspectives. It makes me feel connected to the community. And, I get to hear these incredible stories, man. So thanks for doing what you do. And, you know, seeing our vision here and then running and creating your own vision man.

Bob: Yeah, well, thanks. Thanks. for having me on. I got to say thanks for putting this program together because it really for me was like I said, I've tried other things and never made money online. This thing just kind of clicked. I took the system. I worked on it. I still work. I do the same thing I'm doing today as I did 10 months ago. And if you just keep grinding out we'll it just works and it's a fantastic thing. And I'm grateful to you guys for putting this together.

Dave: Well, you're very welcome and you're very welcome. It's our pleasure and please come back for around three okay in the near future. I'm sure you'll have brain wiring. Yeah, you'll have broken some more milestones. Barriers, man. Tell your family we said Hello and thanks for now that you've won them over. And I'll talk to you soon, buddy.

Bob: Alright, thanks. So much, Dave.

Dave: See? All right, my friends. Go and follow Bob. I've got his tick tock up. His Instagram is a little bit different. So he's Bob Hosek on TikTok. So go and give him some support, give him some follows. Lean on him and lift him up. As we know, as we do here, that's what this is all about. It's supporting people. It's lifting people up. It's, you know, really cheering people on being each other's biggest fans. And, we'll be back on Monday for another episode. We've got a couple of weeks coming up. We're going to be doing a whole week on our mastermind. So we're going to be kind of talking about upcoming masterminds we're going to have guests on we're going to be speaking at the upcoming live mastermind that we're going to be doing in Orlando, Florida. Like Brian Brewer, Austin Becker, Sarah Ravel, Stacy La. These are just a couple of the people who are going to be in attendance to be sort of presenting so keep an eye out for that. If you are a mastermind member, go ahead and register if you won't come to that event in Orlando on December 3 through the fifth. And if you need more information, you can always reach out to I want to thank just can I just between you and I guys a badass alright guys, absolute legend. Alright, so my friends. There's a lot of Legends out there in the comments that I haven't met yet. So thanks for listening and look forward to speaking with each one of you guys in the near future and gals. And have yourselves a kick ass weekend.