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Matt: Good morning. It's 7am Where I'm From early on Early Bird I'm always, I'm always up anyway. And we're live. It's Thursday, August 19 And we've got an awesome guest again today. As always, I'm excited to hear about her experience and journey online, specifically the influx of leads and sales that she was able to accomplish, basically right out the gate, which is pretty cool. And we'll just kind of unpack her journey and story and, you know, driving for DoorDash and all kinds of crazy crap that she had going on. And it's just that life is fun, you know, and I'm excited to hear your story. I love hearing people's stories about where they're at in life and what they're up to. And if you're tuning in with us live here. I've got Amber, Laurie got Susan, who else Olga Felix. Say what's up, and let us know where you're tuning in from. We've got people from all over the world. And it's always fun to see where everybody's watching from. And, yeah, let's rock let's get Cheyenne in here what's happening, how are you doing I'm good how are you. I'm doing well. So, do you buy it? Okay, so you go by. There's a girl here in Phoenix, who has the same name and she goes by, I thought Shay But actually she goes by like Che,

Cheyenne: Oh, I was gonna get shit shy but now I usually go by Shay and I had a lot of friends with me in high school, call me shave. He just kind of stuck a little bit. 

Matt: Nice. Awesome. Okay so you're in Oklahoma. Are you born and raised?

Cheyenne: No, maybe I kind of settled here. Look at eighth grade knives that I didn't stick with one school or one place more than a year in California Missouri was born in Colorado, kind of bounced around for a little bit for a while, but a lot of my time has been spent here in Oklahoma. I love Oklahoma.

Matt: Cool. Nice. Awesome. All right, well bring us into your world a little bit. So take us to a you started your questionnaire with a little bit of like, here's a you know I was, I had a full time job, I had a DoorDash thing I was doing just tell us a little bit about that and that sort of why you started looking online or how did you hear about us, and sort of online marketing.

Cheyenne: Yeah, I mean it is a pretty cool story for me. I had the time for dad who was all about hustling and you want me to go to the military and stuff. He worked three jobs when he had me and my brother so when I was 16 I was working two jobs. And then, but at that point by the time I was 20 it wasn't for fun anymore, and you know now I'm like you said door dashing I'm a manager at 711 in the morning and I work as a budtender medical here in the evening until 10 and then I'll DoorDash until early morning, there was a time I actually had just had my daughter, she's like, four or five months old, hadn't even seen there for almost a week, and he only saw, like for waking hours and that's when I knew I needed to make a change, was that week right there. And then I met Taylor couch. If you're a part of this world, you probably have heard of her, but she hated me rich dad poor dad before I even heard of really this marketing thing that she was doing she handed me. She said to read this book and I was really interested in it. She told me about Legendary Marketer and I just hopped on and I've been really enjoying it since I quit all my jobs, you know, full faithful into this online world, I know. You don't have to work your life away. It was pretty rough having to work the hours that I had to, with her and her dad being out of town because he's a roofer. So, that's not what I wanted for my daughter to be raised by her grandparents.

Matt: Wow. That's crazy, that's cool, and also good frequency. I have one kid. Yeah, she is 13 months. Cool. Congrats, that's super cool and good for you to like to claim that time back that's super cool. So, interesting what I mean, like what about rich dad poor dad stood out to you I'm so curious.

Cheyenne: Because my dad is literally the poor dad and Taylor. That is literally the rich dad, and it was right there in front of me, I mean like my dad, he's not four. I mean, he's like a Senior Executive Engineer somewhere like some fancy job, But you know he's in that tax bracket that really, I don't know much about taxes but I know he's in the wrong tax bracket, and just, you know it's still they're saving 20% of their paychecks for retirement and they still live a good life, but it's not what passive income I learned can bring. And you know, tailors that is into real estate and the business and didn't even finish call, you know, high school and it's just like big ball in and so it was a perfect example right there for me, you know, I live in expensive taste so I know my family does too and my daughter will and keeps getting bigger and bigger. Got to keep up. Matt: So, yeah, cool, I. That's interesting because I do feel like a lot of times when people read things like Secrets of the Millionaire Mind or Rich Dad Poor Dad, that's actually a thing that I've heard people say about Russia for that is I resonated so much with it, because it was like, that's kind of a life I grew up in, and that's the parent, and I do feel like sort of shifting generationally, I bet that probably like having your daughter probably like amplified that like this do you think 100% I mean before my daughter I was, I didn't even care where I was going so 100%

Cheyenne: Yeah, for sure. I, because I sort of feel like there's this element to which I like points. Matt: Yeah, once you have kids, but I felt that without kids I don't have any kids, like we're thinking about it maybe someday. But like I felt that I felt that feeling of like, Well geez like because I have the poor dad too, you know, and I do sort of feel like there's an element where the generational shift point, and I kind of had the same takeaway when I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, like oh my gosh like this it makes so much sense. So you come online, you get started, you do the challenge and kind of like filling this out. What I mean, what was sort of your plan of action or what is your plan of action. What have you been up to?

Honestly right now me and Taylor, have a whole idea of a box. We're meeting up with this lady who will teach us how to make like planners and do the coffee mugs and just digital products. Cheyenne: So we're trying to move from the affiliate marketing step to the digital products. And then marketing that. That's awesome, that's really cool. What I am wanting to do is be able to teach people how to do this stuff, you know, start with affiliate marketing, just like you guys are doing. I mean that's the whole point of Legendary Marketer, right?

Matt: That's really cool. So, you mean like creating an online digital product that people can purchase like video courses and stuff?

Cheyenne: That, and like planners, like full blown physical property. Yeah, or just like I've seen on Etsy and stuff. People can print them out themselves. There's opportunity everywhere.

Matt: Yes, of course, that's awesome. That's really cool. So, what sparked the idea for that. Are you like a creative type, or have you thought about doing this before?

Cheyenne: I guess like I had the creative type, you know she is kind of more of like the professional talks as the meeting and stuff and then I will create it on Canva, so I guess I have the creative type part of it. I don't mind. Building little Instagram posts and making them cute and like little YouTube edits and stuff so hopefully I can build that skill and we can make something out of that little team.

Matt: That's awesome. I feel like, Look, I, when I tell people, like we've interviewed some, some young people, and you're so young, to like, typically when I tell people who are like, under 30, is like, you have so much freaking time, like I was, if I was 22 Again, usually to first try to, again, I would just dive into absolutely everything, I would figure out absolutely and I did. I did it stupidly I got into debt doing it, but if I could do it again I would, I would basically, you know, save a good portion of my money and I would just try random, I would try random high risk that stuff, that's probably going to fail that, like, has that has the chance to like open me up to something I didn't see before. Be a huge new opportunity or something like that. Just because all of that experience combined ends up growing a huge skill set, like in multiple different industries like for me I was doing ads agencies I was doing social media marketing, I was doing video content creation I was doing, like all this different stuff piled up over the years until like a really great skill set that like, I'll never have to worry like, Ooh, can I find a job, or could I find a high paying job, like if I if it came down to it and that was my only option I could go out and find a really high paying job probably a six figure job like quickly, because of the skill sets that I've built. And because instead of like just spending a bunch of time at college and doing nothing but college, I actually like cut my teeth and put my money on the line and got some experience, so like, I just think that that's super cool and yeah what would, like, I mean, how far are you into the idea process or is it just, just at the surface level idea. I mean, like how far out and in like the planners and stuff like are you guys like ready to create and ship?

Cheyenne: We were looking in ourselves how to actually put it like we know how to create a design for it, We know what the idea is, but how do we actually get it printed on paper and make it look with the tabs you know spirals and all that. So she has a call with somebody who wants to do stuff because I've also realized that outsourcing can do a lot for you too. If you know you can't just quite get it down, there's no shame in that for sure. But yeah, I was just the beginning though we've been really focusing on trying to get the affiliate marketing down we're still just months into this, you know, and like you said not cutting your teeth. It doesn't really intimidate me much to like just hop into this because, like you said about having into the visual world you know that's with me doing all these different jobs I caught on rather quickly to all these so what different. It can't be too much different.

Matt: That’s a really good point is like people forget that they get into jobs, and become competent really fast, but like, they come online or they start something entrepreneurial and they have suddenly all this stuff. And the reason is because like the entrepreneurial stuff is such a big bet on yourself, like it's all about you and yourself and now suddenly you're able to self sabotage all of that if you've got like internal issues right like you've got internal baggage or something suddenly like you can self sabotage all of that, whereas we're in a job if you start to do that like, you're gonna you're gonna potentially like ruin the life somebody else so it's a little bit harder sometimes to like do that. 

Cheyenne: It's interesting to look at it, for sure. What about yourself you know there's been a lot of things that took me hours to figure out and it really didn't have to like them doing it yourself but luckily for me I guess I'm really not I had tailor to be really, you know, we work with each other and it's nice and I know that everybody who gets into this journey has that so super rare. Yeah, so that's really nice that I'm very grateful for that for sure. 

Matt: Yeah, so you hop online. Okay and you have one of the most rare experiences like you generate just a ridiculous amount of leads. Tell us, it was a little bit of a unicorn kind of moment, but tell us like what happened that day where you were like, you, you started up your TikTok you posted like tell us about that day where you just got on TikTok and started posting and what were your results like

Cheyenne; Yeah I just, I literally like, I don't know if I mentioned this yet, I made a tic toc. Right when I was starting affiliate marketing so I only had this TikTok for like three days. My first two videos weren't doing the best. They are kind of my own idea. And then I just went to the trends you know like I said I was new to TikTok and of course trends so I was trying to get a host of trends, caught on to a good trend and I guess it was just good timing. And it was at like 1am, and then it went viral, and a lot of leads and commissions came in, and so it really just takes that one video to change. It was like, so super awesome, it was awesome, I felt great, I felt it definitely makes you pumped, it makes you see the potential of this path and how successful it can be, so it's a, it was great.

Matt: That's super cool, that does not happen to most people. It's really cool. What, uh, what, when you create content and stuff that you said you're having issues with sometimes with media guidelines. Yeah. Is there, is there any, are there any trends that you've picked up on as to why that's happening or any, any tips on what you have learned in that process?

Cheyenne: I’ve realized that taking time really doesn't suit you when I use dollar signs, so it sounds really weird but like any, I can't use dollar signs. I can't mention that they hate when I mention money I was literally saying $10 An hour and a video. It took me down, and it was crazy. So I just put a lot of my personal experience and really try to personalize my page now me working all those jobs now me having time with my daughter. Like I said, My husband is out of town a lot so it's really nice when he comes back into town because it's really random a lot. I don't know when he will come back and spend time with him. I'm not on the schedule and work all weekend at your back. So, other people, they show what they’ve learned, they're just what did you yeah you've learned, dollar signs, stuff like that, just personalize it, you know, I've seen other people who've been pretty successful with it, they just say that they gotta quit their nine to five, you know, they don't mention how much they make. And honestly I think that's probably for the best anyways because they don't want it to seem like MLM. You know, this isn't. And you know, Taylor who has full faith in Legendary Marketer, she will pay some people to call it him, you know, she knows what it is and she will definitely argue for that. 

Matt: I feel like I feel like when you go online and you first start out, and you're getting going and the wheels are starting to turn and stuff. I feel like, Figuring out the algorithms are figuring out there's this way to sort of say it without saying it right. This is true in any sort of niche or industry like weight loss or in making money online so the obvious one, or like so. So, when it comes to it and the reason they do that is because different like regulators like the FTC have things barriers set up to kind of keep people within, like, reasons so that people aren't making old like, like aggressive promises, and then people purchase and spend a bunch of money and lose out and, You know, they say, that person got scammed because they were misled. And so, there's specifics, I think that one thing that would be really helpful for most of our like TikTok community would actually be to like, go look up FTC advertising guidelines, and it's super helpful because most of the platforms design their policies. After that, like, they, they sort of regulate content based on that so like the whole dollar signs are not dollar sign specifically but like X amount per day, or X amount per hour, or an x per day whatever earning six figures a year or whatever, they sometimes that squeaks by, like, typically, like their algorithm is designed to pick that up and be like, no, no, no, no, you can't say that. And so what I tell people is, once you sort of learn that, then from that point on, you can sort of figure out the words and how to work things which actually is kind of cool because it also makes your marketing overall even more compassionate right. It's interesting. 

Cheyenne: Yeah, I did. I was dealing with it at first, and then like you said I was just kind of like, figuring out how to properly word it without making it seem, you know, however, they were making it or they're getting mad at it I was just trying to tiptoe around them, you know.

Matt: Yeah, I think that, here's like one really good tip is there's this guy Spencer. Spencer Mecham and his, his, TikTok is Spencer hacks, and he just does a really good sometimes he says like $200 a day from Amazon or something but typically he's just saying like here's this, here's a side hustle that can pay you full time, or like here's the side hustle let you know, here's a side hustle with no competition that that could earn you high, a high five figure salary or something like that right so it's a little bit less, and his videos, man, they always go viral, they always like it's crazy, but copyright. It's all copywriting,

Cheyenne: That's what I'm trying to get more into is copywriting.

Matt:  Have you gone through the copywriters playbook? 

Cheyenne: No.

Matt: It's in the blueprints if you have the blueprints. So in the blueprints if you go to the affiliate marketing blueprint you scroll all the way down. There's a full course, I actually knew the course, but there's a whole course in there on copywriting, and you'd love it. It'll help some video creation a lot, and check it out today, actually. Yeah, it's, It's a course that we've sold. But it's, yeah, we put it in the blueprints so that people could, you know, kind of combine, whatever funnel they're working with, with, with a copywriting skill because TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, like all of those things that getting more clicks and getting more views is all just like how to grab somebody's brain, basically, and hook it, yeah.

Cheyenne: And that's why I think anybody who wants to get into marketing or creating content for sure needs to look up copywriting. Right. You know when I was doing my legendary 15 Day Challenge. And you know some days you have to wait. Sometimes you have to wait to be approved by a business plan advisor. And I would just go to the southern website that had copywriting free courses and just do that while I was waiting to be approved for my next course. So Olivia, something, I don't know she was on, wake up. Listen. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I watched one of her videos actually because my blitz suspend advisor told me to go watch some of the like legendary videos I watched her video about copywriting, when she was already in college for and also. Okay, so I went and looked it up, it was like perfect to find her.

Matt: That's really cool. Yeah, it's no secret that she's got I haven't looked at her. I haven't looked at her channel in a while. He was, I think at first, might be thinking the wrong person but I think hers was at like, 300 to 400,000 followers or something. Yeah, it's like once you learn copywriting, and you really become crazy about copywriting, it's kind of cool that you can become successful on any platform, because it's just it's such a powerful skill and it translates over to so many different things writing sales letters titling planners on Amazon. If you're selling planners on Amazon, like everything that and that and like search engine optimization like knowing how to title things and work things so that they get ranked on Google or YouTube or Amazon, like that can be a really, really powerful skill as crazy, and I think probably what's next at some point is learning how to do that, audio, audible with like with like Siri or Amazon Alexa, or, as probably a few years down the road, but at some point, like Google is going on. Apple's gonna release their glasses, and having the ability to create products for instance that will rank in a search engine term with like how people speak, so like, how so it's going to change from how somebody typed this into Google to how somebody would say it out loud. 

Cheyenne: Right. And so like somebody puts on their new Apple glasses, which by the way they filed for a patent, and they're probably going to release them in the next year or two, and you'll just wear a pair of eyeglasses, and it will have like camera on it, screen, like everything, and they actually look pretty cool. And, and, at that point, people are gonna, people are gonna be able to either tap or just say like, shop for, you know, motivational planner. They might even get more specific, a motivational planner for my daughter, right, and how they do shopping auto. Anyway, the skills adapt over time, but the main core skill of copywriting doesn't really change. It's a powerful skill. 

Matt: Yeah, I just went on a little tangent there. I was like randomly reading last night in bed about Apple and how, you know, every time Apple releases or launches a new product, there's all these companies that build those products right so like when the Emma's, or when the iPad got released, AMD built all the chips for the iPad. And so, AMD stock exploded when the iPhone came out a certain company, maybe Nvidia or something made all the chips for that, and their stock exploded, way more than Apple's did, and. And now, so they're kind of speculation. I was reading some speculation about who's going to make the chips for the classes, and what you know, because I'm interested in investing. I don't do it a lot but I'm always interested in that stuff. Cheyenne: There's always sort of these, you know, hidden hidden things behind the scenes that most people aren't looking for most people are just buying apples. I should just buy Apple stock because they're never gonna die anyway.  

Matt: So now that you're kind of you've been in the game for a little bit, a few months you've got you're moving you're shaking, you're making some money. You've built a huge email list. What, um, what would you tell people who are just getting started themselves, like maybe there because I hear some people who are hesitant or skeptical to get going. I hear people who are like, they feel nervous about maybe creating video content for somebody who's newer to the game, what would you say to them?

Cheyenne: Taylor's video that got almost a million views had a bunch of hate comments at first, and then it blew up. So don't be afraid of hate comments that will help your algorithm there, Olivia like I was saying her video or not. Her videos aren't 4k. She never does anything crazy, she's just talking to a camera and like we said she has 350,000 followers. So again to copyright. It really, don't be scared because the longer that you're afraid the longer you're just not going to do it and you're not gonna be making money and people are, there's more people getting into this game every day there's young people getting into this game every day competition gets bigger every day so waiting another day is not going to do any good for you. 

Matt: Yeah, That's true. That's true. I love it. Well, thanks for coming on Cheyenne and if you need anything from us like, I'm open. You can hit me up anytime. Happy to help or give advice or whatever you need. 

Cheyenne: No thank you. I appreciate it. I appreciate Legendary Marketer. 

Matt: Awesome. Oh, have a good rest of your Thursday weekend. 

Cheyenne: Thank you. You too. Thank you guys. 

Matt: Alright guys, have a good rest of your Thursday. We'll be back here again tomorrow on Friday. I'm pretty confident about that. I have, we have our decade day so we should be back here tomorrow again same time same place go give Shay, a follow, and have a good rest of your Thursday we'll see you tomorrow.