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Dave: Hey my friends. This is Dave Sharpe Welcome to wake up legendary. We have another guest this morning, a student of our programs and material. She ditched her brick and mortar business to go 100% online. All the way from well, I believe she's from Kentucky. Help me welcome, Tiffany. Welcome.

Tiffany: Hi, thank you. Yes, cold, Kentucky.It's been snowing and ice. But I think we're gonna have a heatwave today and things are gonna disappear a little bit. So I'm looking forward to that.

Dave: All right, well, I'll send you a heatwave. But it'll be 80 degrees from Florida. But that might knock you might overwhelm you, you know that way. So tell us Tiffany, how you, you know, found legendary. Did you have no online experience? Or not online? You know, real connections? Because you were so because you had an offline business? Give us a nutshell, look into your history. What motivated you? I mean, what were you looking for? When you found legendary? And in? In what sense has it been like this?

Tiffany: Sure. So I was at a ball game, I think or practice, I think it was a game. And my friend, another parent, was talking about it. And she's actually joined this company. And it's really fun she was with you guys before I joined, obviously. And so it's really funny because she too recommended the person who ultimately did buy my most recent brick and mortar. So she played a huge role in this chapter of my life. But I had 11 years in the corporate world, just, you know, a little backstory. And I had already dabbled with the online industry, or direct sales. And I had a lot of success with that. But I knew there was also a much larger picture that I could see and almost tasted, I can almost feel it, if that makes sense. But I just didn't know where to start. I didn't know how to like it, even dip my toe in it. Just start to see and explore that world. And so she was telling me about emails she got. She was getting emails of her commission. While we were there. And I said, “Tell me what you do”. Because she also worked full time and had kids, it was a very similar lifestyle that I have. And I just wanted to understand what it is she's doing. It's getting her paid while our daughters are on the ball field. So she shared the link with me, I watched it and I am just a student, I love to learn. I have a master's degree. I just enjoy learning. But I feel like what I've learned since completing all my education is I know you guys have talked about a lot in the training. But all of the real life experiences I've had, whether it be in corporate world or post corporate life that I've built through this entrepreneurial journey have almost taught me more than you know, the classroom because of, you know, the failures and that and then and then the victories too, but like you just learned so much from doing and I'm just in love and obsessed with this journey, I guess and so excited to see what's in store I think, you know, this online industry is is literally where it's at right now. We saw a major shift with the pandemic. So if it wasn't already big enough it sure is now I feel like so anyway, that's what got my interest and how I got started and why I'm here. 

Dave: Yeah, that's really interesting that you're sitting at a baseball game. You know, which is? I mean, yeah. And somebody shared a link with you, who was sitting next to a friend of yours. And that's how you ultimately did you sit right there on the baseball stands, and watch the sales video? Or did you just have the link and then go and watch it on your own time later? personal curiosity. Did you wait to watch the sales video until you got home?

Tiffany: I did. Wait. I was very curious. But I did wait. I watched it that night, I think and then the next morning, I was like, Tell me more, I want to know, like, so how do I do this? And I was like, $7. I mean, I've had two brick and mortar businesses.

Dave: Alright, so you've opened to brick and mortar that you're an entrepreneur, right? And so you watch the sales video, and you didn't immediately just buy for seven, you went back to her and said, What is this? Like? It's only $7. That's, that's how that went out? I mean, just like me, I'll draw. Yeah, I'll drop. God knows what shoes are a lot right on the spot. And you know, you'll drop, God knows what on a bag, or whatever, right in the mall, if they got the one you want, or one you love or whatever. But even us seasoned entrepreneurs, we're gonna watch a video. And then it's only $7. We're gonna go back to the person and be like, Okay, what is this, Too good to be true, right? So yeah, I mean, I get it. It's just that that's one of the problems with doing business with friends and family, and I'm glad you're here. Ultimately, I'm glad you're here. And I'm glad you found us. And I'm glad you're getting value and all that great stuff. But the problem with businesses where you have to have your friends, your marketing directly to your friends and family, is that they do that shit to you. But honestly don't think they can go give them something. And then they come back and hit you with 100 questions as if you're their personal concierge. We do it to others. Others do it to us. It's just a thing that human beings do to their friends and family, you know, you won't barrage a stranger with questions like that. Right? Yeah, I mean, it's just funny.

Tiffany: Yeah, yeah. So you know, I didn't ask her too many questions. But it was nice to have that third party validation

Dave: I just think it's funny because if you just, there's a good chance that if you just saw that on a random post on social media, like you, you would just watch it and sign up. If it was from your friend, who you knew you could go back to, I just think it's funny. It's just human nature. I love marketing to cold prospects. Because back in the day, when I marketed to my friends and family, they would do the same thing, because it's human nature. All humans do it. We go back to our friend, instead of just signing up instead of just spending the money and just seeing for myself, I gotta go back and hold him hostage on the phone for 45 minutes. And really paint this picture for me, really helped me with questions while he's trying to cook dinner for his kids. And it's just human nature.

Tiffany: Well, even having the experience in direct sales watching people like when the value was this to join, because online businesses weren't quite as popular now we've been able to make it more affordable for people. Now they have even more questions. 

David: And of course, if it's $7 opposed to 700. If it was 700, there's less questions in itself. Sure. And that's one of the things that, you know, I've realized that a lot of people have is that a lot of times your best paying customers or your high ticket customers. Now you happen to be somebody who's serious and who eventually, you know, you got started and you like to invest in your education, all that. But usually the people who want things for free are usually not your best customers. Right? Usually they're your worst customers. I mean, at least make the most noise. But anyways, so now that you've signed up and gone through the 15 day challenge, I don't know, blueprints or not but you've, you've invested in your education, you've, you've spent some time and energy here. Are you? Are you glad that you did it? I know that you were talking earlier about the excitement of, you know, online business in the future. But have you now transitioned fully from your offline on offline stuff to 100% online, in order to buy online? Are you doing affiliate marketing and stuff like that? Tell us now what you're doing as a result of discovering this training and in making this transition and, you know, talk us through the transition,

Tiffany: So I did start this, I took this training in the fall, sold my brick and mortar at the end of the year, so I closed out the year. So it was very, it's a flower and gift shop. So our busiest season, of course, is November, December. So it's a very, very busy season with my other business, which was also tying up loose ends, etc, etc. But this was easy enough to make time for I was able to grow a following. You know, I don't have the following, obviously, that I'd hoped to have by now but I'm over 5000, you know, so and that's on TikTok that I'm speaking of, specifically, so I'm like, there's there's a milestone, okay, we're gonna set the next go and, you know, just chip away. And I continue to remind myself, you can't compare my chapter one or two to someone else's chapter 30 first of all, and second of all, it's also it's really not not a race. So what if someone else did this much in this amount of time, and, and maybe it's gonna take me twice as long to have those kinds of results. I'm just finding the consistency and the creativity, ways that I can pull all the different things that I love into one hub and share it with my people. And I'm really just falling in love with that journey and how I can use all of my experience, all my education, the things that I've done to kind of help avoid this training being one of those, if that makes sense. Just so you know, if you want to start an online affiliate marketing business, here it is, if you love you know, this or that, here's what I've found, this has helped me in my personal development, you know, the things that have just helped me in my journey and share those with people through through affiliate marketing primarily.

Dave: And your TikTok handle is @path2freedom? So how has it been like for you to transition and do some camera marketing? Has that been something that's been difficult for you to get used to? Or did you feel somewhat natural talking on the phone? Was it like FaceTime to you? Tell us through some of the things that you've had to get a little bit uncomfortable or comfortable being uncomfortable doing?

Tiffany: Well TikTok was an uncomfortable period. My Account existed only to watch, you know, what my daughter is doing is, you know, who's following her, But as I began to like the things because obviously the algorithm caters to the things that you're giving attention to, as I began to like the things that let you know, financial freedom and in personal development and all the growth, you know, just business in general, that began to flood my for you page and I'm like, Oh, well, I get it now. Like I was, so I don't have to dance.

Dave: So let's go. So business content, you saw content that made you say, Wait, okay, well, this is cool. I can do this. Yeah, I'm gonna do that. But this makes sense.

Tiffany: Yeah, and I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that. i That's just not what I was comfortable doing. But can I talk about the things I love? Absolutely. I still feel funny sometimes the little you know, the trending songs and the funny faces you make and whatever but like, again, I don't know if it was yesterday, recently you shared on a wakeup legendary she was talking about, you know, again, just letting go of what anyone else thinks. Who cares if you look like a fool for seven seconds like nobody's gonna remember that in a year. And one thing that I've learned in this industry or even during sales, but like, literally until someone else's opinions pay your bills, they don't matter. So I've learned to let go a bit, I guess. But it's still way out of my comfort zone. But it's been fun. You know, I mean, I've enjoyed it.

Dave: You look in and feel worse, if you quit, rather than you know, if you fail or something like that, which I don't know, how do you define failure? I really, I really don't know, I think each person has their own definition. But your words and feel worse if you quit. And I think that's what is more important to focus on it's have I disappointed myself, or am I living up to an expectation that I have of myself that makes me feel good about myself, if we turn our direction to impressing ourselves, living up to our own standards, or doing things that makes ourselves feel proud that we're willing, for example, if I go and tell my men, I'm a plumbing superintendent, and I'm going to tell my my six guys to dig a ditch, I better, I'm going to feel a lot more confident if I've already dug a ditch and I know how to dig a ditch, rather than if I'm just standing there, you know, you know, just just telling somebody what to do. So, um, you know, I think that anyways, you know, it's, it's, it's, it's interesting. So what's coming up for you, as you think about the future here with your business and kind of what you're going to do next.

Tiffany: I've really, I think I want to revisit the blueprints and look into a bit more of the organic approach with things via Facebook and or Instagram. Because I think to tie this all together, I've got to kind of step back and brand myself a bit. I am and hopefully continue to evolve. So I guess that's part of it. And it makes it sometimes hard, I think because maybe it's the entrepreneur's brain, maybe you can validate that this is just how we are wired. But like I love a little bit of everything. And, and I like to know a little bit about everything but but I really have a hard time sometimes honing in on what it is that I love the most. And so that that's where I am in my journey, I guess you could say like to share about the $7 course I was able even able, I wrote an ebook, it's just like a little on Canva and put it out there. So it's free to people. So then within there, I've embedded the links to the course and things like that. So I can do that and share that all day long. It's coming kind of second nature on that. But I need to find ways to just get more traffic for that, but then for everything else, how to pull it all together. So it's not confusing to people, because she likes this and she likes this, but here's who she is. And then you have access to all of it. Like, I just want to like, I feel like I've rolled over here and a roll over here. And I want to try to figure out how to pull them together and still offer all that all that I have to offer. So you know, I'm in a major transformation, I guess, stage of my career. But it's pretty exciting.

Dave: Yeah. And I can I can, it sounds exciting. And I can completely relate to being all over the place. And here's the challenge that I've faced and the things that I've realized is that, you know, I'm never I'm never really going to be satisfied. Because here's the challenge, whether I get multiple streams streaming, and I'm, you know, I feel like I'm satisfied because I'm spinning 10 plates, you know, because that's what we do, we're not satisfied until we're spinning 10 plates, and then we get overwhelmed, right? And then we gotta get rid of some stuff. I gotta get some stuff off my plate, right? And then we get stuff off our plate, and then somehow we get back to spinning plates. But, you know, for me, these last many, many, five, six years have been about total and absolute simplicity and focus. I mean that I only focus on, you know, too many entrepreneurs who want to get multiple streams streaming. Before they got that first stream. You know what I mean? multiple streams. of income, but you ain't got that first stream. And so you know, what, what my plan is, it's so similar I can understand it and it just makes so much sense to me is that I have one business and you know what that business can produce meaning this business, right legendary marketer can produce enough income in legendary marketer, we do affiliate marketing, we sell information, products, courses, you know, events, we essentially eat our own cooking, we do the things that we teach. And so with this business, and this is what my vision began to be clarified about a couple of years into it as I felt a little bit itchy. And I felt like oh, man, I'm Bitcoin and there's all these other things that I'm missing out on all these other businesses that I have these other, you know, plates I want to spend, but I just, I decided to focus 100% on my one cash cow. And that's yeah, instead of having a bunch of little tiny, you know, baby cows that are all producing, let's just say 10,000 a month, or they're all producing 100,000 a month, however you want to think, but just focus on having one that produces a million a month, right? And so I've done that, and I take that money from that business. In I invested in different categories or buckets on the back end, real estate, precious luxury assets, stocks, you know, things of that nature, you know, investments, things that typically then produce cash flow and or a dividend and or somehow they grow without me doing anything to them, versus just setting money in a in a in a in a savings account, or buying other businesses right now in my career, it's not a time for me to buy other businesses in get involved in strategy and stuff with other businesses. I'm not 60, I'm not 65, I'm not ready to sit on boards, I'm still actively running a company. And so that's been helpful for me. And it helps me because I've only got one business to stay on message on my content. Every day, I'm thinking about one thing: the black and the white, you know what I mean? I'm thinking about legendary, the company that I'm thinking about every day, day in and day out. And we've grown as a result of that, we've grown as a result of that focus, we've grown, we used to do shitty numbers.even if The business has always made money. And I've always made great money in this industry. But over the years, what happened was our business grew from, you know, a couple of you know, 100,000 a month or 50,000 a month or whatever, to a couple 100,000 a month to, you know, 20 million in a year last year to 2 million in a month, last month. You know, think about that.

Organically starting over with nothing legendary started with none of my customers or hardly, maybe a couple of customers who knew me, but none of the affiliates from previous things. I did anything but give credit to that focus of not getting distressed. I'm on distractible and I'll tell you I even find myself some days going wow, it's actually nice, I got a free afternoon or something. Which is weird, you know, because I always have had a to do list and I got things that I could do in creation if I wanted to project things to get into. But my point is, is that I think way too many entrepreneurs burn themselves out get spread too thin, get frustrated, overwork, I see people having 10 year streaks of just being all over the place scatterbrained starting things stopping when they could have built a small Empire if they just saw a project through to accompany through to something that it takes a few years and this even goes for everyone who's even building an affiliate marketing business. I still do affiliate marketing to this day. It's a decent portion of our bottom line at the end of each month. And but we're focused we're not in E commerce we're not doing this and that mean for God's sakes if I wanted another stream of income, I do it in the information space with the new affiliate product and in be a campaign that was designed like the rest of the campaigns is why do I want to go out and complicate the shit out of every day of my life in my business. Find my entertainment elsewhere, stick to baking and serving and selling cheese pizzas in my business. That was one of the best pieces of advice. Real Estate mentor who wasn't a mentor at that time. But I was working with my dad like a poor homeless teenager junkie with my dad and I happened to ask this investor that he was working for back when I was 18. I said, Hey, why don't you sell or rehab in flip like, million dollar mansions and all this like, seems like there's a lot. Here's, I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground, I’m an 18 year old punk kid who doesn't even have a pot to piss in. And I'm thinking that I'm gonna, you know, I'm gonna open up an untapped market for this guy who's got his shit together. And he's an investor and a flipper, and my dad's one of his contractors. But anyways, he goes, he gave me a piece of valuable wisdom that in that moment, I didn't know how good it was. And I'm glad I remember it because I was probably so stoned. I couldn't see straight, but I happened to remember it. And he said, Dave,Dave, I stick to cheese pizzas, man. I don't get into all this other hoagies and subs and meatballs and all that shit, I stick to cheese pizzas. And that was a valuable business lesson, probably one of the best that I've ever had. It's been invaluable in my journey. Because this, this sticking to something instead of introducing other complicated shit to your business, and we do this all the time, we'll be moving right along home and building your business. And then we'll get into that we'll want it we'll say, Okay, we'll get somebody who just lands on our Facebook Messenger and says, they want to be a client or something. So we take them on at 2000 a month, we're unqualified, we don't have any system setup, we're not even actively taking clients, but somebody is willing to give us money. So we're ready to create a new department in our business, to just take that person's money to give them some coaching sessions, you know, and we've got to get to a point in our business where we're so focused and dedicated to cheese pizzas. And keeping it simple that even if somebody came with a stack of money, but wanted us to do some shit, that was outside of our daily struggles, gave us peace in, in produced results, we would be able to say no, now I'm ranting, what came up for you out of the things that some of the things I just said, Tiffany,

Tiffany: A lot of the same experiences. I think that's where I found myself spreading my desire to be involved in everything. Well, you know, we're in a small town, both businesses I opened for here, they were both something we were lacking, something we needed. I saw an opportunity and it was void and I got excited. And I love the startup and the challenge. And then I'm like, Okay, what's next? Once it's done, once the hard part's over, you know, and I was like, I've got like, while it's been rewarding, and I'm glad that they're here. I'm at a point in my life, like when I started this, my kids were really young now. And they're still young, they're still at home and don't drive. But now they're both old enough to be involved in multiple sports, travel sports, you know, all the things and so we're on the goal. And I've been married to my career for so long that I learned, you know, I wanted to start refocusing my priorities, you know, family first, but obviously, with finances to support that and so the fact that I can work this wherever, whenever, at the ball field at practice at, you know, wrestling tournaments, whatever we've got going on. The kids don't miss me. I try to make sure they’re gonna understand Mommy's gonna do this, like, Yes, I'm on my phone, because then my teenager won't get off her phone, like you're losing, like, hours of your life. You know? Yeah, I've been on mine, you know, but like, I just try to help her understand the difference and without being such a hypocrite. But anyway, I just love that flexibility, it's been able to give me a lifestyle that I you know, for the kids and so that my husband can continue to do you know, he actually owns a business too. And then I do the administrative stuff of it. So we are just busy. And this works. You know, you can do a couple of you know, some days that's been more than two hours, but if it's a busy day, an hour of creating content is enough. You know

Dave: The things that I say is I and I actually don't say this, but I'm gonna say it and it's gonna start being something that I say, I don't have the time to have a job to be honest with you. Like I don't have time to be driving a half hour hour into some office city. And then some place for all day. And then driving home. I mean, it's raining outside right now, like in some shitty weather, you know, all hold and stuff being away from my house being away from my toilet, you know, being away from my shower, being away from my smoothie maker, my magic bullet, you know, like, I just, I mean, we are busy, we are busy, and then you, you introduce kids into somebody's life, people. If you don't want your life to not be yours anymore, don't have kids, because when you have kids, your life is not no longer even yours. Even having a business, what in business is expected of you, if you're an adult is this is to both being an amazing way was being an amazing parent. Right? But also to provide, right? Yeah, but not be on your phone in, follow all the social norms and all this stuff and your spouse, I mean, it's just, and then, you know, you're also supposed to have a job that has a 401k, or insurance or whatever. And it's like all of these people in society in general have this opinion. But it's like, it's like, life is hard. You know, and it's like, it's like, you know, you know, sometimes we don't get support from the people who are we get criticism from the people who are closest to us, when it's like, these types of businesses give us the freedom to be at home and be around our family. And oftentimes, even if that's more, you know, I don't know, in some way more stressful because honestly, when I leave the house, I mean, or whatever, drop my kids off at school, they're not even my problem, really just keep them alive. You know, when they're with me there is a lot of work. Honestly, I got a one and a five year old. And the truth of the matter is, I'd rather be with them than away from them, you know, and so this business in businesses like this, gives us the ability to do that. And even though it may be crazy at times, it's what we want, right? Because we want to be able to call the shots and have freedom over our own time schedule. 

Tiffany: Yeah, because my corporate career was crazy, too, but not on my terms. You know, I was in, I am so thankful for my family, but I promise you, they thought, and both, and my parents thought I was absolutely crazy. When I said I think I'm gonna quit my job at the hospital, I was in administration, I had a very good job. In fact, I was continuing to grow. And what I was realizing was I was kind of maxed out at that location. And I was going to need a further commute, probably longer hours, but I'd been paid salary for about 95% of that career. So I was working 60 getting paid for 40. So when you really, you know, anyway, whatever. And my kids at the time were like one and six. So by the time I did decide to leave and open the gym, actually, that's one of the first I did . I think they were two and seven. And they get to be a part of that they want to help to paint even as we opened it, they would come in and greet customers, they learned how more customer service was, I mean, I just tried to make it even during the pandemic, when they were out of school and we were homeschooling everything, they were at the flower shop with, you know, what's important here, okay, to help with inventory cannot take care of customers, you know, like, even my son delivered flowers, you know, it was like, Alright, now this is how we treat a lady. But, you know, I just made every little moment count, because like, but then I was still locked into that nine to five, you know, and it made it hard with our schedule. So this has allowed me that freedom to put their schedule first and then I just weave this into whatever's left of my day. 

Dave: And you know, there's, there's, there's news, a lot of there's a lot, there's a lot of noble things about having a job and I'm not here to bash jobs. I'm not here to bash college even though, you know, I can be opinionated on some of these things. The truth of the matter is, is that you know, being able to work from home used to be a dirty little secret, you know, I almost felt guilty sometimes that I thought about Dang, man. Like, there's no literally nobody else that I know in the 1000s of friends and family or whatever that I know who do what I do. And man, I just wonder if they have this lunch freedom. Now becoming a little bit more mainstream because of how things have pushed people to work at home and stuff like that. But, you know, I'm not here to say that I don't really have it. It's not really mine. But this knowledge, the skill sets, if you can achieve them, there's not a single item that can give you freedom. I mean, I guess, I guess if a Brinks truck backed up in your driveway and dumped hundreds of, you know, millions of dollars in your driveway, but realistically, that's not going to ever happen. That's, the likelihood of that ever happening is next to nil. And so, the next best way is to kind of acquire skills that, you know, you can use. And, you know, I don't I'm not here to preach. And I'm not here to oversell because, honestly, you know, we have, we have people who are buying at more rapid paces this information right now than they've ever before in the 10 plus years of doing this. Because they do realize they do understand that they've been now they've not I mean, they've been insulted by their bosses for years, but now they've been insulted by the government. They've been insulted by society. A lot of you talk about the healthcare industry, a lot of them feel underappreciated right now, a lot of our law enforcement feels underappreciated. A lot of our just regular, everyday good ordinary citizens feel underappreciated, because they were deemed non essential, sent a couple of $1,000 checks and said, figure it out. You know, what, when, when that probably wouldn't have been, they probably would have rather stayed at work and took their chances. But they were sent home. So people are pretty crazy about this information right now. So I really say to folks, you know, look around, it's not like, it's not like, like there are, this is the world moving at a rapid pace right in front of your eyes. This is the economy and the marketplace shift. And you see so many people who are going to drive for Uber and do bite squat and these gig jobs and they're quitting their jobs. They're moving online, they're making things and selling them on Etsy. I mean, there's lots of business models, I happen to think this one's the best, but people are are, I just heard of another story the other day, I just can't remember right now about somebody else who quit their job and started doing some random kind of entrepreneurial thing and is having success with it, you know. And so I just think we're under this big kind of revolution that's been somewhat hidden, or shaded by what's going on with the medical stuff. But under the current, there's a whole shift of humans who are citizens who are shifting to more online stuff. And I'll tell you, folks, if you don't do it now, what after what's just happened in how you've been? They've told you we're not coming to rescue you. Yeah, what would possibly motivate someone to do it? What else could one say? Or to motivate? I don't think anything. It's almost like if you're not motivated, maybe you're now a little bit more motivated, because I pointed it out to you. Right? What would motivate you more than to see and experience what has just happened recently in our world and say, nobody's coming for me? I better do something. How do you unsee that? How do you unthink rewind that right now I'm speaking to a lot of our non entrepreneurial friends who maybe haven't started something isn't as easy as it is for others and or even following through. But why don't you tell us one thing that you wish you knew when you started that you know, now that would have helped your newer self in this online venture? 

Tiffany: I think probably just let go of everyone's else else's expectations. Again, I kind of did that a while back, I guess. So that part wasn't as hard for me yet. It was still new, so different. Again, as I mentioned, it's a small town when people's kids start discovering that so as mom is on TikTok. The talk is interesting, you know, and you know, just letting go of that because the opportunity is a giant industry that can be your business. And no matter what business you have, even my gym, my flower shop, someone will always have something to say, should i just close my doors because they hurt my feelings. No, and nor is that why I sold it. I mean, I've shared with you why I sold it, it is an absolute value to this community. But I was at a point where I needed time with my family, and I knew that there was a way through this, this is what I absolutely could seek to make more. And again, it's not always about money, but my time was worth a lot. So to make more, doing less, if that makes sense, I don't want to act like it's not work. But you know what I mean, it didn't take me away from my family as much as I could contribute to my family to create that lifestyle that we want, while taking me away from them less. So it just absolutely, I wish I had just kind of came in with this gung ho like make it big right out of the gate instead of tiptoe into it. I mean, not that I held back much. But I think just understanding how big this platform is. and where it's going, you know that that's huge, because the opportunity I feel like is endless. And you don't mean, you pick your niche, like you get to be you like you don't have to be David Sharpe, like you, you take other things that are taught by David Sharpe and use them to promote the things that you love. And hopefully, you know that you're able to share your course with them along the way, so that they can be more successful there as well. But just just, I mean, it's not a cookie cutter, you know, going to college and then graduate school and getting my job. And then the next promotion was the cookie cutter. You know, this is not you setting your own pace. 

Dave: It's funny that we don't think of the college's cookie cutter. But it really is. What, what has been something that's been, whether it be the community or something about how the training was laid out, or something that was said, or an experience with an advisor or something about your, what would you say here if you were talking to one of your friends? Or what did you say? Or what do you say when you're talking about legendary, and maybe that they might want to give it a try? And at least I mean, selfishly, at least to get the information. What do you say? And what would you say to somebody about what you like most or why you think somebody should go through at the very least our 15 Day Challenge?

Tiffany: Honestly, I can admit that I'm almost tech-tarted if you will, like I am. So like the back end of things. And that's what when I'm reaching out to Jen, that's still what I have questions about. And it's because I'm thinking about the bigger picture like, how do I connect it all now, but the way that you guys walked me through a click funnel, and it was already and then I can just copy it in? And it was there, and then do this and how to put a link here. I mean, I didn't have a clue about any of that. So sure, I could go to YouTube and learn it and figure it out. I'm sure it's there somewhere. But it's not going to be as hands on, it's not going to be as direct. And I didn't. I wouldn't have had a human to ask a question if I was stumbling, which I did stumble. So I mean, it was nice to have someone hold my hand. Because that part is just, I'm not. I don't understand the back end of all the technology side of what happens in this industry. And I'm very thankful for that education.

Dave: Yeah, I'm not either. So all right, well, awesome. Well, Tiffany, listen. Thank you so much for your time, even though you're feeling a little under the weather today. You it was all great clear. Good info. Thanks for your story in your work so far. And keep us posted. Come back here in a few months and let us know how things are going. Okay. Okay, thank you. Alright, Tiffany will talk to you later. All right. All right. You can follow Tiffany on Tiktok @Path2freedom. She's also got instagram, path_2freedom so you can find her on both of those platforms. Alright, my friends, get out of here have a fantastic Tuesday, make a decision today to do something powerful for your future. Invest in yourself. But do do extra, do an extra five minutes. You know, make a commitment. Push yourself a little bit harder. We're right here in the middle of February 2022. And like it's so early in this year, to still make it the best year of your entire life. There's a lot of momentum behind you. And we're here of course to support you every step of the way. So be legendary my friends, get out of here. Have a great day. Peace.