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Dan: Just trying to wake up still a little early for me, I guess early for you too. But this is a little early. 

Matt: Yeah, I'm kind of decently a morning person. I spent so many years working in coffee that I just never stopped waking up early, I think but yeah, cool. So you're in Utah. Tell us a little bit about well just bring us into your world a little bit to your urine tell us a little bit about you and your journey to coming into marketing because it's not really your style. 

Dan: Yeah, so I mean, like I said, I've been in tech, basically since I was 16 been doing programming and it work and you know, the weird Gremlin guy in the corner, you know, in a dark room typing odd things and no one knows about and I guess a few years ago I kind of had some shifts in my career. I was part of the sales organization helping them sell and I realized that, you know, I kind of like making a little bit more money, made a little bit more money in sales and started getting interested in starting my own business. And about two years ago. My son was born premature via emergency C section. And hospital bills started stacking up right. I have a really good job. My wife works for the hospital, she's a nurse. But even after all of that, we had just tons and tons of bills and I decided you know I really need another way to make money. I need to make more money to figure this out. So I started looking online, looking for a way to make some extra money. I tried things before finding affiliate marketing and started trying to figure it out. Right. It's a classic story that Dave tells you on YouTube, where everyone has conflicting information, or finding some old training program where they say hell the only way to make affiliate marketing money is start a blog and sell stuff on Amazon or sell Amazon stuff for $1 A piece every single time. So I struggled with that for 18 months, almost two years until I think I saw somebody on TikTok talking about Legendary Marketer. The intro video and you know, it kind of opened my eyes to the possibilities. You know, it's like it clicked for me. 

Matt: Cool, super cool. I'm so curious, like, during the 18 months that you were buying the course, were you buying courses going through stuff trying to set up some blog and tech and stuff and like, what was that? Like? What kinds of stuff were you into or what was that journey? Dan: Like because it's very disorienting. I went through that too. It's like super disorienting because you're like, Is this really the thing is this? Yeah, yeah. So it really did start with just conflicting info on YouTube. And then I found what looked like a really good course. And, yeah, I took this course and I read through the whole thing and it's like I know, it just seemed I didn't realize how old school it was. It was honestly I think it was a five or six, maybe even seven year old course that I had gotten looped into and yeah, it was just super duper frustrating, I guess. Right? Because I'm not a big writer. I can write a story here and there but it was like hey, you need to read 1000 word articles three times a week for six months, and you might get some traffic here or there and get some stuff. Get some stuff right. So I was cranking out articles. I was trying to learn stuff and become a subject matter expert on these things to try and get some commissions on stuff. And really it was just an exercise in futility. I don't think I got a single affiliate sale in that hole in that whole process of doing the blog. I think I got one accidentally on Twitter on like money Twitter one day, you know, but other than that, it was just just nothing right? Total futility. 

Matt: Yeah, I had the same experience. I mean, I don't actually know if I like purchasing courses on blogging and stuff or what that was exactly, but I had, you know, basically the exact same thing happened where I was, you know, deep into the whole like I was so deep into blogging. I have my own blog. I even created a blogging course because I was able to rank pages on Google so quickly, way back in the day 10 years ago, but it was also slow and even the lead flow in sales that came from that was like maybe maybe a liter to a day or something right. And, you know, but it was, it was worth it for me because I had such a high ticket product but anyway, I feel like that process is so it's just like crawling you know what I mean? And for a lot of people that's really like, if you started 10 years ago, that's what you should have expected. It's that kind of growth, that kind of slow. thought, like, Hey, we're really growing something. Nowadays I feel like you know, so fast forward 18 months and you find Legendary in October. Nowadays, it's much different. So you've grown a channel to 12,000 Really quickly, and you're using some good email marketing and stuff. What I'm just so curious about with that process of switching over to TikTok was like did you have any internal duties. Am I really going to do this or was it pretty? Yeah, it was a massive struggle. I mean, I just make videos right like in general, I'm not super comfortable in front of the camera camera guy, right. Like I like I said, I was the Gremlin in the back room, right for the longest time at work. And so, you know, I went through the course, and I was like, Man, this makes so much sense, the whole high ticket thing, the whole email afterwards. And then it was, you know, the best way to do it is just promote your own name. Right, have your own personal brand and get on TikTok, get on Facebook, get on these things and present yourself right. And so it was this internal battle honestly for a month probably after I finished the courses to just convince myself like how can I do this without doing this right? How can I do it without doing it? And I really just kind of had to commit to it. You know, there's only one way to do it and to just do it, stop trying to stop trying to get around it or get away from it. Just dive in. And that's what I'm doing. Cool. That's awesome. And I you know, I always notice when people get sort of big results on tick tock like you had a couple videos go super viral, or at least one video goes super viral and then he posted again, what was the thought process there? 

Dan: Yeah, just posting it twice. I actually think that on one of the TikTok courses within Legendary. You guys use some examples of some super successful marketers who had a super successful video, waited at least two weeks and then posted another one and TikTok had that you know like over a year in review kind of program where they were encouraging you to repost your videos and so I thought it's a perfect opportunity to just post it again and go for it. 

Matt: Yeah, totally was so for you because at one point it got 892,000 And then the second time he posted that you got 52,000 Does that sound right? 

Dan: Yeah, that sounds right. 

Matt: That's your second most watched video ever. My guess is from those two videos like that's the majority of your 10 or 12,000 followers. 

Dan: Yeah, a massive number and then write a couple of a couple of the comments on it. Right. So I read some strategies about what I think someone called a comment circling where you have a viral video and then you do video replies within that so that your comments and then it kind of circles back on itself. So yeah, I think most I think really four videos is where most of my big chunks of followers came from, because I had one go viral and I tried to optimize it as it happened.

Matt: Yeah, that's perfect. I think between that and going live are probably the two best things that anybody can do. When you get a video that goes to 800 900,000 views like that is a great time to immediately run to the Live button and hop on live because so many people are discovering new rights. It's like wow, who's this guy up to some interesting video and then it's like, oh my god, Dan's live. Like, let's hop on a line with this guy. Let's see. What's going on. And after all that you still have a full time job right? 

Dan: Yep, I have a full time job and my wife actually works nights and weekends and so she nights and weekends I'm a full time dad until they totally go to bed then I can work on my my how many kids you have? Just two, okay? But they're like two and four or five. So it's the handful. 

Matt: That's crazy. That's super cool. So you mentioned a little bit about how you've got sort of a virality aspect on TikTok, which is driving lead flow on the front end. So, front end lead flow, a lot of it's being pushed through social media. Then after they're in your world and after they're in your atmosphere. You're doing follow up via email. What have you learned about following up with people via email and WhatsApp? 

Dan: Yeah, kind of the super interesting thing is I kind of thought email was dead. And I always saw that kind of thing. And you know, people like oh, you can't you can't do this via email. Every single High Ticket affiliate sale like that has been through an email campaign. They were someone who came into my funnel. They didn't necessarily purchase right off the bat, but they got an email, a follow up email that I had in my campaign and then came through and ended up purchasing something right. And so yeah, I've just seen a lot of success with my email campaign and, and I had to do a lot of optimization on my email campaign too, right. I think when I first started, I thought okay, this is just copy paste. And you know, at first that was okay, it was getting a little bit of success. And as I look more and more at it, I realized, you know, I need to personalize every single one of these emails. I need to even intersperse my own story. I think there's a storytelling course that Dave has. Just another one of those eye openers, it's like all the Legendary training. It's like every single time I watch an eye opening strategy I didn't even think about. And so after I watched some of those storytelling videos from Dave, I started intermixing my own personal story just throughout the campaign, and I think he got people to get to know me a little bit better. Had a little higher engagement on my emails and a lot more success. 

Matt: Yeah, that's cool. We always talk about in Legendary we were talking about how we're always asking, asking ourselves, what are the what are the big levers that we can pull

to make the biggest impact? So like with email marketing, you know, if you can, if you can increase your open rates from 3% to 18%. Like that's a 6x improvement. And all you did likely was change something with your headline or change something in the subject line or something right and totally, I think what you said there is really helpful for people in copy and paste in the beginning, give me some templates, give me some scripts, whatever and then and then longer term, as you get in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, however long it takes you is fine, but as you get into it, you've really got to optimize those to you and to what matters to you, whether it's your story or whether it's you do a more sort of reporting style, like, like a lot of times when people haven't had success and let's take the Make Money Online or welfare relationships, niche or something but they feel passionate about it. A lot of times what will happen is they get imposter syndrome and they feel like well, I can't really optimize my emails because I haven't No. But getting in even getting into a reporter style voice where you're like, just reporting on people who have had success with XYZ product, it makes a lot easier because now you're just like, Oh, I'm a journalist for The New York Times area, you know, and I'm now just gonna type out like hey, have you heard about this guide? You know, like Aaron Yett like Here's his story, you know, here's his experience, and then it's just like, Oh, cool. This is awesome. You know? So, I think people underrate that a lot and it's a skill where if you build that skill, you can Okay, so now I can increase the open rates, but then once people actually get into the emails, there's a bit more meat and substance there for them to chew on and to really dig into and it makes sense to me what why most of your high ticket sales come from that because those are people who who didn't just maybe click and run through and purchase and and just start going into it and they're just kind of frantically looking around, right? And that's not all people but it can be some people. And then in your case, you've got people who have gone through your funnel, maybe took a look, took a peek, and then went into their inbox and they're like, remember that? Okay, and now they're really diving deep. And there's a sense of attachment, I think I think of it in terms of attachment, which is a psychological term. They start to become attached to you on your journey and they start to trust optimal things. Which is a really big thing. And that's cool that you're seeing success with that. What do you have from the email marketing angles? Do you have any tips or advice that you would give to people? What specifically have you done to sort of increase that engagement? 

Dan: Well, the first thing that I did that actually, I saw the first marking permit was I actually just added a picture of myself. So simple, like just I like and honestly a lot of it was. I subscribed to a lot of other Legendary Marketer, marketers and other affiliate marketers, and I started just reading all of their emails. And I saw the people that I could just, it seemed like they were having success based on what I saw on their social media. They all have a picture of themselves in their email. So that's the very first thing that I did. And it instantly doubled my open rate. So yeah, I mean, just make it seem like it's you right? I think you know, like the whole attachment thing. Like people will buy stuff from a stranger they want to buy something from even if it's the same product, the same pitch. If they know someone, they're going to buy it right. So I think that was just making it more personal. 

Matt: Yeah, picture stuff like that. little nugget, if it's, it's you, you're just like you're doing the swipe file thing that we tell people to do all the time, which is just like, hey, just get on it. You know, don't not for the sake of purchasing we get on as many people's lists in your niche as possible. And what do they say? What are they doing? What's their voice? What are they? What are their angles? How do they present this to people like it's just a it's such a basic, such a basic but very smart approach to especially because you can leverage so much of your time by not sort of like sitting on YouTube, and YouTubing like, how do I help? How do I make my email marketing convert better? You know, it's like, well, this person is going to answer your question for a specific niche that probably won't fit your niche. So go to the people who are dominating your niche and see what's working. And then what you can really do is you can take and you can figure out how do I even beat that? Like, how do I get even better? It's just research and development right? Like if I was starting a pizza shop, I'd go to every pizza shop in the entire city. I would take very specific notes. In fact I met a young couple who own a coffee shop here in Phoenix and they said, You know what we do every single month. We drive to Los Angeles and we hit a pig. We stayed there for one day, stayed overnight, came back the next day, and we hit up about 10 coffee shops that day. That we get there. And we just popped around to them and we sat for an hour and we took notes all day long. And we take notes on everything that's working. Here's what's stupid. Here's what's great. Here's a painting idea. Here's a lighting idea and they just make their coffee shop better and better and better. But they're bringing a taste and a flavour of, of Los Angeles here in Phoenix, which is a little bit more modern, it's a little bit more I mean, LA is a little bit more modern and a little bit more upscale. And so they do really well because they bring all of these elements and they've studied them and they create this swipe file, they take photos, they create the swipe file of ideas. So they're like Well, now let's look at getting some new furniture.  What was your favorite furniture that we saw in the shops? Then they can ask the owner of that company. Hey, where did you get those chairs in your coffee shop? Those are really cool where you guys? And the same thing is true here. Both with content both with email marketing, like you're saying, you can get into these you can get into these email sequences and you're like, oh, that's smart. That was so savvy or all that. That email subject line that was so smart. And a lot of times people feel like they're inventing the wheel, but you don't have to try to invent the wheel here. You just have to simply find what's already working and that will get you your start. Then maybe as you develop skills and you start to think outside the box because you're comfortable, then maybe you step into a place where you create totally unique, totally brand new ideas. But for the most part, there's nothing new under the sun. I mean, there's millions of affiliate partners out there who've been doing this for over a decade, way over a decade. And there's enough marketing material out there and smart, cool angles that you don't really have to get back creative. You just have to follow direct response marketing for the most part. What's your take? I mean, how many emails do you have? Do you have automated emails that go out? How many emails do you have set up? Dan: So I have a couple different campaigns that I move people, I manually move people between campaigns based on a couple of factors. I think in total, I maybe have like 25 set up mixing bears. Will that make money online niche offers? Yes. A lot of those emails are the medieval children of a couple different affiliate marketers that I saw on actually this show, Wake Up Legendary. I watch these people that are having success, and I find them on TikTok and I subscribe and then I read their emails and I think exactly what you said right it's not reinventing the wheel it's just maybe adding racing stripes on there's like some level like what walls Yeah. Matt: Nice. I was just emailing the other day with a guy who just recently had a platinum affiliate with us and and I was like, Man, I'm so curious had such a huge last like month and he was like dude, I've been I've been at this for over a year and basically for the last year I've been kind of ignoring my email list. He's got well over 10,000 people on his email list. And he's been creating content stuff with us like, you know what, I've just, I think I'm sitting on a goldmine and he did the same thing, he started moving from those scripts, to developing his own email marketing his own voice his own messaging in that and dude, his results are huge. I mean, just with us alone as an affiliate, he said six figures but a lot of that has come in the last 30 days where he's just exploded and all that list that was sitting there, kind of underutilized, kind of forgotten about he's like, we have a blast, and it's exploded, which is really, really cool. And I think people underrate that a lot. Yes, do I think that text message marketing has a place of course, but I think people are really underrating that basically, you know, that element of email marketing, getting into people's inbox and then setting yourself apart from all the other nonsense that people get their email inbox every single day. These people are now so conditioned to just archive or delete all their email as soon as it comes in there. For people who are newer to the game, you're part of our Blueprints community and for people who are newer to affiliate marketing, and now you're an affiliate of our company as well. So just full disclaimer there, but for people who are newer to our company and newer to this whole affiliate marketing thing what would you say to them or what do you say to some of those people who email you back and are like hey, I know this seems just nervous like it's it's weird to buy a course online. I'm not used to that, this seems a little bit like it's out of my wheelhouse. 

Dan: What would you say? I mean, a lot of it's just it was out of my wheelhouse to write like it was it's one of those things that it's like it is a little bit weird, and that's a little bit scary at first if it's something you don't understand, but it's, you know, again, that's where I think it comes back for me at least to my story. I was kind of scared at first to write. I didn't know what I was doing at first either. And I did make the mistake of diving in to maybe the wrong things right without guidance without someone telling me what to do. And so, you know, I think a lot of it's like, hey, you know this, this is a proven system. There are 1000s of people that this works for. And there's a massive community of people I think that's another piece of it, too is those other YouTube videos and courses that I took. There was a community there, but not really right. You can actually ask anyone any questions and that's another major thing without without legendary is there there's several Facebook groups and all different levels of questions and people with access and you can ask any question from the basics of the mechanics of getting things set up to you know, what's your what's your content strategy, and there's always somebody there to jump in and and help you right, so it's got it's just kind of that reassuring. It's like it's scary, but you have support. 

Matt: Totally. I think there's a lot of courses out there. There's a lot of, you know, gurus out there, whatever. But yeah, we've got 40,000 people or something in our Facebook group. There's a lot of people who think it's reviewed as 4.9 out of five stars for a reason. And on Facebook. There's a lot of different places you could review. But yeah, just have that community alone. There. It was. You know, really like a big time scam or something. You would know you would hear about it everywhere. But for the most part our community is very friendly and we embrace the newbies. We don't like newbies, but we embrace them, and there's a lot of help. There's a lot of support, even people who email me, I'll respond to that pretty quick. And we've had Yeah, we've just I think that I think that's I think you're right I think that one really underrated piece of this particular experience. I'll call it like an experience or program is the element of having really quality people and I think we've got lucky but I think we also put it out into the marketplace and have attracted a lot of people like you and just a ton of people who are community who, you know, when they get an email from somebody in a lot of other worlds people are like, Who is this joker like, Get away from me? And in our world, it's like, yeah, I can help no problem. We've got a lot of people who get a lot of value and self worth from helping others which is really cool. 

Dan: I would say that you know, the way you guys run the Facebook groups and moderate the whole organization is like a spirit of collaboration for sure. Like no one's no one's smacking each other down or, you know, like a good stay in your lane. And the thing is like, Hey, man, I started somewhere to where I feel like everyone's jumping in to say like, Hey, I'll help.

Matt: Well, cool. Is this the best place for people to folly? Yes, that's my primary TikTok. Yep, screen. I love it. Well, thanks for everything. We're going to get people to go give you a follow and send you a message of inspiration today, but thanks for everything. Thanks for sharing some secrets on email marketing, a little strategy there and if you ever need anything hit us up. We'd love to chat in a couple months and just see where you're at to catch up. 

Dan: Sounds great.

Matt: Cool. Thanks, Dan. All right, thanks. Alright guys, so you know a big part of why we bring people on the show is we want you to go follow them so follow Dan at @dantopia1. Go give him a follow and then you know also just comment on one of his most recent videos say hey, saw you on Wake Up Legendary right or hey I really liked wait you said about XYZ on Wake Up Legendary and maybe rewatch this get get a little bit of a tip or get a good gold nugget about you know, how do I get inspiration mega marketing. But give Dan a little follow and heck go opt into his list and look at what he's doing in his emails, right. So here, if you're a marketer, check this out. If you're a marketer, and somebody comes on a show and says, you know, I've started to get really good results from my email marketing. Here's a hint, right? Okay. If he's getting good results from Marketing, and he just revealed that, right, yes, you can listen to the words he says on this, but you know what a good marketer does. He dives to the students' funnel and they go look at everything he's doing. And they read his email every single day and they study and they say, Well, what's he really doing? Right? To become a good student of marketing. Okay, so back here tomorrow 10am. Eastern. Everybody, have a good rest of your Monday. And we'll be back here again at the same time, same place on Facebook. Legendary Marketer Official on facebook. We'll be back here at 10am Eastern.