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Dave: What is up my friends this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary another episode, another absolutely fantastic powerhouse of a guest. We just texted this out. Jessica's a powerhouse mom who's created a six figure online business in 2021. All while taking care of five kids. Wow, I need to hear how she's done this. If you're not on our text message list by the way, literally just texted it out. Go ahead and text WUL 813-296-8553. Text just the words WUL to that number on the screen right now. And Jessica, welcome to the show and how the hell do you do it?

Jessica: I'm hiding in the car right now because when I actually asked me to do this date, I wasn't thinking that the kids were on holiday break. And so my husband is off and all the kids had friends sleepover and it's a little wild at my house right now.

Dave: So Wow. You know, Matt just told me that you're $2,500 away from becoming a platinum affiliate with us. $2,500 in commissions away. Congratulations on that. Wow, what an accomplishment. Did you ever think that was going to happen? And how fast has it happened for you?

Jessica: Oh, I just started the last week of June. So it's only been six months. It's only been six months. At the beginning of 2021 I got TikTok, my 13 year old was like hey, why don't you get TikTok? And I was like, okay, so I did. And then I started scrolling and I said that I didn't even know what affiliate marketing was. Honestly, until I got on there. I started seeing people talk about the 15 Day Challenge. All these great things and I was like well if they can do it, then why can't I do it? So I tried. I was consistent. I learned everything there was to learn and here we are. 

Dave: Wow. How's it feel? 

Jessica:It's great. It's great. Like I used to have my own aesthetics company. And that was something that I wasn't really as much as I love doing. I wasn't trying to go back to that after we had baby number five. We just had baby number five in February. So it was really great to not have to do that now I'm just home. Yeah, um, my kids are like, Oh, look, mom's making a TikTok and they think it's hysterical, my husband at first but he's learned quickly that I kind of figured out what I was doing.

Dave: Right right. You know he's now he's your greatest evangelist, right. 

Jessica: Yeah, he told me he's like here he's like, take your coffee. He's like why don't you go hang on the car. It's quiet. And I was like, That's a great idea. I might not come back in.

Dave: Yes, you deserve that. So I want to make a big income disclaimer because we just made a claim as if that's normal or something that's not normal. making six figures in six or basically Yes, making six figures in six months is basically what you do. And that's not counting other affiliate commissions in other, you know, income streams or whatever. That's just what I know about and I just want to be crystal clear for anybody watching anybody who thinks that I'm hiding things up saying, Oh, hey, just you know, just because the results are totally typical. They're not, you know, she has gotten to work. Most people who start any online business, any business whatsoever. Make no money at all. Period. That's the income disclaimer. Is that like, is that straight shooting enough for you all? Are you tired of hearing from all the gurus and goblins on Instagram and even probably TikTok that oh, just you know, you know, start your Amazon store and you'll be a millionaire by the end of the year, or by the end of the month? Look, this stuff takes work. Jessica just told you that. But what I like to do and what I think is really cool about this, is that within Legendary, there's some magic here and it's a combination. I think of the people that we attract, it starts with you, mixed in combined with the training mixed and combined with a community that Jessica I'm going to be honest with you. I didn't even know who you work with. You've made six figures. This is the first time I'm meeting you and have heard of you. Now I'm never gonna forget you. But that's how many people we do have that are succeeding in our community and I I think it's a mixture of you, and the training and the community. What has been most magical and powerful for you when you found Legendary and things started to take movement? 

Jessica: Seeing it work, because like you said you see people on all these different social media platforms tick tock, Instagram, YouTube everywhere talking about affiliate marketing, Amazon, all those things. And it's like, it kind of in the beginning, like it sounded too good to be true. And that's what a lot of people think because a lot of people make it sound easy. And you learn the right way from the right people, and you're consistent and you really put into action what you learned, then, I mean, your results can be anything you kind of want them to be but you have to like to put in the work and you have to be consistent with it.

Dave: Yeah. Talk about the training experience, if you will, getting involved in actually starting, for example, the challenge, you know, we have a lot of people who buy stuff, and there's almost 8 billion people on this planet. humans in general have a tendency to start but not follow through his stuff. It's not, it's not anything new here. But we can see the statistics behind the scenes that people will buy the challenge, not even start. Talk about your experience of getting started and then what it was like to learn in sort of this unconventional way not to in the classroom. And how we made it easy and hard for you. What was that experience like?

Jessica: So for me to learn the challenge itself has so many great resources and tools and taking all those things and setting up my online business. Doing my email autoresponder, my funnel builder, figuring out what a sales funnel was, how to build them properly and really make them work the right way. Seeing all of that comes together. And then taking what I learned with Legendary being able to become an affiliate for other products and companies. It teaches you it's not it doesn't just teach you affiliate, it doesn't teach you to be an affiliate marketer for one product or service. It teaches you the business of affiliate marketing. I mean your opportunities are endless and starting from nothing. I started my TikTok at zero obviously like everybody does. And even so one of my accounts has like 30-40,000 And then I started a backup account that only has I think 15,000 maybe, but I mean, you just need to be clear with your audience and you need to communicate with them and be honest with them. I mean, I think that's part of my success that I've had with Legendary is I have a pretty good relationship with a lot of customers.

Dave: What does that mean when you say be clear with my customers, and I have a good relationship. Can you give us some context so people can understand what I specifically mean?

Jessica: I'm not like a fluffer, like I don't like to tell them things to like, try and make them think one thing or another. I’m very cut and dry. When it comes to things like when people have questions like you said, my results aren't typical. Not everyone who starts this is going to have success that the person next to them does, but it's possible. If you're consistent and part of my email campaign and stuff like that and my TikToks my email is accessible to anybody who has questions. Instagram my DM is accessible to anybody who has questions. I respond to people all the time. I help people set up their sales funnels. I've helped people integrate their domain names to their Clickfunnels so there to make everything work like some people just need a little bit more help. And I think it's nice to be able to help them because I'd like to see others be successful with this. Just because it's had such an impact on me. We're now able to stay home with the kids and be available. Everybody should be able to start a second stream of income and be successful with it.

Dave: And I think a lot of people have liked the past over the past year, almost two years where the majority of the world but definitely the majority of our country was told that they were not essential to go home to wait for a check from the government and it's coming. It's keep waiting, keep staying home, right keep waiting, which look I'm not here to get into the controversy of what's going on. I'm not here to take sides, or what I'm here to say is that if you're still sitting around thinking about your job, your corporate gig, if you're still sitting around thinking that anything in life is safe, and that anyone's coming to rescue you and you're not woke about that one specific thing, then I have actually no hope for you. And Jessica, I've been preaching this for over 10 years. Now in March 2020 when the shit hit the fan, you know, it went from what I did was oh, this is a scam. Oh, Dave Oh, what is it that gets a real job to know everybody's like, how can I make money online? You see what I’m saying?

Jessica: How can you make money and be home if you're quarantined for however many days and not have to worry about losing money. A lot of businesses I think are restructuring, realizing that they don't need as many employees as they have, and they can save money that way. And not as many people are needed. A lot of companies are going remote.

Dave: This was the catalyst that moved us into artificial intelligence. This was the catalyst that moved us into everybody going virtual. People are not going back to the office because the people that you know, managers realize that the people can actually do their job from home and if they can't do their job from home, then they don't want them. But Adam, go and find somebody else who will do it from home who's hungrier. This is really truly a time and I'm getting dramatic because we've got a guest on this morning, folks, who's done something that's extraordinary, extra ordinary, done it with five kids has all of the odds and the distractions and the excuses and let me tell you something, if you even have one child, if you have two children at home, then you know that when you're home, it is nearly impossible to find time for yourself. You literally have to be on point because you have kids that you have to keep alive. So we have the person here on the show who has overcome odds that I am so astounded by because I have a one year old and a five year old at home. So that's why I'm literally getting blown away by what you've done. But folks, if you are still waiting for somebody to come to rescue you I don't care if you think it's a Republican, a Democrat, your local official. You know, Elon Musk, they are not coming.

Jessica: You have to, there's a difference between like, finding the time and making the time. Make the time because if you don't make the time, nothing's gonna change. Nothing's gonna change you're gonna be in the same position that you're in now. Six months from now, a year from now. I mean, in six months. To me, I've done big things, but six months oh, I would have never saw that me saying on social media and you know, trying to help others learn to start an online business would ever turn into this. You just don't know what's comfortable. At first, I looked at some of my original TikToks And I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry. But you have to make the content and don't be scared to make the content. Like who cares? But who thinks two or three months in? It would be like my son's baseball games, and friends and stuff, people from our town. It'd be like, Hey, I saw you on tic tac. And it is what it is. I'm not I don't feel one way or the other about it. What I do is what I do, and it's been wonderful and I wouldn't change any of it. It just makes you more confident in posting and makes you more comfortable. Sometimes it's cringy in the beginning, but you get too comfortable, make it and you'll get comfortable with it. 

Dave: So people hold their phones up to their face. People holding their phones up to their face nowadays is a normal thing. guys and gals. It's a normal thing. People are FaceTiming, people are taking selfies, people are zooms. Get over yourself. I'm being real direct this morning because this is called Wake Up Legendary. The hope is that you wake up and one of these episodes is one of these episodes that we do five days a week with a new student who's somebody made a comment that I want to take her class. She took the challenge with the training. That's the class she took. You know, it's funny how people are like, always feel like they're missing something and what you're missing is just the decision inside of you. Once you get the knowledge to go and apply it, take a risk and you start to do what you learned. Would you agree that people are always feeling like there's a secret that they don't have or they're being left out of, or is it being kept from them? And the truth is, is that you took the same training and went through the same process within this community that every other person went through. Did we give you a secret email with a secret strategy?

Jessica:No secret sauce. Crazy. It's just you have to like, I don't know, like you have to put in the effort. You have to put in the effort. It's not going to magically happen. You have to spend the time you have to be consistent. You have to pay attention. I tell people all the time who have signed up. Take your time with the challenge. Yes, it's a 15 day challenge. No, you don't have to do it in 15 days. If you need to go back and rewatch day three or day seven. Or you have questions. Take notes, write things down. Don't just keep moving forward if you don't understand what happened previously, because then you're gonna end up in a hole where you understand nothing, and it's gonna be like, What did I just say? Like, take your time, everyone has their own pace. Everyone has their own way that they do things and absorb information. Make it yours, own it, make it your own. Take your time, ask the questions. Hopefully the person who you know signed up under you or who you got to sign up whatever you're accessible to answer their questions and to actually help them that it makes a big difference, a big difference.

Dave: We also have an advisor who will be there to work with you. There's no other company that does what we do. There's no other company that's going to train our students and our clients the way that we do and I'm just saying if you find one, please send them to me because I want to learn from them. But I know that we have a lot of people who are stalking our lives and stalking our stuff because they're trying to figure out how we have so many people succeeding in this community? And the truth is, we have great students and clients like yourself that come through and then start often. Also in the make money online niche go out and educate, they learn, do and teach like you've done now you're now teaching within six months and quicker than that within probably a month. You learned, did, and began teaching within that niche. And so now we have other people who are, you know, going through our training with a couple great clients who learn to teach with great training, great community and recipe there that allows for you to hopefully stop searching for the secret. I had a call yesterday with our team here. Within Legendary we've got about 80 or so full time team members here to support all of our clients and our affiliates. And I said, you know the way that I've built my wealth is through focusing, focusing on a cash cow income stream and working at that cash cow front end income stream until it grows big enough that I have extra money that I can invest on the back end into things like real estate into things like the stock market, right? And if you want to go and you know, roll the dice on crypto or NFT's or whatever, you're flipping watches, I don't know. That's more of a non that's more of an active thing. But my point is that I have an active cash cow on the front end. And most people are obsessed with multiple streams of income, but they ain't got the first stream yet. Right. And so you got to get that first stream streaming and I don't mean a drip. I mean get it to stream it to where it's pumping out. strong, healthy five figures per month. And then you begin diversifying your portfolio, paying off your house, buying stocks in other real estate rentals like I started to do as well. And then before you know it within a couple of years, you've built a small empire. And this is the other thing that I said and Jessica, I want to know your response to this. Yesterday I told our team and I want to tell everybody who's listening right now, most people overestimate what they can do in six months and underestimate what they can do in three to five years. Right. So what I mean by that is they have unrealistic expectations about what they can do in, you know, three to six months, but they have what you'd be blown away if you stuck with something for a year or two, even what you could accomplish in that time. What comes up for you when you hear that?

Jessica:I say that people don't really don't realize how much they can get done. If you stick with something just for like oh, I stuck with this for six months. If I wasn't getting the results right away I would have stuck with it. I would have because I told myself I was gonna give myself a year you're gonna tell you what happens and then go from there. I gave myself that one year cushion. I was like I'm going to do it every day. I'm going to be committed and whatever happens happens and then we'll go from there. And in six months this is what I've done. So now me like that gives me like, like the little fire to keep it moving here. And then you go and you do other things in three to five years, it's like you said you take some now you take some of what you make as you go along. And you do invest into other things. Like make your money work for you, invest it into other things, things like long term things, pay off debt, start to knock away things and then you realize too that the money you have when you have no debt and you have things paid off and now you have things saved. Now you just have more money in general because you're not paying interest on things and you're not like paying so many things per month. And that's why you take a second stream of income. And like you said you get it going, nurture it and you would study and then you continue to build, but you gotta start small and you know be happy with little accomplishments and then you will get bigger ones.

Dave: You just set a whole did a lot right there. You set a lot. You did. Did too much for free. Honestly, I mean this episode today is if a person or a human being with a heartbeat is not inspired. The human being with a heartbeat is not ready to rock. If a human being with a heartbeat on you knows this day getting ready to move into a new year is not ready to make this the best year of your life. Then I wondered if you're a human with a heartbeat, because I'm so fired up right now. I mean, just from the things that because you take me back to the beginning of when I started and I had all those little decisions along the way. Jessica, the same ones that you did which are you know, if this does happen if I don't get results within the first couple of months, what am I going to do? And you said it, you said it loud and clear. You said that I am going to stick with this for a year because I believe in myself and I'm going to keep believing or acting as if I believe until I do believe until the results come. Yeah, fake it till you make it or faith it till you make it. Yeah, whatever makes you feel better about you know, talking to yourself. But the bottom line is you're taking me back to you know, over a decade ago when I was in the same seat that you're in just getting started. And I had to make the decision if I'm not a millionaire or a hundred thousandaire in three months. Am I going to keep going if I haven't made a dime with my business in two, three months? Am I good? What is my commitment level to making this work to adjusting, taking responsibility to growing to not to not making an excuse or playing the victim that Oh, I didn't get the support or oh, you know, this person's fault or that person's fault or what what like how willing Am I to grow to learn to take responsibility and commit to being consistent? And I had that tough decision to make. And I'm telling you it was the one of the best decisions that I ever made because today I sit in the seat that you just described to where I don't have debt, haven't had debt in a long time. Have all the money that I make. I told everybody on our team call yesterday that I could live a comfortable life on the investments that I have right now. If I didn't have a cash cow stream of income. I could live on the investments that I've made because along the way I've done exactly what you did and put away, I love what you said about your kids to setting up an OT Roth ROA for each of them in putting $100 a month you know what that's going to be when they're 30 When they're 40-50? That's going to be a couple of million dollars or more, right? That's how you build and create generational wealth. I mean, the whole life in business gameplans has been laid out for you along with the inspiration in 29 minutes. Jessica, give us some final thoughts and then I'm going to, you know, post your TikTok link so people can follow you in support you tell us just give us some final words of encouragement and talk to us if we were brand new today. What would you say to yourself if you knew what you knew now, when you first started?

Jessica: We live in a time right now where you have access to millions of people on a daily basis seeing your content. 10 years ago there was no TikTok there was no there was none of this like you can literally make a video. You could throw it out there and millions of people could see it. Millions of people. You have access to unlimited amounts of people your target audience is out there. Pick your niche, learn consistently and make the content as this is kind of like I don't think they'll ever be like another TikTok or another. I don't know. It's just we're in a time right now where being able to get your message out there and get your product and you know, create your own little online space. It's like never going to happen again. Like take it and run with it. Just try because nobody can fault you for trying and chances of you failing. If you really try or are very slim. And if you fail then you learn and you do it again. But do something do something everybody wants to you know have a better life and make more money and go on vacation and do all these things not have debt while these things. You have a whole new year ever. You can kind of start on the right foot and be consistent. Give it six months, six months, that's the first half of the year and see what happens. You don't know unless you try. And that's what made me try because I didn't know unless I tried. And here we are.

Dave: And here we are. Mic drop right hold on. Boom, right. Listen, go enjoy your family and have a happy new year and that you deserve all the prosperity and the wealth and the happiness that you are building and earning right now and come back in a couple of months and show us where you're at then. 

Jessica: Thanks. 

Dave: Alright, see ya. All right, you can follow Jessica; she's got two accounts. The first one is @affiliatemama02 on TikTok. The second one is @makemoneywith_jess. All right. So you can follow her at those. Both of those. Those addresses. Let me try to put them in one here. And right so there you go. I affiliate mama oh two and make money underscore make money with underscore just you can reach out. You can follow you know you can watch what she's doing. But here's the best way for you to attract the success that she's earned and that she's created is to support her just like any other person in this community for you. If you see their content, comment on it, great stuff. Like it, that's how we support each other inside of this community. The Facebook groups, you know, a lot of times I sort of, you know, I sort of fear for some of the guests that we have, like they're going to get bombarded with questions and stuff like, just remember that these folks have lives that we bring on and although, you know, they're creating extraordinary results because they're taking extraordinary action. You know, they're also real people with real lives. So what I invite you to do is really listen to this episode. We listen to maybe you know, today's there's really listened to it. A couple of times over the next couple of days over the weekend, and let everything that was said on this episode sink into your DNA, like really listen to the words, relate them to your life, ask yourself, can I give myself six to 12 months to change my life? Can I commit, can I be consistent? Can I just try? Write one of the things that I have that I say to my five year old and I've said it since she was you know could talk is keep trying just keep trying. Keep trying. That's what Jessica did. With five kids at home all the odds against all the distractions in her way all of the the reasons to quit the reasons to say hey, I just want to be a stay at home mom, honey go. She said look, I want to I want to do I want to be more productive. I want more for my kids. I want more for my family. You know, she had that that entrepreneurial spirit and she you know didn't want to go back to what she was doing before she learned she woke up from what happened last year and this year with we know what you know what we've all been through. And nobody's coming to rescue like said today over and over again. So please, I beg you for your own family in future listening really listen to this episode a couple of times and let it sink into not just your head don't just let it you know sometimes our best thinking got us right where it's at. Just turn the brain off and let it sink into your heart and feel it in get in touch with your why and get in touch with like the pain that you want to eliminate in your life sometimes that's the deeper and more powerful why that we need to get in touch with not that we want yachts and cars and all this other shit that we want this pain to stop this debt to go away sometimes the Y needs to be the pain, not the pleasure a and sometimes if we make that simple switch, we can we can flip a switch and suppose that will give us a an inner motivation and allow us to step into the best version of ourselves that we didn't even know was there. Our job isn't to be your guru, your Savior. I don't want to be that I don't even care if you remember my name. I just want to be somebody in your life who helped you go into you and realize that you have what it takes and that you have more inside of you that you can do this that you can be an independent, not dependent, independent entrepreneur, who's financially free, be legendary and get the hell out of here and go do something badass and Legendary with your day. We'll see you back here again for another episode. Tomorrow. Peace.