Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. Today we have a young gentleman who is coming to us by young, I mean 19, coming to us from Houston, or at least that's where he's from, let's see if we still live there. Sully Wadsworth what's going on my brother, welcome to the show. 

Sully: Good morning. 

Dave: Oh, you’re so welcome. Are you still living in Houston, Texas? 

Sully: I'm actually living in Nashville, Tennessee right now. 

Dave: Okay, okay, I love Nashville man, I love Nashville actually Houston is a place that I haven't been to. Nashville is a place that I love so awesome. Well, are you out there in college or what are you doing in Nashville?

Sully: No, I came out here at the beginning of the year to do it. We had an arrangement in Houston and a branch in Nashville to do roofing sales. And my boss said he was working to come out here and I am just living here ever since I don't work for them anymore. I'm just doing full digital marketing but it's nice. Yeah, I just decided to say I liked it too. 

Dave: Yeah. Awesome bro. Well the good thing about having an online business is you can live wherever you want, Right. 

Sully: Exactly. Yeah. 

Dave: If I was a young man like myself one day and at one, one, back in the day, I would always sound like a grandpa sometimes these days. No offense to the many Grandpas who are a part of our community here but yeah I would have loved to have kind of traveled around and lived in some different places. Now, I probably would have been slumming it now. Thankfully, my wife books is in really nice hotels and I actually get to sleep in a bed in probably not some cot or somebody's couch at an Airbnb like I probably even would do to this day, if I plant my own travel because I'm the worst of that kind of stuff but live it up, brother. Live it up while you're young, so what led you to Legendary?

Sully: So I quit my roofing job at the end of June, and I didn't really have anything going on. I took this course online to be an insurance adjuster. Just because something is easy my mom's doing it. You know, we work with adjusters a lot as a roofer. Yep, filing claims and stuff with the insurance, and it was just something easy for somebody to make money to get by, because I mean I'm living out here with my nice new girlfriend, or we're being adults for the first time and trying to figure out everything I can't live with my boss forever especially, I don't work there so I didn't really have much going on and I was taking that course and being adjusted. I was on TikTok, and I found, you remember Eric Forner? 

Dave: The name sounds familiar. 

Sully: So, I saw him on Twitter. I think he was like that a few weeks ago. I just, I didn't even know what affiliate marketing was, I knew about digital marketing but, I mean just Facebook stuff, and I was just going to speed because I was on my review page I was like okay, what is this, and then, and, and he goes live every night at seven, so I was like okay, so I joined the lives and I was like oh It's question time, and I was, you know, shooting like questions at him slept right. And I was like, I mean, honestly, it got to the point where I was asking so much I was like I don't even care if I'm being annoying right now, I'm just gonna keep getting my, you know the answers that I need, and he just kept he's being so helpful and kept answering off the queue how I do this? Sounds awesome. And Chernobyl lake was in his bio, and was like six weeks ago and I clicked on it and so far is changing my life.

Dave: So you went through the weather, the 15 day challenge and that was revealing and positive for you?

Sully: Oh yeah, I liked it a lot. 

Dave: Yeah What were some of your big aha moments I mean as you come from roofing sales and then even insurance adjustment, I mean this is your first time doing any sort of affiliate marketing or digital marketing right six weeks ago I mean you're super fresh right?

Sully: Yeah. 

Dave: So what, what, yeah I mean what, what, you know, is this something that you're thinking, hey, you know, I can do this to make some money for sort of like you were thinking of the insurance adjusting stuff or are you seeing bigger greener pastures out in the future of how you can turn this into, you know, a small Empire for yourself.

Sully: Definitely that second one I definitely like to write about. Whenever I started the 15 day challenge and I hopped on those calls with a business advisor I was like dude, like all my anger in this basket right now I don't really care. I'm going to succeed no matter what. And I was like, I mean, I had a goal, even in the beginning I had that unrealistic optimism. I was like, I want to be making $10,000 a month by next year. I'm just going to do whatever I can because I mean I have all day. To do this, and to learn to fly and that's just what I've been doing for the past six weeks straight. So yeah, I definitely want it to turn into a small empire.

Dave: Yeah, and you've already had you told us in your application, your first $100 day. And your first $1,000 day you've gained nearly 20,000 Tik Tok followers over a span of three weeks. So, I mean you've had some pretty big wins right out of the gate that, I mean, for me in my first six weeks. Macron is not mocking locking both ways. In my house, uphill in the snow to the computer. There I will go with my grandpa again. But, you know I was, I was running around in my underwear in the house man when I just started generating a few leads so I mean to have your first $100 day your first $1,000 day within the first six weeks, maybe you've had it sooner than that I'm not sure but it doesn't matter first. That's a big deal. What was the reaction like, how did you react and, you know, walk us through that give as if we were a fly on the wall for that.

Sully: It was great and honestly, I only started learning six weeks ago I actually started promoting exactly a month ago, on this day, August 9, September 9 And whenever I got that, that, that high ticket, I was like, this is, this is powerful stuff I if I can just replicate this and keep doing it and keep providing valuable content. I can, I can help change my life and change other people's lives. And that's what I love about it.

Dave: So your girlfriend being such a young man she's a big party or why, and she you said this see she's in your, in your, in your questionnaire, you said that she sacrificed quite a bit for you. What was the celebration or reaction from her when she saw that this is real and saw you make some money, and, and, you know, what was her reaction?

Sully: Let's go out to eat. I was like let’s calm down still, we're still trying to figure this out. 

Dave: Calm down, baby girl, let's still ramen noodles tonight, okay. We ain't ballin’ yet we ain't even balling on a budget, yet we still get started here, we still robbing status next week if I hit another $1,000 a day, we'll get some fast food, the week after that, okay, I'll take you to Chipotle today just chill. 

Sully: Right, yeah, my man. 

Dave: Wow. So, and you're, she's like, let's go out, you're really in that Fresh stage to where even going out to eat in your life is a big bro.

Sully: Oh yeah, I mean I'm trying to save every penny. The complete opposite of me but I guess that's why it worked out. Yeah, He always wanted to go out and was like, I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. Maybe once I'm wealthy we can go to McDonald's.

Dave: So, wow, bro. That's, you really took me but I mean I was I was probably more like your girlfriend in terms of being just, you know, be you know. Yeah, like, like, you know, but yeah man like I'm thinking but I used to eat these are my, my wife, my then girlfriend, you used to hate it when I used to eat these Dinty Moore beef stews. You know I don't know if you've ever heard that but there it's literally like kind of a step up from dog food, you know. Yeah, it's like this beef stew from Dinty Moore man, and it's got more salt in it, I mean, then, then you can shake a stick at. And I used to love it but anyways it was so cheap, it was like, you know 75 cents or $1 a thing and fill you up, you know what I mean and I used to eat those things all the time, kind of, kind of took me back there. Nice. So you've got 20,000 followers on Tiktok, that's where things really start is really kind of choosing a business model, understanding how that business model works, getting your mechanical pieces set up your bridge page funnel, etc. And then kind of choosing a traffic strategy and you jumped back over on tick tock, and you've been able to build up 20,000 followers and I would assume pumps in pretty decent traffic into your funnels, what's been your, what's been your top one or two things that you feel are, you know, credited for the success there on TikTok?

Sully: Definitely consistency. And then second would be. I mean I got a lot of help from Eric Koerner, he's like my, I consider him like one of my personal mentors, just giving me advice on TikTok and affiliate marketing.

Dave: I see Eric, by the way I see Eric and I remember Eric Yeah, I remember Eric he's a badass.

Sully: Yeah, I give a lot of credit. He's helped me out ever since I started. He just responded, I asked for questions, even private messages. I still asked him like a ton of questions, and now there's a little bit of a friendship there and, and because of this. Why am I sick of talking so fast?

Dave: Nice, nice. Well, man, you are, you're pointing out to Eric big shout out, I totally remember his, his episode it was awesome, and, and it was fun, it was fun. He's a fun dude, you know that's what up Eric That's a man that's such a huge benefit to getting connected in this community in particular is the connections that you make, in and of course just in this industry, as well. I mean, the connections that you make with people who are literally just hitting their home office or wherever. I started out in my living room. Nobody in my life, what the hell I was doing and quite frankly, Nicole and Kurt love it, you know they schemer. You know what I mean and and in some respects I was you know I was trying to get the hell out of the matrix you know I was trying to not go and work for minimum wage, like many of my friends were that thought, a good day's hard day's work for an honest day's pay and I'm like oh my god this is the path to being poor for the rest of my life. So, you know, how have you reacted, I mean, are you still made friends your own age in Nashville, do, or are you and how do you balance between your goals and dreams which may be much different from other kids your age, other young men your age. How are you, you understand the question, how are you balancing that, and how are you using connections like Eric, to, to help support the dreams and give you that friendship that you may not be getting from other countries who don't understand what you're doing, you know?

Sully: So I've definitely been reaching out to a lot of people on the internet on Tik Tok on Facebook and stuff, whenever I first got here to Nashville because all my friends and family. I think the Houston and Dallas area so when I first came here all I was doing was talking to homeowners because I would go door to door, trying to you know see, hey, if your roofs messed up we can help you out. So I really was only surrounded by people who are much older. And I didn't really I didn't really have those opportunities to find, like, people my age and Nashville so far. I've only been here for about six months or so, but I still have, you know, obviously because of technology, I can FaceTime my brother and my family.

Dave: Have you shared with them that you're like, What is your mom who you were both doing insurance Justine. What does she think about what you're doing as a young man? Does she understand it and your other friends that are close in what you are telling them or are you telling them anything?

Sully: Oh yeah, they all know my mom. She loves it she thinks it's awesome, but of course like expecting me to get an adjuster job because I just taken that online course and I finished it, and I literally as soon as I finished, I found affiliate marketing, and then I hopped into something new and she was like oh my god, you know, is this gonna work out. And I just, I try to explain things to her. She's always with me, always just with my siblings as well. Whenever you view because she knows we're not problems, and she's just like, you know, you know as a parent sometimes it's easy to judge quickly, but I trust. And I know she's like you know a mom just doesn't want to worry 100% Yeah, I understand that I have an older mentor. He's probably in his mid 30s. He tells you the same thing too. Don't make your parents worry, and then when it comes to my friend stuff they all know they're all important. I try to, like, create like a friend group of people who are like minded. And like we all want to grow together and we don't want to be lazy, and they're all doing their own things too and they think it's awesome. Even one of my buddies hopped on to it and he actually, he's doing really good with it, and helping him every day.

Dave: Nice, nice. I was gonna share something with you about moms, you know, my, my mom. When I, when I very first got started. She was somebody who was my biggest supporter, and, you know, she was also the person that I went to in the various business ventures that I did at the beginning. That didn't work out, you know, I tried. I tried, you know, network marketing. And, you know, that didn't work out great for me. You know, and, and I tried a couple of other things, and you know I've had a couple of rules. Speaking of going out to eat. Over the years I've tried to never let her pay for anything. When we, for example, go out to dinner. Back in 2012, I think she had somebody run up in her driveway, and hit her car and she needed a new car so I was able to get her a Honda Pilot back then, And then just yesterday. I took her over to the BMW dealership and, and I bought her a brand new X ray. This literally just happened yesterday. You know so she was. She was super happy. And I was thinking, and I want to share it with everybody in this community because I think that if you have somebody that you know, if you have somebody that you that you love, you should, you know, work until you can do something nice for them. You know what I mean you should work until you can until you can, you know, until you can buy them a car until you can buy them a house until you can, You know, take them out for dinner, all the time, in, in pay for their dinners, you know, I can remember a couple of months ago I don't remember who it was, but the story stuck with me. The story stuck with me that it was such a big accomplishment for this guy to be able to take his parents out for dinner. You know, and we were just talking about going out for dinner, you know, and it was such a big a big accomplishment for this guy to take his to take his, his, his parents out for dinner and pay for it, you know, and I just thought, man, you know, that's, that's a really, that's a really simple, and a cool and powerful accomplishment, you know, and I think for a lot of those in our, in our, in our in our family and in our friend circle who may be a little bit unsure or worried about us, like your mom you just mentioned that your mom was like okay but and you're gonna get this insurance adjuster job right, you know, cuz she she trusts you. She also worries about you cuz she's your mom and mom's just naturally worried about their, their sons. But, you know, when you begin to be able to do things like take her out for dinner, or do some get her a night for Christmas or in the case of my case I've been, I've been lucky enough, because of my consistency and work in this industry. We should be able to buy my car, my mom, not one but now two cars, you know, and lots of dinners, and lots of vacations, and lots of gifts over many Christmases, and that is the best feeling Sully, it's the best feeling, because it's much more fulfilling and rewarding than buying yourself something, because that always wears off, you know you can buy yourself a new watch I got lots of watches you can buy yourself, even a new car I drive a nice car. I got some nice watches and stuff, those are kind of, you know some of the nicer things that I have and a decent home and all this I don't like to talk about what I got that much because it doesn't, doesn't really matter. What matters is what I have been able to do for other people. And ultimately that's what has been the most fulfilling, as well, to know that I've been able to get my dad, a nice truck for him to drive in a nice house for him to live in. And my mom, you know, does not have to worry about finding a new car and spending money. What's she going to get no and now she can take her car and she can bless somebody else in our family her existing car, and she's actually coming over here in about 15 minutes and we're going to talk about what she's going to do with that to pass that over and on to somebody else in our family and bless them. And, you know, that I think are some of the bigger gifts that we get from this business and from this work we put in and I know that's in your future brother and I, I'm really excited for you to share for you to have that experience for you to give your mom and your girlfriend that experience to write in the future, is that something that, that you've thought about and you dream about is that something that you can see in your future and excites you?

Sully: Definitely. After high school, people always say, that's like one of the most important things when you're growing in life and when you're gaining. Well, giving back, it's definitely huge and I mean I can't sit here forever telling you all the things my mom has done to me as every mom does. I definitely want to give back and help them out too. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah, no I can totally relate to that and sometimes over the years and even out today, my mom, you know, gets on my nerves and frustrates me and, and I think that's just that happens with any mom and son and the son who's lucky enough to still have his mom and his life, you know, because as we get older, sometimes things happen and not everybody's that that lucky in that blessed but yeah to have anybody worry about you man is a blessing when somebody is worried when somebody is thinking about you you know it's annoying when we're young, because we want to get people off our back but, but as we get older we realize these people that have been praying for us that have been worried about us, that have been lifting us up and holding us up and supporting us our whole lives, when I, when I grew up in the fog settled a little bit in my head and I realized, holy shit, you know, all this stuff and all these sacrifices, these people have made it made me want to work that much harder to be able to make things a little bit more enjoyable, a little bit easier for them not I'm not even talking about my children, dude. I'm just talking about all these other people who have sacrifice because when you become a father you have a choice, right, when you become a mother. You have a choice, and those of us who have mothers and fathers who set made sacrifices for us. And you know there's another way to honor our parents, you know, even if they're not here, ladies and gentlemen, and that's to follow through and take care of yourself and succeed, because that's what they would want for you, and you know that. So as I'm talking about our abilities, for those of us who still have our parents and loved ones in our life. You may be thinking, Well, mine is gone, no no no no no don't get into that bullshit sound track that you might tell yourself you can honor them, you can honor them by taking care of yourself in succeeding in ways that they, whatever your spiritual belief is maybe you know that they're looking down on you, but in a way that they would think and be happy and proud, and they could truly rest in peace knowing that you are taking care of yourself and succeeding and living a good life and I think that's another man, it's look. As you can see Sally, I'm the kind of dude that I'm going to grab inspiration and motivation however I can. Because I know that the soundtrack that plays in my head is my choice. If I want to play some bullshit this disempowering soundtrack, it's like, you know, well I don't have anybody to really take, you know, bless and nobody wants to bless me and I look, I can always find the glass that's half empty. But it's my job, especially as the CEO of my life in my business, to look around and find inspiring soundtracks to play in my head that will get me motivated. That will keep me pushing forward and is that something that has come to you, you know that you've been sort of, I guess you would say, enlightened by with this industry and maybe some of the content here at legendary about the mindset stuff was that something that you were already on the path forward, how has your mindset shifted in the last six weeks?

Sully: Yeah, I really, when I was going through the 15 day challenge I really liked how you added mindset, you definitely need that. And honestly I think most people probably won't succeed as, as much as they want to if they don't continually fight for that mindset every day because then it's really easy to be negative, and down everyday like I can either complain right now, But I mean, there's always, you can turn it a different way, there's always two sides to look at it, and just, it's that consistency and you also have to consistently fight for that mindset every day. Yeah. And the people that I've met online and everything, Eric and some of the other people like they're just really good people who want to help and that's helped a lot with my mind says,

Dave: Yeah, support absolutely helps. And, you know, positive external reinforcement, and then building a habit takes some time, you know, my, my, I was just talking with my nanny this morning about my son and we were talking about how he, his, his learning is learning certain things, you know, to hold a spoon and, and, you know, it's simple stuff, you know, he actually let her read a book to him yesterday for the first time all the way through and instead of and he actually was turning the pages and stuff, and thankfully she's wonderful and we love our kids and we love to, you know, watching their development and kind of relive almost our childhoods back through them again and the children are just so on spiring but it's, it's powerful to watch them to develop their habits, improve things over a period of about, you know, 15 or 30 days. They'll get something, you know, it took him about 15 to 30 days when he started scooting around before he was a little motor crawling all over the damn floor we couldn't even catch up, you know, and now he's starting to kind of pull him walk and he's not walked, but I guarantee you within 30 days he will, he'll get it right, because that's how we humans work, even into our later decades in our life. It takes us 15 to 30 days to kind of really get the hang of something, and then build a habit as they call it, and, and, yeah, I think we quit right before the miracle happens a lot of times when we're learning new things or doing new things. It's going to be uncomfortable to get in front of the camera at first, but 15 or 30 days down the road. It's going to be easy to pick up that phone, and record a new piece of content, you know, you'll be able to tell other people. It's just like that for me to keep going, trust me in 15 days, it'll be like, it'll be like second nature to you. So, what would you say to somebody based on your experience, for example, going through the 15 Day Challenge, who might be listening right now. And, and who's considering getting started in going on this journey, based on what you have experienced so far?

Sully: Definitely. You all the assignments that really impacted your business advisor line on every activity that was just like I did Eric I just asked him questions whenever I mean it's important we're like, you know, if it bothers you, I didn't care because I'm very much and I appreciate this. A lot of people like this, you know, we want to ask questions, and I like I like what a Simon Sinek says he says, you know, don't be afraid to be the idiot in the room, and if I don't know something, I'm fine with you know, trying to ask questions, even if I don't look that smart because maybe someone else had that question, or I want to find the answer to the way so definitely take advantage of that business advisors will answer a lot of questions for you. And then just take notes, really, make sure to pay attention to all the videos, and treat each day like, as with, with as much care as you can, and really absorb all of it. With the assignments

Dave: Based on what you've experienced so far do you think this is deserves legitimate, what we're doing here, by teaching online marketing versus going to college, which is, you know, has systematic buy in that that's a great thing to do with for your future, and it is for some people who want to become doctors and lawyers, trust me I want somebody who's going to operate on my heart to have lots of schooling, But do you think that the education that for example, a company like legendary has created for people to learn digital marketing is a legitimate path for people young and old to learn a new skill set, and even create a new career path?

Sully: Yeah, yeah, it reads really, it's kind of like, in a sense, you're going back to school like that's what my business advisor told me is 100% Right, and like I was in school, like, two years ago, and it feels almost exactly like college, which I know is going to directly lead me somewhere. The reason I'm here today is because of that 15 Day Challenge and for, for the, for the value that you get out of it, it's huge, like it's so much more than anyone could ask them to be honest.

Dave: And much different than dropping or committing to $40,000 for the next four years, when you're not even yet clear about what you want to do when you grow up, because I'm still not even clear about that either. You know, I'm just having fun still for 10 years in this industry, and I guess it's a career at this point, you know, I've certainly turned it into one. But, is there really ever such a thing as committing to something for the rest of your life. I mean, even my marriage, my wife and I say, sometimes we say who got him it we're just gonna get through this week, you know, it will let next week I mean we now we're settled into our marriage but I'll tell you for about 10 years and the first 10 years we were like, hold on, maybe, you know what I mean, it was a rocky ride, you know, so it's like, you think about something that's so much less important which is a job or you know a career path that's less important than your, your most important relationship. It's like making that decision to commit to a certain job or certain industry when you're 18 or 19 years old. It sounds crazy to me bro and you actually 18 or 19, and could if I, if I said solely. Tell me what you want to do for the rest of your life right now, and commit to a $40,000 student loan that you can never get forgiven and you absolutely need to pay it off. There's no bankruptcy, it's the only thing you can't put into a bankruptcy. So, even your credit cards could get forgiven in a bankruptcy but student loans cannot. Is that insane to, like, like, is that an insane place to be backed into as an 18 and 19 year old. Yeah. I mean I don't know because I'm not 18 or 19 anymore and I dropped out of high school in ninth grade. So, but to me it seems. Again, it seems predatory to me to take an 18 or 19 year old person who's who going out to dinner as a big deal, and say sign on this dotted line, and commit $40,000 In four years of your life, to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life, I just, you know what I mean. And there's nobody that's talking to our young kids about that because everybody's saying, Well what college are you going to go to and what college are you going to go to. And it's almost like that's the only choice. And part of sort of my mission and it's probably why I'm ranting about this right now, is, is that we can make self education and we can make online communities like what we've built here at legendary available to people who are older, but also younger who may not want to commit to a massive student loan, who may not help. Right, and who don't have wealthy families who can pay for them to go to college, to let them know, is another path, and it can be as or more lucrative than any job that you'll ever get.

Sully: It's not even that big of a risk. Considering the prices and 15 challenges. Like, I heard this quote the other day was like the biggest risk that you can take is playing it safe. A lot of people live, live lives and have jobs that they hate and that's the only way to get by. And I don't want to be like that. So even if, currently I'm not going to fail, even if, even if I failed like I could still do the normal way of life, I could still be in college and whatnot. Sure, a cookie cutter way but it's really not even that big of a risk to think about it.

Dave: Yeah, no, no it's not, it's not and you know the cool thing is that, for those of you who might have got, you know, got offended by my college rant and think they think that I'm a college hater, I'm not. If you went to college, and you have a career in your degree field and if you gained lots of experience and knowledge from your college experience, more power to you. But I think we can all agree that kids coming out of high school, where their brains fully haven't even developed I don't think my brains fully developed yet, but it's, it's proof that nail brains go until they're about 25 You know women develop a little bit sooner their brains develop a little bit sooner than that. But males, and I think I'm a late bloomer, I think my, like I said, my brain is still developing here to be forced into only one path is insanity. It's predatory, it's total bullshit. And, and I'm just glad that you are the type of dude. At your age, who's playing the field a little bit, I know you love your girlfriend. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about exploring your options out here for your career path and you're developing some skills. And if you stick with it, and I know you won't fail, if you put your mind to it, that by the time you're 2, within the next 24 months. Dude, you're going to be sitting in a completely different environment. Going out to eat is going to become the norm for you. You may have even bought mom a car by then, and your girlfriend's gonna be blown away because she's gonna get to go to Louis Vuitton and Gucci and all this and buy all the nice stuff that she wants and she can go to Ruth's Chris and have a nice steak after she goes shopping, you know, with her girlfriends. 

Sully: I'm still gonna say no after that. Good man. Well listen, brother. You know, I live below your means that's a great lesson and it's another thing that a lot of our gurus on Instagram, right, don't, don't, you know, it's always the Lambos and all this bullshit but the truth is is that living below your means and, and investing and saving money and investing money back into your business and making sure you have six months of bills in case anything happens or you get sick or whatever, is a much sexier path than flexing with some Lamborghini, that you can't afford, you know, eventually you're going to get repoed anyways, right, so keep it up, brother. You're a wise young man, tell your mom I said hello to your girlfriend. Shout out to her. She sounds awesome, and come back and keep us posted in a couple of months will you? 

Sully: Yes, Yes.

Dave: Alright, Sully, see you buddy. Keep up the good work. Thank you for being a good buddy. Bye bye. All right, my friends, go and follow passive dot income or on Tik Tok, that's Sally Wodsworth, cool young man. And, of course, and again, shout out to Eric Fourtner, the dude who has been super supportive and helpful to Sally and shout out to everybody on the on the on the show this morning, who's been commenting and sending good energy in in supporting Sally here on the show, and go and follow Him and comment and like his stuff and lift him up just like I say every single day, that's what that's what this community is all about and that's one of the best ways that we can help each other. If you're sitting on the sidelines for some reason and haven't taken the challenge yet, do that, you can hear and see from guest after guest why that's a good decision. And if you can't afford it, and you want to be a part of our more exclusive learning community, in our business blueprints, then take our Blueprints. I know you won't regret that. It'll be one of the best investments you've ever made. And we will see you guys back here tomorrow for another episode, be Legendary. Get out of here, and we'll see you back here tomorrow, peace.