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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: Greetings and welcome, everybody. Hope you're doing well. My name is Matt and I need to shift over a little bit on my video. Today we're going to hop onto a whiteboard, and I'm not going to waste any time getting to the whiteboard as you can see here, it says, which direction do I point? There we go. It's, we're gonna we're gonna unpack how to execute a perfect evergreen affiliate business, and this strategy I feel like a lot of newbies a lot of beginners, a lot of experts, and a lot of six figure affiliates seven figure affiliates could also learn from, and I'm going to unpack something that I personally learned about eight, nine years ago 2012 There was a product launch release, and I got insider look on how a perfect affiliate product launch should work and how it should go. And at the time I was already running an evergreen affiliate business, and I was basically through this product launch instructed how to do these perfectly. And so a lot of times, here's what happens in the world of affiliate marketing or online marketing digital marketer, whatever you want to call it. What happens in the world of digital marketing is people get into this little flow okay they start generating some leads they get their newfound business up and running, and then they get some evergreen affiliate business coming in, meaning they're promoting one offer to one niche, and they get a little bit coming in, and then what happens is a little bit of shiny object syndrome six and a little bit of, well maybe the grass is a little greener on the other side sits it sets it guy. So, for everybody who's here. I want you to type to me in the comments if you're ready for me to dive in and unpack a strategy that is number one, how to execute a perfect evergreen affiliate business number two, how to still participate in awesome product launch releases. And then number three how to make sure that that income stays consistent time after time after time after time, while also being able to patent, other launches or other products or other solutions things that you're excited about, okay, because the truth of the matter is, things change over time and if you've just got one affiliate offer and you want to mix it up there's nothing wrong with that but executing that right this, this, there's a great book called execution, it's a business book it's by Raj, I can't remember his last name but execution is really everything, and I see. I see a lot of people messing this up and and basically here's, here's what I see, so let me, let me make this a little bit bigger I'll make myself a little bit smaller, but what I want you all to do I want to see in the comments, can I see Cynthia's, show me Evany says yes Chrissy says yes I'm ready, Jim's ready. Christina's Ready Ready Okay, so, consider this a mini free lesson, okay because this is going to be really valuable, especially if you're on here and you're starting to see a little bit of results, or you're brand new, and you're like, Hey, I'm not really sure I haven't started promoting anything yet I'm still trying to figure it out. Once you do take notes if you can, if you can't take notes, I want you to watch this back and take notes. And I don't care. Again, if you're brand new, if you're six seven figure affiliate or eight figure affiliate, I don't care, because this is going to be valuable to you, and it's valuable on the basis that I've done this but also that I've seen a lot of people miss this guy, I've seen a lot of people mess this up and it hurts their business. In some cases it kills. Okay, so I want you to be very careful with what you're about to learn this morning. Okay so here we go.

One thing that I see a lot happening in, in the digital space in the affiliate space. All right, is, and then track with me if you can, if you're familiar with this or if you're if you recognize what I'm about to unpack here is, is somebody comes online, okay so affiliate comes online, and they look for a product or service that they can promote that isn't their own right, so what does that mean that means they're an affiliate marketer or their referral base marketer, they're going to promote products that are their own and make some sort of a commission. Okay, So, what do they do? They find the first thing they do is they find an amazing product. Okay, so they choose an amazing, amazing product, whatever that is, maybe it's a dog training course, you know, in our case we teach how to do it with digital products but it could be a service. This could be anything, this could be a dog collar, it can be absolutely anything. Number two is, they find traffic or they start generating traffic, so they're so they're going out and they're finding people to send to this offer. Right, so what do they do? They create some sort of social media profile, okay, they either do that or they start a blog before they start running ads of some sort, right, paid advertising something like that okay with, with the goal here being the start generating some form of traffic to their offer. Okay, Now they point people over to a what, what do we call this funnel right so they point people over to an opt in page. And then, and then really everything after that it's just offers okay so they're just, they're creating offers so maybe they give them a free lead magnet or something like that or they, for, for whatever they use, they're getting people to join their what email list. Okay, so they're getting people to join their email list. Now, when they get people to join this email list, they start acquiring an email list and it turns into 1000 emails here 10,000 emails here okay and it starts to pile up, and it starts to add up and pile up and pile up and pile up. Okay, so here's what happens. Okay, follow me because I watch this happen all the time and it's not anybody's fault, it's not your if, if you've done this or if you're here and you're attending and you've done this, it's, it's not your fault, and there's actually nothing wrong with it. Okay, So I'm not trying to shame anybody or telling anybody they're doing something wrong, there's, there's a lot of ways to run a business okay there's a lot of ways to do this online thing, but then what usually happens is some little shiny object comes along, right, and successful affiliate. And if you're not a successful affiliate yet, consider this like, you know, everybody's talking about the vaccine Now consider this like a little vaccination for you about what is probably going to come when you get success. This is like, I'm giving you a little bit of a shot. This is a miniature shot of what's going to come. So if you're not here yet, I want you to pay attention. All right, so this little shiny object comes along and suddenly, here's what happens on their, on their TikTok, on their YouTube on their ads on their paid ads on their Facebook group. Okay, all the places that people start generating traffic on the front end and this is all front end traffic. This is all front, and traffic. People stop. They stop doing what was working. Okay, here's what I've worked in both working at legendary also running my own businesses running my wife's business or not running helping advertise that and just looking at consulting and running ads and paying for traffic, doing all this stuff in multiple different styles of business and styles of business models. Here's what I've learned is about 50% of running a successful business for a long time and I'm not talking about a little bit of success for a long time. He's just simply to not make an effort is just to not screw up. What's worse is just not to interrupt or mess up what's actually working with, with your sort of, you know, fly by night thing that you know you think is going to be the next big thing. Right now I'm not saying you can't do product launches because you certainly can, and you probably should once you find some success. But you shouldn't stop doing what's working, everybody typed that in the comments if you hear me loud and clear.

I shouldn't stop doing what's working, if it's working. I should double down on it, right, if my goal is 10 leads a day, and I have a strategy that's getting me 10 leads a day. I should keep doing that strategy and not second guessing, right, or maybe even double or triple down on it. Are you guys catching this? Don't stop doing what's working. It sounds simple, but the problem, the reason that that's not so simple, is because people will let me use me as an example, I don't I don't need to say people. The reason that's so hard is because we have this internal self doubt and people wonder why we talk so much about the dynamics now. Hey, if you're like, Oh, here he goes. He's gonna, he's gonna get into Dynamics and now this is all mindset, stick with me. Don't leave because I'm going to get into mechanical, how to execute the strategy, but some of you people come in here and you think, Oh, well all this talk about self doubt and dynamics, This doesn't really apply it does apply, and it applies, way more than you think. Because there's a lot of people out there who get to five figures, and they get to six figures, and guess what, little, little things of self doubt little messages creep in little shiny object syndrome sinks in, And they get distracted, and then it's not as if their business loses traction, their business sometimes actually dies, it actually dies. So I want you to pay close attention to this next piece because here's what happens. Remember I just talked about the front and traffic. Remember I talked about that. This is where all of the fun. This is where all of the traffic is entering into the funnel. So, and again this can happen through ads, this can happen through TikTok, this can happen through YouTube, this can happen through any, any sort of traffic generation Facebook ads all this kind of stuff. Okay, So, right here, front end traffic here's what happens. The big mistake that I see happening is that people stop doing what was working on the front end, and this is really the key mistake, so everything is working, everything was humming, you had a great, what I call evergreen business, meaning the pipelines full of leads, you've got people flowing in you've got new customers every day. That's an evergreen business, it's a pipeline that you can keep full all day long, all the time. It's a long pipeline, and it's full of new leads and new customers, so guess what that means for you. You've got ongoing recurring revenue that sustains your business, period. You know what that ultimately means is you've got profits. So the only way to grow that thing is through revenue, and through profits, right. So what happens is a lot of affiliates stop the front end traffic flow, or they get distracted with their front end traffic flow. Okay. They stop the lead flow, they stop the pipeline. They adjust, they change, they do whatever. And the thought is, well if this doesn't work I can always go back to what I was doing, I can just always kind of return. But here's what happens is, for instance, on a tick tock or YouTube channel or something like that I've actually seen this in the last few years, probably in the last five years I've seen this happen on multiple different social media platforms where affiliates do this, and again it's totally fine and I've seen my friends do it I've seen affiliates here who would have seen it just, it happens all the time but I want to explain exactly what's going on, is people have this sort of this front end offer but they've been doing and successful and whatever, and then they want to change it up right, they want to make a change or they not even change they just want to test a new offer maybe. And so they've got this front end offer that's working well and then suddenly they switch it. Okay, so they make a change to what was working, remember that. And so their audience, let's say they've built up 50,000 followers on TikTok, or they've got, let's say they've got like, you know, 400 500,000, followers on YouTube or something like that.

And, and their subscribers are used to seeing exactly the type of content that they've been doing, meaning they've been educating them okay they've, they've been using education, they've been entertaining them. Alright, edutainment entertainment, education, entertainment, edutainment. Right. And they've been giving what I, you know they've been giving value, real value to their audience. Okay, now suddenly they switch, and the tone switches, and they start promoting Okay here's the big word ready for this. They start promoting on their social channel, and I want you to write something down if you're brand new, or if you've got a social media following. I want you to write down I shouldn't be promoting companies and products in my content. Now maybe if you go live and you're doing a special thing whatever Sure, go for it. But I shouldn't be promoting and that includes I'm talking to you guys as affiliates with legendary there's a few reasons for this, but even in some of our affiliates they do this, and they do it for different companies and they did do it for all sorts of different products but you shouldn't be promoting here this isn't the place to promote. All right, let me show you the place to promote. So you have your front end funnel. Or actually, let's take, let's take this back let's take this back. Let's take this back gainer. You've got your social media. Watch me break this down real quick, pay attention. You got your social media channels. Okay, or you got your ads or whatever but I'm just gonna say social media channels here, okay. Or it could be ads or it could be your blog, or whatever, right, it's all of this front end stuff. Alright, then you're going to send people through what a sales funnel. Okay, you're going to get their opt in, you're gonna get their email. Okay, so here is your email. Now, understand the difference between front end. And what, back, back, and. Does everybody understand the difference between front end and back end, front end is social media your ads your blog, this is where people are introduced to your brand, introduced. This is where people are warmed up. Everybody understand the difference between front end and back end this, the back end. This is where your promotional stuff your side stuff, your, your, your secondary offers your launch style stuff that should all be back here, right, and why should that be back here, why would you only commit the time and energy to promoting on the back end when somebody is warmed up, because, because people because people need to be. There's a great book by Gary Vaynerchuk, Gary Vee. His social media is Gary Vee, but his name is Gary Vaynerchuk. It's a great book by Gary Vaynerchuk, his book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. And the idea behind that is a boxing analogy that means you should give value, give value, give value, ask for the sale. Right. And the big thing is, is that people start doing this on their social media, and then they start to think that product launches are the place that social media channels for their front end, traffic source is the place to promote our offers, and here's exactly what I've seen happen, you're ready for this is exactly what I've seen happen. What happens is is they serve promoting on the, please hear this, they start promoting on their YouTube channel, or they start promoting hard on their blog or they start promoting hard on their, on their tick tock or whatever it is, right, and it becomes this whole pitch fest, of a launch or something like that a product launch something people do this MLM to like it's just people who are affiliates that happens all the time, and they're so excited about it, they don't realize what they're doing. Right. They're so hyped up and amped up on it they don't realize what they're doing because the shiny object is blinded them to reality, what they started doing is they end, the phase where they are giving value. So, over here, they stop giving value, and instead it becomes a pitch fest. Now, can you guys type to me in the comments what do you think people are going to do to a tick tock channel or a YouTube channel or a blog. A blog or an ad, or something like that, it becomes a pitch fest, their followers their people. What do you think that's what you think is gonna happen.

There, Monique says they're gonna tune out. Okay, so Monique says tune out. What else, they're going to unfollow, oh, oh, they're going to unfollow and ignore they're also going to report, aren't they, they're going to mark it as spam, aren't they, well, yes, they're going to leave, they tune out. They're going to unfollow, they're gonna delete. Okay, now you know what the other thing is going to happen, because they're doing this whole pitch fest pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch, pitch no value. Yeah, guess what, they're going to get marked as spam, they're going to get reported your ads accounts definitely going to get shut down, you're going to get. You're going to get. In some cases, I've seen this happen on YouTube, as I've seen this happen on Tik Tok channels you're going to get. You're going to get shadow banned. All right, your channels, probably going to get shadow banned because you're going to have so many people who are reporting. Right. You might even get your whole channel banned. You might even get your whole entire pension, your own entire social media profile banned completely right. And all of this because there is a shift of focus or a distraction right now is that distraction necessarily bad, no I want to repeat this again for everybody in the back, listen up. It's not necessarily bad that you want to do a cool new launch or for a new dog collar got released and you want to launch a new thing and you're really excited you want to promote it. Here's where this happens, you do this shit on email, guys, you do it on your email list. You do it on your email list, can everybody type to me in the chat. Where do you do your launch style promotions or your one off promotions or your hot new discount on your coaching, or your consulting or you're launching your own new digital product. Where the hell do you do that, you do it to your email list, why do you do it, because they're warmed up people, they're warmed up. They've already said yes to you. They already know. They're already interested, Right. So then you don't have to post to tick tock, 45 times

about this new hot new thing that you're excited about where people mark you as spam and get annoyed and they're like, Dude, this is so stupid. No, you send up 45 emails. Right. And then the worst that happens is they unsubscribe. Okay, they unsubscribe or maybe get one or two marked as spam, but they've already said they love you, so just put in your first email say hey look, I'm launching a new product this week. And if you're not interested, you might he might get a little bit annoyed here you can just unsubscribe, it's not a big deal but if it's not interesting to you just don't open the email that's okay too. Right. You don't have that report to do that on a social media plan, you'll have the report to do that in your ads or on a blog post strike is on new, but you've given, you've given plenty, and plenty of value over to your email list. This is where you do that kind of thing, and this is how you execute a perfect evergreen strategy. So how does this evergreen strategy work again. Okay, you, the first thing that that any great affiliate has to get his front end traffic somehow, right, so let's run this through again. You can do that through a blog you can do that through. You could do that through TikTok, you could do that through YouTube, you to, that you could do that through paid ads you can do that through Pinterest, you can do that through Facebook groups you can do that through Twitter. Okay, lots of different places that people are currently listening. Okay. And then you should have some sort of funnel where you can collect emails, and you can start building an email list, okay, this is a valuable thing, and some sometimes people don't think this is valuable. The reason they don't think this is valuable is because maybe they're a bad copywriter, or they don't know how to communicate well, or they're just unskilled and haven't done it for years to know the power of email marketing, that's fine, but you need some sort of funnel, you're gonna have an opt in page, and then maybe you have a bridge page with a video or something on that, that sort of helps connect or, or whatever. And then you need an evergreen offer. Okay. What do I mean by evergreen offer it mean that you can have a high LTV and so whether that's a high ticket product or you got multiple upsells, in the actual thing, or maybe it's a coaching that's a high ticket thing or whatever, something with a decently high LTV so that you can maximize profits right so you've got this in this order. Now this, for most of your business, should go virtually untouched. Okay. And listen, and listen close. If you want to or you think it's time to make a change, here's what I would suggest to you, you're ready for this, here's what I would suggest. Just don't touch what's already working. Right. Don't touch what's work, if you're going to, if you're if you're like, Well geez I think I've got a new niche or I think I've got a new evergreen offer I think I've got, do it on a totally different scale. So if you've got an awesome TikToks working awesome YouTube Those are awesome ads that are working, don't go and edit all of those or change all of those, or try to do that on that current thing, right. Instead, go out and, because here's the alternative, go out and create a new account or a new ads account or a new profile or something that's totally separate, a new blog, a new sample. And in the case of a blog, you might be able to write a new blog post, okay. But, you create a new account, and you get a new funnel. Right, and you get a new evergreen offer and you test all of that outside of what's working outside of what's working outside of what's working. Okay, so that's this, this bottom piece here. Your moneymaker. Your business isn't thrown to the wind. Right, that's such an amateur move you don't want to just throw your business to something else just on a whim, just because you think it might be cool or maybe it's just new or whatever. Sure, if you want multiple streams of income that's a great stick that in and then and then if you really really really want to, to do other short of launches or new stuff, new shiny stuff that's cool. There, you can get MSI multiple streams of income.

Do it to your email list, people do it to your email list, and then at least you can see how does this convert this convert well are the lead someone good, right, because maybe it's a totally new company maybe it's a totally new product, it's a totally new dog collar that people don't like or it doesn't work or something. At least then you haven't given up, and here's my last point, here's my last point, and I'm just pounded through this very fast but here's my last, I don't want you to watch this. This happens all the freaking time to somebody who's got it, let's say they get a YouTube channel, or TikToks really hot right now so let's, let's start up to talk, so he's got this really hot new TikTok channel. Okay, we're Pinterest. Let's say that we got a new one of these social media channels. Okay, now check this out. Now, on this channel. Let's say that they are creating videos. Here's some videos that they're creating. Okay, so three ways to get your dog to stop barking. To stop barking and this is just pure value, straight value. Okay, that's the only value. Okay, that's it. Now, they also create a video that's. This is the best new dog trainer training course, okay, and all they talk about in this is they talk about Jake's new course. Okay. And it teaches how to get your dog not to market the mailman and it teaches how to get them not to bite or chew up shoes and stuff like that. Watch this, Watch this, pay attention to this, this is crazy, and everybody misses this, even some of the most experienced marketers misses the best new dog training course, of course, they give a little bit of value, maybe in here, just a little bit about a probably not that much, but all they're doing is they're just, it's a rah rah affiliate message, rah, rah, right, what do I mean, it's a cheerleader affiliate message, and all it is about Jake's new course right Jake's new course Jake's new course tissue course link is in my bio link in bio link in bio like him but now we see people do this with legendary okay so he's today, the legendary 15 Day Challenge is the best thing ever legendary 15 digit lizard people crazy on tape talking about this a while back, and, and you know what's crazy is that I told people not to do this. I said don't do that so I'm proud. We're probably like the only business in history that has said, Hey, don't do this. And if you want to know why, especially from an affiliate marketer's perspective, it is because you're growing someone else's brand.

This is probably the number one takeaway from today, you're growing someone else's brand, and this is why Dave and I are out on social media. Just, just promoting and having our affiliate links all over stuff, and, like, like I don't, you can't go find a social media profile where I'm out there, and I've got an affiliate link attached to, like, like my TikTok account with 800,000 followers right. That would be pretty lame right if I was the CMO of our company doing that. Right. We pretty lame, be kind of like stealing sales right, But I'd also be like growing my growing my sort of assets on the backs of people who then are, you know, it would just be a really lame thing to do, right you can see how that would be doing now that we actually, I tell people directly, like, Hey, don't do that, because guess what people go, what do they do they go to Google and they search. Jake's new course, Lincoln by a you know so they search, you know, Jake. Jake's secrets to getting your dog to not bark at the mountain or whatever, right, they find it on Google and then you actually get you don't actually get any cut of that. Right. And now, Jake is also growing his tech doc in his YouTube and everything else. Thanks to you, and nothing's growing for you, right, you see that, you see how that works right. Instead of building curiosity around their offer, what they're doing is they're giving away everything up front, and losing all their potential traffic they're not getting any leads, they're not getting any sales because they're giving this away, all on the front end. Right, right.

This makes sense to me in the chat and gives me a little bit of feedback if I'm making sense to you guys just makes sense. It's a huge mistake by the way. Huge mistake, huge, huge, huge mistake. So rather than getting just value after value after value after value after value on your, on your social media platforms and your ads, things like that. Rather than doing that what people start doing, which is the right way to do it, they start getting this rah rah mentality they start cheering on someone else or someone else's product or some other stupid thing right. And what happens is it is d values. So what I'm trying to save you from here is from devaluing your value devaluing your brand by attaching it to somebody else on the front end, sure, if you want to go and write emails and recommend things to people on the back end, after you've generated the lead after you've got them cooking on a sales page or something like that Sure, that makes sense, but up until that point, you're just losing. You're just losing so much value. You're losing so much potential traffic. So some people will hop on any social media platform. I think a lot of people do this with TikTok, and they'll just be legendary marketer 15 Day Challenge day forever is the best thing ever, if people go to Google and they search legendary marketer 15 Day Challenge Dave Sharpe, and then the purchaser challenge, and it was you who was sort of your first social media touch, but you didn't get credit for jack squat. See what I mean. And this happens so often, guys. So, my point and we'll and we'll wrap up with this for the day, this little mini whiteboard lesson is all of your front end, everything on the front end should be value based. And for the most part, it should be brand-less, meaning if you're an affiliate, it should be pretty brand-less until you've collected the lead. Okay. And on the back end, you should be trying to maximize profits, maximize sales and conversions. This can be pitches, right, this can be pitches, this can be by now. Okay. I encourage you, I encourage all of you guys if you haven't done this already. Don't you know don't go spending money on a bunch of shiny objects but one one company that does it particularly well is, it's a company called, The Motley Fool, and they're all about. They're basically information marketers around the stock market right so this is the Motley Fool, and, and if you ever see an ad from them or you see social media content from them. They're, they're always talking about one of the most underappreciated stocks in the entire game. Right. Why is everyone talking about AMC stock, And you know what they do, they just give value, value value value value and the same would be true about the stock market, right, or I'm sorry about TikTok, right. And then guess what right here. Click here to unlock our highest conviction explosive growth stocks. Interesting explosive growth stocks, and then guess what, here you go here's a sales letter, but up until that point, you know, on their social media blog, everything like that, they're not sending you that they're not saying, Hey, here's the best, this, this, the Rule Breakers is the best new thing ever, right, and if there's any affiliate marketers for them they're not saying hey here's the, you've got to check out Rule Breakers No, no no no, they're giving value they're talking about relevant things they're giving value and then poof, you've come right over here. And suddenly, they've got this one year subscription for it for $275 Okay, you see that. All right. So, on the front end value based brandless on the back end. And this is, this is all built into an evergreen offer meaning it can run forever and ever and ever and never lose steam, and on the back end you're trying to maximize sales by by throwing products and offers that you believe in in front of your people after you've proven that you're going to give them value. And after you've proven that, that you really have their best interests at heart and that you're not just sort of a fly by night, you know just hey, please buy everything from me. Right. Okay. Make sense, you're giving value based stuff you're teaching people stuff that's relevant to your industry and relevant to your niche. So if I'm in the, if I'm an affiliate for a dog training course, and guess what I'm going to do on a create content around three ways to get your dog to stop chewing your shoes, one, step two, step three. Right. Okay. So all we got for today guys. Hope you enjoyed this mini lesson if you enjoyed it, leave a little comment, let us know that you enjoyed this, I would watch this again if I were you I would watch this again. This is one of the biggest mistakes that I've watched affiliates make over and over and over and over and over again. And it's not, again, if you've made this mistake or if you've done this before or whatever I'm not trying to make you feel bad, I don't feel bad. I've done it, everybody's done it, it's pretty common to have happened. All right, it's not, it's not a huge deal. Don't get down on yourself. But this is super important that you understand this, right, I see a lot of affiliate marketers who have made six seven figures and their business, ends up fizzling out and dying because of this loss of focus as loss of mental, the dynamic piece right they lose focus they lose their attention is scattered in a million different directions. And, and I just wish they could come into our blueprints and actually see what we just updated our Blueprints I wish they could dive into our blueprints and see how this is unpacked, step by step because I watch people sort of that focus at the moment that focus gets lost a little bit, I see it with, I've seen it with our affiliates, but I've also seen this in so many different industries I research and study and look around and all these different industries, and I see this all the time and I watched the shift right well where did their traffic start to go away. Always when there's a little shift in distracting, in, in their focus and suddenly that creeps in, and their main revenue driving business is now distracted, and people who are on their channel I like the hell's going on with this guy this guy can't pick up his mind or why is he keep changing, you know what is he keeps switching what's going on here. So if you've gotten into Evergreen, literally a business or even just an evergreen business, don't stop what's working, keep double down on what's working. And if you want to introduce something, introduce it as a one off to people that you've already got the know like and trust factor. All right, everybody. Peace out, have a good morning. We'll be back here tomorrow, same time, same place 10am Eastern peace out.

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