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Dave: What’s going on my friends, this is Dave sharp Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. And today we have an affiliate marketer inside of our community who is going to reveal the plan that earned him his first high ticket Commission, as well as my friends, I'm sure other nuggets, right, call us McDonald's because we serve up a lot of nuggets. Alex, welcome to the show. Brother, what's going on?

Alex: Alright, I can hardly hear anything right now.

Dave: Can you hear me brother? I can see you. 

Alex: Can you hear me? Yes I can. All right, you can hear me but I can't hear you. Of course we love technical difficulties. 

Matt: Hey Alex, get rid of that, get rid of the air pods. Ditch the air pods.

Yeah, ditch the air pods and turn the air pods off. That's better. Now, let's try this and it's just working better now. 

Better now thank you but can hardly hear you, Dave. Yeah, ditch the AirPods brother, turn the turn the volume up on your computer something

weird right now it's like having you in a very like, like very deep tone, might be my phone.

Dave: It is your phone, turn your Wifi off. Turn your Wifi off. 

Matt: Alex just leave and come back.

Dave: Leave. Get out of here. Come back and come back. Yeah. All right, listen my friends, what can we say here? You know what I mean, it's like, it's so beautiful I think to see the behind the scenes, just the, you know, the mess ups, the screw ups, you know.

Alex: I'm back. 

Dave: My man, overcoming challenges overcoming challenges Monday morning baby at all times.

Alex: It’s working now.

Dave: You've got a little delay on your end. So we were perfect without the air pods, but then you went and put the airpods back so I would take the air pods off. Is there any reason why you need to use the air pods? Can you turn the volume up on your computer? Sounds perfectly good, man. You reminded me of an old, an old Boomer who, you know like how, when you see like somebody who's, and I'm not trying to make fun of y'all boomers, but come on, like own y'all shit right some but their phone starts going off right like my dad or something but the phone starts going off in the pocket. And you know, man, that little just a little button you can just hit the little button on the side and the phone. What they do, what they do, right, what they do is all of a sudden be in like the middle of a meeting or the middle of a room or the DMV or something and the phone starts ringing up. Gotta walk outside with it. So anyways, well listen man, you're a young stunner How old are you?

Alex: 29 actually.

Dave: Okay not that young man, you are about to hit your 30’s But you are trying to do something right now right? What led you to Legendary, what led you to, you know, affiliate marketing?

Alex: So I've been in the affiliate marketing space for a couple of years now, I'm doing exactly what you had mentioned, which was doing YouTube University, and not getting anywhere. But learning kind of like what affiliate marketing is in a general sense. I tried it and failed, but it didn't, I didn't really get back into it until like my full time job, which I just came from I was interviewing somebody to be my assistant. And literally,

Dave: What do you mean, literally just this morning? 

Alex: Yes, just this morning.  And it was, it was the point where I kind of lost control at that job because I am part of the executive team. However, it was, to the point where it was just like, one aspect of my job title itself was like taken away without me saying so. So I just want to ask something with more control over, being able to say yes or no, and, like, nobody is saying or giving me dictation to do. So, that's why I came back into it and started again searching online kinda like with affiliate marketing because I like the business model itself, and then I came across legendary and I said okay let's see what happens and learn the skills and we're here now.

Dave: Alright so nice so you so when was that?

Alex: So that was about a little under two months ago.

Dave: Okay, so you you were just to be clear, you were doing affiliate marketing before two months ago or you, or you had just started two months ago,

Alex: I just started going all in two months ago.

Dave: Okay so before that, just dabbling dipping the old toe,

Alex: Just getting it just getting it with the toe nail, the edge of the toenail.

Dave: And you are killing me this morning, you killing me on the weekend vibes trying to get back into the week right and just, all this comedy. What do you got, oh ambulance. Man wait they're coming to take us away because they know we are we are out there, man, we are our body in these nuggets this morning to we're about to body these nuggets we're about to blow so they're getting, they're getting the 911 team around to pick up all the all the debris. So, I'm so, so two months ago, right after dipping the toenail, right, not even the whole toe, just the toenail. Right. And how long did you dip the toenail for, oh, oh man, oh, it's ours some, some weeks some, some years, months, or years?

Alex: Some years.

Dave: That toenail was soaking wet. That body was so dry, wasn't it? The toenail was soaking wet that the body was so dry. 

Alex: Oh my goodness, you could have put me in a rain shower.

Dave: So, what, what, like, what, what did that couple a year, what does that look like I mean what I just I'm trying to obviously relay, to those who are listening, because now, over the last two months, you're all in, and I would assume you wish that you went all in sooner now you didn't find you, You didn't find us right that's right? What was that coup[le of years like? Was it that you were jumping from thing to thingor you were too busy with life?

Alex: It looked like a bunch of excuses but it was more so me trying different things and not being committed to it. I tried personal training and was able to build an online training business. I tried dropshipping but it took forever and a day to get the product to the customers. There was nothing that was able to structure it, it was me dealing with the same type of weight but no structure.

Dave: Do you think the security of having income coming in kept you from going all in? If you still have that job what changed two months ago? I feel like with a lot of people who come in and start an online business they have a job so there’s really no pressure. 

Alex: I would say what happened to me in a great flex because I remember watching the first video thinking I need to be alone and be somewhere alone. Literally, I just sat there watching, sweat dripping down my body,

But what I just needed, I needed something to have that I can give to my little sister. I was thinking about my little sister at the time, right, she's in college right now. I went to college as well. But understanding and graduate understanding from college and where she's at. I'm thinking, what can I give to her? That's going to be more valuable than then what college was to me, and that's the headspace where I was when I, when I came across the video watching it and like understanding like okay, this is this this is what I've been looking for.

Dave: What is, what did I, what do you remember that I said in either the initial kind of sales video that sold the challenge or in the initial videos in the challenge that was an aha moment for you.

Alex: It was reassuring that I was able to do this on a two hour a day basis. It was the reassurance like there's there's other people out here that are just like me, who are able to do this on a part time basis because when I first started, I started to be a second income like a part time, but then I just followed the steps it became a little bit more than that. Yeah, that.

Dave: So now that you've, you've been doing this for two months, we'll put up your TikTok banner you've, you've gone through some training, you've got trained up a little bit. You started to market and you decided you wanted to be an affiliate to basically do affiliate marketing to make money online, right. And so you've got basically TikTok and Instagram that's rocking and rolling now for you. What, give us some tips on what you've done that's been helpful as a matter of fact I checked out your TikTok, just before we went live, and it looked like you were live on TikTok.

Alex: I am live right now on TikTok. 

Dave: What's going on everybody? Yeah, so. So what has been what has been helpful, what has been, you know, what have you discovered, that's been that you've said, Okay, this works I'm gonna do more of this?

Alex: It's this framework, I'm pretty sure you're very familiar with Russell Brunson and never heard of it. You never heard. Never heard a rustle. It's exactly what you wow okay

bro, I'm just joking, of course I have about a minute. Right, of course. The framework hook story offers. I read excellent secrets like years ago as well when I first learned about affiliate marketing. And everything that you were saying, everything that I read came kind of like a full circle. So then, like, like, kind of like the strategy what I do behind it, what really works, it's finding the things the hooks, the the the things that people are able to relate to, to say first and foremost, and then have the story the actual value within what I'm able to provide, whether it be somebody learning to try to learn how to grow their tic tock page, whether it be them trying to learn a little bit more about online side hustles. That's what the story's about, and then the offer is just simply just saying hey, come follow me on, come join me on my journey join your startup yours and that's the type of offer. That's what really works for me because at the end of the day I'm still offering, and giving out that valuable information that people are coming and people are searching for. 

Dave: Love it. So let's break that down in your kind of interpretation because I want this to be valuable for everybody who's listening and I think Russell's content in his training is, is, is, is good I mean it's great like he's a he's a, he's a super smart marketer, longtime friend of mine, and then their software. So let's talk about the hook first and then we'll talk about the story. I just want to get your perspective of it because you're somebody who is that, that clicked for you. So, so let's, let's try to interpret that and translate that for everybody listening, so they can take a few nuggets away and maybe implement this into their content. So, hook, define hook give us some examples of hooks in let's make it so simple that anybody can understand it if they were tuning in, into this for the first time today. Let's see if its hook story offers that kind of the framework of how you're creating your TikTok then talk about in describing give us some examples of the hook first.

Alex: So in the first three seconds, right, in the first sentence of whatever I'm talking about. I am literally saying like, if this is you x y z. This is why you should listen to this type of situation. Right, so it just immediately grabs now because the attention span of people up on TikTok or just people in general, it's that of a goldfish is less than a goldfish now. And so, it's more of getting straight to the point of why this video is important. And that's the hook itself is literally to grab people's attention. Like, for one of my series that I have up there is called. If I were to have $0 Where would I start, right, because that was this headspace that I was at one point of time like if I didn't have anything to do. So then there that is, itself,

Dave: Like to start an online business with zero dollars. And I wanted to start an online business, here's what I do. Great, great example. And just so everybody understands I mean I think it's pretty obvious but the hook is is really kind of like the hook in the lip right, how do you how do you get the hook, it's kind of like fishing man like I have this thing, this, this kind of framework called the fishing formula, and it's, it's, it's a little bit more in depth than hook story offer I teach it in the blueprints, but the, the, but the fit, you know, marketing is a lot like fishing man, you know, you have to understand who your species that you're going to target is like are you going to target, like, like bass in a pond, you need a specific kind of Bay, if you bring in, shrimp, they may not bite that man because they're not used to eating that bait, you know, it's kind of like we're over in the Asian Pacific, they may eat, you know, raw octopus where if somebody said a raw octopus in front of you or me, we might throw up, you know, like it's just not it. You know what I mean it's just not it's just not what we're used to eating so. So yeah, you got to know your species you got to know where they're at, you know, like where do they like, if I want bass, like if I say okay I feel like bass tonight, you know, or I want to I want to sell bass because it's one of the most lucrative fish that I can sell so I'm going to go catch them and sell them at a market like I need to first identify that species and I need to identify the ponds or the bodies of water that they're in. Then I need to identify the bait right so I can get them to bite and get that hook and so. So the hook is is really how do I get them to buy, how do I get them to stop scrolling in, in, you gave some great examples, you know, calling right out in the first three seconds, and telling them exactly what the video is, who it's for, what it will do for you. No. I saw a great video about from one of our, our, our affiliates, Ian, who did who talked about here's how to make $18 An hour working for apple from home, and he started out with a with an apple, he could have been a little hole in it and stuck his finger up, so he had an apple on his finger, and as he was saying here's how to make $18 an hour from Apple from home, he had the apple on his finger and then he threw it off his finger like into the back of the room. Yeah, so not only did he give a verbal hook, but he also gave a visual hook. Right. He gave a visual hook. You'll see a lot of people who, who give who use money as visual hooks, you'll see I can say, hey here's, you know, let me, let me if I was talking to people about flipping watches, right, I could say, Here's how to afford $100,000 Platinum Rolex, right, in this video for the next 30 seconds I'm going to show you how you can start selling watches to eventually either own the watch that you want your dream watch, or to make money from home selling watches right and so what am I doing, not only, and that was a long hook, but my point is, is I'm also using the visual cue of holding something up, Right or doing something that's both. Um obviously verbally, engaging them you've covered that. But if I can also visually engage them with something, if people are doing this all over TikTok, for example, like you see this all the time, people are giving visual cues. Those were two examples so let's move on to the story because we covered the hooks. Anything else to add to the hooks that you would say, on the story so hook. Now that I've got them, stop scrolling. Okay, Alex. Yep, story, if, TikTok to me in defining give me some examples of story because immediately. I'll tell you what I think if I was brand new, I would think, okay, so the story I mean I have to tell a story every time, it’s necessarily, all right, that's the main story.

Dave: Give us some examples.

Alex: So a story, I would say the story how I do it is the actual value of the video, why they are continuing to watch in the first place. And what I like to have in my value, it's either maybe a story because like early on in my page I was literally telling people to stop the story of why I started. But, in the story now what it's become. I like to make sure that there are actual actionable steps to whatever I'm saying, so that if somebody watches just one video they can literally watch it, take action, and then continue to see what I was talking about in that video I've noticed like within the space. It's not necessarily there. So I saw an open opportunity for me to be able to offer a different kind of value to that market and the market is asking us to give them actionable steps. So for example, let's say, content creation. So

Dave: Kind of like what we're doing right now.

Alex: Yeah, that's where I'm live right now so I can actually give a value to people like, like if people always ask me all the time now like, What is affiliate marketing or anything but what's the behind the scenes of it, this is the behind the scenes of it having conversations with other people.

Dave: Basically training. Training yeah I mean, listen, let's, if you are a trainer, and you wanted to sell personal training sessions, probably the big missing piece when you had initially tried to start that on the internet was most personal trainers would just think, okay, I want to start selling personal training sessions, via zoom or virtual training sessions or or meal plans that I can make for people and sell them, you know, just email them to them. But what they do is they go on to Facebook, usually, and they say, meal plans for sale, right, or they sell, they say, personal training sessions via zoom for sale right in, and then they sell none or the story might be if we were doing a TikTok, like this. Now that you know what you know now, if you wanted to sell personal training sessions, you might say, at the beginning to TikTok remember hooks. Here's three exercises you can do to get guns if you hold up that big, big ass gun that you got right there that I see. Right. Right. In five minutes a day. And then what do you do? You transition right into showing them the exercise. Right, so the story doesn't always have to be a talking story you're training them on something that makes them feel like, Ooh, that was really valuable. Alex: Right on. So that's what I have on my TikTok page even with personal training. That's the story in itself, the value of what they can walk away with, and and be able to receive the benefits from, what they really like, pick up and say I learned X Y and Z, and I can continue doing.

Dave: Yeah. It's also right Alex can be a story if you have us like some sort of an inspirational story you have something that you want to share from something that happened yesterday that you think would be useful. I know this one guy named liver King, and he's like, eats raw liver and is, is just this absolute beast, and he gets on every morning in, and mostly on Instagram, he may be on Tik Tok, but he says, you know hey I'm out getting sun on my face, feet on the ground, you know, and here's my win for the day. Send me back your win, right, or here's my win from yesterday, send me back your win right and it, and then he tells a story like here's what happened yesterday that was a win for, you know, I have had a lot of, like, I guess you could just say success of bonding in in kind of getting people to know a little bit more about me know like and trust me by also telling my sort of origin story of being starting out with nothing being recently homeless and addicted to drugs and alcohol before I got started 10 years ago, and being really at a bottom in my life, and in that was sort of my back against the wall moment, you know what I mean, I was working construction I did have another stream of income, but I, I, you know I had realized I had wasted so much time. And, I and I wanted to build a better future for myself, a better future for my future family and people could identify with that because they weren't particularly also recently homeless and drug and alcohol addicted but they could identify with the feelings of the story, which were I've wasted time. Even you said, You know, I've wasted time not building something, not being more in control. And that's what I've already liked. You wanted to feel more in control of your destiny, not just more control of your daily activities and what was happening within your job, also you wanted to feel more in control of your destiny, so people can relate to that. So we've given two examples now of a story, story is basically what's the story of this post, basically Okay give me the gist. Are you going to show me something to train me up on something real quick? Are you going to show me a demo of something? Are you going to share something that's inspirational, motivational, funny. That's going to get me angry, that's going to get me motivated. It can also be talking now let's talk about the offer. So, on TikTok, I mean if I'm brand new bro and I'm listening to this never heard a Wake Up Legendary I just stumbled across us I might think that what you mean right away is that you're going to pitch something right in the TikTok video for sale is is that what offer means?

Alex: No, Right, offering, I like to look at it, um, I will say like if my, if my job right now, they consider me to be a master sales. Right. And one thing that the sales train I go through with Zig Ziglar he's always saying, ask for the order right it doesn't matter what it is asking for the order could be simply if we were having a relationship if your boyfriend girlfriend or anything like that traditionally the boy asked, Can you be my girlfriend, right, that's not asking me for a sale is asking a question for an offer saying, Hey, would you with all the information that I'm giving you with the story that I just told you as I just hooked you When would you like to be my girlfriend type of thing and it's not, it's not sales, it could be as simply as saying like hey, comment on the post relate, if you relate to what I was just talking about, or it could be, hey doubletap this. If you found this funny, or if it's like this it's like if you want to do something different, click link in the bio, if you want to move forward with this if you want to learn a little bit more, it's offering somebody more information of the stuff that they already found valuable or valuable here.

Dave: Yes, agree totally. I find myself personally that the more nonchalant, my transition statement is, which is that transition statement is important because when you go from doing the story portion to now moving over to the, the offer. There's got to be some sort of a transition statement so hey okay here's the third exercise, you're going to do dumbbells, you're going to do five of these, you want to, you know, you want to have them at least 10 pounds, or 10% of your body weight. If you want more where that came from, and want to learn about how to build up other parts of your body, follow me here on TikTok, and get my free ebook in the link in my bio, right. So the transition statement was, if you want more where that came from. Right. And I feel like I feel like it's it's just it's such an important but it shouldn't be such an easy nonchalant statement that you say and I think a lot of people when they go from doing the story portion over to the offer, like they get awkward and they get tripped up because now they feel like they need to sell, and you're not selling, Like, you know, you're not so in you mentioned master salesman the master salesman never sells anything that only only invites only asks if they want more only ask if they want to take the Rolex home and make it their baby right not. Are you ready to purchase this like we get so awkwardly? We think that sales is kind of a stiff awkward thing where I'm like, Are you ready to buy, and it never has to be like that, it never should be like that, it should only be I'm teaching and training your stuff. And if you'd like most, if this was helpful to you, then feel free to go ahead and grab my ebook or feel free to go ahead and grab my free training to show you exactly the business model that I use to generate a active and passive income online, click the link in my bio, or follow me for more helpful tips like this, it's it's just, it's the more nonchalant, it is in the more that it's just offering more free value, the better you're going to do, whenever you start, and this goes for anybody I'm talking to our listeners here whenever you start finding yourself, promoting a product from your, from your social media channels or even your ads, you're going to find yourself struggling to get sales because nobody wants to buy, or nobody wants to be sold, everybody just wants to eventually if you lead them and give them enough free value. And then you lead them to a sales video like where we sell our challenge or any of the other direct response sales funnels that use good marketing, you leave them in there and they've already gotten several they already feel like they've gotten value, and then the great marketers and the great copywriters, even inside of our sales videos, we're delivering value, even before we make an offer. You'll notice that that's why our sales videos are 15, 20, 25 minutes long, because even for a couple dollar sale, I still want to make sure that I did that for you. In that video, that person is so overwhelmed with value and they feel like they really, and they're not even buying anything, they're not being sold on anything. They're just they've gotten value now from you, they've gotten value now from this video, and now this video is simply offering them more training, more value, right, and it's just a it's, it's all about moving them from the next, it's in using that sort of hook, which can be the bait to say hey look there's more value over here, there's more value over here, there's more in depending on how much value you can take today. Yeah, and there's a paywall here, right, so I mean you can continue to watch my tic toc and get value as I dish it out for free and if you want to go to the next level of value, deeper training if you want something that's more structured. Sure there's a paywall here, But it's just more value, right, so I'm going to simply acknowledge the paywall let you know what the price is, but it's all value, and I think that's the big difference, man, and you pointed out with even making offers is that we're never selling. We're only simply offering more either free value, or paid value, but it's all about, what is it going to do for them. I think that's the big problem. I was talking about this with my dad the other day, and I don't remember the exact context of the conversation. I can just remember, oh I remember what it was. I was, I sort of retired for a year back in 2014 and 15 Partly between those two years and when I came back, I had a reputation and I had been fairly successful I thought well I'll just throw my name out there and let people know I'm doing an event, and have some coaching packages and I'll just sell out immediately. That's what I thought, right, it was just it was, it was flawed thinking because I forgot that, even if people like you, if when you make them an offer, you don't make it crystal clear what's in it for them in what it's going to do for them, they can like you from a distance, but they're not going to part with their money. So I have to every single time that I market something, and even, of course, my free. I call the content out there sort of it's, it's, it's sort of it's sort of chumming the waters, right, like when we're when we're putting content on TikTokƒb, or whatever we're chumming the waters bringing fish to the boat, right and then we offer the bait right and we got to just make sure we offer the right bait for the for the right species, but I had to remember back when I, When I came back into business back in 2015, that people can like you man. People can love you, but when you go to then make them an offer, if there's, if it's not crystal clear what's in it for them. And you're only just trying so it would be kind of like you selling gym sessions insane. Oh my gosh, I'm like, nice to meet you, Alex. Let me show you around the gym. And as you went around the gym, you just really touted and improved on the facility right the versatility, the walls are so strong, and the equipment is brand new. And the people are so friendly now I'm, I'm listing features and benefits, but I'm not telling them what that's going to do for them, so nothing really was there for them. What's in it for them. So I can say these walls are strong that even if there's a hurricane, you can bring your family here, and you'll be safe. The equipment is so brand new, that it's actually easier to use so your workout goes smoother and you build 20% more muscle, because you're working with new equipment, plus it's not already littered with germs right. The people are so friendly here that when you come in you won't feel like people are staring at you and judging you, because maybe you think you're out of shape and they're in everybody else's in good shape, that's a problem that people have. That's why you see is a real is a real thing, people who are out of shape or hiding over in a corner on the on the on the treadmills and stuff, and not in the middle where the weights are, and I guarantee you it's because I can relate to this, maybe I'm not feeling like an animal. I'm not ripped like the other guys and gals who are in the middle, so our people are so friendly, they will feel a part of our family, and you'll feel supported when you come to this gym, because we have a family culture here that is everyone supports everyone, each one teaches one, and I think you'll find this, the, the, you'll feel the most welcome. Right, so I went from simply touting features and benefits which, which is basically looked at how great my product is to then relating it to what how that is going to create a result, and be directly beneficial to them, and again I digress back to my story about being reminded of that back in 2015. And, and, you know, ever since then. I have never, I always, I never just I never just assume the sale. And what I mean by that is, that's a common sales, saying just assume the sale just, but if you assume the sale but if you don't make it extra clear what's in it for them, you're going to be a frustrated person, Because you're assuming that everybody's sitting here trying to manifest, well, like there's no weeds in my yard, there's no weeds, there's a Lamborghini in my driveway, they're like I can do. People are gonna buy from me today people are gonna buy from me because I'm going to assume the sale right you're going to be frustrated, confused, whereas, stop assuming the sale and just make sure that everything that you do, you're thinking about how is this person going to walk away from this experience, even if they don't buy and feel like they got a lot of value from this, and that was a valuable experience because that's going to happen. And those people might not buy today, they might buy later, because you've continued to pour on the value. And so, again, ever since 2015 When I was reminded of that and again I just got, you know, a little contempt testicle I just thought well, you know, people know who I am, it's sort of like Elon Musk saying oh everybody knows who I am. I'm starting an electric vacuum cleaner company the vacuum cleaners are $1,000 apiece, they've got a five minute battery life, and, and people are going, I like you Ilan, but I don't want $1,000 vacuum that goes for five minutes, but it's gonna be it's gonna lessen my carbon footprint. Right, right. No, he said, I've got an electric, I got a vacuum that's $100 that will run for an hour. Right. And it'll be the most good for the environment and fast and awesome and cleans itself, and it will cut down. So he just touted features, benefits, and it will cut down on your electric bill, it will cut down on your carbon footprint. It folds up easily so you can store it without taking up space in your pantry. It's itself, and it's only $100 Right now I let them know what's in it for them so anyways I'm ranting here but you gave us that hook story offer thing. That's that formula is, is an effective formula, And it's simple, and you're using that. And that, that is what you're finding to be a great guide for you to create engaging content.

Alex: I think that's a big because at the very beginning because of how I really grew, the social media following to where it is now, I believe it's because I first went to the valley. What's it, what is it, it's where the customer that I'm marketing to. And then, because I focused heavily on that at the very beginning and still do, and then one post went viral just tick tock, TikTok is a great place for organic traffic. I had no idea. People don't know if you are alive right now if you have not started to take on Legendary. I don't know what you're waiting for, like, the place that traffic you're going to get to see the hotel so we can't give us some great. 

Dave: Well, man, they don't know they know they don't. I mean it's crazy man yo they don't, people are still like yo TikTok is like this thing for teenagers man you know what I mean and. And what I love about our community is we use social media and all that social media uses us. You know what I mean I mean that's the big thing, man. Look, if you're still looking at social media like this place that you know you're gonna get. You got to be on there to connect with human beings, just let me give you some straight talk. It's the anti social network, like if you want to connect with friends and family don't make them slosh through political propaganda they see pictures of your kids just text. You'll see relationships bloom, and you will see your happiness bloom and grow to heights that you've never seen it grow, and start using social media strictly for business, look at it strictly as this is a place that I'm generating leads for my business and I'm generating traffic into my sales funnels, and anything else I'm just I'm trying to be as clear as gay, because social media is a disease if you're looking at it from a personal, and you're trying to, like, Oh, let me go on here. The minute you go on here without your armor on. It's using you man.

Alex: I noticed when I first like, doing all this I noticed like my the relationships within person started becoming a lot more fruitful for me because I wasn't on my phone being like 100% Because I was only on my phone to make sure that my business was running, and then after that, I put it away. Everything's armar systemized and now I'm able to have conversations with friends and family and then even at my job and now it's driving even better than what it was before. It's like, it gave me that sense of headspace. I can breathe, and I can see life for what it is because I'm not having to worry about money coming in.

Dave: It's cool, it's cool. I mean, social media, obviously on the internet specifically, just as a whole has connected me with people like you all over the world and I've grown my network, and, and I've grown my, my business network, you know what I mean so I don't. The other cool thing that it's done is I don't have to. I don't have to muddy up my friend relationships my family relationships with all my business stuff, it's, it's, you know, honestly, you know, it just usually business stuff and business, and especially as you start to succeed and your friends are not making as much money as you are, You know I like to just keep business completely out of some relationships and just enjoy the people for what I have in common with them outside of business in just the fact that they're either family or longtime friends, or we just like to go out and have a good time or maybe we got recovery, or maybe you have fitness or healthy lifestyle in common with them or something. But, you know, man. Just when you said, just if you're not using tick tock, you know, it's just such a powerful tool. It's a powerful tool to suck a lot of your time. If you're, if you're on a consumer standpoint, and ironically we need consumers on there, in order to be creative in the market stuff to them, but I'd much rather be on the Creator side than the consumer side, you know of any day, you know, quite frankly, in any business that's not realistic, but because I am a consumer of fine luxury goods, I am writing vehicles, I am a consumer of, of, of good food I you know I am a consumer of a gym membership in my in my local city, you know, but it's it's powerful when you decide and I'm so glad that you did a couple of months ago decided to you know go on this journey and really, aside from other things you have going on in your life to really get down to work in use these powerful tools, it's sort of like having, you know, the power of a new killer. In a good way and then the new thriller bomb that blows up to most people but something that's his power that's new killer, it's just a simple sitting right here in your phone, and it's just it's just going unused, you know what I mean, it's just that's kind of what I look at it you people don't even realize the potential of their cell phones, if they choose to use them as creators. And you pick that up and you said hey look, I'm tired a dip in the toenail. I'm going to jump in the deep end and I'm going to start doing this and you're doing it, and you're doing it in something like LL Cool J, you're doing it. What would you say to somebody who's sitting like like about your experience with legendary you know your experience with the training somebody who might be watching this or even watching your tic tock, and is thinking about, hey, I might want to go through this 15 Day Challenge, what would you say to them in terms of your experience with our training, our community in giving your business and your boost to get started?

Alex: I will say the community aspect alone there. That's what I really like. If I have a question, right, if I have a question if I just want to go in there I can literally go into the community, somebody will be right there ready to answer because they've went through the same thing they've already seen some success so the community alone is able to be there as a source of accountability. Because as soon as I say something, I hold myself accountable but then I put it out there saying, What am I going to do?” Then I asked somebody else out there in the community who holds me accountable so I'm thinking, man, what did. What did Mary just say to me, what did I just say Mary that I said I was going to do. I'm not gonna let her down. And that's what the community itself, the Facebook group, the family that you've been on, been able to build. And then, in actuality, like training in itself because of how structured it is being somebody who's a very wired type of person. Right. The structure was able for me to sit down and just go at it on a step by step basis so I'm not having to rush, rush, rush, I can think, develop it, create it, make sure that it's good. Try it out and just taking my time instead of doing something that's rushed a kid falls apart just as fast as it came together, so that if anybody out there watching my picks up right now trying to figure out like, is this something that you want to be part of, If you want to be part of like a community that holds you accountable, and, and in it, able to give you structure exact details and try to just bridge something new, try to, if you are in the headspace of like saying, I want something new I'm not exactly sure but I can give something a try. I gave this a try three years ago, putting my toe in, but what this did, and I didn't even realize I pushed myself to go all in because I saw the vision and being in the community helped me clear that vision.

Dave: That's incredible, man, I'm, I'm so happy for you. And I'm happy for anybody who is watching or listening who is also going to follow in your footsteps because, you know, for us we put, We bring the students in marketers like you every day out here. And in trying to showcase a wide array of examples to say look, if this person can do it. Why can't you not, if this person could do it you can do it too like that, but why can't you, why not, why not now. And I think that's the powerful question, why not, you know, why not? Why not now? You know, why not, no. And you're a great example of that man so keep up the great work and come back. Keep us posted on your journey, brother. And as you guys are following Alex and haven’t got started with an online business and I'm gonna say this and I'm gonna step on Alex's toes, we love to have you in our community, but for God's sakes get started somewhere and then you can find us later you can find, we're here and now, whatever, it's not just all about just, oh come here and buy our training or go through our training what we, whatever you're going to build, we're not going to stop, even if you don't buy. Right, we're not going to stop dues, like hopefully our stories inspire you to take the next step of what that step is just, it's got to be forward, not backwards. Right. And you, you, you know you owned it so beautifully that it was seen with just excuses, that was the difference between two years of just kind of dipping your toenail and then two months of massive action. Now we're having you as a guest trainer and a guest speaker on the show because you've created results. It's like two months man.

Alex: Two months to two years, two months, two years it's, oh my goodness.

Dave: there's a powerful story and hook right there in that how I went from fumbling and bumbling and chasing shiny objects in making no money in my online business for up to two months of results in success and recognition, and a path to freedom, there's just there's something there, there's an angle there there's headlines there their stories there that you can tell because you think you're the only one who's been thinking about it, and kind of right so I just want you to marinate on that because the two years of failure to in two months, success.

Alex: There’s definitely going to be some content later on.

Dave: All right, brother. Listen, have a great day. Have a great week stay legendary, we'll talk to you soon. All right, thanks. Alright, Alex. If you can go full Alex we've had his banners up with his username's, Alexloudentheaffiliate. Okay. And, you know, lift him up, go support him, you know, go, go, let him know that you appreciate the value from today, kick it on Monday off in a powerful way. All right, We'll be back here tomorrow for another episode. We have a mastermind coming up in just over a month. So if you're a mastermind member make sure that you get ready for that. If you have questions, just hit us up at support at email, excuse me, support at legendary marketer, calm. I look forward to connecting with you in person. And, of course, see back here tomorrow for another episode. Get out of here. Peace.