Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: Greetings, everybody, welcome in, Happy Wednesday. It's August 18. We're live. And we've got awesome awesome guests as usual, but I'm really excited about this one. If you're newer to our show, and you're just coming in illegally, I don't know where the comments are maybe here, maybe down here. It'll depend on the device that you're on, I guess. And also, again if you're just tuning in, let us know where you're tuning in from. It's kind of fun to see different people from all over the world from different places in life. You know, we've got young, we've got old, we've got, we've got Soca today. We've got bombs, we've got college students, we've got it's just kind of all all across the board. And, heck, we've got, you know, in our community hanging around, we've got 82 year olds who have 1000s or hundreds of 1000s of followers on social media, like, I don't know what world we live in, but it's cool. And I'm just having a good time being a part of it. So we've got like Albuquerque, Illinois, California. We've got Oregon's in the house Canada. Maryland's Yeah, we've got all over the place. So welcome to everybody. We're pumped that you're here and excited to have you here live with us. I'm gonna bring on our guests. And when I bring on our guests, if you can give me a little clapping emoji in the chat, to welcome on to the show, that would be awesome. Collette How's it going?

Colette: Hey, it's going great. How are you, Matt? 

Matt: Good. I'm doing really well. It's been a good morning. so far. You're in Idaho? 

Colette: Yep. 

Matt: Okay, cool. What's it like? Think it's like 8am? There, right? 

Colette: It is 8: 02. 

Matt: And there's a lot to unpack. So for those of you who are newer to our show, we do these every single Monday through Friday. And when we send out a little questionnaire, our guest who's going to be on there's not a lot of questions. It's just a few like four questions like, hey, just give us a heads up on who you are. But anyway, I have a few things that I want to kind of unpack during this. But mostly, I was just curious if you could tell us a little bit about things like, How the heck did you find Legendary and digital marketing and stuff? And like, what's like, what's your journey been like?

Colette: Well, yeah, it's been an amazing journey. I definitely am so thankful that I found Legendary Marketer. So if you if you kind of rewind from, you know, way back when so I've got three kids that are teenage kids now. And about, you know, I used to have a corporate job, and I worked long hours and everything. And when we work, so my kids are all close in age. And so when our when I was pregnant with our last child, we decided that it was the best decision for us is for me to stay home with our kids. Because for one, we were spending a fortune in daycare, and another we wanted to have me raise our babies. So we sacrificed a lot to bring me home. You know, we haven't we had some, you know, rough years. But it was absolutely exactly what my husband and I like what it was, it was definitely what we, you know, we were super thankful that we did it. And, you know, fast forward a couple years ago, we decided that it was time for me to go back and get a job. outside the home, I was able to raise the babies, it was an incredible, super blessed for it. And when I went back to go to the workforce a couple years ago, I mean, I started digging deep because I was like, I love being home with our, with our kids and I didn't like being away from him. I didn't like you know, not missing out on things right. And so I started searching for two years and I went through and you know, kept coming to dead ends right and never finding exactly what I was searching for. And then I was on tik tok. And the funny thing is, is I have a 13 year old and a 15 year old girl, and our 13 year old is like back when TikTok was like musically and they did all the dancing. So I remember seeing like these videos as this one dad had like, had done a video on 13 year old daughters that are on on musically and they're like constantly dancing wherever like the refrigerator, they're dancing, you know, they're dancing is or walking out to the car, like, you know, that I'm ever getting after my daughter like oh my gosh, stop dancing. And so then it was so ironic when I was like okay, well, you know, kind of like, I started to get on to tik tok and like actually even say that so, my daughter wasn't talking. Oh no, I did get I did get on tik tok just to kind of like go through the social and you know what that is? Because I'd heard so many like, great things about entertainment on tik tok. And so I was on tik tok and you know, scrolling and and I never claimed to see affiliate marketing and I was like, What is this? You know? Yeah, I just kept scrolling and I kept seeing it. And so my mentors who are incredible people, I remember seeing them. And I felt like the tick tock videos, and I was like, Okay, this is, you know, this isn't what I'm looking for. And so I kept scrolling. And then I saw live on them. And the live really, like, took me in because I was like, Oh, my gosh, they're too, you know, regular people that are making money online, maybe this is something that I need to look into a little bit more. And so then I started looking into it. And I even it was seriously an answer to my prayers, like, affiliate marketing is the best I like, if you look at all my content, I say this over and over again, it's the best beginner friendly way to make money online. I mean, it really is, because you're not having to, you know, like, in all the different stuff that I've done in the past, I always hated having to try to, you know, sell something on something that I didn't really like. Because, you know, you're kind of forced to write. And so um, this is just incredible, because you get to just promote whatever you love, and, you know, you get to help other people. And, and that's my bottom line is I've always wanted to help other people, like I've always had this burning desire, always loved people, and wanted to help them. And so the coolest thing is, is with this affiliate marketing that I found, it's like this whole amazing package that I've been looking for.

Matt: Really cool. That's super, super cool. Have you had tried, like other sort of network marketing stuff before?

Colette: Yeah, yeah, we did Amway. We did. I can't even remember, we we've done we've done so many things, just because I've always wanted to, you know, I've always been searching, I've always had that kind of entrepreneur. mentality. So yeah, so this has just been, like, I'm super grateful for what you guys have created. The community, Oh, my gosh, like, I have never been welcomed into a community and made so many wonderful friends, with so many genuine people. And in my, I can't do these lives. And I tell people that like, once you get into this community, it's like everybody is there for each other. Like, when you're in the corporate world, you know, you have your friends, and you have people that you know, you love to hang out with, and all that outside of work that you work with. But it's, you know, it's a dog eat dog world in a way just because if there's a promotion, we're all going for the promotion. Whereas in affiliate marketing your your your your unique self, and you get a route on other people are doing the same thing that you're doing. So I love it so much. Like, it's, it's the best thing.

Matt: That's super cool. And you're killing it to like, tell your son that you're not just like, I mean, you just hit 100,000 on TikTok. And like, you're just so a big part of your, like vibe and energy and why people love you, I think is probably not probably it definitely is. It's that sense of optimism, like you even mentioned it, but it's that you're you're genuinely like, it's funny how we actually, you know, like, we put that out, I think as like a staff and as a leadership team. And as like, BPA is and stuff like that, like we put that out. And we've had like, there's there's people, like I joined the team in 2018. And there's people who were there before me like Andre and Jackie and just other people who who have been with our company, Ricardo, before I was even around. And it's just funny, it's interesting how like, their energy is exactly what you described. And I would say like most of our team is that way to where it's like, what we're trying to do is create sort of a pop up place of positivity and motivation and inspiration. And like, you know, I always liken it to sort of like, hey, let me just put my arm around you here. And like, let me just give you some tips. Because really, we can all just win this. And a lot of people are really motivated, like, it seems like maybe you are, by a sense of like, I can also really help people like that can really open the eyes of people and give them something of value, which I think is like, maybe more important than the money sometimes, although they're making great money and like, you know, you're honestly you're making life changing money to so like what's could meet that?

Colette: I know, right? Well, and I love to because it's like you're giving people hope. And I think that in our world now. That's what we need. So much like hope, knowing that there is a possibility that you can change your future like There, there. There's something that we have found that is just a life changing. You know, like I look at life so differently. I like I you know, like you said, I've always been the half glass. Boy, I always my family always loved me because I was certain things the opposite way of what they're saying. I'm a half, I might have glass full person. I've always been like that. And that's what I love the most is because, you know, we get to bring that to people and that's what I've been searching for all these years. And I've I only found it. So thank you. Thank you.

Matt: Super cool. And we, yes, it definitely resonates out from our community. But I would also say that, like, we definitely owe a lot to our community too, because there's a lot of people who, for whatever reason, like, I don't know why, but they give a lot of their time to like helping other people in our community. And they don't have to, they're not getting paid for it, like, you know, and, and even when there's no end game for them to like, benefit from it, really, they still do it, because they're good people. And we have a community filled with genuinely good people. It's really cool.

Colette: Yeah. And I've had so many of my friends that I've been introduced to, that's what they've done, they've helped me and they had nothing to gain from it. And that's what's so amazing about it. And I've always been a believer that good, brings good, so when you're when you put good out there, you bring good back. And so that's always been kind of like my motto. So I always, you know, I always think to myself, okay, what am I? What am I putting out there? Am I am I making somebody feel good when I leave, like that's my end result is I want someone to feel better when I leave. 

Matt: So what? Okay, so you get into this whole thing, you start making content that has to be like a little bit about, was this a new thing for you?

Colette: You have no idea how terrified I I was. Like so if you would have told me, you know, a while back that I would be posting content on TikTok, I would have laughed in your face and been like, You're crazy. Because, like, I do not like and I don't like to be in the in the, in the spotlight. I like to be the one bringing the spotlight at other people like I so in the backseat, so things. And so when I when I started learning about affiliate marketing, and you know, understanding how I was going to be promoting, I dragged my feet. And I had one of my friends that that I've learned that I've met through here. She's amazing. She kept pushing, and she was like Colette, just start posting. 

Matt: Who was that?

Colette: It was Yamini. You need to get at her she is amazing. I love her. She seriously has been like my little motivator and my cheerleader the entire time. She's amazing. If you guys are following her, you definitely need to follow up. But yeah, so she so she helped me and got me going on my tickets. And it's so funny because like, you know, you look and I'm ticked off, and I've gotten better now, but I would do like 30 different videos before I finally got the video that I was like, Okay, I will go ahead and post it, you know.

Matt: Right. So on your on your content, I also wanted to just unpack like, if if people are go to your channel, just kind of scrolling through it. But I noticed something that like, there was a that so you were creating content since April, like way back in April. And things didn't really take off for you until like June July, kind of like really take off till maybe around July. And I've I kind of noticed a shift in content style. Was there something? What happened? Like, in June, July, I feel like on my end, I see uptick in views, and short of a shift in content stylistically, that may be led to more viral content. I don't know, did you have anything that changed? 

Colette: Well, I think that so you know, I went to the valley of despair. And, and, you know, it's so funny, because, like, it's, it's not easy, but it's simple, right? And, and you have to continue to believe in yourself and keep posting. And so I like I said earlier, like, I feel like I try to always put good out there. And so like I went through, you know, just weeks of, you know, just not many views. And I think that I kind of started to believe in myself, you know, towards that period where I was like, okay, you know, I'm going to make this happen. I'm going to keep doing this. But this is my journey. This is my story. So I can tell other people that you know, it takes time, sometimes people go viral super quick, and sometimes it takes time. So, to me, like, I think that Yeah, I just I started to you know, kind of, maybe believe in myself more. And then I was watching other, you know, other videos and kind of seeing what they were doing. And so then I was like, okay, you know, I started to kind of put a little bit more of a mixture into it.

Matt: Nice, nice, cool. And you had I mean, I feel like you posted probably okay, so I'm going to scroll back. There's one video in particular that you got 6 million views on crazy. Yeah, in July, and I see it but I think the powerful part isn't so much that video. As it is. Let's see nine Okay, so 918 27 Okay, 3050 I'm just doing a quick count. Give me one sec. I want to say maybe like 70 plus videos, maybe 100 videos, I don't know, posted like four or five a day. Yeah, there's a lot. Probably well over 100 as I'm scrolling through here, where that really happened. Yeah. Right. And like, for me, I, it's Yeah, I don't know. It's just super powerful. And I don't know. I mean, basically, what I'm describing guys is there's like this posting, posting, posting, posting. And from about, like, I don't know, March or April all the way to June, June, you shifted your content a little towards more educational style, like edutainment education, while you're still doing your happy blast, which I think is really cool and smart. Right? So balancing out like, lifestyle type stuff, here's how to get to know me, here's who I am. Here's like a little blast for my followers, right? I do it for the followers, because they like that, and they enjoy it. And they love following you. And then. And then you've got these other ones that are more like, for instance, one of the headlines was something like how to get paid money by target, right? Or how to get paid. And the one that I was looking at was the Tesla one that got 6.9 million views. And it's just at that point, or how to shine right like 30, you got 31,000 views. All that started to happen in June in July. And then I guessing you had a realization like, Oh, these How To Videos really get viral. And then just from getting that little viral piece, did you do anything, let's say for instance, with the Tesla one you started to go from, but there's a hard switch here. So like you, you went from having a few 1000 views per video, and you were really starting to get traction to you hit that one. And it smoked a homerun and you got 6 million views, which is humongous. So most people never see that right. And, and it went crazy viral. And after that, I mean, most of your videos for the next aisle were like 12,000 17,000. And you had a flurry, massive flurry of leads and sales during that time and still are like the trickles still there. Later. Did you so in conjunction with creating that really viral video? Did you have anything else that was like, were you doing anything else? were you doing live spree doing more videos? Or was everything else pretty much the same?

Colette: So I did start lives. And again, I was terrified. Like, if you could have recorded my first live, you would have just probably there on the ground laughing because I was like deer in the headlights. Like, what do I say, you know, I got on. And I got off really quick because I was like, Oh my gosh, this is so scary. But it's funny because like, as I've started to do my lives, it's almost therapeutic to me. Because the reason why I say that is I've found what I've been searching for all this time. So to me, I feel like I'm doing a disservice by not going live. Because if there's that one, even if I only have four people that get on my lives, I treat those four people like they're my everything because they really are like they they are they are they are looking for something to change their life. Right? So if I can impact them, even if I can give them just a glimmer of hope. And they go on and do something different with their life. That's incredible and amazing. My job is done, right? Because I like I said earlier, hope is the biggest thing, right? So if we can instill hope in people, and know that they can be in charge of their life, and they can change, you'll have a hover that changes. So yeah, so I started doing lives. And I actually love my life. Like I actually look forward to him. Just because like, you know, just just knowing that I'm I'm reaching a wide more audience that maybe will decide to you know, look at my content a little bit more. And you know, then I can help. So, yeah, so I feel like it's definitely that. And again, you mean he is the one that kept pushing me like when I was finding I dragged my feet, because I was like, Okay, once I get 1000 I'll do live. And it was at 1000 I was like, Oh no, I've got to do my lives now. So but now I love it like it's awesome. My, I just have to tell you this, my husband, and my kids are so incredibly supportive me, they have been like my biggest cheerleaders. So, to me, like, that is such a blessing right there, like I could, I could stop this during right now and be totally happy and content with where I've gone because, you know, I've shown my kids that there's another option out there, and, you know, being welcomed into this amazing community of people. Like there's so many good people out there. So to me, I, thank you so much for you and Dave, having this amazing community that you've created, and just for me to be a part of it, and my family, my husband, my kids, you know, just to be be here with me, it's just right there. Like that's, that's all I needed.

Matt: That's super cool. I, I also feel like it's just an inspiration. Like, I just think of like, What a powerful thing it is for, you know, to have a mom or a parent figure, like, step out and do something like this. And, like, it's extraordinarily vulnerable, like, really, really vulnerable. And I just think like, most people will just overlook that, like how powerful that is. And I just feel like To me, that's such a standout, like, Oh my gosh, like to be a kid who can watch their mom go on social media on tape on this kid's app and just smoke it, and, like, create a transformational business and have a video that gets watched 7 million times. And like this is this insanity. But I think like what you said is is really true, like shows them there's different ways, there's different options, there's different, like not you don't have to follow exactly what you know, you might learn in traditional school, or like, there's a lot of different ways to go about life even, especially making money, but just life in general. Like there's just a lot more out there than, like kids are usually aware of. Yeah, man, that is so cool. It's so powerful. I also like the other thing that really stands out to me is that, like, it's always funny how people are. It's a lot of times the people who are like, man, I could never do that. Or I could just never do that, or I don't know if I can really pull that off are always the people who go online on social media. And like, there's a there's a instinctual, sort of like, just as a feeler thing, where people like they've watched you on a live or they watch you in a video, and they just sort of connect with you. Right? They just sort of are like, I don't know what it is. And part of it is like, I think that, would you call yourself an introvert?

Colette: Well, in ways like, I'm a very social person, like I love to be around people. But I also like I don't, I don't like attention on myself. I didn't like the furthest person with attention. So on that, yes, I would definitely say I'm an introvert because I want to, you know, compliment and make whoever I'm with, you know, feel good about themselves. 

Matt: I shouldn't have said to introvert, what I should have said is like, you don't crave attention. Yeah. Or you were, you know, in a way, like you're not narcissistic in a way that you need attention, or that you need people to sort of all eyes on me, you know, those kind of people sometimes And granted, like, our culture kind of props them up, and, and whatever they there's plenty of successful people like that. But also like, there's a whole space that's huge and massive for people who aren't like that. Yeah. And a lot of times people think that you can't be successful on social media with that type of personality or that type of whatever. But it's just not true. Like, in fact, a lot of times in our industry, it's like, people who are not like that ended up being way more successful. And also, like, way more transformational to the people that they're serving. Because there's a real sort of vulnerability and candor that like you just can't get with that kind of narcissistic, weird person who, you know, they're demanding your attention. just weird. And what, um, what? So, your daily thing like? I mean, shoot, you still have a full time job, or no? Yeah, yes. Yes. That's, that's crazy. So, you learned about three teenagers, full time job. So your husband works too?

Colette: He does this on the side. 

Matt: Okay. So that's all just like padding. Which is great. Like my guess is you probably haven't even spent $1 on advertising. 

Colette: No. Yeah, it's all organic. Yeah. It is amazing to me.

Matt: Yeah, it's it's the it's one of the most powerful. Like, it's one of the most powerful tools. Social media as always bad. Man. I mean, when you can, when you can really dial into something that's as viral as TikTok, or Instagram or whatever right now is just amazing. Yeah, it's insane. So how do you? I'm just curious for the moms and parents and people who are here and are like, how are you pulling this off? Like, how do you pull it off? What is your day like? Colette: Well, you know, My day starts, obviously, I go to my dog, I do, like I try to, I try to pack videos, or, you know, throughout the week, so like, I tried to do three or four videos that I'll save into my dress. So that way, I've got kind of a nest where I can distribute them out throughout the day, and still do my normal job, right. So I'm not being distracted by you know, anything like that. And then I'll come home, and I'll just, you know, be with my family. And I just basically, like, when my kids are doing stuff, or when my husband is doing stuff, that's when I'll, you know, do so the funny thing is, is so my, my kids and my husband have always told me to get a hobby, they've always been like, look as you might hope my whole world is my is my family. So when, you know, when I'm taking care of them, that's, that's what I do. Like, I'm in the next, you know, just whatever they need I dropping, you know, everything to make sure that everything's taken care of, for my family. And so they've always my husband, and my kids have always been like, Mommy needs to find a hobby, you need to find a hobby. And what I found affiliate marketing, it's like, oh, my gosh, this is my hobby. And what an amazing hobby, where I get to not only help others, but also help my family. Like it is the most beautiful hobby that I could have ever wanted a direct, you know, finding. So yeah, so like, when when my when my kids and my husband isn't teenage kids, you know, they've got sports, they've got, you know, different things that they're doing that, you know, like, right now, it's practices, so you can't go watch and things like that. So I just, you want to be very strategic with your day. And make sure that you know, when they're doing stuff, that's when I do my stuff. And then you know, we do stuff as a family. And then when we're not doing stuff as a family, then I come on, and I and it's awesome, because I love doing this. So it's like, it's not like I'm ever dreading it like I look forward to it. So that's what makes it even even better than than I could have ever imagined. So, yeah, I just, you just wanted to strategize. And, you know, just make sure that you're using every moment wisely.

Matt: I feel like yeah, I feel like it's really cool that there's a lot of purpose and meaning that you've discovered along the way. Like you discovered a lot of purpose and meaning along the way with your lives and you descend in that way like so how I was thinking about this the other day, and I think about this yesterday, as I was putting some shelves together. And I was thinking about how like Dave and I talk a lot about how, you know, throughout his career, he's just outlasted people. Right, like, and I think sometimes in business, I've sort of like really thought through it and thought through like people like Warren Buffett, or like, you know, just just a lot of like people who have stuck it out through business for a really long time. Like, I've been in this industry, nine ish years. And Dave's been in this industry for 10 years or so. And, like, a lot of people just come and go, or a lot of people come in and they'll shift and do a lot of different things in here. They're over here, and here, they're over here or whatever. And you know, legendaries have been now going on like four or five years or so maybe five years. And overall. I've come to the conclusion that just sometimes like winning in businesses, mostly outlasting people, and where I'm going with this is like sometimes outlasting people means that you have to find ways to stay interested. And you have to find ways to find like to get meaning from it all outside of just the money of it. Because it doesn't really matter what the dollar amount is like it'll never sort of, there's always sort of this lingering anxiety if there's not some sort of like pull from it. There's not some sort of, you can give and give and give and give. But if it's not something you enjoy, or like that doesn't feel you or feed you in any way. It's like well, then your cup eventually empties. And I just think it's cool that you along the way you found different ways to sort of be fueled by that, that originally weren't totally apparent. And, and, and that helps people like you said, like, it's not a chore. It's like something I'm like, excited to go and explore and, and try something new and see people that follow me and like, wow, I have followers. You know, I have people who follow me, like I show up. And I'm like a social media influencer. And which you are, you influence people's behavior, which is wild, you know, it's really cool. And I'm glad that you are doing that, because there's a lot of influencers who suck and who are cool and nice. And I just, I like that, because I feel like when people make that leap, the odds of them, being able to really stick it out, like really stick it out, are much higher, because it gives you the opportunity to actually do something you love. And along the way, as you're doing that, you discover more, you discover more ways, like you discover a lot more ways to monetize your business, you discover a lot more ways that you're fired up about the business, you discover holes and gaps that you missed before or ways that you can work in private coaching, or you can sell your own product or you're like oh my gosh, I could write an E book, right? And as you do that, suddenly you're a year in you're five years in, you're like 10 years in and you're like, wow, I have a lot of value right now. And then you can, you know, so anyway, there's just a lot there. And that's cool to hear you say that because sometimes, for people, it can be a real chore. And it might have been for you when you were first getting started. I don't know, but or just like pulling teeth like Wow, this is so awkward. Yeah. And eventually that turned for you. I think it does for most people. But most people like don't give it the time it needs. 

Colette: Yeah, for sure. Yeah, I always say, don't give up on your dreams, you know, you're, you're always you just need to keep you know, moving forward, step by step, just little steps. And don't give up. Absolutely. 100% don't give up. Because if you give up, then, you know, you're right back to where you started. So why do you want to be back to where you started? You want to keep going on the journey, because it's gonna make you a better person. And you get to help other people. And there's other people out there that are searching for you to help them.

Matt: Yes, bingo. Exactly. And they don't know that they need that help yet, but something inside is saying, I'm searching, I'm looking, I'm trying to find something. And then you're scrolling through the little TikTok, and oh, my gosh, here's our here's the image here who? Yeah, very cool. I love it. So if I'll give me the final word, if you're if you're sitting here and, and, and into this computer screen or phone screen is looking in somebody who's like you back in April, or wherever, you know, and they're like, like, I guess I need to like, get going on some content, I need to start my channel I need to get going. Do you have any tips? Or do you have any advice in terms of like, you know, obviously just get started. But like, you know, do you think it's important to commit to a certain amount of content a day, do you what feels important to that person to get them to push through.

Colette: So I would say you definitely need to post four to five videos a day. That's your goal. And at the very beginning, it was super hard. You know, just because I was like, you guys have heard me I was scared to death to do any of this. But be consistent post your four to five content. And don't be a perfectionist like people love raw and genuine and real. So when you when you've got you know, everything perfected that's not showing who you really are. So you know, when you when you do like a blooper, or when you do like, something that isn't exactly how you want it to be. Those are the ones that typically go viral, or those are the ones that get more views because you're showing people your personality, and that at the end of the day, that's what they want that there's you know, there's so many videos to look at. So just just don't, don't be a perfectionist and just do it. And don't give up on yourself. That's, that's my number one thing is, no matter how long it takes you like I just did a happy blast on this. You don't know when your breakthrough is gonna be. You don't know if it's gonna be tomorrow, two weeks, two months, you know, six months, but at the end of the day, you're doing it and that's all that matters. Like you can go to bed at night knowing that you've given it your all and maybe tomorrow is going to be a breakthrough. But just believe in yourself and surround yourself with people that believe. You know, like I told you earlier, my husband and I my kids have been my number one supporters. So when I was going through the valley of despair, they were always like, Mom, you're good Mom, you're good. You know, just keep doing that. Keep believing in yourself. We believe in you and So, you definitely need in this community of people is amazing. So like, you know, just surround yourself with people that want to lift you up. And you know, just don't give up on yourself.

Matt: Guys, go follow Colette and let her know how impactful this was, if it was impactful for you, I can see the comments so I already know it was but and if you're watching here as a replay, you know, we usually have a few 100 people here live and then you know, lots of people watching via replay, and through watch as a replay. Go give her a follow and let her know. You know, one of your takeaways from today. And Colette keep rockin if you need anything from us, if you need any help. I'm always here. I'm very available. So happy to help for whatever you need. 

Colette: Thank you so much, man. I totally appreciate you guys so much. 

Matt: Cool. Awesome. Have a good one. All right, guys. Geez. Another one, right. DJ Khaled. Happy Wednesday. Yeah, go give her a follow. She's awesome. And is a really, really great follow. And I think just a great story of like, you know, I think a lot of people quit in the, you know, the story where they're, you know, they're digging for gold, and they're three feet away, and then they stop. And like, you know, collect. She's making these videos in April, May, June, and things are a little slower. There's a few 100 people watching few 100 views, 500 views. And if you stop there, I mean, think of the goldmine that is just left, you know, undiscovered and uncollected. And it's tricky, because sometimes you really feel like, Okay, this isn't gonna work. And that's a real feeling. And the truth is, sometimes it doesn't work. That's the real truth. But typically, if you push and push and learn and grow, like if you do two things, you keep creating content of some sort, and you keep learning, you keep, like, it's not enough just to keep creating the content and just like, well, it's not working, I'm gonna keep doing it. That's true. But you've also got to be learning and growing and stretching yourself and figuring out what's working for other people and seeing how you can bring that into your marketing. So again, thanks, Claire. That was awesome. And we'll be back here again, they will be back tomorrow and Friday, same time 10am. Eastern, we've been doing this for like, I don't know, a year and a half or four. I mean, we've been live virtually every day for years. But between Dave and I do in these lives. I don't know somewhere around a year and a half like last April or March or something. And and we've got a whole big lineup of people if you're out there and you're getting results we've got about a month long waiting period, but if you're like out there killing it and we haven't heard of you or you know of somebody who's out there crushing it, and they're selling some sort of digital information or coaching or something, let us know. I mean, hit us up. You can email Dave at legendary marketer calm and let us know we'll reach out to him and get him hooked up. So we're always looking for new people, people outside of our community, people inside of our community, new people, just all kinds of stuff. So that's all we got for the day, guys. Take it easy. Have a good Wednesday.