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JoAnn: Hello everyone, welcome to Wake Up Legendary, happy monday. My name is JoAnn and I’m from the marketing department here at Legendary. I’m so stoked about our geist this morning who I’ll bring on in a second. Send us a text to get notified every morning when we go live. 

You won’t. get spammed or anything like that. And you'll just text WUL. Two. Let’s bring on Leo. And share with us a little bit of your journey and why you got started with us.

Leo: So I’ve been in the media and events industry for 20 plus years and the Live Events obviously took a beating during the pandemic, with many of them not happen here. In 2020, it was brutal, but in 2021 felt like it was going to get better, but didn't seem to be getting any better. So I had been toying around with different online businesses in the past from Amazon to various other things and marginal success here and there. And I came across a video on TikTok from one of the legends. And it was very interesting to me, and I jumped on it and started learning more about it for the 15 day business challenge back in, I think it was October or November of last year, and went through that and said, Wow, this is pretty cool. This is very different. This is a different kind of company that's doing this. And I also found that affiliate marketing for me personally was a good fit, because I've got a sales background, and also a marketing background. So to be able to do that, to be able to market and sell other people's products that I didn't have to create or source or find to me just seemed like the right fit. So I jumped on it. I bought the blueprints. And I also went to the mastermind in December in Orlando and didn't look back.

JoAnn: You went through the challenge in October, mastermind in December. What was what you did between starting the challenge and attending mastermind and what changed after?

Leo: I was not a huge immediate media. eyes towards Facebook just to see what MySpace is doing in the past and just like most teenage daughters or sons do to their parents when they say they want to make tic tock videos. But I started just building my channel, I got it up and running, started posting really bad videos back in like November. Maybe I got a little bit better as I went along in December. And then I went to the mastermind and learned some of the great things that some of the other legends were doing. And realize that I don't have to try to figure everything out and be the expert and to be able to see what others are doing and to try to mimic that and make it my own. I thought it was for me it was a light bulb that went off and I said well I can do that and that will help me understand what kind of content works well and then maybe I can put my own spin on it and and that's really what I was doing is really building my TikTok channel to try to learn how to bring the traffic to the to the offer.

JoAnn: Hey, okay, Love that. So I saw on the questionnaire that I'm going to ask you about the board breaking exercise. share with our audience a little bit about that, and what your, what you really took away from that.

Leo: Yeah, so at the mastermind, you know, I didn't know what to expect, I've been to Tony Robbins, various Tony Robbins programs. And so I had an understanding of what I might expect, but the mastermind was really eye opening and a great experience. Being with other folks who are already doing this is really successful. And then newbies like myself were in the room, learning and getting an understanding, we all had our kind of our, our limiting values or our limiting beliefs. And for me, it was fear of failure. And, you know, I've been through a number of different types of online businesses that had marginal success. And I think that one of my biggest beliefs is that I can't do this, or just, I'm too old to do TikTok videos, or, you know, something I'm just gonna fail at. And for me, it was about getting through that fear of failure. And breaking through that at the mastermind was like walking on hot coals at Tony Roberts event. So being able to take that board, right, my limiting belief, which was fair failure, and then smashing it to pieces, was really powerful for me. And I know from a lot of other folks that I've spoken to that were at the mastermind that was really powerful for them as well. And it's something I still have, I have it framed in my office upstairs and, and it's something that I've used in video. And in fact, I think I made a video that's same or next day that I was in Orlando with a little clip of me breaking the board. And it was powerful for me. And it's something that I know a lot of folks struggle with is, you know, we're new at this, we don't really understand exactly what we're doing the 15 day business challenge walks you through it. And then when you go through the blueprints, it takes you even deeper, but you're still new, and you're still figuring it out, and you're afraid you're gonna fail or you're afraid you're just not good enough to do it. And what you find out is that anyone can do this business, you just have to be consistent with it.

JoAnn: Right? Okay. So is anybody sitting there right now? Going? Yes, I have the fear of failure. Yes, he's speaking to me right now. We all can talk about it. But actually putting into action, how to overcome that what really helps you take action, because you can talk about I'm going to break the board, I'm going to smash through this. But until you're ready to really do, what do you think helps you keep doing it? And when you start having that thought creep back in your mind, right?

Leo: The valley of despair, as Brian brew would say, for me, it was really about looking around at some of the other folks that were successful in this business. I think the young lady's name, I think her name was Sarah, she was 20 some odd years old. And, you know, she started doing this and just rocking it so fast. And then, and then you see, you know, basically people of all ages, races, color, it doesn't matter, like, who is successful at this. And I said, if they can be successful, so can I. And I think that's what kept me going is realizing that for other people who are doing this and being successful at doing it, and all the only difference between them and me is that they're doing it. And so for me, that was like I said, Damn, I just got to keep doing what they tell us to do in the 15 day business challenge in the blueprints. We worked on the plan. And once you work the plan, holy smokes, you start making sales and you start getting customers to start talking to people who are in the same place or the same exact situation that you were in and you're saying, I was there. I know exactly what you're going through, let me help you because I was exactly in the same place as you were. I was the believer that all these things are a scam, I was a believer that only the people who were at the top make the money. And that is just not the case. And so, you know, I think the other big thing for me was getting my first commission, which happened about I think 35 or 40 days in making TikToks. And getting that first commission. I think the first thing was like three bucks, but the large commission was, you know, five figures and you're like holy smokes, this really does work and I think that's what kept it in the plan. 

JoAnn: Alright, so obviously we talk to me a little bit about what you're going through, you're starting to make TikToks. What's your process to come up with ideas, content and stay consistent?

Leo: Yeah, so for me, what I do is, every morning I build a studio here in my basement. It was a large closet that turned into a music studio. And that was my studio for creating TikTok. But what I do is I come down here, and I go through tick tock, and I look at all of the best folks in affiliate marketing. So there's ways to sort. As we all know, there's a SnapTik or Sort For TikTok. And so I look at the biggest producers in our industry and affiliate marketing. And I look at some of the things that they've done that have been successful with the algorithm of tick tock, and then I write those all down, like come up with what my hook is that beginning part, figure out what my story is around that subject matter, and figure out just the call to action at the end. And so what I've done is I've tried to maintain two or three videos, but trying to do three every day, which is a motivational, which is usually a duet from somebody else that I just resonated with me, for whatever reason, mostly about, you know, believing in yourself about small business. And the next one is about affiliate marketing, specifically trying to answer a question around affiliate marketing. And then the third one is usually something about, you know, getting out of the rat race of the nine to five and breaking free of that rat race. So those are typically my kind of three minute goals of how I create content. And for me, again, what I learned at the mastermind, I don't have to be the expert at creating that content, I can look to find what's successful out there, try to duplicate that in my own way. And that to me, was really powerful. Because coming up with content ideas is not easy. And it's something that, you know, I think a lot of folks struggle with, and the reason why a lot of folks don't stay consistent with it. So that's how I create my content every day.

JoAnn: Well, and also, I think, and only speak to this on your thoughts on it, some people aren't consistent, because they're expecting a quick return if I made three videos. I didn't get a commission, I didn't see, you know, my leads, I didn't get all these notifications of new leads. So I'm terrible about how do you keep going and not play the long game, this is a marathon, not a sprint that keeps you moving and producing even though you weren't seeing immediately within, you know, a day, those early results?

Leo: Yeah, again, I think for me, it was about breaking my limiting belief, which was the fear of failure. And knowing by looking at all of these other folks who were doing it, I, you know, I follow a few folks that are very similar and age me that had jobs that they hated and are succeeding at this in a big way. And so I think, for me, the thing that kept me going was saying to myself, these folks did it while they had a full time job, some of them still have a full time job, and they're still doing it. And they're making six plus figures from doing this, because I see them on the scoreboard. And I'm just saying, Man, if I could just stay consistent with this and continue to do the steps that have been taught, I can conceivably succeed at this well, as well. And, again, my first commission happened, you know, 45 plus days in or 50 days in. But I know that what I'm growing here is a business, not a short term, you know, get rich quick, I'm trying to build something that's long term. And I think if folks remember the fact that this is something that we're building a long term business for, and not just trying to get quick hits, quick hits feel good, those quick hits, really, what's building that long term business for you. And I think that's the thing that I kept in mind is that I'm not looking at the short term, I'm looking at the long term. And I've always seen this, and I think it was said in the mastermind, you know, people get into these businesses, and they just say, Oh, I'm gonna make $10,000 In my first month, and then they get upset because they only made you know, $1,000 in their first month or not. And, and, and what I've seen is people say, if you can just put your head down, commit to this business for a minimum of six months to a year, you'll never go back to your nine to five job again. And for me, that was super powerful. And after three months, I stopped my full time job. And this is what I do full time. So it can happen. It is a reality. And really that's that for me, that was so powerful.

JoAnn: All right, we got to take a moment, folks, if you hear that he has left his nine to five, which was 50 plus hours a week from time. What has that meant to you and your family and your life at this point?

Leo: So again, one of the reasons why I wanted to do something like this was because I was traveling a lot pre-pandemic, all over the US overseas. And the amount of time that I was spending with my family was getting less and less and less. I was putting more and more hours in. I was making great money with my job but Again, I was trading time for a paycheck. And that time I was losing for my family. And so for me, getting that time back, I'm going to go to lunch with my daughter, today I do I go to lunch with her a lot of days, we do breakfast in the morning, my wife and I are anything I wasn't able to do before, because I was getting home till seven, eight o'clock at night. Getting that time back from my family is everything to me. So that really, for me was the most important thing. And, you know, I also took a look at my life and said, Do I really need to make X number of dollars to be happy. If I continue to grow that y into x, y, z, then eventually, I won't have to worry about the money, it won't be a thing anymore. So for me, I reevaluated my entire life. Instead, I can live off of this amount of money. If we just made some small changes to how we're living right now. We'll be able to go back to having all those same lifestyle changes, maybe a year from now. And that's really how I looked at it.

JAnn: Oh, I love that. And I mean, freedom of choice. Maybe I will come into the challenge. I want financial freedom. I'm looking for that quick cash in. Right. But really, most of us are looking for freedom of choice, who we spend our time with, what we do when we do it, how we do it, still being able to support ourselves, right?

Leo: Yeah, that freedom is everything. JoAnn, it's, um, you know, I know a lot of folks who I've spoken with that are now going through the 15 day business challenge. And just going through this, they said the same thing. It's like, I'm working my ass off and making decent money. But I'm not spending quality time with my family, or I don't get to choose when I go on vacation, or what I do each day. And I just say to them, listen, stick with this, work the plan, and you'll never worry about that. Again, you can do whatever the hell you want. You spend two hours, three hours in the morning every day, or do it in the night, and you spend your day however the hell you want to spend it.

JoAnn: Exactly. That's huge. And that's really what most people are looking for. Whether they realize it or not, you just have to process. And like you've mentioned a few times today, you don't have to be an expert. Sometimes people get stuck. In this a I have to keep learning. There's more to learn, more to learn, more to learn. I can't post anything until I'm, you know, the expert, but you can't ever get to that place until you actually do it.

Leo: Yeah, I think a piece that I heard during the mastermind was, you only have to know a little bit more than the person below you. Exactly. And because you're continuing to learn and become more and more proficient at this business, they're still new in where you were two, three months ago, or four months ago or a year ago. And as you're continuing to learn, you're able to provide those folks the same nuggets that you learn from others, as you started to grow your business. And that for me was something that was really important too, because I was like, I know this enough to be dangerous, but I don't feel like I know enough to teach somebody else the business. But then when I was talking to folks and understanding their same challenges that I had, I was explaining to them that I was going through the exact same thing and just to start to learn the business. And then I will provide whatever guidance I can with what I've learned and together, we can be successful. So the newbie thing, the whole thing about, you know, imposter syndrome. That's all in your own head. It really is. 

JoAnn: Yeah, It's our own roadblock. Why don't we realize it or not? We're actually stopping ourselves.

Leo: 100% Yeah.

JoAnn: And people love to see when they show up authentically. So when you share your journey, this is where I'm at, this is what I've already experienced. This is what I've already learned. They appreciate that they can relate to that. And you can relate to your audience. Do you feel like that's happened with your following?

Leo: Yeah, you know, I think the other thing that I heard a lot was, you know, do your videos, go after your traffic and you will find your tribe. And I have found my tribe, most of them tend to be either men or women in a very similar age range as mine, they, they resonate with my message. And those folks are typically going through the exact same things that I am, they either hate their job, they want to spend more time with their family, and they're just trying to figure out a way out. And this can be that way out if they just work the plan and can stay consistent with it. And that's kind of what Ion TikTok about every time that I talk to somebody new is this can happen. I'm a perfect example of it. Gotta follow the plan. You gotta do what's explained. Dave didn't create this just for fun. He created this because he was successful. He knew he could help people with it. And if you just follow it and stay consistent with it, it'll work. 

JoAnn: I love it. Love it. Love it. All right, so you are mostly on TikTok?

Leo:  Correct. Right now I'm only on TikTok. But I am breaking into Pinterest and Instagram and I started my Facebook channel, I'm starting to slowly bring people into my Facebook channel. But I've been in talks with folks through DMS.

JoAnn: Oh, how do you warm up your cold prospect that just saw your video for the first time to where they end up taking action? Are you going live? What are you doing with that? Or is it only in the DMS?

Leo: So what I do is typically through, I follow up directly with every comment that comes through when I want to do a TED Talk video, and then what I explained in my link tree, I actually have my email and I tell people just email me, that's the easiest way and they email me direct at my email address. And then I started communicating there. And then I schedule a call with them through Calendly. And utilizing Calendly, I set my schedule with calls. And then I actually just do real calls with people and I just walk them through and I explain to them what's going on. And I hear what their situation is. And that's really how I nurture those folks, I have my AWeber account. And I nurture people continually through that. But for me, I'm a people person. So I like to talk to people. And I feel like it's really powerful to have that conversation.

JoAnn: Oh, okay, I love that. That's a huge golden nugget. So you know what your strength is. So you've added that piece, essentially, to your funnel. And because it's something you love, that's something you're good at. And that helps you convert members. And it's really important that even though you have the blueprint, you found a little piece that you know, you're like, you know, I can add this little step in at, I'm good at that something that you can add to it. I know a lot of people don't necessarily make phone calls. But if someone's good on the phone, they love having that conversation, it's definitely a great option to add it. So I love that. 

Leo: That's one of the things that I had heard again, I think, through the mastermind, somebody who was speaking. I think it was the couple that was there. I can't remember their name, Megan and Ryan, I believe it was. They talked about how you know, the power is in the DMS and in getting, you know, one on one with folks. And to me that was again, another nugget that I took out a mastermind that just said, I got to be talking to these folks. It's something I've done for 20 plus years on the phone with people. And I do it either through a phone call or even a zoom, or I see them face to face and I talk to them. Again, really powerful. And I know a lot of people don't want to do that because they feel like it's time consuming and you got a lot of tire kickers, but I can assure you that most people who are reacting to this have an agenda and they want to do something with their lives. And this is a way for them to get out of that grind that they're trying to get away from. So having a conversation with them, letting them know that you're a real person who went through the exact same thing. That and that you're no different than them except for that you've applied the principles and are consistently working them. 

JoAnn: Wow, that's huge.

Leo: It's just not something magical. You just have to decide to take action. Right? That's it

take action. Massive Action equals massive results. 

JoAnn: Oh, I love that. Massive action equals massive results. I hope everyone that's watching is listening to that, maybe pin it up, write it on a board somewhere, write it down, put it on your phone screen to look and see every day because that's that's huge. I think that's really the biggest hole is people want, but they're not willing to do. That's it. 

Leo: And you know, I don't know where I heard this. But you know, and the reason I left my full time job is because I was always told, in order to make a business of your own successful you have to burn the bridges. And in some of those bridges are people in your life that tell you you can't do it and tell you you're you don't know anything about TikTok. You have to burn some of those bridges. But for me the bridge was there was no way I could do this business and really commit to it while I was working 50 plus hours a week. It was just for me there was no way. And that's why I reevaluated my life to figure out what I really need and can I live for three or four months before I start receiving commissions. Some people can do that. Some people can't. But burning that bridge for me, allowed me to focus 100% of my time on this business and so that's why I'm doing what I'm doing. 

JoAnn: I love that and really identifying what's the bridge you need to burn you exactly does it mean and sometimes it's friends and family, right? But it doesn't mean you know, to stop talking to them, but drawing clear boundaries even with them. Yep. Allow those conversations to be. 

Leo: Burning the burning of that versus just to listen to the negativity. Because then once you start doing like I think in my first 60, less, almost 60 days, and my daughter was like that you had 10,000 followers already. I'm like, yeah. And that was like, oh my god, okay, wait, he's doing something right. And then my wife was like, start seeing Commission's come in, and they started getting deposited into our account. And we're like, yeah, okay, this, this business can actually work. Yeah, naysayers will come around, whether they're family or friends. But you just have to be able to shut them off while you're focusing on the business.

JoAnn: Right? I think even Dave, last week said, opinion switches once they see the money.

Leo: That's very true.

JoAnn: Literally, they see cash and they're like, Oh, this is great. This is fantastic. But if they're not going to support you don't share that part. Yeah. Normally, you're going to just stop, stop that part of your journey. So Jason shared the enemy is in my head in the comments, what would it be? What's your piece of advice for Jason and anyone feeling like their biggest enemy is themselves and it's in their head?

Leo: Yeah. My advice to that is, again, get out of your own way. And realize that if you just stay consistent with this business, put your head down and do what you're trained to do, based on the training that we have, it will work that the process does work, it takes time doesn't happen immediately. But if you just keep doing it, and keep doing it, and keep doing it. Next thing, you know, you got people on the 15 day business challenge, and then you've got people buying the blueprints and going into the masterminds and this works, it just works. And then you start to think about what other affiliate marketing programs can you take these principles and apply them to with a passion that you have one of my passions is the dog is dogs. And so I've started a dog channel recommending dog products, food, treats, toys, and became an affiliate for Petco for Amazon, and applying the same exact principles to that business because I love it. 

JoAnn: Oh, I I love that. So when did you start that channel?

Leo: I just started that channel about two weeks ago, I believe.

JoAnn: Okay, you feel about it. So you're applying the principles from blueprints in this channel? And how is that starting off and kicking off for you

refer so good. I mean, you know, you start to start slow, just like everything, start creating content. And I've just started creating content for it. And the authority comes a couple small sales from it. But it is what it is, it is for me, it's not so much about the money that it's eventually I guess it will be but for now, it's just fun. And it's also a passion and one of my taglines, I think with my Facebook channel, and even my TikTok  is helping people turn their passions into profits. And for me, affiliate marketing is about helping people take something that they really enjoy, and turning it into money. And the first part of that is legendary, and understanding the business and if you want to help other people, if that's a passion for you, you do that through legendary, but if you have other passions, there's a million different types of things that you can be an affiliate marketer for. Just find a niche. That's, that's a passion of yours and go after it.

JoAnn: Right Just take your education, follow the blueprint, the plan and apply it to whatever you're passionate about and excited about. Right. Exactly. I love it. And you're a perfect example of such an inspiration that you can do this. This isn't about promoting legendary after you go through the education. This is about changing your life business that you're proud of that you're excited about.

Leo: Yeah, that's it all the time on this, you know, you don't have to promote Legendary he would love it. And it's great because the high tech affiliate program, it really does work. But you don't have to use these principles just to promote Legendary. You can find a passion, you have your niche and use the exact same principles with that niche and go after that business as well. You can do both or you can just do one. It's completely up to people to decide on their own but the principles work on any passion. Exactly.

JoAnn: I love it. There were a lot of golden nuggets on a Monday morning. I think anybody watching it will probably go back and watch this one. This is great. We are coming to you if you would like to follow me on stuff @leojosephrecommends But definitely go give Leo a follow comment on his videos let him know that you saw him on Wake Up Legendary open up that conversation. See how he's looking at what others are doing but making it his own adding his own twist his own spin in really making it unique and authentic to himself. And that's why he's connecting with his audience. So definitely go check it out and give him a follow. So thank you so much for coming on today.

Leo: Happy Wednesday everybody be legendary. Thank you so much. Appreciate joining. JoAnn: All right. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and I hope that on Valentine's Day they will be back with us with tomorrow's guest for another episode of Wake Up Legendary hope you had your notebook if not go back. Take some notes from this episode because Leo dropped a lot of gold for you to apply. Have a great day everybody.