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Matt: What's up what's up what's up. All right, there we go. What's happening everybody, welcome to Happy Thursday. It is Thursday, September 23 And my name is Matt. I'm the CMO here at Legendary. If you didn't know that I was trying to pull up a brighter white screen I lost my mocks. This past weekend the light burned down so I had to order a new one, it hasn't come in yet. And anyway, hope you're doing well today let us know in the comments where you're tuning in from. And we've got an awesome show today. I'm pumped about our guest. His name is Mike Mike we’re gonna bring him on right away and just dive into it, Mike what’s going on?

Mike: What's up, good morning.

Matt: Mike, all the way from Reno, dude. How you doing,

Mike: I'm okay,

Matt: I'm glad that you're here. I think this is gonna be a good show and I thought it would be valuable. I was kind of just reading through your responses, that would be valuable as if you brought us into your world a little bit just, you know, you took me on a little journey mini journey in the questionnaire that we do about, you know, the job you started with, but I just kind of feel like it'd be helpful to sort of set the stage for you and your journey online if you took us back all the way to, you know, the local grocery store, way back in the day and just tell us a little bit about your work life and where that led you to today where you know you're online.

Mike: Well straight out of high school, I got a job at a local grocery store pretty much doing the grocery business for 30 years after that. I don't know the first 10 years I've worked with the local grocery store. I got fired from there when I was young. I got fired, took a year off work today. Basically, the manufacturer that did the manufacturing steps for hearts, and armouries and stuff like that was pretty cool. I worked there for a year, I got bored because there was no customer service for the top two. So I got out of that and went into the natural food business or grocery store in the country. So I've worked there for 20 years, and that's to say December, I think it was three days before New Year's. I was fired after 20 years. Wow. And, you know I'm not bitter about it, I'm just kind of like, you know, probably three years before that. I've lost my father to cancer and after that I would just kind of question like, this is what I wanted to do still in my life. The only thing I hadn't really done in the grocery business was become a store manager yet. And, you know, looking at all the store managers that were coming up and seeing how much stress that was involved in that, in that process. I decided not to go down that route anymore. And I really just lost interest in and work in the grocery business, because I've done it all and I've been working up here in Tahoe, which was really nice. But I just got bored of it, and you know it came down to me getting fired and I was like, see ya. You know, so, for like, I don't know, probably like last 10 years, you know, internet's been getting really wild, crazy and my friends, done some weird shit on it, which is good man, and made made some money, you know, and I've always been thinking like, man, if you could just get that one time when you're in the right place at the right time, and boom you have a little business going on the internet, you know, and never been really computer savvy or internet savvy, and you know I got on, got on, you know got online and was looking for four jobs online, that's what sparked the, the TikTok journey is as soon as you, you know, Google something. An algorithm is going to pick it up somewhere somehow and shove all this, you know advertising in your face. You know I was on TikTok for probably about three or four months. I would say now about a month, it was January. And my kids have been on it, you know, my kids are 21 and 20. I was like yeah I downloaded tick tock and they're just like, oh gosh Dad what are you doing? you know like, and I said well I have a question. Have you guys heard of affiliate marketing? And both of them are like no, you know, they probably don't pay attention that they scroll right past it. And so I was like seeing this like people are making money, making money. And I was like, You know what, I'm gonna check it out. So I googled Legendary because that's what was coming up with legendary, just to see if it was legit, not a scam I saw the reviews online and I was like, Sure, I'm gonna go back to whoever it was it, you know, had the, the 15 day challenge, you know, they were promoting on on video. I think it was, I think it's the best thing I've done so far in my life. So, I mean I'm not making big mad money right yet but yeah, I know it's coming, and, you know, consistency is definitely the key to this game here. Yeah, Because if you're not consistent, you'll give up. There's head games in there, you know like, I've talked to yourself. You know, like, every time it's a trip man it's a trip, it's a good journey right now. And that's, I think that's what I love the most is like, you know, working in a grocery store for 30 years. There's nothing more you're going to learn. Yes, that's why I think that's why I stopped caring, because there was nothing else I could learn. I think I could do it as a mentor, and I was fine, I was great at that. But for me to thrive. I need to learn. Right now. This is the internet and doing things that are totally out of my comfort zone. I'm thriving, I'm thriving inside because I'm learning something brand new, something new, and you know all the other things will come and they'll follow as long as I stay consistent.

Matt: Yeah, I feel like me a lot, a lot of good stuff there, I feel like the one big thing that kind of jumps out to me is not learning and growing and constantly keeping moving forward, and it's like there's this, there's this thing, I wonder if I can find this but I try to share my screen here real quick because I feel like what you said is basically this. In a nutshell, let me see if I can share this. This is just a poster here of this, see if I can copy the image address. Gosh, it's blurry as heck. All right, let's try this one. If this little finger. So this is just, I don't know if you've heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, but basically what it is. And they've got video ads and all kinds of stuff on this page. So basically, you can see at the very top, it's basically like the needs that humans have at a base layer you have just physical needs food, water warmth rest right then, safety and security beyond that if you've got a roof over your head now you know how do I find financial stability, how do I find relational stability. And then you go beyond that to a longing and intimacy, right, friendship, and then prestige and feeling of accomplishment and then sort of the final one after that is self actualization and achieving one's full potential, which involves a lot of what you were talking about growth, and forward, I always define that as like that I guess is forward progress, like the, the, the ability to feel like there's another step in front of you and another hurdle in front of you. And the moment that I think most humans where they get to the moment where they feel like. Jeez, there's no more hurdles for me, this is the final hurdle, you know maybe somewhere in your point in your 20 years at that grocery store, it's kind of like, alright, I don't have any other hurdle and I'm curious for everybody who's on here live with us if you, if you guys resonate with this with this idea that's, You know, the self actualization skill at the very top of this. This is, this is really key stuff, this is the deep stuff that you, you know, we sort of wander around life, throwing ourselves at this, throwing ourselves at that, and wondering why we feel the way we feel. Well, this explains a good bit of it. What do you think about this right? 

Mike: It's every bit of it. I think everybody needs some type of self fulfillment. Like a need or feeling a need to be doing something, you know, learning something. If you're not, you're just, you're stagnant, you know you're just sitting around waiting for something to happen. And that's an easy, easy thing to get into, you know, especially if you don't have a strong mind. You know, you just have to keep pushing forward with Microsoft, you know, or something else to learn.

Matt: Yeah, and even with the beautiful part about entrepreneurship. And the beautiful part about doing something yourself and online is a great example this is that hierarchy, I mean that there, there's never an end, you know, because, like, and this gets to the other part that he said which is, it's always sort of this mind game battle, and I just resonate with that so much dude because I even now for me man, even now. You know I've been in this, I've been in this industry. I first started getting to know this industry in 2009 and 10. And that feels way back. But even now, like, you know, that sense of doubt and sense of, you know, the self doubt that always creeps in, right, and that's usually my first sign that like hey I'm on to something. If I've got some sort of self doubt coming in, there's obviously I'm obviously jumping over a hurdle here, right, I'm obviously stretched to the point where I'm growing, I'm moving something muscles strange, you know or I'm being bent a little bit like am I kind of resist or am I gonna break, you know, and I just think that the way I look at this journey, and I'm glad that you see it that way because it's, I mean some days you wake up and it's not all that easy.

Mike: It's funny because every time I have that thought of like, oh, maybe I should, you know, keep this on the simmer the down low and and go back to get another nine to five, and continue doing this, or, or putting it all together and saying look this is not working for me it's not my thing. Don't swear that that morning I woke up and my first viral video went off. When I got like 600,000 views off of that, and like 40,000 followers, like in 24 hours. It was a trip, it was very humbling because once you hit that viral video, it's like, okay, now you got to answer all the comments. Now you have to step up to the plate and provide them with what you just, you know, gave that content. And in that first video, you know your phone, you have to get the set your phone in another room because it's going off every three seconds, you know, that was a tricky thing to, you know, never had that happen before. Then you know and then I had this, this really long spell of, I guess there was a point where tick tock, videos, I mean everybody was getting, like, two 300 views 300 views like come on, you know, I know this one will go viral. Come on, like, just like this weekend, I was like, and this is getting really slow, so I started, you know, I tried to do another tip top channel, because we had that training and I got a few views so it was really, really slow. And I, I hit a magical, magical video and boom I got another one that's getting almost 90,000 views right now. It only takes out one viral or just gets viral, and you start getting leads coming in and, you know members and then and then commissions, you know, so, it's fun, a lot of fun. 

Matt: Yeah, it's a little bit of a trick to figure out, I think, I think, you know, that whole span of time where a lot of that, you know, people started their views sort of went down and stuff, and, you know, people were like, oh, it's the algorithm, yeah it is kind of the algorithm but also there's, there's an during that span of time that a lot of people were doing a lot of the same stuff and a lot of the same stuff, I mean, they were posting screenshots of their back office or they were posting things that were not just borderline non compliant with TikToks terms but just not compliant with their terms. And so it was one of those things where the blame went on the algorithm. But what was happening at least at the beginning level of that was more that there were just outrageous income claims being made. And we were cracking down on that as a staff. I'm on it, affiliates, and message people like hey, Kimmy can't do that. We're gonna have to deactivate you. But also, you know, it's kind of funny that we have to do that because on the exact same front, the social media platforms sort of do that work for us. A lot of times, because they'll go on and just shadow vana channel, right, or they'll got allergies this morning, they'll shadow ban a channel, or they will shut your channel down completely, you know, one of those two things, and so when people want to run, and then it comes screeching.

Mike: Last week they. That's why I started a different channel because they they paused my channel for a couple days because I was in violation, and it was a it was a video that I had already posted like three other times, right, and then they showed me the other videos that were under, under their guidelines and they were again another video that I had posted on recycled, a couple of times, it's just it's just kind of funny how things work. But, you know, having a good time doing it.

Matt: It's a, I get allergies like once a month or something. And when they come, man, they hit. Yeah, I feel like I'm on the TikTok front. The thing that I notice. Can you tell me when you first got started with TikTok? Did you find it difficult? Was it hard? Have you done any sort of integrals before? 

Mike: No. I think I've talked to my daughter like three days in a row. I'm going to do it today. You know and I sit there and I put that damn camera in my face. And then this one day I just said, You know what, screw it I'm going to do a video I'm just going to post it I'm not going to, you know, like, look over on it, you know, three or four times or try to edit. I'm just going to post it, And again, it got a couple of 100 views. It was, you know the beginning it's, you know you're trying to think of being creative and trying to do stuff on your own and, you know, at that time I think. I was watching one of the Thursday webinars, and we went over. We had briefly gone over, you know, checking out other people's videos. And, and, you know, taking maybe one of theirs and making it your own. And that's what I did. And that's how I got my first viral, it wasn't, it was out of something that wasn't even a very first viral wasn't it was a, like a manifestation type thing like, you know, if you're seeing this today. You know you'll be the first millionaire in your family, and just that alone was like, you know, pretty incredible like total a lot of positive comments. Lots and lots of positive comments, but it was totally something not even relevant, you know, no to do what I was doing, you know, and it was kind of, it was kind of crazy. It is funny.

Matt: I feel like the interesting part about TikTok, is, you know, so, so here I get a lot of pushback, this is what I find interesting is that I get a lot of pushback on like itself. Sometimes people will hear that and they're like, well, those kinds of minute I mean why are you creating some sort of manifestation video, you know that doesn't, there's no doesn't make any sense. Why would you do that? It's not that helpful of content, you know, it's not actually good content, whatever. But my bet is, you made some money from posting that video right yes no question about it. And the other thing that's interesting about that is, forget about the money, right, so let's say, let's say, that's not actual valuable content, right. The critic standing out in the stands out in the arena says that it's not actually valuable for the people that you're hosting, but I would counter that by saying, and that holds a lot of people up from posting certain types of videos side hustle videos manifestation videos. Right. But here's the thing. I think it is valuable, and I think it's a very limited mindset to say oh that's not that valuable. The truth is, for most people who are scrolling on tick tock, right, for them to see that video and just even for a snap second let's say they watch it for one thing. They see me as the first millionaire of my family. Many people, most people in the world, have never once considered that idea, right. So now. Who are you, Mike or who am I, or who is anybody who's on this and why are watching as a replay, who are we to say, oh that's not valuable to them. Right, oh that's not valuable. That's some real valuable content. No, that's, that's BS is what that is, that's real small mindset thinking, because with a side hustle video for instance, right. That's incredibly valuable content if I walk them through how to create a t- shirt brand, you know, and it doesn't have to be people misunderstanding marketing for sales and delivery, right, sales and delivery. That's a whole different ball game. Yes, in sales and delivery you actually need to explain everything in detail, you need to go into everything in marketing, the whole point of marketing is just that you're creating a shark, right, you're just in the mind of somebody who's sitting across a screen, they're holding up their phone, right, and they're scrolling through TikTok and they see Mike and all that marketing is meant to do a piece of valuable content is something that sets off a spark, and it's an it's the spark of curiosity. This is interesting. Right, and suddenly that little spark goes off. That might be the most valuable piece of content anybody sees in their whole life, right, it might send them down this whole rabbit trail of discovery and finding out who they are and reading secrets of Millionaire Mind and purchasing a course, maybe Tony Robbins goes on this whole trade right and then 35 years from now, maybe they're the CEO of Microsoft or who knows right, and that could have been. I'm being a little hyperbolic but that could have all stemmed from them seeing one little weird manifestation tick tock from Mike, right, and I think that people really underrate that because there's a lot of haters and a lot of naysayers in the comments are from different companies or whatever, who are just who are so small minded and so sick of it are so you know jaded or whatever. But, to me. I've always lived in the mind, I always as a marketer, live in the mind of somebody who has no concept of what I'm trying to sell them. Right, so I don't speak in insider terms, I always speak in the terms and language of the person that was out there, and I'm always imagining what was it like for me, the very first day in 2009, where I watched this video I still remember where I watched it, watch this video in my dorm, and one could argue it wasn't valuable, But I saw 12 years later. And I remember where I was sitting, I remember watching the video, I remember I even called two of my buddies my best friends . They were at my wedding. And I said to these guys, you got to look at this, they're like wow, that is a pyramid scheme. And I was like, I'm going to be very rich.

Mike: And that's what I told them, and I, but I remember watching that video, and it wasn't so much that it was the specific opportunity, or that it was even that method of making money, right, it wasn't that it was dropshipping or that it was a certain side hustle or manifestation or any of that stuff. It was simply that I sat down and I watched, and I realized the internet can make money flow faster than anything in the history of mankind. And the odds of me being able to find a small snippet, a small segment of that and bring that to me are pretty damn good. 

Matt: Right. And that little spark still sits with me today, and those little side hustle videos on TikTok people hate on it. Number one, I've seen them build humongous businesses. Number two, they set a channel off and get your first couple of sales, super easy and using that method, honestly. And number three, I think what you were kind of hitting on is, or the last piece that I guess I was hitting on was just that they're, they create this real spark for people, a realization that oh my god, this exists, right, and you can do this with any product, you could do it in any niche dog training. You can do it in a mindset any anyway, I'm ranting, but I feel so passionate about this because there's a lot of mental games that people do when they're creating content and they shouldn't do mental games, they should just post content and try new things, there's no moral. There is no moral compass, when it comes to just creating content and trying content out, Like there's not a right or wrong or bad or good, and if you're listening to somebody out there who's saying that it's bad content or your shit for posting this kind of content you need to stop listening to them. That's a really small way of looking at it anyway, what comes up for you?

Mike: The haters the haters for sure. You know it's especially mean to get a viral video, they can they can be pretty rude out there, you know, the greatest thing, I think one of the greatest tools and tick tock, is that block button, you know, not, you know, through the years I've made even to this day I got a lot of self esteem issues. And that was my, I think my kids first real concern about videos was, you know, people that are going to respond to the video. And, you know, I've always told them I really don't care what people think, you know it's it's it's great that you know they they're gonna put that much effort into responding to something that I put out there, but that energy could be used somewhere else being, you know, more positive somewhere else. I just blocked them. I don't even engage with that kind of person. Pretty much, yeah I'd like to find him the mic to reach through the computer and maybe bring their neck a little bit but you know you can't do that. So, blocking them, and never seeing them again. Just as well, you know, the haters really can get to you and I know a lot of people, they'll post a video out there and, you know, all you haters out there and sometimes people are crying out there. I feel for him. At the same time it's like, don't, don't even add to that energy. When you, when you respond like that, it just, it just gives those, those haters what they wanted, they want to see you, you know, break down. They want to see you come after him like that, you know, I just don't deal with it. 

Matt: Yeah, yeah, and I also, but I also feel like that happens, you know, in communities too so not even haters right, but, but I see it happen sometimes in our Facebook group and I see, I just think you're so right and I, and I want to encourage everybody who's here to, you know, screw the hatred, right, but to also be really careful, just about like, whose advice you listen to, and even if that's the right even if I give you a weird guy even if at all hold myself accountable, even if I, you know, If I make you feel a certain way, or my training makes you feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe I'm, you know, if I make you second guess yourself right without making you feel empowered, you shouldn't listen to me. You shouldn't listen to me. You shouldn't listen to Dave, you shouldn't listen to us. If we make you feel that way, right, so just be careful about who you listen to who you let speak into your life, because if any of you who are on here Mike and whoever's listening to this and getting any sort of value, when you get into some sort of training or community and you certainly listening to people. It's a really powerful decision that you're making, right, if you choose to put them into a category where you're like, you listen to them and you affirm what they say things like that. It's it's a really, it doesn't feel that powerful but it's amazing how their words seep in, right, and you know I'm sure that that's really true of us here and legendary, there's been people who've been learning with me, alongside me and from me for three years now, and I just think that there's a real element where you need to protect yourself and your business, and add your content, and you need to if you've got to, you've got a path you're going down, you need to guard against any of that hater, Bs, any of the fake guru be served people to your right or wrong or this or that bad or all this stuff. If you're on a mission, you want to try something out, you want to go after something, it might be your spouse, maybe your husband, wife, whatever, boyfriend, girlfriend, just go for it. You don't have to feel bad about it, you don't have to feel negative about it. And anybody who thinks that you should or thinks they need to go. And I'm not saying literally go like kick them out of your house. I'm just saying, you need to put them in a different category of your brain, a different compartment where they don't get to speak to you, and if they're sitting outside of you. That's a super unhealthy thing, and I think that's really important for people to know , to realize, to sort of grasp onto because, I mean, we are fragile humans, we are very fragile. And the moment that that little seed of doubt starts to sink in starts to leak in. Right. It just, it can, it's like poison it just starts to poison everything, and we start to doubt everything, and that is a really, it's, it's my least favorite thing in the world that comes from insecure people, and it comes. And it hurts people, that's what it does. So anyway, I have going on this little tirade but I really liked what you said there about the haters and mocking people and just hitting the block button just moving on, because you need to surround yourself, and I believe this firmly, everybody here needs to surround themselves with people who are going to say, Hey, you, you can do this, you can do this you need to try new stuff you can do hard things, and you know there isn't a right or wrong on the kind of content you're creating or you're opting just try something, just go on inhibited, I compare it, like here's my last part of this rant okay and then I'll stop. I compare this to a little kid in a sandbox right so I used to play sandbox when I was little. And when I was two, three years old I would sit in the sandbox. And I would just play. No sense of, Am I doing something wrong, why would I be doing something wrong, innocent kid toddler sitting in the sandbox just playing with my Matchbox cars right. And I would do this at the silver times, and I would just sit there and play. And over time, parents, teachers, friends, siblings, usually trained me right, they projected all of their internal psychological stuff on me to doubt myself right or wonder if maybe I'm doing something wrong or I'm bad or something right. But there was a moment before all that, where I was just fully uninhibited. I had no chains, I had no wonder that maybe something for all year. Right. And, and for most entrepreneurs, if they can return to that place where there's no inhibitions, there's no wonder there's, there's no one. Nancy gonna think about this right or Uncle Terry what's he gonna think, you know, or Geez What about my kids. Oh my god I watch that guy on TikTok. Did I say I was, you know, My Content shit. Or, Oh, these haters in my comments are telling me that I'm, you know, whatever. Like, I'm old, or, you know, I'm a Raiders fan, which, by the way Raiders suck but Broncos fans. They're good this year. Anyway, like that's some leads from this hat. So, I think a return to the sandbox right is a powerful idea, and it's sort of something I've flown to every time I feel a sense of, I feel self doubt, right. I just wonder, is there something wrong, and immediately have to go back to that place and say, No, there isn't. There's nothing wrong with this, I'm just going to go in, I'm going to create this piece of content, I'm going to create this training, I'm going to write this email. There's nothing wrong, and you sort of take what Tammy just said, You're spot on unlearning right that's what it's called. It's called unlearning a lot of what we were taught when we were growing up. And when that happens, you start to release all of the nonsense people are putting on you because all they're doing is they're just putting on their, they their fears, their insecurities, their doubts, all of their negativity is just being tossed on to you, because you had the courage, the vulnerability, the willingness to say, You know what, fuck it, I'm going to go on TikTok, on a start posting videos. May that be uncomfortable but here we go. Yeah, no yeah and that sort of vulnerability doesn't deserve. Sometimes the negativity, it gets it deserves somebody to say, Dude, Mike bagman your man. You're freaking killing it dude, so powerful about our community at legendary is by and large, that's what you'll get is people who are, who look at that vulnerability and know how hard it is, and then can say, hey dude, nice work man, like you're going after it. So

anyway, the community is probably the top community I've ever been in, you know like, the positive people that reach out to you, it's pretty awesome. This community is pretty awesome. Mike: Yeah, I have got if I doubt if anybody gets this in any other, you know, business type like this. I don't, you know, I don't see that happening. Yeah, it is, I'd like to know because this is not you guys were the only, only group that I, you know, ever into, you know this, my first venture and I can't tell you how much I'm pleased. 

Matt: Yeah, well you'll probably get, you know, over the next few months or whatever you'll probably get a billion messages saying, you know, all of this kind of stuff, try this, do this, you know, this is so much better. And you know what, even if you were to go out and try a bunch of different other stuff I wouldn't hold it and hold it against you. But I do think there's some good, you know, there's some good value in, in committing to something for at least a certain period of time, whether that's six months or a year and saying I'm gonna smoke this, and then I'm going to see what else is out there, maybe I'll try another offer or you know whatever but Mike for somebody who's like sitting down. Alright. They just downloaded the TikTok app, they're looking at their phone, and they're like, all right, should I vote should anybody feel nervous. What would you say to that person?

Mike: Just do it. Just do it. Jumping off the playing field feet first. The more you think about it, the more chances that you're not going to do it. And I can tell you anything like a big time procrastinator here. And so one thing I do know I'm not being, I'm not a professional entering his business right now. And I'm really proud of that because I still have a couple of posters that I want to hang up in my room. I've been, you know, sitting in the right exact spot where I need to hang them, but they've been sitting there for a year. That's how bad of a procrastinator I am. But, but, yeah, you know if this is your first time. Just do it, you know and you know if it doesn't go viral. So what do other people do? You know that one doesn't go viral. So let's do another one. Just trash it out, you know, and eventually you get comfortable, you know, I can I get up every day at seven in the morning. I do my thing, I get right on the computer, I bust out three or four videos. Some of them I put in drafts for then I just watch him throughout the day and you know it's just get up, you just do it, you know, that's, that's the cool thing and it's, you know, surely it's a couple hours a day that you might be working throughout the day, on your phone from anywhere, you could be sitting in, in line for the movies and, you know, doing work at the same time, it'd be at the dentist's office, you know, with the waiting room and want some work there, you know, that's the cool thing about it too is like, you can never get yelled at by your significant other, because you're on your phone too much, you're just like, look, I'm doing my business right now you know like, how hard is that I you know, pretty cool. It's pretty cool.

Matt: Yeah, it's pretty cool. Well awesome man. Thank you so much again for coming on and hanging around we can chat for a few minutes afterwards. But, yeah, thanks for popping on and love to hear from you in a couple months and see how things are going. 

Mike: Hey, thank you. Thanks. Alright guys, hey, I'm gonna put his stuff back on the screen here. 

Matt: Go give him a follow and say thanks for the message today. Thanks for coming on. And for everybody who's here we've got a really special guest tomorrow. Somebody you maybe haven't seen host this show in over a year so both. Well, I've got a decade in the day so we needed a little guesthouse. Anyway, I'm not positive. What the hosting situations gonna be like but I'm pretty sure we're gonna have Andre on, maybe David will be able to make it I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure we're gonna have Andre on tomorrow. Guests hosting. He's awesome, you're gonna want to tune in, it's going to be a great time so that's all we got for Thursday, peace out, everybody. Have a good rest of your day. We'll see you again tomorrow. And every day, moving forward, Monday through Friday 10am Eastern we're always here.