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Dave: What is up, my friends welcome to wake up legendary. My name is Dave Sharpe and it is Monday and we've got yet another guest, another student to talk to, to have a conversation with see how she's doing with our training, see how she's doing with her business and that's what this show it's all about. It's not about having gurus on and, you know, just talking over people's heads and talking, you know about how many jet planes they’re riding in, you know, unrelated in their life. This is about relating to the person who's trying to build a business from the ground up and hearing from people who are just only a few steps ahead just a few months ahead, or a few years ahead so we can deliver real tangible, practical nuggets in tips and experience in stories to help move you along past that first phase of your business whether you're starting or you just need to start over so with that being said, Help me please welcome to the show this morning. Jessica. What's up, Jessica?

Jessica: Hi, how are you?

Dave: I'm fantastic. So you're a full time surgery physician assistant. Is that correct? 

Jessica: Yep. 

Dave: And you still do that full time, right?

Jessica: Yeah. For now.

Dave: What's your goal?

Jessica: Well, I have two young boys, four and 13 months old. I do like my job. I'm not going to bash it or anything like that. I went to school to become a physician assistant. I think it's pretty cool. I work with open heart surgery patients. And I just feel that I do want to continue doing some kind of health care. But I definitely don't want to do it full time. I don't think right now is the time to leave the healthcare industry because it's so needed, but I do need to be home with my kids a little bit more. So my goal ultimately is to do you know, have a little bit of both worlds. You know, I still want to take care of my patients, but I still want to take care of my kids, you know, more.

Dave: Yeah, that's great. That's awesome. And I love that you have a sense of you have a sense of purpose for your work that you do. And I'm sure that that's probably going to carry over to your online business as well. So tell us about that. Tell us how you found us. Tell us how you got started.

Jessica: Like most people are finding it, on TikTok. I actually started following and I know she's been on a lot of the shows and she's been doing really well Jessa Zion. And she's been amazing. We actually formed a little bit of a friendship as well which is pretty motivating and I learned a lot from her. So then I decided to sign up and then I did the challenge back in the summer, like towards the end of the summer. Once the full started, I kinda lifted off a little bit more with it. Once I got used to it and kind of you know was a little bit more comfortable with it. So you know, it's been awesome.

Dave: Yeah, Jessica, you know, I'm gonna be honest with you. We have so many people in our community who are crushing it, that it's hard for me to keep track of everybody. I mean, I'm serious, like, and I'm not. I'm not saying that to joke around. I'm saying you know, there's a lot of I think training and companies out there that I've been a part of before. I don't know what your experience is and sort of the you know, in the the online training or network marketing or the whatever, you know, business training gurus they usually are prancing across the same testimonials the same success stories over and over and over again. And it's always the same faces. It's literally overwhelming for me to keep up with everybody who's succeeding and crushing. So I am so thrilled that you found somebody in Jessica that you know was inspiring to you. And now I'm sure that you are going to turn around and be inspiring and are being inspiring to other people. So how was that? And how has that been like going from student or consumer, one who was being inspired, one who was then consuming content and then getting training to now transitioning to taking action and being that creator who is delivering value and inspiration to others?

Jessica: Well, in the beginning it was a little like I had a little come out of my shell a little bit. I'm usually like the shy type and it was a little hard for me. So I think that it took me a little bit to kind of jump into it. But then you know once I just I you know and I just say just but I do see a lot of people who have done the 15 Day Challenge and who do online marketing and stuff. I do learn a little bit from each and every one of them and I found that the more I know more people are asking me about it and then I'm learning even more by teaching them.

Dave: Nugget alert, nugget alert.

Jessica: So I do talk to people in Facebook groups and stuff. I do like a lot of mom groups and people who are kind in my situation. Actually I'm one of my bigger successes. Finding people who are interested in affiliate marketing are one of the PA mom groups that I am part of on Facebook. And you know, kind of in the same situation as me they love medicine. They love their patients but they're all moms and they want to be home more. And I actually found

in those groups to connect with them and make that transition over from talking about medicine and your jobs to talking about online marketing. So there's a group that close that's called it's a PA mom group with side hustles and a lot of them have like, whatever kind of side hustle that they do and and I've been a part of it I've done and melons in the past and obviously never really was successful with it because of you know, some you know, whatever reason it was for me I know it's you know they could be really successful for other people but for me, I just didn't get it. So every once in a while people are looking for ideas for side hustles I kind of like mentioned. I do where I create, like the canvas, some posts, and then I'll just post it in the group as well. And you know, a lot of people actually take to it.

Dave: Yeah. Canva you mean? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. What a great tool. That is, isn't it? I mean you can take control of your entire designing and creating post so you're using Canva. And what would an example of a Canva post that's done well for you look like or what would it say on it?

Jessica: So there I did a few of them actually. Sometimes when I'm at work if you have downtime, I'll just click create some and I'll basically you know you don't want to give the whole story away on like one post, obviously you want people to ask him more about it. So I would write a little bit about like what I do as far as how I learned affiliate marketing and I would write basically, you know how much time it would take me to do for like a few days and per day and you know, and just the opportunity of staying home in a blur basically, you know, in one to two sentences and make it look pretty and you know, some people like oh, what is this all about? I kind of keep trying to keep them guessing because I feel like the more I chat with people, they're more intrigued about learning about it. So that's how I do it.

Dave: Yeah, nice. So yeah, so Canva like, is such an amazing, it's such an amazing tool like it really is. It's truly unbelievable. Like it's, it's amazing how much stuff we actually create and use from Canva as well. It's hilarious. I'll just show you guys real quick. Like if you're not using Canva then you know what I mean? I don't know. I don't know why you're not. So you can see that we've created in Canva like a bunch of our a bunch of our like, name tags and stuff that we've used event images itinerary like I mean, obviously post and stuff like that. You know, various different images and things. This was an ad that we had made as a quick example of something that we did for a Facebook ad or something like that. But just to kind of show people how like fast it is, you can go in here, Facebook post, it just says right there Facebook post, you can pick a Do you usually pick one of these or do you just make it even simpler and uglier than do not try to get into all these different

Jessica: I don’t really use those, I kind of just create something myself. Like I make it look pretty but simple too, because I feel like you know you don't want to you know, distract and run either you want to kind of go to the point but with them like kind of looking for more. Yeah, so that's what I do. And I also actually also post them whatever I make a post in the group, also post it on Pinterest as well.

Dave: I gotcha. I gotcha. So I'm just scrolling through some text here to try to find something that's super clear because I agree. Like Like, like, you know, ugly converts. And what we mean by that when when marketers say ugly converts, is that is that it's not about how like a lot of times if you were to go into some of these templates in use some of these cheesy templates like that you would make maybe make for a party invitation or something and then you try to use that as a way to, you know, bait people on or use it as as what as I call chumming the waters you know, to get people to come to your content and pay attention. It's like bringing fish to your bow. These things come off as corny and they come off as just non personal because they look like a template. So a lot of times I do the same thing. I go right for something clear, you know, something that can be easily read. So for you, you might write what might be some of the copy that you've used on some of these posts inside of these groups to get people's attention.

Jessica: So what I would I would do is on like the top of write, you know, affiliate marketing and then I would write basically how much time I usually spend on it, which is usually about an hour to two hours a day I tried to do and I feel like we're you know, we're spent once two hours a day on your side hustle can convert into a full time hustle. Right, something like I kind of like to write a little bit about like the course and the 15 day challenge but I wouldn't write like 15 days or whatever I just write. I would write like, learn how I learned in a two week time frame. And that's pretty much it. I don't like to write that much on it. And then other people be like, what's affiliate marketing? How did you do? What did you do? And I think the idea that I mean for me at least the fact that I can only add that I spend an hour to two hours a day and so you know, I mean I'm still new I'm still as successful as I want to be yet but I know I'm getting there. I think that a lot of moms need to, you know, need to see that. They don't have to, you know, spend every waking moment trying to, you know, do a side hustle, which I was doing and I was doing MLMs. It's like every minute that I could be on my phone I was trying to make a sale. And I felt like that's why it didn't really work. And then it was I was struggling, being home you know, even like spending time with my husband or, you know, being at work. I would try to like you know, do what I can at work and I feel like it was hard for me and I feel like when my mom sees that they don't need to spend all day every day you know, doing a side hustle to make it work. I feel like that kind of, you know, hits people right in the face. I don't have all day to do this. But if I could spend an hour to two hours a day on it and make me successful then, you know, I'll try it and so far that's been working.

Dave: Cool. Yeah, so I'm just like, I love to play with words. You know what I mean? Like, I love to play with words. So like, one of the things that I would, you know, I would encourage everybody here to do is just, you don't get good at writing ads. And this is really an ad like I look at everything as an ad because everything that I'm doing we may be free. It may look like it may look like it's just free content like but it's it's it has a purpose. Right. So I could come in here and I could make 20 variations of this. You know, I spend one to two hours a day working on my side hustle and soon it will be my full time hustle. And it's not MLM Shopify.

Amazon or a hotdog stand right. Like, like or, or and I could duplicate this real quick or or baking cookies.

Dave: Right? So I could duplicate this again, I spend one to two hours a day working on my site and it's not MLM Shopify Amazon or chasing or pitching friends and family. So listen to the sound that she just made. Jessica, you just laughed because you can relate to that. Yeah, right. You can relate to pitching friends and family any ending ending up in the NFL, right? No friends left the club. And so an ugly ad like this? No, I don't have to. I don't think this is a cure in the first thing that somebody is going to think when they when they when they when they when they read this is what is it right yet because you're not telling them what it is this image is simply created to attract attention to pull somebody in. Right. And in the post that you posted, this will be the image of the post. And as they like the text when you go to post it on Facebook. You could just simply say something like, happy to chat. I see so many moms struggling in here and not making progress with the side hustles that they have. Let me know if I can help with something like that. You know what I mean? Yeah, it's so simple. That's just curiosity based. I think you would agree with us. Too many people do too much in their content. They oversell, they over explain, and they give away the goods and as a woman. I never I never understood this until my wife had to literally break it down. For me. She's like, she's like, babe. I don't like to wear, you know, clothes that reveal everything because I like to leave something for the imagination. And I was like, Oh, wow. Right and I got it. You know what I mean? And I think that that same concept I'm speaking to us dumb as fellas here who need the shit broken down, you know a little bit simpler, right? We it's like we you know, we need it broken down on a fifth grade level but it doesn't that makes sense. Like it's like leaving something for the imagination and not doing too much. But anyways, what do you think of my work here? Just within a couple of moments does it align with kind of what you're doing?

Jessica: Yeah, pretty much. I like the fact that it kind of leaves people guessing and I actually, I mean, there was one day like so many people had messaged me on that one post that Facebook blocked me from messaging people like that because there's like so many people wanted to know what I was doing and and how I was making money. So yeah, it was you know, I do like that. I mean, I tried to, I post on TikTok. I post on Instagram. It's just one of those other ways and, and I feel like with doing it that way, you kind of talk to people TikTok, you don't really get a chance to chat with them and people unless they're messaging you. And I like chatting with people. I like talking to them about it because I feel like not enough people understand what affiliate marketing is. And they're, you know, too quick to kind of just scroll past it. So if you leave them guessing you chat with a dog. Oh, I didn't know that. Or, oh, that sounds really cool and really interesting and then I'll send them my link and you know, hey, message me on whatever or I'll even tell them all. Feel free to contact me. I don't know, I don't mind talking to people if they need help. And you know, one friend who did sign up for the 15 Day Challenge and she even purchased the blueprints. Like I'll just check in with her from time to time Hey, do you need help with anything? How are you doing? You know, and he kind of just likes, you create relationships that way and I feel like you're more like, for me it was a little bit more successful and in a sense, where like, I feel like they trusted me as well.

Dave: No, no, totally. That's awesome. That's awesome. Check this one out. I told you I just love words and I could just play around with these with copy. This is just what I struggled for so long until I finally stopped chasing friends and family and learned how to become the hunted instead of the hunter. Doesn't that resonate?

Jessica: That does really 

Dave: I don't know man like are y'all are y'all getting value from this? I'm just going to stop sharing all these behind the scenes cop however, is everybody in what's up guys in the comments. Are y'all are y'all picking up what we're putting down here? Because we're dropping? These aren't nuggets. These are boulders missing. These are avalanches. I mean, Jessica's here is letting us into her strategy in we're writing copy live. I mean, come on now. Come on now. So um, any other things that you would share with your early self you know, that you that you know, now that you didn't know then or that you would advise yourself if you were just getting started marketing today?

Jessica: To stay consistent. For me in the beginning, I did the 15 day challenge but doing my posts and reaching out, you know, in kind of advertising. I didn't, it wasn't consistent in the very beginning. And then once I started saying, You know what, screw this, I gotta stay consistent. I got to do this. I invested and invested in myself. And once I started getting consistent, I started seeing a big difference. So I'm just gonna continue doing that and making sure I have time, you know, at least an hour even if it's a half hour just to do a few posts a day. You know, I just have to stay consistent and continue doing what I'm doing.

Dave: Yeah, and I love the fact that you said that you just you know, if you have time at work, you just sit down and play around on Canva I mean, just like what I just did. And in case you're just tuning in. We took you right there to Canva and we did it right in front of you. Row copy right in front of you ended it in minutes, and that post and that was then ready, right and if I go in if I want if I go back to Canva. Okay, I could grab that. I could grab that. Okay, and I can download it right here. You know what I mean? I can download it right here. I can either download all of the pages, or I could download like say I really like not one not two because it says right here I just want to grab for the right real quick. Just give me the page number. Just give me page number four. You know, and boom, done. Download. And there it is, you know, I got it right there. It's ready to be posted. I could post that right now. It's ready to go. And it's so fast and you know what I got from that I got not only a cool little ad that I could use real quick a cool little thing that just like in something like this is so much more. I like this is what we mean when we marketers say ugly. converts better because what is the beauty, the brilliance of an ad like this an image like this using it on a Facebook ad or using it inside of a Facebook group if that's what you're if that face if you're only allowed to do that within groups. You know what I mean? The brilliance of this is that it's just so it's like it boggles your mind because there's the it's all about the words like there's no design here. So it's almost like a hook that design itself is like a hook. It hooks you in and makes you stop reading it versus being appealing to your eyes. Like how something could be well designed or whatever and it's just kind of like oh, that's pretty and then you move on. You don't even pay attention to the words. And the words are what are most important, not the design. So that's what we want people to do is read the words on our ad versus make a judgment or be like the design is nice. So it's actually better to, you know, make uglier ads, which take and you know what I did for a long time. I just pulled up Keynote or PowerPoint and I would do this in PowerPoint. Like I could go back 10 years, Jessica and I before Canva we had tools that allowed you to work so quickly in them and do so much like Canva like I literally designed ads and images and all kinds of things that I did. I would just pull up the keynote and I would design it right inside of the keynote. You know what I mean? Grab, I grab a blank page, you know, and, and, and I do the same exact thing and if you like I could I could pull up a shake right here, you know, and then I could put my copy right there inside the shape. And it's like, as all I gotta do is just then take a quick screenshot of it. And it's like that's how I used to do it and still do sometimes, because I don't need all these fancy tools. I don't need a graphic designer. I don't need you. I don't need a team like we literally do not even have a graphic designer at Legendary marker that works here. Yeah, we don't. We don't need it.

Jessica: No, I think that the simple like I said the more simple it is the more that they're intrigued but you would think it would be the opposite but I feel like when they see so much then they just keep going and they'll keep scrolling kind of like arm whatever they want to try.

Dave: Yeah it humanizes you to like when you use templated stuff with templated stock images and stock graphics. If there's no place for somebody to make a personal connection with you, which is why I never ever in the history of my marketing. Have you ever used a stock image or a stock graphic like a picture of somebody else or a picture of another face? When I say stock image? I mean like when you buy a frame it comes with a stock image of a family that's not your family, you know what I mean? So what do you do to make it personal, you put a picture of you or your family in there. And so I've never added if I needed a graphic that didn't have a picture of something that was about my life, if I was using some sort of a picture. So if I was mixing it up and putting my you know, if I used a picture of me or I was using a photo, it would always be of me it would never be of something else or someone else unless it was a an unusual example or I was using a graphic to try to catch somebody's attention. So anyways, this has led to a really interesting conversation. I really appreciate you taking action in you doing what you've done so we could have this powerful conversation this morning and give back to our community and like I'm just I'm really really thankful and grateful to you. 

Jessica: No thank you. I'm grateful to be here. I was a little nervous. But then, you know, I figured, you know, why not? And if I can help other people. I know there's a lot more people in the world that are just like me and whoever else signed up for the 15 Day Challenge who wants to make a difference in their lives. Others? We're here to help each other out. I'm sure. 

Dave: So what would you say to somebody who's sitting on that checkout page saying, is this real? Can I, you know, get results with this? Should I do this?

Jessica: Well, it's real. It's definitely real and I questioned it myself. That's why it probably took me a little bit of time to even sign up for it. But I was seeing so many people that were finding success and I actually chatted with that girl just before I even signed up and just you know, people want to see real results and that's what I wanted to see. And once I saw the real results of other people, that's what got me going and she didn't sugarcoat anything. She basically told me Listen, you got to work but you know, it's real. It definitely is real and if anybody else is watching, it is definitely real. I definitely became a little bit more successful from the beginning and I do plan on continuing the success and hopefully you know, keep working on my favor, as long as I keep working but nothing comes easy either.

Dave: So, very good points will keep up the great work. I know. You will crush it and I know that you are on the right path because you're learning the skills not just the hype in the not just let's go make a list of friends and family and it's not successful. To Be successful in business you have to be able to convert cold prospects. You cannot rely on building your business based on the pity of friends and family. You cannot do it. It's not a real thing. That is not a real business. Okay, any sale that I ever made in network marketing when I was doing it, they'll make your list of friends and family, let's do your launch party, all that kind of stuff. was all just petty sales. Yeah, meaning that my friends and family felt obligated to support my business. And you never ever will scale or be successful. If people feel obligated to support your business. You have to deliver value and you have to know how to convert people once you have their attention into leads and then into sales. The beauty about affiliate marketing is you don't need to convert them into sales. You just need to convert them into leads and simply get them to opt into an email list. That's it. That's your only job is just to simply create content for billions of people on the internet. Not a single friend or family should be marketing to the billions of people on the internet who all have something that's valuable, say things that pique their curiosity, tell stories that they can relate to and say I have found the solution to this pain to this struggle. And if you want it, it's here and in open that floodgate of leads and then if you're doing affiliate marketing person who is the product owner, worry about converting the sale and then if you ever want to go on to sell your own course or coaching program or something, you can then develop those skills to write copy and deliver courses in training and coaching. But the beautiful thing about what we teach with selling information, the core four ways start with affiliate marketing and learn the skills of generating leads at a million dollar scale. So Jessica, thanks for your time. I know you have a busy life and thank you so much for carving a little bit of time to share with us today.

Jessica: Oh, thank you for having me. I really do appreciate it and hope to be back soon.

Dave: For sure. I want you to come back and keep us posted. All right. Okay,

sounds good. 

Jessica: Thank you again.

Dave: See you later. All right. My friends. You can find Jessica as well on TikTok @mamajessie6. We didn't even talk about tick tock but we didn't even talk about Dig Dug with Jessica. Okay because why? Well, she's fishing in multiple pots. She's not relying on just one strategy. She's fishing in multiple pots. Another brilliant thing that Jessica's doing that we didn't even get to but I'm pointing that out. And for those of you who are still listening, who didn't scroll on, right, who didn't get scroliosis in the middle of the episode, right? That's another valuable point that we can all take away from today's show. Don't just fish in multiple ponds. That wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. Like I'm a fisherman. I love to fish if I went to the same exact spot every day, and that's all I ever did. Would that make sense? Long term now maybe there's going to be fish there every time I go there. But should I also be looking for any other honey holes that I could start that and what's my What if I actually needed to catch fish to eat? Right? Well, I would I should have as many different multiple. We all need to stop worrying about multiple streams of income. And because most of us ain't got that first stream streaming yet and start worrying about multiple streams of traffic. Write that down. Tattoo that on your head. Put that on a sticky note and stick it right to your desk. multiple streams of traffic is the key to freedom in online marketing. Mic drop, I'm out. Get out of here. We'll see you tomorrow. Peace. Be Legendary. I have a great Monday. And thank you Jessica. Again for a fantastic episode. Go and follow her. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Peace.