Below is the transcription of this episode:

Dave:  What do you guys do in Texas, man? It sure isn’t internet marketing.

Adam:  What you know and that's funny is that I was never into any of that. I mean, my family has marble floors and fields and things like that. But I was really hooked into more of the job and working out, worked in hotels, 15 years and then did some other things after that student housing, things like that. So, but no, I just never I never got into it. And so you know, Ian from Australia, the entrepreneur guy, he gives me a hard time when I talk about the West Texan, you know, rustling up my cattle and things like that. So I give him a hard time when I talk to him. So he gave me a he asked me how much a steak is here and I'm like about three bucks because I have the cows right here in my backyard.

Dave:  That's amazing. I would love to have my own food and my own cattle to be able to to have wow, that'd be that'd be a that's a that's a bucket list thing for me. 

Dave:  I you know, I want to talk I'd like you to mix in your story but I'd like to you have so much valuable information I was reading over your your answers about just how to win when you're when you're getting started on tick tock, for example, you've been doing well on TikTok, you've got a lot of it's a matter of fact, you suggested that we you know that we name this episode. You're not a shadow ban, you just need to pivot and you know, we've named it creating content that converts ready offers Here's how. Let's first talk about the shadow banned piece because it is the nuts I mean, the quickest when somebody's content is not exploding, blowing up or whatever. What's the first thing that we love to say, Well, I must be shadow banned. You know, it must be you know, I must so it's I think I think we've we've heard that it's scary. Because it's it's it's it's the ultimate trick as it's almost like we don't want to be duped. And tricked by TikTok and that really feels like oh, I need to really am i I'd rather you just shut my whole channel down don't shadow bam. Right. So first of all, Adam, do you believe that shadow banning even exists and for those who don't know what it is, would you give us your explanation? Yeah,

Adam:  So I really, in the beginning, when I was going really hard and I was making things happen. I was moving and shaking and all sudden, everything just completely stopped. And I thought about what was going on and then I heard the words shadow ban. I was like, That's me. I know that's happened to me, you know?

Dave:  And it automatically. It's like well, that that must be the reason why I'm not going more viral or whatever. So thank you for pointing that out. I want you guys to be able to identify with this story. That's why I want Adam to explain it. So continue on. You thought it applied to you. You heard it and you're like that must be me..

Adam:  So what I started to do was do some research on what shadowbanned was. And man I went everywhere all over the interweb trying to figure it out. I started to realize what it is. So people think that the algorithm or the TikTok app itself, the AI is slowing down your content to where people can see it and shutting it down as quickly as possible and moving on to something else. Or really I started to do some research. That wasn't it at all. I was making my content too long, or I didn't have a hook in the beginning that was working properly. I didn't have a good story that was working or capturing people with certain things that you can do as in shifting the way that looked coming in and out. And then at the end having a really good CTA call to action. And so really at that point, I had to pivot. I took a couple of days off and really started to analyze what I was doing and realize, Okay, I've got to make some changes. And this is what I did. And I went in with something with some music that was viral. That was working,

Dave:  trending and give me some trending stuff.

Adam:  And I went shorter than normal. I was doing like 20 seconds. I went down to 15 seconds and sometimes seven seconds and Bono things just started rolling because of the things that I've learned. And so one of the things I really learned was, it isn't a seven second video, having good content that was just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom to where it was made. People have to watch it, not once, not twice, but three or four times to where they were like, wait a minute, what do we say? What do we do? What do you do there? You know, and it just started to go. 

Dave:  Just hailing nuggets right now for the audience. Just so you know, I don't know if anybody is aware right now. It's just I wanted to let everybody know as sort of a meteorologist too for the show. Its hailing nuggets would continue on. 

Adam:  I really dug in at that point and I went full blown. I've gone from the recommended to the three videos a day I went to fortify. And I really started to push for heavy new pieces of content. And when I had enough good content and previous posts, I would use that as a late last post at 10 o'clock at night. I would repurpose something and I cannot tell you the difference that it made to where I then had to learn how to focus on my replies to people to not then you to me it became new problems.

Dave:  New problems. Thank you because a lot of people think that once I get this going, it's going to be but then you've got problems that might not be Oh, I'm so broke and I'm out on an island and isolated. But now all of a sudden you got too many comments. You got too many views. You got too many leads. So just understand folks, that entrepreneurship is about solving problems. It's not about making problems altogether go away, except the annoying ones of having to always obsess over the right side of the menu when you go to dinner. That problem will go away. We could possibly help with that. But in terms of eliminating all challenges.

Adam:  What a good problem to have continuing. Yeah. So then that's when I learned phase one. You're where I pivoted was a call a hook. Good, good content and a call to action. Well, I had the shortening and shortening.

Dave:  And shortening.

Adam:  Shortening down the TikTok video to where I was really getting people involved more to where they wanted to ask more questions. But then at that point, just when I started to also realize I needed good content to be able to bring to people to have them pull them off of an app into my Facebook posts. And so I Facebook post, okay, and so I had to pull them out of that because I wanted to be able to touch them in a different direction or be able to speak to them. More directly link a more of a length of time. So I had to learn how to do a hook again, with the messaging that I was given so that I could understand. And this is where it really became I had to learn was the hook had to be me opening up and explaining Hey, you may not know what this is affiliate marketing. Tell me where you're at on this journey. Explain them and man it just flooded. People started asking questions. I don't know this. I don't know anything I know a little bit and learning how to navigate through that and my messages to get them over to Facebook was a challenge in the beginning because, you know, I not only had two or three people asking questions. I had 20, I had 50 and 100. People ask me questions. And so like you said, maybe you learn from your mistakes. You learn so much of what not to say but also what to say. And to open up dialogue with the people that are reaching out to you to see how you can do things online. 

Dave: I want to mastermind and brainstorm with you a little bit on on this on this idea because I'm curious and I want to I want to I want to know why you're taking people from TikTok over I would assume into a Facebook group and then given them the opportunity to comment when you'll watch an introduction video, probably a welcome video in your group that's pinned to the top and then they can comment on that post. I absolutely see the value in that and I absolutely think that building community and so forth, obviously we have a thriving Facebook group and we're doing this live on Facebook. It's a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I'll be honest with you, I love everything about Facebook. I hate a lot of things about Facebook, but let me ask you this. All of y'all who are dealing with the comments that are blowing up in the post and all this and trying to reply to everybody I mean why why not? Extend your bridge page video. As you guys get more talented, be able to talk about this stuff intelligently and answer questions. Why did you choose in in maybe you didn't even consider the the bridge page piece that I'm asking but what I'm trying to understand is right now a lot of affiliates that go they have the same problem, okay because tick tock, you can blow up and now you have 1000 replies and everybody feels like they need to respond. To every comment. And so why not extend and broaden your bridge page video. So you can absolutely get the opt in. And then once you get the email opt in and you can promise something on that bridge page video Hey, look, you know, I don't answer. Dress and you can ask me any question, you know, on my website or something like that. So my question is: Why push people to Facebook immediately right off of TikTok versus first getting the opt in by pushing them to a landing page and then even offering the Facebook group once they opt in. Are you also doing that?

Adam:  Yep. So I do offer that as well somewhat. I kind of see the value in what you're saying too. I mean, that's kind of a nugget that he just dropped there as well. So I think it's more of us understanding. There's multiple ways to do this. I think the beginning of what happened was the fear of losing that particular one sale and the beginning kind of matriculates over and so you freak out when you don't respond to someone. Now, it got to the point where I really started to realize I couldn't, there was just I mean, I would spend seriously six hours a day, going through comments, replying then still trying to get them to understand I would still have conversations on you know, the TikTok messenger.

Dave: And I just see everybody thinking that they need to respond to people in the comments, and it's like, those are not your most qualified people. Those are not your most qualified people. Who are just leaving a comment on a post. I mean, a lot of times people will comment on something just because of that. That is literally why they exist on the internet to leave comments. Whereas Adam, I would assume you exist on the internet, because you ain't you ain't. You ain't here to play around, right? I mean, you don't mind scrolling every once awhile, but you're trying to build a business. So you got people who are absolutely looking at this as just a you know, it's just a social media and it's not it's nothing and I'm leaving a comment. So why would I want to spend my precious time when probably at least 50% of those comments are probably people who are never going to do anything. So instead, what I would prefer to do is and this is actually the suggestion that I gave to somebody over the weekend who said that I am trying to respond to everybody's comments. I said make videos pull out the most common questions from those comments, and then make videos and instead of trying to respond to everybody which you're never going to do and you're going to end up hating this your business instead. Make videos follow up with the most common questions in those videos. Create hype, Look, I get so many messages and so many comments. I can't respond to everybody but I'm going to answer the most common question, you know, and in that you can do a part one, part two part three of a totally overwhelmed inbox series. You know, and you make it fun, there's no rules and I'm talking to everybody here as I hear so often that you know, yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna go back to posts that I've already created and posted and try to go into those, those people have already moved on. They don't even likely remember if there is a big theme or or I guess rumor or or maybe it's true for some people but the people who are commenting out there, do not always respect you more. If you go back and respond to every comment. You do not build more authority by doing that. I'm sorry, but human beings pursue people more when they're ignored. Unfortunately I'm sorry to say this. I wish it wasn't the truth. I really do. I wish that we weren't so immature or weird as human beings but we are and oftentimes in my opinion, when when when a when somebody is going back and responding to every comment, it makes them look like they don't have a whole lot else to do you know and so instead again, for some of you again, Adam, if this I just want to share also what I was thinking about this weekend that kind of applies to this, which is if you get a post that blows up, blow up, don't go you know going back and getting stuck in the weeds is I think the least powerful way you can you can seize that opportunity by going back and getting lost in the weeds of the common of that post. instead. instead. Use the comments as content ideas to answer more questions for all the common questions that are coming up. Or all the they may not even be questions if people are making comments if people are saying making negative things then man that's the most potent content you could make because it's fresh out of the horse's mouth and it's you're also picking up themes and patterns of what there's probably going to only be about four or five major themes and all of the comments. So it's fairly easy. And the other thing that I think a lot of people don't realize that I've done and and it's just because at this point it's natural, but it's it's you have to create excitement. You have to create excitement about what's next about what you're doing next about what's coming next about where you're going. You know, people want to go and follow somebody who's going somewhere, has a vision. Who everybody's commenting on any buddy's posts and see if they're at all in their heads. They're not at all and I'm not saying you guys should not comment and interact in close via DM I'm not saying we shouldn't do that. But I'm saying that the game nowadays if you've got a video that takes off Adam, you can have 500 messages. I mean you can have you know at the very least if you're gonna respond to every message, get a VA and and don't I see a lot of people who are exhausting themselves trying to get to every message in every DM and instead what I'm what I'm sort of suggesting here is how can I take this event and I still I don't want to ignore the opportunity of one on one and all that but not if it overwhelms me and doesn't produce a lot of results anyways, instead, take the questions, the content, the comments, turn it into more content ideas, create more hype and invite everybody on say hey, if you guys I'm going to answer all your questions. All you gotta do is click the link in my bio. I'm doing a live free training this Wednesday at 5pm Eastern time or at 8pm Eastern time. And now all of a sudden, you're pushing all those people on to opt in to an email list so now what well after that webinar, I can offer something on the webinar. But now I also got all these highly qualified people's email addresses who were interested and opted in for the webinar and then I could follow up with them with the replay and say these bonuses are available for the next 48 hours only. So now you've taken a simple TikTok that went viral. And instead of going back and trying to close everybody one on one and you probably will close people there's no if you're if you're if that's something that you're going to try to become good at you will close people but also when we talk about the Cashflow Quadrant and getting from the left to the right hand side of that there's a difference between the thing that makes somebody a business owner is using system and level enlever or having leverage from systems and people so if you're doing all the work yourself responding to the comments and so forth, you're actually really still behaving in a self employed way is also my point. And so, and that's not and that's not particularly a bad thing at the beginning. Okay, but as you have multiple videos going viral, and this becomes a problem, there's no way that you're going to be able to keep up if you continue creating good content like you're doing, right. What's coming up for you as I'm saying some of this stuff? I'm just trying to stretch everybody a little bit to think more about systems in leverage systems and people versus you know, the sort of the hand to hand combat the guerrilla marketing of getting in there and trying to respond to so many comments and then messages. 

Adam:  What you're doing really is you're giving people freedom to understand look, there's a better way to do this, you know, Dave's done this he's been through this he understands the process, and those I'm not gonna say they're few and far between there are those moments to where you have momentum that you really need. To me it's important because like you said, you can get bogged down in the weeds. If the momentum and you use that. 

Dave: Look, I mean, I've got Bob Joseph right here who says I was in comment hell last night. What guys listen, there is no need. You have a good problem here. This is a good thing and I've seen way too many people in this community and maybe today is a shift. I don't know, maybe we start getting loud about this. But we have to stop behaving, you know, in this way to where we want to, in my opinion, jump back in and do kind of, you know, jump back into the weeds and get lost in the weeds and go right back into that and hand combat. We have to keep, I think , stepping back in our business and saying, Okay, what's the expansion move here? Not the contraction move. But what's the expansion move? How do I grow this? And how do I think you mentioned a big point you got momentum. You're excited you got a video taken off. And then how do you feel after you've just responded to 1000 comments and I mean, you're exhausted.

Adam:  So I just, I'm sitting here and I think I've lost if I start to think when that happens when we start to get that hourly, hourly mindset, instead of the CEO of our business mindset. You know, and, like you said, step back, think expansion, think about the momentum you can use to expand your business. Instead of dropping down to that back into that desk clerk mindset. I've got to respond to everything that's in front of me, step back. There's nothing wrong with being an hourly employee at a company but you understand that you have likely a job in front of you. And it's clear but if you're running an operation and you truly are either the owner, operator or CEO, you have to use your time really wisely. Because if you don't, then you will absolutely get pulled into situations that at the end of the day, you'll go. I can never get this day back. I just wasted that time. And you only get 365 days in a year and after weekends, much less. So you know, probably about 250. So you know, 250 days in a year. We got to use each day wisely. And for me again. I'm always asking myself and I think of something to write down to remember what we're talking about. How can I go and speak one to many versus one on one. There is always a time and a place for one on one. Always a time and a place for one on one. But if I can speak one to many, then let me try to do that first. And then if that doesn't work, I can have a fallback campaign or at least let me qualify people better. So let me qualify and that's why I suggested the webinar campaign the q&a. Look if I'm going to respond I don't mind responding to you at your demand you've earned my time. But somebody who's done absolutely nothing and is just trolling my post. They don't deserve my time. So let me make people jump through a few more hoops to really show to me that they are interested in their worth my time. And usually that's just them either opting in showing up to a webinar coming back to a live show that you're doing later that night. There's all kinds of different ways for you to have more leverage or for us as marketers to have more leverage and not get lost in the weeds. So that was an art major diversion there of our conversation but I hope it was valuable. I just have heard this come up so much. And I think that we need to start focusing on this a bit more in our community because I think it's becoming a challenge for people. They have stuff start taking off and it's like, okay, you know, I that's what causes

Adam:  burnout. That's what hurts people is that they're stuck for six hours and they look up and they missed an opportunity and then they've got to really try to build up momentum again. Maybe not from the ground floor, but they've also they've got to start to build things again and so one of the things that I have going now as I have two other guys that are in Legendary that are working through this as well just like I that we started a group together, just on just on you know texting each other Hey, yeah I'm gonna try some content like this this time and see how this works. I got this response. And so I'm thinking about going this direction and trying this. I'm gonna try these three types of posts this week and see how this goes. I'm really seeing that that is valuable information but also it broadens you out to where I don't feel like I'm alone. Not to say that I do. But we as people that are trying to be entrepreneurs, we do get into that mindset of feeling alone, or feeling that yeah, I've got connections to where I can ask questions, but if I'm relatively in time that I'm struggling moment, or I really need someone to look at something for me right now. It's great to have a couple of guys or a couple of people where I feel they can jump in there and be like, Nah, man, you're hitting it or I think you need to tweak this. I really think that's important. I really do. Well, absolutely. 

Dave:  Man, we got blind spots. And I mean, we're only all doing exactly what we what we think we should be doing. I mean what we think we're supposed to be doing and quite frankly, you all are I mean even even you heard him and I do the same thing. I mean anybody I mean when I first got started out anybody who was willing to watch the video on my note watching you want to watch it, you know, I'm like totally, you know, desperate for a view you know and ready to pounce on anybody who needs anything. But there is an element of that we need to what would my day look like if I was had a million dollar business and and, you know, had had had multiple major traffic sources and was in was generating you know, 2030 40,000 a month in affiliate income. What would my time look like? I need to act like that. I need to act like that. I need to act as if I'm already successful. And I need to begin to build my business in my day and how I protect my time like that. Otherwise, I'm not going to get there. It's not going to be just one day, you know the sky's going to sky and you know God himself is going to come down and tell you it is now time for you to move on to the next phase of your business. You know, I mean, it's not going to happen. You have to recognize that you have well if we're speaking about God, Free Will I mean, I don't you it's up to you. I don't know how else to say this. So everybody understands it, but we got we really we at Legendary don't say when you can move on to be in demand. The we don't say we don't hand out certificates here. I mean, maybe we should but I would prefer not because you need to act as if you're a million dollar successful CEO on day one, unfortunately. Well, how do I do that Dave that just feel inauthentic. Well, it's a mindset. I need to begin to. Look at my time. That's how we do it. Look at my time. It's not that I walk around like an arrogant ass. It's that I just look at my time as if it was in such high demand that every minute counts. And so do I want to spend the next two hours responding to DMS, or do I want to spend the next two hours mapping out a funnel a campaign that I can run over the next three days that can capitalize on this momentum from this video that just went viral in for me, I'm choosing the latter every time. The minute that I have a video that goes viral or something takes off. I'm just like you said I'm building on that momentum. I'm answering questions in the next videos that I'm posting that are answering questions because these people are giving me all this great content in boy, do you have something that I want to reveal to all of you now that I know you're actually interested in this? I'm actually going to show you the number one strategy to go viral on Tiktok and make money on an app that you're already using. Oh to my web store right now. Now you've just generated and grown your email list. And all those people who opt in are really qualified people. Now you can also follow up the webinar. So now you're just creating all this moment. You're getting email opt ins, and you know what the people who are really interested you can also come back and you can say hey, you all I get a lot of messages every day, but today is the day that today is the day that I'm actually for the next two hours gonna monitor my inbox and answer any question that you guys have. So if your questions are important, and you want me to answer it, the next two, so all these time limited things. This is what we're missing a lot in our marketing is that you're not making it urgent enough. You got to make an urgent and then it's got to end because if it doesn't end then Adam, if you tell me Dave come on over to the house any time over the next couple of weeks, man. And you know my wife, she makes that meatloaf man. She's gonna be making it every night, you know? And I'd be like, Come on, get over there. You know what I mean? But if you're like, Yo, my wife's making meatloaf tonight, homie, last time you were over. You said it was the bomb. It's gonna be gone. They're gonna be a little leftover. While I'm over there, I'm trying. Right? So anyways, that urgency and also that scarcity. See if I do that webinar, and I offer some bonuses. Hey, guys, if you got a lot of value, did you get value from this webinar today? Yeah, leave me a comment. Let me know the comments start blowing up. Well, hey, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna do three more of these coaching classes. Absolutely live. And in the first one, I'm going to take you through and show you exactly how to get set up. And here's what I'm going to do. Normally I would charge for this 200 500 1000 How much is your time worth? Normally I would charge for this. But for the next 48 hours, I'm going to let anybody who enrolls or who buys the product that I'm recommending. I'm going to include those free those next three webinar coaching sessions for free, but you have to buy in the next 48 hours. So now all of a sudden, I'm creating campaigns with urgency and scarcity out of a viral video. And again, Adam, I'm not saying that's the only campaign we could run but it's an idea of a campaign that we can run from a simple viral video. As you said, I'm just using your own words to build on that momentum.

Adam:  I think it's great because what you do now is you create, like you said, you create that urgency, but just in this conversation that's been going on for 34 minutes. Think about the nuggets that you have dropped here, just from having a conversation. That's why it's so important for these live calls. I think, to me, they're extremely valuable because of just what has just happened from what you brought to the table. And so I know that I will go back now because I'm on this one, but I will definitely download this to watch this again to have the conversations right now. Yeah, so I think it's important for people to understand what's happening within what you're seeing.

Dave:  It's not to say that you can't do everything that we've been doing that we all do, which is all gold mining and in life get one on one calls when I first got started, anything to close sales to to get business off the ground. And that is appropriate for the first phase of your business. And what I'm a lot of you are getting through the first phase a lot faster than we did when I got started because there were no platforms where you could get this sort of traffic back multiple years ago, dude. Like I'm serious. This is all a new problem that we're having when I say problem, right? It's a problem. This is all a new problem that we're having. Is that you guys, you know, the platforms have gotten more potent. And for all of the ignoramuses out there who think that you know, it's all going to disappear, these platforms are only going to get more potent and for the average person like you and me, they're going to be more and more powerful because the platforms are realizing that we hold the power. If you're not going to treat me right and pay me for my content. I'll take it to YouTube. I'll take it to Facebook. I'll take it. I'll take it where they're gonna pay me 100 million to bring it over to Spotify, like Joe Rogan did, right? Yeah. So content platforms are competing for us now. And they're rewarding us with better algorithms. Back in the Facebook days and even still with Facebook. You can't you can't be you can't really be exposed to anybody who's not your friend unless they share it. Whereas TikTok's now figured out a way to put our content in front of people who we're not connected to. Right. And so they built a better algorithm for us. And so, you know, we still think, you know, so it's different. It's different than it was even five years ago. And but I'd say the principles are still the same because even whenever I've run in one of my one of my last big affiliate promos before we started Legendary I was actually selling a you know, an annual thing worth of training similar to what we teach here. I was selling an information product. And you know, my favorite campaigns are the simple little short campaigns that I run on my list where I invite people onto a webinar and then on the webinar, I offer bonuses for them to buy the affiliate product. And then I make that available for a couple of days. And the surge in sales that I see from that it's just like anything else. And that's what I would always do with my list. And this was without this was without tic toc and all these So nowadays, I think we have an opportunity as affiliates to have evergreen traffic that's coming through just from us posting content on platforms. Like TikTok. But the ultimate goal is to get those people on our email list, because then I can crank up these campaigns where I'm inviting my list hey, look, guys, and I can even email my list. Imagine that I have a video that goes viral on Tiktok and now certainly I can create videos on TikTok that I post on TikTok that build on that momentum that say, you know, I'm answering questions and then having training coming up. I will tell them, hey, I'm going viral on TikTok right now and I've gotten 1000s of comments and it's way too many comments for me to get back to and actually even get to. So what I'm doing is I'm putting on a free training this Friday and I love you to come be a part of it as well. Here's what you're gonna get if you show up right now. Not only have I used the momentum from a tick tock video to create more momentum and hype on my own tick tock but now I've also brought my email list into the new campaign. And I like that because it really allows me to give the people what they want. versus me always manufacturing campaigns I'm building off of something that's natural and organic, which is a video that went viral versus me just coming up with something out of nowhere emailing you I'm saying hey, I got a video that goes viral. It feels more natural you know it's and then the list people on the list. You're like, holy shit, he's blown up on social media. Like let's figure out what the hell's going on.

Adam:  You got something that I need to see. Yeah, exactly. So I think it's great stuff, man. I really do and I think it's, you know, with, with a lot of the things that I've been doing my life would definitely discuss kind of what you're talking about what I would really try to help people understand the market itself, how it's not saturated, how it's we're just so infinite in where we're beginning. That, you know, the big thing I would tell people is there's seven over 7 billion people in the world. And there's over four and a half million people that are on the internet. And out of that, you know, I mean, it's just ridiculous. They spent two and a half hours a day on social media, and they have six different social media accounts. I mean, it's just infinite almost what you can do, who you can touch. It's just learning the process and being comfortable being that CEO of your business. 

Dave:  It's also I like that it is getting comfortable and what that's making me think about is, you know, this isn't going away. It's not even remotely saturated. And what's happening right now like the things that we're using right now with TikTok or whatever may not even be what we use in a year TikTok may be gone but it'll be similar. So learning how to navigate an app, you know, on a cell phone on a smartphone, is something that's a skill that everybody should have. If they want to run a business in 2022 They should learn how to use their thumb and navigate around on some of these apps. It's a really simple thing. And it's awkward at first. It's, you know, it's you know, we were just my wife and I have some friends in and we were joking last night about how their parents, you know, how we're tech support for our parents and stuff like that. And, you know, the truth of the matter is, if I know, my wife is tech support for them. And sometimes I need her tech support. I mean, the truth of the matter is, it is that, you know, you don't have to be a technical genius. You just have to know I have never gotten into fancy graphics, fancy editing, fancy anything in my websites and my landing pages and my sales pages are always all huge white, or black backgrounds. So it's always just about the message. And that's to know how to do the most basic things on whatever app that you're using in the same with your Clickfunnels or your funnel builder. A lot of you think you're gonna build some big Christmas sales. It's just a simple thing. Just get it set up and then leave it alone. You know, I mean, we think we need to be funnel masters. It's like, we're not you need to get to a point to where you don't you just I know people who set up their funnel and don't even touch it for a year. It's just it's not something that you need to tinker over and become some programmer in Adam. I'm saying this because Is this something that you hear and even something that you thought was the technical challenge is going to be the wall that's going to keep me from getting into this?

Adam:  I hear that probably that's about 40% of the problems? Is people saying, Hey, I'm technically illiterate, I can't figure it out. And that's when I explained like, just relax. I, too, had no clue how to build a funnel slash website. I didn't understand that stuff. And I said, technically, that's really not the biggest piece of your business. It is imperative that you have one Absolutely. But what you're wanting to do is to create the content that drives people to that you're wanting to build that momentum. And so your part is creating content. And I explained to him like this, and every one of my lives that I would say is a gear within your business. And you pushing your content is you moving those gears to get things going and you're working your business. You all that funnel is is a piece of the gear just like your email automation sequence. Those are all gears that are working your machine to where it works 24 hours a day and your content. It's what keeps pushing that out and making those gears work. 

Dave:  The business has become content and this is true in multiple in multiple niches man, you know, I like watches and got a collection of watches. So sometimes I'll watch some content or Instagram posts or whatever. And it's so funny because even those guys know that content is king. You know, and they know that and many of them the smart ones have have built their business by just documenting their their daily deals or you know, holding up their watches or inventory in front of their phone and just kind of just simply bringing the people who are who are who they can kind of into their world a little bit and letting them just in it. And that has exploded their businesses, the guys who have these YouTube channels or these tick tock channels who are simply selling watches they're not it's a totally different industry and niche, have more leads and more people hounding them for watches these guys are it's just unbelievable the difference and exposure and how build big you can build your business. I was talking to a friend . You know that when you use the strategies that we teach, they apply to anything. I was talking to a friend who has a landscaping business and I said look and it's a specialty landscaping business. It's not, you know, simple landscaping. It's a specialty landscaping with edible landscaping and all this guy said look, I said there's a girl out of Texas and she's a bee she goes into rescues big beams. Maybe somebody who's seen her before knows what she's on Tiktok and Instagram. She's weird. Excuse B's 715 second videos on Tiktok and she's got you know, she's got, you know, hundreds of 1000s if not millions of followers. And I said the difference in how your business is struggling right now as you're kind of marketing to your friends on Facebook trying to get them to buy your different things and that's what we all do right when we start a business we post on Facebook started business post a couple of pictures no likes now because it's weird that nobody really everybody goes into the witness protection program when you start a business all your friends and family but um, but I said you'd be amazed if you got on Tick Tock and you started creating content the way that we teach how to create content in started driving people to an email list in practice this model almost to a tee of just exactly what we do and on the bridge page just have a call to action to have a free you know, landscaping plan built up on the phone for free that they can either take and implement on their own or they can hire you have to implement it for them right now. Which is the best offer for a jet ? Like if somebody said gun to my head, come up with an offer in 30 seconds that might work for this business. That would always be the offer that I would come up with is a driving traffic free gift or something to get them to opt in for free training. I want to show you how to grow your landscaping business. Let me show you how to grow your roofing business and double your leads without any advertising costs. And then on the bridge page, I'd say hey, I will build out a marketing plan for your roofing company or I will build out a marketing plan for your you know, for your landscaping company and you can either go and when I used to do coaching in the marketing space, I'd say I'll build out a marketing plan or a funnel for your business and I'll either you can hire me to help you implement it or you can go and implement it yourself. You'll have the plan who won't show up to a call like that. Right? So now all of a sudden you've got the person who's struggling for business locally. Now all of a sudden, they become almost a celebrity as they build their audience on TikTok. Maybe it takes six months on social media. But now this landscaper who is struggling for business locally has more leads than they know what to do with and a waiting list of people who are looking to fly them out all around the world. And or you begin to create information products. Do it yourself, do it at home. You know, I was actually telling my friend this the other day blowing her mind. Because I'm like, and why would you even want to do the work if you can just create like a little course or do a Saturday workshop on Zoom what if you did a Saturday workshop on Zoom where you took people out and explained in gardening

the possibilities in your Oh, it's only kind of Yeah, it's your creativity. Your income grows with your creativity and how we come up with these campaigns. Right, right. There's no rules, Adam, none. 

Adam:  Do what you want. Wild.

Dave: I mean, y'all are crazy as hell out there man. 

Dave:  You know what I mean? 

Dave:  I've got to do a follow up where I was you talk I mean, I've been just as I must be in a spunky mood this morning or something because I've just you know, ranted, so But leave us with a final piece of it. But it's your work and it's your results that have gotten me fired up this morning Adam and that's one of the reasons why I still do this show is because I want you to come in and do this at the very beginning of your journey. It gets me fired up, brother. 

Adam:  Thanks man. Enjoying this is so much fun. I think with this. It's like a drug. Really. People will always sit there and say that. I know with me this is the way it was for years is that I had jobs and they did great. But I always knew there was a piece that I was missing somewhere. There was something that I wanted to do and prove to myself. And this is it. And this is something that I met. I'll wake up at three o'clock in the morning, and I've got a notepad and that is no joke. And I'll write down things that I'm like, Oh wow, I've got to do this, I've got to talk about this all my life. And so I just love to be able to tell someone here tonight or today is just to say to them, be confident in the direction that you're going every day is going to be a new journey. Some days you may not get everything done that you want. But believe in yourself, know that you can do this. This is something that can change your life. But you have to believe that it can and have that dream because I know it can happen. I see it happening in front of me in my very own eyes. In my life and others that I'm trying to help as well. And Dave, I'm gonna be honest, this really goes back to watching the very first video that I saw of you and just explaining in that 15 day challenge how you can do this. This is something where you can really step into things and so I just appreciate what you guys bring is so valuable. And the way that you have helped me to understand that put my finger on the pulse of what we do to be able to learn how to pivot and be comfortable in that and like you said today having that big broad mindset you've got sometimes you get stuck in the weeds you do. But that's why it's important to be able to have these conversations like this and be able to step into a wake up life here with great nuggets that are dropped. So thank you. 

Dave:  I want to still be able to offer something here on these wakeup legendaries. I do try to highlight the story of people like you. I remember your chair 11 years ago, something like that and I was invited onto a to you know, a webinar or live show or something back then maybe it was a Facebook Live I can't remember if they had Facebook. It was something review and shit I might even might even be able to find real quick. But you know, I was just as fired up to come on. Look at this man. Let's take a little look. We'll do a little, we'll do a little travel. Dammit. Go to System Preferences. My dad. Chrome is not letting me, it's not letting me share my Hey, is anybody else on Matt, are you on? Could you share your screen? I just for some reason I can't share my screen. But anyways, if you look up MLSP You'll see 11 years ago I was interviewed by a lady named Roxy and you know I'm right there on YouTube and I was just as excited to come on. And there he is. So Dave: MLSP but go to YouTube. It's on YouTube. There it is right there, remember the month, the member of the month if you go up who shares it. Is that you Adam? That's not make no oh, it's bad. Okay. Yeah, it clicks Look at that. Look at that baby face. Come on. Come on member of the month right there. You know what I mean? Like I came from network marketing and you know, I was chasing people around. You can go and watch it. I mean, Dave:, MLSP anybody can go and check that out. But that's 11 years ago. I mean, I was so excited to be on the show to dude and so like it's also it's all I remember that feeling. You know what I mean? Like if being recognized for my new efforts that, frankly, even deep down inside I was pretty doubtful that I was going to be able to, you know, succeed. I mean, I had my own impostor syndrome just like everybody else. But you know, I, I was doing network marketing knew I was doing network marketing, and I was sucking so bad at it. I came online and I found some training on how to generate leads online and I was like, Screw doing the network marketing. I'm just going to sell the training. To other struggling dumb asses like me. That's how I got started on affiliate. This is the best thing ever. I'm just gonna stop digging for gold. And I'm just gonna get over here on the side of the road, and I'm going to sell the picks and shovels to the other they're trying to buy so All right, well, let's wrap it up because I've got an 11 o'clock and I'm sure you got lots to do in Texas, my brother so thanks for coming on. We'll schedule a follow up so we can learn more about your journey here in a couple of months. I'm sure there'll be less new things to talk about and keep up the good work. I'll put your handle up here so people can go connect with you and your time. Thanks for your time.

Adam:  I had a great time. Thanks so much, Dave. And have a great day. Have a great week. All right, man. I'll

Dave:  Talk to you later. Alright my friends go and follow Adam @The_West_Texan1

Even more, we'll try to have another powerful conversation and see what comes up you never know. And quite frankly, I never know either. I never know where we're going with ease and where we're going to end up. I think that's part of the fun of it. See you tomorrow. Let's make this week a Legendary week.