Below is the transcription of this episode: 

Matt: Welcome in. Happy Monday. Good to see you. We've got an awesome guest. Somebody I'm excited to chat with somebody who's got a very interesting background because that's kind of where I got started. But I'll let her tell the story. Amy, what's going on? 

Amy: Hey, ya’ll.

Matt: How's it going?

Amy: I'm great. How are you?

Matt: I'm doing great. Do well. What's new, where are you calling in from?

Amy: I'm from South Georgia.

Matt: Okay, South Georgia. Nice. Alright. So tell us a little bit about you, your story, your journey. You started in network marketing and you've been doing that a long time. Okay, so, number one, how did you make it in that industry? Super blog. And number two? What's kind of been, you know, like, I'm guessing you're pretty successful and doing well in it. So tell us a little bit: what's your secret? And then also, tell us about you know, your introduction or discovery of you know, freelance digital marketing or digital marketing.

Amy: Okay. Well, I was, I lived in Panama City, Florida years and years ago and I got started in real estate there. And I didn't love it because I really didn't feel like I had the freedom and I just freedom was so important to me to be able to have you know, the ability to come and go and be with my family. And so I was working in real estate, as you know, as an agent, of course, and somebody approached me about another direct selling business. And so I started it because I thought if I saw an ad for this company in a newspaper or online or something, of course, online wasn't even a thing at that time, but I thought if I saw an ad for this company, it would be absolutely perfect. So I just started even though it was super duper outside of my comfort zone. It really was I had anxiety up the wazoo, but I started it because it just was such a great opportunity. And, you know, I know it sounds absolutely crazy to have done something for 20 odd years and had anxiety about it pretty much every day. But I did and I did it because I just thought there is nothing better I couldn't find anything better. That would offer me the ability to make a really good income and have the freedom that I wanted and so many other perks. I mean, I had free cars, I had all kinds of perks. And I looked for other opportunities just in case there was something out there I thought I wanted to be no open minded. But all these years went by and I never found anything that that to me could compare even though I had a hard time doing it. I forced myself to just suck it up every day and do it. But I finally got to the point in the last few years where I'm like, I don't have joy second it up anymore. I just don't have joy here anymore. And yeah, I made it six. It was a successful run. Obviously I wouldn't have stayed in it that long if I hadn't had some success, but it really just came down to the joy factor. There was no joy there was no joy. So last year when COVID hit it was such and I don't mean this respectfully to anybody who's suffered because of COVID but for me it was a humongous blessing because of the way it changed the business that I was in we were forced to go virtual. I didn't know how much I would love that. I had no idea how much I loved that. And so when we got into love about that I loved not having to have people come to my house. I love not having to clean up because people are coming over and it's not like people have come over. It's just, you know, you plan for people to come over and sometimes they show up and sometimes they don't and you know I'd have to boot my husband out and you know, I just I just loved that I also love that I can reach people nationwide that are even before it was only local people, you know, only as far as I could drive or they could drive to me and I live in southwest Georgia. And I don't know if you know a lot about Southwest Georgia but anyway, it's not a big metropolis or anything with you know, so I love that I could meet people in Pennsylvania in Minnesota and all of these places that I never would have been able to do had it not gone virtual. So when I took the business virtual last year, by the end of 2020 I was like you know what, there's a bigger world out there. I've been living in such a small world. And it's humongous. I wish I had started this what we're doing here 10 years ago, at least, and I just didn't know about it. Be honest with you. I was on TikTok looking for entertainment, literally only looking for funny videos. Where's the funny ones? Where's the funny ones in so I came across a girl talking about her affiliate marketing business and I literally said What the heck is that? I didn't know what affiliate marketing was. And so I had to look up the definition. I was like, Okay, and so I watched her take the 15 day business challenge. And by day four, I was like, Okay, I'm done with this other thing I've done for 25 years. I'm done. I'm doing this now. And that's literally how it went. And so here I am. It’s good to be here.

Matt: Wow. That's super cool. It's like it's yeah, it's crazy for me to think about that history and all of that direct sales and yeah, I think sometimes you're like, Man, I wish I had discovered this sooner but also there's probably just a lot of, I think people it's all just kind of like the lens that we look at their stuff, right. So like, you know, there's always the there's always a way to look at that and be like, well, wish I would have wished I would have right but then like, when you actually look at you I think when you actually sit down and look at like, how am I going to craft a story and how am I gonna craft sort of my journey and what and even outside of the marketing angle just really like what is my story? What is my journey and that's a really powerful, compelling one of the discoveries of you know, how to go online and how to take one's existing business on the internet. And also, you know, that's one thing which I find to be really powerful and empowering to people and the other one is, is from the marketing angle, right, so like from the marketing things and if you're marketing something in the make money online niche or something like that. I mean, just imagine, you know, unpacking 25 years for people, here's how I used to sell, here's what it looked like here's and here's the success that I had it, here's how it worked. And now all of that I've just opened up the whole world because I can now take everything that I was doing and start a new existing business model on the internet, which is the most powerful platform ever changing literally has changed everybody's income over the last like 18 months. Everybody went online. Everybody's online now. Yeah. Yeah, it's, well, it's super fascinating, super fascinating. So, you know, the first thing I hear with what you said is I hear a lot of experience in the sort of direct sales. Is that right? Yeah. So you're bringing people to your house, you're doing products, demos, stuff like that, right?

Amy: That's right. And I'm also a sales director. So I was also training other women, mostly some men to do the same thing.

Matt: Yeah, right. Yes. And so tons of you are more extroverted?

Amy: Actually, I'm an introvert, but I am a goofy introvert. I mean, I'm like I love to just when I say I was looking for entertainment, I just love to be stupid, silly. And, and my sisters, I have two older sisters. And they both told me I need to tone it down a little bit in these videos and try to you know, you're really not that I'm funny. I'm not, I mean, not that I'm hilarious or anything, but I just like to be goofy and my oldest sister's like, you need to be a little bit more professional. I'm like, damn. And then my middle sister was like, you just sound kind of salesy because you're really animated. And I'm like, Well, I'm just I don't know how to be. I've got the TikTok algorithm and I have not made friends yet. So I'm trying to figure out what to do to get this to get this right, but what did you ask me?

Matt: Well, I was just kind of asking about your, your history in direct sales because I was curious, there's probably going to be at some point down the road a little bit of overlap, where you know, where a lot of those skills that you end up becoming really helpful.

Amy: I hope so. I mean, I know I've done it for 25 years, for some reason. I know because I mean, I prayed a lot, a lot over the years. This was supposed to be doing more than just me doing it's also been doing and I always felt like staying here. Stay here. Stay here and it was almost like I've got a virus coming and then you're gonna see a new path in your you know, before you and so that that really is what happened, but also I have and I want to encourage anybody else who's new to maybe think about this mindset. I have the mindset that you don't quit just because it's hard. And even though that was really hard for me it really really was i You don't quit because it's hard. you persevere and you just keep going because around the corner who knows what is right around the corner, but if you quit you miss it. And so you know I've got that same mentality here now like this was so all of this completely new. Like I said, I didn't even know what affiliate marketing was. And thank God for the blueprint map because you are taking the time to go step by step, in detailed detail. You know how to set this stuff up? I don't know. I don't know how I would have done it without that. I wouldn't have had a clue.

Matt: It's yeah, sometimes I underwrite that because I've done that so many times and then people say that. 

Amy: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, you're right. It was like I seriously didn't have any idea what to do. So that was the biggest benefit to me. 

Matt: I was thinking you know, as I go through, as I go through, like, when I think about because I started in direct sales to when I think about direct sales, and some of the people that I've known who've come from that industry into this industry. There's a pretty big learning curve, especially with the marketing piece. Now, I think this might sound a little counterintuitive, because direct sales is very different from marketing. So Marketing involves a lot of curiosity, and it involves anti selling it involves more peeking curiosity and direct sales is something I studied for years and especially direct response marketing is really particular about driving to a sale. It's about giving people a clear path to a sale, as clear as humanly possible and telling them exactly what to do. And giving them one option. You got one option, here it is. Here's how to get started today. Are you ready? And I studied that and studied that and studied that. But then what I realized and this might be helpful for you because I because I had to go through this learning curve and a lot of other people and this should probably help you on tick tock is sorry, I've got a dog who is just going nuts. I've got a so I had to go through this learning curve. Many others who have been in direct sales or network marketing had to go through this where you have to go through a phase where you totally stop talking about the product. Right? So there's zero talk about the product and it's more so about just opening curiosity, right. Soƒ for instance, like one thing that I've seen do really well for people over the last let's say a year and a half 18 months I think over the last year and a half on tick tock in this industry. So specifically in the Make Money Online industry, but also in the weight loss industry and also in the dog training industry is more so doing how to style content so and what I mean by that for everybody who's watching is you start out your video with a very specific, engaging sort of hook right? I'm going to show you one thing I only show them one thing to show you one thing, sometimes people go into I'm gonna show you five side hustles or whatever. But if you can nail down your niche and and you can you can sort of learn from other people in the industry who are having success. For instance, I was reading about two electric vehicle companies that have launched in the last year. Who are basically just taking the playbook that Tesla already took and are replicating it. Did their cars look exactly the same? No. Are they the exact same model? No. They are. They're the same price. No, but generally the playbook. They look at Tesla with a 1 trillion whatever market cap and they're like, well, that seemed to work. So we're going to do the same thing. The same can be true of this or really any business model. But especially this one with content creation, so the TIC tock algorithms love you yet. Here's something to try the first thing is and I'll put your tick tock up here in just a second. The first thing is stop talking about affiliate marketing. That word scares people. So, rather than talking about affiliate marketing, what you can talk about is you can talk about words that are more common in our industry. So for instance, side hustle was a big one last year, and that one's even starting to go out a little bit but it still works right here's a great side hustle you can do from home that has little competition. Let me show you how. Right like a good little hook like that really helps with the second one I find to be working even better right now is work from home. Right? So early on in the pandemic. Everybody thought, Oh, this is going to be temporary. So all right. I'm gonna side hustle. Now everybody's friend, everybody, like you, has at least a couple days work from home. I mean, unless you're in manufacturing you're going to work from home at least a couple days a week. So now for instance, this guy he had put out a video he's got 10 million views on it. He grew multiple 100 1000s of followers in about a month. I think he's got half a million followers now. And he launched out this video that's just 18 Something about $18 An hour working from Apple from home and it's just a short little video. Actually put an apple on his finger. He got creative with it right so he said other people do a similar video. So you kind of hold an apple and put it on his finger and he's like at Hey, Joey, you know, apples hiring people to $18 an hour. I've seen other people do that and get millions of views with that specific video. And they always put a little kind of cool spin on it or tell a bit about their story or something like that, but you know, it's the same kind of hook and angle in the same playbook, right? But between those two, what people typically do is a structure like this. They'll start out with something like a quick hook that's three to five seconds. Hey, here's a quick side hustle. I just came across I wanted to share it with you. It can earn you know, whatever if the side hustles like realistically you can make like $25 an hour, whatever. $100 a day or $75 a day check this out or whatever. Give them some sort of hook but also a benefit that's in it for me right so it's not just a side hustle. It's a side hustle that can help you. Here's exactly how right you've got about you got like three to five seconds max. And then on the and then after that all that they do all that they do or maybe you've seen this but all that they do is they do know hold their phone up like this and they'll say here's a side hustle, blah, blah, blah, or, Hey, here's how to make $18 An hour working for Apple from home. And then they'll flip the camera around, right? So they'll hit like flip and then they'll show their screen right and they walk you through and it's just a step one, step two, step three step four kind of thing. And these be quick and it needs to be fast. And that they just say something like unfollow for more. Now, those videos are really good for follower building. Right? So for building your list of followers, those are really good for that you've got to sprinkle in along with that. You also have to sprinkle in your own story, right? So your own journey and you've got a compelling one of worth 25 years worth of direct selling about doing sort of your own side, you know, and you can, the way that you word that in and massage that in for people it's going to be really important because you've got this really unique story 25 years of that history. So now you've got great stories you can tell it you've got interesting little nuggets that you can unpack right for this same guy he and then I was telling you about him. He used to be a bodyguard. So this is a fun idea that you could use. He used to be a bodyguard and what does he say? What's his tagline? He uses keys he says something like the air I've got him right here um the headline he uses his day in the life of a bodyguard. So on his video the thumbnail that he puts on his video says a day in the life of a bodyguard he's not been to 60 of those videos. So it says day in the life of a bodyguard part 59 Day in the Life of bodyguard part 58 Right. So he started at one and then now he's at 59. So that's a day in the life of a network marketer. Right day in the life of an ex MLM or writer, you know, something like that right?

Amy: With the network marketer. Right?

Matt: Yeah, yeah. And so then people, they know that you were formerly that and people who were formerly that which there's a lot of them are going to be like, Oh man, here we go. You know, this is gonna be funny and you can tell jokes and you can and the point of those videos is just to endear people, you know, to sort of make you feel real with people. So you know, you do something like that, then you do just, you know, random content. That's more telling your story and telling your journey and hey, here's what's up today. You do, let's say a couple of those two or three, and then you sprinkle in another sort of video that's meant to build that following. And as soon as you get one of those to go viral that's when you post, you know, something like a day in the life of an X network marketer, you know, a day in the life of an affiliate marketer. You know, here's something, you know, three things I wish I knew before I got started online, you know, and you talk through, you know, over the last 25 years, I've been working in direct sales and doing nothing but selling people come to my house all the time, and oh my gosh, then one day, I stumbled on this stupid tic tock video and I figure out I can just do all this online, right? You know the story about how everything's going online and everything's moving online and you can start your own stocks online today. Something like that. Right. But those ones are really key after you get them because you will get one of those videos to go super viral. I don't really have a question about that. And so what I mean by super viral, I mean, like maybe 50,000 views or 100,000 or maybe a million views or something. But when that happens, right after that the trick to actually converting them into sales is and here's where you have a one up on everybody else in this industry. I guarantee it because what I see people doing is the top affiliates. I wrote about this yesterday in our weekly roundup of the top affiliates going live. Now, you might not have to go live every single day. But I will tell you that the top earners go live at the same time every day. They'll do like coffee with Ian or they'll do you know Hey, waking up waking up in the morning coffee. And you know if you've got 500,000 followers or million followers or whatever you might have every day somewhere in the range of 10,000 to 50,000 people who tap on your live and join your life, even though it only says maybe 100 people are viewing concurrently over the course of an hour or two. And that's the place you should not be selling or doing any form of selling in your video posts. But in your lives. That's the place where you bring all of that direct sales experience and all of that knowledge and all of your ability to unpack things for people clearly and present to people. Right. I mean, my goodness, if there's anybody in this entire industry who could do that, I can't think of anybody who could do it better than you could and that's where you go live and you just hold up that phone or you get a little stand for your phone, you set it up on your desk, and you just start answering people's questions. And the big thing is you call out every new viewer by name and you say hey, what's up? How's it going? Good to see you. Thanks for joining you know and you kind of just welcome into the room. It says if you're doing a home party, that's all like an Arbonne home party. And I don't know. Yeah. And you and you welcome people in and you and here's the trick, because when they see that viral video, they're gonna think well, okay, you know, I've been I've done this before. I've been to a home party with somebody like Amy before. I don't trust it. But then they get online and it's like, well, this is different. Like she's a real person. She's really nice. She's kind. I get it, they ask questions, you actually respond and then it's a totally different game. So so you're gonna, you're gonna get you're gonna get bombarded with followers once you get one of those to go live, and then comes the lives and then comes all of that stuff later. Which I think for you will be much more seamless. The first part for you to focus on is just that virality piece and really get yours to go viral and getting that traffic and getting that that will happen like and I would say that if we go hard for a couple months, and it doesn't days, you might have to create a new account, but I don't think I don't think that that will happen. I think most times people think they need to create a new account because their shadow is banned. I think that they just haven't really hit the algorithm quite perfectly.

Amy: Those are great tips. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Matt: If I think you've got when I look at your when I looked at your channel and stuff feels like you've got a really good start. And I think right about now is time and the reason I say I don't think you'll need a new you've got over 1000 views on one of your videos. I think a lot of times the people who need to start a new channel are the people who start out and they have like 10 views or 80 views on every video and it looks pretty clear that the algorithms are holding them at a capped amount of views in your case. I wouldn't I wouldn't listen to the people who say you need less enthusiasm or anything like that just keep being you. But I wouldn't do it is that How to style content that is stuff that goes by that's what people watch over and over and over again. And just make how to style content however you feel comfortable or however you feel.

Amy: I feel a little bit unsure about copying other people's videos and I mean I know we're supposed to put our own spin on it and that kind of thing, but I've got to get it in my head that that's truly okay to pull up successful accounts and find their videos that have done really well and just recreate it I have that's okay.

Matt: Yeah. So. So, the other way to go about that is more of a reporter style. Right? And so, if you think about there's people online, there's people on TikTok who have accounts where literally all they do is like report their there's news outlets and then there's like anchors and reporters who are independent reporters and stuff, right and so they they'll say, you know, breaking reported by AP news or whatever you can, you can create those styles of videos by saying something like, Hey, I just came across this this like side hustle and I just heard about this and I wanted to share this with you check this out. This is really weird. What do you think about this? Now notice the spin on that right? I heard about this. I just stumbled upon this. This is interesting. I thought this was a little weird. What do you think? Right? So now so because there is some people who are like, well, if I haven't tried every single side hustle that I talked about in my videos in my marketing, you know, it seems like that's like misleading or something which, but whatever moral world someone's living in if they have a issue with the morality of that, whatever, you know, that that's whatever, you can even just put a little disclaimer in your video that just says, I haven't I don't do this side hustle, right? Like, you can say something like disclaimer, I don't do this side hustle. I've never tried this. Like I read something you could put on there. It's not that big of a deal. Like people don't really care that much. They're more interested in just people losing sight of the fact that what all you're trying to do is open the mind of somebody to the possibility that you could potentially, you know, make money online or lose weight faster or train your dog to not bark at the mailman or whatever. But in your case, that I think that it's getting i And maybe that's my fault, but I think I sometimes I don't portray as well, that there's different ways to approach that style of content. Not to mention the fact that if you think about another one that's gone really viral is like making $25 an hour for Tesla working from working remotely from Tesla or something like that. If you were to drill down to the very core of like that video, which has been created by probably, I don't know 100 people or more on tick tock probably way more I don't I have no clue. If you drill down to that, really all that it is is literally just telling somebody about a job listing on a website. Like yeah, the level of proprietary pneus in that type of a video or that style of content is there isn't any, like, there isn't any proprietary Enos and a lot of that is getting lost that proprietary Ness for content for digital art and stuff which is why NFT's are becoming so popular is because a lot of that is like who owns this? No one even knows anymore, right? And TikTok muddled all the waters on that. But we have this sort of antiquated idea that somehow that's a copyrighted thing from a movie or from a TV show, but that's just not how social media works right now. Now we have to be careful that we don't exactly like we're not stealing. So what some people will do is they'll create an account. They'll download other people's videos and post them as their own. That is wrong, for sure. But you can also just change your headline a little bit right? So if I'm going to go out and I'm going to find the one about Apple or something like that. If I'm going to go and show or redo that one. The way that he even introduced it makes it a totally different piece of content. It's not even recognizable, aside from the beginning saying something about $18 an hour from Apple, right. The way that you could do that is you can break down what's what's $18 An hour times like 25, so 25 hours a week, right? You could create a new piece of content, that's okay, so 25 times 18. So that'd be $450 a week. So it's really simple to be like, you know, did you know that there's uh, you could say the headline could be, here's a simple way to make 40 or $50 A week from Apple remotely, and only working 25 hours a week, you know, or something like that right? Work. You could say, could you actually be able to work 25 hours a week? I make $450 from working from home from Apple or working remotely from Apple, or something like that. Right now. It's not $18 an hour from Apple. It's $450 a week from Apple working part time working less than 30 hours a week. Let me show you how right now the words aren't even remotely the same. It's just talking about that similar thing, you know, so, um, I think that the objection you're feeling internally, I don't want to just skip over and say it's not legit because I think what you're getting at is like kind of a legit feeling like, the feeling isn't so so much that it's like, no, this is morally wrong. It just feels like it's lacking some novelty. And that element I think is true. And the reason that's true is because you're right, it is lacking a little novelty and that's why some people when they create these videos, it doesn't work. It doesn't do the same thing. Because they didn't put it up on their finger like and didn't make a funny joke out of it or they didn't you know, there's a difference once you get thoughtful about how do I put my spin on it? And how do I do that? I don't know if that makes sense. What? What's coming up for you.

Amy: I feel exactly everything that you said. And I agree. I mean, that I think that's it. I just felt like it's nothing new. It's something everybody's seen before because the people that I'm following I see nothing but these types of videos constantly because that's who I'm following. But I've got to remember not everybody in the world is seeing these same videos because not everybody's following. You know, the people like us who are affiliate marketers.

Matt: That is, that is your first huge takeaway. That is a huge takeaway, because there are billions of people joining TikTok today who will discover your videos and this is going to be the first one they see. Right and the thing I do is I go back to my first moment 10 years ago when I first got introduced to MLM and it was the first time somebody it was just when MLM was starting to come online or introducing me to this. Man, it was some sort of leverage system and they started showing the pyramid and they started showing how the all the trickle down. And you can do this all online and I was like, I am going to be so rich. And and but so all of that like I didn't really want to be in that MLM maybe and I didn't know and like, like, well, I don't know if all of it really fit and there was lots of companies putting out these kind of videos, but that was the one I saw first. And I remember the chair I was sitting in. I remember the room. I remember. my dorm room was 701 I everything. I remember everything. And I remember calling my friends and they're like do this pyramid scheme. And I was like, I don't think but what happened was that moment my mind was opened, right and anybody could have made that video. Lots of companies did make a video that was very similar, but they split their spin on it, put their own spin on it, kind of put a new headline on it. But it was network marketing, right? But it was the one I saw changed my life forever. And it's not so much that that video was super unique or super, you know, that it was perfect. It was kind of a lame video honestly. But it was that moment where my mind got opened to the fact of like, oh, people like me, are making some money out there online. Or I could work from home with Apple or I could work for Tesla, like the most successful one of the most successful companies ever work for $25 an hour from home like that's crazy. And then they're gonna be like this. This lady's interesting. I'm gonna follow her and then guess what? Amy goes live the next day and she says, you know, a lot of people saw my video about working for Tesla, you know way better option than working for $25 an hour. Check this out. Right? And now they're like, Wow, right? See, some people have that internal like, that little that like hesitation because it's like, well, I'm working for Tesla, like what does that have to do with me and my business you know, but the reality is you're just opening that little that little sliver of like, oh, wow, this is cool. This is interesting. Wow. How did I get into this world? Like I've been in? I've been in the TikTok cartel. I've been on TikTok. I've been in all kinds of tick tock. Yeah. But now they find themselves, you know, tick tock tossing one little, you know, video out in front of people from Amy and saying, you know, all these people would never see a video on digital marketing or making money on the internet or something. And guess what? a percentage of those people are going to stick, they're going to follow you. They're going to watch your stuff. And then you're going to go live or tech, even if you don't ever go live. There's a lot of people who never go live. I would love to do that. But you have time. hours, right? 

Amy: Yeah,

Matt: Well, you'll get there.

Amy: I'll get there maybe by June. I want to do that. I'm ready. I'm ready to go live.

Matt: So yeah, you'll get there. You'll get there. But there's a reason I think that you've got to break through this first one, because it's gonna make you a more well rounded marketer. Because you've got all of these skills. It's like you're overloaded in just so many skills that end around the relational aspect of this business around building and around, selling and around, just sort of that whole structural build. And then this first piece, this front piece is a totally new ballgame, which is exciting, right? Like, I feel like I have, I have a lot of people who have worked careers for 15/20 years or something and they come to me and they're like, I wish I would have done this much. 20 I was like, Yeah, but the other benefit. I feel like that you know, somebody who's at 20 or 30 doesn't get to feel necessarily which neither right or wrong, but is the fact that there's a new challenge is like people finding new challenges in every stage of life and new things to run after a new skills they have to form and even even feeling like you know, you've put out a lot of videos and you said the TikTok algorithm doesn't like me yet. Like that there's nothing better than that. I tell people that every day who come to me and they're like I just can't break through. I'm like, this is the best. This is the best case, right? Because now when you do break through that and succeed, you've got this huge skill set that you had to, you know, just crawl through mud to get to, you know, and you've built a new skill and you feel revived. Like there's this new challenge ahead. There's this news that's so good for the human spirit. It's so good for us as humans to always renew and revive that feeling that there's something new ahead, so I don't know. I just but you're also talking like the ultimate optimist here. 

Amy: I'm the same way I feel very, very optimistic about all of this. But the thing that is so exciting is that after 25 years of drudging through the mud, like you said, I couldn't find anything else that I really felt was worth my time until this is it. So I will persevere. And, you know, hopefully a year from now, I'll come back on here and I'll say things

back on way before that, but we're gonna put up your TikTok so that people so we can get that following up a little bit. And have a bunch of people follow your page.

Amy: Thank you all!

Matt: And I think and I think you'll absolutely breakthrough that that followers, I think you'll probably my guess is in three months, you'll look back and say 1000 followers, like really, I was concerned about that, you know, it's always kind of these like weird barriers that we make up in our head and it's like you break through it, you're like, oh, wow, okay, it was just, okay. I got this. Amy: You know, I remember celebrating with my son when I had about nine hours around so yeah, I appreciate every one of them.

Matt: That's awesome. Well, when you're at 50,000 followers, I'm sure it'll be. I'm sure it'll be a totally different game. Yeah.

Amy: But thank you. I wrote them down and they were so helpful.

Matt: Cool. We're always just here to help. So I'm always around and our team is always around. So thanks for coming on. And if you have questions in the meantime. Enough, well, happy to help. Thanks for coming on, See ya. All right, y'all have a great day. Alright guys, make sure to give me a follow make money with Amy online you can give her a follow there to make money with Amy online. Give her a follow and also leave a comment on a couple of her videos, give it a little boost, give it a little jolt that always helps with the TikTok algorithm and encourage Amy to keep going to keep pushing through. We're gonna have lots of people. We have lots of people watching this live but we also have a couple 1000 who usually watch after the fact so you're watching this as a replay. Grab this handle and give it a watch. So, guys, we're going to be back here. I believe Dave is going to be back here tomorrow. I was just covering for him this morning. But I think he'll be back here tomorrow at 10am. Eastern Same time, same place as always for Wake Up Legendary. I'll be back here hosting on Wednesday and then Dave will wrap up the week and that is a wrap. Have a good one everybody.