Below is the transcription of this episode:

Dave: Hey what’s up my friends this is Dave Sharpe. WElcome to Wake Up Legendary. Today we have a guest that is a blogger. Everyone help me give a warm Legendary welcome to Sandra. Welcome to the show. Where are you calling from? 

Sandra: North Carolina.

Dave: Okay, okay. Love North Carolina. It's beautiful. So the lighting is the best. Yeah, that's okay. That's okay. So tell us a little bit about how you found legendary What were you intentionally looking for something unintentionally found us and what has happened since you? You did? We did our paths crossed and we and we've been working together here you've been going through our training and so forth. 

Sandra: Yeah, I started my entrepreneurial journey years ago. It was just the way it came across accidentally and then I went to school, I did all that. And then I started affiliate marketing. And when I was trying to figure it out on my own, and I'm struggling and struggling, and I finally wasn't up until I think last August, September, when I stumbled across Legendary I started doing more research and like, something's got to happen and nothing's working for me. I mean, it's working, but not if not as I expected. And, you know, it was stressful because it's been over five years that I've been trying to make this work. And when I stumbled across Legendary It was after learning the high ticket programs. That's when I send them to give it a shot. And the fact is, you know, although I'm trying to build up my style and my blog, my blog I have more there's more to my story regarding my life and you know, trying to make money online trying to after being just you know, gender discriminated at work and trying to make, you know, making the same amount of money every year. While working. And being a single mom. So on top of that, trying to hold down the fort and do everything by myself. I'm a winning child, so it was a struggle. And, you know, when I finally came across this, I said, let me try this and I swear, it just blew me away. I mean, it was just ridiculous. And when I tried it, it didn't take more than a week, maybe within a week. I had one video go viral. It wasn't even intentional. It was just like, let's see. Because it had meaning it resonated with me, the program and helping people make money because I want people to be able to live their dreams and be able to do what they want to do without being subjected to a job, making chump change every year getting that sense of the cent raise if you get that to someone else's dreams. So when I realized that just sort of just took off and I just started from there took off from there and I was like well keep doing this and it worked out. 

Dave: Cool, cool. Well, that's awesome. So besides just blogging, you've now started to add other strategies in basically instead of, I guess, boxing yourself into only vegan lifestyle type content. You're also adding in another layer of, you know, building financial freedom for yourself. And instead of it being all about either money or all about vegan or whatever. It's about Sandra right to yourself being able to continue to create content on these platforms, like tick tock that are about you. And then you can direct people to these various different buckets based on what it is that you're talking about in that content video or what it is that you're talking about that week or month. Is that that sort of what you're saying? 

Sandra: Well, it all ties in because it's a lifestyle, you know, and you know, everything I posted on my blog is around the vegan lifestyle. It's not just food and people confused that they think it's just food and it's not just food, it's about lifestyle, it's mind body, spirit, everything comes together and so how you live your life, you know, what you do in your life, whether it's a job whether it's not these things tie into a lifestyle and that is my my intention. is to teach people so I started adding in entrepreneurial articles and self help because all that allows you to create the lifestyle that you want. And although like travel and food and wellness, all that does look nice but also to, you know, stressors and what stress is the foundation of everything that goes wrong in your life. And if you don't have that under control, you're not going to live, you're not able to create the life that you want. And that is my intention to help people do that. And yes, wherever I post my platforms, I lead them to that because I have multiple, several different types of content on my blog, that helps people create that lifestyle that they want. 

Dave: Oh, so maybe you might direct them to a vegan article based on something that you're talking on a TikTok video or maybe you might direct them to a make money online article in which an article you're going to maybe sell some sort of make money online training or program or something like that. So diversifying your income streams that way by basically using your blog as a hub is that kind of what you're saying? 

Sandra: That's why I'm creating my blog as it is the hub of everything and put everything in there where it's a hub.

 Dave: What additional pieces have you added to your business besides just other additional streams of income through different niches and so forth. What other things have you added to your business that you've learned from going through training and being part of a community here that you didn't have before that was maybe a missing piece? 

Sandra: I think the biggest thing was the final system and I didn't really mean that I mean I heard it here and there but I haven't really picked that up and different pieces that come together to funnel people into your list or into your your to what you're trying to sell them. It's not even about selling. I don't even want people to think that. I think that it's more about adding value and giving people what you know, giving them a result that they want to achieve. And yes, you're gonna make money from it, but it's not just selling just anything. It's selling something that's meaningful, something that you connect with and that you resonate with and that way people see that passion and see that connection. What you're trying to share with them. 

Dave: Yeah, sure, sure. Yeah, no, I agree. I don't think you need to be good at sales to be a great entrepreneur and a great messenger. Or marketer or promoter of things. So in terms of that, what those light bulbs or that went off for you in terms of kind of building on old systems and actually building lists and stuff like that. What I assume is that your understanding of online marketing before was that well if I put up a website and start writing articles and stuff on my blog, well if you build it, they will come right in then when they do come they'll buy right. 

Sandra: That's always the mentality right? 

Dave: Yeah. But the problem is that with marketing, what we learn, and what we now know, is that we always have to have contingency plans, because most of the time, unfortunately, human beings don't do what we want them to do. So we actually have to build, we have to strip things down. We have to simplify things. We have to make irresistible offers by giving away such good bait big Isn't that what you do when you fish you don't put down some little piece of trash in No you go and you either catch or pay for shrimp which are one two or $3 apiece, and you throw down a big fat juicy shrimp because that's the irresistible bait of grouper. Can't resist, right? So use the same strategy on a different species: a human being, you offer something that is so irresistible that's so valuable to them in that moment that they'll give you their email in exchange for it. And then you start to build your email list but again, digressing back to kind of the mainstream understanding of online marketing is throwing up a website. You build it, they will come in when they come of course they'll buy but it doesn't happen.

Sandra: Another thing I've learned though, too, is know when you start to look at it from your point of view and not just that a lot of times we want when we're starting out we want to just throw stuff out there, you know and expect it to have to come like you said but if you put yourself in the other side on the other side and look at it from that perspective, what would you expect what would you want to see what what attracts you was going and when you look at from that end goal to realize I wouldn't have I don't this go onto a website and buy something unless it's something that really attracts me or something that that is that I'm resonating with. So putting yourself on the other side and seeing it from that angle. What would you expect? What would you do? How would you buy something that leads you to buy something that leads you to connect with someone and think about it from that angle? That works 100%. 

Dave: Well, I'd much rather be wallowed in wined and dined with with and I'd rather be over deliver to so that means that if I'm in the market or open or interested in something, I'd like to sit down I'd like to be entertained and I'd like to be educated. So I if I do decide to make a purchase, I'm crystal clear and confident that I'm I'm buying something that I actually want and what I think the disconnect between this old let's call it old school and new school I don't know how else to define to differentiate them but just the old put up a website if you build it they will come versus building sales funnels in real marketing systems. Building relationships, building relationships, building relationships, that's the key building relationships with people so that they trust you. When you build a relationship automatically. I want to be real clear about this everybody you're not building a relationship, always all the time one on one talking with people, you're building the relationship, the same way that we're building a relationship with you right now. Because you're watching the content here and getting to know us and the more that you hear or watch us the more you know us, hopefully, you know, like and trust us maybe you don't but in a way, you're going to be more familiar with us. What I was going to say Sandra was that when you just have a website with a bunch of stuff for sale on it, actually creating what you don't want which is if you don't want it to be salesy. You're actually making sales because you're not delivering any value. You're just pulling up oh pop in your trunk and saying all the shirts for sale versus putting them into a training webinar, a training video and saying Let me teach you something over the next 10 minutes. And in over those next 10 minutes you actually do deliver on that promise of teaching them something right. And then of course you will probably make them an offer for a training course or in our case a challenge or something like that. But the difference here is instead of me saying what have I say let me educate you and entertain you here for 10 minutes or so. So you can see whether you jive with me and like me, and then you can determine whether this is actually what you want versus just buying something on the fly. And I think what people don't realize is that I think it's just because they don't know about sales funnels and sales systems. It wasn’t that the case with you? You just didn't know about it. 

Sandra: I knew about it, you know you hear that term and you know, I did a lot of research and I looked into stuff and again I tried to figure out, you know these things on my own. And it's challenging. There's so many pieces to the puzzle and I can only repeat that in my videos I say you know there's a lot of pieces to the puzzle. It's overwhelming and, you know, to try to figure it out yourself. You're wasting a lot of time. So when I realized what, what it is that bring it all together, you know, bring all those pieces together then, you know, once I learned more, you know on a deeper level what that meant that it all makes sense, you know and I was like well that explains it.

Dave: Well it makes a lot of sense to instead of running around like a chicken with your head cut off like I used to collecting business cards and doing all this I mean at first I handed them out then I would collect them that you know because then I could at least call people I had their number to now being online in just posting a video or a post driving people to a landing page and building that email list of the hundreds or 1000s of people to where now whenever I want to contact you, but also you 1000 Folks, I just write a message and hit broadcast and it sends to all of those people. And that piece alone is so powerful the ability to be able to reach out. We've got a guest Josh Smith who's coming on as our mastermind, we're going to do a virtual mastermind for our mastermind ticket holders. He's going to teach how he's used his email list, which is an underrated asset. We always just hook it up. We don't really focus on writing, good quality value driven with a good call to action actually having an intention. Why are we sending these emails? What do we ultimately promote in going to sell? But he has used his email list that actually laid dormant for a year or so as he built his business and just drove traffic. He was always only focused on getting new customers. But if you remember the three Jay Abraham ways that you can make money in a business, you can get new customers is what most businesses focus on solely just to get new customers. You can do repeat business with those customers. You can sell high ticket items, product services to those customers. So there's actually two ways in which money is made from the same customer and what a lot of times we want to do is we want to run out and just go get new customers. But what Josh has done with his email, which again, what I'm pointing to here is the power of these marketing systems and how you can use them versus old school strategies like just through a website or whatever. Josh has used this to reinvigorate his business where his front end traffic sources recently have sort of slowed down a little bit. He has this dormant email list that he realized he hasn't been nurturing. Over the past couple of months he has grown himself back into a strong five figure income. It's those kinds of things that make these strategies so powerful that have been something pulling you away about the power of what it can do. Is it the power of virality on TikTok, is it your email list? What is when something that's really worked for you and you say wow, this is really powerful and I'd like to share it with other people to make sure they know about it too. 

Sandra: It's been video and connecting with people on that level. I used to just post and ghost. I would just post and that's it. And thinking of posts we just find the video has been the most powerful.

Dave: What does post and ghost mean?  

Sandra: A lot of people think those people just post and then they don't come back. They don't know they don't acknowledge people's comments or they don't come back. They post one day and wait a week before they post another one. Again, you know it's not consistent.

Dave: The power of video. What about video? I mean, how do you get good at video? How have you gotten those videos because I mean we hear this over and over and over again. It's just something that plagues people. They worry about what other people are gonna think. They worry about their family, their friends if somebody finds their thing, on and on. And it's just a big mental mine if you know what, so how to overcome that into now being such an evangelist for video. Honestly, you know, you can't think about what other people are going to say or who's gonna see it or what you can't think about that you have to block that out. Because I've had a lot of criticism, not from anybody but from my parents. My mom specifically. Now she understands that there's no stopping me, that it's not going to happen. So what it is, is she'll criticize Mrs. How it's been all my life. As a child, she'll criticize either what I'm wearing or what I'm doing or whatever, you know any. And so it's always judgmental criticism of how I appear or what I'm talking about or, and so I have to block that out for a long time that stopped me from going on video. And even now, I know I still struggle with some things but I still do it. I do it because I feel that let me backtrack a little bit. When I started the TikTok videos I found myself repeating and doing what everybody else is doing and I didn't want to be that person. I wanted to set myself aside apart from everyone else and I wanted to really connect with people on a deeper level and share more pieces of my story in my life and how I came about this and that's what I'm trying to do now. So the idea of video is not just creating a video and just putting a video out there. The idea of video is connecting with people on a deeper level so that they resonate with what you're talking about. That way there you get them attracted like, okay, you know, and they see the passion in you. They see when you're speaking they see your passion, they see that you're real and authentic. And that's what you have to portray not just the repeated video or not just the same thing over and over again. You want to create genuineness, you want to create value, you want to create connection and that is the idea of video and that is what I've learned. And it has felt great because I've had people tell me thank you for being real. Thank you for being truthful. Thank you for knowing, people appreciate it. I have had no negative feedback. Nothing about you know, scam, nothing I've had and I'm grateful. And, you know, so it's all about how you portray yourself. Be real, be authentic and just be you and not try to be like everybody else you have to set yourself apart from everyone else. 

Dave: I hear you . It's tough to find your own voice and have enough ideas just starting because a lot of times people get no and you just have to start. 

Sandra: Just put something out there. Be yourself, just do it and we'll all unfold from there.

Dave: I agree. You do just have to start. And you gotta walk through that valley of despair that first 30 days have heard Brian Brewer say that at a mastermind the other week or a couple of weeks ago we had him talking about the valley of despair in the first 30 days. And that's kind of what it is. It's not the first 30 days from when you buy. It's the first 30 days from when you start to do it because you're going to be doing it. It might even take longer than that. For some of us it takes longer than that stage to where you're just awkward. You're uncomfortable. You start something new, you're questioning everything. Can I do this? Is this the right thing? You start to pick apart everything I mean, our brains make 6000 thoughts per day. You don't think there's going to be a couple of 1000 Doubtful thoughts inside your head every day for the first couple of weeks of you starting something new and big and scary and important and has huge upside but also can hurt your precious little ego. There's going to be a couple of 1000 thoughts and that bad boy but you know again, you said it you gotta get up there and do it before you know it. It becomes second nature and a lot of the things that I want us to sweat over and I did. 

Sandra: Nowadays. I just get it in go I don't even think about it. No double takes. I do know if I start a video it's fumbling but it doesn't matter. I just keep going because I don't have the time or energy to do the record 50 times. Yeah, it's tough and you know, in a lot of videos it's gonna suck. I mean, you're gonna you're not gonna be 100% And you can't dwell on those failures and you can't dwell on Oh, man, that video was shit. Keep going, make the next one best and look at what other people are doing, the highly successful people, how are they doing their videos and guide yourself but make it your own? You know, and just keep going, don't stop regardless and look back and say and dwell on those bad videos. Just keep going. Keep creating because that's how you're going to get good at it. 

Dave: Have you done any lives? Have you gone to live at all?

Sandra: I’m going to be honest. That's actually a big struggle. One of my biggest struggles is going to just fear the uncomfortability. What am I going to talk about? How am I going to keep it interesting? It used to be what am I going to talk about and what am I going to say and worry about? Because I think you just have to be yourself, go on there and be and go with it. And I thought it likely I've thought about doing wise my biggest struggle is no I know I'm gonna be I'm gonna be honest here. My biggest struggle is aging. Now, I am aging and so you know, I don't like the way I look on video. So, like I said, to be honest I use filters. My videos are filtered because I don't like the way I look on video. And so this right here, me being live is a big big big big thing for me because I usually never do this. 

Dave: There's women who would die for your looks. You know, and that's just the power of some of these limiting beliefs that we have when we talk about limiting beliefs and how they show up and affect us in our business people have a hard time making the connection between personal and business. You know how those two are so closely tied. They're really not separate. You just name it. I mean it's just something that is completely unrelated to your business, but it's something that dramatically affects your business, you mean in your business? And it's not something that's going to change yourself today. But just the way it gets worked on. And improved, it heals it because wounds like that, whether they're psychological or emotional, are like physical wounds. They don't go away, they'll scar over. You know, you see this thing right here and you'll always be there. But you learn to work with it. You learn to accept it, you learn to have awareness for it. And then when you know that it's popping up keeping you from doing something that you know you want to do, like going live or whatever. You remind yourself that hey, you know those thoughts? Of I'm not good enough. I'm not beautiful. Those are not mine. Those are somebody else's, you know, and that's their opinion, right? And reminding yourself of that. I'm working through these things.

Sandra: That’s going to be a big step forward and sure helps a lot and I've been contemplating this for the past couple of weeks, I've been contemplating it. I even created my Instagram account for Legendary just so I can go on there and use the filters. How pathetic is that? 

Dave: I've used the Instagram filters before like just been on Instagram to use it. I get it. We all do the same weird shit. But the thing is, you got to figure out how to win the game. Because if you allow yourself whatever mental limiting beliefs that you have, that are not even yours, to stop you from doing something that's really helpful or really profitable or whatever. Then you're you're you're you're losing the game you understand. So regardless of how you need to look at it, you know, for me, that's helpful. I like to look at things like games because then it's curious and I'm more motivated. And it's, you know, I just it's a way that I frame things. But however you have to look at it, you know, ultimately it's just a great example of you know, you're in business, the buck stops with you, however far you want to grow is likely how uncomfortable you're going to be for a period of time as you go through that valley of despair and then when you come out of it, you'll be a you know, will benefit from it. You know, but you have we all have these.

We all have these triggers or these skeletons in the closet, these limiting beliefs that we bump up against and business gives you an opportunity to decide whether you want to confront it or not. Okay, well listen. It's Friday. What are you going on today? How are you? What is it in the life of Sandra hadden balance? You know, when do you get on time for your business? And what usually does it look like and you just give us a nutshell version as we kind of bring today's show in for a landing.

Sandra: My schedule is really all over the place because I quit my corporate job about five years ago. And I do Uber Eats the key. That's the fluid coming in. And so my schedule is all over the place. And so in between there's I create videos I post my blogs it's hard to really be to create a good but I you know I I'll be posting my blog today I catch up with that and then I'll be creating videos and doing that but that's that's pretty much what I do. It's hustling, it's a hustle every day. I got you what is good for you, you know good for you for like really, really being open minded to some new strategies with your blog and with what you were doing before. I'm glad you found value here and it was helpful to and congratulations on the success and the results that you've had so far just in such a short period of time. I mean, that hopefully, I would think you're excited about the future. Is that right? 

Sandra: Yeah, absolutely. Because I mean, what I've made so far with Legendary has been unexpected. I mean, and you know, just the way things just come. I mean, and I'm not putting 100% effort in. So it's crazy. So that's why I want people to know that you just have to start, don't worry about what you have and what you don't have. I don't have every piece in place. I don't have all these. I don't have the whole funnel system in place. I mean, I just do. I started out with what I had and just went with it. Put a link in there and just start doing it. Just start providing value and that's what you have to do. And, and that's that's the idea. Just go with it. Just start and keep moving. Yeah. So I am grateful and I'm glad I stumbled across this community. It's a great community. So I'm really happy about it and I'm excited for, you know, to keep building and growing and moving forward. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah. Well, I am too. I am too. I am the result. Let's make them intentional and not unexpected because you know, the beauty of this is that sure, the first couple are a surprise. And then you set up processes and systems whether that's just daily, posting daily email to your list, what to wear, those types of things become more predictable. And then you look back over the last six months and notice that hey, I make you know, five sales here a day five sales here a day usually generate about 100 front end leads in and now all of a sudden, you've got data and history and you can track and you know what I mean? It's just cool to me, it's just a cool, cool thing to be able to have all that accessible on a laptop or even a cell phone can do from anywhere in the world. It's like your life now everywhere you go, Oh, I have to you know, let me capture this clip or let me know this. 

Sandra: So yeah, it has become intense and started going out to try you know wishy washy when I started seeing how it unfolded. I'm like no, no, no, I'm really becoming more intentional. How to take a step back to really analyze and not just go now. I'm excited. It's exciting. It's very exciting.

Dave: I'm still excited. Well over a decade after I got started and excited about this business model, the same business model that we teach, we eat our own cooking here. I've been using this business model so many things that I would be doing and it's still this and it's just because the business model is so highly leveraged. It's fun. It's got low overhead, it's low stress. You mentioned stress earlier. It's low stress. I mean people don't take risks, low risk and low stress. It is like people really don't understand if you understood how low risk and low stress this can be. You would jump absolutely head first or that first 30 days to get through that valley of despair so you can actually run this thing and enjoy it. But yes, low stress, low risk people. Really, you know, there's a lot of people out there that have complained about $7 For God's sake. I know

it's predictable it's like they just have no idea zero self awareness about other options. What else is out there? Other bullshit they probably spent money on, you know, waste I have. I wasted money in the past. Particularly when people do it you waste Money and you have a hard time paying $7 really not a big deal. Even $2,500 For our Blueprints or one of our Blueprints is a drop in the bucket compared to university education. You take marketing, there's stuff in masters level courses for marketing degrees at colleges, but the content doesn't touch our content. It doesn't touch what we're talking about and what we're teaching. It is a shame. 

Sandra: People don't look at it that way. They immediately think Oh, it's a scam. You know, although I have what I said, I haven't heard that on my end, but I see it. 

Dave: People automatically think that they're out there. We got to do a better job. You know, it's not their fault. I mean, ultimately, we have to take better, more responsibility for people. I'm glad people are not saying that to you. Because if they're saying that on your content, if if people are saying so and I don't care what you're doing, probably selling if you're selling, you know, parental information products if you're selling I mean if people are saying negative feedback on your content, you got to do better wanna people but the truth is we have to take ultimate responsibility for that. We're not a community, we're communicating the message in a schemee way. Slimy something that you're doing saying how you're delivering it is coming across slimy, scheming, as I like to say, and I think that it's because I see it there's a lot of repeated videos of the same over and over again and I and I think that's important to realize you can't keep repeating somebody else's stuff. You have to make it your own and create your own videos. Sandra: Because when you do that and shift the content around, you don't look like a scammer. You don't look pleasee and that's what people are seeing. Oh, I see the same video, you just put the same word on your video that somebody else did you know, and you have to stop doing that. You cannot do that because it does not work and it makes legendary look bad to know 

Dave: Hello, did we all do that? We all hear that. So come on. Now get it together. There's a point at which you have to start to develop your own voice in your own message and it's real, only hurting you not to do that. I totally get it and I totally understand that we all want to copy and model and all this when we get started for the first week or so. You have to start to develop your own voice. I totally agree. With that. Part of your brain may not have been used a lot lately. Maybe you were taking orders from a boss or you weren't thinking you know, I know I get it society's built away that in big, you know, they don't want us to think but hey, we gotta get some WD 40 back in that brain muscle part that does the critical thinking and may in think ourselves, you know come look at something in really it's a lot easier than then we're making it out to be honestly saying it is all it is it's just adding your own twist on something you don't even have to come up with original ideas. But I agree don't copy stuff word for word because it makes you look bad and you'll likely get your account shut down because of it. 

Sandra: Another thing also is if you research some of these things that you want to create, recreate a video around, realize that it's not legit or it's not real So do your research before you read post something because there's some things that it's for example if you're posting Oh these jobs are available you know you can apply to them right now and make all this money now and when you look at that they're not hiring they're not doing any of that they're you know, do some research before you repost because you're creating value on your account. You're building your account up and getting your reputation and the reputation of what you're promoting. And so when you do research and really create value and be authentic around your videos, you're gonna you're gonna it's gonna it's gonna explode.

Dave: You're gonna take it much further than you are now. And just because it's something original, you know, it's, you know, a lot of people get their start from modeling slash copying other people's videos, and it's a great way to get off the ground. But again, to be clear with everybody, if that is what you do all the time on an ongoing basis. You are going to sound like everybody else and people are going to interpret that as your scamming. You're something that you're doing sounds weird, fishy. It just sounds like scam is a word that people use when they don't understand what's going on, but it feels fishy. They won't understand why you're saying the same thing. A bunch of other people. You got to think about it from their perspective, as Sandra just said. Think about the user's experience they're getting on TikTok. And they've just scrolled through for eight or nine minutes before you got there. And they heard a couple of other videos that are damn near word for word exactly like what you're saying. And by the time they get to your video, they've already heard it twice. Maybe they're going to take some anger out on your video. So they're going to get down there in the comments and say, Damn, scammer, what the hell? I've already seen the same video from two other people, right? Whereas if you put a little bit of effort, you can even talk about a similar theme or make the same point. Instead of using our story, you use your own story. You know, you find a similar story in your life to the story they told or you just deliver it in a slightly different way you're in now all of a sudden, that's a step in the right direction. To where it feels more original or authentic. And I think that's what you're talking about in Sandra, I think it's much needed to be said and I think you're spot on. 

Sandra: Another thing I want to say is just because the video has reached 1 million views and went viral, doesn't mean that if you replicate that video, yours is going to go viral as well. It doesn't work. To replicate, you know, don't replicate other people's work, create your own work. Let people see who you are and you know, you're going to get attention, you're going to get traction. 

Dave: Well I think creativity is difficult for people. I mean, I think coming up with completely original ideas is difficult. 

Sandra: It’s not easy because it takes time to create. Also something that's easy to look at what it is yeah, look at other nonmatching don't look at other people's maybe that's fine. Just try to twist it around and try to make it your own instead of trying. You know, instead of doing it word for word instead of repeating it creating your own that has a guide.

Dave: We all use other videos as guides. I mean, it's, you know, it's like old art. When somebody says what was your inspiration? Right? Every artist has usually an inspiration for a painting. And that doesn't mean that they paint it word for word like that. It simply means that it was something that inspired the thought or inspire the idea to paint that thing and I think that's where we need to get to is we need to find inspiration where we were open we're looking at other people's content in in we're open to you to find inspiration for new ideas or to put our own twist on something that is you said, not copied and that is what takes work. You got to crank up that old rusty brain a little bit and be open to having a little creativity circulating in your brain. You know. So nice Sandra, listen, it's been great getting to know you in talking and sharing. What would you say finally to somebody who's considering going through the 15 Day Challenge. Somebody who's you know what, somebody who's thinking about joining our community here and legendary based on what you've got out of it. And what would you tell that person if that's going to be a good decision or based on your experience or not? 

Sandra: I think that Legendary is a great program. I think I would say be patient. Don't expect to bring all the pieces together at once. I started without doing that and I succeeded. To this day, I still haven't put everything together, you know and I still get you know and I still see results. So don't feel like you have to have all the pieces of the funnel 100% together with your email list or your autoresponder. You don't have to have all that just started. Just start working it out and as time progresses and as you start gaining money, then you start to use that money to reinvest it in building. But just start, don't let anything hold you back and be patient and get involved and listen to other people and get inspired by what other people are saying and every every week of legendary every comment every there's there's clues. Come up, read up, be inspired and that's going to take you that's going to reach success. 

Dave: Really, really great point, really great point. There are clues if you want to. If you're willing to listen for them, if you're willing to ask for them. They are here and a short chapter out of your life of focused immersion. Nine to 12 months is what can produce a lifetime of fruit. And whatever life you have left it would be worth learning the skills to make it a better quality of life. And so Sandra, keep leading the way on that. We're looking forward to learning more from you. Give us final thoughts here and then we'll wrap up. 

Sandra: One thing I want to say I want to add is consistency is key. Now consistency is key. You won't get anywhere without consistency. Because I fell off the boat for a little bit and I took a step back and trying to get back on it's tough. So be consistent every day and keep moving. Don't stop and be intentional. Be intentional with what you're sharing and be authentic. Be yourself and succeed. Thanks. 

Dave: Hey, you're welcome and thank you and I hope you go live more. @Bohogirlboss on TikTok you can also be found at That's your blog. And yeah, thanks for your knowledge or experience. I'm looking forward to watching you find your voice even more and really come out with the best content and ideas that you have. As you step into the best version of yourself listening to your inner voice and your inner Norstar someone else's and yeah, stay legendary. Keep up the good work. All right, thanks. Alright Sandra, we'll talk to you later. My friends Friday, February 4 2022 means that we're approximately 35 days into this year and so much time so, so early in the game, whether you're starting today or starting over today, to make this year the best year of your life. Online sales are absolutely exploding. We just had our biggest month as we're going into our sixth year of business. This year, our anniversary is in March I believe. And we just had in January our biggest record month of all time. So like sales are exploding now is an absolutely smart time to get started and take this seriously because it's just right now this is where everybody's at and where buddy's going so think about that that that marinate check out a couple of episodes of Wake Up Legendary over on our podcast you can check that out. You know by going to Apple or any of your podcast platforms type it in wakeup legendary. We also leave the replays up here on the Facebook page and also on our YouTube channel. Just type in my name on YouTube to find our channel and get started making a powerful decision today to do something that puts you outside of your comfort zone. And that puts you on the path to getting the results that you want. Maybe that's enrolling in our Blueprints. Maybe that's getting started with the challenge. Maybe that's reengaging restarting today. Maybe that's using the weekend as a launch pad, whatever it is for you to you know, use this moment as a reset and make sure that you finish strong and or reset what you you need to do in your business so you can keep the train rolling I say this all the time, the biggest and much only way to fail is to quit. And so the number one job kind of like your number one rule of investing by Warren Buffett is don't lose money. Well ours here is don't quit right because if you quit that's pretty much the only way that you can lose we need a chance to see how your seeds are going to grow and you do too. And that takes a little bit of time. So settle in, put your seatbelt on and get ready for the ride. And yeah, we will see you back here on Monday at 10am. Eastern Time for another episode of wakeup legendary get outta here have a great weekend.