Below is the. transcription for this episode: 

Dave: Hey there my friends. This is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I'm still waking up. Legendary Of course. It's a wonderful Monday morning. And listen, we have somebody from Trinidad and Tobago Tobago, excuse me, Trinidad and Tobago here this morning. And I am really excited about talking to Daniel because this is actually going to be his first time really putting his face out there on social media. So we're going to hear what that's all about, like what he's doing, how he got started. And I actually believe that this is my first time talking to somebody from Trinidad and Tobago. So with that being said, Please give a warm legendary marketer Welcome to my friend. Daniel. 

Daniel: What's up, everyone, how are you? How are you Dave?

Dave: I don't know how everyone's doing but I'm doing fantastic. Talk to you my friend. It looks like everybody's doing great. So are we currently talking to you in Trinidad and Tobago right now? 

Daniel: Yeah. 

Dave: Okay, fantastic. It looks like you got decent Wi Fi. Has that ever been an issue down there?

Daniel: No, it hasn't. It hasn't. Okay. No, you just have to find a good internet provider.

Okay. It's like anywhere, right? Yeah. There's good and there's bad providers everywhere. 

Dave: Awesome. Well, I love taking cruises down and into the Caribbean. Have we ever been to Trinidad and Tobago honey? I feel like we've stopped off there before. Isn't that where we rode those four wheelers on that excursion?

Daniel: Okay. Ha, that sounds like Coastal because I've done that in Coastal. 

Dave: Okay. Okay. I love it down there though, man. I know it's your home and you're probably like, oh, you know, but I love it down here too. Awesome, man. Awesome. It's really beautiful. And if anybody has not been to the Caribbean, bend down to, you know, St. Thomas St. Maarten. You know, these are some of the popular thoughts. Yeah. Then you get into the little islands. Trinidad and Tobago is considered a smaller island, isn't it? Isn't it smaller? 

Daniel: I think it's bigger. It's bigger than St. Martin's. It is. It's bigger than St Maarten and saying how about I believe so. 

Dave: Okay, so, look, I slept through geography classes. 

Daniel: I think I didn't do that well in geography class.

Dave: So what led you online, my friend?

Daniel: Well, it started when I was young, when my dad used to invest in computers and for me when I was young, and I just liked using the internet to do things. And when I was about 25, I got tired of looking for people and I just decided to learn how to do it on the internet and to make money online. But the first thought, it first started with me trying to motivate myself so I started and then from there I just kept motivating myself with the posts and then after other people started falling then I might fall and kept growing and growing and growing. To where it is now that I just do this full time.

Dave: And you mentioned that this is the first time that you've ever shown your face on the internet. So up until that What are you doing that's not allowing that that you're not showing your face? Are you just using it? Are you marketing and you're basically doing Instagram right now?

Daniel: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. I also have a YouTube video, but I only did one video because I got really sick in June where I was in hospital for like 40 days. Yeah. So Daniel: I kind of had the video side and then I just stopped because it kind of affected how much I'm earning. So I'm now

Dave: I've actually just changed my underwear because I had realized that you've done all this and built 314,000 followers on Instagram so while you were talking there, I just had an accident with my pants and had to go change my underwear back. I'll talk about that there in a second. But how are you doing TikTok without showing your face?

Daniel: I'm just doing things like pictures and stuff. 

Dave: I know. It's easy, but you know, here you got to talk to me sometimes like I'm a grandpa, you know? Like alright Dave, here's how you do it.  So dude, you're doing pretty good without showing your face. Online. Oh, yeah. You're a gangster so you were doing drop shipping and stuff like that before production? Okay, what happened with that and then how do you find Legendary?

Daniel: I always tried to look at different videos and then things on YouTube. And I don't remember who it was in the video I was looking at. 

Dave: YouTube University? 

Daniel: Yeah.

Dave: Youtube University just for anybody who doesn't know what that is. It's endless videos that always end with a call to action marketers who are trying to sell stuff.

Daniel: So I found Legendary and I did the program. And it really taught me stuff that I didn't know. And then I was like, okay, maybe I can try to share this with my followers. And that's what I do. So I have an email list. I think we have about 15,000 people right now. And we try to send in different emails and we ask them okay, do you want to learn how to learn how to use the Law of Attraction better? Do you want to learn how to make money online? And if they want to learn how to make money online, that's why I sell them Legendary. And that's so that's what I do.

Make most of my sales on my email list and I send emails like once or twice a day. 

Dave: You send emails once or twice a day?

Daniel: Yeah. Every day. I don't miss days doing this. And I post like eight times a day.

Dave: On Instagram and TikTok?

Daniel: TikTok is like twice but Instagram was like the other pages I have because I have a lot more pages I probably post but I have people laughing with me working. So we probably post like on Instagram or like 35 or 50 times a day.

You got people with this you. This isn’t the same I'm gonna post while I'm on the


Daniel: I can do everything with all my ideas, I just can’t do it by myself.

Dave: So yes, I mean, they say we're just getting the tip of the iceberg here with you. I mean, your boss, your boss hoggin’ this business right now. Anybody who thinks that you're and I think that's an important point to make that you've you you're not just some hobbyist here, this is your life. Full time yeah, this is what I do. This is so you basically up up until this point when what I would assume before you got on TikTok Instagram, which was pretty much exclusively what you were doing?

Daniel: Yeah, no, well, I was on TikTok. I was on Twitter and Facebook but I didn't have much luck with YouTube and Facebook growing. But I have a book club where I sell where I just let that bring in something you know, on Facebook. Yeah, I just keep trying to grow and teach as much as I can and learn as much as I can on all the platforms that I could.

Dave: So Instagram, though, has been where you've mainly  where you've grown followers and where you've grown pages and different niches. So maybe you could talk a little bit about what, what it is, what it takes and what do you need to focus on in order to grow. I'm going to call this a generic page because none of these pages are using your face, right? Yeah. So what does it take and what does someone need to focus on if they really want to be successful to grow in a page, say, on a page where they're not using their face? Okay, where theme based, what does somebody really need to focus on and what are the real I guess, if you will, quotation marks one of the real secrets to doing that.

Daniel: Okay, well, you need to do what I will do, I will, I will, let's say if I want to talk about football, playing American football, yeah. American football. Okay. I will talk about let's say the Patriots, and I will only do posts on certain caps in places where I like on the Patriots, and that's as deep as deep as I go with it. I want to have a nice time as much as I can. So I will be using different other pages. And then I just, I just do that focus. I do it as much as I post as much as I can. Listen, I read all of the every time Instagram updates it to Tim themselves and tell you what you need to do to grow. I always read that and I'll go in that direction. And really, yeah,

Instagram tells you what to do. Yeah, you just have to read, you just have to pay attention. That is, pay attention to the little stuff.

Dave: So instead of all these, you know, gurus and everything out there that say that their expert Instagram growth, hackers and all this kind of stuff. You just read what Instagram tells you it needs to grow?

Daniel: Yeah.

Dave: Unbelievable. It's sometimes it's just you know, it's hard to wrap your head around how simple it can be.

Daniel: Yeah. If it’s too complicated. I don't do it. Yes, it's just over my head. That is, don't do it. It was too complicated. It's like oh my gosh, I can't do this. And if they do, then I'll just let them do it. 

Dave: How many people do you have working for you at this point?

Daniel: I think five.

Dave: Yeah, do you have so you hire and you have people right there in Trinidad and Tobago, who are you? 

Daniel: Yeah.

Dave: Unbelievable man. And so I mean, but that is the primary purpose of your business is to grow social media channels and then monetize the social media.

Daniel: Yeah.

Dave: Unbelievable. I mean, who would have thought that's a business, you know what I mean? Oh, yeah. People don't get it. I would assume they are people in Trinidad and Tobago. Are you? Do you know anybody else who's doing so you're like, your closed lips, right? You're like, Hey, you don't even let anybody know what you do. 

Daniel: Not at all, no one knows I just except for people who need to know. It's the first time I talked about it, you know? 

Dave: Wow. So yeah. Well, no wonder you were a little nervous, man. I mean, I'm trying to put myself in your shoes. You know, because it's like I've been. I've been in front of a camera for over 10 years. You know, here you are, you've been building your business. You've discovered this. You learned all this stuff on your own. You're totally self taught. You're doing something there that, you know, how, what's the what's the population of your country?

Daniel: I think 1.2 million.

Dave: How about where you live? Is it a smaller town or village or city or what?

It's like it's, it's where I live. It's pretty big. It's, like, pretty big. 

Dave: But still, I mean, you're it's not like you're going it's not like there's a bunch of internet marketers who live with your air the only one? 

Daniel: Yeah. I'm just a drop out. I am just a dropout who just found this online. 

Dave: Are you glad you did?

Daniel: Yeah. I can work from home. I just work from home all the time.

Dave: You kind of do whatever the hell you want. Right? Yeah. What else do you like to do besides to be on the internet and building channels?

Daniel: Oh, I just I also have a phone business where cell phones yeah, that's all I do for fun. And yeah, I'm getting into real estate soon. So they're learning about that. But my dad was into construction. I actually worked for him just like you. That's what made me want to sell it know your story. I was like, wow, it's really similar. Right? So cool. My dad is teaching construction. I'm like, yeah.

Dave: Did you like it or hate it?

Daniel:  I just like working with my dad. I like to be fully honest. I just Yeah, I like working with him. Yeah, that's what that's what I did. And then I was like, okay, but wait. I can do something with real estate and let him go into the next.

Dave: My goal is to never pick up a hammer ever again.

Daniel: Oh, yeah. I never I never did that only like if he wants to come by my apartment and help me do things then I'll have to do it if he wants me to.

Dave: Exactly like my story, my dad. He does stuff for it. He likes it though. My dad likes it. My dad loves to get in there and figure it out. Yeah, crazy stuff. But yeah, no, I wanted to get out of that. You know, I wanted to get out of that. I saw I saw greener pastures in Yeah, in the internet marketing space and the ability to make more money and yeah, I wanted to get I wanted to get out of construction you know but but real estate you so now you want to get into real estate does that mean investing in in flipping houses buying apartment? What does that mean for you?

Daniel: Rental. I tried to do cash flow. I don't really care about making a big amount like cash flow or whatever every month.

Dave: Can you say cash flow again? Cash Flow. I'm going to put it close to my ears because that's money. By the way, do you like the shirt? Yeah. I wear it every day. This never washes. No, I'm just joking. I have like 15 of these but if you've ever you know that I wear this pretty much the shirt every day. So you can go scroll through the episodes and say yeah, god damn does Dave have any other clothes.

Daniel: That's what you should do. If I was selling clothes, I'd be doing the same thing. 

Dave: Well, we're not really selling clothes. Oh, we do but it's not a profit margin for us. It's not a profit center for us. We just do it because you know somebody might want to have some gear. Email my wife and she'll send you one. Okay, yeah, sure. Cool. Now you anybody else if you're an if you haven't made it to the show. It's Okay, we're gonna send you some swag brother. Just send you some swag. We're gonna send you some ads, some shirts and stuff. 

Daniel: That'd be great.

Dave: Well, man, what else can you share with our audience? Who's you know, thinking that you're pretty awesome.

Daniel: I’m just some normal guy.

Dave: Well, you're awesome to us. I mean, you're a normal guy to the people that think you're a normal guy. But to us, we think you're pretty awesome because we're all a bunch of people who are doing the same. We're doing the same thing you are but you're doing it in a just a really cool way. YYeah, so what else can you share with our audience? I mean, you're building just for anybody who thinks we're bullshitting around and is wondering why I'm you know, why I'm, you know, freaking out is because, I mean, just this one Instagram channel right here has 314,000 followers on it. And you know, Daniel has, you know, 25 other channels that he's, you know, he has other for employees working on building right now. And, you know, what he does is he emails his audience and he says, hey, you know, subconscious. There's always a way that you can make money or tie in subconscious thinkers. Hey, once you develop your subconscious thinking, and you and you want to learn to make money online, then you can listen to it's like water, you know, like butter, right? It's just such a simple transition. So your What else can you share with people about whether it be say somebody does not want to show their face on TikTok or Instagram or whatever, or they want to try building a new channel without showing their face? You've already given us one valuable golden nugget, which is niche niche niche, so you gave an example about don't just make it about football, make it about a specific team, or even about a specific player on the team. What else would you say would be another rule that you follow or something?

Daniel: Post as much as you can? Everyone else doesn't.

Dave: Really?

Daniel: Yeah, if you can post everyone then will automatically see you and that's how I grow.

I post as much as I can.

Dave: You said eight times a day on your Instagram pages. Yeah. Each. So so what else okay, niching down posting as much as you can. What else would you say has been the secret to success?

Daniel: I think that's hard work and focus.

Dave: How long did it take you to grow that subconscious channel?

Daniel: I think four years of working everyday on it. 

Dave: Really? 

Daniel: Yes. 

Dave: Every day at work? 

Daniel: Yes 

Dave: Like hard work. You know what I mean?

Daniel: Yeah. That's what I do. I don't know how to do it any other way. So yeah,

Dave: Well, you know the internet in the end, a lot of a lot of people have been ruined because they've been lied to by gurus who say that they can just buy a sub feed and log in and there's a button they can push and they just get rich. You know, they have no world.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. So I like this program so much. Because you teach things like, can I just say something which was real? Yeah. The value ladder. I was like, Wow, that's so interesting. And from looking at that from the current portfolio, from your video, for many videos, I was like, wow, I can do this. And I actually put this into my email list, and my funnels and everything. It's really, it's really, it's amazing.

Dave: What else have you used from what you've learned here too? I mean, what other value Have you gotten here in case others have missed that specific nugget that you took away?

Daniel: Next, the value ladder really spoke to me and it's really the value ladder that changed how I looked at everything. Yeah, it changed how I looked at everything. But even when I’m doing dropshipping it changed how I do my upsells. that spoke to me. 

Dave: So are you selling your own? Are you selling or when you say up sales, are you selling your own?

Daniel: Both? That's the next thing I can do. 

Dave: Yeah. Are you selling courses or physical products?

Daniel: Physical products. I don't know if I want to, if I have to sell a course I'll have to do a video showing people how.

Dave: I got you, I understand. I understand. So you're selling. You've got a page that is specific to something, some topic and then you're selling a physical product. From that page sending into Amazon or something like that.

Daniel: No, I own my own website because I have other people that have different websites.

Dave: Okay. Well, listen, I mean, this is the way you build your business is super, is super interesting. And you know

Daniel: I want to learn more from you honestly.

Dave: What can I help you with?

Daniel: I mean, can you give me advice for how I can be able to get people to buy more of Legendary and like, take on the program?

Dave: Well, would you like what I what, what I think you should do is you can just listen because you can watch the replay and then it just suits you. So take it into the head and heart what I think would be helpful because I mean, look people are saying Daniel's amazing, you know people love you.

Daniel: Oh really? Thanks guys.

Dave: They love you. They love you. They're getting a lot out of this. What I would do is I know that it's hard for you to insert your face and you don't want to really do that. But what I think would sell a lot more is if you did introduce yourself at some point in say for example on a bridge page or just sent out an email with your personal story. Okay, and you came across I'm talking about just for that specific niche. Just try it with that niche in that product. Because I think that your story and the way that you do things is really mostly your story. Okay, I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago. I'll tell you when most people think now, this may be untrue but when most people think about Trinidad and Tobago I wasn't even sure how good your internet was down there. Yeah. A lot of people think how in the hell is this guy who's on an island in the middle of the Caribbean? If he can do it, anybody can do it, right? Because I mean, most people are sitting in some big country like America with all the resources in the world at their hands. And here you are. You grew up on an island. I mean, just thinking about people getting stuff there. I mean, it's like it's just mind boggling. It's boggling. And I give you all the credit in the world. Because I know that even though you have an amazing life and probably an amazing family and amazing culture, that there are other people who have more opportunity than you do, and have made something out of your life and out of yourself. That's beyond amazing. And so I give you a lot of credit for that. That story is also really inspirational. So is your humble personality. And so what I would do is at some point, whether you're sending them to a landing page and you have an opportunity to introduce yourself briefly on each page. What I think would be as important as effective is if you collected their email right away, sent them a my story, email and whether you wrote it out and included a picture of yourself. You need to show your face and you need to show more about your family. What do you want? Why are you doing this? Like for example, the reason why I included that video about buying my dad a truck was because that showed the real humanity of me and my family. Right because I had my debt. No, I didn't even mean that wasn't a son. Like that was just something that I actually did and we just filmed it. It ended up being awesome. But my point is, is that when we tell our story, we have to we have to do it in a way that is inspirational to others in makes them say, wow, you know, here's somebody who first of all I know like and trust, right and the more real and the more humble and the more just authentically are what you don't have a problem with that, the more they're going to know like and trust us, but also if we can spin in some inspiration, right if we can spin in some inspiration. So what's your inspiration? Your inspiration is you know, that you were on the path to work and construction are probably doing all the other things that people do in Trinidad and Tobago, that a lot of them are probably, you know, not doing as well as you are. For me. My path was construction. I was going to be kind of a probably a broke construction worker living paycheck to paycheck. But I decided to do internet marketing that changed my life. So it's the what it was like before all this happened and what it's like now kind of progress of the story when you tell it and I think that if you add more more images and add more, maybe even a video maybe even a portion of this interview or this interview itself. say look, you guys want to know the real me you got to look I did an interview with the owner. You know what I mean? Like, I think you need to let people know who you are a little bit behind the scenes so they can bond and make a bit of a more of a relationship with you and I think you'll see, I think you'll see increased success. Okay. And I think you're smart enough to figure out how to do that in your own way. Yeah. I think the challenge that a lot of people have is because you know, there's lots of these pages that are just a brand or a theme but don't have a face behind them and we love to like those pages we love to we'd love to screenshot and we love to share them. You know what I mean? Because it's a good quote or whatever. But in terms of buying from them. Yeah. All you're not the only one I mean every person that I've ever talked to who grows pages with no face on them.

You may be able to grow faster. Yeah, but the challenge is always converting the followers into sales. It's always the challenge. So you have to figure out some way to introduce yourself and introduce your story more vividly, and do it a couple of times, not just once you may need to do it. You know, you may need to do it 2, 3, 4, 5 times. You know what I mean in the email sequence to make it really sink in, tell him the behind the story of the building the channel, you know, people like the grind story. Let them understand. So now when they see your page, that it's not just the page but they know the story behind them. Hey, if you understand well understand that inside look, I mean for me, when I buy a watch, say for example, it's just a watch that is sitting on the rack. It's just another watch. You say oh that watches $15,000 I say for what right? But you tell them the heritage of the story. You tell me that if you tell me how the factory uniquely puts the dials together. You tell me that it's been in business since 1892 that it's still family owned. And operated. You tell me it's hand polish. You tell me all those pieces about the story. Now I see that watch and I see it totally differently. Just makes sense. So what you want, I think is when somehow and I would even do this with I would try to figure out how to do this with every page. Yeah, at some point. You want people to know that there's a real person behind the page and even the story behind the page because it's just kind of like Tesla would be nothing without Elon Musk like it wouldn't be and the reason why is because when you think about Tesla you think about this weird guy who doesn't really give a fuck about you know, doesn't give a damn about all the rules, right? And he's kind of a, you know, he's an entrepreneur man. Yeah. You think about what you think about the leader of the company. I think Amazon even has a little bit of that with Jeff Bezos. But you need to insert you in your story, or at least the story of the page. A little bit. More into each page and I think you'll see your sales go up dramatically, man.

Daniel: Okay, I will do it.

Dave: All right, do you have any other questions that I can help you with?

Daniel: I think that I'm going to work on that. I'm going to think about what you just said. 

Dave: All right, buddy. Well, thanks for your time today. You did fantastic. And thank you so much for sharing your story in your work with us. 

Daniel: Yeah, thank you. All right. Okay, okay.

Dave: All right. My friends. You can go and follow Daniel at subconscious thinkers, which is a great title, great handle there on Instagram, and connect with him there and follow his work at least on that one channel. He says he's got many more and I believe him. This is a guy who is putting hard work in long long term success over short term, unrealistic expectations, right. You know, a lot of us want to just try something for three days or three weeks and, you know, this guy has been in for the long term and now he's got a full time business with employees and everything else that are sitting there working for him, helping him build these channels. It should also open your eyes. I think a little bit about the idea of building multiple channels . There's no rules about having just one Instagram profile or one TikTok profile. You know, if you guys want to make this a full time job and not just a hobby that you're kind of doing Oh, um, I posted my two videos for the day on TikTok. I mean, think about what you think about Daniel next time. You, you, you have that thought because not only he but his other four employees are posting across all of his channels. Eight posts per day at minimum wage. Just think about that. This is an episode that I think if if everybody in our community took the principles of what Daniel just shared, which is complete and pure gold and applied that to their you, everybody's mind and possibility should have just expanded 100 fold, about what's possible out here, and how little of the market you may be tapping into. Right and we went from we lost about 40 viewers just in the last five minutes. And Daniel, we're missing this analysis right now. But if you're still here and you're listening to this I hope that that opens your eyes to the possibility of what you can do and how much you should be leaving on the table by simply doing your work. Another thing is What if you lose a channel I mean, we could go on and on about this all day long, but I'm telling you what Daniel shared was truly fantastic in groundbreaking as Dragon says, and my friends have a fantastic Legendary day get out of here and go be great All right. See y'all.